Federal Bill Would Restore Taste to School Lunches

From the moment it was implemented, the Michelle Obama school lunch program was a disaster. Endorsed and promoted by the First Lady, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act has resonated nationwide as one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation to come out of the Obama administration. Educators have decried the millions of dollars being wasted, parents have objected to the federal government telling them what their kids should eat, and the students have revolted against the tasteless, inedible food choices.

Now it appears that Congress will finally do something about it. The U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee has authored a bipartisan bill that will modify the school lunch program to address some of the strongest concerns. Released Monday, the bill includes provisions that would roll back the worst of the law’s regulations such as requiring schools to use whole grains 80% of the time. More importantly, if this bill were to become law, it would require the federal government to look at ways to limit the staggering amount of food waste the school lunch initiative is causing all over the country.

The lunch program hit the headlines once again this week when Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said he disagreed with the law. “The first lady has no business being involved in this,” he said in Iowa. “Using the government to mandate her point of view on what people should be eating every day is none of her business, it just isn’t.”

The fight is far from over. Even if this bill were to become law, it’s a long way from the initial Republican attempts to overturn Michelle’s pet project entirely. The School Nutrition Association, which has been one of the loudest voices in opposition to the program, said they were cautiously pleased with the legislation.

“In the absence of increased funding, this agreement eases operational challenges and provides school meal programs critical flexibility to help them plan healthy school meals that appeal to students,” said SNA president Jean Ronnei.

At the very heart of this is Obama’s cynical strategy to increase federal control over local schooling by offering these funding carrots. This strategy has carried over to a number of initiatives, and it puts school districts in a precarious position. Take the money or remain independent? In many states, there’s no choice to be made. Schools are underfunded and it would be irresponsible to turn away federal funds just to retain control over the cafeteria. Unfortunately, this is how liberty dies. Not by force, but by coercion.

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  1. About time. Junk food in school, give them something they will eat and not waste.

  2. It is about darn time. As a ret. nurse she was putting these kids in danger of not getting the nutrition that their bodies were wanting. Do to the fact that every ones bodies are different.!!!

    • Due to the fact that everyone’s body is different.

    • But Queen Missy Obama says she knows more than you do or any other person involved in health field.
      Eight years ago I had to have a quad bypass. The doctor put me on a strict cardio diet. Which I could see. I had my vegies and things that I could not have just two years ago when I went in for another open heart. Things sure changed in just 6 short years.
      I got home and ate everything in sight. Heart doctor still don’t know what I eat and I have had to have many tests since than….hell even my cholesterol is within parameters.

    • I’m retired too, so it has been many moons since I’ve eaten in a school cafeteria. Most times we had to take our lunch, as no cafeteria was provided. So we ate healthy. Out of the Army and moving to the south, I learned a whole lot of what gross was! Cooked cabbage, black eyed peas and corn bread, so often times I just couldn’t eat it. As time went by and around the time I graduated in 19haha, kids were getting pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled cheese, soups…..big change! Also free lunch plans offered. So what other kind of nastiness is Mrs. M offering our kids to eat. Seriously, what’s a couple of her menus? Please!

      • About a couple of months ago they showed pictures of the food she wanted served and YES it was gross looking. Yet also was the pictures of lunches being served over in Europe and man did they look good. Yet what lunches they showed what obama’s kids were eating is a far cry for our kids. That is another reason I can’t stand her. It was like the upper class deserves better then the middle or lower class of lunches. Just not right at all. Some looked like a dry piece of chicken and what ever they called it. No nice size lettuce. What is wrong with a pizza. Some kids only get 1 meal a day. That doesn’t do well for the growing health of a child. They need lots of energy —thats if they are taking PE at school.!!!

  3. This issue is an ongoing disaster. I laud the First Lady with trying to bring about healthier food for students to select. It seems like a good idea. Kids do waste food. But they do that no matter what is on the menu. That is because parents do it at home and set a bad precedent for kids. But if a kid has a choice between a fatty hot dog or a healthy carrot, guess what the kid will select? So, if we provide a healthy meal the kid may select another option that is as bad or worse. The kid can bring a terrible lunch from home or go to the hamburger joint across the street or simply not eat lunch. I say common nutritional selection by the school that puts forth a nutritious lunch selection is the thing to do and the kids will make their own choices. If waste is left, cut back on the quantity of food being offered.

    • Smaller portions might have been the answer, not pig food.

      • David,
        I would totally do things different if I was in charge of school lunches. But I am not. I would do way with hot food and save the heating bill.

