Four-Year-Old Shoots at Officers in Utah

An incredible new body cam video from Utah shows a four-year-old boy shooting at police.

Officers near Salt Lake City were arresting the child’s father for threatening a drive-thru worker when police said the kid somehow got hold of the gun.

Nobody was hurt.

The father, who was later convicted of child abuse and assault, admitted this was not the first time the kid got ahold of his weapon.

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  1. They should have used dad as a shield !


  3. Parents must be democrats. Democrats teach their kids to hate everything that is good and love evil.

  4. Democrats Are Useless Idiot’s

    They should have taken that child out of that car and spanked the hell out of him!!! And then beat the crap out of the worthless father for teaching his kids to hate.

    • Alright, STOP! I don’t know of any 4 year old with good judgement. The father is to blame for keeping a gun where his son can get hold of it. Spanking the boy will NOT stop his behavior or change his attitude. He only knew that the police were taking his father away, probably again. The child didn’t know what his father had done to deserve being arrested. I do hope the Child Protective Services takes the boy and finds him a good and caring home.

  5. Now that he is convicted of child abuse I presume his gun will be confiscated and he won’t be able to get another one.

  6. future predictor

    Black of course! Training for a life in prison. Should have the child dress in all orange paper clothes and shoes.

  7. Were they black?

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