Former Princeton Scholar: BLM is Part of a “Cultural Marxist Agenda”

In an interview with Fox News conservative Mark Levin on Sunday, former Princeton professor Carol Swain warned that Black Lives Matter is a trojan horse for socialism, and she harshly criticized the Democratic Party for embracing what she describes as a “cultural Marxist agenda against America.”

Swain, herself an African-American with a considerable academic resume, slammed the Democrats for cynically using black people to “advance a radical agenda that will be destructive to our nation, that will hurt all of us. And it’s hurting us right now.”

This is not, of course, news to anyone who has studied this organization beyond what you hear about on the news. BLM is hardly shy about its true intentions. The founders have admitted that they are “trained Marxists” who have extremist political goals for this country. One of the founders recently said on CNN that one of BLM’s biggest goals is to “get Trump out” of the White House.

A cursory look at their official website reveals all kinds of utter insanity, including a bizarre (but telling) fixation on “black trans women.” In other words: Black men who now identify as women. Why would that be such an important focus for an organization supposedly geared towards reforming police? That alone tells you that there is something going on here that doesn’t quite match the narrative.

Swain told Levin that the false narrative of “systemic racism” is what gives BLM and the Democrats the opportunity to make the sweeping changes they have in mind. Swain said that her own rags-to-riches story put lie to the theory of systemic racism.

“I am an American success story,” she proudly proclaimed. “I love America.”

She said that the people behind BLM do not share that patriotism.

“It’s clear that this movement to tear down monuments is really to divide the country,” she said. “So we’re all suffering as a result of this political agenda. It will not bring us closer together.”

Clearly not. Even if we believed that it would stop at the monuments, we couldn’t imagine that it would bring the country together. Unfortunately, as this movement has shown repeatedly, when you give them an inch, they take a mile. And then another mile after that. We cannot be long from the day when Black Lives Matter declares the Constitution a relic of white supremacy and demands that we start over from scratch.

Will the Democrats who have appeased this group all along finally stand up on that day?

Forgive us for our skepticism.

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