Fox News Host Calls on Paul Ryan to Resign as Speaker

Judge Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News host and outspoken supporter of Donald Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, had a harsh message for House Speaker Paul Ryan on Saturday. At the top of her show, Pirro laid the failure of the healthcare bill at Ryan’s feet, urging him to move on.

“Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House,” Pirro said. “The reason? He failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill.”

Pirro said Ryan should have protected the new president from the catastrophe that ended in the quick death of the American Health Care Act.

“Speaker Ryan, you come in with all your swagger and experience and you sell ’em a bill of goods, which ends up a complete and total failure, and you allow our president in his first 100 days to come out of the box like that, based on what?” Pirro asked.

Pirro’s remarks might not have attracted that much attention had it not been for a tweet earlier in the day from President Trump, which told everyone to tune in. When the show opened with a message attacking Ryan, many wondered if Trump wasn’t sending his own message to the House Speaker.

From the New York Times:

On Fox News on Sunday, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, an ally of Mr. Ryan’s, said he had not spoken to the president about the Twitter post, but he called the timing “coincidental.”

Another spokesman in Mr. Ryan’s office said on Sunday: “The two spoke again today, and the president was clear his tweet had nothing to do with the speaker. They are both eager to get back to work on the agenda.”

In their phone call on Saturday, according to a person briefed on the matter, Mr. Ryan told Mr. Trump that he wanted to proceed with a tax overhaul package. Their relationship, so far, has seemed to hold.

But privately, Mr. Trump has been pressed by some advisers to consider the damage wrought by the bill’s failure, and to consider Mr. Ryan’s role.

Ryan and Trump may be publicly getting along these days, but don’t think for a moment that the president has forgotten how the Speaker left him flailing in the wind during the election. Not once, not twice, but three separate times, Ryan felt the need to publicly distance himself from and condemn Trump the candidate. Trump remembers.

No one who takes the Speakership can expect smooth sailing with the way ideology is divided among the Republicans, but we should hope there’s someone who can get the ball rolling. If it isn’t Ryan, let’s not wait around to verify that fact a hundred times before moving on.

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  1. Ryan is NOT a trustworthy GOP. He holds many of the beliefs and desires of Obama such as open borders, and lack of rule of law. His biggest problem is that he does not believe if the Constitution and America. HE wants to RULE. He demonstrated this by no opening the health insurance bill for other inputs. He wanted what he want and nothing else.

    He will be a thorn in the side of the Trump Administration as long as he remains in the HOUSE, especially as Speaker. I saw through him and did my best to get the House to pick someone else as speaker because he is not trustworthy. In fact, I would say, from some of his previous actions, that he will break the law to get what he wants.

    • Me, too, wrote repeatedly begging the House Freedom Caucus to “VACATE THE SEAT OF THE SPEAKER”…obviously, my pleas fell on deaf ears. Maybe they had hatched this entire anti healthcare debacle among themselves with Ryan and that’s why they voted to re-elect him…

      • They only voted on this position 1 time, a couple of Congressman ran against him but could not get a majority. Ryan had conditions set before he would take the position and the Freedom Caucus and 2 other groups had to agree to them. (I think it was that none of them would oppose his election)

    • Many of us did not like him from Day 1 but now the Caucus is wary and he won’t have much power or pull now without them, which is good and another reason to see him resign and move back home (as he stated before becoming Speaker which we know now was just a ploy to look innocent and not a disaster that he was and is).

    • I tried to get Freedom Caucus to get someone else but they could not get a majority vote on the other couple that ran. Then the AH Ryan had conditions in accepting the position.

  2. trust me, she’s not alone…i want him out too!!!

  3. Ryan and McConnell, along with McCain, and Graham are our POTUS’ arch enemies.!
    They will continue to stab him in the back until he is impeached, which is their ultimate goal!!!

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    • I couldn’t agree more those 4 are RINO’s of the highest degree ! Ovomit arse kissers ! I was sooooooooo shocked when Trump made McConnell’s wife secretary of transportation ! Apparently he can’t see the forest for the trees !

      • I looked at it as an olive branch.

