Female Teacher Gets 60 Days for Sexually Assaulting Boy

On August 2 in Tomball, Texas, Marka Bodine, former Tomball Intermediate School teacher, entered a guilty plea for the charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child. When first arrested, she was charged with aggravated sexual assault against a child under the age of 14. 

Harris County Democrat Judge Greg Glass sentenced Bodine to 60 days in jail, ten years probation, and delayed adjudication after the court “found sufficient evidence of guilt but made no finding of guilt.” 

At the time of her arrest, it was believed Bodine might receive an enhanced first-degree felony charge, which could have landed her 25 years in prison. According to court records, the state recommended 20 to 50 years. Instead, extra to the 60 days in jail and probation, Bodine must register as a sex offender and undergo counselling. 

Bodine will not immediately be imprisoned, however. Since she recently gave birth — not to the victim’s child according to KPRC — she will not have to report to jail until June 5, 2023.

ABC13 reports that Bodine abused the student for three years, starting when the student was in the 6th grade and was approximately 12 years old. Bodine raped the student when he turned 13, and admitted to doing so both in her car and in her classroom. The age of sexual consent in Texas is 17.

Bodine, who ultimately taught at the Tomball ISD school for seven years, began grooming the child via the multiplayer video game “Fortnite.” She later started texting the student and sending pornographic photographs of herself (between 25 and 40 in total by her own admission). 

Original Article: https://www.theblaze.com/news/marka-bodine-only-gets-60-days-for-victimizing-child

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  1. How come the democrats gets slap on wrist while all others get the max penalty ?????

    • Stupid Statement: This Has Nothing To Do With Political Party Association And Everything To Do With Race!! Do You Honestly Think That Had This Nasty N Disgusting Whytch Been Of Hispanic, Indian Or Black Ancestry; That She Still Would Have Gotten Away With Raping And Assaulting Someone’s Child With This Slap On The Wrist?? Seriously?? 🧐🧐

    • Because the DEMOCRATS rule the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and can get away with anything and everything , even murder . Just take a good look at what OLD SNIFFER , OLD VODKA HEAD , OLD HORSE MOUTH and DON’T KNOW WHAT BREED SHE IS getting away with .

  2. Where is the outrage!! She (by her own addmission) is a RAPIST! This was an ongoing thing! I’m so disgusted! And her sentence doesn’t start for another year!?! What the heck is that about!?! She just had a child? So what! Many people go to jail right away on lesser charges regardless of family or not. I hope the victim is able to get counseling and move on from this! Sexual assault is a horrible, humiliating, traumatizing, terrifying, life changing dispicable act. I don’t care whether you’re a male or female!

  3. No worries. With the progressives in power, it’s only a matter of time before these “issues” are considered legal and normal. We will then live in a country where you’re not “with it” unless you’re some kinda degenerate. We’re well on the way to that already.

  4. A female can get pregnant, ridiculed, etc., what can happen to a boy? Likely he is going to be applauded instead. So not likely any harm done.

  5. She confessed for crying out loud. This enabler judge needs to be impeached.

  6. Evil happens when good people people do nothing. The more our country turns its back on God, the more reprobate it will become.

  7. Says a lot about her Hubby… Decisions… Decisions… Let’s see 12-year-old child? or My Hubby? 12-year-old child!

  8. It’s a sick world. Sure she’ll continue to teach. The woke lib democraps are working hard to make our country lawless, drug addicts , uneducated numb minds and celebrate these degenerates and freak shows of transgenders.
    You not only have to worry about the re-education camps we call schools today but also if children will be sexually assaulted in a once safe establishment.
    God help us !

  9. How old are you? This kid was 12 years old when she started sexually assaulting him. Think of how psychologically messed up he could be when it comes to dating women in the future. Women are always complaining about only being seen as sex objects. Well behavior like this from some women in our society only serves to further that kind of thought process in some men. It is quite possible that this young man will never be able to experience a true loving relationahip with a woman who means the world to him due to the robbery of his innocence by this supposed authority figure.

  10. In the eyes of Liberals she did nothing wrong. It is after all part of the Liberal agenda. It’s surprising that the judge gave her such a “harsh” sentence.

  11. Liberal privilege at it’s best!

  12. We live in a sick world! And the woke libs love it. The sicker this country becomes, the saner they appear. And yes, Randy and the Teacher’s Union will be the first to get her back in the school room.

  13. The judge needs to be fired. How crazy is this country where a school teacher sexually assaults a minor and walks away with 30 days. I guess when you see every day in democrat states rapes, violent carjackings, robberies, killings, gun violence and these offenders are back on the streets within hours of their arrests a lib teacher sexually abusing a minor student and a lib judge giving a 30 day sentence that sounds about right. Although I do wonder what the sentence would be if it were the judges daughter or son that this happened to. I’m guess the sentence would more then 30 days.

  14. Thinking like this is part of the problem.

  15. 60 days!!??? That teacher should be fired and her teaching credential voided.
    But hey, what do you expect, at this point, the Terrorist Party is in control.
    Remember this when you vote.

  16. How come I never had a teacher that would molest me? I tried to get molested until I was 17 and then my future wife taught me that it was for something else besides peeing . What a wonderful experience. I wish my teachers would have taught me that. Wait a minute.—— They were all old and ugly and most of them were men that looked like Dr. Rachel Levine. I guess peeing out of it was not soooo bad.

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