Former FBI Official: The Clintons are a “Crime Family”

According to former Assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom, the Clintons are not fit to occupy the White House. In an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday, Kallstrom said the American people should view Bill and Hillary Clinton like they would a Mafia organization.

“The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically,” Kallstrom said. “It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool.”

Kallstrom said that the Democratic nominee was a “pathological liar” who had no business being president and he was highly critical of the FBI’s investigation into her mishandling of classified information.

“The problem here is this investigation was never a real investigation,” he said. “That’s the problem. They never had a grand jury empaneled, and the reason they never had a grand jury empaneled, I’m sure, is Loretta Lynch would not go along with that.”

A week ago, this wouldn’t have meant much to the election. We already had all the proof we needed to know that something went awry. Even if you’re willing to extend the benefit of the doubt as far as it will go, there’s simply no way to excuse the meeting Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had in secret three days before Comey exonerated the former secretary of state. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Alas, we aren’t where we were a week ago. As of Friday, things have taken a dramatic shift, to say the least. FBI agents, looking into Anthony Weiner’s computers for evidence that he engaged in an improper relationship with an underage girl, found emails pertinent to the Hillary Clinton investigation. Now, with only a few short days until the conclusion of the election, the prospect of a Donald Trump victory looks more likely than ever.

The emails were apparently found as a result of Huma Abedin using one of Weiner’s devices to communicate with Hillary. Little is known about their contents, but Abedin said this summer that she had turned over all devices to the State Department.

“I looked for all the devices that may have any of my State Department work on it and returned — returned — gave them to my attorneys for them to review for all relevant documents. And gave them devices and paper,” Abedin said in a deposition this summer.

It now appears that Abedin missed at least one device, and it could be the one that puts the Clintons out of our lives forever. For that, we have to thank her for her incompetence and for her unwise choices when it comes to life and love.

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  1. Huma didn’t misplace a device! It is now in the hands of the Muslime Brotherhood!

    • They didn’t need IT, just the username and password to her YAHOO account so they could unlock and READ THE EMAILS from anywhere ON THEIR INTERNET ACCOUNT. FBI should be getting a warrant for YAHOO to provide them the IP addresses that have accessed Huma’s YAHOO account. IF there were messages containing CLASSIFIED information to or from Clinton that Huma had “forwarded” (essentially ‘carbon copied’) to Huma’s YAHOO email account, both Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton are going to find themselves in very very deep and dark holes.

      • If she is elected we will have to hear about her corruption forever while the Congress and whoever else continues to investigate her.

        • I guess that’s where Anthony Wiener comes to the rescuer with his insurance policy?

        • If she were to become president, she would not have enough time in the day to institute her platforms ( that would be a blessing).
          Both Clinton’s have lied and not at all trustworthy; I hope they both go down, and soon. Write a book guys, and say you are NOW dead broke!

      • she is a muslim

        • The first casualty of the American Revolution was a Muslim.

          The first country to recognize our Nation was Muslim.

          • Disabled Veteran 425

            The first casualty of the American Revolution was a Muslim? I find NO evidence of this being true… Please name your source for this information.

            In 1770, Crispus Attucks, a black man, became the first casualty of the American Revolution when he was shot and killed in what became known as the Boston Massacre.
            Attucks was born around 1723; his father was an African slave in Boston, and his mother was a Natick Indian. His life up until he was 27 years old is a mystery..

          • LOL. His father, Prince, was Muslim.

            Here are a few more Muslims that helped to build America:

            A Sample of Historic Contributors:

            Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

            A Sample of Modern Contributors:

            Fazlur Rahman Khan, Shahid Khan, Ayub Ommaya, Ernest Hamwi, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Farah Pandith, Ahmed Zewail, Aziz Ansari

          • her source may be the “new improved korany” with a personalized message from mohammy….

          • sure…

          • History can be very interesting. You might want to try some.

            His name was Crispus Attucks. He was an escaped slave. He died at the Boston Massacre.

            The first country to recognize our naew Nation was Morocco.

            Further, Muslim Morocco is also America’s longest

            ally — 225 yeas.

            Oh, and here is a list of other Muslims who contributed to our nation:

            A Sample of Historic Contributors:

            Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

            A Sample of Modern Contributors:

            Fazlur Rahman Khan, Shahid Khan, Ayub Ommaya, Ernest Hamwi, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Farah Pandith, Ahmed Zewail, Aziz Ansari

        • And Hillary’s lesby lover.

      • Well, she can’t hide it up her Virginian, so a cavity search may be plausible?

      • As long as the Dems control things, nothing will be done to either…

    • You mean her mother?

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Wrong asshole. Her husband did what you bossy shit men always do…whatever you damn well please. WeinerGate is 10 years old asshole. He stole Huma’s laptop AFTER the FBI confiscated the cell on which he was flying his dick in mid air. You know…like you do.

      • Sexist lesbo.

      • Wow! Sounds like you’re jealous! I bet some man did you wrong and now you hate them all! Or maybe just one rejected your sorry sourpuss ass…

        • she was visiting the poor and downtrodden and someone reached out to grab her taco…she was ready and willing, but the aide rolling the pervs wheelchair sped up…now she is have a nervous breakdown…

      • You are wrong. Weiner is still active and with underage girls, therefore he is currently under investigation. To yell about it being a ten year old scandal and old news says a lot about your lack of information. He and Abedine shared the laptop which contains massive amounts of Abedine’s e-mails. Her saying she doesn’t know how the emails got on the laptop and he stole it from her is merely her defense to protect herself. Anybody with a grain of intelligence would know that would be her response. If Weiner downloaded them from another device they can find that out. By the way your lack intelligence and lack of creativity is showing big time with your inability to have a conversation without using foul language, being insulting and not knowing the facts. Typical Liberal.

    • You know this why? Beause you are a member of the Musllim Brotherhood?