      • old, we don’t the real relationship between McConnell and his wife so we can’t judge her or Trump. If Trump is not satisfied, he will say YOU’RE FIRED. Trump could see value in her or a way to get at McConnell. Trump never forgets those who play him dirty, so I do expect karma to be showing up soon.

    • Include Hatch, Sasse, Flake, Collins, Murkowski, and Rubio…anyone with ties to Romney and Bush…

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      • All people that have sold out to George Soros , They might get rich on earth but will they take it with them ?

      • AMAN! Absolutely McCain, Graham, Rubio have taken money from George Soros, and if Ryan and others were investigated, they will more than likely discover those, as well.

        Trump is in a rattle snake pit of demons with all the demonRATS, part of RINOs, Hollywood, and the MSM. We cannot afford to let him down, his life, his fortune and his family are at stake, and all for us and our country. God bless this man. Please pray for him.

        • Paul Ryan received $10,000 in campaign contributions from Soros. He is a closet democrat married to a democrat lobbyist. So now who is betraying us? From what I have read, the republicans in 2015 put a “repeal Obamacare” bill on Obama’s desk. Why did they not put it to Trump? Paul Ryan does not want to change the health care for Americans.

        • I had heard that Ryan has also taken soros money. However, that to the best of my knowledge has not been proven. The way things get passed around without proof it is hard to separate fake news from that which is authentic. It is also impossible to research everything to find the truth. There is little doubt in my mind that is the plan. Flooding the news with fake news muddles up everything and truth is no longer recognizable.

          • It is amazing how many politicians are allegedly funded by Soros and how allegedly those people are key decision makers!
            It would think that IF the fact Soros was buying politicians (and others including the Supreme Court and those who vote on appointees to the court) the government could find a way to open an investigations and prosecute him/her for what ever law may be applicable or may be written that keeps “buying power” out of Washington!
            I have never hear Ryan was or is drawing any Soros money but I decided some time ago I would not trust Ryan; he seemed tot be working behind the scenes to support Obama telling the people one thing but routinely working behind the sense to help Obama over his own party he had a duty to do! I dropped my support for Romney when he announced Paul Ryan as his pick for V.P.

    • They have different roles in their positions – BUT – they share the same duty to the American people; attend to the nations business and do it in the best interest of the nation and the people.
      McConnell and Ryan have always had their own agendas and hey have not always been centered on the loyalty and respect for the people we should have expected.
      As far as McCain, he is a “has been” treading water and trying to act like he still means something to the Ameriacn people. He has burned too many bridges and now seems to be acting too much like Pelosi, always has some nutty thing to say and thinks people are listening!

    • Those 4 RINO c-suckers are going to find themselves backed into the ocean at pitchfork point.

    • You are ABSOLUTELY correct! I’ve been saying this since before Trump took office. Ryan is the reason Trump’s healthcare failed. Trump should have never trusted Ryan to design it. Ryan is using his own healthcare bill that he tried to sell congress along with obamacare but was rejected. He’s now trying to do it again, and Trump has been fooled by Ryan’s snake oil pitch to him. Trump is smart, but he is ganged up on by these demonRATS in disguise as republicans. He hasn’t figured it out since he has so many people out rioting and hating him he is over whelmed with hate and division. We must pray for him because he is in a rattle snake pit with hundreds of people biting and clawing to rip him apart.

      He is putting his life on the line, his fortune, and his character to save America and help our citizens. If we abandon him, we are cowards and epic fools. We HAVE to stand with him and for him. We cannot afford to sit on our lazy behinds and expect someone else to come to his rescue. There are millions out there hating him, and we have to match it or go beyond with our support. God help us if we don’t help ourselves and him. No other man will ever have the courage and the guts to stand up to these demons, and if we don’t appreciate Trump and stand by him and join his fight we don’t deserve to be helped, and God sees this even better than we do.

  4. Concerned American Citizen

    Ryan cannot be trusted… I read that the RYNO’s.. Ryan, McCain and Graham received funding from George Soros. Ryan seems to flip-flop between the left and the right…. He is trying to please the left while trying to keep his job… and the $$ coming in on the sly.

    • I think your right on, about Paul Ryan, He was sucking up to Obama for years, I feel he is a trader to President Trump, As is McCain & Graham As for Soros he should be thrown out of our country. Or better yet put him in prison for all the harm he has done to America.

