Ferguson Funds: Obama Asks Congress for $263 Million

When the grand jury’s decision came back, letting Ferguson officer Darren Wilson off the hook, you just knew that President Obama heard the winds of legacy a-brewing. His speech, split-screened by the media in one of the best examples of modern irony we could have asked for, was centered on peace while protestors started throwing bottles at police officers. But it wasn’t until Monday that he convened his Cabinet and various civil rights leaders to see what he could do to thrust his way into the history books.

To be fair, the early indications are that he’s going to propose some ideas far less offensive than they could have been. He asked Congress for $263 million dollars, much of which is intended to pay for body cameras for police officers. The rest is ostensibly earmarked for police training that will improve relations between cops and minority communities. I think it’s strange that a fairly straightforward case like the Michael Brown one would lead to these changes, but there you have it. Certainly, some people don’t want to acknowledge the truth.

Still, while I don’t have a problem with the cameras or the training, I have a deep problem with the president continuing to demonize law enforcement. Body cameras are a wise move. They serve to protect citizens as well as officers. They take some of the question marks out of close-call cases, and they may just prove to be an invaluable technology when it comes to preserving civil rights. But it’s a shame that Obama can’t endorse these actions without playing in to this false Ferguson narrative.

Let’s just put this out there: Officer Darren Wilson did nothing wrong. Period. Unless witness testimony, forensic evidence, and common sense have all conspired to paint an incorrect picture of August 9th, Wilson did nothing more or less than his duty on that fateful day. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with the Ferguson PD, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t problems in other racially-divided communities, but it does mean that this is the wrong case to use as a foundation for change.

Does it matter? I think it does. What if it turned out that Rosa Parks was only discouraged from sitting in the front of that bus because they just fumigated the seats? Wouldn’t that kinda diminish her heroism? Changing public policy requires support from all sides. When you start from a controversial case like this one, you risk marginalizing one side even when they would usually agree with you.

But that’s Obama through and through. He’s so desperate to put his name alongside the all-time greats, he’s more willing to do something because it’s controversial than because it’s the right thing to do. That the two happen to go hand in hand this time is purely coincidental.

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  1. Really??? The jerks that destroyed the town should have to rebuild it. I am hoping the people see a chance to move out of such an evil area. Even without the riots the area I am sure has many thugs., A new start, a new chance to leave the spirit of poverty. The town needs cleansed and the good working people hopefully will see they need to move on, and what they [rioters] meant for evil God will use the insurance money and grants to take their lives to a new level, for good!!! AMEN!!!

  2. I would not give Obama more then $5.00 Dollars .. Obama should of had national guards standing before hand and put stop to THUGS .. But no lets do it Obama way stand down and let thugs do Millions dollars in damage then ask for Millions of tax payer money..If Obama done right it would have cost only fraction

    • I agree!

    • Not to sound like a dickhead but Obama cannot order National Guard into a state~! That is the governors decision and when the Gov had considered doing it the first time,his buddy Obama called him up and asked to refrain from sending them in. The NG has a few rolls and one of those is to stop Federal troops from over running a state sovereignty~

      • Thanks for heads up .. I do not know all in and out of what Obama can do .. There is one thing i am sure of Obama likes to spend time on Golf field

      • ATOMICKRAKIN – You are EXACTLY CORRECT. BO and his STANK can take a hike …..

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        Obama told our idiot governor to have the National Guard stand down, so that’s exactly what the moron did. The National Guard stood by and watched all the looting and arson and were told to take no action. I wish there was a call for his resignation. He is a disgrace.

    • I would say that you would give $5.00 more than me. This was not a natural disaster or anything else like that. The store owners should have insurance. They should not have released the decision until everything was set and they could stop the looting and violence before it started. This is just more evidence of obama’s incompetence. He should have never been involved at all nor should of holder been involved. This should have been a local issue period!!!

      • The problem is that those innocent store owners were all burned out before last August.

        The insurance premiums are sky high and they cannot afford to restock and rebuilt their stores AND pay insurance.

        Time for a few shotguns.

        • They were the victims of arson just after the verdict was read. It is NOT my responsibility to pay for their losses because they can’t afford their insurance. If they can’t afford to be in business then they shouldn’t be, but their losses are NOT my responsibility and should not have to pay for it. If I choose to help that would be between me and them. The government should NOT force me to pay for their rebuilding.

          • I never said they should, so get over yourself. I am just as against it as you are

            However, until you have been in that situation, you don’t know what these people are facing through no fault of their own. And that said, there ARE Small Business Administration loans available, and Ovomit should make them available for these business owners to rebuild if they choose to stay.

            Also, the police presence should be ramped up and the criminals should be caught, jailed, and forced to pay restitution, even if that restitution means that they work on the side of the highway picking up trash with any money they earn in the prison system going to the victims.

          • James H. Humphrey

            You just smashed the nail on the head ! As much media on site and filming, all those videos should be accessed AND THEN, slowly reviewed, each and every person should be taken in and questioned and through their testimony additional persons brought in, etc. etc. AND THEN all hauled before the courts and given some heavy fines, if they don’t want to pay, maybe some jail time will change their minds. Either way, restitution, restitution, restitution AND THEN all their little behinds out on the streets helping with the clean up and rebuilding. OH, I can hear the cry now, “Well, we don’t got the time, we gots to stay home and baby sit or some other lame ass excuse. If they had time to riot and destroy, then they sure as hell can find the time to pay up and work up.

