Firefighters With Concealed Carry Permits Stop Tragedy

Two firefighters with concealed carry permits may have prevented a tragedy in New Holland, Wisconsin last Tuesday.

According to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, two of their officers responded to a call on May 5th. Shots fired at Station 2 of the New Holland Fire Department. When deputies arrived, firefighters had detained a man named Chad Barker. They told police that Barker had come to the station, got out of his car, and began firing his gun into the air and pointing it in the direction of the firefighters. At least one of them decided that he wasn’t going to wait around for a bizarre situation to turn deadly.

“I came out of the office, saw the man with the gun, told everybody to leave out the back quickly, that there was a man in the parking lot with a gun, and I was not kidding,” said Gary Knoll, a West Holland firefighter with a concealed weapons permit. He and another firefighter with a permit headed out front with their guns drawn. They were able to convince Barker to lay down his weapon, at which point Knoll got the gun away from the assailant.

Police arrested Barker on charges of Pointing and Presenting a Firearm and set his bond at $20,000. Neither the charges nor the bond sat well with Knoll, who is concerned that Barker is a menace to the community as well as his fellow firemen. “He’s a hazard to everyone here,” Knoll told local reporters. “We can’t possibly think about going to a fire call without having to worry about whether this guy’s standing in a tree stand somewhere with a high power rifle.”

How much jail time Barker winds up serving remains to be seen, but in the meantime we have another example of why concealed carry is not the American boogeyman that so many pretend it is. How many people would Barker have killed had he not been stopped? How would the news reports read if no one at Station 2 had been armed?

Of course, stories like this one never get the traction they deserve. They never wind up featured on the national news. They come and go quietly, rarely leading to any reasonable discussion about the flip side of gun control. Is it because people aren’t interested in stories that don’t end in bloodshed? Or is it because it conveys a message that doesn’t fit the narrative?

Liberals claim that more people are killed by their own guns than are saved by heroes like Knoll. Even assuming that’s true – and with the way they manipulate statistics, that’s not a wise assumption – is it not every American’s right to defend themselves? Shouldn’t it be up to the Gary Knolls of the world to decide whether or not it’s worth the risk?

The great American gun debate is far from over, but it’s a safe bet that it’s settled at Station 2 in New Holland, Wisconsin.

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  1. It showz how desperate you are wen you need to post week old stale storyz that dont even help your case.

    • Patriots have to post these….the anti-American “press” does not. I would not have know this other than this alert……..what planet you on??? Planet DC, Detroit or Chicago?? Oh…OK

    • You’re as brain dead as jamesowens. Please read comments directed at him so we don’t have to waste time with YOU.

      • itty biity wit – you make no statement – no opinion-no idea -no facts- nothing original you just mouth catch phrases you picked up from fox. you are the waste of time as you have no wits to battle with

        • independent thinker

          You describe yourself very well. You offer nothing other than talking points straight from moms against guns and other Bloomberg sponsored anti gun groups.

        • I’d rather be a “no” wit than a “nitwit” like you. No ideas, no opinions no facts, and nothing original should ever be wasted on the brain dead liberal socialist communist dumbocraps like you. You don’t have the metal acuity to understand them, so I’ll save mine for something or someone worthwhile.

          That’s enough said to you – GOOD BYE!

  2. I am responsible for my safety and my family’s safety regardless of what the geniuses behind the law decree!

    If you stand still in New Jersey, you can hear it suck!

    • Gregg the voice of reason

      Long Island too

    • …..with the biggest sucker governing the state!!!

    • That’s the wind whistling thru the liberal assholes of NYS and CUNMO!

    • Can’t here a thing over here in CA. Liberals have created a vacuum, sound no longer travels..

    • Michael Dennewitz

      My room mate is a retired CSI detective from Atlantic City – motorcycles. He left a few hours ago for Tuckerton. Gonna be a snowbird. Here in the winter, there in summer. That man has told me some really “hairy” stories about Jersey.. LOL

    • So true! Hate being in this state of NJ – don’t feel safe!

