Florida Town Declares War on Churches

It reads like something out of a dystopian novel about the end times. A government agent, cloaked in a hooded sweatshirt and concealing a video camera, slips into a coffee bar one Sunday morning. He makes an attempt to blend in with the people gathered there. He films in secrecy, jotting down notes he will later share with his superiors.

I was able to visualize, in my opinion, what appeared to be a ministry in progress.

I observed people holding what appeared to be Bibles or religious books as one had a cross on it.

I was approached by an unknown man with a cross around his neck.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen in the pages of a book and it didn’t happen in some fascist country where Christianity has been declared illegal. It happened in Lake Worth, Florida, where city officials seem to have a problem with the churches in their community.

At the heart of the controversy are Pastor Mike Olive’s weekly religious services, held at the Common Ground Coffee Bar. Last month, the owners of the establishment received a notice informing them that they did not have the permits to operate as a place of worship. Instead of city officials merely contacting Olive and explaining the situation, they engaged in subterfuge, sending a code enforcement officer into the services as if attempting to expose a terror cell.

“I think it’s very important that people are not afraid to practice that faith – whatever that faith is,” the pastor told a local news station.

Olive’s Sunday meetings are not the only ones being targeted by the city. Several churches have been sent notices telling them that they are required to procure business licenses if they want to stay in compliance with the Lake Worth zoning laws. City Manager Mike Bornstein plays the whole issue off as a big misunderstanding, telling Florida’s CBS12 that it was all classification, compliance, and bureaucratic streamlining. Once zoning officials took over for the fire department on the matter of church licensing enforcement, they made efforts to simplify the process. Nothing sinister at all.

Mat Staver, the founder of Liberty Counsel, disagrees. “Government employees are public servants and prohibited by the Constitution from inhibiting religious freedom. That is a far cry from sneaking around and into a church and acting like KGB agents.” The lawyer is demanding that Lake Worth officials rescind the mandate that churches obtain business licenses.

Disturbing stuff. Christian churches used to be regarded as the moral center of our communities. Now they are looked at through a lens of mistrust. Within their walls, things are said that do not mesh well with the liberal agenda. Moral relativity is not tolerated. Abortion is not celebrated. Some churches are more progressive than others, but most house beliefs that have been absent from the mainstream for many years.

Maybe it’s all just codes and classifications and misunderstandings. Maybe that’s all it is.

Or maybe we are seeing the first hints of a very dark time for American Christians.

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  1. Agenda 21 anyone.

    • Tom DeWeese, who heads an organization called the American Policy Center, was probably the first to focus on Agenda 21, launching attacks on it almost before the ink on the document was dry. To DeWeese, the plan is the “ruling principle of the revolution,” a sea change that will end with the imposition of “a new kind of tyranny,” something akin to both socialism and fascism. He believes that Agenda 21 is ultimately responsible for what he sees as destructive forces in American society, including multiculturalism, same-sex marriage and other cultural changes.

  2. Churches are the place where sick people become well with their standards of morality. For the only morality that counts in our world is God’s moral authority, which is way above the heads of Liberals.

  3. Lawyer up….sue for 50 Million……settle for half……see that all Officials responsible are fired and lose all benefits.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      No. Sue the government bureaucrats personally so they feel the financial pain. If the government is sued, your tax money (ourselves) are the loser.

  4. Do they go into mosques and do it? No, just places where Christians worship. It’s really getting sickening that these people are targeting God-fearing people and no one else.

    • Very good point. They wouldn’t dare do that to a Mosque.

      • If they did infiltrate a mosque, there would soon be a new opening for another ‘investigator’ …..after the last one mysteriously went missing. Possibly parts would be discovered later. Missing a key element, the container of the thinking process.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Are you really that dumb? Do you seriously think Mosques are not being monitored? Maybe you should get a clue before you stupidly make a liar out of yourself?

      • No I’m not that dumb. If you would get your head out of your ass for a few minutes and look what this “president” has done to this country you would see the freedom that these Muslims have. While our people are being beheaded our “leader” is playing golf! What kind of leader is that? NO LEADER AT ALL!

        • Mary Ann, this stooge also claims white people are Nazis cause they believe in the family unit, (his dad left his mom when he was born), want a small gov’t. and balanced budget, want immigrants to be legal and want to keep our petro dollars here in the U.S. He’s a sissy liberal, apologetic progressive. (sorry for the redundancy)

      • Take your meds, man, you rant like a mentally ill leftard.

    • Mary Ann .. ” Do they go into mosques and do it ”? They dare NOT do that, because muslims will attack them whereas the Christians dare NOT attack they are scared , Time to get up, unite and fight back. Now see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com m

      • Surj you are 100% right. If they even tried to do something like that in a mosque the Muslims would be screaming like banshees, like they do about everything.

    • When you work for and worship Satan who else are you going to target?

  5. Can’t they read? I think these people (and calling them people is just being kind) need to go back and start grammar school over again so they can read F-R-E-E-D-O-M O-F R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N or better yet just move to Iran.

