Follow a Conservative on Social Media? Colleges May Reject You.

We can’t seem to recall the last time conservative college students banded together to shut down a university for a few days, get a dean fired, take over a classroom, or start a fiery riot. While all of these things have happened in recent years, it seems to us that it was left-wingers every time. Whether they were flying under the Black Lives Matter umbrella or masking themselves behind their Antifa identity, it has been leftist college students causing untold troubles and headaches at campuses around the country.

And yet it seems that universities are now going out of their way to make sure conservatives – at least those of them who are outspoken about it – stay away from their schools. Apparently it will be easier to appease the leftist mob when there is literally no one else left on campus?

According to reports in the Daily Wire, LifeZette, and elsewhere, college admissions offices are closely monitoring the social media accounts of those who apply to their schools. And if they see you following prominent right-wing personalities, it could cost you a ticket to their Hall of Brainwashing.

“While one of my legal clients was being interviewed by one of the most competitive colleges in the country, he was asked why he was following Alex Jones on Twitter,” wrote attorney Bradley Shear. “My client, a teenager, expected to talk about his stellar grades, top test scores, amazing extracurricular activities and volunteer work, but the interviewer focused on who he was connecting with online.”

Shear said that it is now commonplace for some of the most prestigious universities in America to not only take a look at an applicants’ social media activity but to actually encourage others to flag disturbing content.

“Many college admissions offices such as Harvard are encouraging anyone who has ‘digital dirt’ on an applicant or accepted student to send it to the admissions department so they can reject an applicant or revoke an offer,” Shear wrote. “This happens regularly and finally made international headlines last year when Harvard revoked offers to at least 10 applicants based on their digital footprint.”

It seems that instead of recognizing the real problem they have on today’s campuses – millennial crybabies who are so entitled that they cannot bear to hear a word of argument against their entrenched, politically correct opinions – American schools are going to make things worse by weeding out those who might…you know…argue. This ensures that the leftist mobs will only grow worse and more extreme. These students have to oppose something; if there are no conservatives on campus, they’ll just turn on the most “conservative” within their own in-group.

What will happen in a few years when these increasingly isolated and coddled students graduate and hit the job market? Will they finally hit the brick wall of reality? Or will reality – as we know it in America – be forced to bend and twist to meet their needs?

Either way, it ain’t gonna be pretty.


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