      You are also insulting everything our Founders fought and died for. America is based on religious freedom.

  2. Weiner may turn out to be Americas savior.

  3. Since millions of votes have already been cast for weeks now, Hitlery may be too far ahead for this latest email evidence to favor Trump.

  4. I voted today in Huston, Texas. I watched the machine closely and made sure it registered Trump. I had a poll official watch it with me.

  5. And there is at least one email where Huma is asking the illegal Clinton server I.T. guy to figure out why her cell phone isn’t working….and he (who pleaded the 5th to congress) responded to Huma “it’s down because we’ve had ANOTHER security breach”

  6. Former Cleveland cop here….I agree. It’s like we used to say “It don’t smell good”

    They are a crime family all right, just they are incompetent amateurs. – This in not Bugtussle and they are WAY over their heads this time. It’s all going to come home to roost one way or another no matter who they have putting in the fix. It’s just a matter of time now.

  7. It doesn’t take an FBI agent to know its statistically impossible to have near 60 ‘associates’ die under odd circumstances. Then, to be clean and not a suspect on top of that heap of bodies? It just screams ‘crime family’.

  8. The Democrats loved Comey back in July for giving Hillary a Free Pass on her Crimes. Now he has probably been added to the Clinton hit list.
    This is not Comeygate, this is Hillarygate. She did this to herself. Her thirst for Greed for Power & Money.
    I hope Trump will be our President. I hope she is not arrested yet, not until Obama is out, so he does not pardon her, b/c I think he could be brought in to it. He wants it silence ASAP. He is so worried about his legacy. How he is Worst President in History

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Hey stupid…WeinerGate is 10 years old. The only connection Hillary ever had to Weiner’s weiner is that his wife was her employee. So shitbag. You plan to go after every one of Hillary’s employees of the past 4 decades? Or do we have to beat your dumb asses to a pulp to get some peace and quiet. STFU if you can’t post truth and facts.

      • Do you actually know what you just said. Filthy mouth old cow.

        • Name calling.
          Sexist name calling.
          It says more about you than your target.

          • Not if it is true! LOL…

          • Name calling is name calling, it is neither true nor false.

            It is a display of immaturity and ignorance.

            Adults state the issues to which they object.

            That is the only way change can be accomplished.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            They haven’t got a single sentence of court records to use for proof. That’s why these deadbeat Daddies and the slut mommies are all in for a big awakening. We are fed up supporting their lazy asses.

            They have so much time to post hour after hour. It is THEIR states that all have the highest records of illegitimate kids born to their white trailer trash tramps. It is THEIR states that are in the top of those with the highest records of welfare. This is why they hate Hillary. They know what’s coming…WORKFARE…where they have to get jobs if they dare to collect welfare longer than 18 months. Now we watch all these hick lazy asses finally break a sweat.

          • Talk about someone name calling…AKLADY must be talking about EW because she really does show her ignorance and immaturity.

          • It is very sad to see these liberals descending so low into the mental gutter. Drug use psychosis and brain damage.

          • The actual fact is that “work requirements” were already on the books but Obama gutted it. Republicans have always been behind work requirements. I have been reading your comments and I am wondering if you are a slutty and ugly as you sound.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          No proof of your accusations, right fukkarooooooooooo? How about you sit on your middle finger and rotate? You are a cockless old bull who lost your balls when your cow wife ate them. You want to compete with me? You gotta go the distance bullshit boy.

          Awwww…What’s the matter cockface? Hillary is winning and your dickhead Geezer Diseased assholes didn’t win with their October surprise that blew their assholes apart?

          Be a good little dickface and learn to say, “YES! Madam President” or the rest of us who know men like you eat hate for breakfast every morning might have to start kicking asses and taking names.

          Don’t like it when a woman GIVES back in the same trash you Geezerfuks dish out right? booooo hoooo!

          • Does the corruption have to go fui your ass for you to realize it. The only way Hillary will win is by fraud and you know it bitch. You must be some butch lesbian wanting to get in hitlary’s pants. Good luck getting past the odor.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Hey dickboy…Do you have a single court document of Hillary or Bill Clinton’s indictments? If you want, I can get you tons of legal proof of Trump’s numerous legal cases.

            When you can fit Trump up your peehole, let me know. Hillary is going to win because 22 million people who live in the states with early elections already voted for HER…and She is winning Florida and Nevada. OOoooh doesn’t that just turn your ass to burnt bacon?

            The only odor there will be in when the middle, centrists and leftists hogtie your asses to trees and beat you with bags of oranges to remind you you tried to get an ORANGE MAN in the White House with more whores than you hick bulls can ever imagine.

          • You are a spook aren’t you?

          • Actually, EW, WJC WAS IMPEACHED as POTUS… The Democratic controlled senate, bunch of pussies, failed to kick his ass out with a conviction – right along party lines, surprise, surprise. After what WJC did to women you would think that all the bitches like you would have been outraged – he was far worse than Trump…but you all, gave him a free pass… Go rape some more and see if WJC and HRC can disgrace the presidency some more than he already did! He is a FAMOUS Democrat – all the Democrats think he is great… Shows the true colors of all of you…supporting a coward like WJC who picks on women and his wife who also degraded the women he raped and picked on….WJC is the most recent one to have whores in the White House and HRC supported him attacking his whores!!

            Can’t wait to see what bullshit you write in response to this… You EW, are one sick bitch!

          • they all have little billy blow up dolls that they practice their lewinsky moves on….”okay now in the key of E……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

          • IF HRC is elected, after all the shit she has done and caused, that would be evidence of why low information voters like yourself should NOT be allowed to VOTE. You really need to go to one of your own re-education camps to see just how WRONG the leftist bullshit is. When so many people can support a criminal for POTUS, it is proof that there is something gravely wrong with our system. Too many stupid people allowed to vote (albeit, probably a lot of illegals too). So, EW, you must be on the government dole (food stamps, welfare, obama care, something care – right?)