      • Part of this disastrous lunch program was cutting back on the portions. Unfortunately the athletes suffer the worse because they are being offered way less calories than their bodies need to sustain high activity level. They are basically starving. All kids are different and have different caloric needs we can’t put them all in same category!

  4. The first whatever should mind her buisness. These kids refuse to eat this crap and rightly so. It’s discusting

    • I agree with that I think the school system just wants to get out of feeding as many students as they can more tax money in there pockets…the one’s that can bring there lunch do…a lot just don’t eat …and that is the only meal that some kids get so they haft to eat it… it’s a shame gov. needs to get and keep their nose out of the school system altogether

    • I totally agree.
      Take a walk through Wally World (wal-mart) and please tell me some of the kids that are WIDE LOADS than tell me Michele’s “healthy” eating is doing good. And for the record you can loose a few pounds every week if you really want to. Some of these kids will pull temper tantrums if they cannot have to eat what they want, so to keep the kids mouth shut the parents cave in a give them what they want not thinking that it was them that started it in the firsr place.
      The lunch program where my sister sends he kids pulled the same thing….my sister is a cardio nutritionist at a hospital, and if ANYONE should know healthy she sure as hell would.

    • I wonder if “mooshell” puts the same tasteless slop on the family table? Even more to the point, I wonder just how much of that mess she eats herself?

      • Moo-Shell’s children eat smoked wild caught Alaskan salmon, Beluga caviar, and Kobe beef three times a day. The children of the surfs however must put up with salt less saltine crackers, rubbery raw vegetables, and to wash it all down, lead laced Detroit water. The obvious truth of the matter is that if Barrack told his wife to get her butt out of his way, she would need to make three trips.

        • JEALOUS,eh,ringostarr1??!

          • Boy, a real honest hombre you are. Whats with you up voting your own ignorant post?
            Christ, you’re not that insecure are you? No your like the guy with an insufficient organ and your trying to over compensate because I have more up votes than you. Geech.

          • I strive for as many down votes as I can get without getting banned
            that’s why I surf to this site- banned from so many. not many left to rag on

          • I hate to break it to you Sport, but up rating your own posts is similar to little boys masturbating while visions of their sisters dance naked in their heads. One more thing Sport, I denied you the sexual gratification of rating your post either up or down.

          • you’re a real idiot aren’t you?

          • I am not the one who up voted his own words, you are. Whose the idiot now?

          • the idiot is the one who claims someone upvotes their own post to feel important and intelligent.
            fortunately for the general population those idiots (you would be one) are few

          • just stating a point of fact motivates the middle school drop out to make negative comments.
            America is doomed because it contains so many people like the above commenter

      • What? And give up the filet mignon, lobster and caviar that we force on her and finance with our tax dollars?

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        • NO. Her children are at a private school with a personal chef. Same with what-ever-it-is! It eats pretty much high on the hog compared to we commoners. Don’t let the garden fool you. That was for a photo op. One picture of it pulling a veggie and it was done with it!

      • Only if you Consider Caviar, Lobsters, Large BEEF Steaks ( kobi naturally) ” SLOP” … No Chitlin ever!!

      • whatever she eats I would bet it’s alot

    • Chewbacca of SOCHI and the WH is Climbing Banana Trees in “COMMANDO MODE” just to promote BLINDNESS to any one looking up at her

  5. “From the moment it was implemented, the Michelle Obama school lunch program was a disaster. Endorsed and promoted by the First Lady, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act has resonated nationwide as one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation to come out of the Obama administration.

    This was not legislation creating the program it was an internal rule and should never been allowed or funded, congress never approved it..

  6. It won’t go through,congress will BACK OFF,because of obamas ethnic background!!

    • Boy, you can say that again.
      I have noticed that even the mere mention of the Obama’s is like mentioning the names Al and Jesse. People are so afraid of “offending” the “oppressed” that people are scared to even say anything…”I don’t want to get involved”

      • I knew there were many more,who knows we still have freedom of speech.we need let our numbers be known,for the day when the”SHTF”.

        • Jack, that day needs to be November 8th 2016 when every honest and sane American should go to the polls and vote a straight Republican ticket.

          • I’ll vote early—-and often !!! I guess what goes around comes around !!

          • God’s speed my friend…. oh, and don’t forget to take some more GOP voters to the polls with you. Keep it going, and going, and going around.

            Save this country, help qualify a Democrat Party office holder for food stamps.

