First Grader Won’t Say Pledge, Says He’s “Protesting the Government”

God save us from little kids with political opinions.

We wholeheartedly encourage parents to share their values and beliefs with their children, but is there anyone out there who really cares what a six-year-old has to say about the current political situation? Nothing against kids, but at that age, you simply don’t have the knowledge, critical thinking skills, or life experience to develop an opinion that needs to be taken seriously. And if little Johnny’s political beliefs (read: a mental recording of his parents’ political beliefs) lead him to disobey his teachers, then something has gone horribly awry.

But when it comes to Jamie Porter’s first-grader, things are even worse than that. The Indiana mother is actually FILING A LAWSUIT against her son’s elementary school administrators. Why? Because her kid decided that he was not going to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. And the lawsuit helpfully explains why he thought that was a good idea.

“He was doing it to protest the government of the United States, as it was racist, greedy, and does not care about people,” says the family’s lawyer.

Urrgh, that moment when you suddenly have a splitting headache out of nowhere…

From Fox News:

After hearing the student’s reason, the teacher, Kelly McFarland, then took the student out of the classroom and to the principal’s office. Principal Mary Beth Harris was told what happened and the student was taken back to class 20 minutes later, according to the lawsuit. Later in the day, however, Harris took the boy out of class and had him “practice” how to recite the pledge.

“She told him that they were going to ‘practice’ how to do the Pledge of Allegiance and she made him recite the Pledge with her,” the lawsuit alleged.

The suit adds that the student “was extremely upset at this treatment by his teacher and the principal as he was made to feel that he had done something terribly wrong and was in trouble.”

What kind of fly-by-night, ramshackle law office actually took this case? Oh, the ACLU? Well, that just about makes sense.

Not only should this lawsuit be dismissed, child protective services should investigate exactly what this mom is teaching her child. It sounds like she’s trying to raise a terrorist. And someone should explain to both of them that pledging allegiance to the flag is not pledging allegiance to the “government.” And if they still don’t get it – if they still feel that America as an institution is “racist and doesn’t care about people,” then perhaps we can find them somewhere more comfortable to live.

Tehran is nice this time of year…

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  1. Obviously, this poor little kid has been heavily indoctrinated by his fanatically PC, anti-American parents. This is very unfortunate. I hate to see what this kid will be like when he’s grown.

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    • oh rather than the brainwashing propaganda he learns at school??? no wonder so many if the kids are delinquents,

      • Craig Vandertie

        Any administrative or faculty members of a school who allow teaching/preaching of that man created cult known as islam needs to be charged and arrested for violating Federal law as an example to all who would poison the minds of our youth with Socialist islam, that is about as synonymous as you can get to Sharia law.

      • I was going to say…if this was the story of a student at a University, no doubt they’d be kicking him out of the school for RECITING the pledge. Interesting how this school seems to be different from so many that we read about these days. Doesn’t seem like the kind of school that would have problems with a kid chewing his pop-tart into the shape of a pistol either! 🙂

        • I remember saying the pledge of allegiance every morning when i was a boy. I am 50 years old now, but America was a much better place then as far as values go. There may have been more racist people back then but there wasnt a problem between the races where i’m from anyway. Things were getting much better before obama started the riots. Luckily, we still dont have a problem where i live in Dublin, GA. No more than before anyway. The democrats had to stary something though. They cant let racism go away. They would lose their only platform then.

    • One can hope that this unfortunate child will observe viewpoints other than his (?) parents have spoon
      fed, misusing their influence on an innocent. We can hope the world outside the grasp of parents can
      demonstrate some reality and the sooner the better. I’m surprised that there is even a pledge to the
      flag still being said anywhere in public schools!


      • You’re probably correct. They’ll find him somewhere with a bunch of protesters that have tried to block a highway and someone ran him over with a ton dually 4×4. These kids are being trained at an early age by welfare mentality parents who haven’t figured out that one day this welfare will be severely cut and they will either work or starve. I would surmise he has some freebee lawyer whose trying to make a name for himself.

        • The terrorist organization that controls the Palestinians teach the kids the same type propaganda, accept they teach them to kill and the family gets paid.

          • The christian family is just the opposite, the mother and the father would rather die than see one of there children perish. There is no amount of money that would separate a christian from thier child. NO AMOUNT! THEY DON’T MAKE THAT KIND OF MONEY. THEY “ABSOLUTELY, DON’T MAKE THAT KIND Of MONEY! WE LOVE EVERY ONE. WHY CAN’T THEY UNDERSTAND? I JUST Don’t GET IT.

        • Craig Vandertie

          Yes, in the Socialist islamic community.

        • People do have the right to protest. And with Trump in office, there are a lot of things worth protesting.

          • Well, I am protesting you, so now you have been blocked!

          • There were a lot of things worth protesting when obama was in office. There is a proper way to protest. The liberals just have no idea what that is. They would rather try to force their opinion on others. Sounds like communism does it not. Only thing is, if the conservatives get a bate of it and start really pushing back, the liberals will be wiped from the planet, if they actually stuck to their so called ‘values’.

    • George E. LeFebvre

      Maybe we should give the entire family a ticket to Tehran or some other hell hole so they can see exactly how the sick minded people live.

