Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Passed Preventing Sexual Orientation Discussions In K to 3rd Grade

The Florida House on Thursday passed an education measure that would prohibit instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades, as Republicans disputed a “don’t say gay” moniker that critics gave the bill.

House members voted 69-47 to approve the bill (HB 1557), with six Republicans joining Democrats in opposition. Those Republicans were Chip LaMarca of Lighthouse Point, Vance Aloupis of Miami, Demi Busatta Cabrera of Coral Gables, Rene Plasencia of Orlando, Amber Mariano of Hudson and Will Robinson of Bradenton.

The bill would require that instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity “may not occur” in kindergarten through third grade.

In higher grade levels, the bill would prohibit teaching such concepts in a manner that is “not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students” as determined by state academic standards.

The issue has drawn national attention as critics have labeled it the “don’t say gay” bill.

“We call it the ‘don’t say gay’ bill because it prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. But members, this bill goes way beyond the text on the page. It sends a terrible message to our youth that there is something so wrong, so inappropriate, so dangerous about this topic that we have to censor it from classroom instruction,” Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, an Orlando Democrat who is gay, told House members.

But several Republicans said the measure has been mischaracterized by opponents.

“The bill, plain as day, states that we cannot have instruction … meaning curriculum led by teachers, teaching children ages 5 through 9 about sexual orientation and gender identity. Think about that. Children that are learning how to color inside the lines, that are learning sight words,” Rep. Kaylee Tuck, R-Lake Placid, said.

Original Article: https://www.orlandoweekly.com/orlando/dont-say-gay-bill-passes-florida-house/Content?oid=31078054

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  1. Hooray! It’s about time our babies are protected and allowed to be children, not facing the ills of the world! For goodness sakes, children that age do not need such deep thoughts and decisions to be placed on their plates. They deserve to run and play and learn to color, to read, do these things without having something like sexual identity . They should be able to play with friends of BOTH sexes, and have these silly words like gender identity , pronouns
    Stuff, deleted from any curriculum. Please! The Hollywood crowd seems to decide what kind of kid they want and the deviant followers just fall into line like a bunch of cattle, eating up their rhetoric! It is so disgusting!! I played with girlfriends and boyfriends, all friends. We had fun, and sexuality never entered the picture. Give it up and allow our children to be the fun, capricious little ones they are meant to be!

    • Totally concur!!!

    • 4th grade is still too young; that’s material children under 18 yrs should not be exposed to; they’re too young to process it in an healthy manner!

    • We agree wholeheartedly with y’all!! God made all of us, and He doesn’t make mistakes!!

    • As a father of 2, and grandfather of 5, I am so very pleased that the wisdom of those representatives who passed this bill prevailed to help insure that a precious child’s young, curious and impressionable mind shall continue to be primarily nurtured in the most sensitive aspects of development and life by their own parents, and/or legal guardians. There are just far too many instances where “students”, who are literally a captive audience, are continually imbued with the subjective values and beliefs of teachers; too often for several hours at a time.

    • Alleluia!!!

  2. so, are they taking the word out of dictionaries? is people going to all the libraries and go through all books and black that word out?
    Are they just supposed to say queer?
    I’m so confused.

    • It’s pretty simple. They don’t even bring it up. No gay, no queer; it’s not confusing at all. The only time I realized, as a 11 yr old kid, what a queer was; was when there was one that hung out in the local theater restroom and tried to molest boys. It was well known that you went at home, and had to hold it in the show. Oh there was also the time, at 15 when a man tried to “give me a lift” while I was walking down the street. The schools can teach “Stranger Danger” and not even have to mention “Gay”. What do you find so “confusing”?

    • Also, how many kids at that age would use a dictionary? They are just learning to read. You sound as if you object to this because you might possibly be gay. What’s wrong somebody stepping on your “Extra rights”?

    • I agree. Queers using “gay” is the bastarization of a loving word meaning happy to attemp to make their deviant lifestyle more acceptable.

  3. this should not be taught in the smaller grades especially,….why is all this forced on our children anyway?let kids be kids if they decide later down the line they identify as something else then so be it,and all sex can be very dangerous,which can cause diseases and unwanted pregnancies…and yes even gay sex can be very dangerous…they need to educate youths about AIDS which originally came from gay sex which originated in Africa .let our children be children and stop all this.Internally, when these numbers come out, the “established” gay community seems to have a collective shrug as if this isn’t our problem. Folks, with 70 percent of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi, we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.

