Fox Reporter Accuses Hillary of Unfair Treatment

Here we go again. After six years of dealing with one of the most secretive, opaque administrations in history, we have another Democrat who doesn’t think she has to answer questions. Hillary Clinton seems poised to take up President Obama’s mantle, ignoring serious inquiries from the media and choosing carefully when and where she speaks.

On one hand, it’s just smart politics. No candidate wants to find themselves trapped by an adversarial reporter. A single bad interview can derail your whole campaign.

On the other hand, you can’t run roughshod over freedom of the press. The media exists in this country for many reasons, but their most important role is to cut through the hype in politics. One can argue how well they perform that duty, but it doesn’t help when you have politicians who think it’s their job to keep the public in the dark.

Fox News’ Ed Henry has had enough with the way the Clinton campaign has treated him in recent weeks. He appeared on America’s Newsroom with Martha MaCallum on Tuesday to express his frustration. “I was moving closer trying to get to her,” he said. “A Secret Service person sort of told me to move back, so I was pretty annoyed by that because I didn’t think the Secret Service was supposed to be protecting candidates from reporters.”

According to Henry, Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill told him that he “already got a question” back in Iowa. Ironically, the question Henry asked at that time was whether or not Hillary would be taking questions from the media. Apparently that question has been answered.

Then again, Clinton had no problem taking questions from reporters working for the NBC network, giving Henry plenty of room to suspect there was bias in her decision. “We’re covering this campaign as fairly as anybody, and we’re going to be there every step of the way. And if the Clinton campaign doesn’t want to call on us, I’m just going to keep on pressing until they do,” said an irate Henry.

Our democracy doesn’t work when politicians hole themselves up in an ivory tower. The public deserves a federal government that does business in the sunshine, and we deserve politicians who will grant access to the press. This isn’t about one reporter; it’s about the public’s right to know. You can argue that Hillary is a candidate and not a politician, but this is hardly the first time we’ve been introduced to her ways. As a public official, she was no more forthcoming. As president, she will likely be even worse than Obama.

We should demand better.


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  1. while Hillary does owe it to the American public to answer questions posed by the reporters . the person in question is from fox so “NOT” a legitimate reporter OR news channel

    • Incorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I take it your interpretation of a legitimate news organization is one that tells you what the candidate wants you to hear instead of probing for more information and asking serious questions which would give you more of the facts and allow you to make up your own mind!

      • In the case of Fox, it tells Republicans what they should say and believe.

        • BaHaHa and CNBC, MSNBC don’t tell only what Obama wants?

        • I take it you have never watched Fox. I watch it all the time and while I do find opinions with which I disagree, I also find a good basis of information that I can use to make up my own mind. The reality is if you watch any news media you have to have the ability to analyze and evaluate the info you are provided, and then make your own decisions. You make it sound as tho only R’s watch Fox. Sorry but you are grossly wrong. If you had said conservatives you would have been closer to accurate but not totally accurate even then.

          • Not necessarily just Republicans but older white folk. When it comes to their reporters, they are the same as everyone else, although they do have their assigned goals. But it is the spin and misinformation that gets to me, and they rarely recognize they are wrong. I just find Fox the media branch of the Republican party. This is something that you don’t find with Maddow on MSNBC. To be sure a liberal, but when she misquotes something or has some something incorrect, she will immediately or the next night make the corrections with an apology.
            As for myself, I prefer the BBC.

          • You’re certainly right about Maddow being liberal, radical liberal I would say. I’ve heard Fox correct information on several occasions.

          • Maddow spouts lies constantly and I never heard her correct them. Plus you will not ever hear the opposite view on MSNBC only the lefts view, at least Fox has the left on constantly as guests to hear their voice. You don’t see that on the hater Maddow’s show.

      • none of what you speak of appears on faux noised as they make up their news and twist their facts. I READ multiple sites – weigh what is said- and form my own opinions- the questions on faux are so partisan to whomever they talk to they could be scripted by the person being interviewed if conservative and “GOTCHS ” if liberal

