First Grader Won’t Say Pledge, Says He’s “Protesting the Government”

God save us from little kids with political opinions.

We wholeheartedly encourage parents to share their values and beliefs with their children, but is there anyone out there who really cares what a six-year-old has to say about the current political situation? Nothing against kids, but at that age, you simply don’t have the knowledge, critical thinking skills, or life experience to develop an opinion that needs to be taken seriously. And if little Johnny’s political beliefs (read: a mental recording of his parents’ political beliefs) lead him to disobey his teachers, then something has gone horribly awry.

But when it comes to Jamie Porter’s first-grader, things are even worse than that. The Indiana mother is actually FILING A LAWSUIT against her son’s elementary school administrators. Why? Because her kid decided that he was not going to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. And the lawsuit helpfully explains why he thought that was a good idea.

“He was doing it to protest the government of the United States, as it was racist, greedy, and does not care about people,” says the family’s lawyer.

Urrgh, that moment when you suddenly have a splitting headache out of nowhere…

From Fox News:

After hearing the student’s reason, the teacher, Kelly McFarland, then took the student out of the classroom and to the principal’s office. Principal Mary Beth Harris was told what happened and the student was taken back to class 20 minutes later, according to the lawsuit. Later in the day, however, Harris took the boy out of class and had him “practice” how to recite the pledge.

“She told him that they were going to ‘practice’ how to do the Pledge of Allegiance and she made him recite the Pledge with her,” the lawsuit alleged.

The suit adds that the student “was extremely upset at this treatment by his teacher and the principal as he was made to feel that he had done something terribly wrong and was in trouble.”

What kind of fly-by-night, ramshackle law office actually took this case? Oh, the ACLU? Well, that just about makes sense.

Not only should this lawsuit be dismissed, child protective services should investigate exactly what this mom is teaching her child. It sounds like she’s trying to raise a terrorist. And someone should explain to both of them that pledging allegiance to the flag is not pledging allegiance to the “government.” And if they still don’t get it – if they still feel that America as an institution is “racist and doesn’t care about people,” then perhaps we can find them somewhere more comfortable to live.

Tehran is nice this time of year…

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