    • there is so much spin on all political narrative that I don,t know what to believe

    • a fish flip plop when out of water maybe ryan will do the same when he’s booted out

  5. I don’t often disagree with Lou Dobbs or Judge Jeanine, but they are both wrong on this subject. Their attitude seems to be “if I can’t get 100% of what I want, I’ll defeat anything else. It’s kind of like a man who kills his ex wife because “if I can’t have her, no one else can”.

    The bill to begin the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare was a good start. It eliminated the individual and employer mandates that everyone was required to buy something whether they wanted it or not. That makes it possible for one to buy insurance that suits their needs, not a “one size fits all” policy. It also eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood, something the conservatives have wanted in place for years. The bill is basically the same as one that was crafted by Secretary Price in the last congress and is outlined in “A Better Way” which is on the internet for all to read.…/ABetterWay-HealthCare… In case people have forgotten, Obamacare gave almost unlimited power to the Secretary of Health and Human Services – a position now held by Congressman and Doctor Tom Price. The bill set the stage for Secretary Price to abolish many of the ridiculous regulations set forth by Secretary Sebelius under the direction of President Obama.

    The reason the bill failed was the pissing contest between a few members of the Freedom caucus and a few Senators determined to get their way or take their ball and go home. When only 10-15 congressmen out of over 215 were against the bill, I don’t understand how you can blame one man – Paul Ryan. The leader of the Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows, had come to favor the bill – backed by Tom Price, Vice President Pence, and President Trump – and assured by President Trump that their concerns would be taken care of in stages 2 and 3. It was killed because certain republicans that I have always liked and trusted, Congressman Gohmert, Senator Cotton, Senator Paul, and others decided they would prove their power by killing the bill. It’s just as it always has been – some Republicans are not satisfied unless they get their way and 100% of what they want. They claim to be Reagan conservatives who always said he would be happy if he could get 80% of what he wanted. I’m almost 80 years old and I understand the bill – what is so hard about understanding 123 pages??

  6. He became an American Citizen in 1961 , but he is paying very Corrupt people to destroy America , the man got rich off working with the Germans to send his People to the Gas Chamber , At 86 he believes , he is his own God . He should be investigated and go on Trial for Treason , this creature has bought many polticians , both Democrats and RINO”s and should be brought to justice , In my Book , George Soros is an Evil man and a Traitor !!! Greed destroys many men and Women !

    • Need to be clear you are referring to Soros, to whom Bill Clinton gave papers to him to be a citizen here. Ship Soros and family off to Putin who would love to get his hands on them. Real justice them on a creature more Satan than a human being. He helped Hitler to rob, steal the wealth of Jews in Germany and then their deaths. He is a jew but changed his name. All this he started at AGE 14, and then of course muslims/islamists came to help Hitler as well. My spouse had to live under Hitler and I say “live” but what they suffered makes me wonder how they could survive at all, and then under Stalin and after some years was able to escape to Western Germany and then a REAL refuge to Canada and then a legal citizen here. I have no love for traitors and we have elected/hired many to Congress so we have to help Trump remove them asap from the Congress swamp. They need to learn they are our employees and not our bosses!

      • You are right , but what i found when i looked up George Soros on Internet he became an American Citizen in 1961 , but that could be when he applied ! I am 2 years older than George but a much poorer person ,and i do believe in prayer and Jesus !

    • I heard that Russia has an arrest warrant out for him. We should just extradite him to Russia. They know how to deal with such scum.

      • I have heard the same thing , I agree with you ! Russia would not waste time on him ! , at 86 he would never get to a trial in America !

        • Concerned American Citizen

          Maybe George Soros is too old to bring to trial, but he has 2 sons walking directly in his shoes… I think one is named Alex but don’t know the others name. I hear they are more ruthless than their dad. They just need to shut down the whole corporation, located in NYC.

        • Pamela once wrote that comedian Jon Stewart was the most evil Jew in the world. That is the only time that I find myself in disagreement with her. I believe that distinction should go to George Soros.

      • What about letting Israelis’ Mossad Kidon unit go after him? Borders and extradition mean nothing to them in their mission to bring Nazi War Criminals and collaborators like him to justice, by extradition or by execution (in countries that won’t extradite).