  6. I blame this President for all this.

    • I believe Obama’s domestic policy is
      1. Control the internet which they just now got this month. In next couple years you’ll see them clamp down on communications and all kinds of new laws about what you can and cannot say on the internet.
      2. Disarm Americans … probably by executive order banning more ammunition and ultimately weapons.
      3. Destroy the 1st amendment so that Christians have no religious protection or freedom. He’s readying the time when homosexuals can force churches and pastors to marry them and condone their lifestyle openly nationwide once and for all.

      • Good luck with all of this. For some people are going to give up there guns. I do not have a gun.

        • Thank you. This is a very dark and dangerous time for the United States. It is the calm before the storm.

        • You better be getting a gun as you will soon need one!

        • I guess you have a “GUN FREE ZONE ” sign.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          I have very few guns. They are of the type that are made to repel any government goon squad thinking that they are going to confiscate them. I would probably die, but I’ll take at least a few with me if they are stupid enough to try. Always aim for the head.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ditto… Added to that, I have a sign in my front window that states: “Due to the high cost of ammunition these days, there will be no warning shots fired!!

          • In many areas firing a warning shot is illegal vs shooting an intruder.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            In this neighborhood, we’re firing weapons constantly, usually into the canal. When and if the cops do show up, we tell them that it’s someone else on the other side of the lake that’s shooting off fireworks. They leave.. That ole 357 does make a bit of noise tho. heehee

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            As I’ve been saying for the past several years: “Remember, always aim just below the Blue Helmet. No matter what color it is.”

          • take more than a few!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I live in Orlando. They are simply “up the road” from me. These commies are out to DESTROY this great country! I WILL NOT GIVE IN. IF it’s a non profit organization, you DO NOT need a business license. GOD HELP THIS BROKEN COUNTRY!!!

          • If churches don’t make profit, how to do they afford those buildings and everything else?

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Ever looked at the edifices of the government agencies who are all about “Helping” the poor and downtrodden?

          • Raymond Babcock

            The American goverment will give you nothing. Food stamps and a goverment apartment. If you have the right advocate. The V.A. Hospital got mine for me. I love the V.A. Hospital ever thing i got they got for me.

          • Donations! Unlike your putrid, inefficient, burdensome, corrupt GUBMENT that extorts it.

          • Raymond Babcock

            So true.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            This was and is NOT some huge building. It is merely a hand full of believers meeting in a coffee shop for fellowship. No donations were made, no tithing was made….just people fellowshipping with friends. But leave it to the code enforcement dude that attended, government is falling to the radical liberals!!!

          • They go to expenses and ministries.

          • Guess you do not know the difference between profit and income.

          • I do understand how messed up our tax code and misrepresentation has become.

          • Many of us agree with you but we do not have an answer to how to correct it. I, for one, would like to see a consumption tax with different rates for essentials.

          • Raymond Babcock

            Charge ever one the percentage. The problem with this plan is the rich people would have to pay there fair share.

          • The real problem is that SOME rich people will move their money off shore but that can be dealt with.

          • For your own information why don’t you call 211 and ask who in your county helps the homeless and the poor. Ask who helps with utilities, rent, medication, medical equipment, home repairs for the elderly, gas vouchers, warming shelters, help putting resume’s together and clothes for a job interview?
            It’s not the government. It’s churches. That’s why they have the tax exempt status. Churches in the United States help their communities in every possible way that they can. I work in this field and I’m kindly requesting you call and check up on what I’m saying. Don’t take my word for it. Call and see for yourself. It will put your mind at ease about the mission and purpose of the church.

            While you’re at it … call any church in your community and ask what their monthly utility bill is? It’s usually between 500 and 1000 dollars depending on the size of the building. That is just one utility bill for one building.

          • My mind is doing just fine, but thanks for the concern.

          • I wasn’t suggesting anything was wrong with your mind.

          • If buildings are built with church money, it is NOT profit. Where did you go to business school?

          • I suspect you are asking which bureaucracy brainwash academy did I attend?

          • Raymond Babcock

            You are more right then i can take.

          • Yes, you have an islamic compound in Orlando owned/operated by Al Qaeda which is one of at least 30 islamic ‘compounds’ across America. Google islamic camps in America for a map and list of cities.

        • I gave up guns when I left the service. I’m saving for one now. VA pension doesn’t allow much but I’m gona be ready soon.This is enough shit on my country, it’s time to take it back.

          • I have a feeling that whatever is going to happen, if it happens will be before the 2016 election so Omuslim can declare Marshal law which freezes the gov keeping bozo in office while seizing everybody’s guns,then the muslims take over lead by ayatollah bozo.

          • Notice to the English impaired: it’s MARTIAL LAW!

          • It must be a lot of work being ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ALL THE TIME.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You see PCS, that’s what’s wrong with these discussion rooms. Matters not how important the discussion is or how strong the train of thought is flowing, the vocabulary Gestapo is always waiting around the corner.. (U hab a nise dae)..

        • terryhoaglland123@aol.com

          You need to get 3 or 4!

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        The platform of the
        Nazi Party includes:

        1. White nationalism
        (anti-immigration and anti-minority groups)

        2. Motherhood and family,
        defined as ‘A strengthening of the ‘family unit’.

        3. The establishment of a
        new educational system which will place a strong emphasis on the
        physical and moral development of youth. (anti-public education)

        4. An honest,
        self-sufficient, debt free economy.

        5. A country that is
        totally self-sufficient in energy. (Fossil fuel exploitation)

        6. The right of white
        citizens to keep and bear arms. (They don’t pretend to be fighting
        for the rights of all citizens, just white ones.)