      • I whole heatedly feel sorry for you! I was born in NJ ( cape may) & only been back for boot camp. Any time I travel I go out of my way thru Penn ,& avoid that state like the plaque!! Sucks if I want to move I’ll have to figure out a round about route around mass hole, NY,CT,NJ MD etc until I’m in gun friendly States,!!! Move to Maine!! Not southern Maine which is over ridden with Out of state Libtsrdsc& Demorats but north & NE maine!!;open carry is law & they are passing Constitutional carry now. ( if you have never shot at least take s class) but its s gun friendly state same as NH ( passing constitutional carry) VT has never ever requiredva permit to ccw,. Come up for a vacation. You will like it ( accept the over 100″ of snow last winter ughh!!

    • I’m so glad I live in Texas.

      • Wished I did! & congrats on the passage of open carry with pistols,! My state its legal to open carry but need a CCA to cover your weapon. Just passed the house ,& senate that we don’t need a çcw ( constitutional carry bill) just waiting for one last thing then the Gov will sign into law. I’m 18 Ur DHS ,FD& EMT so I know the laws & how to shoot & when you can & can’t, good luck with your new law! Keep up the fight against the anti- gun scared nutters

        • Thank you! Believe me in Texas, no one will get our guns away from us. It is as much a part of a Texan as their hats and something even stronger – the spirit of Texas. It’s something you can’t see but you sure can feel it when you’re around it. We are almost at the point where it is time to lock and load.

          • Sorry took so long to respond but I agree with you 100%

          • It’s okay and it’s nice to hear when someone agrees with me. I think it will be WWIII.

          • Oh I wholeheartedly agree! Wished I wasn’t so Isolated. Because of those of like mindedness could / should band together!! Also watch out for swatting by Bloomturd & his underling idiots calling 911 & lying putting law abiding gun owners lives at risk & innoc3nt bystanders at risk too. Should be a law enacted to charge them! My state is open carry & in October it goes yo Constitutional carry! & Bloomturd & moms demand action are dumping millions to get it reversed 9n the Nov ballot. They need more stories like yours instead they cherry pick gun stories to fit their lying needs

          • And I agree with you. I am lucky enough to live in Texas where guns are part of your outfit you wear. And we do have open carry.

          • Open CCW with long guns or pistols ? We are luckily one of the LAST N.E states to have open with no permit for both long guns & pistols & thank GOD! We have some level heads in our state Capitol and thank you to them they finally passed a permit less CCW bill which goes into effect the 14th of Oct. & now instead if open carry & at the mercy of those half wits Moms demand action ! Who are harrasing open carriers with Swatting calls to 911 to try & intimidate or discourage those of us who open carry now we can exrecize our true 2nd amendments rights outside our homes without having to pay for some damn permit. I’ve been a victim of Swatting & pissed me off because it was a summer vacationer from one of the commie anti- gun NE states

          • We do have CCW here in Texas but it is not hard to get one. I already had a gun from 1982 but got rid of it when my grandkids spent a lot of time at my house. Now I need to get a new one but need to take the class first. My first gun class was by a police officer in Deer Park where I worked. He taught a group of the female workers at Shell Oil because many of them were either single or husbands worked nights. But I do believe every household should be armed with what is coming with obama’s bringing in thousands and thousands of syrian muslims (many of them are most likely ISIS). We just have to ignore these idiots who are so against legal Americans having guns to protect themselves (and others).

          • CCW laws are unconstitutional & in violation of the 2nd Amendment. Lock, load and carry!

          • Love Texas!! My kinda place & my kinda women!!

      • God Bless Tejas.!! Oh, and Arizona.

  3. try to make a hero of the firemen with guns but overlook the fact that the problem was another nut with a gun — erase problem =erase need

    • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

      james you are an idiot!!

