Ferguson Warning: Expect Rodney King-Sized Riots

A law professor at Indiana University has said we should expect “the LA riots with Rodney King” if the grand jury declines to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Jeannine Bell told a St. Louis CBS affiliate that Michael Brown’s death hurt the community of Ferguson and that protestors had already declared their intentions should the decision go the expected way.

The riots in question occurred in 1992, following the acquittal of LAPD officers who had been caught on videotape administering a brutal beating to Rodney King. They were the worst riots in the U.S. since the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and more than 2,000 people were injured. 53 people were killed over a six-day period, during which police were forced to bring in the California National Guard, the 7th Infantry Division, and even the Marines to quell the violence.

Unfortunately, there may be no way to avoid such a result in Ferguson, where protestors have already demonstrated a willingness to riot and loot. Regardless of the evidence that shows Wilson was justified in the killing, many of the troublemakers on the streets of Ferguson will be ready to raise hell when the ruling comes down. School officials have already asked the prosecutor’s office to delay the announcement until children are safely home.

The evidence is still officially sealed from public view, but leaks have surfaced throwing doubt onto the mainstream Ferguson narrative. Blood found on Wilson’s gun and inside his car corroborates the officer’s story, which is that he was attacked by Brown. If that evidence is indicative of what the grand jury is hearing, an indictment would be unlikely. Brown’s supporters don’t seem to care, however. They’ve decided this is an example of racial injustice, and all the evidence in the world isn’t going to change their minds. It’s the Trayvon Martin case all over again.

Even before the grand jury evidence was leaked, it was clear that this wasn’t the murder that the mainstream media wanted us to believe it was. One look at the way Michael Brown strongarmed a convenience store clerk on video was enough to tell us that he wasn’t the sweet, Christian boy his friends claimed him to be. Again, like Trayvon, the media was complicit in creating a story where there was none. And again, like Trayvon, Brown was promoted as an innocent angel.

We’ll soon get the full truth of what happened on that fateful August day, but before then we’ll see what the citizens of Ferguson and St. Louis are made of. We’ll see whether they respect the judicial process or whether they will use it as an excuse for more violence. It’s your move, Ferguson protestors; the world is watching.


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  1. In the civil area of society, violence must be met with violence if one wishes to be violent in behavior and lawless in attitude. No exceptions to anyone.

    • They know there is change in the air, maybe they will not dare.

      • All the more reason they will dare. American is headed for anarchy, and the powers that be. i.e Obama and Company want that for an excuse to declare Martial Law. I hope and pray I am wrong, but these are the Cretans that historic profiles say would.

        • valor, we had our share of riots in Miami, they kill and burn themselves and their businesses, but this time, I think they got the message they will control, the democrats cannot afford more scandals and Hillary’s presidency is very precarious.

          • And these animals give a damn about Hillary because……..? They don’t care!!! They just want an excuse to revert back to the law of the jungle. Lady, you are insane.

          • you don’t understand them, the ones with a low intellect are taught to behave as pets, down, sit, stay, jump, bark, attack, they have to obey their owner, it all depends on what they are told to do; you might have isolated incidents from the ones that love to get drunk and riot, but everything is already empty and there is nothing to rob, they will yell and scream but nothing will happen. Don’t forget that there were only a few that were really Ferguson’s residents, the rest were paid troublemakers, if they don’t get pay CBD (cash before delivery) they won’t go; there has been too many scandals to pay them at this time to shake their aces. Holder is under lock and key, too many things against them. Will see!

          • You also have to remember that Ovomit/Holder themselves shut off all of the news stories about black on white crime after the Trayvon Martin verdict came in.

          • black on white crime still goes on everyday. Is called intimidation, but they are not winning, people are turning against them and their song of the race card, is too old, they are not the only race that has suffered discrimination. Italians, Jews, Polish, Hindus, Chinese, Irish has also been discriminated and scorned. The Chinese were slaves and abused but they succeeded and you dont see them rioting because of a hard and cruel past, they stay on their own and are successful, no leeches from the state. If the police get tough and make them reasoned, not all of them are trouble makers and neither all of them are stupid, this will stop the black behavior encouraged by the professional trouble makers that use them. You just have to show them how Sharpton, Jessie, Rangel, etc live and steal at the cost of their black blood. and reputation.

          • There were outsiders. This has been established. But let me ask you. who is paying them? And why aren’t the people of Ferguson kicking their butts out and saying ” stop tearing up our town”.

          • because now they will be sitting ducks.

          • Liberals have a large roll of money for these things. As you said, Crown Drinker, the large number who come to lead the riots. And if there is a huge riot after the verdict, even more paid rioters will come to finish demolishing Ferguson.

          • I would hate to be a property owner there.
            Stupid people just making things worse for themselves, they are not smart enough to know it.
            You can not have justice by black mob rule!
            Thanks OB and HOLDER and the little cockroach,

          • Yes, Maria. protests such as this are a big business. The rioters are making money.

          • Perhaps mistaken, but certainly not insane.

          • I’ll leave that to a psychiatrist.

          • Out of Africa for generations and still they act like apes!

          • Real apes are more civil, more like jackels .

        • I agree Valor, that it could happen, but I surely hope it won’t happen! Let’s pray…..

      • And maybe winged monkeys’ will fly out of my arse.

      • They always jump, when it’s a hundred blacks again’st three whites, like at that kroger in memphis, they just don’t have the balls to go one on one, they always attack in groups when they outnumber the victims, must be the coward in them.