          • I worked with a black SSgt in the military who regularly accused me of (and you are not going to believe this):

            “Being responsible for the FACT (according to him) that I, as a white woman who grew up in Southern California and graduated from high school there, was TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for the ‘FACT’ (again, according to him) that HE had to learn with OLD TEXTBOOKS at HIS school in East St. Louis.”

            Never in my life had I heard such a ridiculous statement, and even when he was blatantly guilty of disrespect of a fellow NCO and blatant sexual harassment against me, he got off and I was given a direct order to stay away from the OSI, where I planned to file charges against him.

            Go figure.

            My parents were NOT rich. My dad worked his ass off to provide for 4 children, we rarely saw him because he came back from WWII with Battle Fatigue (now PTSD) and could only work as a long haul trucker due to claustrophobia and the horrors of flashbacks and war. There were times he worked for $1 an hour and my mom had less than $10 a week to provide for all of us.

            But, because I happen to be white, I am somehow responsible for ALL of his problems.

            That’s a myass moment.

          • Share the part of being poor, that is pretty much the way we were. I was a ‘white’ SSgt in the A.F. and I did see some minor stuff with a ‘black’ TSgt (’67-’68), I just kept my cool and knew that “I” would over it. Knew it wasn’t worth the hassel unless it continued, it didn’t, guess we are all better off in the long run. Anyway, the fact we all survived, gives us something to vent with now and again and then wonder, thought it was supposed to be ther other way around – duh?

          • Yep. I understand.

            I have often wondered what happened to that guy after I left the service — if he went back to St. Louis and if he did anything to try to improve his community.

            I always thought we were all responsible for making our world a better place to live in.

          • I grew up poor too, but I still had a good childhood, only a few weren’t poor, but even those weren’t any better than the career welfare nation today. When I was in grade school I can remember days we brought our guns to school because some would go hunting right after school and as protection from animals that might have Rabies.

          • That’s true, but they are too damn lazy, and want you to make it better for them.

          • So what. I never saw a new textbook unless the school system adopted a newer more PC version. The liberals would revise history books, little by little until their “revised” history was being taught.
            I would have been pleased to use the older, and much more accurate, versions.

          • Jail time won’t help a bit. Black thugs wear their wrap sheet like a medal. It is something that young black kids are taught to admire and respect.

            NO, I am in favor of the SHOTGUN. Eliminate the animals now and we won’t have a problem in the future.

          • S.S.S.,,,,Shoot, Shovel, Shut up!

          • I agree 100% Al Phony Dumb Azz Sharpton along with this racist administration and the Marxist media that gave support to these fools should be the ones to pay for this but we know that will never happen. Now Obama is going to send a female investigator to find out why this poor child was “murdered” probablly a new Czar. Yep a mother shouldn’t have to worry about her child getting killed by a racist police officer if he decides to rob a store and resists arrest.

          • and take that money and give to store owners not tax payers money and maybe the next time they might think about burning and looting something they help build back they might think twice

        • well thats there problem take what ins.money they get for there business and go somewhere else… when those idiots in fergoson has no place to shop or buy food they’ll stop… and it’s not tax payers fought that they let the crime rate get that bad in there community to were the insurance gets to high …you can see why the ins.is so high just watch fergonson news so don’t cry for everyone else to bail you out and build you a new store…heck you cry and riot when a police officer does try to take crimmals off the street watch the news

          • I hate to be the spelling police, but where did you learn how to spell? Your comment is so disjointed it is almost, almost difficult to understand.

            All I said was that Ovomit should make Small Business Administration loans available to those who lost their business and that the perpetrators should be jailed and forced to pay restitution. You are quite obviously unfamiliar with the world of hazard insurance.

            One of those people who deserves to be jailed is Al Sharpton.

          • well i never learned to spell yet… but you got the message didn’t you… thats all that matters… but i do haft to agree with you sharpton should be in jail …but when it boils down to it and people starts telling the truth you’ll find that it has nothing to do with the shooting it has to do with people using it too get something for nothing …most won’t work and the rest blame everybody else it’s easier to steal

          • Wilson is the hero here…Let’s talk about him and send in donations for anew career.

          • that works for me

          • Already have.

      • I am with you, papa. There was no reason for the feral government to be involved it the situation. They stirred the pot of racism and ignorance bringing it to a boil with the help of their lapdog media. They purposely made it a national event when it should have been on page 2 of the local newspaper.
        Then that cockroach asks for money! He should beg for his life and take what he gets.

      • Why do you think the insurance companies should be responsible? Did they cause the damage? Hell no! The black thugs agitated by Jesse Jackass, AL Sharpstick, Eric Holdemdown and Barry Soetoro, committed the crimes and they are the ones who should pay for the damages.

        But that would not be “fair”. Requiring individuals to be responsible for their actions is “racist” when it pertains to the black thug mentality. Only when “whitey” is guilty, should “justice” be meted out.