        • I think you are talking of NBC, I.E. Bryan Williams? I’m trying to interpret your last sentence “the questions on faux are so partisan to whomever they talk to they could be scripted by the person being interviewed if conservative and “GOTCHS ” if liberal” It sounds as though you are saying that if they ask the same question of a conservative and a liberal, it’s a good question for a conservative but a gotcha question if asked of a liberal? Would think if it were a gotcha question to a liberal it would be a different question than would be asked of a conservative. If that is what you meant it doesn’t make any sense. Should think it would be good to ask both the same question so as to get both perspectives. What is the point of asking, and how can you form an opinion if you don’t get both viewpoints? It is only a gotcha question if the person answering doesn’t want to answer it or if the question is truly an inappropriate question and/or irrelevant to the interview. In the case of Hillary, she isn’t talking much to any news media. She must have some reason for not answering questions? Don’t you want to hear more than her scripted quotes? Or are you so sold on her honesty and integrity that you don’t need to know anything more about her? (1) Did she turn over all of the emails relating to Benghazi? E-mails have surfaced that either she did not turn over or the State Dept didn’t turn over. It is true that other high level politicians used government e-mails for personal business and vice versa, but, none had their own personal server on which all business was handled, nor did they do their own screening of the e-mails to determine which should be turned over to the Govt.. That is the responsibility of the govt to screen the e-mails and sort the business from the personal. (2) Did foreign countries donate to the Clinton Foundation to encourage the approval of requests they had before the State Dept when she was the Secty of State? Do you care that under her watch the State Dept allowed Russia to buy upwards of 50% of the uranium in the U.S.?
          You would probably consider those to be gotcha questions/issues. I consider them to be issues pertinent to the safety and integrity of the US. We need an honest open president.

        • How would you know since you’ve never watched? Typical, someone told you that, correct Gruber?

    • I guess the OTHER “news” agencies are legit when all they do is PRODUCE questions about hair coloring or pant suites!!! That should be why someone wants to be a reporter and the qualities for future President!! IT is way more important to be historical than being respected again in the world!!!

      • Respected or snickered at. Most people in Europe thing were are intellectually challenged.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          When you have this little halfbreed idiot running around the world, bowing and apologizing to every country he visits, hell yes, they take a quick look at this little monkey and mumble, “I hope all Americans aren’t as screwed up in the head as this moron is!” HE is why THEY think so damned little of US !!

    • As the person that was suppose to be in charge of the protection of this country, she most certainly owes all of us an explanation of her actions when questioned. The world does not revolve around Hillary. As for the FOX reporter, they at least follow what journalism is all about. They report what is going on in the world whether you like it or not. Unlike the mainstream media, which appears to give the Democrats and Activists, a free ride.

      • Not really, haven’t noticed the criticism concerning Clinton? When it comes to journalists, I have found too many of them incompetent, self-serving, and at times bordering on extortion to get a comment.

        • The Media have been giving her and her husband a get out of jail free card for years. You have people like Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, and George Stephanopoulos, gushing all over them like giddy school girls. It’s sickening. You don’t hear anything about when the courts go against Obama or other Democrats’ gaffes. Heaven forbid though if it’s a Republican or a Conservative.

          There are many good journalist out there that are stifled by their networks or papers as to what they can and can’t do. The people you are thinking of work for NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN. They are not journalist, but TV personalities placed there to attract viewers.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        And the majority of the media is governed by their almighty leader, Geo Soros….. Yep….

        • The media is governed by need for better ratings, not Soros.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            B U L L S H I T !! Soros is running the entire scam. The halfbreed in what used to be a white house cannot make a move without commands from ISIS and Soros. THEY run the show!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            B U L L S H I T moregone!! The top of the poll, since the HNIC even thought of illegally becoming a senator, has been ISIS, and their general, mr sorass is the one calling all the shots BECAUSE HE OWNS THE MEDIA!!!

        • That is a given!

        • When is that old bastard Nazi collaborator going to die anyway?

        • And Fox News in run how, Chasing Lady staff members around the desks in their offices?

      • She stands for nothing but her own greed for position and power.

    • And another Hildabeast troll doing its masters bidding. Whine whine whine.

    • What a bunch of socialist crap! The only news channel who comes closest to reporting true news is FOX NEWS. And don’t bother trying to involve me in your bullshit change tactics and attacks I don’t argue with idiots an socialists-in fact I am being nice only labeling you as socialist as you probably border more on communist!

    • Fox is one of the last legitimate outlets. The old bag Hillary isn’t very quick on her feet and makes for a poor interview, and her team knows that. Her only message so far is about income inequality, the same message the queen had in 2008. Hillary would be another Wall Street puppet like obama.

    • Fox doesn’t throw softballs at democrats or republicans. Fox is one of the last of the real news outlets. The other stations may as well have DNC after their names.

