Feminist Cheers: My Second Grade Daughter’s Class “Gets” LGBT Language

One of the most loathsome, annoying feminists in the blogosphere – Jessica Valenti – wrote an annoying, loathsome tweet this week, celebrating the fact that her second-grader is being exposed to the LGBT lexicon at her school.

“To the folks who find LGBTQ language ‘confusing’: If my daughter’s second grade class gets it, so can you.”

She attached a photo of a bulletin board from her child’s classroom, which was a (permanent?) glossary of terms from the LGBT playbook:


Right. So…whether you’re a parent of young children or not, can you find any reason under the sun that a seven-year-old needs to learn these terms in their public school classroom? Even if some of these concepts were not politically divisive and scientifically questionable, we’d wonder if that’s an appropriate age to begin exposing them to children. We guess it’s old-fashioned to bitch about kids growing up too fast, but damn. Second grade? Really?

Of course, we don’t live in a world where these terms are politically neutral. Not by a long shot. And just because the country’s mainstream media suddenly has transgender fever and just because the Supreme Court made a stupid decision to legalize gay marriage doesn’t mean that everyone is on board the Gay Train. We don’t mind teachers who emphasize the importance of respect and the perils of bullying; no Christian would advocate the ostracization or tormenting of a kid because they are gay or trans or whatever. But there’s a pretty wide gap between tolerance and indoctrination. And as far as we’re concerned, a poster like this in a kid’s classroom is definitely on the “indoctrination” side of that chasm.

Second, Valenti is confused herself if she thinks the terms on the poster are “confusing” to anyone. The LGBT endless-spectrum-of-sexual-identity is a long one and it is ever-growing and changing. So let’s not pretend that this poster represents the comprehensive vocabulary of the rainbow coalition.

What she is encountering is not genuine confusion, anyway, but a significant pushback from people who do not buy into these pseudo-scientific concepts like…well, the entire transgender “identity” hoax. This is a concept so ridiculous that it doesn’t even make sense within the left’s own social theories. On the one hand, we’re to understand that there is no difference between a man and a woman and that gender roles are nothing but an outdated social construct enforced by THE PATRIARCHY. But if that’s true, then what does it mean to “feel more like a boy than a girl?” If there’s no difference, then how could that be the case? How could this be a real thing? Why would we promote genital mutilation and hormone manipulation for something that is so clearly a mental delusion? Why do we have to go to such lengths to make sure everyone is getting their “preferred pronouns?” None of it makes the least bit of sense.

But sure, let’s push it on second graders because the media tells us it’s the right thing to do. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster at all.

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