      • Who gives a sh!t about any of those three? They should all be sharing the same cellblock. I’m an equal-opportunity offender. I don’t see color, I see stupidity and evil. We’re all the same until you open your mouth and prove otherwise!

    • obama is probably black mailing a lot of the congressmen and senators, and the supreme court justices if people think that he didn’t listen in on Romney’s phone calls and internet emails he knew more of what was going on in Romney’s camp then Romney did, most people are just plain stupid .He is such a low life scrum bag , communist.

      • My thoughts exactly,and you said better than I did.There are three(3) of us here,Joann Holmes and peanut9244,and myself”jack”.We need to let our numbers be known,for the day when the SHTF.We can find the/a way.Just recently,I received a message,stating”h,clinton is looking for a way to guarantee obama a third(3rd) term.We cannot allow that.We voters cannot continue going to the voting booth,,thinking,who is the lesser of the two(2) evils

      • My X-wife is a low life, Communist, scum bag, and I resent you comparing her to an Obama.

    • That and the fact that they’re too busy bashing Trump and Cruz to be bothered with our children’s welfare.

      • AGREED,and it probably does not occur to them,they are giving the WH back to the dems.,,who would want to spend four(4) years with a bunch of (????),who don’t care for our children/voters/our country/each other/etc.

        • And what really hurts is the fact that they get to keep all their cushy benefits even after they either retire or get kicked out of office. Talk about the ultimate “Golden Parachute” retirement package!

    • What background, he is a mostly white zebra with a smidgen of black, more Arab than black.

    • I didn’t know arsewhole was an ethnic background !!!!

    • It sure as shooting want go through Congress with a Democrat President like Trump sitting in the Oval Office. In fact there is absolutely no chance of it going through before January 3rd 2019 because the Tea Party fools squandered chance after chance beginning in 2010 to amass enough GOP power to get er done, and there won’t be enough Democrat Party seats at risk now to make it happen until the 2018 midterms. If we’re smart and disciplined we can have enough votes starting in January 2019 to paint the White House Red.

  7. Federal government needs to get out of education. It is a State and Local issue, not covered by the Constitution, just another bad idea from Carter.

  8. School lunches were none of this bitch’s business-she has no legal authority to institute regulations or laws! This was an Obama arm-twisting disaster; she needs to butt out completely!

  9. My grandaughter has been attending school this entire time. My wife has driven the 60miles to have lunch with her many times. Most kids do not eat anything. WOO WOO We are going to fix this lunch problem. We have made a lot of money in the last 7 years but we are fixin problems this year. I would just like to sit in chambers and be able to give my opinions for a few years. Damn sad that they would let this happen to our children.

    • Where are the parents?

      • Their watching Maury Povich and buying scratch off tickets with their food stamps.

      • What do you mean, where are the parents?
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    • Who elected these idiots that run the schools,and are not willing to fight for the children liberals and more liberals communist is more like it,want to control every ones life.

  10. So now the GOP is going to complain about healthy food choices. I watch the early morning news every weekday and I look at the school lunch menus for Sarasota and Manatee counties every day. There is not a damn thing wrong with them!! I would eat them. You just hate everything this administration does because they are not Republicans. Get over it!! Go do something constructive with your lives instead of this kind of childish whining.

    • Maybe YOU’D eat them, but far too many kids won’t, and the resulting food waste is staggering. Producing healthy, well-fed kids is more important than forcing liberal/socialist ideology on everyone.

      • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • I know a lot of kids in our school system and I have yet to hear any complaints. These kids range in age to high school athletes on the rowing team to my boss’s grand kids in sixth and eighth grades. This is a non issue except to people who want to bitch about everything.

        • Millions of dollars of wasted and discarded food is hardly a non-issue.

        • Millions of dollars of wasted and discarded food is hardly a non-issue.

          • That has always been a problem, long before this. My mother was a teacher, my wife was a teacher, my best friend’s wife was a teacher. I was surrounded by teachers, and food going to waste in schools has always been a problem, but if you use fresh foods, it always will be. But if you use canned foods, which typically have higher salt, sugar and preservative content, it is not, but then you have kids with lots of unnecessary chemicals in their bodies and higher than acceptable levels of sodium and salt in their systems that can speed up the onset of diabetes, hyperactivity disorders, etc.If you take that “millions of dollars” statement and divide it by the more than ten millions kids in our school systems then it looks like maybe 20 cents per child. But “millions of dollars” sounds horrible doesn’t it? 20 cents per child, not so much.

