Former Miss USA Credits TRUMP With Helping Her Turn Her Life Around

This is a side of our president you don’t hear about very often. The media likes to portray Donald Trump as a sort-of real-world Ebenezer Scrooge who only cares about money, fame, and deporting brown people. But when you dig through the nonsense and talk to actual people who know him, you find that he’s a warm, caring, magnanimous individual who has gone out of his way to help others. Yeah, he’s got an ego the size of a small planet, no doubt about that. He would be the first to admit it. But for those who think that’s the extent of his depth as a human being, you should listen to what former Miss USA Tara Conner has to say about him.

In 2006, Conner won the Miss USA before nearly being stripped of the title because the judges discovered that she had previously struggled with an addiction to cocaine. It would have been easy at that time for Trump, who owned the pageant, to turn his back on Conner, take her crown, and put this episode of bad publicity behind him. Instead, he took the road less traveled, showed compassion to his new pageant winner, and said she could keep her title if she entered into rehab.

In a piece for USA Today, Conner credited Trump with helping her turn her life around.

“I became famous as ‘Mess USA’ when my boss — now the president of the United States — tossed me into rehab after I tested positive for cocaine,” Conner wrote. “Rather than strip me of my crown or add to the negative press with a humiliation campaign, Donald Trump surprised me, and shocked the world, when he held a news conference and declared: ‘Tara is going to be given a second chance.’

“It was 10 years ago that I got out of treatment, and I thank him for my 10 years of recovery. I will always be profoundly grateful. He saved my life and, essentially, made me great again,” she continued.

This is the side of Donald Trump that the media would rather not talk about because it goes against the narrative that sells papers and drives the ratings. Because it humanizes him and makes you understand that he is not, in fact, some terrible monster out to turn America into 1930s Germany.

Can’t have that. That would be just a little too close to the truth, and our news industry is no longer in that business.

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