Federal Notices Tell Us What the Trump Wall Could Look Like

Last week, the Customs and Border Protection Agency posted two contract requests that give us a glimpse at what President Trump’s border wall could look like when construction is finished.

It’s unclear from the postings if CBP is considering two different approaches to the wall or if the plan is to construct the wall in different ways, depending on the location. Either way, the agency is asking bidders to submit their plans for a wall that meets one of two different expectations.

From the AP:

One of the CBP contract requests calls for a solid concrete wall, while the other asks for proposals for a see-through structure. Both require the wall to sunk at least six feet into the ground and include 25- and 50-foot automated gates for pedestrians and vehicles. The proposed wall must also be built in a such a way that it would take at least an hour to cut through it with a “sledgehammer, car jack, pick axe, chisel, battery operated impact tools, battery operated cutting tools, Oxy/acetylene torch or other similar hand-held tools.”

The White House already has a certain amount of money that has been set aside for border protection, but it won’t be nearly enough to complete construction on Trump’s wall – whatever form it might ultimately take. In his budget proposal to Congress, the president is asking for an additional $2.6 billion in funding to get the first stage of the wall underway. Whether Republicans will be able to (or see fit to) allocate this money remains to be seen. Also unknown is how much the wall will cost when everything is finished. Estimates range from $12 to $20 billion.

If the wall lives up to its intended purpose, there’s almost no price tag too exorbitant. If it doesn’t, then it’s a waste of money no matter how much or little it costs. And if Trump can actually find a way to make Mexico pay for it, then all of this talk about cost is academic anyway. Let them figure out how they’re going to come up with the money.

As for the actual appearance of the thing, that’s such a secondary concern that it barely deserves attention. A functional wall that’s an eyesore can be forgiven; a beautiful or nonexistent wall that lets illegal immigrants pour into the country cannot be. This is about the life or death of the United States, not getting rave reviews from Architectural Digest.

But hey, if Trump can deliver on his promise to make the wall “beautiful” as well as impenetrable, we’re all for it.



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  1. Jaron Gant Joyner

    President Trump-Is a Builder-He will be the Best to Build the “WALL”-I live in TEXAS-Trust me-We need the WALL-If it helps-It’s Worth the Price.!!!!

  2. Heck electric fence would work just use enough voltage . It would be a shocking affair trying to enter illegally into our nation . Low amperage high voltage .

    • They’d just wear insulating material. The real problem is the Federal Governments willingness to enforce it.
      You only have to look back a couple of months to when Obama wouldn’t allow the agencies involved to do anything.

      • You are correct . Since the electric fence idea has already been defeated , guess motion detector fired laser would be a bit overboard

    • Plus a nice wide mote with hungry alligators wouldn’t hurt. Put watch towers like they have at Fort Knox that are manned with armed guards (and actually give them bullets). At Fort Knox you are asked twice to state your business and they don’t get an answer……..let’s just say the loaded guns aren’t for show! After the bodies start building up I really think that would be a definite deterrent!!

      • Maybe you have the best idea with the mote with hungry alligators ! Then you topped the mote idea with the towers manned with armed guards . Actually might be cheaper and more effective than any other idea on securing the boarder . After all the wall will be at least six feet under ground and the above part of wall has to be built to with stand at least one hour of attack with any hand tools .

      • No alligators are left. They are all in the swamp that someone promised to drain..

      • Put up two rows of fences with electric voltage on the ground so when they make it over one fence they will not make it over the second And when they see dead bodies there they may think twice knowing they are next

        • I don’t want to see anyone shot, but it is their choice. Put 50 caliber machine guns spaced at the right places and armed drones would be cheaper. If the bad guys have a look out on a high hill give him a change to give up. If he doesn’t that is what the armed drone is for. Would be kind of a pain for the local land owners. They would have to let the guards know they would be in the area before going.

  3. The Libs can give obama billions to give away to our enemies but none for a wall to protect us. How sad!

    • It is my hope that people in the U.S. have wised up to liberals and won’t allow them to have any control again, ever!

      • I agree and add Really no control ever anywhere, gone.

      • They have taken our rights away because we let them do it.
        Like putting a illegal into the White House knowing he was a homosexual, and a made up phony family.
        Lying to the people steeling and corrupting our government and our judicial branches.
        Most the judges are on the Democrat party of Socialist,far,far, left leaning progressives and full blown Communist. The judges don’t seam to care about law or Constitution anymore. I think that we the people need to clean out the whole system of government one person at a time. It is paramount that we do this and do it now, if we are to survive.

        • ILLEGAL??? HOMOSEXUAL???MADE UP FAMILY??? What world do you live in???

        • It doesn’t help “our” argument if we’re tossing around innuendos as do the Dem/Lib/Progressives.
          He has a family, those girls cannot deny their daddy, they look just like him (ears!), and his poor wife can’t help that she married a wimp!

        • Timothy Thompson

          We need to clean house in California. The progressives are killing our state, the most beautiful climate in the United States of America. In 1964 the people of California were hoodwinked into voting the legislature to full time status, we now see the results of that decision induced by lies and deceipt. That was the beggining of the end for California’s freedom and sane government. Ever since that event we lost control, politicians started to enlarge their control and voted themselves more and more power ultimately leading to voting in such leftest philosophy’s now seen today. Governor Jerry Brown his first term as governor voted in the Unions to state government and that as seen today was the beggining of the end. We need to take back control, make the legislature part time again and open up our freedoms and kill the anti American Democratic control party.

