Feds Threaten Schools over Common Core Opt-Outs

Thousands of parents have chosen to let their kids opt out of Common Core testing all across the country, concerned with the standards, the assessments, and the nationalization of education. It appears that these opt-outs have fallen under the watchful eye of the Obama administration, and they are no longer willing to stand idly by and watch American parents foil their carefully-laid plans.

In Chicago this week for a Q & A session, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that these opt-outs were unacceptable. Asked about parents choosing to boycott the tests – nearly 200,000 in New York alone – Duncan said that if state governments did not stamp out this dissent, the feds would step in. While he declined to say exactly how the federal government would force students to take these tests, there are a number of options available. The easiest route might be to follow the school lunch blueprint and punish schools and districts by withholding federal funds.

That would also fall right in line with the broader strategy of federal school standards, where succeeding schools – succeeding according to the highly questionable assessments, anyway – are rewarded with money and the failing schools are punished with poverty. As if that makes any sense.

But then, nothing about Common Core makes much sense when you drill beneath the surface. Why are business consultants for major corporations in charge of developing educational standards for the country? Why have so many prominent, respected teachers come out against these assessments, insisting that they bear little relevance to what we know about childhood education and development? Why are the teaching strategies so foreign and complex that they leave even experts scratching their heads in puzzled confusion?

Duncan perhaps played his hand a little too broadly when signaling a federal punishment system. The truth is that no such threats are necessary. By fixing college-entrance exams to bring them in line with Common Core standards, the Obama administration has managed to make dissent impossible. Any parent who wants their kid to go to college will have to submit before this unstoppable behemoth. And because the feds hold the purse strings, districts will be forced to punish those kids whose parents draw a line in the sand.

Perhaps it’s not worth getting worked up over. If you are a parent or a teacher, then yes, you have every reason to be concerned. But otherwise, rest assured that Common Core will be but a memory in another decade. A new politician will come along with another bright idea, and we’ll be off to the races again with a new program. We seem doomed to repeat this pattern over and over again, always looking for the magic solution. And every time, it gets a little more federalized. A little more agenda-driven. A little more political and a little less objective. And yet, the problems are only getting worse.

Maybe if we give Washington another 30 years, they’ll figure it out.

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  1. The best way to control someone is to “dictate” what they can and cannot do. So, where are we, idiots voted to elect a DICTATOR, not once, but twice.

    • So right you are.
      .lndoctrination starts in school…make kids drink the cool aid…revolution in the future

      • A great example is the Occupy Wall Street Crowd. College age youths who don’t have a clue and have been indoctrinated to believe they should be handed a piece of someone else’s pie. Not smart enough to realize the pie will run out. Then they’ll be screaming how unfair it is that there’s no pie left.

        • The pie has run out, they just don’t know it yet. The feds have spent the peoples money, they have given away or taken our land , destroyed America’s economy and to make certain we can’t undo the damage, they implemented obamadeath and have allowed our nation to be invaded. We don’t have a gov, we have terrorists sitting in dc and we are not America anymore.

      • Paula Richardson

        It actually starts at the daycare level. Why do you think Obama dislikes stay at home moms? Because those mom’s can teach proper values ealy on and throughout. The whole women’s movement to get mothers out of the home was started by these same people for the very reason of indoctrination.

        • Yeah, now they are pushing mandatory pre-Kindergarten. Taking 4 year olds out of the home and putting them in federal mandated schools where liberals can indoctrinate them is not a good idea.

        • Yes indeed. First the democrats needed to destroy the family unit. They successfully did that with the War On Poverty program. With this same plan they recreated SLAVERY putting tens millions of fatherless families on the downward spiral of government welfare. Instead of defeating poverty they expanded it and made the taxpaying public support the reason for their plan in the first place, to create an entitlement society. Stay at home Moms or Dads can also home school” which they are also opposed to. Nothing the democrats do is for the benefit of anybody but the democrat/socialist party. There is only one way to get rid of this type of “bottom feeder”.

          • If you could only tell us…on this site…how to do that, without penalty!

          • There must be a revolution in this country to change what has taken us 40 years to screw up. Washington DC is so corrupt it will have to be fumigated to get all the cockroaches out and then we can start over. This fight will not be painless but it must be done or we will subject to Marxist/Socialist rule. It’s almost here now and it must be stopped.

          • I hope and pray you’re wrong but I fear deep down you’re 100% right! God help us!

          • That is probably why an executive, who is Christian, that conversed with me last week…told me that, last month, in a railroad depot, in Tennessee..he saw container, after container, with signs that said, “Martial Law”. (It IS coming, for sure..with Obama using the Patriot Act and the NDAA to take over the country.) Why do you think he lets all the Mexican, and South American gang members, murders, rapists, and ISIS just saunter over the border? He wants CHAOS…so he can call Martial Law. He has set away thousands of acres, of land on the border, and said it belongs to the government..so that these devil worshipers can use spotters, in those areas, to bring their ilk in safely. You see..Obama said the Border Patrol, and ICE, cannot even walk on that property. These devil worshipers KNOW this..and use it. HE is setting us up!!! He and his handlers! Too bad most of the people in the USA cannot see through him, like I can. I was married to someone, just like him! I know what he thinks…and usually what he is going to do. All narcissists think just alike! I am telling you all of this now, because very soon, I will not be able to use the internet to get my point across. Obama will rule the internet in a few weeks!

          • The have been working towards that indoctrination since
            the end of WW II and probably longer too. Communism
            is not new, it just doesn’t work if you are educated and
            keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t let the left wing
            liberals brainwash your children.

          • Actually go back further, it started with the feminist movement and Margret sanger, Americas jezebel, this is what started the destruction of the family unit and let loose the demons who enjoy the murder and torture of the unborn.

          • You are correct about that. I believe she opened her first abortion clinic in 1929 in Harlem. But wasn’t her intention back then to deal with “blacks” making her a racist? No matter what or when the democrats have an obsession with killing unborn humans no matter what method they use. Blacks and minorities didn’t become important until the idea of “permanent majority” appeared.

    • If you remember, the second election was stolen.

      • And the next one will be stolen as well. Amerika is so screwed.

        • We can work with the enemy and convince them otherwise. Put the word out how Democrats like to tax our paychecks, because many Hispanics want to keep their money, not pay taxes on them. Teach them Si,Republicans, No, Democrats.

          Then when you read them you will see THE PEOPLE OR IN CONTROL. YOUR letting them BULLY people into think they are going to find enough dumb people that they can get by with all there threats. “WHO’S MONEY KEEPS THE DOORS OF THE WHITE HOUSE ??? THE PEOPLE,Remember WERE THERE BOSSES. GET AN ATTITUDE AND BELIEVE IN OUR POWER,

          • I never thought of that, you r so right, we have all the power
            the government has non. We decide where the tax dollars will be spent, we control the army we.the people make all the decisions. Good luck with that!