      • was the matter c6 dipwad logic too much for your lil pea brain– firemen are already heros – trying to milk that fact to promote guns is childish – the fact remains there was a nut with a gun that was the problem eliminate the gun or the nut no problem firemen still heros

        • Please see above comment – it is explicitly for YOU and YOUR ILK.

        • The definition of a gun nut is an armed liberal.

          • Yes it is and it’s been proven.

          • Then you have a lot to be worried about – since pundits are now suggesting that the US military is far more prone to lean liberal, than conservative – as it has been historical.
            That was inevitable. The bulk of those conscripted come from poorer families. They get an education and begin to see the truth about bigotry and prejudice. And their traditional champions, the Republican party – has been backtracking any kind of compensation increase or badly needed veteran increases now for some years.

          • The military is starting to lean liberal because Obama fires any general that disagrees with him, sort of a fixed horse race. As far as the veterans go, maybe the democrats should start working with the republicans. The current mess we have is because they don’t work together and Obama runs the country like it’s a monarchy.

          • That is an outrageous lie. Obama removed a number of Generals for betraying their military codes.

          • What the hell does a community organizer know about military codes? It was the generals who disagreed with his policies. Look what they’re doing to Menendez.

          • Obama almost certainly acted on the advice of his military command and the Chief of General Staff.

          • Mike with the Silver Star

            That is BS…

          • Mike with the Silver Star

            Obama is the dictator in chief….

          • Really! So you think that the Pentagon is on a permanent vacation ?

          • lol lol lol I can’t help it when you post. lol lol lol

          • Maybe laying off the moonshine would help ?

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            No one is being “conscripted” into the armed forces in this country, haven’t been for a long time now. The military draft ended in 1973, but ALL males must still register for draft when they reach their 18th birthday.

          • Yes, I should have used the word enlisted, However, once you have enlisted you are effectively conscripted as you cannot resign.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Conscript, def: “(1) to enroll for compulsory service in the armed forces; draft. (2) to force into service for the government.”
            Neither part of the definition (Webster’s New World Dictionary) fits what you amy think conscripted means. To be conscripted means to be forced to work for the government involuntarily. Enlisting in the armed forces on your own accord, even if you cannot leave whenever you want to, does not make it conscription.

          • Yes Clay, I can read too. I already explained myself regarding conscription.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            So that makes your explanation wrong!

          • The use of conscripted versus enlisted is nothing to do with the point at hand.
            The point I am making is that the bulk of army personnel have wised up to the pseudo patriotism spewed by Republicans. It started when Bush sent them off to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan with vehicles unprotected from IEDs. And a lack of care and consideration for Veterans has got so bad that they are dependent upon charity in many cases.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Ok, so that’s your point, fine. My point is that words and language have specific meaning and in order for communication to happen and to properly convey your point, words must be used in their proper context. Simple, no?

      • Please! When you call jamesowens an idiot, you insult idiots. He is so brain dead that he thinks all criminals and nut cases will just run right into the police station and give up their guns. We’ve seen how well that works in the limitless gun “buy back” campaigns sponsored by other brain dead liberal socialist communist democrats – the criminals turn in inoperable guns and use the money to buy good ones.
        All criminal dictator despots such as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Dong, etc. etc. etc. knew that in order to control the population you had to disarm them. That is their aim – gain control by disarming the public.

      • James H. Humphrey

        With all the idiots, we’ll need guns f o r e v e r !

    • The PROBLEM was the ‘nut’,…not the gun. That ‘logic’ also says spoons make you fat.

      • I really like that one, hey James maybe you can patent that spoon idea and sell it to Liberals, just print up a pile of moronic lies like they do about guns, of course don’t let them know you’re pro-gun.

      • agreed – but the NRA is the ones spending millions on lobbing to prevent screening for nuts before gun sales.