  4. So right, Patricia! But we are living in a filthy, satanic world,and God IS SICK of sin! We are SICK of FREAKS, trying to steal our babies! Yeah, STEAL, and I am fed up with disgusting people who are teaching our kids, that filth is good, and what is good is filthy! Judgement day is drawing near, and I’m loving it! The saddest thing is, that it’s not ONLY hollyweird! It’s everywhere! People should pull the kids that are being thought how wonderful it is, to be what you’re not, home school, or if you can, change your child to a school that still teaches ‘geography, math, English, etc…! We are in AMERICA, in the hands that hate it! FIGHT BACK! STAND FOR GOD AND WHAT IS RIGHT! The rest are going to hell!

    • amen.

    • Boy that’s the truth !!! It’s time we fight & keep fighting for all of our children . Many of us were raised where we actually learned an education . What happened was the enemy came in & thought they could have all the power . God said no !!!! I’m shocked to see what is happening in the world today . I will fight with every breath in my body for my children & grandchildren !! It’s a shame we have a government who cares less about anyone else . But we have an awesome God who paid the ultimate price to set us free !!!! God be with us & help us all !!! Stand firm & God will fight for us !!!

  5. Amen people!!

    It’s about time to start standing up to Hollywood quirks that changes partners at a under ware change. They flip flop from one sex to the other, raiseing children to be quirky like them.!!

  6. the old marine:
    So right I am so sick and tired of hearing all this BS, the gays, discrimination, how we are responsible for things that happened long before any of us were around. We to change everything to please the few, well some of these people were great patriots, they should be remembered. It also happened before our time. some of these later people that are being made into hero’s are wrong we know what they were and what they stood for. The kids are being taught all this crap. I want the kids to be able to grow and enjoy this great land, no matter their color, be a great American that is what I want.

  7. the immoral ones want everyone to embrace their illicit actions. I refuse. I grew up when queers were still closeted, and there weren’t any that I knew of in my town. that lifestyle is an abomination to everyone, especially our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. I will never say this lifestyle is anything but horrific. what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. but when you project it out into the streets, I will call you what you are. a QUEER. you are not GAY. no one can be HAPPY to sodomize or be the victim. I am sorry, but I was raised to call a spade a spade, not a “black object” as the current insane generation wants. don’t change the English language to make yourself feel better. you are what you are. someone who does not fit into polite society. and to try to make this behavior mainstream by teaching it is ok to be this way to our kids is definitely WRONG. I am glad I live in florida, where my governor and my legislature has the moral decency to fight this sickness. if I had kids in school, I would definitely pull them out and either homeschool, or find a good church based school. I did have my son in such a school many years ago. to avoid the wrong elements he had to contend with in the public schools. he wanted to go to a regular high school in 10th grade, and I agreed. he turned out just fine. I am very proud of the man he has become. would he have been the same if allowed to stay in the public system??? I doubt it. the teachers themselves could barely speak the kings English.

  8. get a list of the senators who voted against this bill passing. send them email. express your dissatisfaction with their vote. tell them you dont want our kids subjected to this trash. if you have a gay kid, or are gay yourself, teach your kids all you want. leave the straight kids alone. you have no business in how they are raised. you cannot make them an abomination like yourself. get mental help. it is a mental disorder, but you have to want to become well. no one can force you. and you were not born this way. it is a personal choice. choose normalcy.

  9. Genisus 1&2 God made them male and female, in His image. And from one blood populated the whole Earth. Pray for those that think otherwise. As for me and my house, we believe God! We thank Him for our constitutionally minded Governor Ron Desantis for his work on this bill. We appreciate everything he does for Florida!

  10. Being gay or a lesbian in today’s America means nothing to the majority of people. Of course there are always going to be some that have a problem with it but that goes for everything. What I totally disagree with is Teaching young children about sex change/transgender when they aren’t mentally developed to truly understand it and they don’t even know about their own gender at that age. It’s amazing to me how the school system feels the need to teach OUR children such personal things, that is the parents job not theirs. Their job is to teach our children how to read, do math, science and learn history and let’s face it they ARE DOING A SHITTY JOB AT IT ANYWAY so why would any parent want them to teach their children about this. Children are color blind and gender blind at that age, all they care about is if other children are nice to them and these teacher know that, why they are trying to teach them stuff they won’t understand is beyond me. Our school systems and teachers need to stay out of social issues with our young and work on their FAILURES of teaching our children what they need to know to become successful in the future. I am so glad my children are older. They are smart and successful because their teachers cared a lot about teaching them what they needed to know to be successful and as their parents we taught them to be decent human being. It’s time for the teachers to get back to teaching what will help children be successful, as we watch our education ratings plummet in the world it’s obviously the teachers that are causing it.

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