FEC Chairwoman Wants to Regulate Internet Speech

When the FCC announced this year that they would be regulating the internet as a utility, many feared the worst. This would be the beginning of the end of the free speech haven that had given voice to millions of Americans. But while there is still plenty of time for those fears to develop, another arm of the Obama administration may beat them to the punch.

Ann Ravel, the chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission, made comments this week demonstrating how eager the FEC is to start regulating online political speech. Ravel, speaking at a conference, was asked her thoughts on the government sticking its nose into Google, Facebook, and other websites. And according to her, that would be just fine. She told attendees that it would fall under the “purview” of the FEC to regulate fundraising and political donations that took place online.

This isn’t the first time the FEC has proposed cracking down on the internet. Not long ago, Democrats in the organization wanted to delve into the possibility of enacting regulations. Their efforts were stopped by an intense backlash of opposition from conservatives who feared it would mean the end of political free speech online. But like a nasty virus, this is one proposition that refuses to go away.

“It would be under the purview of the FEC to look at some of the issues that arise in new media and the impact of new media, in particular with respect to disclosure and ensuring that there is no corporate contributions, for example excessive contributions or contributions to a particular candidates for example,” Ravel said at the conference.

Anyone tempted to give Ravel and the FEC the benefit of the doubt should save their optimism for another day. Democrats have decided that campaign reform is a banner issue for them, and if they can use it to crack down on conservative media, all the better. Obama himself has blamed right-wing websites and radio shows for dividing the country, so it’s no secret where he stands. And if he is succeeded by Hillary Clinton, things could go from bad to worse.

Slowly but surely, this administration is taking back the power. Democrats see the danger of Breitbart, the Drudge Report, and conservative outlets like this one. They see the danger of letting likeminded folks get together and discuss the issues facing our country. And if there is even the slightest chance for them to take it away, they are going to jump on it with everything they have.

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  1. Obama himself has blamed right-wing websites and radio shows for
    dividing the country – See more at:

  2. “Democrats have decided that campaign reform is a banner issue for them”

    What makes no sense is why conservatives think it’s okay for billionaires to buy seats in Congress?

    Some conservatives like to explain that to me?

    • Troll, what makes you think this is a conservative problem?
      What makes you think the billionaires that control the Democrats are going to be silenced as well?
      What makes you think this is anything more than about taking your freedom, and controlling the electorate?

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Troll : I was not aware that Soros was Conservative.

      • Liberalism is a mental disorder. They are not capable of reason, just ‘feeling’.

      • well moron, considering you are responding to a valid point, I think you might want to rethink your asinine comment.

        if you want a debate to prove you are superior, lets DO IT.

        but I know you will bail.
        cons are hot air.

        lets see you prove me correct, shall we?

        • TeaParty Patriot

          I don’t debate asinine trolls and you are the most asinine of trolls

          • I’m always correct,
            and cons are always cowards

          • TeaParty Patriot


            One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

            It’s Ok, sonny, no one expects a child to have integrity, or honor, or complete intellect for that matter! But you are a superficial amusement.

    • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

      So it’s okay for rich dimocrats to “buy” seats in congress?
      For that matter I thought you had to be VOTED into a seat in congress.
      Please post the price list for a senator and a representative.

    • REALITY CHECK: Only libturd idiots SOROS & BLOOMBERG buy seats for the DEMS. TRUMP has the legal citizens of USA that use their $$$ to help him win. WE DO NOT WANT ANYMORE MUSLIM, ILLEGAL, RACIST IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. Won’t ask for an explanation from the libturds as they don’t have the brains for a reliable answer.

    • to start off with being your a democrat –you can not see past your nose–we believe in more freedom not less–we believe this nation with out you marixist would be the greastest nation on earth-an most of us are god fearing–you an your are not===you an yours like us to be sheep you can hers–you hate america–an you lie for a living

      only one buying votes are you

      • when the con throws out the Marxist shit, all credibility goes out the window.

        only the moronic right believe this crap.

        I wonder why the GOP candidates never use the Marxist and communist term when they speak to the public?

        because they would become the laughing stock of the country?
        just like you morons

    • Democrats out raise republicans by 20%. Maybe we should start with the democrats, Wall Street owns you.

      • Oh, haven’t you heard, the Obama administration is ALL communist, ”
        according to you silly cons.

        I didn’t know commies were wall street insiders.

        is that the NEW con talking point?

        “Democrats out raise republicans by 20%.”

        That is because of the small individual contributions which are HUGE compared to conservatives.

        • In obama’s book he said that all his mentors were the communist and marxist professors. Communism is just to the left of socialism. Castro at first denied that he was a communist. What’s the ACA? Socialized medicine. He admired Frank Marshall Davis, a communist bisexual. His dad was a commie.
          Who do you think Wall Street will back?
          The koch brothers are 59th on the list of donors, ahead of them are the unions and democrat billionaires who donate much more money than the Koch brothers, look it up and prove me wrong.

    • I have two words for you Hillary Clinton. She, like all demoncrap politicians can raise all the money they want. The also do not need to raise as much money as they are in an incestuous relationship with the lamestream media. The alphabet democrap toadies will give them all the free publicity that republican
      candidates have to pay for.

      • So that was a con explanation as to why letting ANY billionaire by a seat is good policy.

        if the dim human is not aware of Citizens United, you should not be posting on the internet

    • By billionaires do you mean people like Soros, Trump, who buy seats on both sides of the fence so that the “balance” is maintained in congress, and it doesn’t interfere with their affairs? People like that?

    • Reality check, no one could possibly explain anything to you, your head is made of cement. It would be make more sense to talk to a sack of hammers.

  3. What you want to bet that Ann Ravel at the FEC is a socialist?

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    Joseph Stalin

    Socialist now count the votes, Socialist now run the IRS, what other “Impartial” agencies do the Democrats control now?


