Former CIA Chief: Let’s Get to the Bottom of Trump Dossier Payments

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta said Thursday that Congress should get to the bottom of who paid for the infamous Trump dossier, who was involved in collecting the information, and who knew about it while telling investigators and the media otherwise. In response to the bombshell story that broke this week showing that a law firm hired by the Clinton campaign and the DNC provided the funding necessary to compile the dossier, Panetta – who served under President Obama – said it was important that the American people discover how this explosive document came to exist.

In an interview with CNN, Panetta was asked about former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, both of whom said this week that they knew nothing about their organizations providing funding for the dossier.

“Well, it’s obviously something that the intelligence committee is going to have to look at,” Panetta said. “You know, knowing presidential campaigns, they’re big operations and somehow the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing. And that could be the case here, but I really do think that the committee is going to have to get into this, determine just exactly what happened. Who knew what and when.”

Making things even more suspicious, it was pointed out by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer than when Podesta testified before the Senate that he knew nothing about the dossier, he was sitting right next to his lawyer, Marc Elias, who knew EXACTLY who funded the document…because it was HIM.

“It certainly makes the situation very awkward,” Panetta said, being exceptionally diplomatic. “If you’re testifying and saying you have no knowledge and the attorney sitting next to you is one of those that knew what, what was involved here, I think it does raise an issue that the committee is going to have to look at and determine just exactly what knew what.”

Does anyone – even your fiercest, never-say-die, Hillary Clinton supporters – really believe that none of these Democrats knew that their money was used to fund this piece of disgusting political propaganda? Anyone at all? The DNC and the Clinton campaign, from Wasserman Schultz to Hillary herself, has been lying through their teeth about this dossier for a full year at this point, and they aren’t about to come clean about it now. They are going to keep lying until a congressional investigation nails them to a wall. And then, the American people can judge for themselves if Hillary, Debbie, Podesta, and the rest of them had an ethical obligation to be honest a long time ago about the root origins of this ridiculous Russian collusion story.

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  1. Most of the public knows who is behind the Russia Issue , that is why she is not in the WH !!!

  2. I believe the Hilary campaign authored the Russian Dossier just like the DNC authored the riots at Trump rallies.

    It is not enough that Hillary lost, people need to start going to jail…

    • THE bushes, THE Clinton Mafia, NObummer, Soros, The WH.Cartel, and the establishment, all members of the Skull and Bones, the all got something very incriminating on each other, Pedophiles etc, and they are all scared they are going to end up like Seth Rich or Vince Foster, this is an old J.Edgar Hoover Trick, and now it look’s like they have gotten to Trey Cowdy, and the DOJ. is all NObummer and Killary’s left overs. TRUMP is fighting the FBI, the CIA, DOJ, and the rest of the Swamp creatures. He got the very fake media, 30 – 40.Million ilegals, BLM, Antifa, NFL, Black Panter and all of the Muslim’s, all against him. All TRUMP got is us the Deplorables.So any arrests.??

      • Never give up, never give in. The truth will prevail.

        • And the leftist motto: Never give up, never give in, and the lie will eventually take hold and we will have gotten away with the crimes we committed.

          • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’
            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          • Links? He never made the lie quote. Shall I check the rest or do you have citations?

          • Do yourself a favor and look them up at:



            Your comment shows just how ignorant you are.

          • Brainy quote is just quotes. Period. They are not sourced. Source them. Where did he say them, tard? Ignorant huh? Okay, prove me rong and share your level ofeducation and IQ. Should be easy huh?

          • Lets play my game, not yours.

            Who gives a shit who said it? The same line has been said in slightly different ways a bunch of times, and you are worried about the author and not the content.

            So here goes,
            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            I just said it, prove me wrong.

          • You are a pitiful cretin and proud of it. Poor trash. I did prove you wrong. Lenin never said the lie quote. I shared two links to help explain it to your feeble brain. Finished embarrassing yourself yet?

          • You have been owned and outsmarted by a pitiful cretin who is proud that he has owned you and proven you wrong…

            Deal with it.

          • How exactly do you think you did that? By proving yourself emotionally unstable and uneducated? Do share details….

          • Liberals always resort to character defamation when they have lost an argument.

            You have not proven me wrong… I don’t give a shit if Lenin said it or not. The source has no bearing on the fact that it is a true statement…

            “At this point, what difference does it make?”