      • LOL you as funny as they are 10 separate fact checker sites rated fox as 90% made up BS.and the people that watch it know less about the real world than those who watch no news – you are proof

        • Wrong, if Fox lied it would be headline news for a week, the floundering outlets would have a field day. Half the pundits and anchors on Fox are democrats, but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t watch, hence, your Gruberazation, Gruber!

  2. your right no one owes fox news shit except lawsuits for spreading lies.

    • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

      You are a whack job sicko mental diseased demonrat!!

    • Name A lie??

      • That when Obama visIted India it cost billions of dollars. Then the claim that there are Muslim free zones in England.

        • Was it a mistake or a deliberate lie? Who would believe that it cost billions. Muslims do have no go zones in England, Switzerland, Sweden and France. Go through this site.

          • They only exist in the minds of those who make their living fear mongering. Originally with the India trip, a deliberate lie from India, but Fox never checked out its truthfulness. The major of Birningham called Fox idiots on that, and Fox did retract the claim, although it continued.

          • They have muslim no go zones. You didn’t research the link, remain stupid. Fox is by far the best news outlet, always a left and right wing viewpoint on every topic. You get all liberal, all the time. Your indoctrination is complete, Gruber.

        • They did say there were Muslim free zones but they corrected that. You need to define lie. Lie is the deliberate telling of a story knowing that it is not true. Errors, especially when they are corrected do not qualify as lies. How much did Obamas visit to India cost?

          • That’s true and then later they repeated it. But you are assuming that Fox never checked the veracity of the source – they simply accepted it as true. That’s incompetence at best. I don’t think they are incompetent. But when the mayor of Birmingham calls them idiots over this – then they needed to do a retraction.

            About the same as any President in recent history when doing foreign travel But not billions. You have to consider maintenance and fuel for Air Force One. Staff, security, food, etc. But nothing extravagant..

          • And how is that different from any news organization that repeats information they find out later is not true? And if they didn’t retract an incorrect statement, then bad on them. Far from making them liars.
            One of my biggest gripes with Obama’s travel was his date nights to NYC. Not advisable when the country was in a financial crunch.

    • Far Left Wing Democrapic Moron.

    • Like Brian Williams?

    • Specifically what lie has Fox told?

  3. If news agencies had any integrity, when Hillary says she won’t take questions, they would not send reporters to cover her. So, II guess you can tell that we don’t have real news agencies. We have partisan political affiliates.

  4. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Just say NO ! To Hillary !

  5. Still leading in polls with Demon Rats who have made it CLEAR ethics morality and honesty has NOTHING to do with wanting to RULE!!!!!!!! Just control all of us!!!

  6. jamesowens – – – YOU are seriously stupid. Your comment shows you to be of the Progressive/Communist persuasion which confirms your lack of intelligence.

  7. This ole ugly commie whore will be implanted as POTUS just as the Muslim-Marxist jihadist was implanted and she knows it because the State-run, fifth column media are NOT doing there job as they did when the demonic psychopath was running for what he has become: “DICK-tator In Chief”! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    • Off your meds again?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I agree with him, and you forgot to take yours!!!

      • Typical Leftist, nothing to say but be a smart ass which shows how much of a dumb ass you really are! Digest this truth and make another snide comment!

        Welcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

        In today’s issue: From perverted “sex education” in the schools to the mass importation of hostile immigrants, you can see the decline of the United States all around you, said Savage.

        He wondered if any Republican candidate besides Donald Trump had the courage to speak up and condemn it.

        “Everywhere you look you see the cultural and societal degradation of America,” Savage said to his audience.

        Part of that is the flooding of America with Muslim and other immigrants who will never assimilate.

        Show me how the Somali community in Minnesota has assimilated.

        Ask yourself why Obama is dumping so many Muslims in all-white Christian communities.

        He’s not doing it because he thinks they’ll assimilate.

        He’s doing it to bust up the Christian communities, because the man is the devil.

        Obama and his minions are the devils themselves.

        They are out to not only remake America but destroy America.

        I stand by those words.

        I will not back down.

        And someone on the Republican ticket has to stand up and say something about this.

  8. jamesowens: You sound like 1 of obozos & killerys parasites.

  9. Wow, Fox News is not legitimate ? I guess MSNBC is ??? Get your head out of your
    parts where the sun don’t shine pal. Change your underware & go to another web site,

  10. Hard to bash Fox News since it’s the number one cable news network. If you
    don’t like that then encourage those idiots of your ilk to start watching other stations
    so they can advance in ratings. Ha ! Dumbo’s just pick up info from lunch lines.