        End of separation of church and state. (The Nazi platform describes
        this as ‘traditional Aryan spiritual values’. The republican
        party tones it down to read ‘traditional American values’,
        there’s no difference between the meaning of these statements.)

        The American
        Nazi Party Platform doesn’t try to hide its agenda, which is to
        promote the Aryan race above all other races. The mainstream right
        promotes this same agenda, but is more subtle when it comes to
        calling for total right supremacy.

        • Nazi party was officially called National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

          1. Conservatives don’t believe in white nationalism. New research shows by 2020 whites won’t even be the majority in America. This is the melting pot of the human race. Everyone born here has ancestors from somewhere else… yes even Native Americans who’s ancestors migrated across the Bering Strait from Russia and Asia. There is no place on earth that hasn’t experienced mass human migration.
          We as conservatives have NO problem with immigration.
          We have a problem with ILLEGALS COMING TO THE UNITED STATES.
          One good example of why is the recent scare of Measles and being pressured to get vaccinated because the illegals were not checked at the border for contagious disease. That is just one of many reasons why it’s unsafe for ANY country to open it’s border to undocumented illegal trespassers!! Use your brain!! NOBODY has a problem with LEGAL IMMIGRATION!! And don’t fool yourself that Obama wants illegals here because he has a big soft spot for them. He is hoping to barter for votes to flip this country to socialism and destroy the constitution that completely voids the amendments.

          2. You cannot have a family without a mother genius. You can and often do today have a family without a father. But mothers normally have a stronger nurturing sense to stay with her offspring where as the father simply spreads his seed and moves on in today’s society. 72% of blacks grow up fatherless. According to FBI statistics 80% of crime is perpetrated by blacks on other blacks. Don’t you see a correlation of the break down of the family unit. Young black men growing up with no father to show them how to be a man or what it means to respect yourself? That is the core of the problem. The only way to fix the problem is to stabilize the family for the sake of the children. That’s how you save the next generation. Even communists know this!! “Give me your four year olds and within a generation I will build a socialist state.” Vladimir Lenin

          3. Hello “COMMON CORE” You’re preaching to the choir on this one. That Common Core is crap. Students and teachers see it.. That is the socialist machine.. grind that conformity into their young pliable minds as early as possible. ”

          “The education of all children, from the moment
          that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state
          institutions.” Karl Marx

          4. There is something wrong with a debt free society? What? Opposed to a president who has accumulated more debt in his presidency than all the previous presidents combined????? Your blindness is blinding!!

          5. Hello FRACKING!!! The United States under Obama is one of the world’s leaders in energy exportation!! We frackin till the cows come home baby. Look it up!! By the way look up the harmful effects of fracking as stated by the now muffled environmentalists. The ONLY reason Obama vetoed Keystone is because the middle east (Saudi Arabia) has contributed so much wealth to Obama. He is in their debt and will never agree to fracking because it would hurt income in the middle east. Again… use your head.

          6. It is the right of ALL people and every color, creed, gender and ethnicity to keep and bear arms. I would even say it is your duty and responsibility as an American to keep and bear arms!! ALL over UK terrorists are attacking. All over the middle east. Why aren’t they coming to the United States and terrorizing neighborhoods? Because Americans would defend themselves and they’d get shot!! I have a gun in my house and it’s loaded. My neighbor does not have a gun. Which how would you break into?
          Now imagine America where none of the law abiding citizens have guns? You think the thugs of this world will just lay down their weapons out of fairness? Again… use your brain!! By the way.. Hitler disarmed the German people in 1937. Do the math.

          7. Separation of church and state was instated to PROTECT religion not ban it or outlaw it. Our forefathers didn’t want our government allowing citizens special rights based on their religion. However ALLLLLLLL of our forefathers fasted, prayed and got down on their knees and prayed for wisdom to help them write the declaration of independence and every article of amendment. We started out believing the King James Bible was the basic principle that determined the need for a free society without the tyranny of a power driven government.
          And excuse me while I kiss the sky… but every nation that speaks English> UK, United States, New Zealand, and Australia received the King James Bible and accepted and believed it as truth. Every one of those nations have been enormously blessed and given world wide favor and influence none so more than the US who incorporated the Judea-Christian God in our laws, our nation’s motto, our money and the fabric of our morality UNTIL the 1960’s. Now Christians are a sub-culture and not a part of the mainstream anywhere in the United States. And it is my personal belief that the further we step away from God the farther we step out from under His umbrella of protection. We will probably be nuked by the very friends in Iran Obama prefers over our allies in Israel.

          • A BIG AMEN, shafawn!!!!! Now, how can we drill this into the heads of the clueless brainwashed before this great nation is totally destroyed?

          • Keep contacting Senators and congressmen by phone. Make your voices heard. If you don’t put pressure on them they will do nothing in our best interest.

            Also we need a nation wide push for congressional term limits. We desperately need to put the power back into the hands of the people.