      • I heard on the Mark Levin show Friday, that Obama is writing every single green card owner..9 million..and asking them to become naturalized citizens, before the 2016 election. This is illegal..but you give a narcissist an inch, and he will take miles! No way to stop him…except by means I cannot say here…and GOD! God can take him! That is for sure!

        • I got an email earlier today on that. The DHS is running it. It reads…

          President Obama’s amnesty by edict has always been about adding new Democrats to the voter rolls, and recent action by the Department of Homeland Security provides further proof. Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources away from a computer system — the “Electronic Immigration System” — to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.

          This effort is part of the DHS “Task Force on New Americans.” PJ Media has obtained an internal “Dear Colleague” letter written by Leon Rodriguez, the “director and co-chair of the Task Force on New Americans.” The letter refers to a White House report called “Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All Residents.”

          Leon Rodriguez has a tainted history — not only was he a central player in the radicalization of Eric Holder’s Civil Rights Division, he also “undertook a purportedly illegal search” of a government employee’s computer in Montgomery County, Maryland. (Messy details are at the Washington Post.)

          The Rodriguez letter states:

          This report outlines an immigrant integration plan that will advance our nation’s global competitiveness and ensure that the people who live in this country can fully participate in their communities.

          “Full participation” is a term commonly used to include voting rights. To that end, resources within DHS have been redirected toward pushing as many as aliens and non-citizens as possible to full citizenship status so they may “fully participate” in the 2016 presidential election. For example, the internal DHS letter states one aim is to “strengthen existing pathways to naturalization and promote civic engagement.”

          Naturalization plus mobilization is the explicit aim of the DHS “Task Force on New Americans.” Multiple sources at DHS confirm that political appointees are prioritizing naturalization ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

        • He needs to be JFK’d !!!!!

          This Regime has been working for years and grooming Barack to set in the Oval Office. More Research i have done. these are NOT fake and there doing every crooked thing in the books to get them hidden so don’t waste time GO TO
          http://patdollard.com/2012/09/obama-vetting CAN’T STOP SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.

          • If you are talking to me about the Communists/Marxists in this country…I am well aware. I have been researching politics and religion since 2007. And I don’t use local newpapers, or the MSM. Nothing but lies there.

    • You got it.

    • SAD to say he wasn’t put in on the peoples vote,although that is what they want people to believe. I Do a LOT of research and here is what I found.

      GO TO,. http://rense.com/general58/suspre.htm

    • And once again “political correctness” reared it’s ugly head!

  2. Common Core = Communist corriculum
    SCREW the LIBS !!

    • Don’t we pay the federal government! Then We the People should be able to decide on what OUR children learn. NO indoctrination!

        • LOL YEP! But seriously, the blame for that traitor in the WH should be placed with the self hating Whites that wanted to prove they can be fair in the false sense of Affirmative Action. Makes you wonder if the majority of male voters will make the same mistake with Hitlery or Elizabeth Wacko.

      • Yes that is true, but we have also given them, the federal government, absolute power over us. It’s not Obama or Reid or McCain. It’s all of them. They all desire that ultimate power over us and we just keep giving them more control over our lives. At some point we will reach the breaking point. We are after all, Americans. We have instinctively sought freedom for centuries and we will seek it again. When? I don’t know. How long does the United States have?

        • How many of you commentators are register to VOTE and VOTE? How many of you as parents have attended a school board meeting? You cannot sit at home peeking on your PC and home changes or stop the this educational genocide on American students, with non-whites children who will suffer the most. Let’s back to the past teachings methods with Competent teachers, to teach reading, math and science, etc. Write, call, email to the White House and the US Education Chairperson, and say no to the educational genocide of American Students..

          • I, for one DO vote and I also communicate with my federal representative but it seems that i may as well send a note to Santa. (I contacted him to request a “no” vote for Boehner as Speaker and my representative voted for him any way and responded to my e-mail by saying that he didn’t want to vote for Boehner but there was “no one else to vote for”. Talk about peeing on my shoe and telling me it’s rain…

          • Terry you are correct. How many people know that in the last presidential election votes were not counted at the precinct level, but sent to a company in Spain owned by George Soros to be counted? We are now living in a Third World Country where your vote does not matter & your so called representative(s) do not give a crap about you or the country.

          • Trouble is, Steve, while you are absolutely correct, the fact still remains that even when we send masses of letters, emails, phone calls and faxes to Washington–especially to the white house–NONE of it gets noticed! Obama will not address ANYTHING that doesn’t tell him how wonderful he is, what a great job he’s doing, and how terrific his agenda is! We need a president that will LISTEN–and, frankly, I don’t think we have had one of those since at least 1900—they say they listen, but then turn around and do just the opposite of what the people want!
            Every time I send a letter to my reps in Congress, I get a nicey-nice letter telling me how great it is that I have written, or maybe called, and saccharine-type of platitudes that are so full of holes, they honestly resemble Swiss Cheese, and aren’t as nice to eat!
            I have come to the unhappy conclusion that the American people will have rise up, and start rioting, shooting, burning and terrorizing the faux government –even though the faux president will run at the first sign of trouble–until they listen—votes don’t seem to count–nor does voting one party out and the other in—therefore, more drastic measures will have to be taken! It would not surprise me at all if our version of the Praetorian Guard (Secret Service) finally got enough and started hunting some of the faux members down with intent to do harm–major harm–
            Yes, Patriots will get killed or hurt—but, the Tree of Liberty has to be watered with the blood of Patriots–and, I think it is coming soon!
            But, it has to be done!

      • IllBeYour Huckleberry

        Voucher or out of pocket schooling, get the fed out, worse case state only involvement

      • The entire USA should refuse to pay income taxes There are not enough jails to put all of us in. We can dream can’t we?

        • Carol Chadbourne

          A Boston tea Party the 2nd…;)

        • You lead the pack

          • Notice I said “We can dream can’t we?” You need to improve your reading comprehension.

        • That would work, except there is too much technology…..they could and DO withhold all they want and need from checks before they even get deposited….or, they will seize our bank accounts….WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH POWER…one stroke on any IRS keyboard, and our money is GONE FROM US…..there needs to be another way…there is, but nobody seems to know what to do, in the way of the 2nd amendment in protecting ourselves from the very tyrannical government we have allowed to grow, as they hijacked our white house, and every branch of our government….I guess enough people just need to get mad enough, to demand the change back to OUR FREEDOMS, and NOT WHAT THIS GOVERNMENT WANTS…..the passive tolerance here, is whats frightening.

    • REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! Sheeple don’t want to face the truth but that is what it is going to take – civil disobedience, the Left used it to get where they are and it is time for the Right to put up a fight! Parents need to unite and keep their good little future commies out of these indoctrination camps until this communist agenda is stopped – that simple! mInr, NSA!

      • It is coming faster than people think, keep your weapons close and
        you ammo dry. Between the mizzie in the white house and his
        minions in government offices they are weakening our Nation and
        our Military by removing those who refuse to bow to the POS of
        stop praying to GOD for strength in these troubling times.
        Bibles, Guns and Family are what count along with our Faith in
        GOD and the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

        • Ken Dometriosis .

          Uuuuhhhmmmm…your “god” has allowed this to happen because….BECAUSE the xtians are so wussified, spineless and nutless, allowing a myth to control their lives and from taking responsibility for it.
          At least you have the common sense to BUY ammo and firearms instead of wishing god to protect you from the savage hordes of sub-humans who hate you. Doesn’t that make you a non-believer and a hypocrite?

          • Since Jesus himself told His disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword when that was illegal under Roman law, I don’t think it’s hypocrisy for a Xtian to commit a similar act. But then, I also believe God helps those who help themselves.

          • Careful! Some will read your comment and believe that you are quoting a Bible verse in”God helps those who help themselves.” (These are the same dolts who believe that “God Bless America” is the National Anthem because they stand for the rendition of that once popular tune during the 7th inning at baseball games.)

          • You poor deluded fool, God gave you free will to either choose the path of light or darkness. If you refuse to
            acknowledge him in your life then you are in for a very
            unpleasant surprise. At not point in the teachings of
            Jesus did he say lay down your weapon and surrender
            to the temptation of Satan nor your enemies. As for as
            keeping Weapons, Ammo and a plan to survive that
            is common sense and never depend upon a corrupt
            Government official to do any thing that is your own

          • Carol Chadbourne

            You are the non-believer and hypocrite….and today, there are far too many of you, so sthu.

    • It was a big mistake when the federal government got involved in the states educational system. Common core is nothing but a form of indoctrination and should be abolished. Several teachers from various states have already resigned because they refused to teach common core. Thankfully, several states have also opted out of it. Each state should be responsible for its own educational system.

      • yes,my Aunt was a teacher in Fla. at one of the top rated schools.She had won numerous teaching awards and Teacher of the Year.She chose early retirement rather than be forced to teach common core.she said it was one of the worst teachings plans she had ever seen.

        • I have heard the same comments from so many sources. It’s a shame to lose good teachers because of common core which is a detriment to the children. Congrats to your Aunt for all her awards and the courage to refuse to teach common core.

  3. Sue the feds now. Don’t give them a chance to organize any further on this.

    • Good idea, when do we start?

      • Now. Get the parents together, and go for it.

        • Do you and I go door to door, put an ad in the paper, take an ad on television or all of the above. Things are not as simple as “go for it”. What to do is one thing, how to do it is quite another.

          • You should have a statewide chapter of the Family Council. They are highly influential in the political arena, promote conservative values, and aren’t afraid to speak out on such matters. I’m very much aware of how difficult it is, but thank you for the lecture.

  4. STAMP OUT THE DOE AND START WITH ARNE DUNCAN! Can he hear me now that I am shouting?

    • Another Muslim

    • Good plan when do we start.

    • Common Core is a new version of math.My nephew in 1974 got New Math at school and tried to convince this parents,grandparents and me with New math 2+2=5.I held up two fingers on each hand and asked him how many fingers he saw.He got the message.Next school day, he told the teacher she was overloaded with bovine scatology in much blunter terms.Common Core is communiost.It needs the same treatment.

  5. how many common core teachers does it take to screw in a light bulb.

  6. davesnrakleberger

    fine with me…..tell the feds to f*** O** by refusing to take federal monies for schools. I got a better education when there was no internet, no air conditioning, party lines and telephone operators. And yes, most people walked to school….at least until high school.

    • Well said, how does it help?

      • davesnrakleberger

        well, if you don’t take or need anything from the gummint, they don’t hold power over you except at the barrel of a gun or making laws to criminalize your activities.

        Welfare and other entitlement programs are why the dems stay in power. and why the democrats and the race baiters want the poor and uneducated to stay that way. It is also what immigration is all about…..the immigrants the dems want are uneducated and unskilled and will immediately begin sucking up our tax dollars to feed them, educate them, and provide medical care, along with many other benefits.

        • Contact your Senators and tell the HELL NO to the TPP treaty! It will allow illegal immigrants to come here from all over the world…and law enforcement cannot stop them! It will also take away your guns! Once a Treaty is passed…it is there forever! Many Republican Senators are for giving Obama FAST TRACK with the TPP! That means the people will have NO SAY in what is in the TPP treaty!

          It is of an utmost IMPORTANCE, for us to stop this treaty!

  7. Don’t the schools fall under the 10th Amendment regarding states rights. Locally controlled, and when did the states give in to federal control….when they gave them money….SO,
    Tell the DOE and the FEDS. take it shove it we don’t need it.
    Take your agenda and money and shove it too. We have plenty of money and we really don’t need you either federal govnt at all…..
    I say, we need to get off the FEDS TIT, and do it ourselves and stop giving up states Responsibility.

    • Do as the Pilgrims did, they took their kids out of Dutch school and taught them there selves. Of course this was mostly religion and writing for males and sewing, knitting for girls but the formed groups, so take kids in your neighborhood, if English and reading are your strong areas, go for it, they a play break and on to Family 2, who teaches math, another will teach geography and History

      • James H. Humphrey

        Great idea but, overall it will not work. To many parents that don’t know enough to wipe their behinds and just don’t care. Yes, there are some (few) wonderful parents and make a great family, sad to say, there are more that are more than willing to send their kids to public schools and let their kids be dumbed down plus – I don’t know the percentage – but more and more wives work and are not at home, the kids are know as “Latch Key Kids”, they come home to an empty home. Moms and Dads come home, cook supper, wash clothes, eat supper, take a shower and hit the sack and repeat tomorrow – they don’t have time to “Home School”. Wives went to work when they started burning their bras in the 60s so they could be equal to men. Home life has gone down hill and then God was taken out of schools, the result – crazy kids now adults and still crazy and getting elected into political positions making crazy liberal decisions.