          • From your mouth Timothy to Gods ears,
            I hope the best for California and her legal citizens. It is far past time that you do take the power back.
            Term limits are the only way we can take back the power.
            No one and I mean no one deserves a job for life.
            Term limits for all Politicians, Heads of the government (Bosses) and the judicial branches.
            Just one person’s opinion.

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          • California and it political system, just might be beyond redemption. It is a state gone bad
            on so many levels it is hard to keep count. The corruption starts with its current and twice elected governor best known as “Governor Moonbeam.” He promised things he could not and never intended to deliver. His dad, also a corrupt governor, was no better then his off spring by pandering for support and adulation by the know-nothing Hollywood crowd. The
            oddity is that with all the available condemning evidence you would think the states voters
            would run him out of town on a rail! But, “NO!”, he promises more lies and the states voters drink the cool aid! Go figure!

          • Yeah…and the idiot’s in the state voted Brown in because an illegal alien women cried on TV, So sick, The women was sent to Meg Whitman by a employment agency, and when she found out the women was illegal she let her go, but because the idiot’s in California saw the girl cry, they voted for bankruptcy for the state…Honestly I don’t think there is any hope left for this state of California…!

          • Refreshing to hear someone from California admit to and address the pathetic situation in their state. At this point perhaps the only hope for the cesspool of liberalism would be to give it back to Mexico. Then watch the Mexican government clean out the self serving politicians ,the sickening snowflakes and all the pseudo intellectual elitists.

          • Calif dip shits keep making the same mistakes and expecting a different result! brown was a horrible govener in the 70’s and much worse now. HOW THE HELL DID HE GET A THIRD TERN! The s.f. idiots keep reelecting pelosi, what the hell is wrong with you idiots! Same with feinstein,watters etc. You all deserve what you get. An x-californian, who left 30 years ago! Do not come to Az if your a lefty also!

      • I hope likewise. However, the memories of people fade. After some years, maybe even short as a decade or less, the public will forget enough of how it was under Obama and the demented lying Democrats, and based upon their lies, will vote them into offices again.

        • Your post seams to be based on reality sad to say. Yep the legal citizens have short memories and the Democrats are going to repeat there lies and trash talking until they get back into office. SAD times are ahead I think.

        • Especially after the Clinton horror show! Sex in the Oval Office with an intern same age as his daughter, stole our soc sec funds and applied them to budget so he leaves having people believe he ran a balanced budget, and of course crippling our manufacturing by passing NAFTA…and was impeached!!! Yes, people forget the real Clinton legacy

          • That azzhole balanced the budget on the backs of SOCIAL SECURITY!!!!!!! Clinton is an Azzzhole commie prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Just wondering. How many billions did Obama give away to our enemies? You don’t know? O.K., how many billions did the Republican Congress give away to our enemies? Don’t know that either?

      How sad!

      • Obama released $221 million to the Palestinians on the day he left office and he had to know that the $150 billion he sent Kerry to “work a deal” with Iran was a joke! That’s just for starters.

      • The Rehabs, I mean Republicans, had to O.K. the deal or no money could have been sent without their approval. They all belong to the same N.W.O. Elitist Society

      • Far to many and the sad thing is Barack Hussein Obama was not held accountable for anything he did to continue the destroy our Country that the Democrats have continued to do.
        All the Democrats want is to control the Citizens and the Country forever, or as long as this Country survives.

      • $ 235 Billion a year in Benefits to Illegals .
        $ 1700 to each refugee + free education , free medicals , free housing , EBT cards .
        ALL Paid by our Taxes .

        • Only “now” it is really not our immediate “taxes,” for we are borrowing money and going further into national debt for those illegal aliens.

      • For starters, we damn well know that obama gave almost 12 billion to iran and possibly as much as 34 billion. The actual amounts are shrouded in secrecy because obama doesn’t want the public to know the exact amount.

    • Congress is owned by the Republicans – why do you need “Liberals”? What billions did Obama give away? It is my hope that in the future there will be a test for folk before they can vote – just so they know how the country works.

      • In that case there will never ever be another democrat elected…. Yeah, I can go for that testing.

        • Well 50% don’t usually turn out for the election – maybe they’re the intelligent one’s. Makes sense – the retards vote!

          • Well, they’re certainly not the intelligent ones to not vote… That literally makes no sense whatsoever. More likely the ignorant ones.

          • Why – plutocracy. No choice, what’s the point? We have the worst turnout in the Western world.

          • The only money we had that was theirs was 400 million , we gave them 1.7 billion plus what ever barry could funnel to them on the side , you try again !!

          • That’s what they won – dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instalments – duh! God you folk are stupid.
            Must be fake news – ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • No point to standing up for what you believe in? With that attitude I am assuming you live at home with your parents footing the bill on everything you have ever done and bought in your life time…. So, yeah I guess there is no point left for you in this world…. BUT, if ever you decide to grow up and try to make something of your self, today is the day…
            This world owes you nothing, there are no guarantee in life other than taxes and death… You may have to pay your own taxes once Dad and Mom are gone but Christ Jesus paid for your sins that you may have life eternal.

          • Obviously “plutocracy” is too hard a word for you – the difference is moot between the two parties. What LGBT, abortion and gun regulation. Wow!

            Am in business, seen more and done more than you and probably own a lot more than you. Pay taxes in a few countries.