      A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly
      suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry,
      commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often

      A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with
      community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory
      cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of
      committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective
      collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties
      and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal
      restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.
      [Robert O. Paxton, “The Anatomy of Fascism,” 2004]

      • The Alinsky Radical in the oval office could not have written a better definition of his transformation of the United States.

        We must fight the socialists in charge….

        • I wonder how much dirt pResident Barack Oganja in the oral office has dug up on members of Congress via the DOJ/FBI & NSA? It has become pretty evident that it’s a lot on both sides of the fence! On the other hand here’s a fun little site to check out some dirt on him. ENJOY!


          • Lets not forget about his biggest assaults due to his goons in the IRS. This President or should I say want to be President, has showed that he will use any and all crooked Un-Constitutional tactics to get his way. He does not care what anyone says or how bad his agenda is for America. He has one big agenda and that is to destroy us from within as fast as he can so that his brothers in ISIS won’t have to much resistance. I am just tired of all his temper tantrums he pitches when ever someone tries to stand up to him. Not one, that I have seen, Politician in Congress or The Supreme Courts do their jobs and stop this African Muslim and get him out of our White House and start Protecting us from the enemies here and abroad. Obama has open arms to any enemy of the USA and there seems to be no one to stand up for us. Thats why he purged our Military of any and all that would oppose him. Keep your guns and head about you. We are going to need it with the coming war with this Imposter, that he is making sure WILL happen on his watch.

      • Very good . Thank you for the input. I bet a lot of us did not know what it really meant.

    • your of the low info by just asking that question

    • Knew Ravel when she started as an attorney. Career minded and moved on up. Not the greatest brain but knew who to curry to get ahead! All this in CA mind you which should answer any questions you might just have had. We see moonbeam here as a clone of Obama, the empty head, who thinks illegals are better than legal citizens even to the point of allowing free college to illegals, and giving them driver’s licenses (be sure there will be no insurance purchased for sure), and to top it all allow an illegal to be a licensed attorney. Now if that isn’t an oxymoron from a moronic state, I don’t know what is.

      • CA should be booted from the Union.. And I live in CA.

        Moonnut wasn’t elected, it was the corrupt counting of the votes by the Democrats that have “chosen” the election results.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        Joseph Stalin

        • Thats just it. when you have a corrupt Lawless Government, you get a lawless country. Our Government has been this way for years, with nothing more on their minds other than how they can benefit from screwing the American People out of more and more of their money, Liberties, Freedoms, ETC… Obama has just slammed his foot on the gas pedal, and refuses to use the brakes. I really believe he wants America to Crash.

          • He does, Alinsky Radicals like 0bama and Hillary despise Capitalism and will do anything to destroy Capitalism.
            Then rebuild the country to their means…. no compassion, the ends justify the means..

          • I guess they forgot how they got where they are today. If it was not for Capitalism, would either be as well off as they pretend not to be.

          • No they didn’t forget, they are just that evil…

        • Sorry MAHB001, want to become neighbors in Texas? LOL

          • Yes, keep the door open for me..

            I’ll be the one screaming across the prairies with my pants on fire…

            Please don’t forget to close the door as soon as I cross the gate… 🙂

          • I got your back and fire extinguisher in hand. But you will have to wait until we get there ourselves. LOL. But hate to say it, we the people are the only ones we as Americans can count on. Sure is not any politicians and surely not this so called President.


            I’ll be the guy on foot passing the Maserati.

      • I also heard yesterday or the day before how California has even Put Illegal Aliens on their City council. I believe California gets everything they deserve by continuously voting Democrats to run their State and Cities. Just like what is happening here in Washington State. What is so bad, is it is the people who did not vote idiots in that end up suffering for others actions. I do feel sorry for those in CA. who had no choose just like I do for the residents of WA, but what are we to do? Only thing I can think of is moving since now Our Gov. is working to let Muslims have some of their Sharia Laws here, and we all know how that will work out. Just like the Gay issues, You give them an inch and they do everything including bulling to take a mile. Next our joke of a Gov. will try to get it legal for illegals to vote… Than, look out Texas, here we come…

    • This is not socialism, it is FASCISM, we need to get our definitions and history correct, please. Fascists care little about owning anything as long as they have the power to pick the winners and losers and suppress the backlash be it with intimidation or violence.

      • I use socialism because not one Democrat will deny that their party is now socialist.

        Hitler was a socialist before he was a fascist. And Socialism always falls to Communism. If we can waken the democrats (people) to the fact that they are voting for socialism, they may not vote for a democrat next time.

        Just my thoughts.

        • You are correct,,,,Socialism is Communism Lite.

        • thank you for clarifying that . you are wonderful . you love America as much as the rest of us. you just keep saying how you feel.

        • We had one Democratic woman who ran as a Socialist and won. Now we just had another election and STUPID Washington Residents voted for another Socialist. Washington state is doomed with idiots. We are starting to consider leaving them to their own misary and move to a State that care about the damage State Politicians do. Here it matches the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink. They know we are sinking and drowning in high taxation and Socialist programs like Sanctuary Cities and giving Illegals IDs. I guess we had to many California idiots move here and now they continue to destroy Washington State like they already did to California. Warning to all with common sense…. Don’t move here if you want to be a free American. We have been taken over by Socialist punks that only follow and praise Obama the traitor.

          • I live in the socialist state of California. I will be leaving the State after our Family responsibilities are finished.

            Socialists no longer have to win elections here in CA. They simply fix each election as they see fit. Socialists count the votes… The people have no more say in how the Government is being run.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

          • Guess Washington did not want to be left out of the Socialist bandwagon. Why is it the most beautiful States (along coastal areas) are run by the left that has a track record of destroying their States.? I think we should fight but I am just running out of options because unlike the left, we TRY to do it legally and they play dirty. Just like you statement about rigged elections. That is why Obama is NOT my president and never will be considered as such. They rigged the second term election and there was even proof. But like usual, the left said it was no big deal about nothing and the American People just followed along. They said if any, it was minimal and it was just a way for the Republicans to take away peoples right to vote. What is even sadder is that his loyal koolaid drinkers believe his every word. How do we defend ourselves against Obama and his agenda when we don’t have the Media and A lot of Americans are to afraid of loosing all their freebees.