        • David, take notice, the ones inciting the blacks to riot are the whites from cnn and msnbc, especially the guy with glasses, Hayes, or something like that, he believes himself to be an intellectual when he is really a perfect idiot, but they want mayhem, they want blood, they want their obeying pets killed and tortured, so that they can keep on with their mantra and the race baiting, Blitzer was disappointed by the comments of some other black moderators that share my thoughts, nothing will happen…not from the people of Ferguson., and I believe liberals are very annoyed.

    • Yes Mike. We should seek peaceful means in settling disputes, but there are times when force must be utilized. And we should not reject the idea of peace, and sometimes fore.

      • NO PEACE!!!!!

      • Peace stops when violence begins, responsible citizens endeavor to do the right thing. Looting, murdering, lawlessness is not exceptable. When our government fails to do right by Laws and not by social pressure nor activism, it will enrage the people to violence. These race baiters know this and that is what they want. Throw this county into mass turmoil so as to push their One world agenda by undermining Freedom and the Constitution by Martial Law

        • Mike you nailed it! It’s all part of the scheme to have the U.S. become part of the “One World Government.” All these G-8 summits & U.N. meetings are meetings where top leaders of other countries go to talk about how to disarm Americans’ & to combine Canada & Mexico with this country. Those leaders don’t care who is in office, Republicans’ or democrats’ they just want to disarm every gun owner & when that’s complete you’ll do as they wish. You’ll be dependent on them & I think they call that COMMUNISM! It has never worked in another country & why would anyone think it’ll work world wide????

    • Mike I agree. Time to stand up against these lawbreakers who do not know any better of right and wrong.

  2. if the people of Ferguson do this then they will lose all compassion that had been shown to them from around the country. people do not uphold lawlessness. you got the grand jury involved. the jury (of your peers) came to a conclusion of guilt or innocence. You have to accept that decision. You are to be commended for what you accomplished. If you had not have protested than the police would have never allowed this to go to Grand Jury. They would have had an internal investigation and found he feared for his life. You did a great thing. Because of your protests the U.S. federal government is looking at the ‘war machines’ local police have assembled with surplus military equipment. That is a great accomplishment towards the ends of this police state that is trying to develop in America. There is a difference between police and Law and you pointed this out in your protests and civil disobedience. We do not have to ‘obey’ any man. We do have to obey the written law. Accept the decision no matter what it is, because of you, it was made by your peers. God Bless America as long as it’s true.

    • War machines? We call then peace machines because they keep the peace And were only brought in because it got to far out of hand with the violence that the police were overwhelmed in. Call them non – violence machines because they stop violence

      • These Velcro heads are so “primed” and ready..I’d be willing to bet that if the officer is charged in some way, the dumbasses will still riot..??

      • I stand by my statement. I have no personal involvement in this other than love of my country. Do you have personal involvement? If you haven’t read or watched many in government were appalled at the militarized police that lined up against the civilians. It was a display of power that any Chinese or North Korean government official would have been proud of. America is not a police state. The police are not the law they merely are paid to enforce the written law and when they are not enforcing the written law or they themselves lie then they become the problem. We watched just like it was yesterday the police cruisers that drove by Reginald Denny on the streets in Los Angeles being beaten do death. They appeared to be ‘afraid’ to stop and try and save this mans life. We watch Youtube at the tens of thousands of instances of police brutality and police officers abusing their own authority to search and seizure of citizens property. Have you ever watched these and why do you imagine the police even lie to people about their own rights to film and video stops or police activity. Why would they lie to the very citizens that pay their salaries? One final question. What are they trying so hard to make filming their activity illegal and why do they so resist wearing body cameras. One would assume this would only protect and honest person.

        • apparently you didn’t notice the radical, sneering, spitting ,threatening, out of control racist thugs I saw, michael brown, received what he sowed, he attempted to take the cops gun after putting a beating on the cop, than charged the cop, now he’s dead, oh darn,one less thug to murder, rape, rob, and steel from us,now the thug is burning in hell for all eternity.

          • I’m sorry I didn’t know you were there. Where were you standing when he attempted to take the cops gun? Close to the cruiser or on the sidewalk perhaps. When you witnessed him putting a beating on the cop why didn’t you offer to help the police officer. How close were you when he tried to take the police officers gun? Must have been pretty close to have seen that. Something I have always wondered about that you apparently saw first hand was him charging the officer. The pictures on the media showed Mr. Browns body laying in the street several yards from any police cruiser. Reports also state that Mr. Browns body had 6 bullet entry holes. How did that come down? Was any of the bullet holes in Mr. Browns back? I’m glad we have an eye witness here I hope you reported to the Grand Jury. I have some follow up questions about Mr. Browns raping and murdering to ask but I think you are in deep enough already.

          • It’s called forensics, browns blood was on the inside door of the police car, browns blood was on the gun; he had his hand on the gun when it went off, where were you when brown was shot, asshole.

          • Your argument seems to be deteriorating rapidly. I never claimed to have all the first hand knowledge of this incident as you did. How long did Mr. Browns body lay in the road bleeding? I saw a huge puddle of blood in the photos. Who loaded Mr. Brown onto the stretcher? He was a very big young man. Did the ambulance drivers or Morgue need help loading him? Could a smidgen of blood have been removed from the large puddle and smeared in the car and on the gun? After the shots were fired did the officer walk to the body and check for a pulse? Could he have gotten the blood on him and thus the gun at that time and returned to the cruiser and contaminated the interior of the car? Police Officers or someone cleaned the blood from the street I would presume did they have an opportunity to contaminate the evidence? None of this was on any video footage that I have seen. Was the dash cams working and running during this ruckus? If not why weren’t they? Again let me ask, where were you asshole?

