Female Senators: Hillary Being Held to Sexist Standard

From the moment Hillary Clinton dropped her hat into the ring, everyone who was not a brainwashed feminist radical knew that she was going to play the “sexism” card every chance she got. So far, she has attacked both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for using sexist language against her, and now her supporters in the Senate are jumping on the bandwagon as well.

In an interview with The Hill, Senators Barbara Mikulski and Dianne Feinstein said that Clinton was being held to a different set of standards than is typically applied to her male competitors. “Many of we women feel that there’s a double standard. What’s being said about Hillary is what women have heard for centuries. You’re too loud, you’re too aggressive, you’re too pushy. Why do you want the vote?” Mikulski said.

Okay, and is there any doubt that if the media was criticizing Clinton for being too soft-spoken, too passive, and too demur that Mikulski would levy the same charge of sexism?

“I think women go through a magnifying glass that men do not,” said Feinstein. “Look at Trump. Talk about braggadocio, talk about arrogance, talk about shouting, talk about demeaning, talk about insulting. It’s all there.”

So true. Trump has never been criticized for any of this. Not once.

Every single candidate in this race has been picked apart based on their appearance, their demeanor, their tone, and everything else that is supposedly only happening to Hillary. Feminists have the remarkable ability to prevent anything that contradicts their worldview from getting inside their tiny brains.

Frankly, why shouldn’t Clinton be subject to unique criticism based on her gender? She’s the one who has made her gender one of the primary reasons that she should be elected president. How can it be that it’s important to elect a female president if there is no difference between a man and a woman? Or are we supposed to believe that being a woman is only a positive and never a negative? And if that’s the case, wouldn’t that be the very definition of sexism?

Women are not exempt from scrutiny, and they don’t get to cry foul every time someone calls them out. If the media can relentlessly mock Bernie Sanders’s age, Donald Trump’s hair, and Chris Christie’s weight, then Clinton’s shrill tone is fair game. If she’s going to be president, she’s going to have to run the same gauntlet as anyone else. To give her a handicap…well, that would be sexist.

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  1. Female Senator are off their tree and a bunch dam crybabies about their sexist comments.If they cant handle a little critism get another dam trade you are boring the hell out of most americans.

  2. Clinton is the woman that stole Two hundred thousand dollars worth from the white house after Bill’s term ended. she is the one that lost Six billion from the state department. Clintons have 48 people on a killed list. She has lied time & over again. None of the other candidates have a list of that nature. WE the people can’t vote for a liar & thief. We don’t owe her anything and she deserves less.

  3. Learn more about hillary in Roger Stone’s book “Clintons’ War on Women” and also view “Clintons death toll documentary” on line.

  4. Dummy rats love the Burn, man Hillary has dropped to her knees, now it seems her only hope is the black vote Ha Ha good luck with that Kanye has that wrapped up next time lol.

  5. Voting to fill the highest office of the land based on the person’s genitalia isn’t the wisest method of choosing the leader of the free world. I’m much more concerned with what’s between a candidates ears than what’s between their legs.

  6. Clinton is definately being held to a different standard….

    Otherwise, she would be in jail.

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    • They are all crooks with her is why she is left alone. Would have to round up about 200 of them starting from the very top to get SOME justice. Scalia knew this and look what happened. And guess what sheeples we are next if we don’t stand up and let OUR voices be heard by voting TRUMP! They don’t like what he says because it is truth! They hate truth. They want fat pockets and power. Let us not give it to them anymore.

      • I agree with most of what you say. But, Trumps own actions are pushing me off his bandwagon…

        Bush lied is NOT the TRUTH…. If you or Trump for that matter, have any evidence that proves Bush lied about WMDs, please present it. If Trump has any evidence of Bush’s “lies” he needs to present it.

        I have been asking for the smoking gun evidence of Bush’s lies for 10 years now and NOBODY has been able to provide any proof of a lie.It is a speculation with no proof that Bush lied about WMDs.

