Few Americans Expect Economically Bright Future

For all the claims the president has made about the miraculous job he did dragging us out of the Great Recession, Americans have a dim view of the economic future awaiting the next generation. According to a new poll commissioned by insurance provider Haven Life, only 1 in 8 Americans believe the next generation will have more financial security than they do. Additionally, only 1 in 5 respondents felt that the next generation would have a better quality of life.

The poll shows once again a nation that has been besieged with pessimism. Unfortunately, there are very good reasons for that pessimism. Regulations and restrictions on the economy have made it extraordinarily difficult for small businesses to get off the ground. Obamacare mandates have had a shrinking effect on the full-time job market. Illegal immigration threatens to take the bottom out of the employment ladder. And one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world is sending major corporations in search of foreign ownership.

“There are certain economic realities that a lot of parents are facing in terms of difficulty making ends meet and struggling with their own financial challenges,” said Yaron Ben-Zvi, the CEO of Haven Life. “A lot of it is taking their own experience and projecting it forward and thinking their kids are going to be struggling with some of the same issues.”

Unfortunately, there is every reason to believe that the next generation will face a whole new set of financial challenges. As liberals push for higher minimum wages, businesses are going to start looking for technology solutions that can replace low-income workers. Those technological solutions are coming regardless of the minimum wage, but Democrats seem eager to speed up the process. Free college educations will erode the value of a degree to the point where it is meaningless. Nationalized healthcare and other socialist policies will subject the next generation to a crushing tax burden that will make it impossible to accumulate wealth. Without dramatic entitlement reform, “retirement” will be a luxury affordable only to the rich.

It’s grim.

Fortunately, that future does not need to take place. If we return to the principles of small government, privatize entitlements whenever practical, take the handcuffs off the economy, and roll back the gradual trend towards socialism, we may be able to pave the way for a bigger and better America. But any sober look at the path we are on cannot inspire much hope. Can we change course? Absolutely. Will we?

That’s another question.

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  1. 0bama and those in control of this Country are leading us into Socialism=Communism.

    Socialism is indeed grim for all those except the ones on the golf course. It is a form of slavery, it strips families of their dignity. You work for the state (Big Government), not for yourself.

    A socialist future is grim and depressing.

    The alternative is Capitalism…. Vote for the Tea Party. Small fiscally responsible government that follows the Constitution.

    Republicans = Capitalism
    Good ol boy Republicans = socialism
    Democrats = Socialism

    • ROFL MAHB001?? Are you aware that the Republicans are in CONTROL? Do YOU remember that the GOP said THAT THEY WILL VOTE NO to any Bills from the White House sent to the House Floor? I find it so amusing that doing the Obama Presidency that many White bigots have use the words “socialism & communism” and are now experts on US Constitution since 2008. All you white dissenting fools keep voting for the incumbents and expecting changes, and the Blacks don’t vote, but still hope for positive changes.
      Politicians are like diapers, whey they get full of it, it is time to change.

      • All Obama wants to do is raise taxes, Hussein’s in the Oval Office, not the republicans. How many republican bills has Hussein vetoed when a bill is put on his desk? It’s Obama’s fault.

      • McConnell, Boehner, both Socialists in Republican clothing.

        They do not do the will of Republicans, they do the will of the Socialist in Charge… In FACT, they actions are supporting your Anti-Conservative arguments.

        True Republicans are doing something about the corruption that controls their party. It will take time, but the cancer will be eradicated and removed from power.

        What are the Democrats doing? Nothing…
        Democrats = Socialists

        • MAHB001 you forgot to add McCain in with the other two

          • yes I did. McCain certainly has been corrupted.

          • No he hasn’t been corrupted he was corrupt to begin with. Originally he was a democrat but changed to republican because when he first ran in Arizona a democrat couldn’t get elected.

          • I did not know that.

          • Very few people do but just look at his history and you can see he is no republican especially when he join Kennedy in legalizing the illegals.

          • I know McCain has been on the liberal side a lot of times. But I have always given him the benefit of doubt and thought he was crossing the isle to create a working relationship. All Republicans that have worked with Democrats get chinks in their armor, Romney, Christie, come to mind. They had to work with them or get nothing done.

          • Yes they had to cross the line but McCain was already there.

      • Oh shit, you think that because I use the word socialists and communism, I am a white bigot….

        Did you really pull the race card again?

      • Blacks just keep hoping the welfare checks keep coming and do nothing more in their behalf.