          • David… Give it up. The asswipe is talking out of his corncob ass!!!

          • Do you ever get the impression that Dumbo there is preaching to himself???

    • But these are people who have nothing better to do than sit around watching videos all day and trying to think of”something to do” to kill their boredom. They’ve already spent their food stamp allowance for the month and somebody down the street already stole their basketball, so they have to think of something. The biggest laugh can be found in the fact that the ignorant Velcro heads destroy and loot EACH OTHER! Let them kill each other, but the authorities need take no bullshit from any of them. Next time a Velcro head gets jailed for shooting a white dude, we honkie, crackers should riot in the same fashion, only we won’t be destroying each other!!

      • Michael your comment speaks for itself.

      • Whatever legitimate comments you post are destroyed by your use of the term Velcrohead. Frankly, that is about as racist a comment I’ve seen in a long time. While some of your comments have some validity, their impact is destroyed by your use of these terms. Legitimate comments are based on factual descriptions when tied to accurate examples. you have failed on both points.

        Fred Speckmann

  3. Mike, based on what you said, the community should have shot the police officer who shot an unarmed teen because he was walking in the road “violence must be met with violence if one wishes to be violent in behavior and lawless in attitude. No exceptions to anyone.”

    • Your one version which is and has been proven wrong, even by several black witnesses who are concerned for their safety for reporting the right version of the incident.

    • you do not understand, being unarmed has nothing to do with this. If you attack a LEO and he believes you are trying for his sidearm, he has the right to counter with lethal force.

    • Jimmy King= I hope you never have to call out ” where are the police, when you need them””

      • imbog that’s true because statistics overwhelming prove that they well get there just in time to trace his body on the road and call the morgue.

    • Jimmy, your statement is a little confusing to me. Your said, “violence must be met with violence if one wishes to be violent in behavior and lawless in attitude. No exceptions to anyone.” So when Mike Brown attacked the police officer, broke his eye-socket, and tried to take the officer’s gun, according to your above statement, Mike Brown should have been dealt in violent manner. You also said the community should have shot the police officer. Do you mean, ” the community should have shot Mike Brown”?

  4. Lock and load on the rioters!

  5. Of course, Holder and Sharpton, aren’t part of this Bovine Scatology……

  6. Lock and load, more riots, more deaths of thugs. Simple answer to a criminal act. You do not have to stand by and let these people destroy your property, loot or commit assault, threaten and use deadly force if needed. Due process of the law is at work, not the rational of criminal thugs!


    • US Navy Veteran – we will get all these racist blacks one way or another! They are the problem – the police are the solution!

      • BUT…only if the police will act and shoot a few. If they try pepper spray and other means that do NOTHING – the rioters will take over.

      • sounds like you have already made your mind up and judged and sentenced an entire race of people while defending a mere profession.

        • did you read their ultimatum? try reading it. again if they riot
          SHOOT TO KILL

        • Jim, are yo denying the obvious in this situation: That Brown was a violent young many trying to get his way with violence!

        • they have already made up their minds too, if they want trouble, shoot them.

        • Well Mr Jim… Look at the statistics bubbah. Right here in Orlando, the majority of crimes are committed by BLACKS, yet we’re to feel sorry for them? Ha! That’s like saying we should feel sorry for the spear chukker that raped your sister, right bud?? Get real dude!!

          • Well Mr Michael….It is more than glaringly clear by your comments that you are a pathetic racist. Please, I have nothing further to discuss with you.

          • HAHAHA That’s because your cookie jar of words has finally run dry and you have nothing further intelligently to argue. At least I don’t hide and come off as something different from what I actually am.. Damn betcha’ I loathe faggots and I’m the worst racist you’ll ever find..

          • And what are you? You loathe faggots and are a racist?? a true American or one who just says what is obvious to all but they are afraid to speak up??

          • I’m not afraid to speak up, Mr Guest with no name. Try this on for size. Why don’t you do a flying fuck at the hole in a rolling donut??

          • It’s not racist to understand the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

        • Ummm what profession are you referring to? JIM – are you saying that blacks who riot, steal, loot, intimidate, and burn should NOT be judged for their actions? And do NOT extrapolate to ALL blacks as you have done here. It is not the entire race that is being commented on – only those who riot, burn, steal and loot like Michael Brown. Guess why he wanted Swisher Sweets?? And stole them?

        • You got it Jimmy Boy!!!

      • Hope the Velcro heads end up killing each other. Look how many extra food stamps there will be for the big fat white gals!

        • with there malato baby’s, cause nobody else would do them.

        • Damn, I thought I was the only one that referred to them as Velcro Heads.

        • Ummmm and the big fat white MEN with beer bellies and tattoos.

          • Hey Helen.. FUCK OFF!! :-))

          • Michael – Hahahah, got to you did I? oops = did I describe you?

