Fracking Exonerated! New EPA Report Enrages Left

If you’ve been listening to the tree-hugging environmentalist crowd for the last decade, you have probably come to believe that fracking is on the verge of destroying the United States. The green crowd has decided that natural gas is not an appropriate substitute for crude oil, and they have brought an unprecedented scare campaign to bear on the hydraulic fracturing method used to bring it to the surface. But according to a long-awaited study by the Environmental Protection Agency, these fears are overblown.

In an exhaustive, four-year study of the industry, the EPA concluded that there were no signs that fracking had “widespread, systemic” impacts on the quality of America’s drinking water. This conclusion is sure to send environmental groups into a frenzy, seeing as how this contamination has been a central part of their crusade. Films like Gasland and Promised Land have made it seem as though the natural gas industry is turning drinking water into a flammable, undrinkable catastrophe.

Not so, says the EPA. While there have been isolated incidents in which fracking has caused water pollution, there is nothing in evidence to say the procedure is having a lasting, widespread affect on our water supplies.

Will this stop the anti-fracking crowd? Of course not. These environmental groups have thrown their money and support behind wind and solar energy alternatives, and they are not about to sit back and let natural gas become America’s new fossil fuel of choice. They don’t just want to clean up the environment; they want to do it their way. And they aren’t above dismissing a conclusive, peer-reviewed study if the findings aren’t what they wanted them to be. After all, they’ve certainly been willing to overlook conflicting studies on global warming.

As far as government policy goes, though, this study should pave the way for looser regulations. We can’t continue to overregulate the energy sector on the whims of the green movement. If there are cold, scientific reasons to take action, that’s one thing. But we are talking about thousands of jobs, major exporting opportunities, and the balance of the entire economy. If people want to put restrictions on industry, it is incumbent on them to prove the need for those restrictions. So far, there has been a lot of talk and not a lot of facts.

It’s a shame this has become such a politicized topic of discussion, but environmentalists have turned their once-noble efforts into a religion. They don’t want to “drill responsibly.” They are in a war with capitalism. They want to bring the whole system crashing down; global warming and fracking and all the rest…these are just means to an end. The sooner the American people wake up to the left’s real agenda, the sooner we can start having sensible discussions about what’s best for the planet.

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  1. Nothing wrong with automatic registration at 18….as long as they have to show up with a Voter ID. Kinda destroy’s the Clinton “trick”/lie.

    • WTF are you talking about Jackys!!??? This article is about FRACKING, NOT friggin Voter ID. Stay on the topic of the article.

      • LOL! It’s Rosanne Rosannadanna! Never mind…

      • it is difficult for some folks to stay on “target”…the “cracking” has really toasted too many brain cells…many of these same folks think that man-made global warming is real and that the only solution is to steal even more money from hard working Americans to spread out the joy, and not just in the good old USA….these twits think it should be spread out in kenyan boyo’s home country of africa and in south America too…next these brain dead products of the communist infection of our school system will be suggesting that socialism is the way to go….”you did not build that”….oh BTW fracking has been around for almost 100 years…do not say anything about that though the twits will have a pooping fit and then there will be a run on diapers at Wally world…

        • Keny2012: Right-on!!! These Socialist LibTurds, Obongoloid, Clinton’s, Kerry, Hairy Reid, PIGlosi, Feinstein, al al. are friggin brain dead. But, they have set themselves up petty nicely financially taking advantage of hard working American and taking advantage of the system. ALL liberals are fecal matter…and yes, I have read many article and heard many commentary’s on Fracking…it is not harmful and it’s the way to go…for fuel and for American jobs….I read where China has stated they can run the pipeline in Canada all the way to Britich Columbia, where Canada’s oil refineries are….Obongoloid is an idiot ans self serving!

          • I hear you, the real change is more “directional” drilling..we have morons in Oklahoma that think the recent rash of earthquakes is directly caused by “fracking”, next these same wizards will be suggesting that tornado activity and global warming are also caused by “fracking” along with George W. Bush and the GOP….oh I forgot Hurricane hitlery scheduled to hit the left coast soon and then skip over and entertain the coobans in Miami…

          • Killery is a disgraceful bitch!! Can you imagine is she becomes President?? God help us!! She is a lying, scamming blackmailing piece of fecal matter!!! What, she’s afraid to visit Oklahoma because you folks will ask the TOUGH qyestion and make her look like a fool?? Stay strong Oklahoma!! Bust her chops as we do!