        There is proof that Bush was WRONG, BUT there is a huge difference between being WRONG and LYING…

        Trump needs to apologize, and then start acting presidential..

        Liberals use this statement all the time. ….

        “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

        • I think you just answered your own question. God Bless

          • Not sure what you meant by that….

          • I intend to vote for the Republican no matter who it is.

          • Me too. Republicans are blessed with many very good choices… Even the ones at the bottom of my list, the establishment candidates, are a far superior choice to the Socialism choices that the Democrats have.

          • Do your research, vote your conscience. This is a very important election.

            As I have posted many times before, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism, A vote for a Republican is a vote for a chance at Capitalism, and our Constitution.

            God Bless.

        • I wish someone would stand up at those townhall meetings and ask Trump some real questions- will you punish your corporate friends for abusing the H-1B visa program when they fire American full time employees and hire the immigrants? Will you crack down on the BLM/EPA/Feds for abuse of the farmers and ranchers and trying to drive them off their land. Stop the selling of our minerals to foreign countries/corporations. If the states want their land back from the UN/Feds will you give it back. Will you kick the UN out of the US? Are you for a One World Government? This could go for all the candidates.

          • I thought Trump was answering more questions than most. I can’t imagine that Trump would put in plants for questions like Hillary does….

            You have some excellent questions, I hope you get the chance to ask Trump yourself…

          • Trump is a builder-developer. I doubt he has any friends who are “abusing” the H1B visa program. Have you asked this of ANY OTHER candidate – or just Trump?

            I also doubt he knows many farmers. What is with you? You sure have a case of the ass for Trump. Bordering on the psychotic

          • In an earlier debate, he would not speak out against Mark Zuckleberg of Facebook who uses them a lot. At least Rubio said if they are abusing the program they should be fined and banned for awhile. (I am not for Rubio), Whether he knows any farmers or ranchers is not the point -the BLM is harassing and confiscating land by abuse of power and they are working their way across the US which will affect how we get food. The globalist want everyone living in cities.

            Since Trump is the front runner, these are fair questions. Don’t you want to know everything about the candidates that you can? I will not stoop to calling you names even though I can think of a few.

          • I doubt Trump knows Zuckerberg. Maybe, but Trump is a New Yorker. I thought Mark Zuckerberg was from California. Facebook is a totally different animal and they probably do get visas for foreigners. Programmers and such are valuable “property” to high tech. We can’t “grow” them fast enough. Due to our pathetic school system (thanks to the NEA) most of our doctors, nurses, engineers, physicists etc come from India, China and Russia where they DO get a good education. America is paying for a Rolls Royce education and getting a Yugo instead. I think we rank 30th. Again, the NEA is the culprit and no one has had the guts to outlaw them. That is what is needed.

            I agree the federal government has WAY too much power and sits on WAY too much land. Nearly 90% of Alaska is federal land. Can’t remember but Zi think they also own 40% of the lands west of the Rockies as well.

          • Disney fired 250 full time American employees and made them train the H-1B visa immigrants. The immigrants even filmed every computer key that was used so that nothing would be missed and Disney said if they did not teach everything they would not get their severance pkg. Made them sign a release stating that they can not go to a similar company for a year. We have plenty of computer programmers but the large companies that use a lot of them “want low wage employees per Zuckerberg and Trump has mentioned this in the past. He was like a deer in headlights when that discussion and Zuckerberg’s name came up in the debate and he was asked about it. Did not give a sensible answer.

        • Yes, MAHB001, it Is the truth. WE created Saddam Hussein. When he was no longer useful we destroyed him.

          The term WMDs was always about nukes. And ONLY nukes. Bush and company morphed that into virtually all weaponry except small arms. That was to bamboozle those not paying attention.

          Next, the setup. We needed some reason to attack our own guy. So we created one. Kuwait. Kuwait is a small sheikdom north of Saudi Arabia that the (so?) al Sabih family ruled. It was once Iraq’s 29th province, sitting atop a massive pool of crude. Saddam Hussein wanted the land back and asked our US ambassador, April Glaspie what we would do if they took it back by force. Reportedly she said it was none of our concern. So Saddam Hussein took Kuwait giving us the excuse to destroy him militarily. Why so?