            Jesus advocated social responsibility – “five loaves of bread and two fishes”. I got no problem with that. A national healthcare program I can live with – seems to work everywhere else in the modern world (W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia) all have better healthcare systems than we do – before or after ACA. They also have better education system, social disparity and social mobility (that’s freedom and opportunity!), plus a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of ours. Kind of makes sense – compared to our peers we are woeful.

            Comparatively we are the toilet of the modern world!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least we’re numero uno at something!

          • Paranoid, no you can assert your hatred on me as much as you like but I know as well as most sensible thinking individuals that it is you that are paranoid….
            The healthcare in these other nations is extremely slow at best and that why we read of many of their citizens coming to United States for treatment….
            The U.S. leads the world in health care research and cancer treatment, for instance. The five-year survival rate for breast cancer is higher in the U.S. than in other countries and survival from colorectal cancer is also among the best.

            Life expectancy at birth in USA increased by almost nine years between 1960 and 2010, but that’s less than the increase of over 15 years in Japan and over 11 years on average in these countries. The average American now lives 78.7 years in 2010, more than one year below the average of 79.8 years. Hey, that’s no real worry for me… My 4th Great Grandfather died at 106 and his wife Mary died at 114 yrs 4mos. of age, at least that’s what a tombstone reads.

            Pride is considered to be one of the greatest of man’s sin.. Be extremely careful for pride was found to be what caused Satan’s great fall. And why is it that liberals are so paranoid about money and their great achievements in their lives compared to others? I sold two farms several years ago and donated most of the money to 6 different Christian ministries… I have a son who is pediatric cardiologist and a daughter who is a bank manager so they are fully able to manage on their own.

            For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (1 Timothy 6:19).

            Capitalism is by far the best system there is to grow an economy for all levels of the population but it can lead to greed and that is found in the individuals heart who seeks to fulfill their own desire of the lust for more and more material possesses… The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)?
            Oh, and I should add here that the greatest mass murders have occurred by dictators in socialist and communist countries… For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul (Mark 8:36)?

            As for education in USA, I would agree because liberalism has destroyed our educational system from elementary all the way through our universities.

            Paul wrote: For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies. Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread (2 Thessalonians 3:10-12).

          • Japan has national healthcare system. Life expectancy better in most of those countries – nothing wrong with systems. Duh!

            Not sure what pride has to do with it?

            All of those countries have strong socialist parties – we only have conservative parties.

            Extreme capitalism gave us the Financial Crisis 2008 which amusingly had to be bailed out by socialism. Funny as. We rejoiced when communism died but were embarrassed a few years later when capitalism disappeared up its own backside.

            Jesus advocated social responsibility – that’s all liberalism is.

          • Have you not heard that ignorance of man’s history is the cause of man repeating his failures..? I blame this ignorance on our higher educational system but with the internet there really is no excuse for man’s lack of wisdom in knowing the truth, other than just plain laziness.

            Man has this reliance of refusing to seek the truth whether it is the truth of God’s existence or the truth that surrounds him in his daily life because he is a prideful human being believing the misconceptions that war against his spirit or nature.

            As for the crisis in 2008 – That was brought on by the Democrats forcing new legislation upon the banks forcing them to give loans to individuals who should have never been given loans in the first place. For proof of this type “Democrats were WARNED of Financial crisis and did NOTHING” in a You Tube search bar….

            Oh, the pride comment was to help you understand that the prideful will never admit that they could be wrong….. One that humbles themselves by admitting that they were wrong can actually learn. something…

            No government has ever followed the socialist or communist forms of government with success, they have always lead to dictators rising to power and the citizens being ruled over by a murderous dictator. We are told that socialism and communism has lead to the deaths of approx. 100 million people in the twentieth centaury…

            You can continue to listen to the lies coming from the left and you might even be promoting these lies or you can take a step back to look and search for the truth. Pilate asked of Jesus, What is truth? The truth is actually verifiable true facts about that which you are searching. One may manipulate the truth by mixing in false statements but than you are not promoting truth no longer but attempting to deceive and to promote your own agendas. This kind of behavior can and does lead some to great riches or even fame, but the cost of this will no doubt be the lost of your morality or your integrity.

            Here is a link that would help you but only if you are interested in the truth….

          • Despite internet you still seem to be stuggling


            The Glass-Steagall Repeal was by the Republicans, though am sure the DEmocrats would have done it too as both owned by Finance Industry.

            I am married with daughters I am rarely correct and sit just above the dog but below the cat. Stuff pride! Facts are right not belief – they’re not my facts so nothing to do with my pride. Duh!

            W Europe et al all have strong socialist parties – they all have better societies. Try again!

            No leftie or rightie lies – just facts. I care not for either side – just the facts.

          • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_Street_and_the_Financial_Crisis:_Anatomy_of_a_Financial_Collapse You can find what you like on You tube – mostly it’s entertaining or gibberish. This is a report from both parties. suck it up buttercup!

          • Well, if name calling is what makes you feel superior, go right ahead because that’s what the liberals do best…. But the facts don’t lie no matter what you say. And it is you who is sucking up all the lies of the democrats… and most likely sucking up all the freebees that the democrats are giving away…

          • Nothing to do with the Democrats or liberals – pragmatic realism. Dummy! And the report was both parties. Must have been a RINO right?

          • Watchman48, give it up. The Liberal mind is damaged beyond repair. CNN, Associated Press and the Washington Post and other MSM sources along with the liberal universities feed their plausible, but fake information to the liberal choir. To quote an old liberal song, “…teach your children well…” They surely aren’t going to be taught well in the public school system, Teacher education schools are almost as bad as the law schools. Sad to say. Do your best to influence those around you and you will accomplish much.