          • NOTHING has “gotten to me,” I’m sitting here trying to enjoy my coffee outside, but can’t stop laughing my ass of at you. HAHAHAHAHA

          • I am drinking hot chocolate and doing the same about your posts and I am sure I hit the nail on the head – especially the beer belly part. OH forgot…add beer drinking to that too.
            You amuse me……

          • Got news for your obviously fat ass. I haven’t touched a drop in 30 years, and I have no beer belly like yours. I weigh 165

          • Haven’t touched a drop – that says YOU ONCE had a problem with alcohol. And not drinking probably helps you lose weight – good for you!! Now wash out your mouth and you might be accepted by society in general. You MIGHT have good thoughts under your crude exterior.

          • Where in the fuck do you dig up these assumptions. I never had a drinking problem dumbass, I NEVER DRANK! Since highschool, my jeans have always been 32×32.. I’m skin and bones.. Your fat ass must really be bored silly if you have all this time to dump shit on the website. And before you fucking dream up another one, I’m a disabled Vietnam vet, so I have plenty of time on my hands.. Now I’m going to delete this website so that I no longer see your crocks of pure bullshit!!!

          • Before you delete this site, know that we appreciate your service and I mean that sincerely, but I suggest you use your time to get an education and learn to express yourself with using FUCK – shows a low intelligence level.

    • Thanks for your service Edward. YES he was a thug and his parents were responsible for making him that way~!!

  8. If they are crazy enough to attack their own people and town of Ferguson, let it burn…..why u ask!

    Mitchell’s statistic about Ferguson’s black population checks out through the city’s QuickFacts profile from the U.S. Census Bureau. As of 2010,67.4 percent of the city’s 21,000 residents are black, and 29.3 percent are white.

  9. I’m tired of the sh*t from the black community. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of officer Wilson’s innocence ( should that be the case … and we know it is )They say they’ll loot & riot. I’d tell them “we’ll shoot to kill” You sure wouldn’t have to shoot many. Most of those mobs are cowardly blacks anyway, they are nothing by themselves. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, not all blacks are cowardly , no far from it. I served with many in the Marine Corps ( BTW Happy Birthday men. 239 and counting ). The cowards are the ones behind the rioting & looting, take a few out & you’ll see an end to this bull sh*t
    Semper Fi

  10. If those who burn the place down are residents of Ferguson, then let them sit in the ashes of their town! If outsiders burn the town down, let them sit in jail and pay compensation to the town!

    • I expect stuff to go up in smoke nationwide.
      I could be wrong, but to expect anything different is to give too much credit to the thugs and lowlife across America.

    • DOSADOE I am with you. If these folks
      want to destroy there town let them. If it
      is set ablaze by others either let the
      town police itself or let the police take
      care of them.

    • with what, welfare checks, why you think they got so much time to piss and moan. END WELFARE ,NO NOTHING,the one’s that won’t work can starve for all I care, illegals will stop coming, muslims might go back where they came from.

  11. How can a mob run any city in the USA and even threaten to do it in advance without arresting these people for inciting a riot? We are a country of laws , Period

  12. Jeannine Bell needs to be educated..she is telling us that regardless of law, proof and the implications….that we should do something different..because we are being threatened by thugs?

  13. Although it appears that the officer’s initial impression that the offender was armed was incorrect and there are grounds for concern about the very substantial militarized police presence and restriction of aircraft in the area, the available evidence and particularly the autopsy results make it clear that the officer was under attack with the intention of taking and using his gun. Regardless of the circumstances, it is clear that rioting is already planned and only awaiting a signal to be unleashed locally if not nationally. There are reasons to suspect that such riots have been planned all along by the regime or its accomplices in the racial unrest industry, as a pretext for the imposition of martial law and rule by decree, and perhaps for the nullification of the results of the recent election.

  14. The police in ferguson need to drop the hammer on the trouble makers before the announcement…arrest them now…

  15. FEAR< that We are going to SEE and hear of NO END of RIOTS with the Advent of this Absoluely Phoney EXPERIENCE!

  16. the police will have to be prepared for any such actions, if the citizens wish to
    act in civil disobedience and cause destruction they must be met with a very firm
    action. If they persist then more forcible action must be taken to quell any attempts
    to destroy private property or harm others. Idiots will not be tolerated and any
    one caught trying to incite a racial riot will be arrested and placed in jail until they
    can stand trial.

  17. Time for the National Guard and the Missouri State Police to get all their riot gear, tanks, grenades, machine guns, drones etc together to stop these angry black mobs. If you are white you should take a vacation and leave the area. Then when these racist idiots decide to break the law the police and National Guard need to step in and just annihilate these rioters/looters/criminals by all means necessary! Then bring out the street sweepers and clear the streets of the remains of these traitors, and allow peaceful folks to come back to their town. Anyone who breaks the law should be immediately dealt with, including lethal force! We do not need to tolerate these racist idiots anymore. Declare a 24 hour curfew on the announcement of NO CHARGES AGAINST THE HERO POLICEMAN and order that anyone who violates this curfew will be arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice, Felony Conspiracy, RICO, Criminal Trespass and any other crimes appropriate and may be shot on the spot if they resist in any manner! Time to get rid of this racist threat permanently!

  18. I have a feeling that will not dare, although I am aware they are desperate. But HIllary’s is in their minds and a revolt might be tricky.
    I had a vision last night, out of the blue. I saw an America with a red hue, this red hue covered the houses, the people, everything. I heard the drums and the chantings of the different tribes of American Indians, I believe it meant the Spirit of America. Then the horizon began to open, blue skies, silver clouds and a beautiful sun, the trees were a beautiful green and the people shine with bliss, pets of every kind played happily with their owners, a lot of smiling beautiful children of every race and color. A new horizon, a new birth? based in our constitution.