        • First, women working outside home is product of WWII, when many of the men were serving our Country, next, remember there were one room school houses and the teachers were NOT member of a Union and the basics were taught, what we used to refer to as the 3 R’s, Reading, writing(riting) and Arithmetic (Rithmetic), nicieties as Yes Mam, Yes Sir, please and thank you were the norm. Now with your reference to working “Moms” I was one, a single Mom, widowed at 44, my youngest was 5 yo and I managed to bring up my kids, check homework and on occasion made them repeat it as it was sloppy or wrong. That 5 YO is now a rocket scientist working for a company that does work for NASA. I went sometimes on 4 hours sleep as I was a Nurse working 3rd sift and sometimes I worked both 2nd and 3rd shift, BUT my kids came first, problem today everyone thinks the Gov’t. should take care and frankly that’s wrong. I grew up during WWII and my mother worked, she also spanked me if I was bad and made sure I was doing Homework, and the Nun’s had no qualms about reporting any bad behavior, same when my kids were in school, it’s called “PRIORTIES” and kids should come first, they DID NOT ask to be born, you choose to have them, now TAKE CARE of them and MAKE sure YOU KNOW what they are being taught

          • James H. Humphrey

            We are on the same page. Didn’t mean to upset your cart and ‘very’ yes to women working to help same this nation is WW II, and my “burning the bra” was not a ‘slam’ on those women who were known (and others) as “Rosie the riviter”, Thank God for them. They did what they had to do, same as the men, to save this Nation. While my Dad was not able to be a soldier, he left home and worked as a welder at the ship yards right alongside of “Rosie”, Mom stayed at home and raised 4 babies, I don’t know how she did it, after the war, Dad came home and the two of them raised their children with the rod of correction and training. Yes, that is when women really started to raise the equality thing and it took off 15 years later and volunteerly started working outside the home, many to increase the family economy, so to speak. The stay at home Mom started to disapear, some for personal reasons, some because – like your Mom – she had no choice, she was a real Mom and I am Thankful for Mothers like that. Mom was able to stay as home because she had a Husband who worked his tail off, often 12 to 14 hr days, later when I was a teenager, spring and fall, I stayed out of school to help with planting and harvest, we learned the hard work ethic which many today don’t have a clue. With welfare (and I’m not knocking those who actually need it) and other handouts, they (many) have seemed to not care about the family, it seems to me, all about making babies and the government support us. No, children never asked to be born but the man and woman that broght them into this world should have the love to motivate the responsibility of making a loving family and caring for them, while at home and preparing them for a responsibilty, a future family in a great Nation. Where have we gone wrong, simple – just not giving a damn, selfish people with their hand out and our government of today is so willing to support that. — Sorry about the rant. ===

          • Today is more being friends of your kid, than a parent, My mother spanked me on the corner of 11th and F sts NW in Washington DC, I took my kids out of church to the car and spanked them if they misbehaved in Church, these actions only happened once or twice, in our house, my husband and I were on same page, if I said NO, it was NO, whining or pleading to DAD would not work, Oh it was tried, some ho they had the notion I was deaf, or that the distance between living room and Kitchen was a sound barrier, today I see kids mouth off to their parents in the store, run around like it’s a playground, take stuff ( scooters and bikes) off shelves and ride in store, my youngest said to me on a recent trip to a store, “If we had acted like that, you’d have snatched us bald” and you can bet would have, I was the parent and I MADE the rules.

          • James H. Humphrey

            On my reply, I got sorta mixed up thinking it was your Mom when I was actually writing about you, either way, she raised you right, as you did your children, Thank You.

    • Our SC Governor is taking care of our schools. She has done a righteous job, lately! And we said NO to Common Core!

      • Over 20 years ago my children were in school, I took the time to read their school text books , the indoctrination was already underway back then. Common core or no common core the real issue still exists, indoctrination. The action I took was to refuse to allow them to teach my children those subjects I found that were nothing but lies. It got pretty heated, until I told them my next step would be to hire an attorney- my demands were met and my children were not taught the material that was intentionally faulty.

    • It isn’t the gov’s money, it’s our money and we need to start acting on that. We can revolt without a shot even being fired, a unified movement in which all of us stop paying taxes. We have the ultimate power, money.

      • It is a good idea…but most would not do it. Plus Obama is taking over the internet in a few weeks, and we won’t even be able to comment on here! Watch!

  8. Just ABOLISH common core, and Take the Feds OUT of education where they DO NOT belong, PERIOD!

    • Defund the Dept. of Education ASAP…… along with IRS & VA …… all too massively corrupt to continue or even consider trying to fix.

      • Good idea, when do we start?

        • Only way to do anything constructive is to bankrupt the GOP Republican Party. This is the only way to get rid of the lying, cheating RINO’s. We all know who they are !!!

          • And not the Democrat party????????????

          • The democrat party is a known commodity. They are openly radical socialists. The GOP, whom we assume to be conservative are not. They are the liars we need to remove from the calculation. They have big money coming in from corporations and wealthy people but a lot still comes from the little people. The little people need to stop all donations to the RNC GOP organizations and withholding votes from everybody that is not a proven conservative.

          • Even though I am a member of the GOP, I do not give $ to the national GOP. I do pay my dues, locally, and give to conservative candidates. I just stepped down after 8 years, as a committeewoman, because of my health. But seem to be more involved, since I am not a committeewoman. NO…the National GOP never seems to do what I want them to do…like pushing Jeb Bush for President…yuck! Like McConnell and Boehner being in power..a double yuck! I am very disappointed in the national GOP..and they will not get my support! I am really a Constitutionalist, and voted the Constitution party in ’08. Would not vote for that sick McCain. The GOP better wake up, and drop their greed…or they will be a party of the past, like the Whigs.

          • I feel your pain about the GOP. I never officially joined any party considering myself a Constitutional Conservative but vote for whomever I believe is sympathetic with my agenda. Reince Prebius, chairman of the RNC came from my state. He was given a lot more credit for Republican wins than he deserved. As national chairman he is nothing but a “used car salesman type fund raiser” for the RINO’s. Almost every Republican in office for more than 1 term has joined the RINO’s and that especially includes Paul Ryan. Ron Johnson is in his first term but his voting record smells like RINO to me. If Obama’s amnesty plan is not overturned democrats will have their permanent majority and America will be renamed the USSA.

          • Notice how Democrats and GOP despise the Tea-Party ??
            Time to bankrupt the parties like they did the people.

        • We all have good ideas. We tell our Representatives…and they do nothing!

    • Great words, but who do you suppose will do that?

      • James H. Humphrey

        Exactly, it seems that all our darlings in congress, that we voted in to work for us, have sold out and will NOT represent those that elected them. We can have all the polls from the people but, our representatives will still do what “they” want. I forgot which Senator sait it, you elected me so now I will vote the way I want, I don’t want your ^%$*& polls, and then got reelected. DUH ? If they bring the bacon to the corporations, the corporations donate campaign money, we the people no longer matter. How many in congress went in on their shirt tails and are now millionaires, they did not get that way on their salaries – go figure. If you think I am mistaken, google their net worth now and see for your self. Congress, with the exception of a very few, are in it for money, power and perks. Once elected, Corp. America keeps then in, not Citizen America.