        • You CANNOT ASSUME someone is ‘nuts’ because they want to buy a gun legally. The leftist liberals, of course, assume ANYONE wanting a gun is nuts and always have. There are ALREADY laws in place restricting CONVICTED CRIMINALS and/or the mentally unstable from obtaining guns through LEGAL channels. Unless you want some sort of mental health test as a condition for gun purchases (A CLEARLY ILLEGAL invasion of privacy) Our laws are quite sufficient as it is. YOU dont want a gun?,..fine. Dont buy one. There now that wasnt so bad, was it? Problem solved. I for one have a LIFETIME gun permit as well as the US Constitution behind me.

          • James H. Humphrey

            Hey Indy. you are being baited by the liberal troll. I know it is fun to reply to their bait, but they just try to stir up agrivation, they make up data to satisfy their agenda.

          • I know, I know,…..I get this way when confronted by liberal idiocy. It just PISSES ME OFF!

        • Every time I buy a handgun I get a state and FBI background check, and I’ve passed them all. How many more hoops would you like gun owners to jump through? There are no good anti-gun arguments. I bet you could pass a background check, you’re a liberal.

          • 35 dead kindergardeners is a pretty good arguement for me

          • That’s 20, done by Adam Lanza using his mother’s weapons since he could have passed a background check, it was his liberal mother’s fault for not locking up her weapons. Then there’s James Holmes, the Colorado theatre shooter. He was at Occupy San Diego, and he was also was an Obama campaign volunteer. You guys are nuts!

          • keep goin you can win my arguement for me nummy give us 50-100- or a thousand more examples were the mass murder wasnt the guns fault it was any type nut that somehow managed to get a gun dont care who the nut job is or what political offiliation thay have can you use your brain long enough to figure out what the common denominator is that allows these whackos to become mass murderers. heres a clue they go bang bang bang

          • So if I stab you it’s the knifes fault? LOL! Do you know where mass murder happens every year? Chicago, Cleveland, DC, New Orleans and Detroit. Do you know what those cities have in common? The highest murder rates and the toughest gun laws proving gun laws don’t work. Why? Do you think that any of those gang bangers went through background checks? Like I said, there are no good anti-gun arguments #YouLose.

          • you sir are either deliberatly avoiding the gist of the debate or too ignorant to understand a valid point in either case you are to stupid to continue to waste my time with

          • I see you have no comebacks except attempted insults. Here’s another fact, Pops. Most homes in Switzerland have firearms in their homes, and the Swiss have the lowest crime rate in the world. Let me break down some numbers for you, 60% of gun deaths are suicides. Now you’ll say that guns cause suicides. 60% of the remaining figure is inner-city gang bangers killing each other, no loss there. The rest of the number are justifiable killings by police and armed citizen. Our gun crime rate is actually low. You have no strong argument, just the same BS anti-gun rhetoric. 😎

          • James H. Humphrey

            You know, I could give you a loaded gun and have you put it in your pocket and you carry it for the rest of your life. IT will not kill anyone unless YOU take it out, point it at someone and then pull the trigger. YEAH, the gun is at fault, idoit – YOU pulled the freaking trigger, the gun did not pull it’s own trigger. That is so baic and yet you can not figure it out. Go figure.

          • James H. Humphrey

            If you (or jamesowens) did a little research you would find that all the school shootings were done by democrats or their parents were. The easy solution would be to outlaw any democrat from being in possession of a weapon. OK, some (but few) Democrats have their crap together, we’ll see what we can work out for youse guys (and gals).

          • Let us not forget that the liberal socialist communist dumbocraps like jamesowens are responsible for ALL the mass killings, especially in schools, because they are the ones who advocate for and push “gun free zones”.
            All a gun free zone does is invite the mass murderer wielding a gun in because they know there will be no one there to stop them.

            jamesowens and his ilk are little guppies who attempt to make themselves important by trying to take away someone else’s Constitutional rights. Pity them, but most of all and most effective – IGNORE THEM.

          • I mentioned that in my comment. Lanza, and Holmes are liberals, and the Columbine shooters came from liberal families. Liberalism is based on emotion, emotional people shouldn’t own firearms.