      • The one-way ticket should be to North Korea.

      • Why??? Because they don´t fall down and kiss everybody else´s butt???

      • Craig Vandertie

        Kabul is a far better choice.

      • I suggest we send all those who feel like he does away. Can we start a love offering to send them all there?

      • The boy probably should be taught what other countries are like. The teacher should teach all of them something about the world one day. They likely dont really know at this point. That kid may just have a new found appreciation for America then.

        • He was probably just emulating his sport hero’s NFL and A(N)BL!

          • Heroes, stupid. You’ve lived in this country long enough to have better mastered the basics of our language.

          • Copied from wikipedia:
            “A hero (masculine) or heroine (feminine) is a person or main character
            of a literary work who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through
            impressive feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength, often sacrificing
            his or her own personal concerns for some greater good.”

            from Merriam-Webster:

            “Definition of hero for English
            Language Learners: a person who is admired for great or brave acts or
            fine qualities: a person who is greatly admired”
            Go back to masturbation, that appears to be what you excel at!

          • The plural of hero, is heroes. You’re not merely stupid…there clearly is something wrong with you. Drug addiction would explain both your mild incompetence and your seriously flawed personality.

          • Go back to masturbating, at that you excel!

          • You’re creepy to even be thinking about other men masturbating. Are you permitted to be alone with your grandchildren?

          • YES I’m allowed to be be alone with them but I hear all your visitations MUST be of a supervised nature!

          • the ‘Warden’ is not Worthy of intelligent response. Y waste the time?

          • I know, you are completely correct but it’s a “DOUBLE EDGED SWORD” If one does they are subject to another asinine reply. If one doesn’t they go play with themselves thinking they won! You are absolutely 100% correct, I just don’t like feeding their masturbation fantasies! I’ll try harder to ignore it’s ilk!

          • Courtesy of Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

            plural usually heros Please note the key word “USUALLY”! so stick it ASSWIPE!!

          • Great Post!

          • Let me know when you do!!

            The plural form of the noun hero is heroes. The plural possessive form is heroes’. example: Many heroes’ deeds go unrecognized.

            What is the plural possessive noun of hero –

            It is as I meant it!

          • You think calling strangers stupid and ignorant is Politically Correct? You must be even dumber than I have claimed.

          • Quoting you:
            “You think calling strangers stupid and ignorant is Politically Correct? You must be even dumber than I have claimed.”
            Oops! quoting you:
            “Heroes, stupid.”
            “That will happen…when one is an inept screw-up.”
            “Too, dimwit… not ‘to’. You present yourself as a bit stupid. ‘Codger’ means old, grumpy, and stubborn…not dumb.”
            ALL of the above are YOUR posts to me. I think you owe me an apology as you can’t quite grasp the concept that when accusing someone of “WHAT YOU,YOUSELF, are doing is an Oops of epic proportion!!

          • You deleted your initial knee-jerk reply, which makes me believe you either looked up the word or came to your senses.

            It’s noteworthy, that you do not apologize for the wrong-headed name calling, now that you recognize your mistake.

            You still must try and put the onus for your mistake on me because you are a thin-skinned coward and fear exposing even the slightest weakness. Oddly enough, it is that mild cowardice that is your greatest weakness.

            You certainly seem a lot smarter than the way you act when challenged.

          • “it is that mild cowardice that is your greatest weakness.”

            Quoting you:
            “You think calling strangers stupid and ignorant is Politically Correct? You must be even dumber than I have claimed.”
            Oops! quoting you:
            “Heroes, stupid.”
            “That will happen…when one is an inept screw-up.”
            “Too, dimwit… not ‘to’. You present yourself as a bit stupid. ‘Codger’ means old, grumpy, and stubborn…not dumb.”
            ALL of the above are YOUR posts to me. I think you owe me an apology as you
            can’t quite grasp the concept that when accusing someone of “WHAT
            YOU,YOURSELF, are doing is an Oops of epic proportion!!

      • Good point but we should do one better or I should say they should do one better. Get the government to pay their way after all it is the government that does everything for everybody. At least according to them.

    • Just take a look at his parents

    • if this little boy is lucky/smart he will run away and grow up the right way.

    • The really sad part is that this same scenario is playing out in many socialist indoctrinated homes across our supposed democraticaly based Repubic. The oppressively ironic part is that it was our government that nurtured the seeds of their own destruction.

    • There’s plenty of room in either Venezuela or Brazil. Ship the little shaver off to either one and see how well he and his parents fare in either nation.

    • Yauh,I agree.

    • Craig Vandertie

      A worthless member of society still living with his parents, or 1 of his parents, if his parents are both dead then possibly an aunt, sitting at a computer, reading online Conservative articles and the viewpoints of true patriots and voicing his nonsense opinions while sucking up all the Lamestream media kool-aid.

      Making money getting paid by Globalist trash, that basically sums up how he will be living his life as an adult.

    • Multiple that by MILLIONS and you’ll gain a grasp of the enormity of the revolutionary struggle we face! When that kid grows up, he’ll be just like the other anarchists filling our streets and taking over colleges!

    • This kid, by the sounds, will grow up to be an obedient little communist snowflake TERRORIST.
      Good job “parents”SARC.(and I use the term lightly) because you don’t deserve the “title” of “parent” you both should be arrested and thrown in jail for child abuse, your child taken, and given to a LOVING home.