    • Right now I estimate that almost 1/3 of Republicans in office are RINOs and the top of the party superstructure are almost all RINOs. Efforts to dislodge this last group have been an exercise in futility. I fear for the future of our once free nation. It will be a long trek through the fire before we see any improvement now, if we ever do.

      • I don’t think they have been exercises in futility. I think the RINO’s have been put on notice.

        It is really hard to excise certain types of cancers, it is just as hard to remove some of these politicians from office.

        The first step was to recognize that there is a problem. Republicans have done that.

        Democrats haven’t figured it out yet, and from the likes of the dems posting they may never figure it out.

        • I think that the party machine for both parties knows exactly what they are doing, keeping the rank and file in the dark about their true aims. I don’t think for a minute that the Republican apparatchik is going to do a thing about what they most certainly don’t regard as a “problem”. I’ve been doing my utmost since the end of the Reagan era to turn the GOP around and so have many others. I don’t see a bit of headway.

          • I no longer support the GOP directly. The money I give goes directly to the candidates of my choosing. I attend local GOP functions, and I voice my opinion.

            They are good at deception, they are good at ignoring me. But I still keep trying.

        • Democrats and RINOS are scared to death of Trump.

          That’s why the MSM implied he was guilty of raping his wife and is misogynistic.

  2. Americans have a dim view of the future because it is true.

    Our Government has been taken over by socialists and those socialists are destroying Capitalism, leading us Americans towards slavery and dependency on the Government.


      • the illegals do not know how to speak, English or Spanish…

        • Maria no but they know how to vote democrat.

          • They are Pre Written BALLOTS

          • Taking what is happening with refugees running by the hundreds of thousands to Europe and the U.S. getting all those from Mexico, all south America plus Obama bringing in tens of thousands from Africa I think the fate of the U.S. and the European countries are sealed. No country nor the European countries can take this kind of hit on their economy and survive. Plus when they get into these countries they all go on the government dole plus keep breeding like rabbits.

          • Well I am waiting for Obama and the UN type ANARCHISTS to tap into OUTER Mongolia for more ” ILLEGAL” Immigration World wide and really create the TOWER OF BABEL….Or may be IM PEACH OBAMA to put the SKIDS on these “presidential: SICKNESS! “

          • Redhawk forget impeachment as he would long be out of office before the proceedings even began. Don’t forget impeachment is just charging him as Clinton was impeached and you saw where that one went. Always thought the black plague was a disease now I really know what it is.

          • YES i Know… BUt Impeachment Proceedings will keep him Busy with Mochelle Hitting him with a 2×4 daily to keep him from SCREWING UP MORE that if he had “FREE TIME”

          • Redhawk you might be right but with our spineless house doubt anything will happen.

          • BUT if We The People want to Regain our Country… we Must Flood the Senate and House Offices of these Balls Free Elected Officials to HOLD them Accountable to Keep their Promises… Elections are Around the corner and it is THE ONLY TIME to GET them Off Their A$$ES!
            Sanctuary Cities and Illegal FELONS………..there are many resaon to give them a REAL WAKE UP CALL!!!!

          • Problem is Cal. if one of not only the biggest sanctuary states it holds so many votes no one want to challenge them. You now have Cal. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and think Colorado is close with majority Mexican. To me it is really the white man voting against all the rest to change things and there just isn’t enough of us.

        • Neither does Sasquatch Mochelle..HO BAMA .From So CHI the Disbasser Princeton Lawyer

      • Aunt Dot the ignorant and illegals are not being fooled they know who gives out the paycheck.

      • Actually there is NO LONGER a Democrat Party… it Morphed into the Progressive Pro ILLEGALS INVADERS and ” BLACK LIES MATTER” party for Anarchists and LOSERS!!!
        WORSE EVEN than Being SOCIALISTS!

      • BULLS EYE!!!!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And if “Americans” would pull their heads out of their asses and grow some balls…this whole thing could/would be reversed!! I still find it hard to understand!! Here we have a little halfbreed who is not legal in any way possible, occupying the highest office possible, and the bastard will offer no proof at all as to who he really is! How/why did we allow this to happen? Worse, even with all the facts on the table, WHY are we allowing it to continue?? Where are all the expert snipers when you really need one??