          Because Israel wanted NO ONE close to them as powerful as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. And Israel would rather see Americans die for Israel than Jews die for Israel. They’ve been trying to get us to attack Iran for years. They may succeed yet. Meanwhile they’re sucking up to Turkey so that they can get Turkey’s permission to use Turkish airspace to launch a preemptive attack on Iran.

          Turkey is supposed to be our ally and a member of NATO but they have their own agenda – to exterminate the Kurds who ARE our friend and ally. I would say our only friend in that area are the Kurds and, to a lesser extent, Jordan but Jordan is now a very poor country.

          All of this is fairly easy to research. A good place to start is with ambassador Glasspie

          • You are right on point about this. Good post, John! There is a lot of this that is unknown to the public of this country and some of our actions as a country have been motivated by less than sterling principles.

          • A lonely voice in the wilderness. No one seems to care. We are a step away from losing this country. Then we will descend into chaos and the only way we will get our country and our freedoms back is another civil war. Zero leadership – on our side. The other side is working night and day to destroy our country.

          • John,

            I am sorry but I do not buy into the “America is a War Monger” stuff from the left. I believe America only goes to war for noble reasons, to help others and protect Americans.

            Your “theories” gloss over the fact that America went to war with Saddam Hussein because he was in violation of MULTIPLE sanctions applied by none other than the UN…. WMD’s was not the ONLY reason America went to war.. The war would have been a mistake if that were the case.

            Your theories, as interesting as they are, do not PROVE BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT, that GW Bush lied… At best, they might prove he was wrong..

            But then again, there is a whole bunch of stuff out there just as plausible as your theories that claim they found yellow cake, and the current administration is suppressing the information..

          • If I may suggest, if you’re interested, read about Ambassador April Glasspie (sp?) and that she told Saddam Hussein it was none of our business if Iraq “liberated” their 29th province From the As Sabah family

            As for America only fighting “noble” wars (wars for noble reasons) I use to think that was as well. I was gung ho and proud of my country. No longer am I so trusting. We should never have gone in to Vietnam but crafty and VERY rich and powerful decided we should so off we went. We lost over 56,000 young men and what do we have to show for it? A Vietnam Memorial and a lot of corrupt and wealthier people. Do you know what the Vietnamese call the Vietnam War? NOT the United Nations War but the American War. Americans are led around by our noses by a VERY corrupt and powerful media owned by the Super Wealthy who’s goal,it is to get richer and create a slave world.

            That’s why the two party system is a joke. It’s a ONE party system pretending to be a two party system and why they”establishment” in both parties is going nuts and NOT voting for their next stooge. We are in rebellion against them. The Demojcrsts find the Jewish communist preferable to Hillary (Biden is waiting in the wings) but Hillary, while loading, has all the Super Delegates. On the Zrepublican side we again have two outsiders, Trump and Cruz, while THEIR stooge, Jeb Bush, is foundering. People DO NOT trust Jeb Bush and are mostly voting Trump but Cruz as well.

            Add to that calculus the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (many think murdered) who was a staunch conservative and would not let America become subservient to the UN or World Court and we see the stark reality of the far left’s naked grab for power to destroy this country. Where is our leadership on the Republican side? There is none. Eric Cantor was selling us out. John Boehner was selling us out and now Paul Ryan is selling us out. Obama should be impeached and removed from office for dozens of reason including aiding and abetting a foreign power attempting to take America over. There are over 30 million illegals here – NOT 11-12 million the government tells us. Now they’ve even got the pope trying to shame us to NOT build the fence and to take is as many as want to come here. People need to start connecting the dots or this country is finished. If America collapses every other nation will collapse into anarchy. The wealthy will have their armies, vying with one another and WE will be either slaves or targets. So forget this rubbish about “noble” wars. The last one was WWII.