      • He is included in Larry Klayman’s lawsuit against Hillary and others.

    • who are you referring too? Ryan? Was he naturalized

      • George Soros our real Enemy , just look him up on the inter net , He is the Puppet master and Controls , Obama , Valieri Jarrott, Hillary and a bunch of RINO’s some song birds when a POW!

        • Macedonia wants help in stopping Soros from interfering in their country. Should be an international warrant out for him.

  7. Pres. Trump should consider asking former Speaker Newt Gingrich to come back and save the day from Paul Ryan’s failures! Newt is and has been a Trump supporter and he is a very knowledgeable politician who can unite the rogue GOP members and deal with obstructionist Schumer and the other sore loser Dems!

  8. The Republicans in Congress have not had “any leadership” for many years. The two who are now called the “Leaders” of the House and the Senate could not drive a run-away train down a hill, Period! President Trump can do almost nothing if he does not have the support of the “majorities” in the Congress, and with this leadership it appears the Dem’s still have control of the Congress even though they are the “minority”!

  9. I was for removing Ryan before he became speaker and when he played the game of hard to get the stupid Congressman should have let him go fishing. I never trusted him and when he debated always wrong Joe Biden he was crushed, For a young guy he is too old fashioned and set in his ways. Bye Bye land is calling.

  10. RIGHT ON …. Paul Ryan needs to go, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I believe he “Set -Up” Trump because he’s been against him from the get go, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill, damn straight but as I have noted Trump never forgets and karma ain’t nice for those who try and outdeal him.

  11. TREY GOWDY FOR ……SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW …. PAUL RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. RINO Paul Ryan is “0”bama’s best buddy, and President Trump’s WORST ENEMY!! We must put pressure on our Congressmen/women to force the RINO Paul Ryan to STEP DOWN as The Speaker of The House of Representatives!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ryan and McConnell should both be run out of the USA at he point of a pitchfork.

  14. Ryan never should have been elected Speaker in the first place. I said back then that electing Ryan would be putting another Boehner in the Speaker’s Chair – if he didn’t turn out to be worse than Boehner over time. I’m still batting 1000 on my predicitions, although I wish my average was a lot closer to 0 because people like Ryan proved me wrong and began acting like REAL Conservatives instead of the RINOs so many of them are.

  15. Here clearly the Republicans had a chance to show the people of this country what really could get done for them and failed miserably! It proves what President Trump has been saying all along about the swamp. These people are out for themselves and not their constituents. Money mongers and thieves are what they are. Not all but most and they continue to prove it daily!! Clear the swamp!

  16. The Pirro “not so stealthy” Trump Missile to Ryan.

    Hey smart guys…have you not study Trump history to know he jerks people up and then stab them in the back and send them down the river when convenient for him….
    What make you believe that giving him the title of POTUS was going to change the self serving , egotistic, lying New York Real Estate weasel character he has shown ALL THRU his life?

    Is a Circus and the clown is probably playing Golf

  17. Ryan must go along with other establishment creeps: McCain, Graham, McConnell, etc. because they are afraid and desperate to keep what little power they have and don’t want to lose making themselves richer on us! They have spoken against Trump more than once and that is why they must go. They were elected/hired to represent us and what we want, yet do the exact opposite. Both Ryan and McCain were just re-elected, so their states should recall then TODAY at the latest. They are festering sores in our Congress and spreading that infection. Ryan knew he should not come forth with an ACA with lipstick but did it to embarrass Trump because these 3 would love to see Trump removed from the WH. Fat chance, you fools, but removing you will be a pleasure! Too many terms in our Congress and we get it limited to 2 terms max, no outside jobs with corporations or other almighty donor dollars givers, remove ALL benefits and perks we did not vote nor okay for them to have. Enough with going in maybe with a little money and coming out millionaires! No more, no more!

  18. Ryan is a joke.

  19. The JUDGE is correct. Ryan is not much better than Ole BONER and he was really crappie.

  20. Everybody is looking for air time…shameful…she has a point…poorly handled considering sooo many had something to say and it was not occurring…shameful…the people will let them know…

  21. It’s not only Judge Jeannine calling for the resignation of Lyin’ Ryan, but I would wager that most of us who voted for President Trump want him to resign posthaste!