      • All excellent questions… except the last one… 🙂

      • Where are all the expert snipers when you really need one?? Employed by the Central Government,

      • I don’t think there is enough voters left that are not on some kind of government handout to change what is happening. The democrats start out with 98% black vote, at least 70% Mexican, government employees, college students even though they can’t find a job, women lean towards democrats so what is left to pull this off.

        • You forgot to include unions.

          • When I said government workers to me it kind of said union as most of them are union but I have always been Conservative and even when in the UAW didn’t vote their way. The difference is you didn’t dare tell anyone that you didn’t vote the union way and this was in the late 50s

        • The problem won’t be solved at the ballot box in any event. It’s too late for that.

          • No it won’t be solved but it can get a lot worse if the wrong people are elected. Get another president that will appoint more left leaning judges that alone will surely add to the problems.

      • Chicago politics, bribery, blackmail and intimidation is taking the place of free thinking. That is why they fear Trump, they don’t own him, can’t find a hold so they will try to scare anyone thinking about voting for him. Typical left wing tactics.

      • Better question: Why do the wackos like you continue to barf up all that viral nonsense?

    • We can fight, we can yell, we can oppose.

    • MAHB001,
      With an 18 trillion dollar debt and the financial destruction of such a huge debt, why would anyone want to be positive about our financial situation?

      • Capitalism and the American People are very resilient.

        I believe that both can overcome the current corruption. We have to shrink the Government to do so.

        • MAHB001,
          I am in flavor of reducing government. But it is how, not that we should not. Otherwise, I am all for it. Rep. Simpson is a high ranking member of the House and he cracks down on the problem with legislation but it is not getting to the floor in he Senate. It got absolutely nowhere when Reid was there but McFailure is not doing a lot better.

          • The only reason smaller Government legislation is not making in in Congress is because McConnell and Boehner are both Socialists in favor of big government.

            We must expose these guys for what they are. Socialists. Get them out of office, and purge the Government of the corruption.

            Don’t give any money to the Republican party directly… Give ONLY directly to your politician of choice.

          • MAHB001,
            Legislation by Simpson is passing in the house. But I have not seen it on the Senate floor yet. One bill torpedoes Obama’s efforts to cut emissions at coal fired plants.

    • 19 Signs That American Families Are Being
      Economically Destroyed (Look at #16)

      Submitted by Tyler Durden
      on 04/09/2015 Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

      The systematic destruction of the American way of life is
      happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.
      Once upon a time in America,
      if you were responsible and hardworking you could get a good paying job that
      could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only
      had a high school education. Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost
      everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without
      government assistance. We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly
      boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet. But over the past
      several decades things have completely changed. We consumed far more
      wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we
      piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept
      electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of
      this nation whatsoever. So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are
      drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and
      dependence on the government is at an all-time high. Even as we stand at
      the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same
      mistakes. In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for
      decades of incredibly foolish decisions. Of course a tremendous amount of
      damage has already been done. The numbers that I am about to share with
      you are staggering. The following are 19 signs that American families are
      being economically destroyed…(Look at #19)

      #1 The poorest 40 percent
      of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and

      #2 For those Americans that
      don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.

      #3 The price of school
      lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.

      #4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu
      & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.

      #5 The price of ground beef
      has doubled since 2009.

      #6 In 1986, child care
      expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percent of all income. Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.

      #7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States
      during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.

      #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less
      than $30,000 a year in wages.

      #9 After adjusting for
      inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000
      since 2007.

      #10 According to the New
      York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

      #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of
      their paychecks into savings.

      #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to

      #13 According to the U.S.
      Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently
      behind on their student loan debt repayments.

      #14 According to one recent
      report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on
      their credit reports.

      #15 The rate of
      homeownership in the U.S.
      has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has
      been in 20 years.

      #16 For
      each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the
      United States
      than have opened. Prior to 2008, this had
      never happened before in all of U.S.

      #17 According to the Census
      Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home
      that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

      #18 If you have no debt at
      all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

      #19 On top of everything
      else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state
      and local taxes

    • Mhbh001 no America hasn’t been taken over by socialists it has been taken over by the people we elect so it seems the majority of the people want the socialists in power.

      • I disagree, the socialists in Republican clothing are the most despicable liars on the face of the earth.. They are traitors, they are spies behind enemy lines.

        If the people knew they were spies and socialists, they would not be in power.

        You believe that Americans want to live under socialism???

        “One cannot expect Americans to jump directly from capitalism to Communism,
        but they will accept small doses
        of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”…
        MAHB001 (because nobody else will claim it)

        Regardless of who created this statement, it is true. I challenge all liberals to prove me wrong.

