Feminist Gloria Steinem: Banning Abortion is the “First Step” to a Dictatorship

In an interview with Variety this week, feminist icon Gloria Steinem said that the public needs to wake up to the fact that clamping down on abortions is the “first step” towards an authoritarian society. There to promote a new Hollywood biopic about her life fighting for some of the most abhorrent policies to ever disgrace America, Steinem said that easy access to abortion was one of the best tools with which to bring down the patriarchy.

“I hope we understand, or begin to understand, that every totalitarian, authoritarian racist, caste, as in India — every hierarchical structure begins with controlling reproduction,” said Steinem. “It isn’t the side issue, it’s the basic issue. In circular, egalitarian cultures, women can decide the fate of their own bodies. If we did not have wombs, we’d be fine.

“The definition of patriarchy is controlling reproduction, made way worse by racism, because then you really have to control reproduction to keep races separate, or caste, in India. This is the first step, whether it’s Brazil or India or Hitler’s Germany,” Steinem continued. “The first thing that Hitler did was to padlock the family planning clinics and declare abortion a crime against the state. I don’t think we have yet understood that it is the first step in every authoritarian structure.”

We’d probably ask for a citation on that Hitler tidbit, but we don’t even care enough to look it up. Feminists like Steinem have lived in their own reality for so long that it doesn’t even matter if it’s true, false, or so detached from real life that it can hardly be categorized. Just consider the fact that this is approximately the 9,000th “first step” towards a fascist dictatorship that we’ve taken under the presidency of Donald Trump. We thought the first step was banning Muslims from entry. We thought it was “children in cages” at the border. We thought it was asking a foreign leader to “do us a favor.” It seems to change with every passing day.

Anyway, the fact is that many of the most prominent pro-life activists are not men and they are certainly not part of Ye Olde Patriarchy.

They are women like Abby Johnson, whose experiences working with Planned Parenthood have formed the basis of a bestselling book and a hit movie. While attending the March for Life last weekend, she told National Review that the pro-life movement was all about empowering women.

“I think that, for a long time, secular feminism has told women that in order to be successful, in order to be able to finish your education, that you have to choose between having a child and finishing your education or having a career,” she said. “That’s basically saying that women are too weak to do the things that — to reach the goals that we have set for ourselves. And that’s ridiculous. Women are way stronger than that.”

One of the most despicable accomplishments of left-wing feminism is to convince women that motherhood is a fall-back position – something you do only if you can’t do anything else. Imagine thinking that the miraculous ability to create life is secondary to a corner office. Imagine thinking that raising a child is a pathetic substitute for getting a promotion. These ideas are the legacy that Gloria Steinem will leave behind.

Hope she’s proud.

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