            —–Hillary Clinton

            Lets use your logic. Now you must prove that Hillary Clinton didn’t say that to prove that it makes a difference as to whom made the statement…. So as you can not prove that Hillary didn’t make the statement, you have lost the argument….. I am begging to warm up to liberal logic….

          • Odd logical fallacies. It is up to you to prove yourself accurate but yes, I did prove you wrong. You are pitiful.

          • We all know the hildebeast said it. However you’ll never convince the tofu square of the excessive corruption stagnating the almost nonexistent donkey’s party. They can’t handle the truth. It puts a wall between them and the ever elusive utopian society that they dream of.

          • Well said… Tofu is a lost cause…

          • You can’t help yourself can you? Every time you post you confess your ignorance.

          • How so? Examples? And use my post to illustrate them….

          • One can not awaken someone who pretends to be asleep.

          • Details?

          • Reread what you typed, then let’s talk about your level of education. Ok?

          • Why wait? Your level of education?

          • My level of education is irrelevant. I’m not the one misspelling words and using poor sentence structure.
            My years of wisdom trump your intelligence. About all you can do is parrot the liberal fascist talking points. So I will give you an A for your ability to memorize. That’s something that 1st. Graders can easily do.

          • It is relevant. Okay, grade my post. Be specific, dropout. So, you have nothing but cannot keep yourself from replying? Your level of education? IQ?

          • What words are misspelled, little brain. Let me guess, you are poor, white, Southern, with minimal education and a blue collar job. Nailed it!

          • No not poor, yes I am white which is also irrelevant, and I am a retired southern belle. I was raised in a time where education was paramount. Where morals and values meant something. You on the other hand are a millennial that was raised to believe in the entitlement syndrome of receiving a blue ribbon just for showing up.
            Your parents should have been put down before breeding.
            You call me and others cretin because we disagree with you and you assume we must all be racists.
            That’s pure ignorance.m as well as racist, yet you just don’t get it. No big surprise there!
            About the only thing you’ve nailed is showing the world that you and your kind are a major part of America’s problem. You all bitch and Moan and run to your safe places and hug teddy bears because the real world is just to tough to deal with.
            Tofu square, I pity you and your kind.
            What will you do when the real world comes and smacks you down and kicks you to the curb?

          • Really? Your job and income? You have no idea who I am orhow I was raised. How would you? No,it has nothing to do with disagreeing. You are to be pitied, dropout. Why post nonsense?

          • Why would anyone’s job or income determine their intelligence or their integrity?
            Only a very shallow minded person could even go there!!
            If anyone is to be pitied darling it’s you!!!
            FYI, try hitting the space bar on your device.

          • You need therapy and an education. You are a small man.

          • Why such a hard time answering questions? The word of God is my therapy. And as far as education goes, at least I know what a southern belle is. I’m not a small man darling, I’m a bonafide woman.
            Now, you are a very shallow mined person. Certainly Not a man by any stretch of the word.

          • I have answered e ery question. I always do. What drivel, from an uneducated bigot.

          • You would make a great stand in for a B rated side show. Lol!!!!!!

          • Pathetic. Story of your trashy life, huh?

          • Someday you’ll know.
            Bye for now.

          • That was putiful. No one will know you. You will do nothing. You are irrelevant trash.

          • You’ll see, and in that very moment you will say damn was I an idiot!
            I know where my end game leads. Do you know where yours leads to?
            I think not!

          • You are mentally ill and irrelevant. Thanks for the laugh.

          • Your welcome tofu square!

          • It would be “you’re”, brainiac.

          • Time for you to get back to your boyfriend.

          • Fantasizing, huh? Gross.

          • No your avitar is a dead give away. Talk about gross!!!

          • Ironic much? Shall I share your mistakes, cretin?

          • Still waiting. What’s the matter?

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          • The socialist medicine is so medicines can be prescribed to ensnare the populace into drug dependency, ie addiction. Pretty close already. One wonders why there is an epidemic of alzheimers, could it be the drugs being prescribed for high cholesterol, blood pressure, depression? Wake up America, you are being medicated into oblivion. All the so called research being done for major illnesses? What happens if they find a cure? They are now out of a job! What a joke, no major breakthroughs in decades! Wake up, it’s a money tree.

          • It is all about control of the people isn’t it?

          • Yes it is, systematically eroding rights.

          • That is how Communism works… At some point all you create ends up going to the State.

          • What crimes? What lie/s?

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Are you alive????

