Former Homeland Security Chief Says DNC Deserves Blame for Russian Hack

According to former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, the Democratic National Committee deserves at least part of the blame when it comes to the hacking of their emails last year. The hacks, believed by the intelligence community to have originated from the Russian government, ended up exposing the dirty tricks the Democrats were playing to make sure Hillary Clinton won the primaries, thus widening the rift between her supporters and those of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. A second round of hacks deepened the problems and ended up forcing two successive chairwomen out of their positions. And while Hillary and the Dems have blamed Russia for costing them the election, Johnson says that the DNC had plenty of chances to shore up their security ahead of 2016.

In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Johnson said that the DNC was offered several opportunities for extra security before the hacks – which they declined. He said they also declined to have Homeland Security officials look into their servers after the first round of hacks to help determine who was responsible.

“You know, with the benefit of hindsight, perhaps I should have camped out at the front door of the headquarters of the DNC,” Johnson said.

“In your defense,” said Rep. Trey Gowdy, “it wouldn’t have made any difference if you had. Because they weren’t going to give you the server.”

Because the DNC wouldn’t cooperate directly with the government, Johnson said DHS had to rely on a third-party vendor, CrowdStrike, to determine who had hacked into the database.

“The response I got was FBI had spoken to them,” he said. “They don’t want our help. They have CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm. And that was the answer I got after I asked the question a number times over the progression of time.”

Republican Peter King asked Johnson why the DNC would be so adamant about keeping the feds out of their server.

“Maybe it’s editorializing on my part,” said King. “That really is an unusual response by the DNC. I mean, you’re talking about a presidential election. You have an unprecedented amount of cyberhacking by a foreign power, an adversary from my point of view. And they would not accept all the help that could possibly be given. It’s not even like it’s a Republican administration trying to intrude into the DNC.”

Johnson said that King’s “editorializing” was, nonetheless, very close to the truth of it

“I recall very clearly that I was not pleased that we were not in there, helping them patch this vulnerability,” he said. “I was not very happy to be hearing about it several months later, very clearly.”

Very bizarre, and you can’t help but get your “conspiracy theory” antennae perked up by the way the DNC behaved following the hacks. What was it that they so desperately wanted to hide from the federal government? And how can we be 100% certain, given their refusal to cooperate, that CrowdStrike got it right? That it was, in fact, Russian government operatives who stole the emails?

Nothing about this whole story has smelled right from the beginning, and Johnson’s testimony has only added more cloudiness to the water. We need to get some of the DNC’s top officials in front of Congress, and they need to start answering some questions.

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  1. Russia didn’t deliver the emails to Wikileaks. It was Seth Rich, who was murdered, who got Craig Murray to hand deliver them to Wikileaks.

  2. If you got something to hide you DEFFINITELY don’t want the Feds around!

    • That’s why Debrah Wasserman now is lying, again. Hacking was not reported as a crime, and insists FBI did not want to investigate. Home servers lost emails and all. Ofcourse, none of This has nothing to do with the email from
      Lynch that notes that the investigation of Hillary won’t go far. Nothing to hide here.

  3. Given their promotion of “diversity,” what does the DNC care who influences what, anyway? When difference is not supposed to make any, hey, whatever………

  4. Francisco Sperandeo

    So let me get this straight, for almost a year now and since taking office the RUSSIAN HACKING story has haunted our Administration, including the last six months as president, and the evidence was presented mainly by a third party security vendor working for the DNC? The entire Russia hacking did bot even come from our own intelligence community that was REFUSED ACCESS to the DNC SERVER that was allegedly hacked!mtalk about not passing any SMELL TEST and now we have a renegade SPECIAL COUNSEL looking into everything Trump based off of a story void of evidence except what the Democratic Party said were there!!!! Sad!

    • Outrageous!

      • Truth is stranger than fiction.

        • Isn’t it true? Watched 1948 movie on FBI files, and a leaker. With that technology they could find him — no women yet in the FBI. Technology at FBI probably hasn’t improved, but the professionalism certainly has Jim Comey would not have credentials or qualifications to apply for a job at the FBI. Especially a leaker. Who would have thought the FBI would sink so embarrassingly low?