  19. Just start shooting them with water cannons

    • Forget water cannons.

      • Water cannon pressure is adjustable to 350 lbs. per square inch.
        At 350 lbs. per square inch water cannons break bones.

        • Well, in that case, maybe there is a place for them here. Did not know that, thanks.

          • Were you one of Hitler’s right hand men. Maybe SS I’m thinking. You sound like you would pull the switch on a shower full of people.

          • I’m to young for WWII, however, there is opportunity here to make up for lost birthright due to fate. But really now, you’ll never get blacks in a shower. And gas in unreliable outdoors.
            Get bulldozers to dig mass graves, the water cannons break legs, push rioters into graves utilizing said bulldozers (remember, they can’t run) , cover graves. Rinse and repeat. Have a Gestapo kind of day.

          • i hope you don’t mind. I just had to flag a comment such as yours.

          • Oh no!! A ten yard penalty for offending a moron.

          • Hmmmm… interesting thought! We all know how “those people” can’t stand to get their hair wet. And, if that doesn’t disperse them… any chance of substituting acid in place of water?

          • Works for me.

    • you any relation to Bull Connor?

  20. Surround the town with .50 cal’s and live ammo. When they start, let the police and NG finish it. And I doubt it happens again. This lawless BS needs to stop and the hell with Obama, Holder and Sharpton. Put those three in jail for inciting a riot.

  21. I don’t want the people of this 3rd world city, Ferguson to make new laws for rest of us or tem to carry out their own justice. Collective they don ‘t have the IQ of an idiot

  22. You know what? I don’t care for threats….and IF we are to expect huge riots? I EXPECT them to be put down like savages. If you act like beasts, you DESERVE a bullet…So, word to those threatening bad behavior, expect to get shot. You decide..To ALL police, PUT THEM DOWN, if they act like savages. maybe they will learn to start behaving like human beings and not thugs.

  23. Ferguson citizens, arm yourselves and load your weapons to protect your lives and property. REMEMBER, the only shops left standing during the LA riots were the Korean business owners who stood shoulder to shoulder protecting their lively hood. Also remember, the POLICE were no where to be found during the riots to protect people. It will be up to the citizens to protect yourselves. If I know people of the Midwest there will be no need for military or guard troops to quell the violence once citizen militias finish these potential rioters….unlike LA, Californians have had their gun rights trampled on for years now, fly over USA is a different story! They’re armed and not afraid to use them.

    • fire, I know they suspect they are going to get that type of reaction and therefore they will not dare. They are cowards and now after the truth and all the scandals from mama that was chosen to speak in UN to tell the world about our injustices and without Holder’s approval who they have put under lock and key they wont have the cajones, there will be exceptions from the animals that don’t know any better, it will be a small minority.

      • 10 years ago, I might say you’re correct in your conclusion…but today I think the warnings are accurate about potential rioting. Since OBAMA became president, things concerning race baiting have increased 200 fold. This so called leader is using his office to divide the U.S. population. All across the nation in urban areas we see this “knock out game” killing or severely injuring white people just because their white. No one is lynching blacks as in the 50’s and earlier. This racial tension is escalating every minute since OBAMA has been in power. So, NO, I think your wrong. I believe the Ghetto community is desparate since Obama has forsaken them providing only Welfare and no way out to succeed. They believe what the community apologetic president tells them, it’s all the white mans fault for their problems. They are being pushed to riot in the streets.

  24. Let them tear down there own part of town if they want. Kind of like crapping in your own bedroom. But what would you expect from “Cheated” people. perhaps they should be made slaves again if this is how a free black man process information.

  25. The Welfare society ain’t it grand ?

  26. If there was ever a legitimate need of law enforcement for military weaponry and tactics it is riot suppression. Borrow a half dozen halftracks with Quad 50s mounted on them and put them around the likely riot area and there will be no riot.

    The governor could declare a State of Emergency and stop all vehicles coming to town and verifying a legitimate excuse for continuing on after a vehicle search or be denied entry.

  27. Shoot a few and they will NOT riot but run like the cowardly dogs they are. Enough is enough!! I bet the gun shop in Ferguson won’t be raided/looted/burned! – wanna bet?

  28. The fault of all this anger is the MEDIA’s. They always stir up trouble where there is none. If they reported the facts correctly, all this anger could be avoided. The evidence against the perp is overwhelming and the media has the responsibility to clearly show it to the public so there won’t be any upheavals/riots, etc. Read the evidence people and stop trying to find reasons for a race war.

  29. Rioters and Looters are people with too much time on their hands, and most are out of work, or never have worked, and it is all someone else’s fault!!!

  30. IF this happens, then the people of Ferguson have played into the hands of the democrats. They are doing what the establisment has taught them to do. Burn everything, riot in all venues, and then ask the government to FIX the problem. THIS IS BULLSHIT! Live BY THE CONSTITUTION OR LEAVE THIS COUNTRY!

  31. I was in LA during those Rodney King riots…the men looted TVs, Stero’s, other durable goods…while the women looted diapers for their spawn…the Koreans got on the rooftops of their stores with rifles…while the cops took extra lunch breaks at the local donut shops or stayed in the station house…danger Mr. Robinson, danger

  32. Shoot them, will save a lot of free give a ways like food stamps and welfare. Hard working tax payers will save vast amounts of money!