          • We need to keep speaking up and speaking out, on every forum we can find, including but not limited to Twitter and Facebook, and get in every Disqus forum too, it is all very important, we have been too quiet for way too long, and now we are reaping what we have sowed.

          • I agree and keep calling our Senators letting them know we are keeping up with what they are doing and we expect them to reflect the will of the people. I call mine probably once a month sometimes every other month.
            There is a good site to keep up with how they vote called govtrack dot com.
            Allows you to see exactly how your Senators are voting every single time. Allows you to keep up with what bills they support.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And we also could use one expertly trained sniper !!

          • john boehner’s state has term limits. it was taken to court and found not to be constitutional. so much for that!

          • I don’t know about that on a state level vs federal. All I know is if we don’t get congressional term limits there is no way to stop this cycle of corruption. There have been several of the new Senators speaking up for congressional term limits. Even Rand Paul spoke in favor of it recently. They know this is the problem. We have to push them.

          • Raymond Babcock

            We are all ready have term limits. Vote the ones in out.

          • No because what they’re doing is getting gobs of money from special interest and lobbyists who pay (contribute to their next campaign) to vote a particular way and they use that huge sum of money to run for election again. Nobody new and fresh coming in has that kind of money to blow on an election so most very qualified candidates don’t even try. There will be one from that party who runs over and over without ever any competition because nobody can match what he can spend on his campaign.
            That’s corruption. That’s how we get stuck with RINO’s year after miserable year.

          • There is no provision under the title “separation of church and state” in the U.S. Constitution. However, the States hold more power than the WH gang – and have failed to keep the gov within its very slim limits.

          • Probably being paid off year after year. We never as a nation encountered nor anticipated the level of corruption we are now experiencing. Therefore it is imperative we take this opportunity to legislate new laws that protect the integrity of state government and the will of the people. If we had men and women who were willing to do this then we could turn this negative into a positive.
            How can you know where the dike leaks if there is never a flood to show up the holes that need repair?
            It is possible for government, under God, to fix these issues if the will of the people were to love God instead of money.
            In other words… Can it be fixed? Absolutely yes!
            Will it be fixed? I do not believe there is actually any hope that it will be fixed. This country’s days are coming to a quick end certainly as a super power and probably as a nation at all as soon as Iran is able to relieve itself of the nukes it is nearly finished making. (With or without a ridiculous treaty with ‘the one’)

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          In my opinion Barack Obama is a subversive treasonous fraud who scammed his way into the Socialist Democrat Party as a way to overthrow the Constitution. He is working with numerous other subversive politicians in his endeavor.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            What’s new Doug! One highly trained sniper could cure the whole problem!! :-))

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            I’ve been hoping that the military would do the deed to save this country.

          • But he is thinning out the military, getting rid of all the top brass.

          • hopefully they will be on our side and we will have a great military against this administration!!!!

          • they are muslim

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Douglas… He’s methodically replacing ALL the “top brass” in the military with his own mooselum counterparts. Every member of is staff and their aids are mooselum. When it comes right down to it, sad that it will be, the soldiers are sworn to obey direct orders! In short, and I hate to phrase it this way, THIS COUNTRY IS IN DEEP SHIT, unless an expertly trained sniper saves our asses.GOD HELP AMERICA!!

          • I dont care for him but you are in fact threathening him that’s not smart You may be contacted by the SS and The FBI

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Don’t know who you directed that “threatening” statement at, but no names were “directly” mentioned. . . AND we do still maintain the “FREEDOM OF SPEECH! “”. :-))

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            Well then the FBI had better plan on contacting tens of thousands of people fed up with what the Obama administration is doing, and fed up with what the worthless “representatives” aren’t doing to control that phony treasonous president.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And if anyone was to be turned in, I bet you’d be the TRAITOR to do it, eh bud??

          • First of all I’m not your Bud,and you can bet all threats to anyone in all social sites are monitored. I know this to be a fact,I was just trying to let you know for your own saftey, but now you’re on your own. So good luck “BUD”

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Okeedokee BUD! I say what I want and what I’m thinking, and I STILL maintain the FREEDOM OF SPEECH! No matter how our funky spy agencies monitor or investigate, no names were mentioned specifically, so again, ONE WELL TRAINED SNIPER would fix most of this country’s problems, B U D..
            E H. B U D !!!!! :-))

          • He is as i said from day one the Devil and the enemy What does it take for America to act aganist the devil and vote him out of Office and out of America

        • If you’re suggesting that the GOP and the ANP are one and the same, that will come as news to: Ben Carson, Allen West, Mia Love, Deneen Borrelli, Niger Innis, Charles Price, David Webb, Marco Rubio, Governor Martinez of N.M. and thousands of other blacks and hispanics..

        • LibTURD!!

          !) NO ONE is against LEGAL immigration.

          2)“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
          along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
          Karl Marx

          3) See #2

          4) God forbid we live within our means and give our kids a debt free future.

          5) Uh, you must like sending our dollars to arab / muslim states!

          6) Any LEGAL, law abiding citizen SHOULD own a gun.

          7) NOBODY advocates that!!!

          To equate anybody with the Nazi party shows pure ignorance. Would you like to see how “progressives” are destrying our country?