        • Mike with the Silver Star

          The NRA is against gun registration ,aka GUN CONFISCATION

    • jamesowens,
      I wish we could focus more on mental health. But we would rather fight over guns. Nevertheless, mental health in this country needs a TOTAL overhaul. That includes the mental health people themselves.

      • you are correct – congress cant even agree on health care let alone mental health care when rest of world has universal doner- too much lobbing money being spread in washington by billionaire insurance mogols

        • jamesowens,
          Anytime you have a situation dependent on the stock market, profit always takes precedent over quality of service. A fifteen minute session is worthless in medicine including mental health.

      • James H. Humphrey

        You have a good grasp on the problem and solution, oopppsss, congress missed the boat.

        • James,
          It might interest folks to know that the very conservative governor and legislators are beginning to get a grasp on this issue and are taking action. We have a lot yet to do but we have gotten started by creating some mental health facilities to deal with folks that suffer from them.

  4. The whackjob gunman is lucky the firemen exercised restraint with their guns. The gunman was a threat to the lives of the firemen thereby giving them lawful support to shoot him.

    • I will bet that if they knew how low the bond would be and that their is a good chance all he will get is a slap on the wrists from some liberal judge, they would have needed the ME instead.

    • I agree! They had more than enough reason to drop that but. But you forget that FF are a different breed than cops, FF save lives & all life is sacred, if it had been cops on scene 1st that that but would be on a slab. They showed excellent restraint. I’m pissed about the low stuff theiberal judge gave him & I guarantee that their will be guns in their engine in future responses to protect themselves

  5. SouthernPatriot

    If I were a fireman, I would have a CCP. I am not a fireman, nor in law enforcement but I actively assist my neighbors and family members to all have CCPs. Even our local public high school principal offered to his staff, and teachers a reduced cost required program to qualify for the state CCP and then offered to pay that small fee if that became any burden to anyone.

  6. to Jo 753-Unfortunately, your comment is no more accurate than your spelling!

  7. Firefighters – who are among the most drilled first responders to disaster, are perhaps the most qualified to carry weapons. I have no problem with this – although generally I think that most people with carry permits are untrained and a danger to themselves and innocent bystanders,

    • THE MOST ‘dangerous’ are the ones that ‘can’t wait’ and look forward to….using their weapons!!!
      The mature person carries a firearm the same as he/she does an insurance policy, hoping & praying NEVER to have to use it!!!

    • James H. Humphrey

      I wish that I had saved the DATA, collected from all LEO reports that were in the files. Thes report flately stated that the number of firearm incidents reported, less that .001 percent were from persons that held a concealed carry permit. It that shows that one – persons with permits do got commit criminal acts and that they are also properly trained, otherwise the would go out and shoot their feet or something else off. Of course anti-gun persons, if they can not find data to support their claim, they just make up their own, anything to support disarmament at any cost. They have nothing sustainative to do but stir up hate and discontenment, most have not even seen a real weapon must less held one in their own hands. You want to talk about stuff you don’t have a clue about, and when you call them out, all of a sudden they are expert shots and been in a battle, in your dreams -you call it a nightmare and are frightened about anything for the rest of their lives. OMG, it’s a gun, the sky is falling, guns are horrible – what you see is your own reflection in a mirrow – yep – pretty horrible thing you are looking at.

  8. Nothing wrong with concealed carry permits. They don’t make you a monster. Not sure why liberals hate to have people capable of defending themselves.

    • independent thinker

      If you can defend yourself then it is much more difficult to make you a subject (slave) of the state.

      • Arming the ignorant mind with a lethal weapon – is a recipe for total disaster.

        • independent thinker

          Obviously you and jamesowens should never have access to firearms then.

          • I have no need to carry a weapon, although I can tell you that I am a very good shot and was captain of my school shooting team. I find that martial arts is a far more effective way of keeping the peace in a crowded city.