  11. Why do the douches get secret service before they are elected, if they want security let THEM pay for it.

    • Because there are a lot of dangerous or potentially dangerous people.

      • Then right or left they should pay for it, they spend MILLION upon MILLIONS to buy elections then they can buy their own security.

        • But some candidates can’t pay for it, like Bernie Sanders.

        • How right you are. How is it that no one ‘asks’ them to take on this challenge and yet the taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for ‘the pond-scums’ dream of power? the bottom-feeding witch has more money than she deserves (for promising favors to our enemies) and yet she soaks us for more. and the sick part is……we can’t do a thing about it…pretty frustrating when she is no longer a member of the administration and no one points that out. with all that brain damage she supposedly suffered from (so as not to testify) she seems to have recovered enough to rake in the illegitimate funds for her tax-exempt foundation…how does that work exactly when you reallllly don’t use it for ‘donations?

          • The reason she has SS is because she is a former first lady. That protection is given to all presidents and their family. Whether we like it or not that is the law , even if like me you disagree wit it.

          • you know what Tom….i totally forgot about that aspect (former lst )…can’t say lady..
            i am so incensed with wanted to spit in her face…

          • I agree totally

          • Hill-liar-e is right about on thing. Evil and greedy rich people do exist. And she is a prime example of that.

          • yep she is hippo-critical for sure…(pun intended)..when you have LIED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. it can’t be easy to tell the difference…all politicians are so adroit at it that they don’t know the difference.

          • That makes all you Republicans evil rite.

          • First off I am no ware near to being rich. And second off I am registered as a libertarian and I see the Republican party only as the lesser of two evils party.

    • I believe the 14th amendment says that we are all entitled to EQUAL protection of the law. So where is our secret service protection?

      • Warren, that is exactly what I thought, further why do the parties get security that WE THE PEOPLE pay for, let the billonaires who buy these bitches pay for their keep?

  12. Hillary is just as slick with answering questions as the Republican candidates. For if SCOTUS shoots down the federal subsidies for the ACA, then 13 million will lose their insurance are the costs will sky rocket. Another 128 million are endanger of loosing their insurance because of previous conditions. And what is the Republican answer – you can just hear the crickets. There is no answer. Or, for those claiming that we should go back into Iraq and attack Iran as well, who is talking about how much that will cost – another three trillion dollars? Are we going to borrow the money from China again? No answer, to be honest, from either the Democrats or the Republicans because they don’t wall tell anyone what it will cost both financially and in lives.
    Plus, at Hillary’s events she gets thousands of people, whereas Trump has to pay for a few hundred.

    • You must get yours from subsidies, health care is NOT free, I pay over 600 per month in premiums and get shit for it while welfare types get it for ***FREE*** let me tell you it aint free if I’m paying for them. You socialists wanted it then you socialists pay for it.

      • Nope. I get my healthcare from my employer and with it I have only a $200 deductible. Being an American I am already something of a socialist since Social Security, Medicare are socialist programs. The same is true when it comes to public education – after all, there are a lot of us that don’t have children, yet we have to pay for their education.

        • Union member or state worker?

          • No, I do not I was a union member when I was much younger and unions did NOTHING for the workers but sell us out time and time again.
            I found they just kept the truley stupid employed, once I got my degree I told the local to screw.

          • What did you get your degree in? Just curious and you are right about some unions, which have a history of their leaders enriching themselves.

          • Computer Sciences with a minor in Health Care and I work in the Health Care technology field (RIS/PACS)

          • That great. My degrees are in military science, ancient history, middle eastern religions, Near Eastern archaeology and Early Christian history and literature. Yes, I am a nerd. LOL.

          • Nothing wrong with being a “nerd”, at 53 and I am still to a degree that 17yo hacker I started as. Radiography information and picture archiving (CT/MRI/MRA/US/ XRAY) or as some would put it just plain old Dicom 3.0.

          • Thanks for letting me know on that. When it comes to nerds, they are the ones that will inherit the earth. LOL. Anyway, got to go and do some work. Have a great day. It’s been nice ‘talking to you.’

    • How is living in STUTOPIA working for you, Morgan!