          • I believe we are on the same wavelength, except for the who to blame stuff.

            If the people were duped into going to war for riches and spoils, where are the riches and spoils? Then I would say the people need to get smarter.

            As for the two party system, I agree with you, it is a joke, or more likely a smoke screen. The elite need the People divided, United We Stand, Divided we Fall… That saying still holds true today.

            I believe America has been under attack for about 70 years now.. The agenda is outlined in “The Naked Communists” and Liberal Progressives have adopted the entire list which was designed to weaken America’s institutions…

            #15 -“Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”

            Liberal progressives now control both political parties as well as the MEDIA, Schools, Unions, Big Businesses, and even our Churches. (look at the rest of the list).

            We must fight these people on all fronts. I feel the MEDIA is the left most powerful tool at this point. That is why my fight is at http://www.madashellboycott.com

            Come and join the fight.

          • We’re like the frog. Put him in hot water and he (she) will hop out. Put the frog in cool water and slowly heat the water and he won’t. By the time he realizes he’s in trouble – it’s too late.

            We are that frog. WWII changed America forever. While real men were overseas other “men” we’re keeping the home fires burning while they also began to amass their fortunes. They quietly took over the reins of power, always in the background, and never aggressively. They took over the government bureaucracies, the labor unions, the media, colleges and universities, everything.

            Now they don’t need to be passive or quiet. They have succeeded in a bloodless coup. We are pretty much a slave state, freedom of speech is free so long as they agree and the super rich keep getting richer. If someone gets in their way (Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) the are eliminated. Look at the 91 strange deaths surrounding the Clinton Crime Family. Or is it now 92?

            And who are “They”? Evil men like George Soros and his ilk

          • Again, a very well authored post.

            I am the optimist, I believe in the goodness of people and that good will triumph over evil. I am not convinced that they have succeeded in a bloodless coup…. We still have our Guns… We still have a chance.

            We must resist and try to avoid a civil war while we still can.

            Keep spreading the word, good people are waking up.

            And get everyone you know to join the fight at:


          • Semper fi, will do. Thanks

      • Very smart girl you are Pamela!

    • So TRUE!!!

  7. I don’t really care about Hillary, if the election were not rigged, she would lose.

  8. It’s just coincidence that both of them talking, are democrats.

  9. Hillary is a lot of things & they all boil down to EVIL…SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR HER CRIMES.!

  10. Actually,she has been given a pass on all of her criminal behavior merely because she happens to have a vagina….they don’t call her “Stinky Pu$$y” Rodham for nothing

  11. A bunch of lesbians crying for Hillary. If she wants to play in the big leagues she better out on her big girl panties. So far it’s only been the tired old commie, Bernie, but he’s kicking her very ample ass around the yard. Wait ’til she faces off with Donald Trump. Hillary “Tammy Wynette” Clinton, if you can’t stand the heat – get your butt out of the kitchen.

  12. Touting the feminist horn and saying Clinton is being held up to more scrutiny is why the feminist should be ignored. Clinton does not get the same degree of criticism that her male counterparts have been exposed to. She has exploited the fact that she is a female; “I am an outsider because I am a woman”, “it is time we have a female president”., and other feminist statements. So why should she not be fair game for scrutiny?.

  13. Clinton gets all the brakes from the left wing idiots in the media where others would have gone under long time ago.Those Senators who play the race or gender game are all mouth and no brains and the voters know that and come November if Hillary Clinton makes it that far will give her a ticket back where she came from.