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            I have only one quibble and that’s with No. 6, for it all depends on who’s defining “Law Abiding”. Remember what this founder said: ” When injustice becomes law, then rebellion becomes duty.” – Thomas Jefferson

            “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” – Thomas Jefferson

      • Homosexual marriage was good enough for him and Mike; guess he figures it’s good enough for everybody else.

        • I don’t know. Honestly his kids look like him.. especially one of them.

          • poor kid ..

          • Haha yeah
            Think of the counseling they’ll need later.

          • then where are their birth certificates if they are his kids?

          • If he gave up his kid’s birth certificates then he would have to produce his own original or answer the question of the differences and he wants to bury the whole thing because he was probably born outside the United States.
            We know he went to college as a foreign student and received financial aid. He is a liar, a traitor and obviously a secret Muslim.

          • he was not born in the usa…..he has his father’s nationality and is indonesian. at that time you did not have to be born in hawaii to get a hawaiin birth certificate.

          • Ok, I thought his step father was Indonesian and his biological father was African?

          • A. Both his kids were adopted and B. Most of them look alike anyway.

          • Look at the pictures of those kids and tell me they were adopted…
            And I’m not prejudiced. I like black people just fine.
            I hate tyrannical governments, dictators and all corrupt politicians….. black,white or purple pokey dot

          • Okay, you tell me how two men can make a baby. Look up the name Michael LaVaughn Robinson, if you’re in doubt. That’s who that subhuman ogre is married to. And I like black conservatives very well. They’re better people than I am. But most are of the Ferguson Mo. stamp, and you can see them being filmed by Jane Goodall at Gombi.

          • She doesn’t look like a male to me in any way. I looked it up… that’s bunk
            She’s just a prejudiced black woman who thinks this country owes her a favor. The kids look like her as well. Google them.
            Done with this .. good luck

      • Shofar threading

        “But He said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.” Matthew 8:26 <

        Yes, we will have many, many storms — and do now — but faith must lead us to believe Jesus will return just at the time He KNOWS is right and proper. No sooner. No later. Obama, his mentors, acolytes, and fellow muslims notwithstanding. Meanwhile, take a shot or two for me — if He so directs you.

        • I believe maybe us but certainly our children will be jailed and possibly killed for refusing the mark if the rapture doesn’t take place first. We are that close. And I’m not kidding .. I fully expect Iran will nuke the US and or Israel as soon as they are able to do so.

          • Shofar threading

            Oh, I agree it IS near. And pray for Israel, God’s chosen who I love so much and to whom the Lord said the144,000 Jewish believers will minister. I accept and believe this verse…..

            “For the secret power of lawlessness [satan] is already at work; but the one who now holds it back [the HOLY SPIRIT] will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And THEN the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie….” 2 Thessalonians 2:7-9

            as well as this — which gives me hope for ALL believers…..

            “At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time YOUR people — EVERYONE whose name is found written in the book—WILL BE DELIVERED.” Daniel 12:1-3

          • Amen! Wow yes! Great scripture!

          • Shofar threading

            God always gives us HIS right words when we search, doesn’t He?! {:-)

          • i wouldn’t count on the rapture!!!

          • No, really I don’t think the wrath of evil men is the same thing as the wrath of God. We may have to suffer during the wrath of evil men. THEN the grapes of the wrath of God is poured out on the evil men. I wish it could be some other way but then .. so did Jesus in the garden. We must pray for grace and mercy during these evil times.

      • That will be when the churches will either have to submit, and be crosswise with God, or go underground.

      • 1 First to declare himself chancellor for life
        2 Blame republicans for everything that is wrong in America and the rest of the world (He has a good start on that)
        3 Confiscate all guns
        4 Indoctrinate our children
        5 Keep borrowing huge sums of money
        6 Refuse to pay our creditors.
        7. Destroy Israel
        8 Attack any country that has anything he wants
        9 Outlaw Christianity
        10 Confiscate savings and property of all who oppose him
        11 confiscate property of those who supported hi in the past
        12 Declare the US constitution as null and void
        13 Declare Islam the state religion
        14 Declare Sharia law
        15 Form alliances with all terrorist nations
        16 Turn against nations friendly to him.

        There are many interim policies that he will implement and then discard as it pleases him. Does this look anything like Hitler’s past?

      • Raymond Babcock

        Get the goverment out of marriage. Make ever one file a single tax form.

      • Then after he is done with no. 3, he will round up the gays and lesbians, lock them up or terminate them. It is what communists governments always do. When will people learn.

        • You are exactly right. Just like it didn’t turn out well for the Bolsheviks when Russia turned Communist. Many were immediately rounded up and murdered and then they starved the rest of them in 1921-1923.
          Russian soldiers came in and burned their wheat, all their grain and their seed. If secret seed was found hidden they were shot on sight. They expected a form of democracy and he Lenin knew that. He actually held an election and had everyone killed that didn’t vote for him. That is where we are headed.
          Just like Obama sic-ing the Department of (anti) Justice on a democrat, Bob Menendez, who has publicly criticized Obama policy. He’s trying to make an example of him for the other democrats who don’t agree with the direction Obama has taken this country.