          • James H. Humphrey

            Until you run up against someone who is as good as or better than you, when he starts kicking your butt (assuming you didn’t start it), you’ll be wishing you had something that goes bang, oooppsss, there I go again, replying to a troll.

          • independent thinker

            ” I find that martial arts is a far more effective way of keeping the peace in a crowded city.”
            I am sure you have shared that information with your local gendarmes and they have given up their firearms in favor of martial arts.

          • LOL good reply

          • independent thinker


          • ..Excellent!

          • That works Morty! IF YOU CAN GET CLOSE ENOUGH to your opponent. When there’s more than one, or you are surrounded, Then what? Beg for help? I’ll use my common sense to not get into a situation or I’ll use my weapon if I have to, and ONLY if I have to!
            That Sir, is called preparedness! I’ll carry mine. And if by chance I see YOU being assaulted, I may just come to your defense.

          • How’s your martial arts at stopping a 9mm or .40 or .45 bullet?
            Yeah, I thought so. Fool.

          • Lets put i like this, old man. If someone pulls a gun on you and you are taken by surprise (which is almost always the case) it really doesn’t matter what you are packing because the will almost certainly be dead before you could even react.

        • And not allowing the honest citizens to defend themselves is also a recipe for wolves.
          “When seconds count, just Dial 9-1-1, the police are only minutes away”

          • There is no evidence that carrying a weapon has done anything to deter crime. But there is a mountain of evidence that most gun owners are woefully untrained to use them – and thus we see tragedies almost on a daily basis.

          • James H. Humphrey

            Seems to me that you are posting and never read the article AND what evidence are you talking about, all the evidence I have EVER seen is totally different from what you seem to believe you know about, quiet sure it is totally from the anti-gun crowd. Sorry, I forgot, you are a posting troll, please forgive me, we all know you arn’t worth a reply. Won’t happen again.

          • independent thinker

            Provide us some of that mountain of evidence giving your sources and/or links to it.

          • You sir are a liar. Every thing is not recorded somewhere so you can pull up the info, Just because you can’t see something, does not mean it does not exist. That’s just plain stupid sonny. ” I can’t see AIR but i know i’m breathing it.” You’re reading from the liars playbook. Return it to the library and check out the truth.

          • In the real world, you must support a claim with real evidence. But voodoo facts seem to be popular when ideological fools like you can’t find any.

          • How many deaths have “GUN FREE ZONE” signs saved?

          • “:Gay looking?” Are you a top or a bottom?

          • Read up! Guns are used over 2.1 million times a year to deter crime & save lives

        • Best case scenario for you ma’am would be to flash your attackers with your fake boobage and then run while they were trying to recover from a case of boobdaze.

      • That is the real reason of the Second Amendment. To keep a balance of power between the elected officials that we give power to and the People that allow themselves to be governed.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I have one, and my 9mm goes everywhere with me.:-))

    • steve crawford

      What is wrong that people like the nut will receive a slap on the wrist,and the anti gun groups will use this incident why firearms should be outlawed. Firearms should not be able to purchased through the internet or at Gun Shows without a permit of CHL. Jail sentences should be consistent in ALL COURTS for crimes committed with a firearm. Any felon that is caught with a firearms should receive hard time and a lengthy jail time. When the NRA agree on these suggestions, MAYBE law abiding gun owners will be able to have a CHL that will be valid in ALL States.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        Stevie, your ignorance is showing, it is not possible to purchase firearms over the internet without going through a FFL dealer where a background check is mandatory. The NRA DOES support strong sentences for felons caught using firearms in the commission of a crime, and convicted felons carrying firearms is a crime. Finally, for the record… what’s is a CHL?

        • James H. Humphrey

          Just saying…..guessing…..CHL Concealed Handgun License … beats me. I do know that different states call them by different names. like here….CCW.. Concealed Carry Weapon permit. Would be nice if all 50 states (57 if you like Obama) would normalize and once you got yours that it would be honored in all 50 states, have a federal data base. Of course if that happends, you can be sure the feds would have the data base and try to use it to collect weapons if/when martial law is imposed.