    • BlueridgePatriot

      Where in the hell have all those so called thousands been hiding? The press seems to outnumber everyone else at “Hillarity’s events” who mostly are democrat operatives (party hacks) and invited idiots!

  13. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    cal3301, You are correct that the world does not revolve around the Hillercow, BUT she thinks it does!

  14. The Hildabeast has the media fainting and fawning at here feet, they know that
    if they cross her they might “disappear” nary to be heard from again. Since
    she and bill first appeared in Arkansas she has been the “enforcer” in their
    union and taken care of any and all who dared to oppose her and her quest
    for domination over all. She will not and does not answer questions, unless
    you submit them in advance and they are approved by her. Then she will have
    time to formulate the answer she wants to give. NO unexpected or off the cuff
    Q & A allowed unless carefully scripted by her and her staff. In other words
    you do not presume to question the Hildabeast on any thing if you value your
    life and your job.

    • The reporters ought to get together and send in questions that she would approve.
      But…when question time rolled around… WHAM!!! EACH and EVERY moral and ethical reporter should hit her with a question that would make her stutter and stammer. I wonder how many she would allow before she folded up the press conference?

      • Peanut what are you trying to do give Hildabeast a heart attack
        Pull a stunt like that on her, if you could ever get the media to
        work as a unified group, you could have the comedy show of
        all times. Her head would spin around, her hones would pop
        out, fangs nashing, smoke, flames and howling that would
        deafen everyone withing 100 miles. You could charge admission
        for that show and put it on prime time television.

  15. Hitlery Clinton has no love for America… she IS the enemy within… just like her husband (a rechet philaderer) along with Oblamer, Moochelle, Holder, Lynch, Sharpton, Jesse, Sanders, the IRS, the EPA, The Dept. of Education, the FCC, the FEC and all the DC bureaucraps! The are all Muslim-loving communists and wish to see America at the gates of HELL!

    • Billy Bob Johnson

      You crack me up!!! Your paranoid schizoid hysteria is very entertaining but highly unlikely. It seems you think all are against you and are communist Muslims. I doubt that there is even such a thing. Perhaps you are due for a visit to a psychoanalyst. Hurry, as it might already be too late.

      • Oh Billy Bob…… there is more truth to Pegasus’s comments than you are willing to admit.

      • Billy Bob…..”eat a gob”!

      • Billy Bob – you need to get back on your medication or get a new TV because it seems the whole world is aware of what you are denying. And pegasus is right on.

      • First Amendment right to free speech. He has a right to his thoughts and beliefs.

      • Most Muslims are not Commies, except the Baathists. However they are all cultists, involved in varying degrees in that Cult of Death. Most subscribe to whatever govt. type benefits their family the most at the time. If that govt. is corrupt(& they all are), fascist, murderous or xenophobic, et al, they don’t really care just so long as their family or tribe isn’t targeted.

    • Right on! America, hasn’t seen such corruption, since her “Husband” ruled America, with his “second head”!
      Killery, is simply an corrupt, inept Lesbian…….They “DO” make a good couple!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Billy boy was talented tho. Even tho she played the “juice-harp,” he was an expert at playing the whoremonica! heeheehee

        • Not fair when referring to Monica. She has paid her dues/paid a big price for her foolish young, naive infatuation with Clinton! Anyone that tells me young, inexperienced girls aren’t naive, gullible and never made a mistake, or infatuated is not telling the truth.” Of course there is always those with selective memories. The Clinton’s have not paid a price for Big or Little Willie’s betrayal/adultry! Both Clinton’s went on to make million and millions with writing books, giving speeches, etc. I think it is time that people stop picking on Monica Lewinsky and associating her with Clinton. Trust me,there are many other comparisons to Clinton that are worthy of mentioning/Vince Foster for one. Impeachment trial, etc.

    • You forgot:
      MSNBC NBC , WaPo , California , NYT’s , MSM, Hollywood !
      I am sure the bloggers on this site will add to the Anti-American enemies from within !

  16. What to expect from this criminal ?!! She has proved herself many times over! Federal pen for her!!

    • What crimes has she committed? Charges? Arrests? Proof? Oops, the latter is not much of concept for some of you.

      • It us not a concept, like a fashion design, THERE ARE FACTS, EVIDENCE for those who care to READ and ANALYZE , if they care to remove their heads from the Clinton dung pile of lies and coverups and corruption. Start be researching WHITEWATER and BENGHAZI, just a starter, before you get so FAKE PC.