          • The MEDIA plays a huge part in this deception. They use their influence like Goebbels did. For evil.

            The founding fathers NEVER expected the media to abandon free speech, just to toe a political ideology.

            That is why my fight is at http://www.madashellboycott.com

            We must stop the media, and then maybe Conservatives will stand a chance politically, in the schools, unions, businesses, court systems and politically….

            Join now, get everybody you know to join, and then get everybody you don’t know to join.

            Thank you…


          • re-sent this out again on FB and Twitter. So important to spread this around so taking chance of ticking people off by sending it out every day but its worth it if it changes just one persons voice into someone who will help with this mission. Thanks again for all you do. Keep up the great work.

          • Thank YOU! Thank You! God Bless You!

      • Thank you, I found that interesting and I think I learned something new today… Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… LOL

      • thank you , beautifully said.

        • I try to keep it civil and informative, but once in a while, my Don Rickles side comes out.

          • So far what I have seen I like. Don Rickles hmmmm I loved that guy . he was really funny

          • I am right there with you, but lately it seems to be getting hard and harder not to act like the left. I am sorry if I have offended you and will try harder to keep in more informational. Thank you for reminding me that we are better than them in civility. Keep up the good work.

      • OK grey guy, thank you for getting it straight. Keep us on the right path. And you did that gently. good for you.

    • Or a Marxist Communist…..

      • Socialist or Marxist Communist. One in the same in my book. Socialism will lead to Communism.

        • I’m sure you’ve read Skousen’s ‘Goals of Communism’ in “The Naked Communist.” (1958, Dr. Cleon Skousen)
          The commies swore they would ‘take over America without firing a shot.’ One of their first goals to achieve this was to take over one or both of the political parties.
          Ever wonder why the Democrat Party is fully endorsed by the American Communist Party? Why there are over 80 card-carrying Communists in the Congress?

          • Why yes I have, I believe they have achieved #15 in total.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            The own and control the Democrats, and have spies like Boehner, McConnell and the good ol boy network controlling the Republicans.

            Both Parties….. Check…

    • OUR CHILDREN,S SCHOOLS, OUR MAIN STREAM MEDIA, OUR WHITE HOUSE.. Should I go on or is everyone already as depressed as me… Oh wait, don’t want to loose my second Amendment right to bare arms so I AM NOT DEPRESSED!!!

      • But we are being repressed.

      • Please join my fight against the liberal media.


        • I just found out yesterday just how serious this issue is in regards to the Main Stream Media not doing their job and in turn putting all of us in even more deadly risk. What is sad is we heard it from the TV network that the left keeps saying is not a real news source which is FOX news (So I guess a real news station is only real if they cover the ASS of Obummer their ruler). I guess I should say what we found and sorry just really ticked that our MSM is to blind and easy to manipulate to suit Obama’s Agenda. We were shocked that clear back to last year 2014 we had at least 2 ISIS related killings here in Washington State. One guy killed 2 and is in custody and even stated on one of the killings that he did it because of all the unjust killings in Afghanistan and I think he said Iraq. Here I guess new bike lanes or the Sea Fair pirates are more important to report on. In my opinion, every time the media hides or refuses to report on these issues because they want to make sure Obama does not look any worse as a President, they choose to hide Obamas accountability over The American Peoples safety. Our sons who are in the Military has not even been informed of these murders and how they are related to the very people who would kill our sons and daughters right here in our great country. Thank You Obama for slacking on your job because you don’t like our laws or our way of life. Thank you Obama for turning our country into the lawless state it is in by being one of the biggest Lawless Presidents ever in history to occupy our White House. You leave our borders wide open for your brothers to come across. Will you feel guilty for any death because of your decisions? Will you be held accountable? Will your goons in the Main Stream Media be held accountable for more lives lost because of their dire need to protect you? I fear not but PRAY YES!!! So yes MAHB001, I will stand and fight by your side to stand up against the most corrupt Media we have ever had that matches the President in their crimes against America. At least in my personal opinion.

          • Thank you, and please spread the word…
            If We the People do not hold the media accountable, nobody will.

            You have given an excellent example of bias by omission. Fox does not practice it, the Left Stream Media does. They omit bad things about socialism, and omit good things about Capitalism, and Conservative causes.

            The practice is EVIL, it happens every day. And there is something we can do about it.

            Join Now

          • already shared on FB and Tweeter… Will keep posting and sharing because without accountability, these so called news stations will just continue to put Every American in danger by keeping them ignorant. Keep up the great work and hope to see millions stand up against this corrupt media and President and start holding the RIGHT people accountable.

          • Fox is just as bad as the rest. It is merely the ‘loyal opposition.’ Use the independent media (alternative) to get your news and make up your own mind instead of letting others tell you what to think.
            You are on the right track, though!

          • Believe me when I say, I don’t trust any news station as blindly as some. Fox has it issues and agenda a lot of the time also and I know this. I do look into things before blindly speaking and I wish others would do the same. But with the re-election of Obama or stole election, depending on who you believe, I know we can not trust any MSM completely, I just find that at least we get some truth about the true threat of ISIS from Fox. The others refuse to even call them what and who they are. Just followers of the very Corrupt President by thinking, if you don’t name them, they are not real or here… Very Dangerous and none of them will ever admit it except Fox. No, I don’t agree with a lot especially with people like O’Reilly because he still makes stupid excuses for such bad behavior. Don’t like it when they pussy foot around Obamas lies. Sick of hearing Fox reporters say, “well I would not call him a liar but he just miss spoke”. Sorry a LIE is a LIE and Fox is to worried about disrespecting the poser in office. He does not deserve and will never get the respect he demands from everyone but our enemies.