          • Hey Jack Rabbet, Since when has salt in the human diet become unnecessary and when did the goddess Gaia start adding preservatives to fresh food. And Cisco what makes you think that a disbarred and disgraced former attorney (and that’s what Michelle really is) has any knowledge about nutrition.

        • Well whoop-tee-do so your high school has a rowing team. So I was correct about you being a rent-seeker.

    • Hey you moron not everything is political. Just because YOU feel that the Obama’s can walk on water does not mean the rest of the world has to agree with the Obama’s.
      What right does Missy Obama have in telling other what they can or cannot do with their children. Just because he children like something does not mean that the entire world has to like it.
      Hell when Obama came to Toledo he stopped off a place called Tony Packo’s His mug was plastered all over many Ohio papers with him shoving a chili dog in that pie hole of his…..and you have the gall to tell us that YOU DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG?
      With Obiewan and Missy it is do as I say not as I do.

      • No,everything is not political, but when I hear asinine comments about healthy food choices in the school lunches then it is time to shut you guys up. Are you a nutritionist? Do you know what kind of food actually provides the right kind of protein, carbs and vitamins that actually helps kids learn? No. So shut your trap. No, I hear people like you criticizing everything this president and his wife and family does, from the clothes that the kids and the First Lady wear to the number of vacation days they take (which is less than half the days Mr. Bush took). No if it was legal, you guys would take this whole family out and make them disappear, but Obama has fixed things that Bush really screwed up, both economically and from the rest of the world’s point of view. Bush/Cheney broke the laws of the Geneva Convention, they lied to us about the reasons for going to war. It was on their watch that 9/11 happened. They created the big mess in the middle east with their exploits and helped create the hate that we are dealing with now in that region. So, if you think this administration is bad, they are sure doing a better job than the last administration which lost us the world’s respect. Obama has repaired that respect by not using the constant threat of war as his primary diplomatic tool. He understands that our constant pollution of this earth and Greenhouse Gas emissions can destroy us as a species, and there are leaders of 200(!) other nations who realize this is NOT some conspiracy that a group of greedy scientists came up with. I could go on and on and on about how the current GOP is on the wrong side of so many issues, including Christianity, which as a lay minister in my church, I know something about, but there is not enough time to deal with people like you. Your motto is “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up”.

        • Peter, your long and i assume rent-seeking association with the Education Establishment has clouded your vision, that is if you ever had any vision. Go take a long hike off a short Florida pier.

          • Don’t know what on earth you mean by “rent-seeking association”. But when I here drivel about supposedly bad food, when you do not understand nutrition and it’s benefits for kids in school, and then all the other GOP stupidity about how Obama has ruined this nation, then I just realize I am dealing with someone who is poorly educated on a variety of topics and who does not understand very much about reality and just gets led around by the ill-informed politicians of the GOP. They no longer believe in intelligence, in education or in knowledge. Just look at how they have handled the mess they created in Flint, Michigan. I notice you did not respond to any of the facts I said in my original post, like the 200 nations that agree we need to address the issue of Global Warming, in spite of the Republican denials that this exists or the fact that the GOP, which is supposedly the spiritual home of Conservative Christians and then then they go against Christ’s teachings about the worship of power and money and cutting back on programs that help the sick, the elderly and the poor. Like Christ said “how you treat the least of these, you treat me also”. The GOP is not treating “the least of these” very well. But they preach to the rest of us about Christianity. Nope the GOP has become the home of snake oil salesmen.

          • First, you don’t know a damn thing about me or my educational achievements. You are just using your computer and the key board attached to it to spout bombastic bull feathers in a silly attempt to intimidate those who you disagree with.. Well Sparky, you struck out. Here for your future edification is about as good a definition of what a Rent Seeker is. Read it and weep, you Son of a Travailing Bush Salesman.

          • In the year 1600 in Rome Italy a monk was burned at the stake by the Liberal establishment of his day for daring to suggest that the Earth orbited the Sun, instead of the other way around. He also said that the stars were distant Suns, if you can believe that. There are facts in science that are immutable but Cisco, the Global Warming (slash) Climate Change BS is not one of those facts. The 97% figure that scientific cretins like yourself bat around is composed of a total of 71 hand picked Rent Seeking Scientist (there’s that word again Sport) and 69 of them agreed that they wanted their government grants to continue and to grow. What Sons of Cross Eyed Bachelors like yourself have failed to report is that over 31,000 respected scientist 9,000 of who have PhDs purchased their own postage stamps to repudiate the unsettled science of Global Warming (slash) Climate Change. In short, Global Warming (slash) Climate Change is more attuned to an ill thought out Ponzi scheme than to real or solid science.