  33. Carpet bomb the entire area if they riot, all they are doing is using race as an excuse to be lazy and steal stuff they do not care one bit about that dead fat criminal.

  34. Maybe they should warn rioters that they will use Clint eastwood size bullets

  35. if they riot SHOOT TO KILL

  36. If there is a Rodney King sized riot— Use Rodney King sized bullets.

  37. Keep stocking up the ammo.

  38. Premises protected Round The Clock by Mr. Glock and associates.

  39. He was A THUG,no 2 ways about it,OK store owners,you know whats coming down the pike,Load your shotguns,(and have more than one available) when the crap starts,shoot a few on these thugs,theyll think twice about starting their riot crap,dont be afraid to shoot,!!! the police cant protect you !! they will have enough of a problem with THUG CROWD CONTROL.


  41. What is the case the predominantly black citizens can see in the situation of the robbery by Michael Brown of the store where he STOLE merchandise and then intimidated the small store keeper and left the store without paying?! And then in some kind of situation Brown and the police officer had a struggle. Brown is about six-feet- four and about 300 pounds, the people of Ferguson protest that a “young Christian boy” was shot in a criminal manner by the police officer. The protestors refuse to accept that the evidence shows the policeman was defending himself against an out of control giant of a kid. The evidence in the police car show the blood in the car and on the officer’s gun which surely indicates that the officer was fearing for his life against a much bigger opponent. The robbery shows brown was not Christian young boy acting in a loving manner in the store, and it certainly indicates that Brown was the aggressor in the encounter with the policeman. And the false “Reverends” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not true Christian ministers acting in a Christ-like manner. Those two fakers are nothing but phoneys who act only in their own benefit. Through the years the two men have stirred up more strife in society and they should actually be banned from participating in protests. In fact, they should be arrested and jailed for inciting riots. I know these thoughts will not be looked upon with agreement, and probably will rejected by liberals. But I am not expecting to convince liberals that they are wrong and should be forced to cease and desist.

  42. This should be easy!
    The grand jury should return their recommendation based on all evidence viewed without considerating any possible actions by possible rioters.
    The police agencies/national guard should be on had and ready to use “any” means required to “STOP” any and all rioters!

  43. Is it the citizens of Ferguson? Or is it outside troublemakers like Al Sharpton’s followers?

    • It’s Sharpton and his followers. Along with Jesse Jackson and the NAACP. With the Christmas holidays coming up the folks would like some bargains. All they have to do is light a few fires, break a few storefront windows, and what do you know FREE STUFF! Hell they’ll even have Mike Browns mom in there for company.

  44. I forgot to say… I bet Obama and Holder will have their paid rioters there to stir the pot,

  45. They will NOT abide by the law, and they will call people in from all over the country to riot, maim, and kill.

    Vomit-head will allow it to happen, too.

    These people want that young police officer dead, no matter what the evidence says.

  46. They don’t care that brown caused his own death, they’re stupid, they believed somebody’s lie, arrest the liars,arrest the race baiters sharpton and jackson, arrest that accomplice of michael brown’s that lied, arrest michael brown’s mother for thug robbery, on her own family, over t-shirt sales. guess the nut doesn;t fall far from the tree, and if riots break out, shoot them, they want trouble, make sure they found it. ANIMALS.

  47. Phuck them! Live ammo, no mercy.
    These thugs cannot be allowed to rage it out consequences.

  48. I heard this morning on talk radio that gun sales in and around Ferguson have sky rocketed. The Ferguson police expect that there will be riots no matter what the grand jury decides!

  49. CBS again. I took them off my list. Rabble mongers looking to create a riot along with Obama and Sharptoon.

  50. If these people are dumb enough to wreak havoc over the judicial decision because it didn’t go their way, then they must accept the ramifications of their ignorant actions. If you cannot behave WITHIN the law, then you are OUTSIDE the law and should pay the consequences.
    Does anyone on this site desire to live in this community. Certainly not I nor anyone that I know. Put a fence around the city and let them destroy themselves..


  52. The thug, Brown, got what was coming to him. The original para-military response to rioting was the appropriate response. Any rioting and violence, upon return of a no true bill of indictment, against Officer Wilson, must be met by armored vehicles, automatic weapons, with LIVE AMMUNITION, riot gear, dogs and ALL necessary means of force!

  53. Re the alleged “Innocent/angelic”nature of the late Mr.Martin and Mr. Brown,precious few people,black, white or whatever other color people come in are “angels” or overly “innocent for that matter. By the way, while I’m a reasonable specimen of humanity, at least I so claim, I’m quite far removed from being angelic or innocent.

  54. Send all the new vehicles & military stuff the LEA’s acquired, & put it to the test. We should keep a close eye on the tactics the LEA use because, it will be the same tactics they will use on us…., you know, the patriotic Americans who want to abide by the Constitution & Bill of Rights…, lol.
    I’m sad that the people in Ferguson have such disregard for the law & evidence. Thanks to people like Sharpton who diligently stirs the racist pot and who by the very definition of the word, is actually a racist himself.
    Let the chips fall where the may. This is a sign of things to come.
    I believe this is the most lawlessness America has witnessed from both our representatives in Washington along with cities like Ferguson. We are living in a very interesting time.
    Good luck Ferguson…..

  55. The smell of blood attracts more and more animals; it may not be pretty. The National Guard should have units deployed at every Ferguson intersection for as long as needed to keep (or restore) order, and all inciters should be immediately arrested, or shot as a last resort.

