Finally, a Theory on Russian Meddling That Actually Makes Sense

In a terrific piece of analysis this week, FrontPage Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield put together some of the pieces of the Russian interference puzzle in a new way that actually fits much better than the Trump/Putin conspiracy theories we’ve been hearing for the last year and a half. In a theory of the Russian case that you’re not likely to ever hear from the mainstream media, Greenfield posits that Russia’s government hackers were less interested in helping Trump than they were in pushing forward the ideology and candidacy of socialist Bernie Sanders.

“Russiagate’s fervent conspiracy theorists spin an unlikely scenario in which Moscow had picked Trump early on, and then abandoned him in a crowded field against 16 candidates, while assuming that he would naturally triumph,” Greenfield writes. “Instead of leaking Jeb Bush’s campaign emails or Marco Rubio’s, they bided their time and waited to release Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s and John Podesta’s emails. That’s not a plan to help Trump win. It is a plan to take over the DNC.”

Greenfield points out the well-reported but under-analyzed facts of the Russian meddling. They weren’t out there putting up pro-NRA memes. They were promoting causes like Black Lives Matter and the Indian pipeline protests; situations that have barely been on the Trump radar, much less a concentrated block of the conservative focal point. These are leftist issues meant to drive a wedge between the “moderate” Democrats like Hillary Clinton and the “progressive” (read: Communist-friendly) leftists who sided with Bernie Sanders and Friends. And everything else they did, from their social media postings to their hack of the DNC, fits the same pattern.

“Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the USSR,” Greenfield writes. “It’s hard to find a Marxist dictatorship backed by Russia that the elderly socialist hasn’t praised and supported at the expense of our national interests. Bernie praised Castro, he supported the Sandinistas, and his foreign policy was little more than a KGB wish list.

“Is it really farfetched to believe that a lefty politician, who had a history of visiting and supporting Communist and Marxist countries, and their agendas, didn’t receive some support from Moscow?” he asks.

The first round of Mueller indictments against the Russian troll farms specified that the social media posters were just as interested in supporting Bernie as they were Trump. But somehow, the media didn’t have a lot of interest in tracking down that extraordinary finding. So far, we haven’t found anyone in the legacy press accusing Bernie Sanders and the socialist wing of the Democratic Party of “colluding” with Russia.

In a sea of nonsensical theories about what Russia was trying to accomplish in 2016, Greenfield has a case that strikes us as not only plausible, but probable. But since it doesn’t allow the media to bash Trump up one side and down the other, we’re sure it is a theory that will remain unexplored.



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