          • Thank you for your reply…. Sadly, you are right in most cases about the liberal’s mind being damaged beyond repair but that will not stop me from praying that God’s might open their eyes and ears to the truth….
            The battle for truth has been ongoing for approx. 6,000 years.. And it will continue until the Man of Truth is seated upon His Throne in Jerusalem one day soon.
            For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

          • According to the World Health Organisation our system is ranked 37th – in-between Costa Rica and Cuba. w Europe all above. Fail! Facts thrash belief! Belief is for the lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • And the WHO is an unimpeachable source of honest information. Everybody knows that!

          • WHO agenda is improving healthcare for all so as neutral as can get as trying to help improve all. Duh!

          • And if you believe that, you will believe anything that fits into your delusional perception of reality.

          • C’mon then let’s hear your conspiracy theory. The big nasty folk from WHO are only here to suck out your brains? They’re really aliens studying how to defeat us?

          • Wonderful posting, Watchman48.

      • Try looking at iran for the billions poohead !

        • Fail! Iran went to International Court and won the money. We reneged on a deal dating back to the Shah – they won the money fair and square. Too not pay would mean we could never take anyone to trial and we would be a laughing stock. President did not authorize anything other than it going on a plane. Try again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Public Enemy #1 is the UN.

    • Amen Richard; pretty sure Obama was not allocated any ransom monies but that is correct, if Obama can give Billions more than that $150b or more to Iran, we CAN BUILD a $20B Wall!

  4. BUILD THE WALL!..it needs to be built no matter what and I agree with Jaron Gant Joyner in regards to President Trump! True he is a builder and he should know how and what it’s best…but just build the wall. Pronto!

  5. Plenty of billions for a wall; not enough for health care. You can take away my health care, but don’t you dare take away my guns.

    Now that Trump allows mentally ill people to have guns, you all should be thrilled. Go out and buy more to protect yourself from all the other nuts who will have guns.

    • Better check your facts, It wasn’t Trump who allowed the mentally challenged to tote guns!

    • Please tell us all when Trump made this decision during his brief time in office since 1/20/2017! OH! You can’t! SAAAAAD!

    • Francisco Machado

      The Republicans aren’t taking away your guns. That was the Democrats. They’re also the ones who “liberated” the mental ill from care facilities and it’s Obama who opened the border to all and sundry and recently released a lot of felons from prisons. No one is “taking away” you health care. What the Republicans have promised to do (and probably won’t) is end Obamacare which made your insurance mandatory (but useless for almost everyone) and is already unrecoverably in the hole, is financially bankrupt and significantly in debt with no prospect of paying any of it, and has greatly reduced the available insurance options for the financially disadvantaged. Obamacare is a serious wreck – the problem now is how to get out of it with as few casualties as possible. I like your attitude on guns, anyway – that should be enough to keep you from voting Democrat.

      • Right as rain !!
        They are also making our country unsafe just to regain the Democratic freight train of destruction.
        Just saying

    • Your Dear O gave $ 235 Billion a year in Benefits to illegals + Amnesty + thousands of illegal kids brought here . The wall is Only $ 15 to 20 Billion . Stop Benefits , Build the Wall , Save the Rest . Now you know .
      They are Not Mentally ill people ; They are Disabled Vet that your dear O punished .

    • The Democrat party is the one holding up the medical as everything else.
      It is the Republicans that are trying to do to save this country.,
      No I am not a republican, I am a independent.
      Party does not count with me only what is being done to save this country.

      • “It is Republicans that are trying to do to save this country” — by denying 24 million people of their health care and by cutting taxes on the rich while raising taxes on the rest. That ought to save the country.

        • I see you are fascinated with a TV show Rodger Malcolm Mitchell the name of the show was Malcolm in the middle like your post name.
          funny, coincidental, Maybe or maybe not.
          Rodger, Rodger ,Rodger stop wining and crying about the Republicans .
          Start by telling your Democrats to stop blocking what Trump is trying to do at every turn.
          All the Democrats do is snivel and cry, we did not loose the election Trump stole it.
          Get over yourselves you had a piss poor candidate in Hillary and the Republicans had the best candidate.
          Get on with your business of taking care of the Country Politicians or get the he** out of the government.

  6. With the most dangerous illegal aliens coming over the Southern border being shiite & sunni islamists – there should be quotations from the Jewish talmud on the wall.

  7. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever read. It’s hard to believe it’s actually a valid sample of comments from supposedly sane people???? Must be a bad dream and I’ll awaken soon…..she says hopefully. My GOD!

  8. The best start is a National E-Verify system with heavy fines for Companies that violate it. It should also require all citizens to ask for a green card ID before hiring gardeners, nannies, laborers, etc which would also carry a fine for violating. Next, stop all welfare to all undocumented (illegal) immigrants. If there is no work or payday they will quit coming. Plus all anchor babies must stop. Last month illegal entry was down 40% because of ICE and Border Patrol arrests and deportations. The War on Drugs against Mexican Cartels crossing our borders must intensify with severe penalties. Any deported Felons re-entering should serve jail time at hard labor and committing another crime resulting in a death to an American citizen should receive the death sentence. We must protect our country or we will lose it. Too many terrorists are entering from Mexico too.

