FISA Warrant Target Carter Page Says FBI “Shredded the Constitution”

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Carter Page said that his name will be fully cleared when all of the information about the government’s case against him is released to the public. Page, who has been the subject of what some consider to be an unethical (if not illegal) spying campaign on the part of federal law enforcement authorities, told George Stephanopoulos that he was in shock about the information revealed by Republicans in Congress.

“What I’ve seen thus far is just complete ridiculousness,” Page said on Tuesday. He said there was no reason whatsoever for the FBI to have him under surveillance. “It was just shredded – the Constitution.”

Page is the man of the hour as the FISA warrant authorizing the FBI to spy on him has been brought under sharp scrutiny by Congress in recent weeks. On Friday, the White House allowed the House Intelligence Committee to release a memo documenting the many problems with the Justice Department’s original FISA application. The DOJ, claims Rep. Devin Nunes, the author of the memo, relied much too heavily on the so-called Steele dossier, an unverified piece of political opposition research. Not only that, the memo claims that the FBI did not fully disclose the political origins of the dossier and used inappropriate secondary sources to trick the FISA court into thinking it was stronger evidence than it really was.

In the ABC interview, Page said that the memo only confirmed what he already believed, which was that the investigation into his actions was politically motivated. He told Stephanopoulos that he’d written a letter to former FBI Director James Comey in 2016 that said as much.

“These desperate and unfounded calls for my investigation as a private citizen to advance political interests based on nothing more than preposterous mainstream media reports is a true disgrace,” he wrote at the time.

Because President Trump has already declassified a certain amount of information in order to make the memo available to the public, the New York Times has asked the FBI to make the entire FISA application public so that people can determine for themselves what was and was not included.

For his part, Page is on board with that request.

“I hope they get it,” he said.

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  1. Why was Carter Page spied upon? He has been on Fox and ABC and answered a bunch of questions about his relations with Russia. It appears to be a nothing burger !!!

    • Because the DNC and Hillary needed a diversion from the REAL scandal, they have been rigging elections for about 10 years now. Maybe even longer.

      • But he has no proof or he’d go to the FBI or the papers. Conspiracy crank. Inbred, white trash! Gotta love America!

        • Best country in the world, we just have to rid the truck loads of communist embedded in our Gov.!!

          • Commies? Republicans own Congress, I thought it was the Democrats that were commies? Are you going for the insane pitch?
            Compared to peers – worst social disparity and mobility, healthcare and education systems, plus a homicide rate five to ten times their’s.
            What is America better at? Killing, screwing people over, poverty, more ignorant people?

          • That would make it not a very good country, wouldn’t it? Besides, by what logic to we have to make America great again if it’s already the best country in the world? It isn’t, you know, not by any measure unless you can enlighten everyone. You’re all mixed up, Rodney.

          • Well Jim-Boy, your name suit’s you well mixed up as much as a bag of dog food, go to the country of your choice and carry headjob with you, you 2 would make a lovely couple and go to Europe he always claims to be so great, you know, the ones that are over run with muslims!

          • A while back Col Allen West said there were 60 Commies in Congress.

          • That I do believe, at least 60 and sure there’s more than that!

  2. Why would the FBI need to spy on Carter Page, when they were using him as a spy against the Russians, by Carter Page bringing in bugs for the FBI in his business meetings….???
    And why were the FBI spying on the Trump campaign when Carter Page was no longer an unpaid adviser…???
    And Why hasn’t Loretta Lynch been before the congressional committee’s…Lynch bought off on all of this spying against Hillary’s opposition for the presidential election…???
    And why isn’t it a crime to rig elections…???
    Oh yeah, because it was the democrats rigging them…Kind of like its done in third world hellholes countries!

  3. The FISA Judge(s) were given a clean bill of health by saying they were misled, I think they should be investigated since there is so much corruption involving Directors, Deputy Directors of organizations, AG’s, DOJ/FBI, etc. Are we sure they did not know the reasoning for the spy authorization was not legal & were complicit with signing the paper work anyway? Pursue what they knew, & when did they know it?

    • Of course they will say that and does any thinking person Believe it.

      • My post could have been clearer. When I used “they were misled” did not mean the judges. Meant the news media keep saying the FISA Judges were misled. Until this day we do not know the Judges who ruled on this. Those Judges should be identified, be investigated/interviewed & official paper work provided for review.

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        • Attacking an independent judiciary and free press are two of the hallmarks of a fascist.