        Krazeehors is right! Time for a few shotguns.

        • First of all you have insurance to cover your property. They charge at a level where they don’t lose money. Insurance covers individuals so that they can stay in business. I don’t feel as though they are responsible at all only that is the business they are in. It is then their responsibility to go after the perps. I would not agree with shotguns only because hollow points do a far more effective job and obviously that leaves out shotguns.

        • I think you missed my point. Yes, business, individuals and government agencies all buy insurance to protect their financial interest. But that is generally for fire and natural calamities.
          These thugs were breaking the law. When the law is broken and property or the personal health of innocent people is jeopardized, the law needs to be involved. And, since many of the perps were imported, across state lines, the FBI has the responsibility for bringing these thugs to justice. The fact that Jesse Jackass and his ilk deliberately instigated riots means their personal wealth should be confiscated and used to lighten the insurance companies load. Upon conviction, of course.

    • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

      The POTUS can only “send in the National Guard” if he first has the
      SECDEF order the specific unit(s) to Federal Duty. Once that happens,
      then those forces become active duty Army, and are therefore subject to
      the limitations of the Posse Comitatus Act, under which the federal Army
      is *prohibited* from being used in a domestic law enforcement role.

      The Governor of the state, however, has the authority to order the National Guard into a domestic law enforcement role, as long as the unit(s) remain state forces, not under federal control. BUT the state government would then have to foot the bill, paying all the costs for that Activation out of state funds.

      Should the POTUS wish to delay or prevent a Governor from Activating the National Guard, all the POTUS has to do is to threaten to “federalize” those units, which would immediately remove them from the Governor’s control. I suspect that was why the Missouri National Guard deployment to Ferguson was delayed.

      Unless Missouri decides to avail themselves of their lawful right to establish a State Defense Force, separate and apart from the National Guard, they will never have a military force that is not answerable to the Federals.


      Unless and until the state of Missouri establishes their own State Defense
      Force under Title 32 of the USC, then the only other option that the Governor has would be to call up the Militia. No Governor has had the stones to do that since the early 20th century.

      Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia. Aim Small, Miss Small. This won’t end pretty, America.

      • Hey thank you for info .. Seems like no matter how old guy is can learn some thing new every day

      • OnePissedOffAmerican

        We do have a citizen Militia here in Missouri. I sure wish they had shown up in Ferguson in force. Some of them were there protecting several stores, armed to the teeth.

        • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

          So start organizing some support for a local Militia unit. Do some fundraising, and some recruiting, and spread the word.

          By the late 1930s, the people of Finland were enthusiastically supporting their Home Guard. These were a bit like the American idea of Militia, and a bit like the American concept of the State Defense Force as defined under Title 32 of the US Code.

          Although the Home Guard units were officially endorsed by the Finnish Regular Army, Home Guard soldiers received no pay. Each soldier was responsible for buying his own uniform, boots, rifle, ammunition, and equipment. Jobs in those days were hard to come by, and paid little, so as young men came of age, they struggled to equip themselves.

          The people of Finland responded by organizing raffles, bake sales, rummage sales, and whatever else that they could think of to raise money for their local Home Guard soldiers. In an era where there were few automobiles outside of the larger cities, thousands of little hamlets and villages were raising an army of local volunteers.

          This was done at a time when most of those villages had no telephones, no grid electric, no running water, and no paved roads. Most of the rural population got around by horseback or on snow skis. But by the time that the Soviets invaded Finland in the Winter War of 1939-1940, nearly a third of the Finnish soldiers who fought that Winter were Home Guard volunteers.

          In today’s electronically connected world, it seems downright criminal that American Militias are not being a fraction as well-supported by the Citizenry as were those Finnish Home Guard units.

          Get out there and make it happen. Work for some real “Change” that Patriots can believe in.

          • Check out the Oath Keepers web site, they are a nationwide organization. Retired law enforcement, military, firefighters, sheriffs, etc.

          • And those Finns put a hurting on the Red Army.

          • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

            Oh, they sure did. The Soviets invaded with superior numbers, but had no idea how to operate off the roads in the snow-covered forests of Finland’s Karelian Isthmus. The rural Finns were masters at hunting and cross-country skiing in those same snow-covered forests. The Finns would wipe out entire columns of Soviet soldiers by trapping them on the roads and maneuvering on snow skis to attack from all directions.

            Most of those Finnish ski troops were Home Guard soldiers. They were intimately familiar with the areas where they operated simply because they had grown up hunting and skiing in those areas. If a rural Finn wanted meat during the winter, he put on his snow skis and went hunting. When the Russians invaded his hunting grounds, that same Finn put on his snow skis and went hunting.


            Though outnumbered by the Russians 2-to-1, the Finns killed nearly five times as many Russians as the Russians did against the Finns. There were 126,000 Russian casualties, compared to only 26,000 Finnish casualties.

            The Finns actually killed off 30 percent of the invading Russian force.

            During that war, the highest number of sniper kills in history was achieved by Simo Häyhä of the Finnish Home Guard. Häyhä was credited with over 500 confirmed sniper kills during a period of 100 days, an average of five kills per day, not counting the 200 or so that Häyhä killed with his submachine gun.