          • She is amoral. Her soul must have died years ago, like her Queen Hillary.

          • I agree. What amazes me is that there are still people wanting to vote for this person. Don’t the first of all understand what Hitlary means about getting 550% more muslims here? Don’t they realize all these people know is how to kill just for the hell of watching someone die? Such idiots. Love your name. I’m in Texas too.

          • Thanks. I reside in King wood, woodsy area of Huston and Humble.

          • Was leading douchebag, was leading. Not so much now. Those that support criminals are usually criminals themselves or absolute idiots. Does that describe you?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Wrong..Ooooooh and how this hurts you: STILL Leading and your slimy October surprise backfired didn’t it? You are a jerk off who needs to stop trying to impress the world that you are a man who ever had any balls. We could hang upside by your teeny weeny and only Trump would be there to right you. But then, he is a dick licker isn’t he?

            Here you are fukkbag: From the Reuters UNBIASED poll of Monday Oct. 16, eat your heart out asshole!

          • she be one of them estrogen voters….

          • Wow!! What a classy lady you are!!!
            Are your parents proud of your language???

          • Her parents are brother and sister.

          • My thoughts exactly. Bet she never reads the Bible either.

        • Another liberal skank.

      • Apparently you’re now blaming wikileaks for Hillary’s missdeeds.
        A RICO investigation could well go back for years, rather like what happened to the Bonano and Giavanni families.

      • Spoken like a true Dyed in the wool liberal douchebag. Liberalism is a disease and you are a prime example of the effects.

      • BunkerHillLightMan

        Bet yr as ugly as billary besides being totally stupid. Bet yr middle name is ‘scunbag’!

      • This is your party, Eleanore Whitaker.
        Read and weep. Democrats were taken over decades ago.

      • it may be ten years old….but I have a feeling once a pervert , always a pervert.

      • Only the ones who were granted immunity, dumb ass. If you did not belong in prison why would you need immunity? This is not about Weiner it is about what was/is on the device he was using, and how did government documents get on it. 650,000 e-mails want to bet none of them contain classified information? So take your own advise because you spin it to be about Weiner, it is about a person who is so corrupt she should have never been allowed by the Dem. Party to run under their banner. Unless you want to state she is representative of all/majority Democrats. Before you respond if you do, please note, I have posted facts, not opinions. Weiner was under investigation because of sexting a 15 year old female, and that was when 650,000 email were discovered by using technology to identify material utilizing key words/phrases. The FBI, then requested another court order authorizing them to search/read emails.

      • You are counting on the fact that there are not any classified or State materials on Weiner’s and Abedin’s device that they shared. We don’t know one way or the other at this time. If there is, then Abedine could be charged. You sound so typical of the average far Left Democrat who can’t defend anybody without using foul language and threats. You wouldn’t know the truth and the facts if they slapped you up side the head. You deny, deny and deny what the truth really is.

        • That is the Democratic way, deny, deny, deny until they catch you with your hand in the cookie jar, then deny, deny, deny again and try to confuse the issues.

          Everyone seems to forget that Bill Clinton WAS IMPEACHED as POTUS. He escaped conviction by the skin of his teeth, only because the Democrats controlled the Senate at the time. So he got a free ride… But I know for a fact that there were some real hillbilly fights in the White House between him and Hillary at the time. In the end though, Hillary supported Bill and began publicly attacking Bills mistresses. By far worse than anything Trump has done (or even Nixon for that matter).

        • EW is an example how corrupt and evil the Democrats are.

      • Statesman Patriot

        Wow! The leftist filth continues! Anyone who votes for Hillaryously Rotten is just as ethically corrupt as she and Slick Willie!!
        It is fact that at least 90% of all criminals, especially violent criminals, are liberals!
        With the plea for more mental health services in jails and prison, it becomes obvious that liberalism is a mental disorder!!

      • Typical douchebag Democrat. Always want to beat someone… Leftist attitude, though they usually accuse the Repubs of wanting to fight it is the left that starts the trouble, then up to the right to clean up the mess… Hillary hired thugs to disrupt Trump rallies, and on it goes. Only dumb ass around here EW, is YOU! Truth is, that HRC is a crook and the Clinton family IS organized crime…

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          Typical cockface CONman…I want to smash in your dick just for the hell of it. That way, your lineage of jerking off masturbaters ends.

          YOU are NO Patriot. A patriot would not allow a scumball like Trump to get anywhere near the White House. Those of us in the NY/NJ area know that Trump’s name is shit. Already two of the buildings in downtown Manhattan are being sued to remove his name from the front of the building due to the embarrassment it is creating. The people who live in Trump Plaza know he doesn’t own it. He only leases the use of his fukkbag name. So now, they who pay $10,000 a month rent to rent in the Plaza want the Trump name removed.

          But you go ahead scumbag. You try and put Trump in the White House and the contractors here in NJ he stiffed will be happy to beat your asses and his.

      • You’ve got to be kidding, nobody is as dense as you are trying to make us think you are.

        • old ho ew may want her taco grabbed, just can not find anyone willing….or it may be windy and her bag blew off…who knows…..(the shadow do, but he is not talking…might get on the clintoney schit list)….

      • My the fleas of 10,000 camels along with the supposed camel spiders infest your crotch! Freaking LibTURD!

        • May your wife chew your dick off and put your balls in her food processor. Fukkaroooooooooooooooo ! Now “git along lil doogie” Time for you Diseased Geezers to rid off into the sunssest. You are so past your shelf life.

          • Typical of a douche bag DemoRAT. Curse, curse and more cursing. Narcissistic @$$HOLE! I know what you and Darkinsaw lady are afraid of! If ANY republican gets elected you’re afraid of loosing your freebie train tickets! NO more free cell phones, EBT cards, reduced or free housing, etc.
            Just to stay on the “Freebie Train” you’d vote for Satan as long as he’s on the “D” for DumboRATIC ticket!! What a @#**%$)^*&@*# moron!