  2. Until we have proven economically feasible alternate energy sources we have to use what we have. I am all for energy sources that a re clean and are a better alternative to the power sources we are currently do not have any choice. I am no fan of fracking and it may backfire on us yet.

  3. We have been too patient, too long, with the liberal green freaks, soon we are going to have to start looking at ways and means

  4. Francisco Machado

    The history of energy development over this country’s two centuries of development would have been beyond the capacity of human imagination at its origin. The developments that will take place in the next two centuries are almost certainly beyond the capacity of our imaginations today. We don’t light our homes with whale oil and cook our food by burning wood any more, nor travel the world on sailing ships and horse drawn coaches. We have more than enough hydrocarbon resources to carry us through the next two centuries. Progress is accelerated by readily available cost effective energy.

  5. Robert Pipczynski

    It is about time but the hug a tree crowd and Obama will find bull to discredit it

    • Yeah, Robert….Obongoloid will write some frickin’ Executive Order to over-ride the worthless EPA findings…..”F” Liberals!

      • From now on, any Executive Order issued by Obama should be ignored. Just go on about your business as if it was never issued. What’s he going to do about it ? It’ll probably be overturned in 18 months anyway.

        • What would Barry do about it, you ask? He would order his pit bulls in the Justice Department to make your life miserable.

        • The nightmare of Moocher and the Obamanation of America will soon be in the rear view mirror of all Americans. Those two creeps only have 592 days to practice their Reign of Terror!

        • Congress CAN Stop ALL those EO’s . Just NO FUNDING

          • They can stop it…but they won’t…McConnell has his head so far up Ob’s rump I am amazed he can still breathe…this “hidden in the basemen” deal with China???…McC’s wife is chinese and her family has shipping boats, one of which got caught with 90 lbs of cocaine and from there the news story went…away…and is probably stashed in a room somewhere with Gruber and a few others….so who should we vote for?? the Dem’s will slaughter Cruz, Rubio, and numerous others in the media…Perry has proven he has a pair but they will try to pull him down from the last election…Christy is totally unacceptable to the people in the middle of the country and Rand Paul is so outspokenly honest that the people get blurred vision from hearing the truth said out loud and he represents the greatest danger to the establishment in both parties…if he isn’t nominated, I intend to simply write him in unless they take away that option..which they will…As for China running the US, I have a strong aversion to gleaning rice and sewing sparkle beads on accessories…

          • What disgraced VPOTUS Spiro Agnew said back in the day,, is applicable to Congress, both chambers Republican controlled, which has thus far, with few exceptions, since the last election, shown them to be nothing more than a bunch of “Effete, impudent snobs”!

      • What we need in 2016 is to elect a leader whose first action will be to abolish the FCC, FEC, IRS, EPA, DOE, DOA, DOC, HSI, NSA and all other government agencies created since 1955. The next action would be to place the DOJ under a civilian monitoring commission with a single member from each state and out of bounds to Congress and the Executive Branch. And finally, all federal judges will serve a single term of 5 years, this includes the SCOTUS. Lobbying will become a federal crime and members of Congress will serve a single term of 4 years and not be entitled to run for Congress ever again. Congress will only receive benefits that every other citizen is eligible to receive. Congress will participate in the Social Security program like all other citizens.

        • AMEN!!

        • Maxx, you need to run for president. I’d vote for you.

        • I like what you are saying, but some of it will take a constitutional amendment.

          • I’m not exactly sure about that. The Constitution defines the authority enumerated to the federal government. All not enumerated to the F.G. automatically go to the states. The Constitution does not say anything about all of the many different agencies and departments. It only specifies 3 co-equal branches. The IRS would fall into the authority granted to collect taxes. I believe all the rest were just created by the president, House and Senate because they were too lazy to do the work required and there were no objections. I’ll have to do some research. Thanks.

        • You forgot NEA

          • Okay but the National Endowment For The Arts doesn’t seem like a clear and present danger to the country.

          • Maybe not but is a clear waste of money and enables some idiots to project issues that are against the beliefs of a great percentage of our population – at our expense.

          • I’m not defending the NEA and I agree most of the people receiving grants from them are most likely liberals but my original list was highlighting the ones causing severe overreach and abuse of the Constitution. Once all the really tyrannical departments and agencies are abolished the rest can be reviewed and dealt with. One of my favorite targets would be whichever department or agency hands out “foreign aid”.

