Former NY Gov. Pataki: Biden is Under the “Influence” of the Radical Left

Former New York Gov. George Pataki is a Republican, but he’s not exactly a Trump supporter. Even so, Pataki has big concerns about the modern Democratic Party, the woke movement threading its way through common sense and American history, and the current leadership of New York. In an expansive interview with the New York Post this weekend Pataki said that he could easily envision a Biden loss in November for a number of reasons.

Pataki said that Biden could fail to uproot the sitting president in November if it “became apparent to the American people that he’s not up to doing the job.” He said the mental stability of the former vice president is a “legitimate concern.” However, he appeared to be just as concerned about Biden’s drift to the left.

“I’ve been disappointed by the ability of the leftist activists in the party like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to apparently influence him in real and significant ways,” Pataki said. “The Biden who was the moderate Democrat for a long time serving in Congress might not be the Biden who we would see as president.”

For as grave as Pataki’s concerns are about Biden, his fears are sharpened when it comes to the current leadership in New York state and the Big Apple.

“For the first time ever I fear for the future of New York City. The de Blasio administration has been a disaster and New York has been hit by just decision after decision that really jeopardize its future. It’s not just City Hall but Albany too,” said Pataki. “This cannot be allowed to continue or New York City is going to die.

“So many people are going to lose their lives needlessly because of the demonization of the police and the decriminalization of acts where people should be arrested and put away as opposed to turned loose on the street,” he continued. “It’s the person working the night shift who will be murdered, or the guy in a bodega who will be held up and shot. If you’re a writer for The New York Times living in a safe Upper East Side neighborhood and taking Uber it’s not going to affect you.”

Yeah. Exactly.

It has to be hard to be a politician who served during a time of (relative) normalcy to watch what’s happening to our country right now. The Democratic Party and its ancillaries in the media have gone completely off the deep end, and a young generation of leftists is just eating it up. As nice as it would be to think this is just a temporary madness that will soon pass…we’re just not sure we can lie to ourselves any longer.

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