          • Awww…what’s the matter CONpig? You love to dish it out and play Mr. Big Balls? But the minute you get trashed by a woman, your balls shrink back down to normal size?

            It is your fukking Republican states with the highest number on welfare, you jackass. But not for much longer. MS, AL, TX, NC, GA, LA, OK, TN, KS and IA…all in the top 10 of highest welfare recipients.

            You need to shut your fukbag mouth because the Dems states are about to bounce your asses off the welfare you lazy asses collect for a lifetime.

          • Lay off the LSD! Not only is it illegal but has burnt out your feminist brain.

          • Hey fukbag…Get off your lazy hick ass and get a life! By the way, I hate to call a sharp halt to your overdosing on Viagra and all of your rapist loving rapists like Trump, but you do know that overdosing on Viagra causes brain damage?

            Explains why a shitbag hick like you can’t hold your dick with one hand. Two fisted dick holder…that’s you! Time to go and beat up your old lady yet?

          • Maybe you need to take a whole lot more “FEMALE” hormones as you act like either a 100% plus Dyke or a freak of nature. Go lick your lovers gash oh ranting and raving DYKE!

          • Hey asshole! I am a financially independent woman who made her own way in this world. I am not like your Dixiebelles and Corn Pone Queens who have to wait till Big Daddy approves of them being pregnant and barefoot.

            oooh and don’t you hate that you can’t be the Big Cheese Bully anymore? Sorry asshole…but women like me chew guys like you up and spit you out.

            We are not cutesy, cloying, dependent women like those you know. You only “allow” your women to exist. “WE” don’t ALLOW you men to tell us what to do. Sorry old bastard if that doesn’t meet with your Plantation Mentality.

          • In closing; Once an @$$, always an @$$ and a filthy, foul mouthed one at that. Do you eat with that mouth? Do you kiss your spouse (male or more than likely female). “IF” you have any offspring do you kiss them with that foul mouth? If your trying to impress me or others on this site you just drew a BIG FAT ZERO!
            Have a nice day and BTW Trump trounced your beloved lover HildaBEAST!

          • TheCountess De Plorable

            Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days

            www dot npr dot org

          • AWww Mr. dicklicker is angry….You think women are going to take this loss lightly do you assfukker?

            Trump has a court date he can’t get out of on Nov. 28th. If he is found guilty, that makes you and your cockstick right wingers look like absolute morons. But do keep licking Trump’s ass for him. It’s the only clean thing about him Prickface!

          • Goodbye foul mouthed @$$wipe, You still avoided the $64 question. “Do You Kiss Any Kin, if you have any, With that Foul Sewer Mouth”! Like I said “Have a nice day and BTW Trump trounced your beloved lover HildaBEAST!”
            “LIBERALS” is actually an acronym and it fits you to a tee!!

          • You bet I am a foul mouth. Foul mouth for foul men like you. YOu are a bum and a scumbag. Your state lives off my tax dollars. You CONnazis think we will just hand you more of our tax dollars to spend on your endless wars, your filthy pollution and your for profit prisons?

            Get this and get it straight. You do not now nor EVER will tell me or anyone who pays taxes that keep your state afloat what we can and can’t do.

            All we have to do is pull those tax dollars and watch you flush you turds down the toilet. You know what? I hope ISIS attacks your states like al Qaeda did to ours. A dead CONfukarooo makes wonderful cow shit.

      • “I hear that train a comin’
        It’s rollin’ round the bend.
        Gonna pick up Mrs. Clinton
        And take her to the pen.
        They’ll have her coronation
        Make her cell block queen
        Hillary for prison
        two thousand and sixteen
        They’ve got an orange pants suit
        Hangin’ on the wall
        And a cell for Bubba Willie
        Just a little down the hall.
        We’ll put ‘em in the big house
        Lock them up inside.
        Unless a whole lot of witnesses
        Commit suicide.
        Remember James McDougal
        And 20 or 30 more
        About to testify, they found ‘em dead upon the floor.
        Now they’re pilin’ up the bodies
        Like they did back then
        They want back in the White House
        Here we go again.
        Glue the china to the table
        Nail the table to the floor
        Lock up all the silver
        ‘fore they haul it out the door
        White trash in the White House
        Beats all I’ve ever seen.
        Hillary for prison
        two thousand and sixteen.”
        DRAIN THE SWAMP———-2016

        • If figures…Johnny Cash? How about this one? I gotta feeling called the Trumpenstein blueeeeessss…OH Lord when your Trumpy went to jail. I don’t know what the hicks will do …we hope they take dieeeeeeiiiiahhhh…That last long day the hicks said Goodbye, Lord we hoped they would die…They get the loooowhoooo onsome…Trumpenstein Loser Blues..

          See? I know some hick music too..Now go wipe your big fat ass. You are stinking up the country.

    • The right-wing has been lying and insulting for almost eight years. The only thing it has changed is the reputations of people like you.

      • I beg your pardon? Apparently you don’t read many blogs and only read Left wing fodder. If you did you would find the Left to be far more foul than the Right and far far more often. As far a lying, I think the Left, without a doubt, holds the record by far on that one. How about becoming more informed about your party and who is running for office and who is behind the scenes. You have blinders on like the rest of your party.

        • Having to choose between two evils has nothing to do with blinders. I’ll takw Hillary over a documented racist and misogynist who practices serial adultry.

          • You should really open your eyes when looking at Hillary. It is a known fact that she publicly attacked Bill’s mistresses and accused all of them of wrong doing, not her serial adulterous husband who attacked women. Trump has ONLY BEEN ACCUSED, NOT CONVICTED.
            You are getting the cart before the horse, speaking about Trump.
            He IS a JERK, he is a lot of things, but just because he talks like a teenage boy or a drunken sailor/marine does not make him guilty of attacking women like Bill Clinton was!
            Yes, AKLady, you should really take a look at what you are saying and whom you are supporting. The Clinton Crime Family, or a pompous jerk… Not much of a choice, but if Hillary IS elected, she may very well become the first president automatically impeached before she even takes office.