          • Francisco Sperandeo

            The “BENJAMINS” have sunk many a ship over time! The FBI has to be surrounded with TEMPTATION day in and day out!! I am also sure that many know exactly how they would be investigated and better yet how to cover it up! Pretty easy when you are tasked with investigating YOURSELF!

          • Who would have thought Khrushchev and McCarthy were right? Public Ed. has morphed into nothing more than Madrasas for Communist Democrat Revolutionist Traitors too.

          • Exactly . In the day thought they were thought to be extremists, said our grandparents . Wrong.

          • Osamao, not only public ed (which is K-12), but college/universities, as well. They are the ones “training up” the youth of this country to be disrespectful of law, to our law enforcement officers, of our Constitution and definitely not to be patriotic because they don’t teach truthful history, but their own liberal ideology. It will take us generations to replace the idiots in administrations and teachers in our public schools and collegiate levels. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but not many. On the whole, they are Dems, part of unions, and are so deeply into socialism, it’s disgraceful. Parents MUST take back the education system, demanding the administrations and teachers do the jobs for which they were hired and proselytizing is not it.

          • OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THE GROWTH OF OUR GOVERNMENT!!! All other problems are dwarfed by this one problem. We can’t even slow the speed that it grows. And it produces nothing but more problems.

          • The BIGGEST problem is the level of dishonesty on all levels of government. POWER has become more important than TRUTH! I believe there will be horrific consequences for our country if DNC is not reined in!!

          • Our entire government must be reined in. We are hell bent for financial destruction if we can’t soon at least slow down the speed with which the government grows. Both the RNC AND DNC are to blame (agreed the DNC is by far the worst).

          • Agree!!

          • There are women agents in the FBI.

          • I was talking of the year 1948.

          • I clicked on the wrong reply

          • EZ to do.

    • The “Founders” of this Country were very perceptive about the future and the inclusion of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment was included to insure that The People had a way to keep the Leaders of the country under control, and that is why the Dems want to eliminate it. Nuff said!

    • Not sad, tragic. Thousands of $$$$ per hour of our taxpayer dollars wasted.
      And the leaders of the Republican party sit up there on their thumbs and don’t say a word, That is sad.

      • Did you not comprehend the article?

        • Yes I understand very well. Entrenched deep stators are still running the show. President Trump needs to increase the size of the drain for the swamp.
          Where is the special council for: Obama, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Hillary, Bill, and the leakers?

          • Great, keep on with the good work, the TRUTH is ever present to those with the eyes for it!

    • lawyers and judges getting rich offa the taxpayer dime……

    • The corruption is incredibly deep and rampant, TRUMP has exposed it, the dims are trying to hide it and cover their a$$e$. The TRUTH is ever present and the eyes of America are opening, some think it’s a nightmare, just remember the TRUTH will set you free. Sit back, enjoy the spectacle, the libs are going to make TRUMP the Greatest President in the history of the country. He’s just along for the ride!

      • True, but the RINOS are just as complicit as the Demonazis. They must all be DRAINED! Vote them out!!!!

      • The Republicans want big government and the Democrats want bigger government. The deep state is so entrenched with all the bureaucrats
        that are running the show we will never get the swamp drained.

  5. The D O J should just tell them “the first D-Rat that squeals gets the immunity!”

    • The rest GITMO until electric chairs are fired up.

      • Which pone of them was it that said that if they got caught they all would hang?? That tells you that they all know that what they all are doing is criminal and they could hang and even Comey’s excuse that he couldn’t prove that intent was there and could be proved. Part one of The Clinton “cover-up crew.” Mueller is the second part. Lynch is the third. Billy Boy is in there. So is Obama, Schumer, Prlosi, Waters, Rice, Schultz, and Warren. Then across the isle is for sure McCain, Graham, Ryan, Rubio, ? Cruz and the other “Never Trumpers.” Take these out of the picture by prosecuting them and the putting them away and then the rest will show themselves for who they are, more traitors.