            The Soviet soldiers nicknamed Häyhä “White Death”.

            This story illustrates just how much damage one proficient sniper can do against a numerically superior enemy. All Patriots should take this lesson to heart, and learn from Häyhä’s example. Should our nation ever be plunged into internal armed conflict, we are going to need a whole lot of shooters like Häyhä .

            Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

        • The Oath Keepers were guarding some businesses. One was on Fox News saying that they are being threatened with arrest if they don’t leave. The owners asked them to help them and they did not get burned down. Also, one night they called 911 because there were snipers on the building behind them with their rifles pointing at them. The Federal Gov. was trying to get them to leave.

      • Obama wanted the biggest riot and destruction that he could manage. Now they want it in New York too…Don’t are reps have the brains to know that?

        • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

          The CongressCritters? They barely have a high enough IQ to bend their interns over in the right direction. Most of them could not pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the bottom of the heel.

          You are talking about people who are more like The Zero that they are like the rest of us. You know, the only “job” that they ever held before public office was something completely lame like “community organizer”.

          Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia or your local Oath Keepers chapter. This won’t end pretty, America.

    • I wouldn’t give him 5 cents, and that would be a waste of money.

    • Your being generous here with $ 5.00, I wouldn’t give him a dime.

  3. Should arrest,fine and seize property of those Caught on camera destroying,burning the town. Let THOSE thugs help pay the hard way for their actions!

  4. the body cameras are a good idea police officers need to have that protection for their self and also civilians need it because what happened down in Ferguson was a just action but their officers all over this country that do abuse their power and that needs to be brought forward and I’m not meaning just white officers there are black officers Hispanic officers Asian officers there are people in uniform of every color that abused this power unfortunately the media only reports when its a white officer that does something to a black person the media never reports when somebody that is a different color murders or beats a white person that’s not media worthy

  5. No freeking way. They tore it down. Let them build it back. We, who get soaked with taxes every year, should never have to pay for the crimes of others. Gee whiz, we have to foot the bill for Barry’s flying all over the country on fund raisers and vacations–and the DNC should have been doing that. Now Ferguson? Is hell freezing over? What’s next, building a mosque there for all the ISIS recruits? The best news of the day would be that Bathhouse Barry announces he is resigning at noon tomorrow. No, he still has more plans to destroy this once great nation so he won’t do that. Pity.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You’ve got it bud.. His mooselum shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet.. And if the repubs keep sitting on their asses and watching instead of doing, woe be to this once great country of yours and mine.. GOD HELP AMERICA !

      • God is going to be the only help we can cont on. Amen.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And the Repooplicans did just as I said they’d do. The bastards sat on their rich asses and said they’d accept amnesty with the illegal.. Guess we can no longer count on either of them.. Here it comes, ladies N gents!! :-((

    • Building the mosque is probably exactly what they are going to do next. I wouldn’t put it past him.

  6. Tell the bastard we are broke

  7. Ariel Gail MacLean

    this latest financial boondoggle was guaranteed to happen. The military-security-industrial complex must be fed. our government has no other way to keep the machine going but to make wars, recycle last decades equipment, re-employed damaged soldiers when they get back, sponsor divisive local politics, then of course, they need to train all these security people to use their new equipment. This is a no brainer. And we will be training them forever –job creation in action! Can you imagine if that much money was channeled into re-training into peaceful industries and prevention strategies for community development rather than conflict development? What about funding for Schools? And you can be sure that they will give Obama 3 times that under the table, and this will go on forever. If we just would stand back and pay attention to what is happening and quit reading the MSM, the average sheeple American could actually make a difference. The problem is there are statistically waaay too few people even seeking out the unreported back-stories and before we know it, the Internet As We Know It will be gone. These are indeed the last days of freedom of information, thought, and organizing. When we can no longer access sites like this and the many others, our ability to resist will desist.

  8. Two words that will NEVER go together, Obama and great.

    • I agree, wholeheartedly. There is absolutely NOTHING that Obama can accomplish during the next two yrs., let alone, the rest of his lifetime, that could even approach the neighborhood of “greatness”. To utter his name in the same breath, when referencing of any other President… or ‘legitimate’ American citizen… amounts to an egregious act of ignominy compounding an insult and slander upon the name and reputation of the latter. Seriously, one would be better served and rewarded by an act of vomiting, and retaining, within ones’ own mouth… ’til the cows come home!

      • He is greatest A$$ ever to be president. He is the greatest criminal ever to have that position. He is the biggest disaster ever to occupy the White House…Let the books tell the truth of this criminal.

      • That just goes to show the mediocrity of politicians that we have been given the opportunity to elect.

  9. obama and holder used sharpton to direct the looting and burning with his new black panther connections. All so they could shame americans into their make believe race issues. Now he wants to give them taxpayer money to clean up the mess and destruction so they can loot once again. All the while holders men stood there and watched for civil rights violations. Appalling for this administration to treat citizens this way and have private property destroyed by black thugs.

  10. Fcuking druggy president likes his brothers in the hood! Especially the muslims. He could careless about the white population, which voted his black ass in. I truly do not believe his father was his father or his mother was his mother. He should have to take a DNA test and see where the bastard came from.