        • The political system is corrupt and serves only the politicians,

          It seems to me that it requires a complete overhaul and since

          the politicians like it the way it is don’t expect any real changes, in favor of the people, any time soon.

  9. This common core crap,is crap,it is almost like the so called new math of the 80 s,that was crap,whats wrong with 2 + 2 = 4,instead of going all over hell and high water,to come up with something that makes NO SENSE…

  10. Best solution here is to take the Tenth Amendment seriously again! Across the board! Actually, let’s keep feeding awareness of the Constitution so folks can realize its timelessness and its wisdom. Our founders foresaw that future generations might forget to understand human nature as well as they did. They also foresaw the dangers of state-run education not caring enough to pass on family-values to the students.

    • OK I’m taking it seriously, everybody on boarsd with that?

      • The only thing you seem to be taking seriously here is guilt-tripping yourself. Shouldn’t you be taking communicating-clearly a little more seriously? Sound like a plan?

  11. And the Communist Democrats here ask why I call them Communists… The examples are in everything the POS Obama and his minions of followers. There is very little difference between Stalin and the POS Obama. He has gotten away with murder by hiding behind his fellow Communist Democrats.

    • At last Exposed, that’s a real big help.

    • Except for Obama’s annual SOTU and national defense issues,there is no constitutional mandate to hear him,or cabinet heads except if they subpena them in potentially criminal investigations.The House has the power to defund any individual position(s)/their staffs in government it chhooses to,and defunding those like Arne would deliver a very loud message.UUnfortunately Congress shows clear character eunuchery.

  12. The nigger is really pushing his Communist Core.

  13. This is just extortion and black mail, plain and simple

  14. “Duncan said that if state governments did not stamp out this dissent, the feds would step in”. Does this language sound familiar? This is the language of Jack Boots in the dictatorial Governments in USSR, Germany, Cambodia, China of the 20th Century. This is what our Federal Government has become.

    Abolish the Federal Department of Indoctrination. Oh, I am sorry. It is officially listed as Department of Education. They have abandoned their mission.

    • Seig Hiel !!!! really worked for Hitler huh Arne?

    • Yes it does.Try extortion of States to abdicate 10th Amendment rights ,States’ rights to home rule including in education,Attorneys General in threatened States need to file jointly in US District Court to send ED. Sec’y packing into Federal prison for the extortive attempt to dictate to States’ departments of education under color of authority.Cite to file under is Title 18 USC Ch. 13. sec. 241/242.Conspiracy against rights of citizens/states, and Deprivation of rights under color of law and autnhority.DE AAG has to accept subpoena.
      Especially now with Holder gone,we will see if female AG is equal to Robert Kennedy 1961 -65.

  15. The Federal government has no legitimate reason to be regulating education. The Education Department needs to be abandoned. The state and local citizens need to be in charge of education. Parents working with state and locals know what is best for our kids. The Federal government is too big and needs to be down sized.

  16. “Maybe if we give Washington another 30 years, they’ll figure it out.”


  17. The Feds are NOT our bosses. They get paid by us. So I say to them: SHUT YOUR MOUTH

  18. Doesn’t this give the people the reason to stand up to the fed? They threaten the states by with holding highway funds, now they are threatening to with hold education funds. What’s next? Will they send in the National Guard? Our children are our responsibility and not the government’s regardless of what the UN would like governments to force on it’s population.

    Same goes for our 2nd Amendment, it is not for the federal government or especially the United Nations to determine whether we have the right to own and bear arms. That is “our Right” under our Constitution. As far as I no, the Constitution is “the” law of the land. There will be a big fight before that changes.

    So I have a solution, why don’t the states with hold those funds and just don’t submit them to the federal government. Let each state take care of the collection of funds and the distribution as well. That would be a quick and sure fix to the problem.We would at the same time be eliminating the Ed. Dept. making the government smaller.

    • A good plan, now comes the hard part, Implementation!

      • We still have way too many go along to get along Establishment Republicans for this to work. State legislatures need to do this otherwise it won’t get done. I support an Article V Convention of States for the purpose of offering amendments to reign in big out of control government. I’ve listened to the pros and cons and in my mind it is the only option left. I will continue to be an advocate and do what ever I can to see that it comes to be.

  19. Very Deja Vu…..Hitler also wanted total control of education, along with guns and health care…….are we reliving the 1930’s all over again?

  20. I’ve never seen such bullying coming from the Feds, especially that Subhuman Mongrel Obama, who likes to uise heavy tactics. No way sireee! we don’t listen to Pinko Commie Orders from the LIBTARDS !

  21. Common Core is Unacceptable. PERIOD.
    Take back our country one front at a time.

    • Where and how do we start? or are you just making a statement?

      • I have started on the Media corruption at:

        Get everyone you know to join the boycott. United we can end the bias in the evening news. And that playing field must be leveled before the next election.

        As for Common Core,

        Check out Dr. Duke Pesta at Freedom Project Education


        This guys presentation was awesome. I saw it at a local Tea Party event. . He has all the info to fight and win on his web site. He said that he would give us the entire slide show. Not sure exactly how to get it, but I would start at the web site.

        As for the web, never let the left leave the last lie. Always fight for the truth, never give up, never give in, regardless of their tactics, which can be rather evil at times.

  22. If 10% of the population took their kids out of public schools because of Common Core, the system would collapse.
    Home School your Children PEOPLE.
    Do not give them over to the atheist and socialists.

    • The power to fine and extort legally is an awesome power and we put it in the hands of the wrong guy. Don’t know where it’s gonna go, but it ain’t gonna be someplace nice.

  23. No common core in Texas. Our representatives listen to the people.

    • Wanna bet?

      • They were just one vote shy of keeping Sharia Law out of Irving, Texas a couple of weeks ago 5 against 4 votes for, I was skeptical that this could even come up for a vote, so I checked it out and found it to be true. The leader of the Muslim group promised that they would be back, this is how the so-called Moderate Muslims operate, actually they are Stealth Jihadists, their goal is the same as their fellow Violent Jihadists which is to force Islam on the whole world, but tell that to the Muslims allies, the Liberals, even proving to them Islam’s long and continuous bloody history wont change their minds.

  24. The imposition of a federally-controlled curriculum and suppression of private schools and home schooling (except of course for Sasha and Malia and some others of the elite) are crucial to the regime’s plan to create a nation of Julias and Adam and Steves, along with the Spanish-speaking lumpenproletariat now being imported to provide votes and muscle for a one-party system. The abolition of the Department of Education, or the creation after secession and partition of a constitutional republic that doesn’t have one, remains a vital priority for our political, economic and cultural regeneration.