    • This is true, but let’s not all forget that this country is built on and we all usually SUPPORT people’s right to say or do what they believe. Let’s not get restrictive of people’s rights just because we don’t agree with them. That would make us just like the LEFT. I know it’s infuriating with situations like this one, but conservatives need to remember that they actually SUPPORT this kind of thing. Well, not THIS kind of thing but the right in general. Hopefully you get my drift.

    • It’s the truth!! He will lie, cheat, steal, protest, be on welfare, food stamps, and every other government assisted program there is. What a crazy messed up world we live in. God bless Trump!

    • I seriously doubt that he will be very productive and will be accustomed to relying on the government (us sucker taxpayers) to provide his living for him.

    • Agree … a Breach of Parental DUTY!

  2. What’s the matter kid? Are you being told that, with this new administration, you will have to work hard to be a winner and you won’t be handed trophies and awards for watching others work hard?

    • Good post but it’s ants and grasshoppers, guy! Talk to your mother about it.

    • Very good post!!!

    • Ignore these Zoologists. The analogy is a good one. LOL

    • Reminds me of a story I read online, Ithinkit was called “The difference between Republicans and Democrats” A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street together. There was a homeless man lying on the road ahead of them. The Republican hurries up and gets to the homeless man first. He gives the homeless man his business card and tells him to call his office and he’d give him a job. The Republican pulls a 20 dollar bill from his wallet and gives it to the homeless man. The Democrat watched this. The 2 continue walking down the street together. After a while, there was another homeless man lying on the sidewalk. The Democrat hurries ahead and gets to him first. The Democrat gives the homeless man directions to the welfare office. Then the Dem pulls $20 from the Republican’s wallet; He gives the homeless man $5 and keeps $15 for administrative costs.

      • Here’s another one for you, I don’t know to whom gets the credit for it!
        A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and
        asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the
        restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus sitting over there?”
        The waitress nodded “yes!” So, the Republican requested that she give Jesus
        a cup of coffee, on him.
        The next patron to come in was a Libertarian, with a hunched back. He
        shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress for a
        cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, “Is that
        Jesus, over there?”
        The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian asked her to give Jesus a cup of
        hot tea, “My treat.”
        The third patron, to come into the restaurant, was a Democrat on crutches.
        He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, “Hey there honey! How’s
        about getting me a cold mug of Miller Light!” He, too, looked across the
        restaurant and asked, “Isn’t that God’s boy over there?”
        The waitress nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give Jesus a cold
        beer. “On my bill,” he said loudly.
        As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and
        said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Republican felt the strength
        come back into his legs, got up and began to praise the Lord.
        Jesus passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, “For your kindness,
        you are healed.” The Libertarian felt his back straightening up, he raised
        his hands and he, too, began to praise the Lord.
        Then, Jesus walked, with a huge smile on his face, towards the Democrat.
        The Democrat jumped up and yelled, “Don’t touch me……. I’m on
        For Those Who Understand, No Explanation is necessary. For Those Who Do
        Not Understand, No Explanation is possible.

        • That’s pretty funny. Old…but funny. Perhaps you should simply copy
          what other people have written. One would never know that you are
          stupid and inept, were you to simply copy and paste rather than try to
          repeat words you have heard on talk radio.

          • PoorPitifulPearl

            Warden, that post wasn’t necessary. He said he didn’t know where the credit should go so obviously he wrote it from memory. He is not stupid, nor inept, but you, sir, are rude.

          • No he’s a democrat…well umm ok yea rude!

          • IMO, DUMMYCRATS are, by definition, Traitors.

          • What you haven’t never repeated anything that others have said? I doubt it. Sweep around your own back door before sweeping around someone else’s

          • Ah, like you????

          • No…not at all like me. You are unable to grasp simple concepts for some reason.

            I think you are a drug addict…either heroin, or Oxycodone. Even filthy life-long alcoholics do not act as terminally odd as you do.

          • You are the twink that can’t grasp simple concepts!

          • Perhaps you should take the stick out of your ass and get a life….

          • What do you expect from a Demoncrap?

          • How does it feel to be wrapped in cellophane and have a stick up your butt, sucker?

          • I don’t know, how about you telling us from your own vast area of personal experience?

          • They brainwash them at a very young age.

          • It would seem so

          • Typical liberal to respond with name calling…but we all know what you are!!

          • You know what I find to be ironic? In another post you told someone you were raised by polite parents…I want to know where the hell did they mess up with you?

          • I’m curious … is Warden your 1st name??? or your occupation ??
            If it is your occupation, that makes (defines) YOU to be a member of the CORRUPT govt. that steals from the people for their own wealth, and probably an ABA member.
            BTW, the JUDICIARY is as CORRUPT as Congress! <>

        • A time honored classic! Sad but so true!

  3. Nothing to see here.

    Kids have been getting brainwashed by their parents forever, it is called religion. Surely this rag of a site can see that any number of children are at anti-abortion protests.

    • And yet, here you are visiting this site.

    • Maybe they don’t yet understand the miracle that is getting getting born to see the light of day, or the opportunity to make the world a better place, but LIFE has given them a chance to forgive that ignorance.