  22. Mr. Ryan has demonstrated he is not a man who means what he says nor can be expected to act according to his representations. His remarks about Candidate Trump totally contradicts his remarks to president Trump. His actions appose the stated wishes of the Americans who voted forwhat is now Our President Trump. He in my opinion is not a friend of the citizens of the United States

  23. There is a recall effort for McCain

  24. Drain the swamp!

  25. You can’t trust song bird McCain or Ryan they are just reporting back 2 bo and lying 2 Trump have 2 get rid of those 2 as fast as we can?Ryan will lye 2 Trump as soon as he can,like telling trump he had the votes but don’t just 2 make the Pres look bad

  26. Jeanine Pirro is very smart, and a lot of her anger is justified; but she is too shrill by half and is so strident she turns off people who might otherwise listen longer (namely, me). I don’t think Ryan is an enemy, but several of the Repubs now in office are confused about what to do now, or get cold feet when it comes down to making good on their promises to repeal Obamacare. They don’t need to come up with a replacement, they need to REPEAL the damned thing. Regulate the insurers, but leave the goods and services to the insurers. They know how to do it.

  27. Ryan clearly voiced his disloyalty October 2016 in a conference call to House Republicans.

    Priebus has been allied with Ryan against Trump since before the primaries.

    A zebra doesn’t change its stripes.
    Both of these jackals should be out of the limelight and have their power drained.

  28. Time to call these swamp rats out. These worthless b*****ds are the ones Pres. Trump meant when he was going to drain the swamp. Well, Pres. Trump pull the plug and let’s get draining!

  29. Ryan reminds me of undercover Muslim working for Obama… Just sayin

  30. Resign hell he should be fired along with McConnell. Both are wimp Rinos & Trojan Horses in the party/ Others umpare phony war hero McCain, light in his loafers Graham, the two broads Murkowski & Collins, Trump, if you want to drain the swamp, start in your party.


  32. The Establishment Republican PARTY ARE RINOS AND A HINDRANCE TO THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF AMERICAN CITIZENS . WE NEED TO HAVE STIFF PENALTIES ENFORCED FOR ILLEGALS AND AN END TOTALLY TO SANCTUARY CITIES. WE HAVE WHOLE CITIES FILLED WITH AMERICAN BORN TRAITORS CALLING THEMSELVES DEMOCRATS AND THAT IS NO JOKE AS TODAY’;S DEMOCRATS ARE NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THE KENNEDY DEMOCRATS OF THE JFK PRESIDENCY who was assassinated by the NWO in ’63 because of his insistence of national unity, for all nations as individual because his Ask not, and I am a Berliner, speeches ran dead against the New World Order ambitions of the U.N’s desired dictatorship and he and this country’s’ individual freedoms and choices CANNOT BE PERMITTED TO EXIST IS SUCH A WORLD! Democrats and RINOS like Ryan and Mitch McConnell are a major part of the problem and in my opinion conspiring to end, not guarantee freedoms AND CHOICES AND ABUSING THEIR ELECTIVE AUTHORITY TO DO SO. AS IS THE DNC AND EVERY DAMNED DEMOCRAT AND PROGRESSIVE DOLT!There are too many others to name here but I am a 72 year old disabled Vietnam Vet who has had a degree in government for fifty years and served in the 1968 TET Offensive in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and I KNOW A COMMUNIST OR MARXIST WHEN I SMELL THEM. AND THE ODOR IS EMANATING ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY AND WE NEED TO FUMIGATE WASHINGTON IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE AS A SOVEREIGN AND CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.AND A FREE PEOPLE!

  33. The Judge is right, Ryan shot hisself in the foot with a crapy healthcare bill. First of all someone please tell me where in the constitution is says you are entitled to healthcare. Oops, it doesn’t, so drop it, or live with Obamacare .

  34. The Judge is right. I was not a fan look before Ryan was speaker of the house. He has a one track mind whereby he only agrees with himself. He bends with the tide, is most wrong like the man that slaughtered him in the debate, Mr.Wrong Joe Biden Next speaker Jordan

  35. Another person needing to be investigated is FBI Director Comey.

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