  11. First thing that needs to be done is arrest Michael Browns father or step-father who said on national TV burn the b***h down and charge him with inciting a riot which caused millions of dollars damage to business owners. All those who looted, burned police cars etc. should be rounded up and prosecuted to the full limits of the law. That might show the lawless criminals we won’t let you get away with this kind of behavior. A word of gratitude to those who stood guard over various business and to those who spoke out against those who participated in rioting.

    • Damn straight, Al. Furthermore, impanel the ‘same’ grand jury that carefully weighed the “facts” in the ‘case’ against officer Wilson; as there now are scads of video evidence which clearly depict the racist, criminal, thugs committing indefensible acts of violence, arson, looting, property destruction, etc.

  12. That money should go to the owners of businesses, automobiles and other properties that were destroyed by the insane politically riles up protesters. It is really incredible that this impostor can totally ignore the fact that one fat drugged up felonious kid assaulted a police officer in his car, ran and then in a fit of uncontrollable rage secondary to drugs and an entitlement attitude charged the officer knowing full well he had a gun. All of this has been lost in the political and race baiting protestations and turned around as if the officer had no rights whatsoever. He had no mace, he had no billy club. The officer knew this kid was crazed from the moment he reached in to the cruiser and reached for the gun and was beating the officer’s face. That kid was going after him with the intent on bodily harm to the officer, folks. What the heck was he supposed to do? Mollycoddle the youth and understand his racial status and allow the kid to pummel him? What the heck was he to do? Answer that, Sharpton, Jackson, Dyson and all of you race baiting hypocrites, why don’t you?

  13. Both Obama and Holder should have kept their racist mouths shut instead of egging this on. Wilson did nothing wrong. As far as sending money to Ferguson money to rebuild, the people there made destroyed their neighborhood so they can rebuild it themselves out of their own pockets. Maybe next time they wont be so willing to destroy their own neighborhood.

  14. Why? it was this idiot, holder, sharpton that was instigating the riots and racism. What about the WHITE couple that was just sitting in their car this week and he was MURDERED, beat to death with a hammer, by black thugs. I have seen NOTHING come from this administration, DOJ, sharpton about this. GIVE THEM NOTHING……

  15. Wow! I agree with everything everyone has said so far. It feels great!

  16. Hell NO! They distroyed their own town. The taxpayers are not going to pay for this!!!!! We have our own problems with this gov’t and all their new taxes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  17. The decision on whether state, municipal or county police should wear cameras as well as who should pay for those cameras resides with the STATE, not federal government.

    By the time the fed is done paying for the cameras each one will cost 15 times more than what the state would pay if they so chose to equip their officers with one.

    Just another reason to increase our taxes and spend money we don’t have and no I don’t buy the BS argument that if we can save just one life crapola because if it were truly about saving lives, abortion would be illegal.

    Yes I can make that jump. A life is a life. In this case it was a criminal thug life. If Wilson had a camera just like the convenient store we’d still see Brown… a criminal thug acting like a criminal thug does and being shot for the effort.

    Are cameras a good idea. YEP. Is it the responsibility of the federal government to provide them. NOPE!

    • Well… since you brought up the “BS… crapola, abortion, argument” (“a life is a life”, after all ); is not a turd, while still residing inside the bowels of the ‘mother’… infused as it is with ‘living, viable, bacteria’… a life?
      As for, “…if we can save just one life”… UH, one life WAS saved; that life belongs to officer Wilson… Thanks to Wilson’s own act of bravery in facing down a known, moronic thug; a fat-assed punk who was bent on either killing or inflicting grave bodily harm upon the person of Darren Wilson… Brown is exactly where he belongs. Yeah, at the end of the day “everybody wants to go home…”: but, that includes Wilson, too.
      Otherwise, I concur with your first and last statements!

  18. Gail Teston Holmes

    I’v said this once and i’ll say it again, ALL the ferguson police should pack their bags and ouit the police force, move to another city, town, or state and start a new life on another police force because staying on the ferguson police will Not be the same because of mike brown, Not all BUT some of the black people have one thing in mine, EYE FOR A EYE and soon if not later a white police officer will be shot or killed and what will the reason be? one trigger happy punk hiding in the dark.

  19. Cameras for police is like putting a band aid on the wrong arm. The real answer is,(and it will take Presidential leadership,) plead with parents to teach their children repect for authority. Brown and Martin would be alive today if their parents had done the right thing in raising them.

  20. Any one involved and cought should have there welfare checks stopped until the city gets rebuilt. Take responsibility thugs

  21. Where is the governor,missing even now nobody has seen him and would not even put The National Guard out that was there waiting.

  22. Reginald Vangleeson

    im still waiting for some American with some balls to impeach his criminal ass. throw him in jail along with his entire adminstration.

  23. THANK GOD=THE ObAMA reign is over= cut off all funding on anything that he wants, the American people are sick of all his failed liberal policies and his illegal executive orders !!!

  24. 263 million, from where and for what? Our politicians just think money grows on trees! Where will this money come from? What will they really do with this? What really will they do with funding for Ferguson? Clean up? The clean up is in the billions of dollars, so what will this do? The answer? It will be put on the government credit card! And the use will never be known! This is TRUTH!

