Federal Judge Blocks Immigration Action…For Now

Opponents of President Obama’s executive amnesty got some welcome news from Houston, Texas on Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, presiding over a major lawsuit brought against the administration by a coalition of 26 states, has issued an injunction against the order. Hanen said “the genie would be impossible to put back in the bottleā€ if the orders were implemented before the suit was settled.

The White House has vowed to appeal the block. In a statement, the Obama administration claimed once again that the executive order was within the boundaries of the president’s authority. “The district court’s decision wrongly prevents these lawful, commonsense policies from taking effect and the Department of Justice has indicated that it will appeal that decision.”

The ruling gives the plaintiffs some breathing room, and it gives the rest of the country a glimmer of hope. It has put on hold Obama’s order to protect immigrant children from deportation, a mandate that was set to go into effect on Wednesday. May 19 is the date for the other big part of Obama’s plan, a program that would extend deportation protection to parents of citizens.

It remains to be seen what, if any, effect the ruling will have on the congressional fight over the Department of Homeland Security spending bill. As it stands now, the House bill is stalling in the Senate as Democrats filibuster away any chance to bring it to a vote. Attached to the bill are riders preventing Obama’s executive amnesty from being funded. Democrats insist they will only pass a clean bill, and the February 27 deadline is fast approaching. After that, the DHS will be forced to shut down.

Though Eric Holder has said he expects this to be decided by the Supreme Court, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is admitting temporary defeat. In a statement acknowledging the ruling, Johnson said that before the appeals process can run its course, “we recognize we must comply” with Judge Hanen’s decision.

Faith Restored?

In some ways, the ruling restores some faith that we haven’t completely abandoned the rule of law. At the same time, it’s hard to say what this victory really means. If it only delays Obama’s orders until the White House can collect six months’ worth of public comment, a celebration could be premature. If it is the first step towards dismantling Obama’s orders, on the other hand, it could clear the way for Congress to come up with meaningful, right-minded immigration reform.

As it stands now, the constitutionality of Obama’s executive amnesty is yet to be decided. But while Judge Hanen did not rule against the whole shebang, we at least know now that Obama’s illegal orders will be tested in court. After four months of watching the president get away with flouting the law, that’s an encouraging step forward. Will this ultimately culminate in mass deportations?

Stay tuned…

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  1. Thank you Judge …Please make sure to give Obama life in prison if any way possible

  2. Soetero has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for law that doesn’t fit Marxist agenda. What if he and/or minions defy the stay in one manner or another – such as continuing the issuance of work permits, etc.? That might not be in direct violation of the stay – yet it is certainly is an act of arrogance in that it continues the facilitation of amnesty. Who is watching? Who will actually take enforcement action should Barry violate the stay? AG Holder is part and parcel in the agenda and, as we know, will not enforce anything? Are there any more real teeth in the stay than have been in any other action?

  3. Impeach Barry Soetoro, aka, Barrack Obama then he can be arrested, charged, tired, convicted, sentenced, and executed for treason against the United States during a time of war.

  4. The news today about the “invasion” of Italy, Italy’s alert against what has been going on with the thousands of barges delivering Islam’s followers to its coastal areas, the posting of guards around the Vatican which is the target for islam, should shake up America but it won’t. This new development was organized and carried out in Libya, first with the removal of Ghaddaffi and then with Benghazi by the traitors we have installed in our government. As Hillary Clinton told Congress, “What difference does it make?” when she refused to explain what had happened there. Italy now will pay for her actions as Secretary Of State to the first muslim President of the United States but worse, so will every Christian in the world!

    We have a nation of crazy male athletics supporters and even crazier women mired in sex if not in orgies in clothes that suggest them and so anything as important as this will not impress them.

    The game is up for the USA. We have an Islamic President and he must act for Islam now before The West can regain its senses. Watch while he destroys our nation!
    Europe is toast already!

    • Obama has streamlined the process to ship 70,000 MUSLIM Syrian ‘refugees’ here. Isn’t it the Christians that are getting wiped out ??????????

  5. I wonder, aside from the amnesty for children brought into the USA from Mexico, does it apply to children brought into the USA from Indonesia?
    Maybe THAT would explain the WH pressure.

    • The only reason Obama and the Commie Democrats in Congress want illegals is because they see that a a way to corral the Mexican voting block. Those people don’t care about anyone or anything except themselves and holding onto power over others.

  6. We need more Judges stepping up….

  7. “Mass deportations”??? With the millions of illegals acknowledged to be in this country, one can only hope there will be mass deportations. Don’t get me wrong, SOME may deserve to stay, and should get some consideration, but the mass majority of illegals need to incur the recompense of their illegal actions, no matter the ‘motivation’.

  8. The muslim in chief is completely ignoring the WILL of the PEOPLE and over half the states are fighting amnesty. Obozo just can’t take a hint. He has his destruction of American culture, which he was taught to hate, as goal. The idiots that voted for this traitor should be real ashamed. He is the only politician in history that sealed his school records which should have thrown doubt on his eligibility to hold any office. His whole career has been built on lies and deception. Like I said long ago, ” They could dress up a monkey, run him as a dem, and the idiots would vote for him”.

  9. That is a lie. Homeland Security will not shut down. 90% of Homeland Security jobs are classified as essential, so those employees will be on the job. Some clerks and administrative positions may have to stay home. That could actually be a good thing, however no one will have to stay home if the democrats will pass the spending bill that funds everything but Obama’s illegal amnesty executive order. The judge has already stopped it, so they may as well defund it. It is not going forward until the legislature writes and passes a law that A PRESIDENT will sign.

  10. With the thug We have as AG how long will this Federal Judge’s block last on immigration by boy wonder last.

  11. Pray this support continues.

  12. JustAnAveragePatriot

    Your Honor, thank you for supporting the rule of law and the Constitution.

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