  9. I think the RFP should contain a requirement to have the phrase inscribed along the entire length of the wall on the southern side with one similar to the phrase Dante observed as he passed through the gates of Hell. It bore the
    inscription that ended with the famous phrase “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi
    ch’intrate”, most frequently translated as “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”. But to the end of it add the word “ILLEGALLY”.

  10. If the wall stop illegal immigration, it’ll be a BE-autiful thing. ‘Nuff said?

  11. My Opinion: #1 build a secure wall with aerial and underground sensors that alert ICE of Illegal traffic and plenty of manned surveillance. #2 Every entry visa should be scanned into a database with the users passport with an automatic 30 day alert to ICE to determine if the user is preparing to renew the visa or preparing to exit the country, this gives ICE ample time to take affirmative action if need be, or hunt the missing person down and deport them and a ban on them from ever entering the country again. Soon the number of illegal persons in the country will be reduced to a minimum the way it should be. and soon the drug problem and illegal persons problem will be reduced to a manageable number. You noticed I did not use the words illegal immigrants Immigrants are people that apply to the country’s immigration system and come to the country with legal papers as my wife did , yes it took her 24 years to get here but today she is a happy American citizen. People that come here without proper papers and know it are criminals and should be deported.

    • I also think we should have a fingerprint database and each time we fly, one’s finger should be scanned to verify who we are. That also could be used for voting, doctor visits, etc.

      • For somebody who supposedly hates big government you sure seem to love big government.

        • Remember Eric we cannot end government because we need a good small government to survive.
          I find that PatriotGal has a point. Simply put a smaller intrusive government would be a good thing. The fingerprinting database could service faster way to verify who is who. It may not be a cure all but a faster way to get through a long line.
          Just saying!!

          • Your point taken, but doesn’t coincide with my point. What she expressed sounds like a big invasion of privacy to me. MORE intrusive. Big Brother=Big Government.

          • Well Eric ;
            I did not look at her comment the same way you did apparently.
            if you replace older laws with newer and more effective law like fingerprint database. Then we have the best scenario lesser effective laws (more than one) removed and replaced by the 1 newer law.
            I believe that the Government is out of control with thousands of laws put in place almost every year.
            I know we are a nation of laws but there is such a thing a to many laws, that cover same thing with different wording, that’s excessive.
            We need to simply our laws and stop with the word games. Just my opinion.

          • You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I am for cutting costs and simplifying where possible. However, if cutting costs invades personal privacy or has a great potential of invading personal privacy it is not worth saving a few dollars. Just my opinion.

          • And so are you Eric, your thoughtful reply is appreciated, and we both can disagree with out calling names or worse. Let us both hope that the government will do what is right by the legal citizens at least once in our life time anyway.
            Think you agree that we have enough laws on the books that will far outlast our lifespan.
            I just want them the government to get rid of the outdated laws and the laws that don’t make sense any longer, if it ever did

          • Kudos to your being respectful as well. I would be delighted to see the government work for “we the people” as it was intended to do. If laws are outdated, then yes they should be eliminated. If laws are on the books that would help then they should be enforced too though or changed to work. For example, there are laws on the books I understand to punish employers who employ undocumented people. They seem not to be enforced or the fines are such it is worth it for employers to just pay the fine. Prison reform is something both sides of the aisle have agreed on. Many things could be done, but simply writing new laws is not the answer. Have a good evening.

          • For my part Eric I guess I am just hoping for a good change for our Country
            I like so many am tired of the betrayals from our Politicians and Judicial branch.
            We voted Trump in and yet the gang of 8 RINO’s part of the Republican party still vote with the Democrats. that is why we are still in this mess.
            They are holding everything up, so that the Country can fall in ruin.
            The Democrats are determined to get back the power, even if they destroy our country and the legal citizens in the process.
            I wish it wasn’t this way but it is and if we do not stand up to the RINO gang of 8 as well as the Democrat party we will be the looser and our Country will be in the hands of the world order organization.Soros Barack Hussein Obama, and others that want our Country for the New World Order.
            Stay safe,stay well !!

      • It would be E expensive to do but look what it would save us in the long run

      • Diane Ross Eslinger

        can’t be that expensive to do……Disney already does that for entrance into the theme parks…..what this WOULD do is put s stop to people voting more than once…once the finger is scanned, it would show up in a national data base as “this person has already voted” or as “this person is not registered in our data base and is ineligible to vote in this election” ….case closed, problem solved

    • Why spend the money to deport when they still come back. Put them in the pit and let them die. They will leave on their own and not come back

  12. Just for the “color commentary” aspect of the whole issue.

    40 or so years ago most grocery stores had “Bulk Foods” Bins in all the stores where bulk grains, dried fruits, oatmeal, rice, some candies and assorted other edibles coul be scooped out, weighed and tagged and quite often priced at less than half the prepackaged variety.

    Video surveillance tapes showed that on a daily basis, and throughout the days and evenings, ‘invaders’ of the ‘other than legal’ varieties woulf bring hei children to graze their way through the bins.
    The darlin little ones would reach in, grab a handful and shove it in their little mouths.

    If they enjoyed the flavor and the textures, their dirty little hands would gran another handful. If not, they would spit it back into the bin and move on to something else.

    And NOW YOU KNOW why the grocery chains, including walmart jerked the bulk products out of their stores.

    You will still find some stores with bulk bins, and the items are at a very significant savings.

    And there are ALWAYS at least TWO EMPLOYEES that never leave, and are ALWAYS WATCHING.

    NOBODY opens the lid unless they have the provided scoop in one hand and a bag for the product in the other!