  4. what stupid dbag wrote that? a child now has non right of speech? no kidding. you who are against a kid speaking his mind and is he stupid that he cannot make up his mind on all the shit he is hearing/ and getting his own opinion? starting to ban the kids already?? omg.

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    • A 6 year old is not speaking his mind. He is parroting his parents. Are you that stupid? omg.

  5. I firmly believe that a child who refuses to pledge his or her allegiance to our country should be sent home with a tuition bill for the government portion of his education for the year and not allowed back in without payment or the promise to regularly do the pledge. Same should happen with college scumbags who are not there to learn, but instead, intent on being an anarchist. Their entire student loan and grants should become payable immediately and have no further govt. benefits. Think that’s harsh? Imagine what would happen if you rebelled against the Church in a parochial school!

    • Good idea. They have the choice not to say the Pledge, thus their choice is to PAY TUITION!

    • Fantastic idea, but the snowflake crybabies will will just file a law suite and the gutless ultra snowflake judges will award them free schooling and make the hard working people pay for it. GET RID OF THE DISEASED SNOWFLAKE LIBERAL JUDGES!

      • I had a talk with 4 Muslim girls who would not give the pledge. They felt they could not offer equal loyalty to a nation and their religion. They were totally unaware, as you seem to be that there are Christian sects that also refuse to pledge alligence to the flag, for exactly the same reason. And I explained that they simply stand respectfully through the pledge, but do not say or place their hands over their heart, and that has been recognized as legal, as the pledge is and must be voluntary. So many problems have already been worked through and resolved sometimes years ago. People are just not aware of them. I asked them to go back to their religious leader and tell them about this and get his views. I left the school a few days later as I was just a substitute teacher, but I hope I had a longer and deeper influence than any other teacher they had all year.

    • Since when is there a law that someone HAS to say the Pledge of Allegiance??? Or HAS to repeat anything at all in a group setting??? You don´t go to school for anything but an education. So why should someone HAVE to do anything else??? People aren´t a bunch of robots. They should have the right to choose whether they want to do anything else.

      • Give me one good reason why they should NOT be taught the pledge. And if you think you can, then get out of our country and go to whatever hell hole you will pledge to.

  6. Maybe he will build a clock for his first science fair project.

  7. Another “Snowflake” being created by brain-dead Parent(s)! After 20 years of “social promotion” this boy will enjoy the benefits of having a Fine Arts PhD. and can’t find a job! But, the also brain-dead will promise that he will be taken care of as long as he “votes for them”!

  8. Take away all goverment assistance and if the parants have a goverment job they should be termanated amiduintly and deported to the goverment of their choise other then the united states while other countries are accepting refugies

  9. How about the name of the parents ///

  10. This may be parental abuse forcing her ideas on a six year old. To prove he’s so involved in government opinion give him a quiz and see what he really knows. mommy just using him to make money!

    • Also give the parents a quiz and see what they really know. Most protesters don’t even know the issues or what they are protesting and destroying America for. (Let a child be a child!)

      • As shown on Waters World most don’t even know who the president and congress are or who said what. they don’t know who won the civil war, etc.

  11. His parents have to be Libturds. Poor kid’s mind has already been polluted. It’s sad when cowardly parents use their innocent children to make a stupid Leftist political statement so they can get their three minutes of fame. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  12. Bet the parents are a product of this “educational” system AKA brainwashing/indoctrination.

  13. This tyke should protest the government by demanding to be home schooled.

  14. Put his little butt in time out!

  15. The terrorists tech their children to behead when they are 8 years old, raising future terrorists. How can this happen in America?

  16. Maybe they should try China.

  17. The leading question in this article is this: “[I]s there anyone out there who really cares what a six-year-old has to say about the current political situation?” That question is of absolutely no significance to the legal issue involved here. It is well-established in law and judicial declarations that no public school student may be legally compelled to make a public politically related or religiously oriented (“under God”) statement with which he or she disagrees. Such protection extends beyond the public school setting and into all areas of life in this Nation. There really is a First Amendment and it really means what it says! I hope the parents bring a legal action against the school system and the school personnel involved in this brow-beating incident against a 6-year old. If they do and if they prevail, which they very likely would, then all you simple-minded pseudo-patriots can come back to this ideologically asymmetrical forum and register your simplistic and wrongheaded comments about that.

  18. Maybe the objection is to “one nation…indivisible.” That would make sense.

  19. A first grader has no clue what he is doing. His folks are brainwashing this kid. Shame on them . Let him grow up..

  20. So much for this kids cognitive horizon. The ACLU should be looking into how his public school is interpreting government. The more I see what this generation of lawyers is doing, the more I’m inclined to agree with Shakespeare.

  21. To say the pledge of allegiance is absolutely an expression of love for America…to REFUSE to say the pledge is an absolute display of HATRED (or ignorance, lack of knowledge and understanding). This child is being taught

    hatred by his parents. They…should be prosecuted for treasonous actions.

  22. The same mother of this first grader would file a law suit for her son to get a “participation trophy” for coming in last. A state superintendent of education some years ago told me that worse problem in education was the “lack of parental participation.” I would add along with that, “parental indoctrination.”