    • It’s kind of late for Comey to grow a pair.

      • as long as he draws breath , it’s never too late.

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      • He had his chance in July, but showed what a coward he really is.

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    • Obama and Hillary should be brought up on charges of treason by Trump when he gets the Presidency.

  9. Isn’t she the same one who left a folder with classified info in it n a plane?

    • Huma Abedin, like her boss, seems to be afflicted with the same disease. Both have no feel for national security issues and are clueless when it comes to the protocol for protecting classified information. Can you imagine being married to a pervert and then allowing him access to information that is above Top Secret, meaning information that in the wrong hands represents a clear and present danger to the security of the United States. Hello? I think Huma and her dopey husband, the Weiner, are a functioning part of the Clinton crime family. Like the Trumpster says, “We need to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.” And people like the Clintons who function only for themselves and not the people need to be the first ones to go down the drain.

      • To the Clinton’s , it is not classified information,,,,it’s just tools of the trade…Obama is just as guilty as she is when it comes to selling out our country

      • Can you imagine being married to any of these perverts? I refer to any of them (take your pick), Obama, Hillary, Bill, or Huma, herself, along with other weak souls who get swept up in their plots, such as Loretta Lynch, anyone who gets caught in that ugly web whether by marriage, belief, birth, or just inadvertently standing nearby–it’s all one huge mire of misery and illegality, of self-serving shadowy connections, of distrust and morally bankrupt greed. What a mess!! And how “Clintoneque” of Hillalry.

        • I like your style and you’re absolutely right. So, was Michael (Weiner) Savage when he penned his book a few years ago, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” They have no values, only agendas that are self-serving.They want to “progress” beyond the Constitution. The four you mentioned above are perfect examples…

      • Character like water seeks it’s own level.

  10. Iustitia Enim Facientes Mala

    Might give more credence to this if he’d been more accurate about the Clinton Foundation which, according to charity watchdogs, has a charity payout of 87% to charitable organizations and has been given four stars by the Better Business Bureau.

  11. Maybe this the same laptop on to which she downloaded files from Hillary’s server and mailed to some unknown person and it was never received. Maybe Weiner was the someone.

  12. the corrupt doinj will defend criminal hitlery
    even if it totally destroys that department

    lynch knows that
    its ALL hitlery’s fault,

    bypassing FOIA,
    stonewalling Congress for years,

  13. God works in mysterious ways…..

  14. Only way to get rid of asshole Clinton family is the same way Martin Luther King Jr died and John F Kennedy died

  15. If the Fat Boy’s Institute missed this bag age that was loaded with missed deeds thaat that parralized this nation needs cleaning up ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. How can, Hillary and her backers praise Comey by calling him “Honorable” and then just weeks later, Disgraceful? If a man is truly honorable in your eyes, he doesn’t become dishonorable because he disagrees with you. Such inconsistency not only lacks plausibility, but defies common logic.
    We are discussing this matter because a Secretary of State decided to use a non-secured private server, in lieu of receiving and sending the highest level of secured data through a protected government server. I had a high security clearance in the military, and received instructions that a single highly classified document exposed to the public would get me 2 to 5 in a military prison. Here we have thousands of exposed emails, and the sentiment of most Hillary backers has little to do with the severity of the worst breach of highly secured government documents in history of our country, but they’ll attack Comey, and give the criminal a pass. It is no secret that Hillary used an unsecured server to operate the Clinton money laundering business, via the Clinton Foundations that is presently being investigated by the FBI. (And that will be the last nail in the coffin for the Clinton’s.) If the Democrats were smart, they would back off, because the Clinton’s are going down

  17. just encase helary wins, the Capitol Archetech and The Park Sewrvice have ordered 200 gallons of epoxy to affix everything in the White house to the structure

    • Can you imagine Trump on the campaign trail with that scenario!
      Just as long as it takes him off Twitter. Go Donald, you’re doing great!

  18. May God Himself reveal all that was done in secret to the people of this country and the treachery inside these demonic creeps. The Body Count is no lie. The disgraceful treatment of our Secret Service, our Brave Marines, all who have HAD to keep those creeping things safe, is beyond imaginable and unconscionable. But the stupid, the ignorant, the elites who think they are at the top of the food chain will be swallowed alive by their own debauchery and crimes. LUKE 8: 17

    For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated. 18 Pay
    attention, therefore, to how you listen. Whoever has will be given
    more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be
    taken away from him.”…
    This is about FAITH, about the Holy Spirit and about understanding those who are spiritually dead

  19. bwhahahahahahaha! Got proof assholes? If not, you can get into deep deep trouble and have your site taken down for making up lies you can’t prove with court documents. How about you hicks get real jobs?

    • Are you really that stupid. The writing is all over the wall wake up and smell the coffee. You must be stupid dem that can’t think on her own

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I know you petulant little tantrum pulling brats think this will bring Hillary down. It won’t. All it has done is proven just how low your kind will stoop, cheating, lying, commiting all manner of crimes, to get your way.

        Hillary is still on top. Trump right now is in a big hurry to delete any of his and Comey’s emails. So much for your bullshit acts of vengeance. Go to hell while you whistle Dixie and raise your KKK Stars and Bars flag.

    • Could be why he gave the internet away to control the narrative, or keep the alternative media silent!

      He doesn’t even give Michael a kiss like this!

  20. It seems to me that anyone that Votes for Hillary is in need of mental Help ! If you watch any thing you know how corrupt they are ! but we endured Obama fo 8 Years and He should not have even been allowed to Run ! Communist Acorn , Pot smoker in our White house with his feet on every thing he can !