      • Can’t do that already, you have been mislead by anti gun nuts.

  9. I would much rather be judged by 12 than carried to the grave by 6.

    • That makes you a threat. You probably would rather be at risk on your feet than live on your knees.

      • I would only consider myself a threat to those that would try to do harm to my loved ones… I am on my knees every morning before God… Well, to be truthful, most always I lie face down before my God.

  10. I have concluded Liberals, and other of that ilk, are really afraid to protect themselves and family. Those big dollar boys trying to take guns have armed bodyguards. And the POTUS has the stupid Secret Service. Take his protection away now and his tune will change.

  11. Laws and policies which don’t allow the use of your gun in a threatening situation are asinine.

    If you have justification to draw your firearm you have justification to use it and if you use it you should shot to kill.

    The police aren’t there to protect you, they’re there to protect the criminal who is an asset to the livelihood of both the police community and the lawyers community. Laws and policies written by lawyers all reflect that.

    This planet is overpopulated and still growing and there is no need to try to salvage any person who has broken the law.

    • You are really pretty sick in your confusion.

      • So what’s the confusion and what’s sick about it?

        • If you can’t work that out yourself – you need to seek advice from a professional.

          • If one of us needs to see a professional I would say it was you. I stated my position but all you’ve done so far is the equivalent of name calling.

        • People are NOT disposable commodities.

          • People are Not but criminals definitely ARE, especially when they’re caught and don’t want to go peacefully. Is there a niche somewhere in civilization that requires criminals and is in need of more of them?

            When I was young, citizens could perform a Citizen’s Arrest on a criminal he caught in the act and use deadly force if need be to maintain that arrest. Of course back then running from a policeman wasn’t a cultural trait, it was an admission of guilt to some crime that was worth risking a bullet in your back to escape from. High speed chases with gunfire were not terribly unusual.

            In those days it was safe for women and children to walk outside unaccompanied even after dark. Further back in the times of the Asian Khans it was legendary that a naked virgin could carry a pot of gold from Samarkand to eastern China unmolested on the Khan’s Road.

  12. We need more states to join “will issue” practices for concealed carry and begin a reciprocity for concealed carry among all states. This is needed now more than ever. We live in an increasingly dangerous environment. The police cannot respond in the often critical moment when our lives are being threatened.

  13. While some “liberals” may also claim that the earth is flat, the shape of the earth doesn’t change, nor do the facts of other situations.

  14. I will protect My Family any way I have to Or any body around that is in danger



    What amazes me, is that some liberals have degrees in Nuke science, and they are still too stupid to realize that the police can’t get there in time to help them, when someone breaks in or threatens their family.

  17. Story ended as it should – threat disabled, perp detained, nobody killed. That almost never happens.

  18. Too bad we can not carry without the permission (permit) of our government. We should be able to carry at anytime and not pay a permit fee or get the governments permission. The Constitution says we have that right and it does not say anything about “but first you have to pay a tax/fee and get permisssion”. Some states are getting back to the right to open carry and conceal carry without a permit. Good for them. It is the only logical way to go, if we are to stay free and be able to protect ourselves.

  19. I will protect my right to defense. The liberal DICKtators will not only, keep me from living life on my own terms. They will also refrain from infringing on what I deem necessary to carry that out!

  20. Maybe the dude was trying for “suicide by fireman”? I don’t know why they just didn’t shoot the dip and be done with it. Saves the taxpayers thousands!

  21. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    You personally are your first line of defense. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Ret. LEO

  22. Guns are used over 2.1 million times a year in self defense!! Look it up! The MSM only reports bloodshed & not about people defending themselves, family, homes etc, look it up

  23. The right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” US Constitution, 2nd Amendment, the main obstacle to a leftist dictatorship. Lock and load.

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