  23. Amazing how much damage one president can do. Just think what it would be like if the witch had been elected.
    Long live President Trump…

  24. What a sick little ba—tard. Need to give him and his parents enough money and a one way airplane ride to any country they chose and tell all to get out of America if it all this bad. Maybe the little s,,it will go to Iran or some other place where they might teach him some manners. If I had a kid do that, he or she and I would have a more clearer understanding of what I expect from him. It would not happen again. What low life’s we now have in our country ,

  25. It is safe to say the kid is being indoctrinated by his parents. Sad really sad. Most first graders play with their toys, play games, and live a normal kids life..His parents are depriving him of this & then will wonder when he gets older how he became a malcontent

  26. The mother must be a demonrat, probably on taxpayer assistance. For the sake of her and her child, she should flee this country immediately and move to another country, like France, Germany or the UK so that her child doesn’t feel persecuted by this horrible country. Then they can be raped and live in terror. Sounds so much better don’t you think Indiana mother?

  27. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Time has change a lot here in AMERICA i’m so glad i came up in 1950 and not to now with all the crap that we have . GOD BLESS US THESE DAYS AND OUR COUNTRY.

  28. Someone should tell him that if our form of government really didn’t care about people, we’d all be in a gulag.

  29. Well, what I take from this loony mother is that we should think about deporting our own citizens who are to stupid to realize what they have here but continually bitch. We could at least give them their choice first of where it is better for them to be sent to live than America like, maybe, Cuba, Mexico, Syria, anywhere in south America, Libya or even Russia. And the list goes on. Ya know, a place that fits better with their liberal code of freedom!

  30. It’s called, “How to Raise a Brat 101.” At 6 years of age, this is not the message a parent should be giving this boy. He was brainwashed and does not at this age even realize what he is saying. He is only mimicking what his parents say. How sad. When he grows up I hope he’ll realize that men died for this country and its freedoms.

    • There is no way I would have ever got away with that. But then when I was born there was only 48 stars on our flag, and my dad had only left Tokoyo Bay about 7 years before. He had been drafted in 1942 while still in high school.

  31. Charles Wolfe jr

    He needs to be taught that it is respect for people who have given their lives for this country & served in the military but it’s for all Americans also. If the mother doesn’t like this country pack up & LEAVE !!!

  32. at 74 years of age i doubt if i will be around in 30 years when this kid and others like him will be running our country. if i am i really won’t give a damn.

  33. WOW talk about Hitlerism.

  34. Love the last sentences of this article!! Perhaps that totally clueless, under educated mom needs to go visit Tehran? She clearly isn’t a good parent and lacks parenting skills exposing her innocent child to a liberal’s chaotic mindset. CPS (Child Protective Services) definitely needs to be doing a screening of that onnocent 6 year old’s home life.

    Is his mom creating another serial killer like Daumer or Son of Sam? The majority of serial killers had very domineering mothers – over the top domineering mothers. Who fits that description? Jamie Porter. Anyone who takes the beautiful innocent mind of a very young 6 year old child and fills it with their own trash of phobias, etc. deserves to lose that child. Crazies do not deserve to raise more crazies. I would be sure to have CPS investigate the little guy’s home life completely and get his confused mother into some kind of parenting classes and/or psychotherapy – before it is too late for the little boy.
    Catch the sick mother now and you won’t have a home grown terrorist or transgender later on. Yes, mothers can create wonderful lives but they can also produce pschosis’ and mentally unstable offspring – like mom Porter is trying to do. Educate her now for the sake of her son…

  35. Lovette Bennett

    Can’t best the comment by Justin Seine in this post. He nailed it. If an American parent protested his or her child being shown how to quote portions of the Quoran, he or she would be labeled a “racist,” and “Islamaphobe!” For far too long we have allowed the PC police to dictate our thoughts, words, and actions! Wake up, America! It’s time to take this country back, and help it become what it can be again!

  36. The ACLU & the kid’s parents need they’re asses kicked.

  37. I feel sorry for this child. How old is he? Six?

    I want to thank my parents and teachers for allowing me to have a childhood when I was still a child.

  38. The kid needs his little bottom warmed up a might

  39. The good point is the child is paying attention. The child is ready to fight for what he believes. I say again, the old quote I may not agree with what you have to say but I will defend with my life your right to say it… applies. I don’t like what he is parroting from his parents lips but he has rights just like the rest of us.

  40. My first thought…he and his parents don’t belong in America. Let’s see how they like Iran, Yemen or Somalia.
    The parents have taught the child to think America is racist, greedy and uncaring. With this kind of thinking they are indeed fostering another good for nothing hoodlum protestor who does nothing to earn his way, but expects the world to pay for the damage he inflicts on people and property.

  41. It’s the Communists way of taking down the government. Same being used in Iran, Syria, etc. to control the young people. Parents should be the one’s investigated.

  42. Then I suggest this family load up lock stock and barrel and move to the socialist , communist utopia of their desires….may I say NK, Cuba or Venezuela…..then they can teach their 1st grader to be proud….