        • Case in point: SCOTUS Justices Badar-Ginsberg and Kagen presided over same-sex marraiges prior to voting favorable for same-sex marraiges to become “The law of the land.” Kagan had presided over same-sex union September, 2014, just nine months before the June, 2015 decision.
          Neither recused themselves. They should have. Neither had the integrity to do so.
          Also, keep in mind, Bader-Ginsberg, thinks The Constitution is out-dated; Amercan juris prudence should emulate European justice and decisions made by the Hague.
          She’s also a known ACLU card-carrier.

    • I am sure they did.
      Any astute judge would question the origin of the document and ask for clear concise collaborating evidence.
      And I keep asking why that dossier is continued to be referred to as a ” Opposition Research document.”
      It should be labeled as an opposition party ” Fake news Fabrication ” since that is what it is. All these smart talking heads and not one is smart enough to change narrative on this.

      • I am not so sure they did? There are corrupt judges wearing black robes. The 9th Circus Court is a prime example. Also, judges were removed from the bench in the past. Hate too question the integrity of of these high ranking officials in government, but recent & past events, e.g. exoneration of Killary before the investigation started, has caused me to do so!

      • It’s just a tricky way of blowing smoke up everybody’s butt, or just plain LYING!!

    • There is no possibility that at least some of the judges were not complicit and a part of the agenda. A LOT of judges need to be removed for bad service. Or impeached for same.

    • MORE
      RUSSIAN FAKE NEWS. fact check.
      None are so blind as those that refuse to see.

  4. William & Mary should be humiliated by their President’s intention to allow Comey to teach
    anything at that great school. Of course, he will probably have to do it from a prison cell if
    there is any justice remaining.

  5. This whole story of the Steele dossier, FBI, DOJ, FISA warrant is so incredible to me. It sound more fantastic than a fantasy novel. It finally pried my eyes open to see the cruel, sad and ugly reality in our political scene.

  6. It turns out that everybody involved in this witch hunt shredded the Constitution. Including the chief dolt himself, 0bama.

  7. William L. Ramsburg


  8. If we all, including democrats, stopped and looked at our nation we would be asking if, as liberals, aka democrats, claim that Russia is our enemy then what does that make Obama and Hillary who sold 25% of our weapon grade uranium to our enemy who can now use it to build nukes to blow our nation off the face of the earth? Why are these same liberals focused on Trump and “Russian collusion” after they spent two years spying on him and have nothing to show for it? Seriously, which is worse? A no go colluding to fix our election or a positively did happen arming of our enemies? How insane is that?

    • Plain and simple, Trump messed up the elite game of Thongs by destroying the last nail in their NWO system and MANY, MANY people are very upset !!

      • Yes, all of the career politicians, traitors that they are are against our choice of President to defeat them. As Hillary did say, “if Trump is elected we will all hang”, or words similar. She was RIGHT.

        • Absolutely my friend, but if the Dems. take back the house be ready, things will get ugly fast, they’ll worse than ever!!

    • For the gazillionth time, Kay, the sold not a single ounce of uranium to the Russians. A Russian country bid on and won the contract to mine and extract the element. They don’t get to keep it. Why do you think a Russian company is the best at mining and extracting uranium? It’s because they have lots of experience, because they have plenty of uranium in Russia. The Russians don’t need our uranium, lunkhead.

      • Well why did Hellary do it for, you do not sell to our enemies, just like your brown clown gave all that money to Iran, another of his treasonous acts !! You sick puppy!

  9. Whatever happened to intellectual honesty in this once great nation?! If you don’t have openness and honesty you have nothing! Nowhere in Bible prophecy is there a nation that resembles the United States of America in the end times, and those times are coming soon! Those who are at fault will blame everyone else but themselves! We see that already! And the intrigue, lying and slander is already rampant! One day soon, God will suddenly remove His true Church in what is known as the “Rapture” and then will begin the seven year period of tribulation! You don’t want to live through that time if you can help it! But many reject the warnings God gives! To them it is “foolishness”! Won’t they be surprised?!!

  10. If Carter Page believes that the constitution was shredded by the FISA warrants, he can sue the federal officials who applied for the FISA warrants. Of course, the Nunes memorandum failed to assert that (1) there was no probable cause for the issuance of the FISA warrants and (2) the facts set forth in the applications were inaccurate. Of course President Donald (“First you grab them by the pussy”) Trump stated that he was going to sue the women who accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior. But Trump has not filed such lawsuits. Most probably Carter Page, like Trump, will not file any lawsuits.

  11. The second survey in this news reporting is a totally bogus thing. The headline says “Has Donald Trump been a good president?”, but the actual survey asks if he should step down. If people do not read it correctly the answers will be loaded against him. Need to vet these surveys (unprincipled polls).

  12. Who cares what Carter Page says about the Constitution? The man is a traitor.

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