          • OK Then I guess I was outside the actual category – but I still don’t like them – and won’t – until they do something like put mohammad in piss –

          • Right you are! The people in the NEA’s idea of art and yours and mine are totally different. The thing about this group is they are just another unstated form of government welfare. Many of the performers or practitioners are totally unknown individuals that can’t make an actual living in their chosen discipline so the socialists pander to them by buying their support like all of the entitlement crowd. The town I used to live in has a program that mandates all new building projects must include funding for some type of artsy stuff. Most often it is a unknown local artist not good enough to sell commercially so consequently what they produce really isn’t any good and should not be displayed. Pure welfare.

        • Maxx; that’s pretty good but I would let the House have two terms as it’s bound to take a little training. (but only two) Yes many of the alphabet government agencies need to be defunded, they could even put the question up for vote on which ones to keep.

    • And Barrys New Pet , CC , The BIGGEST threat to National Security !!! ??? Hows THAT for FRAUD and LIES … ROF LMFAOOOOOoooo . He DOES have some Severe Ego problems , And DAIN BRAMAGE

  6. Cracking destroys our water table. No joke. And pollutes streams in our watersheds. And I am no liberal.

  7. Isn’t it odd that everything technoliges find to make life easier, and drive down prices the dumb a– tree huggers, and simple minded folks of our society find fault with.. Is there anything that they won’t bitch about. The people deserve to live in the best conditions possible, and we need to use every resource that we can to keep our standard of living as high as possible. We must stay on the path to constant modernization…..

    • Not according to the eco-nuts. Everybody must be “equal” except them of course, because “they are special” and usually have a degree in some social science experiment discipline for which they can’t seem to find a real job doing.

    • I SAY (most emphatically) NO! (Answering your question ‘is there anything that they won’t bitch about.’)

    • computers made life easier? not at aall sure bout that

      • Many jobs that computers handle easily are very time consuming and difficult to be done by hand… Think about the differences between the old manual typewriter and a pretty good modern word processor that’s not too complicated but still provides spell checking, phrase editing, and simple error correction.

  8. Who cares what a very small group of irrational people say anyway ? Ignore what the tree hugging environmentalists say.

    • If one were to step onto your private property for some reason, you have a right to chase them up a tree with your friends Smith & Wesson or your own Pit Bull. Once on your property, you make the rules.

      • Not so. With the new rules, the EPA can take jurisdiction over _any_ piece of property that has water on it, even if that water is just a mud puddle leftover from rain. That authority was taken by the EPA under the wetlands protection clause(s) of their own various, unlegislated laws.
        That agency has the power to, and has on many occasions, made life miserable (and even financially ruined) many people and businesses.

        • There was a guy a few miles from me who the epa evicted because of a streambed that only held a stream after a torrential downfall. But because of “runoff” they evicted him by means of swat

        • I have read many articles about that but I have not heard that the rule or whatever they call it is officially in effect yet. There is opposition because it will affect “property rights” which are somewhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

          • I think that you are referring to the 4th amendment to our constitution. I wish that you were correct but the Federalis have been ignoring or reinterpreting the constitution to meet their own ends since the mid 1800s. Currently, the 4th amendment is being totally ignored and the 1st and 2nd amendments are nearly comatose.
            Right now, in 2015, the power of the EPA is unchallenged and unfettered.
            They win, America loses.

  9. The chemicals used in fracking pollute our water. The waste dumps incident to fracking pollute our land and streams. In the Northeast most fracking is in the watershed areas. That is where the marcellus shale is. That is why NY has banned fracking. It destroys water supplies. Check out gaslandthe for recent maps of water contamination–public water supplies.

  10. Don’t get too excited. The report used a lot of weasel words thus allowing the EPA room for changes.

  11. As I responded to the writer below, you need to see the data. This is just a sample.

    • Note* ” The assessment of the potential impacts of Hydraulically Fractured ” DRAFT!
      read it u idiot!!

  12. One more thing: This isn’t owned by the liberals or conservatives. It is a huge power chip in the oil game. it is not good for America to destroy any water. Water is our most valuable asset in the long run. I grew up in the middle of the gas fields. All was well until fracking. And check out the earthquakes in the midwest caused by fracking.

    • How do you idiots dream this sh-t up and then speak with such authority. More BS from a liberal idiot who know not of what they speak.

  13. How ironic. The liberal’s hero, fraud Obola, is all for natural gas! Typical. Loser libs can’t agree on ANYTHING!

  14. They are all for EPA studies until the study draws the “wrong” conclusions. I’ll bet if one of “their” climatologists did a study and said “climate change” was not human caused, that person would be history.

    • It as just announced a few days ago that NOA was not happy with the data for the past 18 year showing little if any earth temperature increase. So they will now change the data to include data from ground stations in order to make the data correct according to them, not according to scientific evidence. Just like how the climatologists in England manipulated the data that was finally exposed by intercepted emails. What else would we expect from liberals? Sweden should demand Gore return the Nobel and the money.

