Former Congressman Calls for Kamala to Officially Replace Biden

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) has publicly advocated for Vice President Harris to lead the Democratic ticket this fall, marking one of the first calls from a Democratic Party figure for a change following President Biden’s underwhelming debate performance.

In a statement on social media, Ryan emphasized, “We have to rip the band-aid off! Too much is at stake.” He praised Harris, noting her significant growth in office, her debate capabilities, and her potential to mobilize key voter demographics such as young people and people of color, offering the party a chance for generational change.

Biden’s recent debate performance, where he struggled with coherence and countering misinformation, alarmed many Democrats and fueled discussions about his suitability for re-election in 2024, with Harris emerging as a leading alternative.

Reflecting this sentiment, a recent poll revealed that nearly half of Democratic voters think Biden should step aside for another candidate in the upcoming election.

In a Newsweek editorial, Ryan, a self-proclaimed Biden supporter, expressed concern about Biden’s capabilities, stating, “Joe Biden’s debate performance was deeply troubling.” He stressed the need for a shift towards younger leadership within the party—something he has advocated for over a year.

Ryan described witnessing Biden’s difficulties during the debate as “heartbreaking” and called for a new direction, highlighting Harris as a standout during what he termed a “historically dreadful night.”

He countered critics who argue that a Harris candidacy would be riskier than continuing with Biden, calling such claims “utterly preposterous” and “insulting.”

Ryan, a popular moderate who left Congress in 2022 after a narrow loss in the Ohio Senate race, also highlighted Harris as a symbol of the generational shift needed within the Democratic Party. He noted the historical success of the party when younger, charismatic figures like JFK, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama led.

Ryan’s advocacy for Harris continues as he leads We the People, his political action group committed to supporting moderate and pro-democracy initiatives.

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