Female Senators: Hillary Being Held to Sexist Standard

From the moment Hillary Clinton dropped her hat into the ring, everyone who was not a brainwashed feminist radical knew that she was going to play the “sexism” card every chance she got. So far, she has attacked both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for using sexist language against her, and now her supporters in the Senate are jumping on the bandwagon as well.

In an interview with The Hill, Senators Barbara Mikulski and Dianne Feinstein said that Clinton was being held to a different set of standards than is typically applied to her male competitors. “Many of we women feel that there’s a double standard. What’s being said about Hillary is what women have heard for centuries. You’re too loud, you’re too aggressive, you’re too pushy. Why do you want the vote?” Mikulski said.

Okay, and is there any doubt that if the media was criticizing Clinton for being too soft-spoken, too passive, and too demur that Mikulski would levy the same charge of sexism?

“I think women go through a magnifying glass that men do not,” said Feinstein. “Look at Trump. Talk about braggadocio, talk about arrogance, talk about shouting, talk about demeaning, talk about insulting. It’s all there.”

So true. Trump has never been criticized for any of this. Not once.

Every single candidate in this race has been picked apart based on their appearance, their demeanor, their tone, and everything else that is supposedly only happening to Hillary. Feminists have the remarkable ability to prevent anything that contradicts their worldview from getting inside their tiny brains.

Frankly, why shouldn’t Clinton be subject to unique criticism based on her gender? She’s the one who has made her gender one of the primary reasons that she should be elected president. How can it be that it’s important to elect a female president if there is no difference between a man and a woman? Or are we supposed to believe that being a woman is only a positive and never a negative? And if that’s the case, wouldn’t that be the very definition of sexism?

Women are not exempt from scrutiny, and they don’t get to cry foul every time someone calls them out. If the media can relentlessly mock Bernie Sanders’s age, Donald Trump’s hair, and Chris Christie’s weight, then Clinton’s shrill tone is fair game. If she’s going to be president, she’s going to have to run the same gauntlet as anyone else. To give her a handicap…well, that would be sexist.

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