          • Hey Peter Rabbet, didn’t you mean to type the verb “hear” instead of the preposition “here”.

          • Hey Peter Cotton Tail! Make up your iffing mind. Are you for Christianity, or do you oppose it? First you quote scripture like you were the second coming of Jerry Falwell then in the next breath you run Christianity down. You can’t have it both ways friend.

          • If I drive by your house today, Will I see a hillary or bernie sign in the yard?

        • OHHHHHHHHH did I hit a nerve with the pharaoh and his queen?
          In answer to your questions no I have nothing to do with the health industry I am just an everyday Joe with children, grand children and great grand children voicing his opinion about a wannabe king and queen. I’ve seen just as many fat ass’s over the past 7 years as I have the other 73 years of my life and I am willing to bet even money they are the same slacked jawed lazy welfare slugs that have been sucking on the udders of the taxpayer.
          As for your comment about the GOP, well I have been on both sides of the political fence and the number of lies I have seen from the GOP don’t even come close to the lies of those of the DNC.
          But you just keep on thinking your tall skinny savior is going to save the world and when the SHTF than I can say to you STFU.

      • The only right Michelle has to lord it over us serfs, is all those M16 Assault Rifles that her husband Barrack has backing him.

        • I totally agree but for some reason there are still a handful that still believe that he can walk on water, raise the dead, and can levitate over everyone.

    • So… Maybe OUR schools got the right combinations… Or maybe the lunches look good to you on paper. Have you seen them up close? Me neither. However, there is plenty of information submitted by the kids themselves via images they share. A lot of it is not good. You have to see the bigger picture. Some school systems have opted out of the program and lost funding and are doing very well.

  11. Other than Barack and the kids, Moochelle shouldn’t be managing anyone’s diet. She does not have the credentials nor the specialized education to be a dietitian. Of course, in the Ovomit White House, competence and expertise is secondary to the ability to bully people into accepting liberal/socialist ideology, and Moochelle isn’t doing very well on that here.

  12. To make sure the lunches go ahead after Obama vetos the Bill every State in America should write their own Bills and disregard Obamas! States can tell Obama to get lost!

    • He doesn’t have enough time remaining to send in the National Guard or order the Army to shoot ALL the Parents. But you have to admit that a few 1,000 dead parents would do wonders for his legacy.

  13. In the 1940’s you either carried a brown bag or got 25 cents to buy a burger as the food in the cafateria wasn’t appealing or cooked in hardened oils which plugged ones heart setting the day in the future when one’s heart locked up tighter than a drum!!

    • I can remember my mother telling me how the lunches in her school was almost like at home. Back in the early 30’s the lunch system was totally different than in the 40’s or 50’s. When I went to school you could tell who had the money to go to Kresge’s for a burger and who had to eat at school…….UCK!!!!!!!!!

  14. It has been told to me that the school lunch program over the past 7 years has literally todssed in the garbage well over billions of dollars worth of food that the children refuse to eat.
    Four years ago my grandson took in his lunch a bag of potato chips. The “Lunch Monitor” took his chips and threw them in the trash telling him that the chips were not healthy for him and commenced to examine the rest of his lunch which consisted of a PBJ and some Gator Aid. This so called lunch czar took his PBJ and told him that the jelly was bad for him also instructed him to drink the milk instead of the gator aid. She gave him a coupon that would allow him to have a “balanced lunch” and didn’t even take into consideration that my Grandson is lactose intolerant.
    At that time he got upset grabbed his books and lunch bag and walked out of school and went home. Trust me daughter was NOT a happy camper at what they pulled on her son and went to school and did voice her concern. After that she was at school to take him home for lunch each day…..Oh did I fail to mention that she is on the school board and is a city council woman?

  15. Schools like having more government money (don’t we all?), but it comes at too high a cost. Loss of control, dissatisfied students and parents, frustrated teachers. Schools are local, 95% of the curriculum and programs should be local. Yes, there need to be certain standards, things that must be learned… Math, Science, ENGLISH, History of the USA. Beyond that teach things about the State it is in. Oh, yeah, a foreign language should be mandatory for graduation. You learn so much about a people by learning their language. Other than national goals for STEM and English the feds should stay out.