      • small problem, the last “data” from ground stations was developed with sensors placed near the A/C units heat exchangers…so much for “truth in government”….

  15. When the last “environmental wacko” has been buried, or burnt to a crisp, or turned into bio-fuel, the world will still be moving along on carbon based energy. Solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cells, Browns gas and all the other “feel good” nonsense will never contribute more than 15% of the worlds energy needs. Whatever will be the worlds energy savior has not even been theorized as of now.

    • you wanted to know about chemicals used in fracking: Most of it is tradesecret but new studies at Penn State found

      May 4, 2015

      PARK, Pa. — Substances commonly used for drilling or extracting
      Marcellus shale gas foamed from the drinking water taps of three
      Pennsylvania homes near a reported well-pad leak, according to new
      analysis from a team of scientists.

      The researchers used a new analytical technique on samples from the
      homes and found a chemical compound, 2-BE, and an unidentified complex
      mixture of organic contaminants, both commonly seen in flowback water
      from Marcellus shale activity. The scientists published their findings
      this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

      “These findings are important because we show that chemicals traveled
      from shale gas wells more than two kilometers in the subsurface to
      drinking water wells,” said co-author Susan Brantley, distinguished professor of geosciences and director of the Earth and Environmental Institute
      at Penn State. “The chemical that we identified either came from
      fracking fluids or from drilling additives and it moved with natural gas
      through natural fractures in the rock. In addition, for the first time,
      all of the data are released so that anyone can study the problem.”

      • Thanks. I need to learn more. What I have read or heard is always in the Baaken fields in North Dakota and the aerial views are out in the boonies away from civilization.

  16. Are you kidding ? Obama loves fracking. It gives him power in the world oil games.

  17. Since when did the EPA become trustworthy?

  18. Ignore green people, they don’t have enough brains to come in from the environment. As I see it, with the impostor in chief still in charge, the EPA chief could be in big trouble! Thank the Lord we only have 592 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

  19. OMG , After ALL those LIES and $ MILLIONS , ROBBED from people Say it Aint So . Same goes for GW & CC

  20. There is another report I heard on Friday, that the “hybrid” cars and the electric car batteries are and will be more damaging to the environment than any gas engine could ever be. Mainly because of what is in the batteries that makes them “work”. Bunch of idiots are running the asylum – in this election, We, the People, had better speak up … AND LOUDLY!

  21. Ken Dometriosis .

    Geeeeee, when the SAME jews who OWN the gas companies ALSO serve on the EPA BoD, what kind of results do we expect?? Fracking should be stopped and the companies SUED for reparations to the THOUSANDS of families displaced by their toxic, treasonous fracking!

  22. sorry but have read EPA reports and you lying show your report if you have one . people like you make false claims without proof and the dummys believe it despite the facts of what is going on in the world. you should be sued for lying to the ignorant.

  23. Here in northern PA. we live in the center of the drilling sites. The gov. tested our water and found it was excellent. We had it tested twice since, good to excellent every time. Williamsport, Harrisburg, Mansfield, Blossburg, Wellsboro areas. The drinking water in these areas are exceptional.

  24. While America, basks in it’s new found oil riches………..”They had better keep working on alternative energy, or coming Generations, will be “oil-less”!

  25. What are we to do? MSM actually airs a story that goes against the lefts agenda? All hell will break loose now!

  26. For Liberals “Truth” is inconvenient.

  27. EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Now before you go off condeming the environmentalists for opposing the dumping of known toxins into our waters and lands, consider this: If you don’t think its’ so bad, why don’t you bath, drink and cook with it? What great plans do you have to decontaminate underground wells, stop the earthquakes, provide a continuous supply of fresh clean drinking water to the people and towns that have had their sole source supply destroyed? It’s easy to condem when it’s not YOU WATER, YOUR LAND or YOUR FAMILY HEALTH in immdiate danger! By the way, I am a conservative and an environmentalist. But unlike a lot of those conservatives damning a process they know absolutely nothing about, I have the knowlege and understanding behind it. And I damn well don’t want fracking anywhere near my well, my town or lakes and rivers. Stop crying about the gas shortage! There isn’t any! Profits are through the roof with the oil and gas companies now and there is a glut on the markest and shortage of storage space. So why do they need to keep lying and demanding more lands to drill? Not to make you rich or create more jobs!

  29. Hmm! What is the lefts next excuse?

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