          • Answer or shut up.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Listen you mealy mouth moron You shut the hell up !! If i have to tell you what liev or crimes you would not believe me !! take your damn head out of your damn backside take a deep breath- no in fact hold your breath for an hour!!!!!!!

          • So, you got nothing? Shocking…

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Does Transparency, Isis is on the run, have any meaning to you!?!?Give your damn head a few shakes move the saw dust around!!!

          • Details? Why so vague? Dont attempt condescension. You aren’t smart enough, dropout.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Vague!!! Are you so damn dense you can’t read correctly!! Nothing vague about my post!! the only vague thing here is your lack of brain power!!! Shove off JERK!!!

          • Yes it was, cretin.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            No it wasn’t insipid fool!!!

          • Yes it was. Shall I ask leading questions and further expose your lack of even a basic education?

          • How’s the weather in Florida?

          • Waiting…

          • lie, deny, cover-up, destroy evidence and even more extreme actions to eliminate all incriminating evidence and testifiers. The Saul Alinsky motto that Hillary has lived by since she graduated college. He referred to her as his daughter. Goes back to her job as an attorney in Arkansas and the White Water scandal. Seems all the evidence disappeared, later to be found years later in the White House she and Bill were occupying. She’s gotten away with her corruption for over 40 years. Money and power have driven her to become a monster.

          • She is a monster possible because of that money and power But I tend to believe she has ALWAYS BEEN A MONSTER, considering her closeness to Saul Alinsky, who was also a monster. Either way, both of the monsters have affected our nation greatly and it is time to put a stop to it as they have created a huge barrel of monsters….we see some of them every day on these sites.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Remember!! The Truth will out!!!

        • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

          Lets hope sooner rather than later!!!!

      • It looks like Hitlary Clinton”s Murder Inc. must have paid a visit to Gowdy and most likely threatened his family or him. It seems the Hitlary’s new group of Murder Inc. has now taken up where the old 1920’s and 1930’s Murder Inc. left off.

      • you forgot the demonrats

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        The beat sure goes on,on where it ends no one knows!! Good post!!

        • Thanks, sad to see that this country is run by the Zions (Rotchilds) big banks, the feds. TRUMP got a big job ahead of him, This swamp is going to be tuff to drain, J.F.Kenedy tryed, But Bush,Sr. at this time the head of the CIA, J.E.Hoover, FBI. and LBJ. VP. wasen’t to happy about that, and the rest is history, Hope TRUMP has better luck.

      • Any arrests? Yes – Manafart and his pal. It’s just the tip of the Orange Iceberg. Many more arrests soon to come Comrades!!

    • That’s just for starters. This must start at the bottom and go all the way to obama and Hillary.

    • I hate to say this but no one will go to jail these people get away with murder and you think they won’t get away with this. Very wrong they will.

    • Anyone that engages in resisting on Nov 4th in order to get President Trump impeached should be arrested for committing sedition and trying to overthrow the US government, prosecuted and convicted and sentenced as soon as possible.


      • Thank you for your Service.

        Trump said that because it was the Presidential thing to do and say.

        Before 0bama, Presidents did not use the IRS, DOJ, FBI, NSA, and other powerful agencies to go after their enemies.

        0bama changed a lot of things, and not for the better. And just because 0bama misused the powers of the President, doesn’t mean that Trump should return fire the same way.

        I would prefer that Trump leave the “going after,” up to the prosecutors, like Sessions… Now if Sessions does not do his job and prosecute people that have broken the law with a blind eye, then Trump needs to fire Sessions and put someone in that will do it.

    • I agree.

  3. These idiots spent 10 million dollars for this crap and no one knows who paid for it. Get the f**k out of here.

    • Strange that we know, the money came from Soros went thru the Clinton Mafia Foundation, remember they all got to be paid off, so 10.Million dont go to far.

      • And just how much does George Sorros really have ?? He sent his Jewish Neighbors to the German Gas Chamber , stole their Money , Now that should be a lot of Money to Support e the Treason democrat Party and some riots of stupid college Students !

    • Debby Wasserman Schultz also is high up in government. She’s well connected.

    • thats right!!! NO ONE knows who wrote the check…lyin’ bastards!!!!

    • The commies will spend another ten million to lie out of it as well.

  4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Obama also has paid almost 1 million to the law firm behind the dossier. If true, I hope that takes the lying Muslim traitor down for good. Gitmo for some EXTENSIVE water boarding, with pig blood is in order.