  16. Since when is the first lady of this country given the power to tell citizens what to feed their children? She is not an elected official and has no authority in this country.

  17. DEFUND the Dept. of Education……The idiots who write these rules should be checked for drugs and/or receiving Payola……arrested, charged and if found guilty….given LONG prison terms and loss of all benefits.

  18. I wish there was a federal bill that would restore taste to the Democrat Party.

  19. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Pizza are good for Kids, moreover, it is what they like. Stop trying to control everything, you are not needed to run our Lives, Butt-Out. If Schools are so greedy, where are our Local Taxes going that are supposed to pay for them? Support and the only support should be Local, again Govt Butt-Out.

  20. If the Kids ate as she eats, God Forbid , they might turn out with her shape!!!!!

  21. Dominic Roy Accampo

    My daughter, now 13, used to eat lunches at school most of the time, with us paying for them.
    But now they are free and now she will not eat any of them! ! ! so we have to make her a lunch every day.

  22. I have 3 grand children who require a gluten free diet. They get sick if they teat it. Their hands start to peel within a day but the school lunch program requires them to put the gluten poison on their plate. We have been told that if they do not get the food they cannot eat the cafeteria people get written up.

    The program is based on you have to take the food and you cannot trade it but you can trash it. They cannot make the kids eat it.

  23. Let Obama so called wife feed there kids slop

  24. I applaud the first lady’s intentions but am amused by her complete ignorance of what kids like and will eat! Nutrition wise, isn’t an eaten PB&J sandwich better than a thrown away celery stick?

  25. YES schools should adopt a typical lunch of the COW in the WH eats, lobster, Steak and Champaigne and Force the WH COW to eat all of the WASTED School Lunches that Kids refuse to eat…what waste!! But it is ONLY tax payers money after all………………….

    • “YES schools should adopt a typical lunch of what the COW in the WH eats, lobster, Steak and Champaigne”


      “What’s on Michelle Obama’s Plate? How the First Lady Wants to Make Your Dinner Healthier Using MyPlate”


      maybe the tool of the right wing propaganda can link me to something to prove he’s not a TERRORIST subverting MY country.

      • Or we could ask the sasquatch and her Consort to send whatever they Gorge on AF One at OUR expense and what they Waste in Hawaii or Foreign lands while accomplishing nothing to these Schools and save even MORE Tax payers Money ( sarcasm) … and you are an IDIOT ( no Sarcasm)

  26. The first whatever NEVER passed up a meal but now eats whatever he/she wants and we dummies pay for it.

    • actually, the first family pays for their own “normal” living expenses.

      try to not lie so often.

      • Yeah sure, they pay for all their own traveling expenses, vacations and golf games too. Notice that the obama’s always conveniently have a public function on the other end of the trips so they can write the expense off as doing their public duties?
        I’ll be sure to sit patiently and wait for the Obama’s reimbursements back into the common tax fund.
        You can be as naive as you like, I will believe it when an unbiased financial accounts auditor affirms it.
        Guess what, It Ain’t Never Gonna Happen.

        • “Notice that the obama’s always conveniently have a public function on the other end of the trips so they can write the expense off as doing their public duties?”

          so today we are being disingenuous for a change.

          you really want to pretend the GOP do exactly the same?
          are you mental?

        • nice link by the way.

  27. jrsyshone….the w/h first monkey in nothing but a black ass cum slut…

  28. AH just give themFrench Fries,PIZZAS, HANGaBERGERS,TOOTSIE ROLLS ETC, along with POP and eliminatre squeezing or using frozen pseudo fruit juices, and yogurt and JAW BrEAKERS to please the brats who have always been smarter than their ignorat parents if they ever had some??..It’s the American way by GOD and JOE PALOKA!!

  29. In the United States, “Freedom” is not lost overnight, it’s lost daily in little bites!

  30. Come on January 20. 2017, the squatters will be out and the Donald will Say, “Your Fired” Obama.

    • so when it’s a Dem, will you promise to move?
      I hear Somalia has a nice “Free Market” thing going on.
      no regulations.

      • Reality, No, but if Hillary gets elected an armed revolution won’t be far behind. There is more than one way to maintain our freedoms. We can take the example of our founding fathers when the existing government became to oppressive for them to tolerate.

      • If your talking to me, your wasting your time, I’m not like your whinny liberal friends, I’m here to stay and vote out the liberal trash.

  31. Michelle sasquatch Obama needs to shut the F**ck up.Shove her socialist crap down her own throat.

    • actually eating healthy is hardly socialistic.

      more like progressive, silly Neanderthal.
      why do want unhealthy citizens?