        • Not really, look at where most republican rhinos come from. Most are elected along the northeast and west coasts. There is no way a true republican could get elected in such states. Do you think Christy if he wasn’t a liberal could have got elected in New Jersey, no way. New York just elected a mayor that is an admitted communist and that was by a landslide so I let the facts speak for themselves.

          • The RINO’s of the Republican party are corrupt, they are socialists in conservative clothing.

            In the book, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen 1958, there is a list of 45 agenda items that the Soviet Union has been following to set up a socialist state in the United States.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            Check out the rest of the list and you will see that the Democrats have adopted the entire list. The Democrats are using these agenda items to destroy Capitalism and the Constitution here in America.

            They have been doing it for years, under the cover of darkness, as Americans would never KNOWINGLY agree to Communism.

          • We were told by their leader way back in the 50s that is when Russia said we will destroy you from within.

          • If you read over the Lenin and Stalin quotes, you will see 0bama’s actions in their writings. It is scary, and the people will not open their eyes….

          • Those receiving their government checks don’t care and add people emotion voting rather then making the effort to investigate what a person running for office represents. In Obama’s case they already had four years they ignored

          • The media plays the biggest part in the brainwashing of the public. People are lazy, they expect to be spoon fed, and the corrupt media does it for them.

            Without a corrupt media backing 0bama, he would not be in office today.

            http://www.madashellboycott.com This is what I am doing about the corrupt media.

          • You’re right the media has been bought by the left so they control and will continue to control the minds of the public

          • Join the fight… It really is easy. You don’t have to watch any of the shows. Just visit from time to time to see who is on the boycott lists.

    • Yes because before these “Socialists” came into office the Republicans were doing such a good job with a global economic melt down and an economy under GW which was losing 700,000 jobs per month. You people are so fucking stupid all you can do is parrot the shit you’re fed

      • Troll, you still blaming Bush???? And you think I parrot shit??
        You are funny and worthless.

        • “Blaming” ? Are you too stupid to recognize the difference between blaming someone and pointing out how things were under a prior administration? Yes, apparently you are

          • Wake up dude, Crony Capitalism is Socialism.
            Democrats = Socialism = Communism = death to the Constitution = 100+million dead.

            WHAT HAS CHANGED since the Bush Administration???

            The Democrats and Republicans are controlled by Socialists… = Communists

    • Just look at to days market and see the Result of NO ECONOMIC plans other than “PRINTING MONEY” and Illogically made plans by THE INCONPETENT Pansy POTUS and his band of equally Incompetent CLOWNS!

  3. “Will we take the handcuffs off the economy?” No we won’t!
    God help America, as we struggle to attain third-world status!

  4. Just finished education… have debt…. no secure job yet!!! There was a time they went to the schools prior to graduation and recruited….. NOW… you’r on your own!!!! THANKS DEMONPOOPS…. KILL BABIES…. DESTROY FUTURE….. ALLOW ILLEGAL CRIMINALS…. BREAK THE LAW….. STEAL FROM THE CITIZENS….. AND LIE…. LIE….. LIE!!! IMMORAL SONS OF WHORES!!!

    • Aunt Dot I remember in the 60s and 70s you could get your education without all this debt. Guess that was before they decided those paying for an education should support all the free grants to others besides those that are not held responsible for not paying back their debt.

  5. YOU got a negro in control. A race that has NEVER developed anything economically, nor do they farm, build or invent things.

    You need a white guy in office that do all of that. The negro is waay over his head and does not belong there. It’s like putting in a women fire or police chief, etc. They just don’t BELONG THERE!

    Can you guys get that through your THICK HEADS before this country implodes???

    • How did you arrive at all of this genius? I can only hope you’re trolling.

      • If you can point out one place in the world where blacks have achieved anything where they are in control then let me know where.

        • As for there being no successful Black countries…realize that most Black countries haven’t been independent for more that 40 years, and of those, there are PLENTY of Black nations with high levels of development such as

          Trinidad and Tobago

          as well as primarily Black semi-autonomous states
          Cayman Islands
          British Virgin Islands
          US Virgin Islands
          ABC Islands
          Turks and Caicos

          And many Black nations with rapidly developing economies such as


          In 20 years, you’ll soon see Sub-Saharan African nations looking like South Korea and Singapore. Africa is the last untapped major market, and it has the greatest potential for growth.