        • But there was no evidence of any crime with Whitewater or Bengazi. Not being fake PC,

          • Look further…I am a Democrat but I also read and she is guilty on Beghazi. She and Bill are skilled liars. No attack against you, believe what you will.

          • Most people are liars, period. But no crimes were committed when it comes to Bengazi. If there is a crime, it would be the twin towers and the White House ignoring warnings about bin Laden and especially when Clinton’s people also told them to keep an eye on al-Qaeda. Of course, Clinton didn’t do all that much because when he tried to do something, he was described as wagging the dog on that because of the scandal going on.

          • Might be most of your friends are liars mine are not. You are lying to yourself about all the crimes involving the Clintons. They may be brought down over the scam of the Clinton Foundation skimming and all the illegal donations from foreign entities. Believe that there were crimes committed there.

          • Mike with the Silver Star

            Former president Clinton and Obama are much the same: One couldn’t keep that thing in his pants dishonoring the office and Obama can’t play enough golf….

          • Shit l didn’t know the Boy-Scouts gave out Silver Stars for fire building, Reallly.

          • Sending government communications over personal email accounts housed in your apartment is ILLEGAL. Destroying evidence in an ongoing government investigation is ILLEGAL . Lying to the American public should be ILLEGAL. Just because there have been no charges brought against her or her big brother in the white house doesn’t make it legal. When Obama handpicks his next puppet for DOJ knowing she will rubber stamp everything he wants racist or not how can any charges be brought against any of his buddies?

          • With the email accounts – stupid, but almost every Secretary of State has done the same thing. No evidence of destroying evidence in an ongoing investigation. Hating Clinton and then supposing she has done this is not evidence Lying about what? If lying to the American public would become illegal, then every president and member of Congress would be imprisoned. The only AGs that I have known of that were puppets, were Bush appointees, and for Bush they became his personal attorney to a certain degree. You didn’t have that with Holder and you don’t have it with the present one, who has had the backing of both Republicans and Democrats.

          • Mike with the Silver Star

            For your sake carmel boy, I’m sorry that the democrat party has been taken over by socialists, misguided liberals, and power hungry liars…..

          • It is no longer my party, it is so corrupted! I am now an INDEPENDENT!

          • Hey Camel boy, having trouble finding out to which party you belong in.

          • Hillary was fired during the Whitewater scandal for lying. She has been disbarred, She destroyed government property as in emails pertaining to Benghazi. She refuses to answer questions. Just google her name and start reading anywhere. Scandal is Hillary where ever she goes. She wasn’t her own boss. What right does she have to destroy anything concerning work. Where is the proof she destroyed personal emails? Her word, I don’t think so not good enough

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Yep, this asshole’s a demoncrap and loves the corrupt little dyke…. TROLL ALERT !!!

      • She’s gone to a lot of trouble destroying evidence. Start with Whitewater and work your way up.

      • if there is a living breathing person who can say unequivocally that she is innocent that person believes in unicorns and the moon is green cheese….
        i knew her guilt as it was unraveling on t.v….the gut feeling you have that gnaws at you when you don’t want to be right…she is as guilty as if she held the gun herself….and the pos muslim in the WH is equally complicit….hows that mog?
        the ONLY reason she has not been charged is because she (it) is sooooo slimy nothing sticks to her…the pondscum and her accessory (the bottom feeder) will never be charged…because that’s what politicians do…lie and protect one another…
        look around..what do you see in DC…nothing but a cesspool and dung wallowing in it…not a pretty picture…

      • The proof was on the server she destroyed.

        • So in other words you Republican %ricks have nothing rite?

          • Wrong! There is enough to find her guilty in the court room and certainly more than enough to find her guilty in the voting booth. Why is it that it does not bother you when the FBI director and the Obama Justice department says that the lay only applies to us “little people”.

    • She’s a real munt….funt? bunt…lunt..Wait, I’ll think of it… Runt?? no, that isn’t it. Clunt? Am I getting close?

    • No Clinton crime family in the Whitehouse.

  17. Michael Dennewitz

    Of course, the dyke butch won’t answer any questions. Sooner or later the subject of Benghazi will come up and the bitch will be feeding EVERYBODY a line of horse shit!!!

    • That has been settled after countless hearings and millions of dollars – no scandal.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        B U L L S H I T !! That won’t be settled until the dyke PAYS fir it !!!