  5. It is more likely that the one who had Hookers pee on a bed slept in by the Obamas was Slick Willy him self. The Demon-Craps always accuse others of things that they them selves are guilty of. The former pervert in chief, Slick Willy, would do something like this, it’s not that much different than putting a cigar in an interns vagina and then smoking it.

    • The Democrats always lie about rape they say all of their opposition is Guilty ! They should look to see what they are doing !

  6. While we are investigating when do We get to the People that put all American Citizens at Risk ! Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama and George Soros , We sell Uranium to Russia , Then it goes to Kim Jung UM ! He builds Nuclear weapons , Up into Orbit and good by America , Power Grid gone ! Where will these Traitors be ??? Probably on Vacation out of Our great nation ! Arrest them now , Treason has a Death sentence , Drain the Swamp !

    • Kudos!! Great suggestion which will, of course, never happen. The left can murder, rob, lie, steal, and commit treason with no sanctions, no trials,no jail time. The right can be thrown in federal prison for not paying a $50 payment to the IRS.

  7. We have found out the truth. Congress, as well as the American people have been lied to. We the people expect accountability and prosecution including execution for crimes against we the people . MAGA

  8. This Mueller BS investigation is a sham!!! Wasn’t Mueller the head of the FBI when all this crap went down or am I just having a “Senior Flashback”?
    If the aforementioned is true then He’s just a guilty as Billary & Co. AND HE BELONGS IN CUFFS AS WELL!!!

  9. Yes, Leon! My favorite Democrat! Its good to know they’re still true liberals in that party.

  10. Jail is a must for all of them.

  11. Their will never be a congressional investigation on this and no one will be nailed to any wall and Hillary, Debbie, Podesta will keep lying through there lying mouths.

  12. The democrats/communists know far more than they are willing to acknowledge and will do anything to keep it hidden for as long as possible: fifty years from now is their hope.

  13. Hey, I agree with you guys, but instead of griping on here, lets put some pressure on Trey Gowdy, and our Senators and Congressmen(if you can call them men)/women. Write some letters, makes some phone calls. And remember, We still have the ballot box come every November. We here in Texas voted out one of those Senators a few years ago, and we all, in every state can do just that.

  14. The Clinton crime cartel along with many within the Liebama administration will be going down!
    This will NOT fall by the wayside.


    • DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and payments to Fusion GPS

    • Hillary’s campaign involved with payments to Fusion GPS

    • Fusion GPS own Kremlin connection

    • Fusion GPS own Daniel Steele, x-British spy, connection

    • Fusion GPS own Russia’s foreign intelligence agency connection

    • Fusion GPS own CNN connection

    • Fusion GPS Democratic Party connection

    • Fusion GPS pro-Russian campaign to kill the Global Magnitsky Act

    • Fusion GPS invoked the 5th Amendment for EVERY question as it appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee

    • FBI connection with Fusion GPS

    • Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was put up to meet with Trump Jr…she promised to produce damaging information about Hillary Clinton

    …AND her connection with the Obama admin

    …AND later was a guest of former Obama administration Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul in Washington DC for a House of Representatives hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Putin’s Russia…she got a front row seat…
    Company linked to Trump-Russian dossier has its own Kremlin connection…


    • Seth Rich, the murdered disgruntled DNC employee and not ’Russian hacker’, who really was the one who turned over the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks

    • Hillary and 20% Uranium give away to Russia and subsequent millions of dollars Russian donations to Clinton Crime Foundation (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $500,000 speeches paid by the Russians (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Hillary and Bill’s Clinton Crime Foundation and other Russian connections (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Bill’s $750,000 speech paid by Swedish Ericsson telecom resulting, 7 days later, in giving it exempt status from Obama’s sanctions prohibiting selling to Iran (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Clinton Crime Foundation ‘pay to play’ schemes (while Hillary was Sec of State and then running for President)

    • As Sec of State, Hillary headed up a program to help build the Russian silicone valley, ’Skolkovo’ in which she not only helped our enemy, but received untold millions in 19 donations to Clinton Crime Foundation from the 28 companies involved

    • John Podesta’s $35 million payoff Putin connection (while Hillary was Sec of State and then Hillary’s campaign manager)

    • Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother and Democratic Party lobbyist) $180,000 from the Russian government’s uranium company connection (while Hillary was Sec of State)

    • Huma Abedin’s (vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and prior to that, deputy chief of staff to Clinton) Muslim Brotherhood connection

    • Loretta Lynches collusion with the Clintons and Comey to insure Hillary would not be charged for her violations of security and email scandal

    • Comey’s connection with the Clintons and his possible expectation for appointment as Attorney General of the United States if Hillary became President

    • Obama’s last minute executive order allowing anybody access to certain information in attempt to derail the Trump admin

    • Obama admin peeps using unauthorized unmasking to hurt the Trump Presidential campaign and Presidency

    • The FBI’s (Deep State aka Obama moles) efforts to leak classified, but unsubstantiated allegations to hurt the Trump admin.