  25. There is plenty to worry about. As you said, each program is worse than before. How dare the federal government punish parents for doing what is best for their children. And not every college has to choose to accept these Common Core aligned tests as a standard for entrance. The facts will bear out in later life. You may get into college because of the CC aligned tests, but that does not mean you will necessarily do well once you are there. The colleges that have the forsight to opt out of CC aligned entrance tests, even if it means foregoing federal funds will probably be able to charge lower tuitions, not deal with federal interference in their programs and turn out better-educated students truly prepared for the world of life and work. The other colleges will continue to be expensive laboratories for alternative ideas, surpression of free speech and conservative ideas and the laboratories that will trun out the “useful idiots” the progressives and liberals love so dearly.

    • At least you’re aware of what’s going on.

    • Maybe it’s time to rethink “college.” I know too many college grads working at Starbucks unable to meet their college loan payments. Social engineering is creating a society of consumers and debt slaves. That is why our government needs total control over education. If children were really taught critical thinking their plan would fall apart. It’s time ( like the line in the move The Matrix) “Wake up Neo.”

  26. Doesn’t congress hold the purse strings?

  27. The answer is continue the dissent. Today, college is a waste of time and money for most students. Yes if the student is looking to go into engineering, medical, legal etc., it is necessary. When millions of students refuse to participate in the federalization of education and don’t go to college, which is nothing more than liberal indoctrination camps, the colleges will change the system themselves.

    • Maybe change will happen to eliminate commie, socialistic indoctrinating professors being traitors against U.S. Freedom … ! This probably will not happen or be too late if the U.S. Patriotic Citizens do not stop bo’s wannabe dictatorship that is internally destroying the U.S. Constitutional Foundation of Freedom and Bill of Rights by bo’s criminally laced E.O’s …. !

      • You are absolutely correct. I don’t know if this country can survive until Jan of 2017. Another dictator like the current one and that will be all she wrote. The only way we can survive will be to elect a true conservative. Not a progressive like Jeb or Marco. Even with a hard core conservative in office, it will still be an up hill battle trying to correct the damage done by the dictator in chief.

        • You are totally correct about the progressive marco & bush but the 3 that are apparently Patriotic U.S. Citizens are Paul, Cruz & Walker that will return the U.S. back to a Republic government For & By the U.S. Citizens through the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights … !

          • Yup, any one of those 3 get my vote. The question is…Will the GOP even allow one of them or will they push bush on us?

          • davesnrakleberger

            hopefully, Jeb’s assessment of the corrupt Clinton’s as being good people will turn people off, but don’t fret, Rove, Steele, and Preibus have a box full of spineless rino to choose from and the GOP will not fund the campaigns of Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Walker or any other impertinent folks that do not agree with the Democrat Lite party.

      • Vote for Hillary, that should solve you problems.

        • Can’t get any crappier attitude than a smart ass comment to “vote for Hillary” unless you support bo a muslim, commie #1 enemy of U.S. Patriotic Citizens Freedom & Rights .. !

  28. The Secretary of Education forgotten the constitutional right of descent of the American people. Who is the Secretary of Education to determine that the government should stamp out the descent of parents to decide what’s best for the children. Once was said under socialism the people of fearful of the government, under a Republic in a Democracy the government should fear the people.

  29. The #1 problem with common core or any bo & his crony administration dictated illegal demands lies with bo to go in 2015 ASAP to eliminate the destruction that bo is creating for his dictated regime from muslim hell … ! bo must go way before We the People can return to a Republic government For & By the U.S. Citizens and U.S. Constitution ! BAR none, bo is the worst enemy to the U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights daily E.O. destroying the U.S. internally !

  30. Has anyone asked any member of Congress OR Obama to take this “Common Core” test themselves?? Tell them that unless they can take it and pass it with flying colors, they have NO right to impose that bullshit on the American school kids. You can’t say one thing is good for the whole of America, but you wouldn’t want it for YOU and your family… it’s unrealistic and hypocritical.

  31. The “do as I say or you will be punished” mentality of the communist regime in Washington demonstrated here is just another example of the erosion of our freedoms by the implementation of the Alinsky plan for takeover.

  32. Another scholastic shuffling of the deck chairs experiment on our kids. “modeled after the Asian curriculum” is like saying “looks like a Rolex”.
    Teach Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

    • World History, American History and Geography would be good also. Not to mention Physical Education, Home Economics, and Science.

      • I’m with you, I just used the 3 R’s to get my point out. Without all of the fancy programs, we might be able to go back to PE, Music, and the other programs we used to get.
        I graduated from public school in 73. Many of my friends graduated in the 60’s and earlier. When you were not “college bound” you got an education in business math, business writing. Many of these graduates, even though they did not go on to college, were ready with book keeping skills sufficient to run their own business, when the opportunity arrived.

        • I remember they also offered “shop” at my high school (auto mechanics.) And band, Spanish, and Agriculture (Future Farmers of America – FFA).

  33. Polliticians and the government don’t have the fortitude to cut out any kind of freebie or entitlement. Look at the national debt , due , in large part to Medecare and entitlements. They do nothing to take away the freebies, in fact continue to expand them , in order to cultivate more Democrat freebie voter. I’m agianist common core, but don’t worry , you won’t get penalized

  34. It is government control over our children and it should be stopped. Besides that it was instigated by the communist agenda.

  35. It’s way passed the time, maybe it’s even too late now, for the governors of the states to rein in the federal government’s over-reach of its power.

    An excellent start would be that all federal agents operating in the counties of a state do so only under their authority granted by the sheriffs of those counties. Their privilege to carry arms for their personal safety will be upon notification and continuing person by person approval of the sheriff.

    Regulatory agency personnel, i.e. IRS, BLM, ATF, SS, etc., may be involved in armed enforcement activities, i.e. sieges, raids, arrests, seizures, searches, etc., only in an advisory capacity at the pleasure of the sheriff and/or his designated commander acting upon a federal court order, approved by a state court and the local sheriff.

    That should put a real damper on those demoncrat authorized federal debacles like Ruby Ridge, Waco, the attempted assassination of that little Cuban boy headed back to Cuba, and our latest BLM abortive attempted seizures of private property using military hardware.

    We have to get Constitutional amendments to guard us from the liars, thieves, crooks, and power grabbers which our politicians have become under our 2-party system which is now in reality a 1-party system headed by bought and paid for leaders.

  36. Paula Richardson

    Thug government in our nation’s schools…imagine that…with the way this administration conducts itself, is anyone surprised?

  37. More to the point, since school districts are not engaged in interstate commerce the federal government has no legitimate power over the schools.