      • When was it settled? Oh you mean the emails she provided during that time? No that can’t be it, she destroyed those emails and refuses to answer questions. Just like o’idiot won’t tell the truth

        • She turned over all the pertinant emails (by her own account) . Oh’ , they ‘just found’ 280 more behind a file cabinate at the State Dept. ? Anyone who truely believes she turned over all the required emails is truely an IDIOT or a co-conspirator right down to the level of enabling voter & sychophant.


      • Michael Dennewitz

        Yeahriight!! Settled by BRIBED AND BOUGHT OFF POLITICIANS! Hasn’t been settled in our minds and hearts mr moregone!!

    • Jew boy you still giving scrape jobs?

  18. I would say that if a reporter wants to ask a question they have to supply the question ahead of time so Hillarious can have a pat answer available. I don’t think that Hillarious can think of the top of her head.

  19. liberals are complete arses and love punishing any who question their greatness

  20. HILLARYWHORE gives women a bad name

    • Hey Old guy, l think you better be leaving your %rick alone because you are calling Hillary the same names as your wife.

  21. She knows Fox reporters will ask her a pertinent question and she doesn’t want to answer them. She likes questions like “what’s your favorite color!” She wants no questions about the foreign money she took or the emails she hid, and about four heroes she didn’t offer any help in Benghazi. You know, questions that all of us would like answers to.

    • Hey you dumb fuck tell us just how was she to get help to Benghazi in time to do any good. Don’t try the use of planes. twenty planes over Benghazi doing what?

  22. Bur FOX is not a news source and they won a court case to prove it.

  23. Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, her son was killed in the Benghazi 7 hour war.
    So Many questions need to be answered.
    The next question to be asked of Hillary should be by Pat Smith…….
    You know, Mother to Mother !

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Pat Smith needs to resign herself to the fact that she’ll NEVER get her answers unless someone gets the dyke down and beats them out of her. The order was to “stand down,” coming straight from the HNIC and executed by the dyke Killary!

      • Her handling of Benghazi by itself disqualifies her from ever holding public office. If she is elected it will be time for states to start seceding from the union.

        • Mike with the Silver Star

          Exactly, Warren……….

          • I noticed that on the electoral map there is a huge block of red states that extends from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. If those states were to secede it would cut this country in half. Bill Clinton supported the secession of Kosovo from Serbia. If Kosovo has the right to secede, why wouldn’t the red states?

  24. Billy Bob Johnson

    Boo Hoo!! Ed Henry is a “gotch ya” right winger working for the right wing “not really news” company that fills it’s air with lies and innuendo about the left and tries to call it news. The whole world knows what they do, so why try to hide it. No wonder it’s watchers are dropping like flies.

    • Watchers dropping like flies? Uh Fox won BEST news station reporting in 2014. They tell the truth regardless that obama threatens reporters. Regardless if its Dem or Rep, they report the real news. If they report wrong they actually correct themselves. Try watching instead of being a follower of those in government that is doing their best to control what news is told. After watching do your research on what you watched. You will find most news stations don’t even report whats happening or are reporting as they are told and not the truth. CHECK THE FACTS

      • Much better than my reply would have been. I’ll go with yours.

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        If you think that Fox News is a legitimate journalistic news reporting organization than you have absolutely no concept of what fair and balanced news journalism is. All of the anchors are right wingers and 94% of the analysts are right wingers with 6% of them democrats that get shouted down when they speak. You can’t name 1 democrat that is an anchor or has their own show on that channel. You are blinded by you’re right wing bias.

        • Right wing bias? I can see you have never actually thought for yourself, never given Fox a chance. You just believed anything you were told. You wanted one (1) democrat named that works at Fox? How about oh uh hmmm, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace,did you know that Bloombergs deputy mayor himself a liberal gun hating democrat, worked for Fox before joining Bloomberg? Many democrats work at Fox, you just never bothered to watch or listen for yourself. The reports on democrats are the truth, the same with obama, hillary and the other idiots. There is too much truth against them for things to be made up like Brian Williams oh and Hillary did.Why not watch Fox news and see for yourself who are democrat and host their own shows?

  25. Ed ought to challenge her to a one hour long Fox News Special one-on-one interview.
    Mr. Henry would tear her to shreds. Even her supporters would see her for who she really is. I like ol’ Ed.

  26. With these lefties…….ask a question……you become the victim.



    We need to get the libtards out, before they finish this New World Order, I was reading about, when her slutty hubby was pres. People who can’t govern themselves have no business governing others!