  56. When anarchists and rioters are allowed to dictate terms and burn and loot, they must be met with force at every turn, or the US is doomed as a free and relatively safe nation.

  57. The tree of Liberty must be fertilized with the blood of tyrants and patriots!

  58. I have said (many times now) that a slaughter of black men is being set up in St Louis. These young dorks are being led by someone, behind the scenes. The justice dept. is waiting for public opinion to go deeply against the criminals. When the grand jury doesn’t indict (they won’t), and young black men go off the rails, there will be a slaughter. Elder, respectable black men should be trying to calm the hot-heads, reminding them that the dept. of homeland tyranny is better armed, better trained, better equipped and can bring superior numbers (not needed, but they can) and is just biding it’s time, until the general population is fully aroused against the criminals, and the criminals ask for trouble the last time. A bloodbath will ensue, it will be young, criminal black men’s blood. This is being set up like the Waco massacre. It baffles me that those criminals think Americans will put up with LA style rioting. We will not, and the results will be a sad mess.

  59. Free speech and the right to congregate do not equal rioting and looting! Whites did not riot when OJ was acquitted, even though only idiots would truly believe he was innocent.

  60. Just like Trayvon Martin they tried to make another thug look like a Quire Boy….. hide was a criminal and just like Martin they start deleting his past and call speaking about it racist. The fact is these threatening riots are the racist. These people spit on MLK for they put color over character.

    I say mow them down like weeds if they riot… it use to be policy that rioters and looters would be shot, now they baby them and expect the police to take their assaults. None of these animals would find it acceptable to be treated as they treat the officers, but that is more criminal racist double standard.

    You notice none of these people talk of the black officers gunning down white people for racial slurs or because the guy was wearing a headset and did not hear the officer like in Utah. These are okay because as long as the victim is white, it does not matter to them.

  61. Everything has gotten worse since Obama has taken office and he has shown he can ignore laws and the Constitution. They are all following his lead. I worked at a company and everyone admitted I was the one working 3 to 5 times as much as my counter part that was black. He even had admitted he could not do what was required for the job. When Obama got elected, he and another black stated ” now it is your turn to pick the cotton”. I was floored that such a idiotic comment could be made. I even had another black that who had watch us and stated the other guy needed to do some work and that I was treated far worse than any black at the company. He then called me his brother from another mother for being treated so badly despite me be the key to the department.

    Note the policy in the department was that if I was on vacation, no others could be on vacation including my boss and his boss. Then when it came to layoffs, the black prepared to be laid off because he could not do the job, but I was let go against my boss wishes for his boss stated I would not be able to sue due to my They were right under Obama even with my boss willing to testify that it was the reason I was chosen.

  62. I’m bettin’ the severe polar vortex the weather boys are predicting to ascend upon the country, including Fergeson, will keep most of the blabber-mouthed chickenshits inside. 98% of blacks can’t tolerate temps much below 50 degrees, or so. Can’t chuck a Molotov cocktail very far… wearing a parka, can you? To quote Mayor Daley, from back in the 60’s… “Shoot to kill!” They will scatter like the cockroaches they are. And those that willfully choose the path of violence… will get what they deserve: and history will not record nor recall their names; nor should it.

  63. Shoot every one of them committing a Crime once you show these Cowards you mean business they will go home and watch cartoons

  64. no body cares what color you are a theif ran out with a handful of cigars got himself shot in the process over what a handful of cigars thats insane

  65. bring your guns, the party is on. protect you and yours.

  66. The decision has been made, No indictment. Now we await the ‘announcement’ of same. They are waiting, wisely so, for a favorable change in the weather, which is coming in today, rainy and turning very cold. Demonstrations in Ferguson will be tolerated by the Police but any rioting or looting outside of Ferguson will not be met with tolerance. From my door to the heart of Ferguson is a 12 min. drive. If any unrest comes to my neighborhood there will be trouble. I am heavily armed and well stocked in ammo. I normally carry a Glock 42 .380 cal. 7 rounds in the gun and one extra mag. 13 rounds total. On Fri. I purchased a Glock 41 .45 cal. 14 rounds in gun 2 extra mags. for a total of 40 rounds. These days, at least until this is over I’ll be leaving my gun safe open when I’m home, I’ll not tell what’s in there. Just understand if it comes to my door the aftermath would look like a scene from ‘The Walking Dead’.

  67. Stop sending them welfare checks….you know none of them work.

  68. Go ahead, burn down your city and see if I care. What will you do when no one will pay to fix your city. No ones fault but your own. Go ahead, throw your temper tantrums like a little baby.

  69. this is America isn’t it? INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? Every citizen should be yelling louder than the thugs and standing firmer than the thugs and protecting their township, police and officer Wilson and all the police in that area. The Sharptons should be kicked in the ass to get out and stay out! And the stupid family who thinks the U.N. is their “friend” is really uninformed …most of the nations they are “appealing to” had blacks in chains and used them as slaves! How stupid is that!?