    Do I have my reasons for wanting to TRASH the hell out of MY COUNTRY?

    Yeah, I can think of a couple…

    • I wondered why we no longer have the bulk foods – makes so much sense, but disgusting.

    • BoundlessExistence

      Wow, you are one of the craiziest lunatics I have seen in quite awhile! None of your bs is true! You and every other nutcase who voted for that pos Trump suffer from a brain disease that has turned it into a wad of pus! This nobody opens the lid nonsense is untrue and absurd and shows how insane you are! Quit flushing your meds!

      • Are you aware that there is video of the events from nearly, if not all, stores that carried bulk foods?

        or are you just another breed of “REALITY DENIERS” that feel the “need to squeal” to feel important?

      • You are FULL of Hate . You are that pos .

    • I’ve also seen this at buffets they take something to eat and don’t like it and spit it back, thay’s why I stop going to buffets

  13. BUILD THE WALL/BUILD THE WALL/BUILD THE WALL?? Let the immigrints come in according to our laws!!!!

  14. You surely speak the truth>>> a rarity in todays world!!!!

  15. There is no wall. There is no wall that will be paid for by Mexico. There is no wall that will be paid for by a republican House and Senate. There is no wall that Trump will pay for. There is no wall in your future. Forget about the wall. It ain’t gonna happen.

  16. Building a wall that’s crazy. This land really belong to the Indians. It wasn’t Trump ancestors to begin with

  17. So your O.K. with illegal members of other countries coming to AMERICA >>crossing Mexico &USA borders to do use harm!!!! You must be braindead!!!!!

  18. What a bunch of morons on this site. A wall will stop nothing, people or Drugs. The Mexicans have hundreds of Tunnels under the boarder. The only thing the wall is going to do is piss off Mexico and stop working Mexicans that come here every year to do the jobs Americans refuse to do like picking fruit. The other thing a wall will do is make some Mexicans (mostly drug pins) a lot of money for using their tunnels. We used to welcome refugees from countries like Syria, S. Americans and all over the world which makes up all of America seeing how we are all immigrants except the American Indians!!!!! So maybe it’s time to give the American Indians back their land and let them decide who comes into their country that we stole from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nauti, before you call us morons, check your “dictionary for poor spellers”. Your “reasons” are full of holes. Do you actually believe the wall won’t have sensors in the footers to determine underground sounds? As for the pickers not coming here, well, use E-verify so they can be tracked. It might also open opportunities to college age kids and those on welfare to do a job and not wait for their EBT card to be refilled. I love to pick and harvest fruits and have for years. We have a congresswoman who had been a blueberry picker all of her young years and through college, as well. It’s great outdoor work, healthy, builds muscles and strong backs. As for the drug lords, tough on them. Let them do LEGAL jobs and not destroy our citizens, our youth, our country. As for welcoming immigrants, we certainly did – LEGALLY! Moreover, we still do – LEGALLY! You have such a poor, shabby, tired list of talking points, nautibuoy111, you should update it – better yet, you should get off mommy’s computer and get an education. You desperately need one.

      • Apparently nauti never heard my remedy for tunnels: drill into them from the surface, just a small hole, and run a hose down into the tunnel. Pipe LETHAL GAS into it.

    • The tunnels can be found and blown up

      • They can also be flooded, or filled with cement or explosives placed at the least line of
        resistance so the blast goes to the opposite end of the tunnel “Mexico “.
        That is where the main damage would be not on the U.S. side.
        Problem solved !! ‘.

    • they should shoot them on sight instead of the wall it would be cheaper

    • You need to go to Mexico the same way Illegals do coming here ; you will be in prison , chained to a metal ring in the floor with cockroaches and rats for friends and getting beat up and abused . Try , you may like it .

    • Well all I can say to this post is ” WE THE PEOPLE THE LEGAL CITIZENS ” have the right and duty to secure our borders.
      Those that don’t want the border secured and keep the borders wide open,can go live in another country and see how well that work’s out for them.
      Problem solved!!!

  19. WakeUpAllAmericans

    Forget about the Liberals,Republicans and the Democrats (Stop Fighting each other)….The Government is all about themselves … Not the American Citizens…GREED is their Main Objective…**Space travel Exists Only for the “One Percent” Not for you or I ***It’s about the One Percent Escaping the the Natural Disaster ( Planet/ Asteroid) that is due to Impact the Planet Earth ! *** The Wall is of a Great Concern for our Safety… As for my Input >>> All we Need is a “Automatic Robotic” Sensing System to Instantly Alert Authorities/Computers,etc.of any and all Illegal Drugs/Terrorists(with Weapons) entering Our Country.** As for Immigrants…they Must go through (As our Parents/Grand Parents did) a Live Health/Mental Evaluation in Order to be Allowed into Our Great Country! ……Wake Up America !!!!!!!

  20. the libs allowed the Obama’s to waste 1.2 billion on vacations but can’t find a billion to keep out illegals pretty pathetic so remember the democrat names when they run next year and vote them out.

    • How much is it costing us for the Donald to go to FL every weekend and to secure Trump tower? Hmmm..

      • Probably a lot less then obos trips

      • A lot less than all the golfing and Hawaii trips, plus the executive trips he sent his family on all around the world(party time !)and I don’t mean political party. plus all the Iranian cavier parties they had for political positioning, that included enemies of our country!

        • Nope. Trump has cost us about $10mil in just 3 months. Obama cost us average $12 mil per YEAR during his entire 8 years.