  25. Obummer is nothing more than a thug himself …what do you expect out of that???

    • I get the ‘gist’ of what you’re saying, Dave, but seriously… that punk of a POTUS doesn’t have enough ass to hold his own pants up. And, clearly, if it ever came ‘to it…’; the secret service boys will likely NOT put their own butts on the line for that POS.

  26. “…He asked Congress for $263 million dollars,…”
    No, no, no! Not a penny for these thugs. I believe that is called extortion.

  27. Not just no but HELL NO! the members of the community allowed others to destroy everything let them pay for fixing it up. Or better yet find those NOT of their community fork over the money to pay for the damage they did. I do not believe in rewarding looters and rioters.

  28. Police cameras and training would only amount to 2 million bucks, Whats the rest for, Too reward a bunch of rioters for burning their town, Screw them, Let them live in the ruins, Not a dime should go to ferguson, if you want to give ferguson’s victims money, Take it out of their welfare, and obama’s pension fund, he and holder let this happen, they held back the national guard.

  29. Obama’s approach is an open invitation for more riots and looting.
    The tax payers are not responsible for the damage done my the protesters and rioters.
    The uninsured victims of the rioting, burning and looting should be treated as other disaster victims.
    I assume that the police has miles of video tapes of the riots and looting and is in a position to identify many of the perpetrators.As many as possible must be prosecuted and made to pay restitution or go to jail.

    Whatever mess Ferguson is in a town with an 80% black population can only blame itself for the quality of their town government.
    They elected it so don’t blame the whites!

  30. I’d give O’Hamma 5 cents to throw himself off a cliff …..

  31. I wouldn’t give that idiot a dime! Screw those ignorant bastards!

  32. No tax money for the rebuild. The governor of MO should have had the NG in place beforehand. The federal government can not order guard troops to take action in a state, only the governor can. Let the rich liberals reach into their own pockets if they feel so strongly. Like that will happen!!

  33. and not a word about helping to rebuild, after meeting with “leaders” and telling them to “stay the course”…if he had a son…

  34. I see a lot of comments about using the money to rebuild the town. That’s not where the money is going. Most of it will be used for body cameras for the law enforcement officers. The rest will be used for training. I was under the impression that the states were responsible for the purchase of the cameras. Will Obama reimburse those who have already purchased body cameras for their officers?

  35. Hey Congress tell O’Bozo elections have results that he will not like, Wake UP obama your Liberal Senate rubber stamp is GONE, Cry, Whine, I know what happened.

  36. And even IF Officer Miller had had a “body camera” – something that would have cemented his innocense even more – the homo’ race baiter in chief and “his” (we ARE talking about someone with a lifetime membership to Chicago’s “man’s country” – a gay bathhouse) fellow travelers would STILL demand Officer Miller be crucified for doing exactly what was right and proper under the circumstances.

  37. Not a red cent. They made their bed let them sleep in it!

  38. Body cams and training should be paid for and initiated by the comunities, NOT the federal government.

  39. Let them set up a GoFundMe page.
    Not one red cent of taxpayer money.

  40. Only if he puts body cameras on all elected officials, political appointees, and their staffs. Those cameras would catch far more crimes and criminals than police body cameras.

  41. As I see it, Officer Wilson shot and killed a bully, a thief and a punk. An obvious criminal that needed to be taken down. Interesting how all of this was ignored by the liberal media as they painted a totally different picture, intent on inciting a race war.

  42. I have nothing against body camera’s and more training for law enforcement but shouldn’t the be up to the local communities and/or the States?

  43. Does Obama thinks we are stupid again? He is a lawyer and he knows that everything was done right and fair. Just because a policeman killed a black criminal protecting himself and found innocent what the heck is his beef. He is finally trying to find the love of the black people by joining in on their hate for the white people. He is an idiot if he doesn’t think we don’t see through all this even after all the good things white people have done for him. It isn’t about white policemen it is about white people. The killing of black males by white policemen is very low in this country. Everyone justified. Why doesn’t he address why they get killed. It is hatred. It is that they are breaking the law and when a policemen stops a car with blacks they usually find something. So if they didn’t break the law they would be stopped. The blacks live by a different set of rules and they feel police should live them alone. If the police didn’t answer their calls for just one night I wonder how many more would kill each other in the bad neighbors of drug dealers and gang members. Why doesn’t the President address that instead looking at the police. The problem is with the mind set of those people that I am shocked that an educated man would rely on a low life like Al Sharpton for advise. The President is scrambling for a legacy and as usual he’s got wrong again. I didn’t realize that you also part of that mentality but then again you came from the same kind of environment. The only thing you have is an education and really bad advisors as father figures.

  44. I would not give this terrorist another dime to do anything here. If we give this idiot more money, he will only go back there and pay the blacks to continue to riot in the streets. When ever this jackass wants more money, we should question it to no end because all of his moves with our money has been questionable over the years. This jerk cannot manage a pack of gum, let alone millions of dollars anymore.