  14. why do these liberal socialist types always have to fall back on their worn out poor me I am a woman crap.They want to be the tough I’ll show woman,and when they get hammered for screwing up,they can’t wait to roll out the poor woman crap

  15. Too loud, too aggressive, pushy!!! No, that’s not why we don’t want her in the oval office; she’s too corrupt, and a woman that cannot be believed. She tells people; when she got off the plane in Bosnia, bullets were flying over her head, when in fact, a film of her arrival confirmed she was greeted by young girls with flowers, and no bullets. And then she denied she told the families of those who died in Benghazi, “the culprits who made the tape would be punished;” and then denying she ever said it, was a sham. (Do you really believe 4 families are lying and she’s telling the truth?) And then we have the money laundering scam, collecting 10’s of millions in a Canadian fund, and then transferring the money to the Clinton fund in the USA; and then there’s her decision to use her own personal unsecured server, resulting in top secrete material being made available to our adversaries; and she wants to be president!!! I don’t think so!!!! She doesn’t have the character, the patriotism, or the integrity to be president, and those who defend her character, are as guilty as she.

  16. these “women” who vote for women because they are women would elect a peanut butter jar with ovaries in it and carry it through the Land in parades of joy.

  17. Hitlery Clintoris is a well documented liar who is as corrupt as anyone in history. It breaks the law and claims “there’s no there, there”. IT learned from its “husband” how to skirt the law and learned from the elephant eared porch monkey how to change the laws when it suits them. The fact that it claims to have a gash between it’s legs has nothing to do with why it won’t be our next president, there are far too many other reasons that come before that.

  18. The only standard hitlerly is being held to is her lies and crap she is involved in as sec. Of state. if. BS was music she would be a brass band

  19. Hillary Clinton’s commemorative postage stamp has been recalled by the post office. It seems that the Hillary Stamp kept falling off the letters. After an investigation the Post Office found that everyone was spitting on the front side of Hillary’s stamp.

  20. secist female senators calling sexism is a load. The reason to call sexism is to distract from what a complete criminal Hilary is

  21. unless they win 100% of the time, its an antifeminist conspiracy of evil sexism…
    good thing women got the vote and went into politics… they have really improved the discourse…
    now instead of things in state, other countries, etc..
    its whine whine whine about how a pudenda prevents everything and woe betide

  22. The difference between Trump and Clinton is that Trump is like this all the time, no matter who he is with. Clinton changes as she changes audiences. Hillary is not real.

  23. Oh, please. Were Ms. Clinton a male, she would have been hounded into ignominy or convicted of treason and sitting in Leavenworth.

    Everytime someone says something she doesn’t want to answer, she drops her pantsuit, shows everyone her vjayjay and plays the victim card.

    She’s not a “feminist,” she’s a psychopath who enabled her sociopath of a husband’s rapes…. and probably worse.

  24. Senators Dianne and Barbara are not “several” and its just the democrat women that are bitching. They have the little minds!

  25. They are called “pussies” for a reason!

  26. How can anyone say that attacks on Hitlery are “Sexist”, she is not a female, she acts like a man and therefore should be treated as such. If she can’t stand the temperature, she needs to get out of the water…. better yet, she should be in prison for all the laws she has broken.

  27. She’s a feral animal pig…she says women that don’t vote for her are wrong….I say anyone who doesn’t vote for that skank is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t fix STUPID with libturds!

  28. heck,they all eat at the “Y” so you expect them all to stick together and sing the same old song.

  29. These women are crazy, and few women agree with them. All women must be held to the same standards as men. It is sexist NOT to. A crook is a crook, male or female.When that candidate made that funny yeehaww yell, he was mocked. Hillary will be mocked for shrillness, and her barking. (I have been dreaming up very amusing ads for that one!!!). She is a junk yard dog, and no rough and tumble too tough for her.

  30. Well what would you do to someone who gas rented Whitehouse rooms out for sex? Demoncrats want it both ways. Is there no shame among them. No morality. Nixion knew he messed up and had the decency to step down. LBJ, Carter( his was so stupid he was criminal) Clinton and Barry Soetoro? No morals, No honor or decency.

  31. Here’s the real llHillary and she hasn’t changed one bit. Even her own party FIRED her for dishonesty.Subject: In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!


    For the most part people do not change. In case you did not know or remember here is a character insight from history:

    In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!


    Should you pass this on? My recommendation is that you

    do it now…..or you can wait until she is the PRESIDENT!!