          • and that is why we need to get in their face. And mahboo1 is doing it the right way.

          • Agree, but like their leader, they seem as tone def as he is. Or just lack of conscious common sense.

          • do we want to give them the advantage of being like him or do we want to get rid of all of them.

          • After all he and his wife have done to this country along with their elaborate vacations on Americans Dime, can I request just a little pain with the foot to their a.. as we shove them out the door. I think I actually hate these idiots more than I do my ex. And thats saying a lot.

          • I just wish people had really listened to this POS when he was campaigning. I did. I heard him say that he wanted to fundamentally transform America. I really hate to say that I didn’t know what he meant, but I didn’t like it, so I didn’t vote for him. When people heard that he had all his records sealed, that should have been a red flag.

          • Dolores, the problem is that most heard what you did and took what Obama said during campaigning to think only positive things. No one I think, really thought someone running to represent this country would be someone who hated America and what she stands for. I don’t think most thought a Constitutional Lawyer would use that education to find ways to destroy it. But I also know a lot were just lazy or did not care just so they could claim they helped get the first Black President. Those are the ones I blame. We should never give up our vaules just to be the first at anything and I pray those have learned their lesson, just sad America had to pay for their lack of caring for anything more than someones skin color. And these days, America has turned its back on truth and allows it acceptingly from Politicians while most state “Well they all do it so”.

            How can we keep our morals and values when every chance they get they vote people into office who don’t have that same ideology. You vote those in and they will do what they can to turn America into what they want knowing that the people don’t care, or should I say won’t pay attention. Thats why the Democrats want everyone to be needy. They can use all the freebees to make those on the programs either so dependent or feel so obligated that they dare not vote for anyone who might take those away. Politicians knows most will choose to keep what they get and so those Americans will condone the politicians bad behavior.

          • They all have that problem. They lost the common sense when he was elected. Nobody understood what they were supposed to do. It was like the blind leading the blind. At this point I am so disgusted.

        • You bet I will.
          One hand washes the other.

    • Another piece of socialist scum that sticks to the Obama event.

    • Whatever they want to? makes no difference they want it all. but we won’t let them do that. Right?

  4. The cost of “free” speech just skyrocketed. Much like the skyrocketing cost of ACA. I would bet that the only censorship levied by the “un” raveling Ravel will be directed at those who find it simple and easy to point sarcasm and damning comments towards the cowardly left.

    • True you are mesaman. Like the old question, which is worse…taxation WITHOUT representation or taxation WITH representation, the same observation would apply, which is worse…a cowardly democrat or a cowardly republican.

      • Both are cowards and will do nothing. Our only hope is for people to turn back to God and He will heal our Land.

        • GOD, will not help us unless we show him we will help ourselves first. we act like a bunch of spoiled kids. we better start to help or he will close his eyes and say this is your mess you clean it up. HE WILL NEVER JUST LEAVE US. HE WANTS US TO BE AWARE OF THAT. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK CAN WE DO IT???? I SAY YES WE CAN.


          • Judy, I too love God, I have been preaching to everyone that will listen for years . myself and a group of other guys have been doing Gods work since he asked us to. he is giving us all the time he can to open our eyes before he puts his foot down. And when it comes down it will be hard and loud. we know about the battle but that is not going to change them. we all understand we have to get back to ‘god and prayers. I have just had a real experience with St.Jude I refuse to disguse I t was between him and me. but i promised I would dedicate my free time to tell everyone about him and the miracles he works.

          • I have never found anything in the Bible regarding “we will help ourselves first” but I have found the following verses…

          • that’s the way it should be. we act like spoiled brats, when the time comes
            to put up we retreat like little half wits. oh
            god please help us. After all he has done for us we still ask for more. I guess he has learned how to say no.

          • Absolutely correct.

          • Thank you. and no one was offended by it. Wow.

          • Hi, I just want to add a little something while my eyes are still open. you know not every thing that god said was written in the bible I am sure he was not happy with a lot of things. Just as i am sure he said a lot of things
            that were misquoted.

          • Yes, of course God

          • I agree , what I am saying is just because it isn’t written doesn’t mean it was never said. God has to be the smartest person in this whole world. He new when to keep his stuff said quiet. he knew what we could understand and what we couldn’t . And I agree do not touch or change his words. He should be the only one who wrote anything in the bible. And if we love him and trust him we would agree.

          • Absolutely correct and the only way we can love God is to know Him through the study of His written Word. The Bible is like seeing Jesus face to face.

          • OH, yes, youre right about that .Thanks for sharing

          • Yes he does, that is to see how far we can go without his help. I believe that. he is a good god not a bad one like everyone seems to believe. he will step in when he is ready and not before. I am OK with that . we need to learn we can fight for what is ours if we want it bad enough . and I think we all do. It just that we can not wait to long for them.

          • Apparently, you did not read the scriptures but you would rather live as unto your own rules. Sad.

          • What are you talking about. what rules have I created to liv by. I m going by what i was taught after 8 years of catholic school

          • Now I understand because the RCC make their own rules and do not teach the Word of God to live by. That is probably why you overlooked the scriptures and what they teach.

          • I am not sure about what you just said. I remember them talking about the bible but we are talking about a long time ago

          • The Bible is our guidebook to living the Christian way of life and glorifying Jesus Christ. When we reject the reading and teaching of His written Word we do not know what God wants for our life. The lack of knowledge from God’s Word is what has caused the problems we are having in our country at this time. It is not just being a good person that makes the difference; it is living according to His written Word. Not rituals, sacraments, creeds, emotionalism, and entertainment in our churches but the teaching of the mind of Christ; the very Word of God written for our edification. Our Nation has lot sight of God and it is not going to be very pleasant when we are disciplined just like He did when Israel disobeyed His precepts. Let God’s Word speak…
            1 Corinthians 2:14….But the natural man (unbeliever) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
            Acts 16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.
            The Bible is God’s own complete and coherent message to man and was recorded in perfect accuracy in the ORIGINAL languages of scripture: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek; the very words carrying Divine Authorship.
            Heb 4:12 For the word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
            II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.
            2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

          • I tried to answer you but I suppose the moderator did not like it. I will try again some other time.