  21. Kallstrom said that the Democratic nominee was a “pathological liar” who had no business being president and he was highly critical of the FBI’s investigation into her mishandling of classified information.

    “The problem here is this investigation was never a real investigation,” he said. “That’s the problem. They never had a grand jury empaneled, and the reason they never had a grand jury empaneled, I’m sure, is Loretta Lynch would not go along with that.”

    A week ago, this wouldn’t have meant much to the election. We already had all the proof we needed to know that something went awry. Even if you’re willing to extend the benefit of the doubt as far as it will go, there’s simply no way to excuse the meeting Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had in secret three days before Comey exonerated the former secretary of state. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    • And Loretta is mad that Comer went directly to Congress bypassing her. She is part of the Clinton gang so I am glad he did so. This might well wake her up and appoint a Grand Jury or a Special Prosecutor. We can hope and pray she does so because she no longer has any credence!

  22. Why isn’t Huma held in contempt of court for not turning in all the evidence as ordered?

  23. As the saying goes…the fish stinks at the head. Obama is also complicit in all this corruption. We already found he lied about when he knew she used a private server.

  24. Having been on security for NATO etc, where my 1st special order read: No warning shots will be fired, makes one believe they had weapons loaded with blanks just for shit and giggles ever since POTUS barfed all over the nation!

  25. An Honest (snicker) investigation into Bill and Hildabeast and their foundation would
    disclose so much criminal activity that it would take the FBI several years to fully
    uncover the corruption and it would go back to their first foray into politics back in
    Arkansas to see how deep it goes and better still who else is in the mix with them
    over the years. But we all know that it will be glossed over, covered up and
    any one who might talk either has been or will suddenly disappear or die under
    suspicious circumstances.

  26. Just think, it only took ‘em forty years to figure out that Killarys father was a big wise guy in the Chicago mafia! More than likely he worked for the Jewish mafia mob boss Soros?

  27. Huma better watch out or she is going to be part of the Clinton body count.

  28. If it isn’t criminal,…..the Clintons don’t want anything to do with it!!!!! They are crooks & have been for years!!!!!

  29. Huma Abadin is a spy, conducting espionage by latching on to Hillary. I assume, according to the evidence that comes out every day, that Huma was passing information from Hillary to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary’s stupidity and careless behavior just made Huma’s treachery easier.
    Whoever Trump picks as his Attorney General, is probably sitting down right as we speak, formulating a plan that included charges against Huma, Hillary, and Barack. You haven’t seen nothin’ yet. When we get an FBI and Justice Department that isn’t corrupt, the fur will fly. It could even extend into the Congress. Plenty of Whoopass to go around!

    Hang on boys, it’s going to be a wild ride.

    • Gowdy voted for Trump, think he’ll be the next AG?

      • We can hope and pray that he is.

      • I think I read that Gowdy will be the next AG and then we will watch feathers fly. Can’t hardly wait. Smart as a white and hangs on like a snake! I was pleased that Gowdy did decide to vote for Trump but felt he should have done it from the get go. But, better later than ever and he adds a lot of smarts and class to the people Trump chooses. Would love to see Judge Judy, Jeanine Pirro appointed to the SC and that way we get beauty and brains. Trump can appoint any number to the SC beyond nine, so a good man or two would also work. Then he could find out if he can unappoint 2 or 3 for too old, too leftist, etc. We must set an age limit at 75 and then they are out!

      • Gowdy is an honorable patriotic man!

  30. Interesting that, now, so many people are coming out of the woodwork, that are experts on the guilt of the Clinton’s. On one hand, you all complain that the media is in bed with the Clinton’s and you say that nothing can be believed about the Clinton’s in the media because of the buddy-buddy relationship between the Clinton’s and the media, but now that the media has reported something that can be interpreted in a negative way about the Clinton’s, the media is suddenly, 100% believable and straight forward. Love the logic. We just will have to see how this all plays out, but very interesting that all of this suddenly came out one week before election day.

    There are stories about Trump and his buddy, Putin, but nobody seems to be interested in that. Hmm…………

    Either you can trust certain sources or you can’t trust those sources. You cannot have it both ways.

  31. The Clinton’s and everything they touch is tainted with corruption. Both Bill and Hillary are classic sociopaths and pathological liars. Chelsea is just as bad as she continues to support them despite knowing the truth of what they are about. Sad state of American politics. Sooner or later both Bill and Hillary should be sporting orange jumpsuits and locking bracelets.


    They never kilked anybody.

  33. In the past, American politics was about what one could do for the people. Today, it is about which “sin” the people think is less serious.

    • Well, that’s what you get when liberals start “winning” elections. One would think, that someone with all your “education” wouldn’t need to be told that.

  34. I have a very simple, and short comment. Bonnie & Clyde Clinton. WAKE UP AMERICAN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  35. Both parties are corrupt, but Democrats take the cake. They exonerated Bill Clinton during his removal trial, thereby not at all helping a female subordinate of his with her pursuit of compensation for his abusive behavior. Then, of course, they accused Republicans of being hostile to women. They passed the progressive Obama signature bill, forcing everyone to buy health insurance, without working at all with Republicans. So much for diversity. Now that healthcare insurance is failing, they blame Republicans who were not allowed to participate in the writing of it; in addition, the bill was specifically written to be incomprehensible by an M.I.T. professor (perhaps he heads the Department of Turgid Prose at MIT).

  36. Mr. Kallstrom hit the nail squarely on the head. I have been preaching this for years but no one would listen. It goes back to their days in Arkansas and continued into the White House and the congress and the State Dept. The thing that gets me is how have they gotten away with it all these years and she probably will get away with it again. And she was responsible for the death of four fine Americans.