  32. Well, we seem to have an Black Caucus, A Latino Caucus, A Gay Caucus, An Liberal Caucus and now we have a “Moron Caucus”! And nobody can figure why our Congress is so dysfunctional.

  33. If you go swimming, expect to get wet. If you run for President expect to get scrutinized and criticized. It’s what happens, get over it.

  34. Is the poor baby being picked on again? Oh, the inhumanity of it. Tough stuff if that is the way she is crying now. She keeps saying it is her “turn” to be president. I don’t think so. GROW UP

  35. You are correct Hillary is being held to a “different standard” Anyone else and I do mean anyone else would have made the PERP WALK by now and warming the cold hard metal seat in their JAIL CELL! America is being tested right now. What is being decided is, are there anyone in the United States of America ABOVE THE LAW?
    Today, I believe the Hilda – Beast SHALL be forced to make the PERP WALK! I may be proven wrong. William Jefferson Clinton and B.H. Obama haven’t had to make the PERP WALK yet. Both violated the law of the land. Time will tell. Do we still live in the United States of America or has our nation descended into some third world, corruption filled democ-RAT filled hole?

  36. consider the sources. The Hill, Senators Barbara Mikulski and Dianne Feinstein. For them a criticism of their latest blood blotch on their lips would be considered sexism. Other then Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer and Nance Pelosi, these are two of the most corrupt, UGLY and loud mouthed broom riders in our entire government. They represent the 72 hags the islamo-fascist will meet up with on the other side. Poor, poor, poor Hillary. She stood by her man (Slick Willie) while he groped, raped, molested and cigar tested women HE HAD POWER OVER. Instead of believing these women, including Monica Lewinski, Hillary attempted to destroy their characters. Even after William Jefferson left a slimy bit of himself on Monica’s dress. Monica was made out to be the perp and poor William Jefferson Clinton the victim. Tell us Hags all about your version of sexism

  37. The headline should read, “Female-Democrat Senators: Hillary being held to sexist standard”.

  38. She has the advantage that Bill was well-liked by a lot of people, although not me. She plays off that advantage a lot. She is less kindly thought of because she is a ruthless task master with little in terms of people skills. Most of what the public sees is a front, a facade, that she maintains, and it is emotionally exhausting to maintain that facade for any extended period of time. She ought to have been indicted for Whitewater since she was a senior partner. Hillary’s casual disregard for national security is the same dismissive attitude she displayed in Arkansas when she savaged a 12 year old rape victim after coaching the perpetrator on how to beat the lie detector test, and then laughed about it on tape. She is a heartless, cold-blooded woman who doesn’t care a whit about the average person in America. All she cares about is her own power. She ropes herself off at her own fund raising events so the people who give to her cannot get too close to her … that tells you what she is like! I have the pictures to prove it.

  39. Tell those two hags that if you want to run with the big dogs you better put on your big girl panties Seems like these two only want equality when it BENEFITS them. Time for you two dried up has-beens to RETIRE. Ugly women shouldn’t be allowed to hold public office and both of you have exceeded your “use by” date. And screw Hillary. She is also a loser like you two.

  40. When you have nothing to campaign on you play the race or gender game without that they might as well go home.This time they are wispering in the grave yard cause Americans are sick in tire of their Bull.

  41. Appears the liberal feminist in the congress are gathering. Women sticking together. Remember them, these are some more to be culled. We women in this case do not stick together. Sorry ladies, no sale here!

  42. I suppose that all those in the Senate that were elected are or were being held to a different set of standards, right? Those that are saying that are really the same losers and liars just like Hillary. And look at where most of them are from. One of the most liberal, socialist states in America. And each one of them has a lot of baggage in their background.

  43. How can hildabeast be held to any sex standard? Have you looked at hildabeast? I under stand hildabeast carries a rape whistle; but so far it hasn’t worked.

  44. They are right there is a double standard. Women want to do a man’s job but still be treated with old fashioned deference. They don’t want to be pressured or have to answer for their shortcomings. How sexist to expect them to be held to the same standards as a man when performing a man’s job.

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