          • Headonstraight they took over developed farms and business that the whites had and drove them into the ground. They couldn’t even take over a business and make it go. As far as your 40 years they had centuries to themselves before the white man came along and did nothing with that either so don’t blame the white man as what little they have advanced has been due to the white man.

        • Just one? OK. Consider opening your mind a little, travelling abroad.

          Botswana, independent since 30 September 1966. Since then, it has maintained a strong tradition of stable representative democracy, with a consistent record of uninterrupted democratic elections.

          Formerly one of the poorest countries in the world—with a GDP per
          capita of about US$70 per year in the late 1960s—Botswana has since
          transformed itself into one of the fastest-growing economies in the
          world, now boasting a GDP (purchasing power parity) per capita of about $18,825 per year as of 2015, which is one of the highest in Africa. Its high gross national income (by some estimates the fourth-largest in Africa) gives the country a modest standard of living and the highest Human Development Index of continental Sub-Saharan Africa.

          • Gosh of all the many countries you finally found one, and guess who built that country up so it could be run by blacks.

    • Agree if you look at their history what in the world did the voters think he had to offer.

    • You must have striven very hard to become such an egregiously bigoted ignorant racist scumbucket.

    • Alleged isIthere anybody you so like????????

  6. Because American morons put that POS Obama in office twice to do damage to our economy race baiting dividing our nation and helping Islamic extremists to destroy America giving our jobs away with his free trade agreement Obama don’t care insurance and nuke deal for people who hate America and the rest of his home and change BS

  7. There is now no doubt that we have the economy of the Soviet Union 50 years ago, in which the multiple effects of global warming are producing setback after setback despite the great and far-sighted plans of the regime. If this is continued, we will have the economy of Orwell’s Oceania, where an underfed population trudges around looking for turnips and cabbage that have somehow escaped government allocation while the Inner Party, like the baby traffickers of Planned Infanticide, eat well and drink wine. The only way to prevent this is to tear Obammunism out by the roots, to send the Afro-Indonesian back to Jakarta (it now appears that his native Kenya won’t take him), the Wicked Witch of Wellesley back to Westchester, the idiot back to his village in Delaware and the Karl Marx of the Green Mountains back to his enclave of aging hippies.

  8. One day soon we will hear a politician propose Recall and Referendum Amendments, people will flock to him.

  9. The Left-Right paradigm has resulted in a greedy ruling class run by corrupt politicians and super rich elites. These creeps have no interest in making America better, only in keeping the status quo going while the masses bicker about border fences and whether $9/hour or $13/hour will bankrupt the country.
    Vote third party, whatever your political stripe is!

    • Coming from a Troll, your post is an insult.

      If you were posting that on a liberal web site, I would give you an upvote.

      The ONLY way Hillary will get into office is if the liberals can split the republican vote without losing democrat votes.

      While you are correct, both parties have been taken over by liberal socialists. The crony capitalism is socialism, mixed with capitalism and is ONLY getting worse with the strength of the EPA, and the socialists in charge.

      What needs to happen is a third party based on small government, fiscal responsibility and the CONSTITUTION, that will take 40% of the Democrats and 40% of the Republicans and become the LARGEST Unified party leaving the 10% extremists on both sides in the minority that they are.

      So, why don’t you and I go to Huff post and start our campaign? I;ll back you 100% small fiscally conservative… How about it.

      • You seem like a bright fellow sometimes. Once again I agree with about half of your post. I’d describe our system of government now as a plutocracy. If you are on the inside of the game, either side, you win. Everyone else loses.
        I make enough trouble at HP. Few like critical thinking.

        • the American people are losing. The only people winning are those the American people put in charge, and that have betrayed their Country.

          This country is falling to socialism, or anti-capitalism, you choose. The Constitution will not survive unless the moral majority wakes up and takes back the country they entrusted to these evil people.

          I believe you are a critical thinker, I am also aware that the two of us could look at the same data and come up with completely different conclusions. Yours would lean towards the left, mine would lean towards the right.

          These controllers are taking advantage of that. They are feeding your beliefs with what you want to hear, and feeding my beliefs with what I want to hear.

          The problem is, the controllers must destroy our Constitution in order to take over.

          Probably too much for you right now.. sorry.