          And I still think we will be very lucky, fortunate, blessed and to be envied if we can get shed of him in 2 years.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      I blame morons like you for this

    • You are wrong. obama is just taking advantage of the decline in morals and Christianity caused by church organizations. The organizations, expecially Catholics, have become corrupt and have participated in hiding sinful behavior. They have failed to paractice what they preach and the true Church, the People, the Christians are becoming skeptical and distrustful. Many are looking for some other kind of spiritual leadership. That being said…obama is still one evil piece of garbage.

    • Don’t you find it difficult to refer to that traitor as the President?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I do! I just call him the Head Nigger In Charge !! :-))

        • You naughty boy!
          Haven’t you heard that only Afnig Americans can use that word publically? It’s okay though for them to call us things like cracker, peckerwood, red neck, hick, white trash, trailer trash and even honky for goodness sake, “sticks and stones….” !
          That being said, really like your reply Mike.

        • Shofar threading

          Don’t lower yourself to his lever with the insults. He isn’t worth your dignity.

        • No Mike I think They were Talking about Obama, You must mean his Handler, Iran’s own Valerie Jarrett

      • Shofar threading

        First off, just put the “P” in lower case when writing. But I don’t refer to him as the president just the man sitting in the White House. Actually, I’m wrong in saying “man”; he’s a wimp.

    • Why not? All you deranged wingnuts blame him for everything else!

    • I blame the people for not marching on the Pentagon to demand that the Officers of the Armed Forces fulfill their oath to protect the Constitution and not just log up hours to get their pensions..

    • Hell, we all know that! My question is, when are we going to put an end to him? It’s starting to look as though all Americans want to be freeloaders like the illegals and blacks! I say, instead whining we need to start shooting, if not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren…….

  7. United We Stand. In God We Trust. Now try and stop that.

  8. Definitely a sign of the last days.

  9. Churches preach goodness and love for everyone. Mosques teach jehad, or however you spell it, and hate. But you don’t hear of any mosques being bothered.

  10. Some one (not a GOOD christian) should have kicked the civil servants ass and destroyed the camera….

    • 12And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves.13And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.” At some point we “good Christians” may have to fight for our faith and freedom.

      • Bringing it up to date…And then Mrs. Friedman came in wearing her fox stole, and swaggered around; until Mrs. Moscowitz came in in her mink, and eclipsed her. Then Mrs. Sokolov sashayed in with her sable and put them both to shame.

  11. Sue and sue for big bucks. Enough to bankrupt the city and get the attention of the rest of the azzwholes that can’t read the constitution

  12. Is Lake Worth FL going to ban mosques and the muslim religion/government too? Bet they’re deathly afraid to do that. The new American way is to shun Christianity because we are on this administration’s terrorist watch list.

    • “The USA is no longer a Christian nation”.. POTUS said it, must be fact. He was elected by his peers…twice. After ‘The Great Society’ subsidized cradle to grave the feral relationships and their spawn of voters demanding endless subsidies, while demonizing the last vestiges of Traditional Family, the only historically sustainable socioeconomic system with it’s role models, morals and Faith, the naive liberal leftist citizens sealed their own fate. When they embraced the slaughter of children struggling to be born, the last vestiges of civilization were discarded in the name of a ‘Progressive’ society… totally unsustainable..

  13. Blatant disregard for the rule of law by the White House, and blatant misapplication of law by the left/liberals. Sad, on nation sinking morally, socially, and spiritually and these blind folks answer let’s bother the church. Wow!!

  14. the people need to remember these communist wantabees and dump their collectives asses at the next election,that seems to be the one sure way to clean up their town

  15. Buy a couple pounds of bacon & cover ALL the steps to the Mosques !!!!!!!!!!
    …….. It’s working here in So-Cal !!

  16. Friends, It’s time for the people who gather for services at the Common Ground Coffee Bar in Lake Worth, FL to gather at the town hall and do a resounding performance of “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


  17. This should not be surprising to anyone. Thanks to Democrats the whole state of Florida is Cuban immigrants

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I live in Orlando. I stood at the corner of Oakridge Rd and OBT for well over a half hour one day. I counted 112 taxies going by. ALL of them were driven by either blacks or Hispanics, except for one, and she really looked out of place. Everyone that walked by looked like they were terribly overweight. One lady’s ass was so huge that she could have bounced basketballs off each cheek as she walked. And one Hispanic had to have weighed in at almost 300 pounds – stunk like hell when he walked by…

      • I went on Google and took a ride on a german streetcar in Dresden. All the pedestrians crossing in front of us were thin. All those on the sidewalks, ditto. Hundreds of people and not one overweight person to be seen in the crowds. I felt like the Buffalo have really made a comeback, and they’re my fellow Americans. The fat’s even gone to their heads. They elected O-Barfbag TWICE!!!

  18. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Stand stead fast and keep your FAITH.

  19. Even the sewer pit of Marxifornia doesn’t pull this kind of crap. A frikken permit to meet at a coffee shop?? Why?? Unless the “occupancy” requirement was ignored, just more thuggery by our elected “officials” DAMN THEM ALL!