  29. Hillary that lizzy has no love for anything or anybody except maybe her girlfriend …the only thing she loves is power and money …well she already stole the money so lets stop her from getting the power

  30. The supreme CUNT will put off answering questions as long as she can but, at some point, the truth is going to come out and when it does she will go down in flames blaming everyone else she can. Hopefully, she will be tried and convicted of all the crimes and rot her fat ass in prison!

  31. The smoking gun was on Hillary’s server. The book “Clinton Cash” explains exactly why she was unwilling to turn the server over to the state department or to congress.

  32. This so called woman is a criminal and a liar but she is promising more free stuff for the lazy welfare class so of course they are going to vote for her, add in the illegal aliens and the nasty crook has a chance of getting in. This country is doomed if that lying witch gets elected

  33. The only difference in Big Britches and BJ Bill is he has been convicted of lying. We just ain’t got her yet.

  34. If Hillarious is unwilling to take questions from the Legitimate Press, maybe she should give up those highly trained, PAID for by OUR TAXES, Secret Service Agents ? She disdains & humiliates them anyway. Let her hire her own security with the $$$$$$$millions$$$ she & Bill have recieved from foreign interests for representing them here.

  35. It must be remembered by every voter in America that HRC ran against BHO during his first run for the oval office; and when she lost, she was instantly installed as Secretary of State by the very person she had been bad-mouthing all those months. I remember the speech she made when she asked, “How do you cook a live frog?” Then I watched for the next 6 /12 years how that was accomplished. You throw the frog (the American people) into a pot of cold water (all the sugar-sweet speeches made by BHO that lulled the populace into a half-sleep). Then, as time goes by, you slowly turn up the heat (the slow erosion of even our most precious freedoms) until the frog is cooked through (the point at which we now stand…staring down into a bottomless abyss). My amazement at her swiftness to accept such high office from her so-called “enemy” had no bounds. One can see in her face the accumulation of the decades of evil she has perpetrated on everyone that has ever done business with her. It reminds me of the Portrait of Dorian Grey. There is no level of degradation she will not stoop to to obtain her heart’s desire. If it means the ruination of her native land, what care she? The only problem is that she will be destroyed by the very monster she has created…anyone remember Frankenstein?

  36. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel 🙂 🙂 I truly loved your comment! Out of the lips of a wise man. Not like SHEEP who are dumb and a “herder” to lead and think for them. 🙂

  37. What else would anyone expect from this total huckster? There is an almost endless list of words that can be used to describe this fraudulent individual. The public can just forget about her ever being honest about anything, lies are only replaced by even bigger lies, does anyone remember the imaginary sniper incident in Bosnia? How about the much hyped New York to Iowa trip in the van with her assistant where she stopped at a food place basically in disguise then claimed no one had noticed her. It is one thing to be a master of deceit, but this woman is a lame amateur at best and it shows. How can she possibly be fooling anyone into thinking she should be president of anything? Can it be any more apparent media is pushing a Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush election on the nation???

  38. She thinks she can manipulate everything to her advantage and many people don’t care; they will vote for her because she is a woman. Liberals hate Fox and don’t think they are a legitimate news agency. Of course that is because they air the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Other media outlets pander to her and all liberals so she doesn’t have to worry about making a misstep; it won’t be reported.

  39. Where are the kahunas in Congress and the Senate. Some one by now should have laid down articles of “IMPEACHMENT” O’Bummer. It’s like O has some secret power to stop the needed process. There is enough evidence on record now to drag him from the Oval Office and run him out the the country. Treason, aiding the enemy, failure to do his job. Protecting ISIS as they are Muslims. He has danced all over the Constitution and did it with imputeny. Christians in this country are being literally defecated on by O and he continues to lie and pull his usual BS. OH he will just write another “Executiver Order” and play Mr. Happy while the family flies all over the world in Airforce One. I have never see any time in my life that both Airforce One and it’s backup have both been out at the same time. Absolutely rediculus!

  40. she’s a covert, megalomaniacal, unethical and wholly immoral lying fascist bitch… not to put too fine a point on it…

  41. This murderous bitch and her adulterous husband both think they are above the law.

  42. BJ Bill is a convicted liar. We just haven’t “convicted” Hitlary yet. Who cares what she says you can’t believe it anyway. American Trash. What a shame so many stupid people in the country uninformed.

  43. Can you read dumbass.
    C O N V I C T E D

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