    • Paula Richardson

      The only way that stops is for the parents to take the time necessary to make sure their schools are doing what they want. When I was volunteering at my kids school for everything under the sun, it was difficult to obtain people to even bother to send refreshments for class parties…that is the very reason the feds are able to do what they want, the majority of parents out there don’t care as long as they don’t have to be bothered with it. It’s the very same reason he got back in office.

  38. What idiot came up with this Common Core Crap and how dare the Federal Government threaten the schools and parents who opt out of this idiotic system. I seem to recall this so-called Government of ours is supposed to be one OF, BY and FOR the People, thus it is we the people’s choice, not the Federal “what can I screw up for the American People” Government!

  39. The slippery slope has been greased. The land of the free is now the Land of “do as we say” You think Obama is such a great leader? you can follow him over the cliff of “you have no choice but to do our will”. The slow encroachment on your freedoms is still not recognized by the stupid, the slow and the freeloadeers. Next comes the black shirts and you will fukin well do what we say or you’re gone. Common core is nothing more than liberal indoctrination, also known as brainwashing. Once established the government can include or exclude anything they want from common core and you won’t have a thing to say about it. It’s easier to go along than it is to think. They have made the initial rules, what’s to stop them from brainwashing the young, they already do it to a large degree. Wake up America it may still not be too late. Don’t want to join the government health care plan? OK, pay a fine. Don’t want to join common core? OK, pay a fine. Don’t want to vote democrat? OK pay a fine. Are you getting the message yet?

  40. Great mentality to deprive kids of food if they don’t take tests. Better be careful as that in itself might start the civil war that is right on the edge at the moment anyhow. I used to manage the free and reduced price lunch program in the school district I worked for on Long Island and believe me those kids needed what they were getting. Their families were essentially impoverished. When children are the biggest poverty group in what used to be the greatest nation on earth before Obama it is a national disgrace and even suggesting that federal money would be cut for schools because they refuse to take these tests is deplorable. Lets remember a couple of things 1. Education is the responsibility of the states according to the Constitution. 2. It is the States that pay taxes to the Federal Government 3. This Obama Administration is lawless and far too intrusive into every aspect of American life. 4. People are only going to take so much of this nonsense and it is close to the boiling point with a majority of American Citizens. I would suggest that the states put student welfare above money and tell Obama and his lackies to go stuff it.

  41. For any fool left who still thinks that common core is a state thing, are you feeling smart about yourself yet?

  42. First thing we need to do is get this Gdamned nigger out of the White House. Then write your Governor, State Senator and state reps and tell them we don’t want this common core crap in our schools. Then go to every PTA/PTO meeting and tell them.

  43. No federal funding then why do we need a Department of Education? Abolish it!

  44. American’s are so damn stupid! I’m afraid to even call myself one anymore. I’m a Vietnam Vet, Drove a truck 38 years feeding and clothing and bringing building materials in the lower 49 and all of Canada. I was running across the ice roads up north in the mid 80’s long before it became a reality show. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear cry babies all the time complaining about the way things are so screwed up, but you will not get off your ass and attend “PTA” meetings, City council meetings, state hearings in the capitol building, “HELL” even calling your elected officials and complaining! Less than 3% of the American population fought in the American Revolution. Most of the population supported the “Crown”, because they just “KNEW” they had no chance against the most powerful army the world had ever seen. I have talked the talk and anyone that knows me, knows, I have also walked the walk. I have spent close to 6 months behind bars because I would not bow down to someone else’s way of thinking. I have fought against 2nd amendment violations, taxes, outrageous child support orders, parental rights violations, constitutional issues on the transportation industry. I’m 60 years old, I have emphysema and can no longer have my job because of regulations. I feel fine to still do my job, but the federal government doesn’t see it that way. I’m now into 4 1/2 years now waiting on SSDI. I have paid into the system since I was 14 yrs old. I was earning my own money at 7yrs old. 35 yrs of smoking caused my problems. I didn’t cry to the tobacco companies or my elected officials. Everyone knew smoking was bad for you, even before the warning labels were put on the packs. When I was in Vietnam, they would give us our cigarettes free and beer too, and in our portable searat kits cigarettes and toilet paper were always in the box. Well I’m rambling, my point is, you voted them in, vote them out, by recalling their treason asses. It doesn’t take near as many votes to fire them as did to elect them! Just put petitions up all over the voting district. Places of business, you will find a lot of businesses have compassion for your cause. You can get rid of a mayor, a judge, a congressman or senator unless you live in Texas like I do, they do not have a recall process for state elected officials, but we are getting very close. You don’t have to protest with clubs and pitchforks in hand. “THE PEN STILL HAS POWER OVER THE SWORD!!! You have to quit crying and start caring, and put all your compassion into it. We have to provide a safe and hassle free future for our children and grand children. If you are on the jury pool, mention the phrase Jury Nullification, you will not have jury duty I can promise you that. But wait till you are on the jury, did you know that you can judge the constitutionality of a law, and find someone innocent. Just remain silent until the time comes. A lot of people in prison, that shouldn’t be. We claim to be the “Land of the free”, yet we have a prison population that exceeds all the other countries combined including Russia and China. 40 million laws on the books????????????????? When this country was founded we had 10 laws,and it served us well for many years. “GET INVOLVED OR QUIT CRYING” “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

  45. That idiot has no right in our White House and we the people are letting him do it. He is nothing but an arrogant a$$hole.

  46. The feds must be told to ‘Shove their interference where the Sun does not shine” !!
    Common Core is not education, It is INDOCTRINATION !!

  47. As usual with lieberals the NAME SAYS IT ALL. COMMON CORE.

    Who needs common students? We want EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS!

  48. Government controlled education has been a plank of the communist ideology since day one. Only now that we have a blatant communist in the WH have the obvious “reds” shown their ugly faces and agenda to all the world. Even the rest of the world has noticed.

  49. Maybe if the feds did withhold federal funds the states would run it’s own government. Maybe the states should quit paying taxes and then see where the feds get the money to blackmail the states. We really don’t need the deadbeat bureaucrats and union organizers in the federal government anyway.


  50. Maybe voting for Dr.Ben Carson for President will see us getting rid of the dept of edumacation!

  51. Remember about 50 years ago the schools taught what was called “modern math”. No text books was given to the students. My kids came home with these test papers and I could not figure out what the test were. I made several trips to the school and asked “how am I supposed to help my children with their math without a text book. Never got an answer. i see a lot of similarity to todays Common Core.

  52. If the feds and state would just stay the hell out of education and leave the money back home with us, we’d have the full dollar for the educators who are dedicated teachers, not politicians, to spend on education for our kids. We probably get less than 50 cents on the dollar back from either government for what they TAKE from us. None of them could educate a dog yet they are telling people across the country how we should educate our own kids. I would like to see every school district across the country tell the government what they can do with Common Core like we did with No Child Left Behind which of course left many school districts behind because of a program that had requirements no school district in the nation could meet. We could solve many problems by banning the state and federal Departments of Education, all of which are run by people who are politicians. Think of how much more money the locals could have if those worthless agencies were put out of our misery. Let their employees find real jobs and work for a living like the rest of us do. Thank God for colleges such as Hillsdale which refuses all government funding and will not even allow students to have a government loan. They find other ways to fund these students and thus keep all government
    off their property.