      • Eric Hartman , you are very uninformed . Yes Hmmmmmmmmmm . Research it and you will become Informed . Have a Blessed Day .

        • Thank you, you as well 🙂

          • NOW You Know .
            Over the past eight years, President Barack Obama and his family have spent more than $10 million a year for travel and vacations, totaling in excess of $85 million — and the number is still growing.

            The numbers were revealed Monday by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. The organization has been tracking the president’s travel spending for several years and just disclosed, based on bills it received this week, that the first family spent almost $5 million in taxpayer money for their annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii last year.

          • Nope. Obama cost us average $12 mil per YEAR during his entire 8 years. Trump has cost us about $10mil in just THREE MONTHS. NOW YOU KNOW. Furthermore, every time tRump juniors travel out of country on tRump business (which is unconstitutional) they cost us for security also. So enough with Obama. He was thrifty comparatively. Are we feeling more informed now?

          • Hey! I just read some more good informative news for you! I’m sure you will love it. Seems that the Secret Service just requested another $60 MILLION to be added to their annual budget just so they can adequately protect Trump. The reason they gave for needing the additional funding was his “lavish lifestyle”. Will wonders never cease..NOW you know even more 🙂

          • Fake news and more B.S from you . That is all you got .?????
            Liar . You are a waste of time . Why do you make such stupid comments .???????

          • Who is wasting who’s time? HA! You sound just like your lying fearless leader. Have a lovely day moron.

          • Leftist liberal , confused , brainwashed , go back to your cave and stay there . Your brain is under the left sole of your shoe . Bless you too ,
            testa di cazzo . Stop wasting my time , retard .

          • Is that your daily affirmation you say to yourself in the mirror every morning? Sometimes twice a day if need be? What has become obvious in our little chat, lad, is you would not recognise truth if it bit you on the butt. Have a lovely evening figa.

  21. I still say building a wall is not the answer to all our problems in America. What about all the serial killers, The Gangs, and all the terrorists I think is already here in American. Why waste money in building a wall. My opinion on Trump it seems like he’s trying to be like Hitler. It just a matter of time he’s going to be impeach. I can see it coming. I think Pence will do a better job.

    • you can’t see anything your so blinded with your lost you will never see again, you need to get with it and support the president of united states no matter who it is, we already put up with a bad president the last 8 years and give the new president get america back in order

    • Belinda Morris
      You are Full of Hate ; if you don`t like it here , just go away . How do you know is not the answer .?????
      Do you leave windows and doors at your house wide open .???????? Illegals, criminals , rapists , murderers , pedophiles , assaulting and burning Innocent Americans ; illegals driving drunk with no D.L and Insurance killing Americans ; illegals , criminals , deported 7 times ; 11 times and coming back ; what is your answer .???? Trump is Hitler .????? You are Full of Hate .

    • Belinda Morris
      Who got US in this MESS .???? WHO gave Amnesty and Benefits to illegals .???? $ 235 Billions a Year in benefits paid by American Taxpayers ???? Now you know .

      • The Democrat Party is now a Party filled with Socialist, & far far left leaning Progressives and full blown Communist.
        They are the ones that started America in a slide to destruction and a “One World Order ” leaning government.
        It was not the can’t get along with each other Republican Party. They haven’t been in power for a long time.

    • But then again that is your opinion and it is your right to say so . But others also have opinions, snide remarks are inappropriate, don’t you think ?
      We can agree to disagree with out the nasty remarks.
      The Wall is only one of many things we need to do to keep our country safe again.
      Thank the Democrats for any delays in accomplishing what is needed to keep America Safe.

  22. I don’t care as long as the wall is built.

    I don’t want to hear about how downtrodden and deserving of our compassion illegals are as they bring in diseases long under control such as mumps, measles, whopping cough, TB and other diseases previously long dormat.

    I don’t want to hear how “we are breaking up families” while snubbing homeless, jobless, veterans and other AMERICANS, including entire families living in tents, under bridges, derelict vehicles, squatting in rat and roach-invested abandoned buildings or boarded-up houses as in Detroit or Baltimore.

    They can take their “family” including “anchor babies” back where they came from!

    I don’t want my tax money going to make illegal immigrants “comfortable” or suck off our welfare, social security, or used to provide legal counsel to fight deportation.

    In short, they broke the law…our laws…not their interpretation of our laws…OUR LAWS! They committed a criminal act, they have no legal rights.

    They are criminals!

  23. they are not realistic about the requirements. Sledgehammers will not be used, plastic explosives will be and the cartel has plenty of them. there should be emphasis on modular replacement and sensors. in terms of see through wall, why?? cameras can and should be located that will monitor the southern direction. no mention made for a secondary fence to concentrate any who might have defeated the main wall.

  24. Republicans need to take a page out of the Harry Reid book and pass the things we want at night and just let the “LIBS” cry and whine. Fixed….

  25. What has happened to the USA since HW through Obama proves there is no such thing as tolerance. Trump has the correct idea and that is to drain the swamp (DC). The government requires severe modification if we are to survive as a nation and stop this insane notion that Islims are peaceful people (read the Quran) because it is a cancer that will consume us all! THEIR LOYALITY IS TO ALLAH NOT OUR CONSTITUTION.

  26. It’s really sad that a wall is necessary, but it definitely is. Illegal crossing will continue but not as easy. Enforcing immigration laws inside will definitely end this problem out of control.

  27. No matter the cost of an efficient wall that will keep illegals out of our country is a small price to pay for what it costs to house, feed, medical, educate (which don’t seem to be working at all) and all other clean up messes they make every time they protest and demand things.