  20. Brenda Huddleston

    This “fundamental change” is not working for me….how about you? If we can allow Muslims their rights, why not Christians? Why can’t we both worship without interference? The Liberal Left will not be happy until they have all of us fighting among ourselves. While we are looking away, they will destroy our great country.
    Don’t look away!

  21. mustanggoody67Alan Goodrich

    I can’t place blame as there is enough to go around. My take is the avg Christian is too busy and complacent to stand up for their God. I am a Christian and was told to spread the name of God to all, but it seems people don’t want to hear and get in your face if you talk about God, unless you call him Allah. Are we seeing the end?

  22. Hmmm. Requiring churches to obtain a “business” license to comply with “zoning” laws??? Sounds like the precursor to taxation of the churches….

  23. The church needs to rise up and declare war on the town government. “WHEN THE PEOPLE FEAR THE GOVERNMENT, THERE IS TYRANY, but WHEN THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PEOPLE THERE IS LIBERTY”. This, we should NEVER forget if we are to remain a free people. It is time to reclaim our Freedom & Liberty. Our Rights are given of God.

  24. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    A Socialistic State cannot have religion and God based concepts which go against the grain of almighty oppressive big government.

  25. “Hope And Change” “We Can Believe In”. Fundamentally Change America”. Thanks a lot ALL you worthless POS Democrats!

  26. This to me looks like we are in the Apocalypse. If that is the case, then the anti-Christ might be amongst us. It makes me wonder who the obvious candidate might be. Guess who that may be.

  27. Wilbert Jennings

    Just call your church a mosque and dare them to say anything because the sharia law doesn’t allow anyone but a muslim to rule over them. Its time real Americans kicked some nass this is getting old.

  28. See “shafawns” comment below for a perfect summation of what’s happening in America while our cowardly RINO Congress who took an oath to uphold the Constitution do absolutely nothing to stop Obamas traitorous agenda!

  29. hail satan


  31. Michael Dennewitz

    If the lawyer was up to his “snuff” he would KNOW that any NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION DOES NOT NEED A LICENSE OR PERMIT to operate!! Whose side are the attorneys now-a-days on, the ones who offer the largest bribes?? How ignorant! Any moron can see the constant persecution of Christianity! GOD HELP THIS DEMORALIZED COUNTRY!!

    STICK IT!!!!

  33. Shofar threading

    Big Brother(s) on the move.

  34. obama is the blame for this he is messing with the wrong one when he start messing with god churchs i would tell him you are in real trouble messing with god

  35. Since when is ANYONE of ANY faith required to exercise their beliefs in a certain place. This is socialistic in nature and reminds me of the history and beginnings of some of the most tryrannical governments in modern history.

  36. ALL Christians should move from Florida even if they have to take a loss and to those in the north, don’t vacation anywhere in Florida and let them see how well they get along without your tourist dollars and don’t let your kids go there for spring break…oh dear, …freedom is not free.

  37. The President , the Judicial Branch Art III Sec 1, the Federal Departments Administrative power are all controlled by the Incompetent do nothing ideological Congress who only agrees to disagree and intends to stay in office as long as the stupidity of the people allow them too.

  38. Our constitution specifically separates ALL government from the church’s free expression of religion. These city officials are in violation and should be treated accordingly. They can be immediately arrested and put on trial for treason. Who has the authority to do that? The people and the state legislators and the governor and the attorneys general. WHO has the cajones to do that? Apparently, no one. in Florida!

  39. First start of the Sunday worship law

  40. All this over a bunch of fables. Amazing.

  41. What has happened to the separation of CHURCH AND STATE! The government wants to keep the church out of anything state sanctioned, so they have NO BUSINESS REQUIRING A CHURCH TO HAVE A BUSINESS LICENSE! That is diametrically opposed to the Constitution of the United States. The state needs to keep their nose out of the church! I am sooo glad I live in Georgia instead of Fl.

  42. Western Civilization is under attack, the final one. Even when Islam shows its true colors, the political establishment in the USA defends it but when the judaic-christian remnants seek to cite biblical sources for their beliefs, protection of the innocents, they are called bigots and racists. jihad is called down on them by even those who are not Islamites!

    The Prime Minister of Israel made a masterful speech in Congress in which he castigated America’s leaders in Washington, DC for making a Bad Deal, one that would doom Israel to destruction and the world to nuclear attack, destruction but there was a strange omission. He forgot to laud Israel’s christian supporters, those who fill Jerusalem with pilgrims every year and insist their Reps in all our governments aid and abet Israel to continue to live and prosper.

    It appears the double standard applies not only to our enemies and their supporters but even to our friends and theirs!

  43. MyronJPoltroonian

    I have what some might perceive as an “In You Face” suggestion: Perhaps Paster Mike and his interested friends could attend a city council meeting and, En masse, start “Testifying” during the “Matters not before the council, but within the council’s jurisdiction” portion of the meeting. When the excrement hits the fan, the pastor could remind the good city “Father/Mothers” that he’s just trying to follow the practice of “Going to where the sinners are” to try and reach them and help them “Change their evil ways”.

  44. This is not a dark time for US Christians, it’s dark time for anyone who loves the USA, the way it was before 911 took place. It’s been steadily moving toward a more law plagued, police state monitored nation ever since.