          • do you want to try that again

          • I will try again right after this post.

          • Elaine, there are times that I keep what I write in case they delete my post but did not this time. It has been my understanding from studies pertaining to the RCC and the many Catholics that I have talked to that they reference their own manmade documents from their religion to use instead of using the Bible and quoting from it. Therefore, most Catholics – along with other denominations – do not know what the Bible teaches about living the Christian way of life. Stories and creeds, liturgy and sacraments do not make one have a relationship with Jesus Christ; we need to learn the “mind of Christ” — I Cor 2:16. Those acts of religion are rituals without reality. We need to know what God says in such a way that it fills our frame of reference so we can apply it to every area of our daily life. We don’t need manmade memorized sacraments when we can quote directly from the Scriptures. God’s grace is not dispensed through a robe, a challis, a sacrament, a relic or a shroud – none of these have the power of salvation. It is faith alone in Christ alone that heals us from sin. See Acts 16:31

          • I tried again and it did not work. Perhaps if I see you on another site sometimes, I will respond. I have no idea why they allow some of the most awful post and not mine that has nothing but good.

          • What can i do to help? i know you are frustrated but please don’t stop now. Do not quit let me know if i can help in any way.

          • No problem, Elaine, I was able to leave you my answer further down.

        • John E Strom Jr.

          ….or to take up arms against a sea of trouble.

        • Your only hope is Donald Trump. Just look at ho they are trying to destroy or marginalize him. An honest man is a dangerous thing. It’s time for someone who doesn’t owe anything to special interest groups I listened to an inept Anderson Cooper trying to nail Trump, Cooper is the one who got exposed and nailed as an inept left wing troll.

      • They both are the same. I sure would like to see the fire in you guys put to use. I love your drive but if we turned that into what we need their would be no stopping us. We need to get to our elected officials and tell them if they can’t tale care of the problems we have we don’t need them. Why are we paying them ?? for what to lie to us and ignore what we want. We better get them under control or we will be finished.


  5. We knew when Obama wanted to give the internet away for others to control, what he was doing. This is just the first step. Taxation, fees regulations, and STOPPING FREE SPEECH, which will only apply to conservative views and speech, just like online articles that are listed are always from liberal websites, never conservative web news sites. It is also to stop the spread of the gospel online. It will be fine to still be preaching the ideology of hate, or Islam.

    • Since my spouse escaped communism and I lived and worked under socialism, we knew Obama was a communist as soon as he said Hope and Change, or social reform, or inequality. The goal of his puppeteers is to destroy the only real country that existed before the Demo’s published Communist Manifesto of 1963 to overtake our America. Are we going to fight to get it back?


  6. Another crazed whack job who wishes to dismantle the 1st Amendment…

    • Good stuff—great laugh on this one!

    • That is what “progressivism, socialism, liberalism and democrats” are all about. We are just about at the breaking point.

      • The D****RAT Party is the MARXIST COMMUNIST PARTY…..

      • Oh, I already “broke” and have nothing nice to say about any of these leftard socialists.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Next, they’ll be telling us WHEN we can get laid or take a shit.. This country is doomed, unless a few well trained snipers come in out of the cold!!

        • AMEN Michael.

        • Our Founding Fathers did it,,,,

          • now I know where the bad vibs were coming from. I feel much better now. I say go for it.

          • Victor Archuleta

            The Founders expected this situation. They dealt with the anti-Christ even in their day, beginning with the king of England and his Anglican church hierarchy. TheFounders were believers in God, and had better understanding of the Bible than most theologians do today. no matter what the revisionists write. Patrick Henry, the Lion of Liberty said,

            “If I am asked what is to be done when a people feel themselves intolerably oppressed, my answer is ready: “Overturn the

            government.” But… Wait at least until some infringement of your rights cannot be otherwise redressed; for you may bid adieu forever to representative government. You can never exchange the present government but for a monarchy.”

            Calling for anything else than this could mean a tyranny that will forever erase any mention of a God-given Republic, and an end to our God-given rights. Abraham Lincoln’s memorial carries these words, and we should all pay heed:

            “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

            I’ve said it many times: THE TREE OF LIBERTY – AT THIS TIME – MUST BE NOURISHED WITH THE SWEAT OF GOD-FEARING PATRIOTS. Who is your role model? If you’re working and not producing fruit, examine your faith and belief in God. How much of Him is reflected in your words and deeds?

        • michael you are right, I believe that would be thee next new law. “people of America you can take a dump only on the time we give you. and getting laid forget it. I got a better chance of that happening if I were one of 72 you know whats.

      • you got that right.

      • your forgot Fabian/fascist KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW,KAW

      • I agree I am their now. I am not sure I want to put to put up with this mess any more. I am not sure why I am getting the bad vibs but they are here for a reason. Don’t know what they are relating to. All I know is I am very tired of begging for people to listen when we tell them what we have to do to keep them safe. Then we have the ones that are running for the presidency, dam not one of them is qualified to be our next president. especially since they have done nothing to stop the downhill slide of America for 7 years . not one will get my vote. hey do not deserve it.

      • You left out Fascist.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Sure looks like one of them thar tolerant liberals to me. How would you like to roll over in the morning and look at THAT face? Scary. Looks like Hillary’s twin sister.

      • Yeah, I can understand why Bill strayed.

        • John E Strom Jr.