  45. You are pretty brave James Humphrey’s wearing that confederate outfit…am I wrong or is that the side of Slavery?
    Think it is…Obama is using Ferguson for political reasons only…he does not give a hoot about any of this other than to further his own cause..How about Detroit and Chicago, they make Ferguson look like a tea party! Our President and Attorney General both have their agenda’s and it’s not to do the right thing…it’s to point the finger at the police departments around the United States who are only doing their jobs. They are not fooling anyone..we all know what they are up to..don’t we? This is the worst President and worst Attorney General in history and there is no changing that fact. As Eastwood would say “You have to ask yourself…why wasn’t the National Guard AND the police there to stop all the burning and rioting there after the verdict?” Answer: Because they wanted it to happen!!!

  46. LOL…message to Lizard….it’s a Golf course NOT a Golf field….gave me a laugh though…

  47. Obama and Holder, along with race baiters Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan have done their best too fire up the hate and violence, and now want US citizens to fund their ideas to aid a town they failed to protect. I wonder who will get the major portions they are asking for and you can bet one of the habitual race baiters will have his hand out. I thought inciting a riot and calls to inflict harm on others was a crime, if so when are the Revs. and Farrakhan going to answer for their fiery that incited the crowds? Where were all the so called politicians when a young White man was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in St Lois by four black youths and one Latino. This happened this past Sunday, yet no sign or any type of response from Holder or Obama as to when they will travel to St, Louis with the same crew and response they gave to Ferguson just a few short miles away. Don’t hold your breath waiting! If any money does go to Ferguson, it should be given directly to the people who lost their businesses so they can go elsewhere to begin anew in a town where they will be appreciated.

  48. the damn fools sending money to ferguson to help the poor people rebuild are nuts. who do you think is sending the money, the guilty whites that have kept these people down. and you know the blacks are really going to appreciate this goodwill, yeah, right. maybe if all these freebies were reduced drastically, maybe instead of standing around on the street and drinking wine out of paper bags, and deciding who the next woman is going to be to have another kid out of wedlock and with no intention to support. maybe they would start to get hungry, both men and women. women might keep their legs crossed if they knew they couldnt support themselves and a kid. maybe the women would start to name these fathers to the courts, so the courts could make them pay. with a lot less freebies, they will have to to work or crime. if they choose work, they might start to realize some pride in themselves. choose crime, go to jail for a long time or end up in the gutter with some new holes in your body. taxpayers work their asses off to support all these freeloaders, that live a much easier and lazy lifestyle with things that the taxpayers buy them, involuntarily. things that the taxpayers cant afford for themselves. its time to stop this madness

  49. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    $263 Million????? Isn’t that what he’s spent so far going golfing all over the world????? Tell him to stop golfing and use the money saved to give to Ferguson, MO.

  50. Congress better stand up and say NO to this request. It is
    not the FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS responsibility for funding of local Police departments. That is the responsibility
    of the local juristictions.

  51. Why should the taxpayer fund a riot that Barry and Eric started along with the revs – Jesse and Al? Let Jesse and Al pony up with the cash, and Barry and Eric can administer the distribution.

  52. he’s jujst trying to buy dem. votes and for 2016 and pocket most of it for himself… i wouldn’t give that idiot nothing …it ain’t tax payer responsabilty to fund a bunch of law breakers if he wants money let him make the ones they arrested work and fund ferguson they tore it up

  53. We have thrown billions of dollars at these low life scumbags since 1964. What do they throw back at us riots, looting, etc. way to go barry. I expect nothing less from a low life degenerate racist such as yourself and holder and sharpoton and jackson etc.

  54. Eric Holder, of all people, after fast and furious, Black panther intimidation, voter fraud, not policing our boarders and on and on, is going to tell somebody how to be a good policeman? Read THIS!!! letter from the WH signed by Holder.

    Following Michael Brown’s tragic death, millions of people across the nation and around the world have focused their attention on unfolding events in Ferguson, both grieving together and making their voices heard.

    In recent days, many have been captivated by ongoing developments, anguished emotions, peaceful protests — and, too often, deeply unfortunate images of unnecessary destruction. And this tragic incident has sparked a necessary, national conversation about the need to ensure trust and build strong relationships between law enforcement officials and the communities they serve.

    Events in Ferguson have revealed a deep distrust between a community and its police force. But this reality is not limited to one location. Other communities around this country know this struggle all too well. And it’s abundantly clear that every single one of us has a role to play in tackling this problem together, as a nation — to identify those things that bind us, and to be honest with one another about the things that continue to divide us.

    In August, President Obama ordered a review of federal funding and programs that provide equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies. Yesterday, the Administration released that review’s findings — and announced key next steps to strengthen the trust in and effectiveness of the policing of our communities.

    • Here are the next steps we’re taking:

      Creating a new task force to promote the expansion of 21st century community-oriented policing.

      Reforming how the federal government equips local law enforcement, particularly with military-style equipment.

      Advancing the use of body-worn cameras and promoting proven community policing initiatives.

      I know this has been a difficult time for people in Ferguson, and for many others across the country. It will take time for things to get better. But as I assured Ferguson residents during my visit there, in August, the Obama administration is firmly committed to making the progress we need — and that all of our citizens deserve.