  45. Mike Bornstein? Same non-Christian atheists who have been attacking Christianity, on every front, since they managed to ban school prayer in 1963! Difference? Christians are finally waking up to the fact that we are under attack in our own country, not just in the Middle East. Time for Christian men to take a stand and FIGHT BACK!

  46. It’s UN-Constitutional so they can SUE the City officials. SUE THEM and
    they will back down or crawl into a hole, or slither away, whatever is faster.

  47. Obama is the biggest problem to America, he is anti-Christian, anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of rights, anti-self-defenses. He is for Illegals – muslim and total black control of America. Obama is a pig face lying muslim of a camel butt. He came to the US as a child on a foreign passport who father was a British subject in Kenyon Africa by which under the US Constitution made Obama 100% totally ILEGAL to hold the oval office and sign any documents in the US.
    And the gutless congress is too stupid to uphold the law and the Constitution against this socialistic pig squatting in the oval office and stealing of tax payers money and paid vacations for his idiotic family and should have to repay the people back all of the money they stolen. Former USMC

  48. Obama is muslim, anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-American Rights, anti-American law (writes his own), anti- self-defense (except his own), a FULL BELIEVER in allah and the islam can lead America to peace (even when they blow themselves up in the name of a false god). Obama hates the American Flag and has stated several time that the flag is a symbol od oppression and that our Anthem is too war like (bombs busing in air).Both Obama’s has showed total disrespect to the citizens of this nation, the Constitution, the Anthem and the Flag.
    So why has congress not removed these Illegals out of the Whitehouse and the oval office. IS it because they are all gutless morons or part of the new world order od socialistic psychopaths?

  49. No crime here just worship of GOD.

  50. Gerald A. Reason

    There are Supreme Court cases which deal with this type of harassment by local and state governments. They mostly dealt with attempts, by state and local authorities to shut down religious schools by using (or misusing) zoning and safety codes to do so. We hold a Saturday, AM Bible Study at our home. On occasions, as with this AM, we went to a local restaurant. If local authorities tried to stop this study, I would challenge their authority to do so.
    As for the churches having to register as a business, this is a bogus way of putting them into a taxable category. As a church, they are tax exempt. If they register as a business, then they no longer wold qualify for that exemption.
    This article is correct, it is an attack on the churches in the community. It cannot be tolerated in a free society which is founded on the inalienable rights given to man by God. The community government should be brought into court and have the matter made public around the nation.

  51. all part of the prince of darkness ovomit/satan and his unconstitituional administration.agenda21{new world order}all with ovomits muslum terrorists buddies the cair group,which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood terrorists.even janet napalitano put a muslum terrorists in homeland security his name is elibearry,and when rep Louis gohmert questioned janet on it,she would,nt answer any questions.there are muslum terrorists training camps in Dearborn Michigan maine and upstate ny near hancock,and in dallas texas,were the 4 lying muslum terrorists lied about being lawyers,so they could bring in there muslum tribunal.don,t trust any of these muslum animals.thats why these muslums are here as ovomit is allowing this to flourish.with open borders so the illegal aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists can become ovomits private illegal army.read the book the muslum mafia.god bless all legal American veterans/citizens


  53. Christians are not PC anymore. Following islam and teaching it to the kids in our schools is in. Ovomit wants America to become another islamic caliphate with him as the ayatollah for life.

  54. This sounds like there are other interests going on here. Most places enforce zoning with joyous zeal. What from the outside may be suspicious when viewed in total makes sense. I remember when I wa growing up a church with a large membership wanted to tear down a block or more of housing for parking and the city said no. The blocks were part of the long term neighborhood and the residents would have needed to be relocated and adjoining housing would also be effected by noise and crowds.
    The church acquired several acres of undeveloped land at less money. And in the end realized they were happier with the ease of traffic with the newer wider roads and much less congestion with room to expand.

    It is just practical. There is no attack on Christians at all.

  55. lol i was wondering how one of you loonies would make this obamas fault and ta da – everyone stepped up and proved what a bunch of fruitcakes you are

  56. It starts in our schools folks, and they are turning out more and more liberal voters with absurd life values.
    “Most historical killing of innocents has taken place in the name of religion.”
    “WWII ended as the result of an American war atrocity.”
    “The constitution is an outdated document.”
    The government must guarantee equal happiness & living standard.”
    “Freedom of speech harms more people than liberal censorship.”
    “Slavery happened only in America, and nowhere else on earth.”
    “People don’t kill people. Guns kill people.
    “The government must decide what is fair in life”
    There is far more of course, as you know.

  57. Lake Worth politicos should be arrested and hung in public!

  58. There is a lot of blame to go around. Christians themselves are largely to blame. We have been complaisant while the enemy has been very busy. Many of us abandoned our post believing the rapture was any moment. Preachers are at fault for that. Now we find that while we slept the enemy has taken over our education system. He has also invaded our country with demonic religions. Most of our 2 party system has become an enemy to our republic. People like 0bama and the ACLU have turned our Constitution into a suicide pact. Many of us have surrendered. I wonder what Jesus thinks about a bunch of quitters? If it wasn’t for the really weak Christians 0bama would never have been elected.

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