          With a bitch on wheels like Hillary, I can too. But raping Juanita Broderick? The guy is a pig. And threatening other women [via Hillary and her “bimbo eruption team” ] including long time Democrat supporter Kathleen Willy and Paula Corbin Jones whom he and wife referred to as trailer trash. The trailer trash was and continues to be Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Both should go to jail.

          • Wow good for you, tell it like it is. I agree I think we played their game long enough. She was the worst person paid by us to do a job she wasn’t qualified to do. And now some people out their still haven’t figured out what they are and what they will do to America to
            finish us off. If we let her win we will be destroyed, no other way to tell you of the ending of our lives. Don’t believe me. I hope that is not true because it is not just me. It is the rest of America that is tired of having to put up with the garbage people that can’t wait till they get you in their strangle hold and kiss us goodbye. If we go so goes the rest of the world. And we can thank you for a Major Disaster. I also suggest you pray to god to forgive us for not letting him in our lives for so long. And tell him how much we need him to guide us thru this mess, not clean It up, that is our job he can guide us but it is up to us to make it right. I hope I have explained what we have to do before it is too late.

        • He didn’t just stray, he blew himself up. after all you can hide things for just so long before it comes out in the open. and when it does it always make s things look worse. So welcome to pay backs. they are no fun.

    • Facial looks like she is related to Hillary. Heck facial looks even a little like Moochele Obama. Guess the left’s looks match their attitude…I mean some Lefties, not all. I know a lot of nice Democrats, but those are usually the ones who do not try to use shame or distasteful name calling, but who can put their debating into meaningful words and not just like this post. We should stand united not divided, like Obama and his goons want so badly.

      • its funny, that all of these liberal woman are fugly!

        • They’re liberal because they are Ugly! Beauty is only skin-deep, when you are ugly on the inside, it can’t help but show through!

        • You know if it were just the ugly part that would be enough, but there is more it is their attitude it sucks. they have the worst know it all attitude. and the worst part of that is guess what, they know nothing.
          And that Is worse than being ugly.

      • That is what it is all about. he wants that because that is the only way he can get what he wants. I am so glad you brought that up. I tis good to remember. “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.” He definitely hates this and doesn’t want us to follow it. he knows if we gather together as a country stand together in times of threats he hasn’t got a chance in hell to get past us.

        • Elaine, per your request I hope they don’t take this down. There are times I keep what I write in case they delete my post but did not this time. It has been my understanding from studies pertaining to the RCC and the many Catholics that I have talked to that they reference their own manmade documents from their religion to use instead of using the Bible and quoting from it. Therefore, most Catholics – along with other denominations – do not know what the Bible teaches about living the Christian way of life. Stories and creeds, liturgy and sacraments do not make one have a relationship with Jesus Christ; we need to learn the “mind of Christ” — I Cor 2:16. Those acts of religion are rituals without reality. We need to know what God says in such a way that it fills our frame of reference so we can apply it to every area of our daily life. We don’t need manmade memorized sacraments when we can quote directly from the Scriptures. God’s grace is not dispensed through a robe, a challis, a sacrament, a relic or a shroud – none of these have the power of salvation. It is faith alone in Christ alone that heals us from sin.

          • boy that is crazy, what s wrong with this world today and who gets the blame for it all
            that would be all we need to put up with is somene making a new bible. that would be the end of us for sure. where do these people come off thinking they can play god.

    • How did you get a picture of my ex-wife?

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      She looks like a NUT CASE TO ME.

    • LOVE IT!!!!!

    • Dominic Roy Accampo

      BRAVO! : )

  7. Ken Dometriosis .

    Ravel = JEW!

  8. They are already using a sensitivity app to ban certain words. But right now I’m going to put my two cents in. And I don’t plan to stop it. If you want to see who is causing the ‘Great Divide’ amongst citizens, obie, go look in the mirror and you will see the MOST divisive person in the United States!

    • divisive marixist person

    • Impossible, I’m a victim here, too! I’ve joined the “why did this happen to me, before I was even told it was happening? Thank heavens for victim- creators like Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, Obamao, et al., without whom I wouldn’t be able to get any all-damage-permitted zones, or gun-free killing zones where victims are always disarmed.” I hope you shed a tear for me, another victim, NOT a divider.

  9. ………………………………………….

  10. The Libtard Democrats are all mentally ill, and deserve no serious consideration from anyone to whom God gave the good sense of a waterbug.

    There, I have violated the FCC and FEC regulations against Free Speech. Come and get me.

    We will be waiting for you here in Arizona, which was coincidentally just rated *again* as the Number One state for firearms owners by Guns and Ammo magazine, for the third consecutive year.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

    • stand an deliever

    • Good post. like your attitude. And I feel the heat from the fire in your belly. I was beginning to think there were no more good men left.

      • And we women as well, thank you!

        • I knew the women were out there. My granddaughter is in the army she is an MP. I had no doubts there. it was the men I was concerned with.

      • I am beginning to believe that we all must have moved to Arizona. There are a lot of good men here in our county. More that anywhere else, IMHO.

        Our county seat is home to the largest firearms retailer in Arizona, and they have been equipping our very rural county’s Citizens with all manner of scary black tactical firearms, standard-capacity magazines, and crates full of military surplus ammunition for *decades*. We live in what is arguably the most well-armed county in America.

        My wife and I live on several wooded acres at the extreme edge of the Internet service area, and at the edge of a small unincorporated community of fewer than 1500 souls. We know more than a few of them, because our community is pretty much just one big “neighborhood”. Just about everyone is stocked up on arms and ammo from the above source, which is only a 45 minute drive away from our little village. My wife and I are no exception.