    • Her negligence in causing the Death of the Bengazi Americans is inexcusable and more proof of her manipulation of those who should be prosecuting her. Clinton not fit

      Literally Unfit For the Presidency!
      Can’t Walk, Needs Assistance, Can’t Think, Often Confused, Can’t See, Has Double Vision, Wears Long Coats to Hide Her Adult Diapers, Has Multiple Seizures On Camera, Left in Middle of Debate For Unexplained Reason, Called Donald Trump Her Husband, Massive Coughing Fits During Speeches… she’s a devout lesbian with her Muslim girlfriend/aid, She’s a known Cocain addict, part of the 6 th biggest crime families in NY ( Clintons), ( muslims will never fit within our society and will try to push Sharia law on a society/constitution that is based on Judea christian values), she’s totally responsible for the Death of four Americans in Bengazi ( gross negligence), Bill Clinton appointed the FBI official who investigated her for mishandling security Mail during his term ( who failed to prosecute her – placing her above the law). The democratic platform has been highjacked by the corrupt and evil Billionare Socialist- George Sorros ( known destroyer of countries) who is promoting a world order and is anti American. this speaks volumes about a Party and it’s followers who have lost their way and are Anti American and the new Satin within America.

      Trump is the only sane choice for America!

  37. James Kallstrom is correct. They have always been a criminal enterprise. From Arkansas to Washington to now, they have piled up an incredible criminal record!

  38. [The Clintons are a “Crime Family”] Would someone please tell Pres. Obama this…

    • Oh, he knows. Obummer has aided and abated the Clinton Mafia, and vice versa. Their dream of an American Utopia (the USSA) is almost here. They are the puppets of old Puppet Master himself, Georgie Soros and his UN and EU elites.

      • Thanks for the reply, but if you truly want to get to the real puppet master, who is the prince of this world for now, is name that we know in by is satan…
        If you are a born again Christian you no doubt already knew that and if not a true Christian you can’t understand this at all…
        When God created Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden he was also given the dominion of all the earth and all that was within the earth. At the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden, Adam became a slave to sin and he inherited the sin nature which has been passed throughout all the human race… That which belongs to a slave is passed to the slave master, thus the dominion of the earth was passed to satan. The thing is, it was a lie that the serpent told Eve that caused the fall, thus this was an unfair transference of this dominion and when Christ returns He will legaling reclaim that which was stolen by lying.
        Satan is only allowed so much freedom, ultimately the true Master is God.


        Obama is Reagan in Blackface. He’s the old puppet master himself, unless you mean Kennedy. He’s the old puppet master if you mean Kennedy.

        • Obama wouldnt make a pimple on Reagans ass – Moron!
          You compared the worst president ( Obummer) to one of the best
          Presidents (Reagan) you are beyond Dilusional – go back to your wacky weed and stay out of the political talk – you will only embarrass yourself.

    • Obama is part of the corrupt Crowd- wake up. Both Obama and Clinton are financiallybacked by the Billionare Socialist George Sorros ( Puppet master).
      He is one of the most hated persons in the world for his dammage to other countries and he wants to take down America and establish a new world order ( Dictatorship). This is how low the Democratic Party has sunk – They have lost their way and entered no mans land ( corruption/socialism/communism/illegal immigration supporters etc etc) and side stepped our constitution ( The one tool that helped us to be a great nation when followed). Sorros should be stripped of all power, money, and put in jail for crimes/dammage against America ( never again). Let’s pray that Trump is elected and Christy is his Atourney General ( top cop).

      Vote Trump if you love America

      • Evidently you haven’t read any of my previous comments on other subjects… That was a sarcastic remark.. George Sorros is a puppet of a much greater master whose name is Lucifer are better know as Satan.
        We are in a far, far greater battle than most people realize; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12.
        I loved USA but I no longer love what she has become… While claiming to be the most righteous of all nations USA has become one of the most wicked of all nations… She has embraced evolution, homosexuality, and the rejection of God’s Holy Scriptures… Her wickedness has infected 10s of millions of people world wide with her pornography.
        I rely wholly upon God’s WORD, He will allow the man or woman in that USA deserves…. And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21.
        Just as God gave Israel unrighteous leaders because of the Israelites sins, so too has He done the same for USA. And just as the Israelites failed to turn to God, so too has the vast majority of Americans failed to turn to God.. God has never allowed a destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him.
        God has clearly given USA His warnings of destruction since at least the mid 1980s but very few are listening.
        There is a consequence or a debt that must be paid for all sin and the time for judgment is fast approaching.
        Beginning in Aug. ’94 I began tell everyone that the terrorist were coming back to “HIT” the #2 WTC Tower again and when they do they will “TAKE” it all the way to the ground. I spoke that warning for the next 7yrs as I traveled from coast to coast nearly every week. I now tell how the 9/11/01 attack was the first of three major attacks . The 2nd major attack will be approx. 1000 times greater.. If interested in more details, Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101” and if you don’t believe in an all knowing and loving God, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”
        No man nor woman can save this nation… God will however save the individual who confesses of his/her sins and accepts Christ Jesus as his/her LORD and SAVIOR.

        • Watchman48
          Great verses and documentations of events etc. I too am a servant of Christ. I believe all that you said and your lucky to have the gift of knowing what’s going to happen Prior. I am a Christian Soldier in Gods army and battling the ignorant and non believers is what I do. I want America to fix much of the problems within – Abortion,banning Gay rights, following our constitution which is based on judeha Christian values, banning the Koran in the US and shutting down Muslim immigration which is absurd for a Christian Nation and using our tax money to fund anti Christian beliefs is unconstitutional/corrupt-why? For my kids and grandkids. No way Clinton–only Trump can turn it around- he has stood up against all odds and God is in his corner. I too feel God is very disappointed in our direction and I think of Soddom and Gomorrah. Christians must standup more against the evil within.