  32. The federal goverment has no authority over education , school lunches, 90% of what they do is unconstitutional!

  33. Oh my God, this would reverse everything MO worked so hard to achieve.
    How are the kids going to react when they are forced to eat good, nutritious and tasty food.

  34. It’s about time. The program would have been fine if Mrs. Obama were required to eat it everyday, just like the kids. I would be glad to shove it down her throat! Another liberal-progressive trying to tell us how to live, another progressive program that sounds good until it’s actually implemented and it turns into crap! When will they learn they cannot legislate how we are going to live or eat? – that is a personal and family decision. Let local people decide these things, not the Feds!!

    • “The program would have been fine if Mrs. Obama were required to eat it everyday”

      Pretty sure she eats MORE healthy than even these standards.

      this barely healthy food standards.

      • Reality Check, Read the whole paragraph. That was the whole point of my comment! If she had to eat it herself she would have trashed the standards immediately. It’s the liberal way to make standards that they personally wouldn’t live with themselves, but it’s OK for others. Double standards. First rule for all should be – don’t make a law or regulation you aren’t willing to live with yourself. Remember the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would do unto yourself. That’s a rule progressives have never seem to want to live by because they are elitist to begin with. Maybe the Bible has more wisdom than many give it credit for?

        • you have serious comprehension issues.

          I said she eats by TOUGHER standards, MORE healthy than the school standards.

          the school menu would be like “junk food” to her (and me)

          • Forgive me for not asking sooner Reality Check, But how was the borscht today in the cafeteria at the Internet Research Institute in St Petersburg?

            Do be careful, you hear? Putin is fond of poisoning those that he has no further use for. So little man, keep your noise clean.

    • Your correct. Aren’t the best leaders those who lead by example?

      FOLLOW ME MEN!!!!

  35. It’s just another example of the gov thinking it knows what is better for our children than we do.

    • well you parents have done a sucky job feeding them it seems, other wise childhood diabetes would not be RAMPANT.

      have you seen the size of many children?

      and our healthcare system does not need more diabetics and FAT folk.

      My kid would LOVE the whole grain and veggies.

      • Reality, Really? You parents? Then live by your own words and you begin eating that diet now, as an example for your child! Food doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless to be healthy, unless it’s a diet directed by the Federal government.

        • who said it was bland and tasteless?

          there are NO MENUS you know.

          the fed does not make menus fool.
          they set guidelines.
          more vegetables, less salt, more whole grain food.

          that’s IT.

          link me to a fed menu.

      • Boris, from the wording of your post it seems that your own children are nutritionally deprived.

    • Don’t mix government up with liberal progressives. Remove the liberal progressives and career politicians and much of the hypocrisy will depart the government.

  36. “Chris Christie said he disagreed with the law. “The first lady has no business being involved in this,”


  37. Her kids don’t eat this tasteless junk. You should see the menu for lunch at Sidwell Friends.

  38. Taking care of business!

    You mean a “Federal Bill” can override Michael, aka Michelle, Obama?

  39. Damn that Michelle!! Trying to make sure school kids have Lunch,AND that they’re Healthy,Nutritious Lunches! WHAT a MONSTER!

  40. School lunches have been almost ineatable. Now Michelle comes along and makes them completely ineatable, but “nutricious”

  41. The communist international bankers that have destroyed this government are behind all of this, the sovereignty of the United States was utterly eliminated in March of 1933 when Roosevelt passed the social security act…The bankers declared this nation bankrupt , and took full ownership of this nation including every human being, literally the claim ownership of our very lives…we are now the property of USA INC., all state and federal officers are working for corporations every city is a corporation , the police are defector enforcement agencies for the respective corporations that hire them . When you are brought into any court you are actually in a court of commerce, the constitution has no jurisdiction there anymore. It was declared void in 1933, with the passage of the federal reserve act in 1913 these communist international bankers were given complete control of our collective wealth and then began the enslavement of not just this nation but every other nation on this planet. They have indeed incited WW 1 , WW 2 , Korea , Vietnam..etc…etc…They can thereby murder hundreds of millions of people all the while financing all sides of the conflict. Lucifer completely controls this UN ,he will soon be destroyed along with all his perverted mass murdering minions. If you are white and Christian you are indeed the enemy…you are first on his list to be exterminated and are already in his cross hairs, …read “agenda 21″, ” operation paperclip. “, ” Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, “and ” report from Iron Mountain ” and above all else read the Bible, this evil one world government was prophesied long ago, it will be completely destroyed….