  6. It is now clear that the terrorist organization formerly known as the democrat party has been planning to seize complete power and rule by decree since the day The Mongrel climbed down from the Trojan Horse. Had she been carried to victory by the tide of illegal votes from non-citizens that has now been irrefutably confirmed, The Drunken Lesbian Witch would have gone full Indira Gandhi on the country by February and the re-education camps would now be full of deplorables having their religious and cultural beliefs forcibly changed. Even in defeat, the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder recruited fanatical follower Hodgkinson, now shown to have been in close contact with Barney Sanders and Dick Durbin and a visitor to the DNC before his crime, to carry out a mass assassination unprecedented in our history. It is no wonder that America’s leninists are afraid lest their confidential communications become known to the public.

  7. We the people must demand an end to this ridiculous outrageous manipulation. President Trump MUST fire ROSENSTEIN and MULLER and all his illegitimate hires
    IMMEDIATELY. Enough of this propaganda that has been propagated by parasites with no ethics standards or morals.

  8. The suggestion in this article that we need to get some of the DNCs top people in front of Congress to clear up this problem is mostly BS. We all know how truthful the DNCs top people are, don’t we? People like Hillary, Podesta, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile, etc. There clearly was a reason the DNC didn’t want the FBI to see the server, and having a group of the world’s biggest liars tell the Congress why is guaranteed to not be productive. Further, even if there was a way to get the truth from these outlaws, the corrupt Democrats on the Congressional Committees would be covering up evidence, leaking and destroying it as fast as it was uncovered. Just a couple of days ago, Coats testified before one of these committees on the condition that leaks would be controlled-his testimony got to the newspapers within a few minutes of him completing his testimony. Coats testified that Trump was consumed with the notion that he was being accused of conspiring with the Russians to win the election and one of the Democrats on the committee thought that was proof of Trump misdeeds. The Democrats remind me of cats who have just taken a crap-they can’t cover it with dirt fast enough and they can’t help themselves. It’s instinctive!

  9. Another bizarre aspect of this was the fact that the emails exposed an astounding level of corruption, lies, smug, arrogant manipulation, cronyism, and an enormous amount of generally horrifying behavior from a major political party and the ‘mainstream’ media, who is clearly a part of this organization chose to ignore ALL of this in favor of making the Russians, Trump and Republicans the bad guys. Yet ordinary Democrats swallowed it whole, also choose to ignore reality and believe themselves and their party blameless. Such deliberate, head shoved firmly in the sand and held there no matter what behavior has become the hallmark of current leftist politics. Now they appear to be forming the biggest, ugliest hate group to ever exist in America, whose sole purpose appears to be burning the country to the ground in a fit of thwarted rage and wounded ego. After their their mass tantruming failed to get them their way.

    • It is not all the Democrats because there are thousands that have change to the Republicans side because they lost faith in their party because they no longer identified with them anymore. So please don’t bunch them all in together just as we have sorry as Republicans that are siding with the Democrats. Those Republicans and the DNC Party are the traitors and enemies of America. I grew up in a family where my parents were Democrats but became a Republican when I grew up because I saw that the Party made people lose the desire to prosper by depending on the government and they became lazy. When you have no drive to accomplish anything you inevitably become lazy. Then you hand them money, food and healthcare for free what do you expect? Now those that actually want to work and take care of their families and prosper are being talked about as though they are doing something wrong for being that way. Sorry but when I went to work I felt good. It was powerful to know that I earned that paycheck and nobody just gave it to me. Humans are made to prosper not to be lazy. We are made to learn and grow, no to be educationally stunted and stagnant. I taught my children that when they draw their own paycheck and learn a skill whatever it is they will never have to be a slave to anyone. I just didn’t realize just how bad criminally the Democrats were and are. The one thing I have learned for sure is you CAN NOT control educated people that are willing to work and raise their families for themselves but you CAN control people you make dependent upon the government for their livelihood. Liberals have removed God from our schools and are now removing nationalism and patriotism to our country and our way of life because we have not been paying attention. Our eyes are now open and more and more are opening to their tactics every day. We have seen the enemy within our country and our government. They, the DemoRepubNeocons, can’t trick us, lie to us and deceive us any more no matter how hard they try. Their cover has been blown and now we know their tricks and what to look for. We can never let them win power again. UNITED WE STAND OR DIVIDED WE FALL!! God Bless America and God Save America from our enemies within America and outside of America.

  10. The DNC should give up politics and write for Marvel Comics. They are as trustworthy as a male dog in a room full of female bitches in heat!