  70. so will they all be held for hate crimes against America? or do black people under the POTUS have a free pass? I say if one of them creates a hate crime they all be held accountable for a hate crime against the people of America! including the POTUS and the New attorney general for not only hate crimes but for the rascist actions they impliment on the innocent people of America! IMPEACH this POS ! both of them

  71. We should call upon Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Rangle to step up to the plate and asks the people of this city to keep a lid on it, not to act unlawfully. Breaking the law to riot, loot, burn is not an act of remembrance to the lad that lost his life – it is a purely criminal behavior which can only hurt future relations. These government leaders could stop all of this if they truly wanted to. The question are they more interested in causing unrest and making money off of it or saving the lives and property of the people. Just remember these five men could stop it if they so desired – will they? Or will they use this to build yet another wall between US Citizens. Lets hope they stand up and do the right thing, for all of our futures, and those of our children, and this country.

  72. Enough is enough.They have a right to protest, but if they start rioting, I’d say screw the teargas and break out the real bullets. Society would be well served.

  73. And they should all be arrested and put on Trial…if they cannot obey the Grand Juries decision then they as well are GUILTY! Stay home you people….you are uncivilized when it comes to judgment other than what you think. Obey the LAWS.

  74. I just hope the good people of Ferguson have had enough and stand strong against the trouble makers!
    Take up arms and quell any violent protest that start immediately with deadly force; This is something that will gain respect, not cowering and hiding!
    It’s your town, you can protect it or stand back and watch it burn, I know what I would do!
    Who do you think would gain the most respect there a few hundred police that were under orders to not harm those animals or several thousand homeowners with rifles and shotguns locked and loaded pointing at the looters?

  75. I really hope it does, time to cull the herd, they want to go ape and attack, we kill them,nice and legal.

  76. Get your guns out and make sure there loaded, it take the police to get there 15 to 20 minutes.

  77. Let the cops give any rioters a Rodney King sized beating, then. If they want to protest peacefully, they have a Constitutional right to do so, but their right to protest ends when they get violent about their discontentment.

  78. The Browns, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton…. May have just gotten some cold water thrown on their plans:

    Michael Brown’s Case Not Vindicated by UN…He’s an Entitled Thug!

    Written on Sunday, November 16, 2014 by Susan Hortonl

    A UN official lambasted the “entitlement” of the parents of slain Ferguson, Mo. teen Mike Brown after they
    addressed the United Nations Committee Against Torture. On November 12, 2014, the National Report published an article titled “UN Dismisses Michael Brown case.”

    Parents Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. of the late Michael Brown have taken their plight with the
    Ferguson PD all the way to the UN: a gesture which appears to have been in vain. Brown was killed after allegedly reaching for Officer Darren Wilson’s pistol during a suspected strong-armed robbery arrest in Ferguson, Missouri. On Tuesday, the couple met with the United Nations Committee Against Torture and asked that they look into what they considered to be a grievous cause of police brutality.

    The Browns are requesting Officer Wilson’s immediate arrest and calling for an end to the perceived racial
    profiling in America. The Brown’s said in their document, “We need answers and we need action. We had to bring it to the UN so they can expose it to the rest of the world; what’s going on in small town Ferguson.”

    The UN however, blasted back at the couple after mere hours of deliberation. In a statement released by Senior Chairman of the UN’s Committee Against Torture, he dismissed the couple’s plea (entirely).

    “The sense of entitlement these people have displayed is reprehensible” said chair member, Dr. Amancio
    Dominguez in an interview with National Report. “We deal with legitimate and widespread instances of human rights violations, and frankly the issues presented to us here are not even a blip on our radar. It is in our opinion after reviewing all the evidence that the officer in question committed absolutely (No Wrong Doing).”

    He continued, “While I feel for loss endured by these two individuals, I believe they are blinded by grief and
    this is simply not the forum which to project those feeling. My colleagues and I went over the surveillance footage, as well as other evidence documented in the case, and we believe that Michael Brown is
    indeed guilty of the acts of which he is being charged.”

    Another member of the UN committee told CNN, “We have much more important things to do than involve
    ourselves in county level legal proceedings. This was an absolute waste of our time. Compared to human rights violations that are prevalent in such 3rd world countries as North Korea and Brazil, America’s plight simply does not compare. While instances of police brutality certainly do exist, we have found that this was no such case and we will not be intervening in the matter.”

    I also feel badly that these parents lost a child but they are extremely misguided in their indoctrination of victim thinking. So profusely wrong yet determined for their version of Black Victim Justice they went around our Court system to the United Nations to achieve some kind of vindication in their mind.

    What they seem to forget is that their child committed a robbery while high on Pot (not legal in Missouri) and
    then attacked a Police Officer. We have rules in America no matter what your skin color. He disobeyed the law and he of course didn’t want to pay for the consequences of his poor choices. I can only surmise what he would be on trial for today if he had gotten Officer Wilson’s gun away from him in the struggle inside the police car and shot Officer Wilson with it.

    How could his parents take the moral high ground fighting for justice for lawless acts of immoral abuse,
    assault and robbery not only to the police officer but the shop owner with impunity?

    They have taken this thinking to the streets chanting, “All black lives matter!” However, I see the total hypocrisy and insincerity in their silence over the Black on Black violence and murder nation-wide. If indeed ALL Black lives matter to you then this would be a good place to start to save Black lives. Recognize the prejudice in your own hearts that you so recklessly adamantly portray as White Bigotry trying to convince the world you really are the victim in your unbiased White on Black racist cause.

    The UN saw through the Brown’s masquerade fiasco of injustice from the PD of Ferguson. I just hope they’re
    prepared to pick up the exorbitant tab from the destruction they perpetrated for months on: the Police Dept., the innocent people’s lives and property of Ferguson and surrounding cities and the loss-of-income from shop owners trying to do business there.


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