  43. ..meanwhile ..with ELE F U K U S H I M A rads in your … FOOD CHAIN.. and up your dumb a$$.. plu$ DEPLETED URANIUM dust in your worthle$$ lover$ worthle$$ family jewel$ ..YOU get to GO FUK YOUR$ELF into EXTINCTION.. as I watch tho$e dumb thinking gender confused BIRTH DEFECTIVE FREAKS.. $hit them$elve$../cur$e you.. and $ay ………. WTF did I do to de$erve thi$?

  44. ConservativeSenior

    Child is being brainwashed by ignorant parents.

  45. “He was doing it to protest the government of the United States, as it was racist, greedy, and does not care about people,” says the family’s lawyer.”

    Excellent reason for the family to pack up and head to the Sand Pile, where they can see how that works out. 🙂

    No government freebies, either!

  46. Vorchun Vorchunov

    step by step… these ideas, unfortunately, are more and more popular. They yell about racism, chauvinism, discrimination and so on, they teach their children to hate their own country… And from my POV this is not liberalism. People like this mom have to be in a mental clinics as sick people.

  47. I’m sure they would be much more comfortable and feel completely at home in North Korea.

  48. His parent should take care of their kids ,mover to some where else that make them more comfortable ,and we will kindly help them to pack up

  49. This kid and especially his parents need to be sent to N. Korea, Russia, or the Middle East.

    Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is a small price to live in this country.

    This kids parents are totally ignorant.

  50. the pledge of allegiance is not constitunal because the word indivisible is in it he has the right to refuse on those grounds.i would not punish a child if he omitted indivisible in the pledge

  51. not good to feel that uncomfortable, move move immediately we will help you to pack up

  52. Both of his parents need a 308 headache for the kids sake. Maybe either mom or dad should join the military and then they might understand. Now is a good reason to bring back the draft.

  53. Sounds to me like the kid is smart beyond his years.

  54. I wonder if his parents are protesting because the “government” isn’t giving them enough money for the kid’s free lunch program.

  55. Good for the kid ….he has some principles better than most American’s and fox news idiot person speaking of going back somewhere why don’t you practice racism in the mother country of your ancestors …unless you are Native American then you belong here.

    • What a good little liberal. Bring up racism about everything. I hope you dont have any milk in your fridge. Milk is racist you know. At least according to your party it is.

  56. The parents don’t mind being paid in the currency of the US government, don’t they? They buy all their products and services with US dollars, don’t they? Would the parents prefer being paid with peanuts or something?

  57. The kid does not have to be indoctrinated by his parents. If they allow him to watch TV he has learned everything he needs to know, about everything he said the government was, from watching CNN and and all their guests. cnn & the like, have been painting a terrible picture of Trump, of our Government, and of all the racism and corruption and lies, etc. He learned it all from MSM News or (more accurately) MSM “crap they just made up.”

    I say give the kid a break. The right to protest and stand up for something or against something, is a Constitutional Right. I don’t care if Rex says the kid can’t understand what’s going on. He knows enough and as much as a couple million other Americans, who don’t understand a thing about what is going on either. Those Americans listen to the MSM News and they think exactly the same way that kid does and I don’t blame them.

    It goes against human nature to have to say to yourself that EVERYTHING I HEAR ON TV OR ANYWHERE ELSE IS A LIE. EVERY WORD IS A LIE. To be that aware, and consistently remind themselves of that, would take a great deal more vigilance than any of them can muster. For them to think about turning off that TV, well it just does not compute. So back off the kid. Regardless of how much smarter he is than the average American, at least he had the kahonies to take a stand. How many of us have done that? It took balls for him to do that in front of all his peers and the jeering he must have gotten I doubt that Rex Tillerson even inquired as to whether the boy was exercising his right to resist the Govt, that he believes is BAD.

    And, screw who ever wrote this hit piece on a kid!! And, to all of you mocking a child who has more gonads than most of you, I say, take a good look in the mirror.

  58. If that was my kid he would have a very sore butt right now.

  59. Craig Vandertie

    Yet another attempt by the Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards trying to get us to bow to their complete ignorance, when the family is counter sued for making false accusations against the school, teachers through the Teacher’s union the entire loser family had better be prepared to move into a house not as frivolous as the 1 they now occupy, their idiot attorney should be disbarred for agreeing to represent them.

  60. Walk this idiot mother and her kid through a military cemetery and explain why those folks are there and what they owe those patriots!

  61. This is just the parents using their child as a disgusting tool to further their liberal agenda! Nice job screwing up your kid. When he goes nuts and acts out in violence, you have to only look in the mirror to figure out why he is that way. A first grader should be left to being a child, not indoctrinated with the mindless BS of the parents!

  62. How about Father Trump send the kid to Gitmo In leg chains.

    • How about you stop embarrassing yourself with this idiotic nonsense. You sound like a child, or a liberal, hard to tell the difference between the two.

  63. Must be a welfare recipients child you all know exactly who and what I mean!

  64. Just the reason for losers in lawsuits to pay the court costs. How “effing” stupid is this???

  65. Cmon’, give the kid a break, he is a moron, being raised by liberal morons…

  66. I don’t understand. If the parents are so unhappy here, why don’t they move to a country where they will be happy? Who is stopping them? There are plenty of other countries that will take them, I’m sure.