    They are hiding something pretty bad if they wouldn’t accept any help when they discovered their Server was hacked — or was it hacked? Is this all a huge cover up for something the DNC’s ice queen killary did OR perhaps obamalama has contributed to this mess too.

    No matter what the reason, no one trusts the DNC, nor Hillary, nor obamalama…all liars…not even good enough as dastardly villians for the comic book industry!

    Question: When are Liberal Leftists going to stop lying to everyone?
    Answer: When someone silences their tongues. As long as they think they have power, the lies will continue – they are incapable of seeing the difference between “Moral” and “Immoral” – lies make it easier for them to convince themselves they are acting to “benefit” others. America isn’t their concern. Their Leftist agenda is all that counts!

  11. The communist and demoKKKrats are the same thing. They want everyone to be ENSLAVED to them.

  12. Sick of hearing about Russia, Democrats need be locked up in nut house (( All of them ))

  13. “We need to get some of the DNC’s officials in front of Congress”. Why? Just 2 things will happen: 1.) The dems will lie their collective asses off & 2.) Congress will do nothing about it.

  14. The Democratic party did not want Jeh Johnson and homeland security to examine their server because they were afraid of the damning information that would turn up incriminating Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile in using their server to undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Wasserman Shultz was forced to resign as chairman of the Democratic National Committee and was replaced by Donna Brazile who was also forced out of the position. When are the American people going to open their eyes and see how crooked the Democratic Party has become starting with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. The party reached the bottom under Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch. James Comey was prevented from doing a real investigation of Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch.

  15. Its Monday morning. Please tell me Rosenstein and Mueller have been fired. These two are not good enough for 1948 FBI. Fire these losers today !!!!!

  16. The TRUTH is ever present lies and propaganda can disguise it but, it is still there. The DNC and bamie are 100% to blame for the Russian scandal not TRUMP! The political system needs a complete investigation and shake down, which TRUMP has done to both parties, and the constituents need to demand honesty and integrity from their elected officials, it seems a pipe dream to expect such things from politicians, we the people have the power to make it so.

  17. The DNC, Clinton Foundation and any other lib. organization that perpetuate these lies (CNN, CBS, ABC, etc)should be ordered to pay for this hoax! Taxpayers unite!! These fake news stories and the resultant actions (Special investigators) that cost taxpayers so much money need to be paid for by those who caused them, i.e. the lying left!!!!!

  18. LOOK JJ — People know the truth – Ya’ll are distracting – deflecting – covering up and destroying all INTEL and Revelation material that proves sedition – treason and a power grab by the elites……

  19. WARM UP THE BUS….this “JOHNSON” is going to THROW a bunch of DIMMIEKRUDS under this RUSSIA bus….Rice>>>Obummer>>>Loretta>>>Brennan>>Crapper>>>after Deranged Debbie Wasaman Schluts

  20. Russian hack? That was Seth Rich. But that leak was plugged.

  21. Hillary was careless and got hacked to get the ball rolling, then Obama knew about the hacks and did absolutely nothing. As usual the Democrats look for someone else to blame for their screw-ups – so CNN, the New York Times, jump on board with fake news stories about President Trumps involvement. For those who don’t know CNN is owned by Time Warner. Over at Time Warner – Gary Ginsberg – executive vice president in charge of corporate marketing and communications – served as assistant counsel in the Bill Clinton White House. How come every time you find B.S., lies and corruption it always leads back to the Clintons. The Seth Rich murder investigation – mentioned below – that investigation falls under the Washington D.C. District Attorneys Office. Guess who just happens to be an Assistant D.A. in that very office? Crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother- Steven Wasserman. The more you look into things it appears more likely the Clintons are the “deep state” and if not them they are very very close to whoever the “deep state” is. They have people in strategic places everywhere to try and cover their a**es.

  22. Blame the DNC, prosecute clinton and bamie for colluding to NOT report it !

  23. Hurry! Hide all the voter rolls quickly!! Voter suppression. Hide all information quickly . Democrats are sweating!! What bus loads of what illegals???. This isn’t Kansas is it??? Kansas is the only state that requires voter ID. Oh, no. Change that Kansas law!!! And quick .

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