        My wife chose our Retreat property, and I am glad that I heeded her choice. We have never been happier than we have been since we moved out of the big city and up here into the very rural part of the Arizona mountains. A gravity canal system brings water from the nearby year-round spring-fed creek to many of the properties in our community, including ours. That canal crosses our property uphill from our house, which has made it easier to bring the water downhill to our pond, to our vegetable gardens, and to the 600-gallon water purification and storage system that I am building. The only thing needed to power our water system will be gravity.

        My wife is an accomplished gardener, canner, and markswoman. She earned the nickname “Deadeye” by out-shooting all of us one day at the range. She is outright deadly with the M4 that I built for her, and she is positively scary with the compound crossbow that I bought her for her birthday.

        My wife and I are both licensed Amateur Radio Operators and we both volunteer with our valley’s Amateur Radio Emergency Communications group. She has made me so very proud, in so very many ways.

        So it seems that most of the good women moved to Arizona as well. What’s holding you back from joining us? 🙂

    • I will violate the the rules you communist btch: YOU AND OBAMA CAN GO TO HELL> I HATE YOU AND OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION BTCH, AND THE DAM MUSLIMS

      • Um, I think that you replied to the wrong post. I am not on the side of that arrogant Lesbian FemiNazi B|tch. I Aim to Misbehave .

        Q. How many Lesbian FemiNazis does it take to change a light bulb?
        A. Eleven. One to actually change the light bulb and another ten to blog incessantly for weeks afterwards about how “empowering” the whole experience was.

        No applause, please, only “Jazz Hands”.


        • Sorry about that do not be pissed at me. I read the article and it pissed me off. Be careful and have a good week

          • No worries, bro. We have all done the same thing, some of us more than once. 🙂

            Good man. I routinely buy at least five boxes of ammunition on the 5th day of each month, as my own way of celebrating “Cinco de Ammo”. Anyone who objects is cordially invited to kiss my hindquarters.

        • Q: If Hillary and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?

          A: America!

    • Obama will one day sign an “executive order” declaring your arms and ammunition “illegal” and will dispatch the homeland security goon squad to collect the same. Following tht, he will cede our national sovereignty to the UN and declare himself to be King Obama the 1st.

      • Oh, please, Please, PLEASE have him do that today. I will be busy next week.

        We know that is coming, of course. But we have not been buying up all of the arms, ammunition, and standard-capacity magazines that we could get our hands on since the day after Election Day in 2008 just so that we could later meekly hand them over to the Rainbow Flag Overlords of the Obamunist Regime. We Aim to Misbehave.

        I only pray that he gives those Goon Squad turds really, really spiffy uniforms that are easy to distinguish through my scope at 400 yards distance. That way, I can be sure to send them my regards contained in 147-grain copper-jacketed “envelopes”, and make sure that they all get delivered to the right craniums.

        Aim Small, Miss Small.

    • ‘Guns will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no guns.’

      • Amen. They will also get us through times of no food, no phones, no Internet, no electric grid, no public services, and no Security.

        Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD
        (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only
        remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local
        Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  11. Another libturd female that is brain dead. FEC should know better than to let any libturd female have any of their stories in print, or allow them to use their mouth.

  12. Ann, you are a commie bitch…go to hell…….

  13. I live in America where you say what they the libs or shut up! ____F that you libs POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Eternal vigilance is the price of FREEDOM, and let the enemies of such know!

  15. Wanting and getting it passed is another thing. I do not think Ann Ravel has that power unless backed by the congress. Now correct me if I am wrong, doesn’t the republicans control both House & Senate? So , what is the bitch if this is true, do you not have faith in your party?

    • Considering their voting record for “More BIGGER government,” I’d say SHOULD control, but ‘acquiesce is easier (and safer for re-election)’ She has whatever power “We The People” don’t choose to challenge, which as we have seen, can be considerable.

    • So what has the RNC controlled Congress done for Conservatism?

    • No, I don’t have faith in either party. They are two sides of the same coin. Republicans are just as wishy-washy as democrats. Especially Boehner and McConnell.

    • jimmy, not after Boeher, McConnell, Graham, Hatch, and McCain all capitulate to OWEbama and vote for everything he wants including funding OWEbamaTAX, approving the dead TPP that Boehner resurrected from the ashes, etc.. We the People have no faith in the RINOs in Congress. They have turned viciously against the Conservatives in Congress to the point of stripping them of their chairmanships. Boehner and McConnell MUST be replaced by voting them out of their chairmanship positions the sooner the better.

    • Are you referring to the new and improved liberal leftist republican RINO congress?

      • LOL…You fools are starting to eat each other… Both parties have a following of sheep and nitwits. And, we wonder why our country is in the toilet…. I just hope you all get flushed!

        • Care to elaborate why you find my statement so funny?
          The Republicans that were elected are not what we thought we were getting. They are siding with the dem-libs and BO.

          • “The Republicans that were elected are not what we thought we were
            getting.” LMAO!!!!
            That says it all. Now I do not know how old you are, but, I have been around for a while. I can tell you from my experience. From the 70’s until now, republicans as well as democrats that were elected have been this way for years now.
            I could be wrong, but, I believe both parties are in this together and know just what they are doing.
            Keep us divided, tell us what we want to hear, line their pockets, their families pockets and friends pockets with as much cash as possible. In short, they are all thieving basturds. Some worse than others…
            We have become fools in this country. We play right into their BS and keep on taking eating it up. Sadly, my generation and my parents generation have seen the best of America. America will not come back to the great nation it was once! We have no one else to blame but. We The People!

          • Now that is a good series of statements I can agree with.
            We were all hoping that 11/4/14 would have been different. But I think many of us knew it was a fishing expedition in the middle of the desert. We were looking for the worst and hoping for the best.
            We got way worse than we were even expecting though.

  16. These so called intelligent radical democratic Marxists the likes of Ravel shouldn’t have to fear free speech that is protected by the Constitution for their own political purposes. They already have complete control of voter fraud at election time. That has served them quite well in the past.

  17. Patricia McGehee

    I can’t wait until we see the backside of the Communist Muslim traitor in the WH!