  67. This sick, disgusting nonsense is Obama’s real legacy. A vast group of entitled morons who know nothing but the asinine propaganda that passes for modern liberalism, who will then create an entire new generation of entitled morons who know even less. There doesn’t appear to be a full, thinking brain among these infantile dimwits. Yet they feel qualified to involve themselves in a political landscape they clearly have no understanding of at all and condemn others based on nothing more than empty, obviously false accusations and childish, chicken little hysteria. It’s embarrassing. They’re embarrassing themselves and this nation with their endless stupidity and smug, absurd belief in their own superiority for being the tolerant and compassionate ones while showing absolutely no tolerance or compassion for anyone who doesn’t bow to their nonsense. Sad, what some people will willingly allow themselves to be reduced to.

  68. Kick his Leftist, anti-American ass out of school until he agrees to say the pledge! If he’s an immigrant, kick him and his entire family out of US because he’ll be nothing but trouble in the future! That’s how anarchy begins! We MUST start nipping it in the bud rather than allowing anti-Americanism to continue to flourish & expand!

  69. Back hand the mother and take that boy to Arlington and have him explain to all those brave heroes why he feels they died for nothing. Make him read the names of at least 25 rows of soldiers and stand in front of the Tomb. Then demand why he thinks he should be allowed to trash the very country and government that allows him to be free and what would he pay to keep that freedom?

  70. If I had done that in the first grade, I would have been sent to the principles office,had a letter sent home with me to my parents. Plus I would have had a lot of explaining to do at home.

  71. Last year before the presidential election I gave a young liberal coworker Hillary’s America to watch over the week end he stated his mother wouldn’t even allow it in the house and ended up not even wanting to watch it. The problem young children are taught the liberal progressive ideology in there homes not just schools or collage. And because of this we have severe anti- constitutional problems in this country than the people want to realize.

  72. With the attitude that this 6 year old’s parents have toward our government (imperfect as it may be) AND our country, this kid is going to turn out to be another law breaking young man on his way to a life sentence in prison!!!!

  73. sounds like the loser mommy is raising a little loser , maybe if they dont like it here they should leave , maybe they shouldnt get anything free – send her a bill for the school. hopefully they arent getting food stamps or welfare either

  74. Another case of liberal parents teaching their child how to hate.

  75. Moma and daddy told this child to do this. It is not hard to figure out. Oh Lord, he will have kids upon kids one day. We will never be able to get rid of the Dems. It is a cycle of dead brains.

  76. Like a first grader knows how our government works or even what it is. This is something his parents taught him.

  77. Moma and daddy told him to do this. It is not hard to figure this out! The snowflakes won’t get it, but the rest of us do. They can’t figure out a dern thing. All they know to do is lie, protest, cheat, and steal. I bet Moma and daddy don’t work either. They have plenty of time to indoctrinate him.

  78. Some one has brain washed this brat, he sure didn’t come up with this on his own!

  79. Sounds like someone’s brainwashing this little communist.

  80. Sounds like you need to get butt paddling

  81. WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TO???? A STUPID 1st grader sounding like a quarterback for San Francisco. It is a sad day when KIDS mimic some STUPID grown up.

  82. Get with the program, guys. This is settled law. It was settled back in the 50’s and 60’s when Seventh Day Adventists, Amish, and other religious groups would not recite the pledge because it contradicted their “strong beliefs.” Even mainstream groups supported the suits. The Pledge of Allegiance is not mandatory.

    • That is true, but this has nothing to dobwith religon. This is a 6 year old protesting. The only thing a 6 year old should ptotest is his parents tearing his little butt up for misbehaving in school

      • No American can be required to say the Pledge Of Allegiance. That’s the law. The US is today and hopefully always will be a democracy, where law rules. The pledge of allegiance was originally written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a socialist magazine writer. When he wrote it for a children’s magazine, he also described a salute that he thought would be appropriate during its recital. During WWII the salute became a problem. As it resembled closely the Nazi salute. So it was changed and in some cases dropped altogether. Also, many schools and cities after WWII dropped the pledge from formal ceremonies. It reminded many of Nazism, Hitler, and the destruction of WWII. It was only during the paranoid 50’s that it was brought back as a propaganda tool. It was protested by many. Particularly churches, the military, and those concerned with Constitutional rights. You are on the wrong side of this discussion. To take the position you have, you must favor fascism over democracy. Is this you?

        • I dont care about all those facts that no one else even knows. That is not what any of this means to anyone because no one else knows. If a child cannot be brought up loving and respecting this country, then what is the point? Why have all of us fought and many died? This is not a pledge to nazism, facism, republicans, democrats or the devil. It is just supposed to teach children that, though it is not perfect, this is still the best country in the world. I truly believe that and was willing to give my life for this country and ALL of it’s people, lucky for me it just didnt work out that way. Yes, i take offence to anyone that puts her down. We all know ‘ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNYRY CAN DO FOR YOU…’ I wonder how many children today know of this or what is truly means to be American, black, white, native, or anything else. I am proud of what i am and so should all Americans. That is me.

          • I’m proud to be an American. But I also recognize that the US was set up to be a nation in which pledging loyalty to the flag, or President, or military would not ever be required. Anyone could live and work in the US so long as they obeyed the laws and did not commit treason (as defined in the law). This was really tested during WWII and the Cold War. I thought we were beyond this problem. But apparently not. Now, of course this doesn’t mean that all citizens accept this view of citizenship.