          Go Trump

          • Thanks for the kind words but I don’t believe in the word luck… I believe a person is either blessed or cursed. The Bible tells us to ask and it shall be given…. So, I am most always asking God to help me to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice and His very presence within me. I am in no way worthy of even one of God’s blessing, I am a confessed sinner who has been washed in the Blood of Christ and saved by His Grace.
            I have no faith in America’s fixing anything, the human heart is wicked and deceitful, always seeking to please itself. Yes, the Koran needs to be banded but that will never happen, at least not until USA is destroyed. We have sunk to such depths of depravity that has never been seen since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah….
            God knew the path that USA would follow long before she ever was…. Many will argue this point with me but God has made it clear to many of us… USA is the Mystery Babylon which will be destroyed in God’s timing.
            I believe in the Pre-Tribulation; however, should I be wrong I know He will give those that are His Children the courage and strength to endure whatever lies ahead of us…
            May the Good LORD Bless You and All Your Loved Ones.

  39. We can only hope that this latest revelation can bring down the Clinton regime once and for all. Unfortunately, since half the population has no problem with the Clinton mafia running the country it may all come to naught the same as the rest of their crimes. If she gets elected we can only hope they can manage to impeach her. If they have the evidence that can indict her and impeach her, the Clinton’s will have the distinction and the legacy of the only man and wife duo who were impeached during their Presidency.

  40. The Democraps putting Comey in their sights, sounds like the strategy of “Kill the assassin.” He performed the job, now, they nullify his voice and influence.

    • If Comey ends up not so alive, then he will be a part of the Clinton Mafia’s body count, next to the deceased SC judge.

      • Wow. I think I missed one! What was the judge’s name and how did he/she die?? With the latest, this makes the body count 52!!

  41. All the way from Billy Boys high school days, through the Arkansas days, WJC dealt with illicit drugs, marijuana, cocaine and others. He and HRC snorted coke and lived the radical 1960s and 1970s.


      so what? Pot is legal in a number of states now. It will be legal everywhere in six years or less.

    • That is probably their connection/support to the Hollywood crowd – they are all drug dependent. The Hollywood group are big supporters of the Clintons.
      They wreak with corruption and further decay of our society–They must go.

  42. THIS IS NEWS ???

  43. The clintons are criminals and only the criminal minded would vote for her. They got away with their crimes since their pot smoking coke snorting days. The Clinton power kept them out of jail. 114 people died violently who were connected to the Clinton cartel. It’s a fact. Recently 5 more died violently within a two week period. Out of the many who were murdered their cases where never solved. Explain that Killary. Fact check it on utube

  44. The Clintons learned a long time ago that the only way to get ahead in a corrupt society was to embrace corruption. They not only mastered it, they brought it to an art form. Check out their co-authored book: “The Art of the Steal”

  45. It is a crime to take off so many loop holes not to pay taxes with so much money coming in. If one does, you are in the red, and not in the black.

  46. no schit James…did you find the clue in the clue closet ??

  47. Firearms Prevent Tyranny and Crime by James W. King
    America’s first president, George Washington, is quoted as saying “firearms stand second in importance to the Constitution and deserve a place with all that is honorable. I totally agree with the second part of his quote but disagree with the first part. Firearms are more important that the Constitution because without them the Constitution and Bill of Rights cannot be defended and preserved. America’s third president said “No free man should ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    Tyranny in American government has occurred during the administrations of Republicans Bush Sr. and Jr. but has reached epic levels under Clinton and Obama Democratic administrations and even greater tyranny is projected to occur if Hillary Clinton is elected. Democratic corruption is rampant in all three branches of government, the FBI, IRS, FDA, DOJ, and the Supreme Court. All the aforementioned presidents and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are advocates of open borders and a One World Government which would necessitate relinquishing American sovereignty. Hillary’s plan is to implement draconian gun control, bans, and confiscation of firearms. She has made statements that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is her No.1 enemy.
    All or part of the following violations of the Second Amendment would likely be attempted or carried out under president Hillary Clinton: semi-auto bans, mandate universal background checks, overturn the Heller Supreme Court case that verified firearms ownership is an individual right, shut down gun shows, implement Australian style confiscation, national firearms registration, use of tax dollars to promote gun control, secret government ban lists, ban online gun advertising, extreme executive actions on firearms, end lawful access to firearms, and repeal of the lawful commerce in arms act. None of these acts of tyranny would reduce crime. Firearms would be available to criminals on the black market. Even if firearms ownership and manufacturing were banned in America guns would be smuggled in just as drugs are in violation of drug laws. No sane right thinking person wants criminals and terrorists to have guns. Strict law enforcement of existing laws and prosecution of criminals is the answer but Democrats have been very lax and lenient on criminals. But what these One World Government advocates are really attempting under the cloak of humanitarianism and gun control is to disarm Americans so that there can be no resistance to the implementation of a One World Government.
    Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) stated on Nov.6,1938 “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun”. What he meant is that guns should be kept out of the hands of the people and only the rulers and those who do their bidding are to have guns. Taking guns from the people as Hillary proposes is a sure sign that a country is moving toward Fascism or Communism.
    Dr. R.J. Rummel’s research shows that in the 20th century 170 to 360 million people including women and children were killed by governments. In virtually every case the victims were unarmed or under-armed. Stalin killed an estimated 20 million in Russia 1929-1952, Germany 13 Million 1939-1945, China 20 million 1948-1952 and the list goes on country by country.Yet many liberals in America today express the opinion that only police and government should have guns. President George Washington warned Americans “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force and like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master”.
    In America multiculturalism and political correctness have been the gods of the liberals since the 1960’s and mixed with gun control has greatly increased crime. Japan has no citizen owned guns and a low crime rate but they have refused multiculturalism. Gun Free School Zones implemented by Democrats and RINO Republicans have been a magnet for criminals and the mentally ill and have been responsible for most of America’s school shootings. Now unarmed schools are wide open for a terrorist attack on children.
    Prior to leaving office Obama is trying to get congress to ratify the UN Small Arms treaty which would allow gun confiscation in America by UN troops. This treaty would be in violation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights but corrupt Democrats seem to consider this irrelevant.

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