First Elected Republican Comes Out in Favor of Clinton

Several Republican lawmakers have expressed doubt as to whether they will cast a ballot for Donald Trump in November, but House Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) is the first to say he will be voting for Hillary Clinton instead.

Hanna, a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus, has a history of supporting gay marriage, opposing cuts to Planned Parenthood, and encouraging women to donate to Democrats. In other words, he’s a liberal in Republican clothing. Still, his denouncement of Trump is likely to give the mainstream media plenty to crow about over the next couple of days.

Hanna came out for Hillary in an op-ed published in a Syracuse newspaper this week. In the article, he said Trump was “profoundly offensive and narcissistic but as much as anything, a world-class panderer, anything but a leader.”

“I do not expect perfection,” the congressman wrote, “but I do require more than the embodiment of at least a short list of the seven deadly sins.”

Hanna said that while he disagreed with Clinton on several issues, those disagreements would not keep him from supporting her candidacy.

“Secretary Clinton has issues that depending on where one stands can be viewed as great or small,” he wrote. “But she stands and has stood for causes bigger than herself for a lifetime. That matters. Mrs. Clinton has promoted many of the issues I have been committed to over the years including expanding education and supporting women’s health care.”

Seeing the course of this election as it has played out thus far, Hanna will probably not be the last Republican in Congress to come out in favor of Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, though, this will not be a significant trend. Hopefully, Republican establishment leaders will not miss the stark message they received from the voters in the primaries; the message that says, in no uncertain terms: STOP GIVING IN TO THE DEMOCRATS AND START LISTENING TO YOUR CONSERVATIVE BASE!

If not, this election is going to have deeper ramifications for the GOP than who gets control of the White House. For many voters, 2016 is the last attempt to rescue this party from the clutches of RINOs who care more about their cushy country club than the will of the American people. If the establishment rigs this thing against their own nominee, there will be hell to pay.

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