  28. Glen Alan Graham

    If only I knew how to post a picture of the Great Wall of China here! Not because I think Trump’s wall should look like it, but because it gives proof that such walls are ultimately useless. China’s wall didn’t prevent the barbarian hordes from invading it repeatedly over history. Come to think of it, another picture I wish I knew how to post would be of the nefarious Berlin Wall! Neither did it totally prevent east Berliners from escaping to freedom!

    • but it sure slowed them down

    • Go back to a History class and Learn Real History of the Great Wall of China . The Berlin Wall was very effective , it was starvation for the other side ; but you do not Remember Americans flying 24 / 7/ 365 to bring food and medicals to the starving . You spit hate . Some escaped , majority got killed .
      You should tell the Pope at the Vatican to demolish or take down that Impenetrable wall .

  29. Impenetrability is all the beauty that the wall will ever need.

  30. If it is hard to get through, over or under, it will be beautiful…

  31. You actually wrote: To SUNK at least 6 feet into the ground? Go back to school English major?


  33. This wall needs to keep Liberals out of the U.S. too. Wouldn’t that be a dream? No more gender confusing subcultures, no more gay sinner marriages, no more muslims from terrorist countries hiding here until their Jihad gene kicks in and they kill more Americans. No more “land” grabs by the worst liberal frayd president ever and no more water grab by the same jerk of a pres.

    Life can be pleasant, secure, and happy if we could just deport every last Liberal to the Middle East where they can truly do their chosen life’s work — free muslims from hating the Great Satan (what they call America).

    Then the muslims would have a new group to hate — libtards who promise everything but deliver nothing, zero, nada. Have at it Libs. Americans don’t want you, maybe the muzzies will understand your cracked brains.

  34. American military are paid by Americans and they build all over the world for foreign countries. Roads, bridges, etcetera. Let them build the wall, they already have the materials, let them patrol the wall and let them get all the illegals out of America, they are fully equipped and have the best training and are already paid.

  35. Good! Let’s gitter done. Long.Tall. And strong. And after the cost is determined, let’s start recouping the money from Mexico, by deducting it from their Foreign Aid stash we send’em every year. And while we’re at it let’s deduct Foreign Aid from Honduras’ stash, too, given that the legal fees will quickly accrue for the 18 year illegal cretin who raped the 14 year old girl in a school bathroom in Montgomery County, Maryland yesterday.

  36. To raffaelecafagna : I don’t have to leave because Trump is going to be impeach. It’s a matter of time. God put him in office and now he’s getting ready to take him out. I don’t know how he’s coming. You know God is not please with all this hate. I don’t hate Donald Trump. I hate what he’s trying to do to the United States of America.

  37. Build that Big Beautiful Wall.Make it Tall and Straight up and down so that it is unclimbable.Cut off all welfare and food stamps to aliens and Over Time deport every free loading Illegal Alien.They have no rights here and broke our laws to get here.Send them and there anchor babies back where ever they came from.We are sick of them and their marching and demanding.I demand that they be gone and never return.We must take care of our own first.Illegal Aliens get better treatment than our Veterans and that must stop.Deport,Deport,Deport.I’m tired of all the sob stories and the breaking up families BS.GET OUT of our Country……

  38. Absolutely agree! We just had two illegal aliens rape a fourteen year old girl inside Rockville High School in Maryland. One is set to be deported. This is a state that is considering becoming a “Sanctuary” state. Maryland also voted to give the Democratic Attorney General the right to sue the federal government against the wishes of the Republican Governor!

  39. well, I am sure that I could never get a true , honest answer from one of the imported muslims, but i may have better luck with the Hispanic problem people. I would ask one of them if I could just wonder, no visa nor passport into Mexico, Costa Rico, or any of the many banana republics of central America, or the world for that matter, and not get arrested. Can I get language training or any of a pile of so called benefits while I am in country???? Or would I be incarcerated for several months (easly 6-12 months) until I came up for a speedy trial. Oh yeah, could I burn their flag in the town square?? They came to our country just as I described, and have cost us dearly. They are illegal, and WE need to confiscated their money they are shipping “home”. That goes for every non assimilated person shipping money any where out of the us. At least the Mafia kept the Las Vegas money in the US “mostly”. I would think that we would find some our missing trillions if we tracked the overseas shipments better, MAGA

  40. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    The DEMS and LIBS have screwed us time and time again. Now we have TRUMP and they keep screwing him over and over. What they forgot it is voting time coming up for them and look how many WILL be replaced. WE the PEOPLE who put TRUMP in office are tired of their BS and start working with the person WE put there OR ELSE!!

  41. If it keeps drugs and illegals out , I do not care what it looks like , Just build it then Deport the Illegals !

  42. “Progressives”,,, what a misnomer! If they were any more regressive, they’d have the mail delivered by the Pony Express. These morons want to destroy the country. And have desired to do so since the end of WW2!

  43. The money we will save on welfare to illegals after they’re gone will be enough to pay for several walls. The libs are just pawns in the globalist one world government open borders and trade gang. The plot is to destroy the sovereignty of nations including the US so big corporations can have world trade without the impediments of local restrictions. They will ruin it for all so as to make more money. We must support President Trump at all cost.

  44. It’s all ,so Simple! Death to DemoKraps! If they gain complete control again, they’ll get rid of us, the opposition, to prevent losing power Again!

  45. Subject is just too stupid for comment

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