      The changes that the President announced yesterday are exactly the sorts of programmatic steps that will bring the right people together to engage in a constructive, national conversation — so we can build trust, address persistent concerns, and protect public safety while respecting the rights of every American.

      Last Tuesday, addressing the public, the President said, “[to] those who are prepared to work constructively, your President will work with you.” I am committed to answering the President’s call to see this through — as are the men and women of the United States Department of Justice.

      Learn more about yesterday’s announcements here — and spread the word to anyone who wants to know how we’re moving forward as a nation.

      Thank you,

      Eric H. Holder, Jr.

  55. This is just another phase of his PLAN to destroy America and become dictator. He will be declaring martial by next spring if not sooner. He has helped to stir up the racial riots and any other way to cause chaos (e.g. immigration, obamacare) so that he can declare martial law (which he already signed in March of 2012). He is a muslim communist/racist as well as being a psycopath.

  56. Obama must want to fund some kind of plan to destroy more of America and it’s freedoms, he doesn’t need any money and congress better not give it to him, this guy
    thinks just because he opens his mouth every knee shall bow, tell him to stick a sox
    in it and shut up for his remaining term in office and go play golf it’ll be cheaper for all
    of us tax paying citizens


  58. BULLSH1T !!
    Not a Penny!! – You own this for not using the Nat’l Guard……
    Grab a broom……

  59. NOTHING. That’s what they deserve. They burned it down so let them live in the ashes.

  60. I vote no to rebuilding that town. They burned it down and I won’t no part of building it back. Sorry but you don’t reward bad people. I feel sorry for the store owners but I vote no……

  61. Apparently Obama is headed down the road that Kennedy went…….walking a fine line….

  62. Tell Obama to charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it.

  63. To hell with Obama, let the cost of his “soul brothers” riot party come out of his, Holder, Sharpton, Pelosi, Reid and other assorted Liberals coffers.

  64. Why hasn’t anyone figure out all this money Obama asks for goes to support his muslim Taliban buddies Obama starts these problems then always ask for millions! He’s us Americans and screwing this country!!!

  65. SCREW Obama. Don’t give the PUNK a CENT. PERIOD. Give him the GAS CHAMBER.

  66. Send the bill to the stepfather, Al and Jesse.

  67. Legacy; he’s worried how some one a hundred years from now will see him; why not try improving your image today; the world is laughing at the clown in charge; for a college educated person, you seem to be in the least qualified for position available!

  68. Margaret Longoria

    Our wonderful USA is in terrible trouble and it starts in Washington at the White House. Obama wants taxpayers to pay for damages done by criminals and thugs. This is not just and fair to taxpayers. The DOJ should arrest those individuals who appeared on the videos of the stores that were looted and damaged. I wonder if Obama and Holder aren’t up to something with Sharpton tagging along. Sharpton should pay his taxes and that would help pay for damages in Ferguson.

  69. Republicans, tell Obama, HE, Holder, Sharpton, & ALL HIS Co-horts should give Ferguson the money, they enticed the Riots, Marches & CONTINUE TO DO SO ! DO NOT fund one penny of our money… they hate the whites & we should give them our hard earned money, NO THANKS… TRY SOMETHING ELSE WASHINGTON !

  70. No Obama will not step down! He will make Americans throw him out of office and not without him creating as much trauma to this country as possible! Moreover, congress shouldn’t dare give Obama anymore money to support his Taliban buddies !!!

  71. Yeah! Let’s create more crises so they can be “funded” by this thief and steal, “redistribute,” more of our nation’s wealth! We don’t need to fund anything. ARREST this excuse of a pResident, seize & freeze HIS assets for payback. He owes America big time.

  72. Why? People all over the world have sent donations to help rebuild. Last I read, Natalie’s Cakes alone had received over $250,000. We are a giving nation and we have been helping without being forced tol

  73. I read most of the comments here and I think that maybe we are getting off track. I agree with the article that the 263 million is a grandstand play to gain some kind of a political advantage, since he never does anything that does not have political significance, in his favor! I would not like to see Obama do anything with the National Guard because he might get the idea to declare marshal Law! If you noticed, on his first intervention on Ferguson, he played his own race card saying that he had seen the racism on a personal basis. (I stated the latter as far as his intention, not his exact words). Let’s not forget that he and especially Michele, were demonstrators everywhere. Ultimately, people tell me about rowdy blacks playing the race card immediately when faced up to. We also should not forget that blacks, whites, and browns are traveling around to stir things up and then sneak in under the cover of riots to loot and destroy stores and businesses. I actually saw this type of thing in Barcelona Spain. I don’t even remember what the demonstration was about but it was easy to see that the ones that whipped up the crowd were also the ones who initially broke into stores to do the looting. BTW, in case you didn’t notice, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson live off racial tension. The cure for this shit is definitely body cams, but beware of Federal money, it ALWAYS comes with strings!

  74. Anyone who had anything to do with burning and looting should pay, if they have no money then they had better learn some carpenter skills and start building. Say NO to OB! They encouraged ( the usual threesome) the burning and looting in the first place.

  75. The Michel Brown case is not a straight forward case because conflicting witnesses state if he was moving towards an officer or standing still with hands up. Camera would have answered the question.

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