Florida County Passes Resolution to Make Itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”

This week, the Lake County Commission in Central Florida became the first county in the state to declare itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” in a powerful resolution to affirm gun rights. While the resolution does not come with the authority of law – Florida counties are legally prohibited from passing ordinances relating to firearms – the commissioners felt it was appropriate to codify their support of the Constitution in an official vote.

“It says basically that we are not going to do anything to harm the Second Amendment,” said retired Florida lawyer Jon Gutmacher. “That we stand behind the Second Amendment in every way, manner, shape, and form. That’s the way that I wish every county in Florida would respond.”

The resolution may lack legal power, but it certainly got under the skin of gun control activists. In a sneering remark to Fox News, Adam Skaggs of Gifford Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence said, “The Lake County Commission’s resolution is purely a political symbolic gesture that doesn’t really have any legal weight whatsoever. It’s really important to understand the lack of significance of what they’ve done here.”

Eh, it has as much significance as anything your group has accomplished, so…

Even if gun-grabbers like Skaggs don’t appreciate the resolution, Lake County residents do.

“The fact that Lake County is now going to be a sanctuary county for gun owners is probably good news for the community,” said county resident Marie Bogdonoff. “In this community, we have a high number of veterans and gun owners, and they treasure their guns and so they would not look very favorably to having someone confiscate their guns.”

Oh wait, Skaggs still has more to whine about.

“It’s important to note that there is no federal law that requires confiscation of anybody’s guns in Lake County or anywhere else,” he told Fox. “And so this isn’t really a question of whether there is a federal law that this meaningless gesture is attempting to fight against. It’s really just taking a stand in terms of political debate.”

Yes. Yes! That’s exactly what it is, and that’s exactly why it’s important. That’s why it’s not “meaningless” in the least. It is a step towards letting gun-grabbing fascists like YOU know that the American people will not quietly surrender their basic, fundamental freedoms in the face of an overwhelming propaganda machine. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

At a time when Democratic presidential candidates feel emboldened to say, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s,” we can’t imagine a more powerful and necessary message to send.

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