  83. Anyone want to make a bet that his parents don’t work? They are the only ones who have time to indoctrinate this kid while the rest are working. Mom and dad are all in on this. This kid has no idea about our government. He has been taught by dearest mom and dearest dad! You don’t think they could be snowflakes do you!?

  84. Do he and his mother realize what they are “protesting” are the American Citizen? If he can not say the pledge because he doesn’t believe in the United States and all she stands for, then he and his family should leave this country and move to one they can believe in.

  85. After these comments there is no hope for America only the rich.

  86. Robert M Stach Sr

    “He was doing it to protest the government of the United States, as it
    was racist, greedy, and does not care about people,” says the family’s
    lawyer. What six year old knows anything about racism , or the government ? ONLY WHAT HIS OR HER MOMMY AND DADDY WHO PREACH THESE , CAN TEACH A SIX YEAR OLD HOW TO HATE !

  87. The first thing is to discipline the young man, and then punish his stupid mother. If she feels that she has it so fucking bad in this country, why not leave? I think I know quite a few people that would help her pack. This is another problem in the classroom. The first problem is liberal teachers.

  88. Simple,let he and his parents leave this baaad Country.

  89. Everyone knows the govt is MEAN, they MAKE you go to school,get an education so you can take care of YOURSELF when you grow up. Oh wait. Maybe his mom & (dad??) are teaching him the govt owes him a living for doing nothing.

  90. “He was doing it to protest the government of the United States, as it
    was racist, greedy, and does not care about people,” says the family’s

    Racist? Tell that to the millions of immigrants who came here over the years.
    Greedy? Take a look at the Benefit Programs across this country.
    Doesn’t Care About People? Who is the first country to respond to a catastrophe around the world?

    Racist- Countries in the Middle East.
    Greedy-Dictators, Kings, Communist leaders.
    Doesn’t Care About People-that would be countries run by those mentioned above.

    I will gladly begin a site on the net for raising the money to send this woman who is obviously using this child to her own ends, for her and her family and relatives to leave this country for:
    N. Korea
    Any of the 50 Major Muslim countries

    All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Time for all good men and women to take back our country.

  91. As the teacher in that classroom, I would have sent a note home with the student, requesting a parent-teacher conference.
    You know that the views “recited” by the child were definitely not his, but those of his parent/parents. I feel badly for the youngster, as the whole experience now has gone too far. He has no idea what he is protesting, has no idea what the government is, and his being hauled in and out of the classroom is likely to instill in him a real resentment for the “government” in the future.
    The parent/s are the true culprits here, but now the first grader has become a ping-pong-ball-in-play between the parents and the attorneys ignorant enough to take the case, and his school experience which has been clouded.
    I think a better handling of the situation, until the parent can mature in their reasoning, would be to simply have the child step outside into the hall (on the other side of the door), while the class recites the Pledge of Allegiance. Chances are, that after a couple days he would decide to participate on his own accord.
    Radical Leftists are usually under-informed individuals who find it necessary to jump onto “someone’s bandwagon”, just because it’s there —even when going in the wrong direction.

  92. Why should any little child have to bow in obeisance to some power structure he knows not of? There is plenty of time to make up his mind when he has reached adult status

  93. Brain washed at an early age by his brain dead mother. Possibly practicing to become a future jihadist.

  94. Seems like everything we think we have scraped the bottom of the barrel, something like this comes along and we find people scraping up the splinters on the bottom of the barrel.

    Only the ACLU (i like the old meaning of the acronym: “Association of Crying Liberal Underachievers”) would take a case like this. Flaming Nut Jobs!

  95. Kill his parents. They are at fault here.

  96. Does anybody really believe this first grader thought of this on his own. I would bet he was put up to his by his mother.

  97. These parents need to be horsewhipped for robbing this child of his innocence and plying him with hate against people who have done him no wrong. I feel sorry for this child for he will never know the freedom of thinking for himself.

  98. Maybe they could join Kap for a one-way flight (to Tehran).

  99. Andrew Showalter

    Who ever wrote this article obviously doesn’t know the pledge. I believe that it says, “I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands.” So how is pledging the flag not pledging the government ?

  100. This kid is only 6 years old. And in the 1st grade. How in the world would he know about the Constitution and anything besides that huh? He wouldn’t is the answer. He has been brainwashed by the mother and father. That family is a bunch of Morons. They don’t deserve to live in the USA. And should be deported back to The Muslim countries where they can live there and find out how terrible they are. And should be happy to live in the United States. It shows they have brainwashed this kid. And are all Stupid. Especially the Parents.

    • A friend of mine in college had a younger sister who had started and published an underground newspaper. My friend’s mother was a major peace activist in the Chicago area. The school called her in to discuss her daughter. When the mother arrived the principal exclaimed that her daughter had started an illegal underground newspaper. So her mother asked what the concern was. Was her spelling bad? Was her grammar bad? The poor principal was talking at completely cross purposes about an underground paper while the mother seemed pleased that her daughter was not doing anything bad or hurtful but was taking positive initiative.

  101. Is someone trying to make a quick buck?

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