  10. How can you have much hope when the middle class is disappearing due to the high taxes they have to pay to support not only those that refuse to work but all those that want to run across the border. Soon we will be a third world country and guess those on the liberal left will have won. People have been convinced corporations are evil so don’t know who besides the government will be there to offer jobs. We have the highest corporation tax in the world plus with all our regulations why would any company want to build here.

  11. As things close in for the ’16 elections moods will improve if a close race appears, if Hitlery is elected, within 2-3 months that will evaporate.

  12. If we stay with the rinos from the establishment and the demorats, CERTAINLY. We need someone like Cruz, Fiorina, Carson and Trump. Rubio, the new golden boy, is in debt up his eyeballs which means he can be bought.

  13. There is GOOD NEWS from that poll also. Excerpt from the same poll:



    • Headonstraight they started a newspaper years ago that reported good news only and it went broke. It showed that people only wanted to hear the bad news not read about the good people do.

  14. I know people in their thirties, either living at home with their parents or splitting rent with a group of friends because they can’t get ahead. They have their student loans and healthcare taking up most of their pay. What really gets me is the fact that illegals and those on welfare get their educations handed to them, but those in the low end of middle class, still have to foot the bill.

    • Cal3301 welcome to the democratic way of spreading the wealth, except it leaves those willing to work for a living poor.

      • Thanks for the welcome, but I already knew that. The thing that get’s me the most is the fact that the less certain people do, the more the Democrats reward them, except when their plans fall through when they are counting on the young to pay for their Socialist plans, it suddenly becomes the fault of the Republicans.

        • Cal not only that but the majority of the people believe it when the democrats shift the blame to the republicans. Think it has something to do with the lowest I.Q have been doing the majority of the breeding in this country since Johnson’s great society passed.

          • That has to do with the Democrats dumbing down of the rest of America. The Dems placed most of the PP locations in the poorer sections to eliminate those not worthy.

          • Cal it seems to have worked well for them, as they say we are here.

          • Their problem right now is the fact that their constituents are becoming restless and they are counting on the illegals to help them out.

          • No problem there are millions here and thousands coming yearly.

          • That is the problem!!!

          • My comment is no problem for the democrats as the few that become restless there are millions of votes ready to take their place.

          • It’s not just a few. There are a lot of Blacks realizing that the Democrats are doing them dirty and quite a few illegals that know they are just being used. You also have to realize that the sleeping giant is starting to wake up.

          • Blacks voting 90% plus doesn’t tell me they are waking up along with blacks voting only for their own color in city elections. The last poll on Mexicans show Hillary with over 70% of their vote and she hasn’t said nothing but no comment.

          • I live in an area where many are going conservative, thanks to a popular ex-teacher turn Republican representative. I haven’t seen a single Dem bumper sticker. They’ve all been Carson, Cruz, or Trump where they use to be Obama.

          • All I can say is you live in a rare area of the U.S. be thankful for that.

  15. Our children and grand children will be strapped with debt these irresponsible corrupt crowd in DC has strapped on them. The obama’s administration is the worst in our history and it’s not getting any better. His administration is made up of liars, thieves, muslims, racist.

  16. StupidConservativeValues

    Everyone below the top 5% are due a damn big raise!

    For working people the economy has been in recession since 1973.

    The GOP and the rich corporations have made a mess of everything.

    1. Before 1973, The inflation Adjusted Median Income rose at 2.5% per year:

    1953 = $22,648

    1973 = $34,762

    2. From 1973 to 2009, Inflation Adjusted Median Income fell by $2,578.

    1973 = $34,762

    2009 = $32,184


    3. The same thing shows up in Weekly Earnings.

    All earners:

    1979 = $339

    2008 = $339

    No Change over 30 years


    1979 = $412

    2010 = $389

    DECREASE of $23/week


    4. While per capita GDP has doubled:

    1969 = $21,021

    2010 = $42,517


    5. This is accomplish by shifting the income distribution

    Share Of Aggregate Income by Quintile:

    BOTTOM 20% – 1967: 4.0% 2009: 3.4% Change: -0.6%

    LOWER MIDDLE – 1967: 10.8% 2009: 8.6% Change: -2.2%

    MIDDLE CLASS – 1967: 17.3% 2009: 14.6% Change:

    UPPER MIDDLE – 1967: 24.2% 2009: 23.2% Change:

    UPPER CLASS – 1967: 43.6% 2009: 50.3% Change: +6.7%


    Bottom line message: WORK MORE, PRODUCE MORE, BUT GET LESS”

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