  53. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it, when the Federal Government gives money to the states, they,the states, become the puppet of the federal puppet master. Ergo, Common Core. If only people would quite being blind and get involved. Too many are still sleeping ZZzzzz.

  54. The colleges are run by lock-step fascists who are enabling the program. If donors cut the funds off to those programs they would dance differently perhaps.

  55. Socialism: Ideas so good they have to be mandatory
    Obamacare: Healthcare so good it has to be mandatory
    Common Core: Education so good it has to be mandatory

  56. I have a perfect solution for mr. Duncan. It is called a tall tree with a strong limb that has a strong rope attached to it. This sob is not interested in our kids a great education. He is only interested in dumbing them down and turning them into uneducated assistance recipients.

  57. Arthur L. Trevallee

    The federal government has no business in education. Education is supposed to be handled at the state and local level. Period.

  58. This is yet another example of why the public school system needs to be shut down and the private sector needs to rush in to fill the vacuum.

  59. Ken Dometriosis .

    Informative article. Unfortunately it won’t stop the colleges from getting filled with affirmative action sub-humans from turd world countries who steal the place of the white students who actually EARNED a 4.0 and a place in college.

  60. Another case of “Let the government wipe your butt and blow your nose from cradle to grave”! We should add a big “Or ELSE” to that!!!

  61. Th Federal Government should have NO say in local school systems, and the curriculum they choose to get our children educated. It is critical that parents be VERY involved, if they choose to keep their offspring in the public school systems. Since most schools systems worship MONEY, the optimal response to the CRAP that is going on these days (not JUST CC), is to REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN ROM THE SCHOOLS. When they notice the change in the wallet, you will have gotten their attention.

  62. TeaParty Patriot

    This is exactly why the states MUST stop financing the federal government beyond the federal governments constitutional OBLIGATIONS. We the people in the states send our money to the Feds and in order to get some of it back we MUST toe the mark to OBEY an oligarch like the 0webomb.

  63. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Keep paying your federal income taxes and this is what you get. If the 60-70 Million who work and pay taxes, said enough is enough and stopped paying, this would all come to an end quickly. Heck if 10% just quit, say 6 million, the government couldn’t do anything about it. All that is needed is for one state to start doing this. Everyone could start claiming they’re conscientious objectors because Obamacare, Common Core, and other issues violate their First Amendment Religious Beliefs. And, as part of being a conscientious objector, you object to pay taxes to fund unpopular wars and funding foreign aid to enemies of the U.S.

  64. It is time to overhaul the system we refer to as GOVERNMENT…period. Afraid the only way to do that is through bloodshed…of which so many innocent people will become collateral damage! This country is in so much trouble!

    • I am sorry to say that I agree with you completely. Most people will not face the truth, no matter how scary the monster staring them in the face seems to be.

  65. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    I’m with you! We should all refuse to pay income taxes, & see how long he lasts, with no $ to waste.

  66. Too may administrative “Czars” from unrelated fields in the educational kitchen!

  67. Indoctrination and education have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The feds don’t care, they throw them both into the same toilet and keep flushing until it is all mixed together.

  68. Tell them to go to h-ll.

  69. Now government threatens citizens because they do not agree with them? “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
    their just powers from the consent of the governed,— That whenever any Form of Government
    becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
    institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in
    such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” It is time to take down these tyrannist.

  70. Communist Core it should be called… We have never gotten the best and brightest as teachers, when i went to school they where no more than goverment shills and propagandists… Remember those that CAN, DO; those who can not teach….

  71. Carol Chadbourne

    common core is the WORST program in our history..it is basically islamic teachings. I do not like it for many reasons…the main one is IF they are allowed to “Pledge Allegiance”, they must say “one Nation under allah”..NOT “God”….they sometimes are told to wear the ‘garb’ of muslims….they have field trips to MOSQUES (WHEN was the last time you heard of field trips to CHURCHES…hell, when was the FIRST time.?) They have to read the koran, a VERY bad book by a pedophile, mohammed. These are only a FEW ugly things wrong with this. Did you know that muslims discovered America??? Or that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism…or that Paul Revere was a terrorist?? Our history books have been rewritten for the common core. And the new math….equals a ‘dumbing down’ of American kids. There is SO much more…and ALL of it AGAINST what they should be learning. Some educators have quit because of their own beliefs not being allowed. Many States have opted out of the common core….and have lost federal funding…big frickin’ deal…no amount of bribery is worth a good education for our kids and theirs. IF your State gov’;t WON’T opt out….take the OUT of public schools…IT is NOT worth the harm to our children. THIS is the TRUTH. Sit in and monitor a class. IF they allow it.

  72. THOSE who CAN – – DO!!

    Those who CAN’T – – TEACH (libs)… and get a year’s salary for 7 month’s work, PLUS every Holiday off,
    PLUS Tenure (They Can’t get fired) – PLUS a big fat UNION pension! ………

    Common Core = Communist Doctrine..

    Join your PTA & Get involved!!

  73. Duncan is just another shill for our Muslim,liberal,socialist president they were all 60s activists against anything our nation stood for so we can expect nothing less than him espousing the line that our government i.e. Obama calls out as correct for the continued downward spiral of our country. Third world status here we come.

  74. Perhaps some much needed funds could be saved by DE-funding the federal department of education, then the high and mighty Arne Duncan would no longer be forced to have concern over what parents (who incidentally pay taxes to fund his agency and the “Common Core” scam) choose to do about the “tests”.

  75. Arne Duncan can jolly well go fish! He’s nothing but a lying, egotistical, evil, stupid little troll who has been brainwashed by the muslims in Washington! Common Core is destructive, indecisive, ridiculous and completely juvenile—if the parents don’t want it, seems to me THEY are the ones paying the taxes, therefore THEY have the right to say what is taught to their children and what is not!
    Not the hotshots who think they’re smarter than everyone else, but are not—they’re trash!

  76. FUCK the FEDS. PERIOD. They suck ass.

  77. HOME SCHOOLING: The answer to preventing your children from becoming liberal sheep with a slave mentality!

  78. elected officials have so MANY Racketeering schemes with federal contractors, labor unions ect, ~ threatening Poverty on United States Citizens is an act of criminal and financial terrorism, in violation of U.S. Laws ~ FBI needs to make ARRESTS for public corruption, or be defunded

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