    • Comey and Mueller connection

    • Mueller CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and Buzzfeed connections

    • FBI connection with Daniel Steele…


  17. get to the bottom of the clinton – barry uranium deal

  18. You would think with all the overwhelming evidence of the expansive corruption surrounding the Klinton cartel,Obomber,Podesta, Lynch,Rice,Holden,Comey…should I go on? That they would all be prosecuted and sent away for a long time. But, unfortunately there are still too many rats embedded in high places that will continue to protect them and further diminish the rule of law.Absolutely disgusting.

  19. so barry , hillory and the dnc paid for it , well hillorys problems go all the way back to arkansa with whitewater but the uranium deal was treason

  20. The Clintons should be behind bars for many reasons too numerous to count.

    Why is the media so behind crooked Hillary and her gang. It has to be money. She has plenty of money given to her by the Russians not to mention Bill Clintons $500,000 payment for speech in Russia . I’m at the point now I cannot watch any of the major news channels. The only thing I watch sports weather and traffic. Media should get out of local national news they don’t know how to report it without giving us their own version of what happened

  21. The evidence is there, but will the Democrats involved be indicted and convicted?

  22. It certainly would be helpful, if LeeRoy and Daisy Mae had the slightest idea about reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and beyond a reasonable doubt.

  23. I would love to know the TRUTH regarding just exactly who, why and how many people are involved in the Trump Dossier. The public needs and has the right to know exactly what the hell is going on. If it was a nobody like me I would have been locked up by now. It’s apparent if your a politician or you know someone important the lawyers want to jump in bed with you. If your someone like me, a nobody, you would have been locked up along time ago. At my age, almost 70, I’ve seen enough scandals in our government that it just makes sick. I blame most of the BS on the left but the lefts motto is deny, deny, deny, get an attorney, point the finger at someone else, make up a story that takes months of investigations, do it on tax payers money, don’t give up, deny, deny, deny. The longer this bullshit goes on the better for the bad guys. The Clinton’s are the very worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. They just keep going on and on. Their crap never ends. The Clinton’s are just like those old battery commercials, the never quit rabbit or what ever the hell it was. I believe in God, they will have a judgement day.

  24. angelo cucuzza,jr


  25. angelo cucuzza,jr


  26. Fact: Former AG Loretta Lynch pressured FBI to Down Play the true nature of FBI’S criminal probe into Clinton Emails and the Clinton Campaign paid Russia to created Trump Dossie. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s and Lynch had a Conflict of interest in the Clinton email investigation which, calls for an independent counsel to investigate Schultz, Lynch, the Obama administration, Hillary Clinyon and Susan Rice. When will they be ordered to attend a court by subpoena or are they immun by a corrupt, “TWO-TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM FOR SOME GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO COMMIT FELONIES, ILLEGAL EAVESDROPPING, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE AND UNMASKING”. We the people want to know the truth!

  27. Former CIA Director Leon Panetta wants to know who authored the Trump dossier & paid for them? Geez Leon, don’t you believe the proof already released? Yes Leon, Hilary & Obama were in cahoots, were you in with them too? The nerve of you to pretend otherwise!!!

  28. find out about the 145 million dollar uranium deal to the russians that she and barry and the demonrats approved, that was for 20% of our uranium ,gee what do they use uranium for .of which is used to make bombs of course the demonrats will say power plants rather than bombs , however one of the by products is plutonium

  29. Who cares who paid for the dossier? It doesn’t make any difference. All that matters – Are there TRUE FACTS in the document? That’s all that matters, folks!!!!

  30. It is time for good men to step up and start putting these criminals in jail where they belong. All of this is nothing but a coup by the democrats to try to derail our system and take over government. Put these criminals in jail. I like Guantanamo as a first choice, they have lived fat on the taxpayer dollar long enough. Raid the offshore accounts, there is probably enough to pay down the national debt substantially.

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