  42. Obama is a homosexual and his ” wife” is a transsexual, those children are adoptees from Morocco, everything about them is a lie, they are CIA, as are the Clintons, The CIA is actually the Waffen SS from WW 2 , the CIA was established by Daddy Bush under mandate from Hitler. They have been employing these Muslim terrorist bastards for decades, Al-Qaida , ISIS etc…are all assets of the Nazis Bush blew up the world trade center, Obama is carrying on where Bush left off. There is no republican or democratic parties they are all one big dictatorship, they hate Trump because he is attacking the Muslims and the wide open border. This is pissing off these Nazis and more than likely they will conduct another terrorist attack like 9/11 and Obama will become dictator for life. They have had a GULAG system in this country for decades. They are bringing in their terrorist squads with these “Syrian Refugees ” just take a look at what they have done in Europe. They are going to bring it here that is why they are training US troops to deploy in this country against American citizens.

  43. Serve the white house meals according to what schools are served !! The old cow needs to put her money where her mouth is and lead by example—-not what they are doing !!

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  45. The FEDS Fu-ked it up in the first place and now they are going to fix the problem they created. This ought to be interesting. The only fix that I can see would be to tell Washington to get out of the way and the real Americans will take care of it. That goes for just about everything DC does!

  46. Only the folks who buy into their endless lies, believe the first couple eats all healthy. Eat healthy not likely, lie a lot definitely. There has never been, or will be, an administration as dishonest, sneaky, and corrupt as this one. The royal couple are totally full of poop, they destroyed this nation with their left wing, racist cabinet members in less than eight years. The administration used all our money to buy support for open madness, votes, and breaking the constitutional law that once ruled this nation. There has never been such evil, we whom oppose wish then no harm, just pray their term is up and they go away. Left wing nazis now rule this nation with no fear of federal law enforcement which the DOJ controls and they are corrupt.

  47. Everyone whp has/had children knoww tjat if a food has a weird look, a weird texture (whole grains) and a different taste, most kids don’t — yes “don’t it, it goes in thentrash not touched. Schools could completely feed Missions for the Poor with those foods kids refuse to touch. Of course you have the exceptional kid who loves to eat “different” types of food, but even their taste for grains goes by the wayside too.

    Does anyone know exactly what michelle’s school cafeteria menu consisted of? I saw it one time after it was implemented in our public schools. It had humus and other Middle Eastern grains along with a few veggies…nothing that any child (or Western Adult) would find tastey. Most of the foods had a Middle Eastern taste and there aren’t very many Americans that like those flavors period — except Muslims.

    Then the first reports came in and schools “worded” the report so every one knew they were thankful for the fed’s help, but when you read between the lines, there was so much food that kids never even touched that was slid into the cafeteria trash can.

    So my question is: If children do NOT like a food, how is michelle going to force feed that food down their throats? She won’t. Kids will simply throw it away without ever eating a bite.

    Now there is an area of “Wasteful Government Spending”. Bet we could increase our Military with those extra funds and the kids would be happy to go back to their lunches of milk, macaroni and cheese, corn, and pudding. Ask your grandkids what they eat at the school cafeteria…

  48. First of all where does the federal government get the power to regulate school lunches? I looked in the constitution and didn’t see anything. Like marriage, education is not an issue the federal government has jurisdiction over. The Department of Education is an unconstitutional entity and needs to be shut down along with the department of labor, department of agriculture, EPA, IRS (and a repeal of the 16th amendment), Department of Energy, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development to name a few. The federal government has taken more and more power over the years than it was originally meant to have. Repeal the 16th amendment and the government will have to close all those entities.

  49. The transgender (maybe just male pervert) first wife has no business in th food area. No certification, no papers, no degrees but plenty of Krap from her (used lightly) pervert in chief husband! GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN.

  50. I agree with Cristie. None of their business. The entire school food program was implemented improperly and with the same approach that pisses everyone off!

  51. THE MOOCHIE WOULD BE A REAL START INN THE PORN INDUSTRY not making menus up nope. with those whale size blowholes the mooch would fit right in to the nasal sex films

  52. were the school lunches ever changed in favor of ms Obama’s horrible opinion ? how can that even happen when she is not even an elected official ? as well. her opinion’s are against most or all of the students, their parents. school administrators, and others. just another instance of the Obama arrogance and stupidity.

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