  18. It’s truth in media act !!! Yes truth , we all know that FOX , politicians and Big Money Lobbists hate to lose their spin machine but the American people deserve the truth !!! Ronald Reagan and the republican congress repealed this act so they could manipulate the American people but that is ending . All these groups will be held accountable for their lies whit fines and jail time !!! It’s a great day in America !!!

    • And I’m sure you will want to appoint yourself “Newspeak Controller,” judging by your early start.

    • Yes truth, but whose truth are we talking about. John Q. Public is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t have a clue. Hey john do you really know what you’re saying, do you have any idea of who is being manipulated? It’s you and people like you who have been lied to for so long you believe the lie. Why don’t you tell us what these lies are that you talk about. Brian Williams gets caught in a big lie and you accuse Fox of lying, how does that make any sense? Start questioning things, when is the last time you questioned anything coming from the left. For example why is the left so against voter I.D? Why won’t they protect the border? Why did they lie about the reason Benghazi happened? Why did Obama lie about, “like your health insurance? you can keep your health insurance” Now give some of your examples of Fox or the right lying, I’m listening. Go to you tube and find out what;s going on, here’ an example:


  19. Can we get rid of people like her? She obviously doesn’t understand the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech in most cases. It’s not a document just for Liberals.

    • You will likely not get rid of the likes of her. The only way to get rid of the regulation, and/or Bill, is to let it be instituted, then file a law suit and take it all the way to the Supreme Court. But even that is not any guaranty as the SCOTUS is shot in the dark at the very best, what with the “Roberts” factor.

    • Just think about the damage they could cause with there not so much time left. That is a very scary thought.

    • In all cases.
      You do not have the right to not be offended.

      • Try rewriting your statement without the double negative. If you use that it ‘s like saying you have the right TO be offended.

        • Check your English book. Double negative not used in this case.

        • Incorrect.
          You have the right to not be offended.
          You don’t have the right to be offended.
          However, you have the right to be offended, is not in the constitution.
          The only right is to offend anyone you choose.
          So, as I said,
          you do not have the right to not be offended.
          It is symantically correct.

          • You certainly do have the right to be offended, but you don’t have the right to interfere with someone else’s speech because you are,

          • Actually, you have the RIGHT to be offensive and you can be as offended as you choose to be or not to be.
            Liberals are trying to obtain the right for you not to offend them.

          • I actually don’t give a damn if they’re offended by what someone says or not.

          • Very good! Stand by your guns.

          • hey guys and gals, I ma sitting here wondering why I am laughing so hard at you guys, it is funny the way you are offended, not because you are offended but because someone else is offended.Let me add I am offended for all of us, ok, can we get to the important things. or should we wait until no one is offended any more. that might work.
            OK peopleyou are on your own I need to get some sleep. I certainly hope I did not offend anyone tonight . If I did get over it. good night and thank you for your input say your prayers tonight,

          • Stop worrying about offending anyone or being offended by anyone, accept that it happens, live your own lives, let others live their own lives, stop being such babies and take things with a grain of salt.
            liberals need to grow up and quit whining about everything.

          • Thank you, I would have said something to that effect also but not tonight I am very tired. again vey well said.

          • Thank you for saying so. Have a good night

          • thank you. I will try.

          • Only the left will decide who can be offended and what can offend them.

            The rest of you morons can get stuffed. If this offends you, too bad.

          • Very good!

          • I’ll decide what I find offensive, not the Borg on the left.

          • As long as you don’t try to change the constitution to define what is or isn’t offensive to you personally as the receiver then I agree with you.
            I will try hard to not be offensive to someone but i’ll be danged if I will let them try to keep me from saying something to them that they find offensive.
            They’re gonna have to just suck it up and get over it.

          • Changing the Constitution? Never a thought

          • That was a general you not a you you 🙂

      • Talk about being offended, this entire administration offends me, but it’s only the left that can get offended. the rest of us can suck it up. It’s called fairness.

        • Greyfox, if you want to be offended you can be offended we are still a free country . but not for long unless we offend any else quickly, and show them we don’t care how offended they are.

      • Hillary will tell you what is right ans what is wrong, just listen to her.


        Hillary at her screaming best.

    • Problem is they do understand the Constitution. Like I said before, That is why I think a lot and especially Obama took Constitutional Law. To find ways to change and if that don’t work, destroy the Constitution that they swore to protect. Well if they think that is the way of protection than I say we are all in trouble and know what they mean when they keep pledging to protect the American People.

      • The trouble is that their definition of offensive and the definition of what is offensive to the average Joe many not be the same thing.

  20. hey all you people sat back and vote for obama twice and it was the young people that put him in office. You all had a chance to stop the fcc from controlling the internet and now that we see what they want to do. The fcc committee majority appointed by obama are liberal progressive democrats so they have the votes to do whatever they wish. Hold onto your butts because the freedom of speech on the internet is starting to be taken away from us and you people who voted for obama have no one to complaint than yourself.

  21. Adolph Hitler would be proud of their actions and the Big “0” can send his own version of the Gestapo to our homes and businesses to round us up.

  22. freedomoutpost ken

    That will be the day Freedom on Earth dies, and Hell on Earth begins.

    • freedom, it’s already here -our freedoms are being usurped by the DEMONcRATS/liberals/RINOs. Look at what has happened to the Conservatives at the hands of the IRS; what happened with Occupy groups taking over with no repercussions; what happened with the unions taking over the capital building in WI and where the Dems in Congress headed out and refused to negotiate with the Repubs; what happened with the riots in multiple cities with no consequences except our law enforcement is treated as criminals; what did OWEbama and now the SCOTUS do to we the people with the OWEbamaTAX – not once but twice; what happened to business people who prefer not to participate in homosexual “marriages”; what is happening with the Iran deal; what has happened with illegal invaders if the USA; shall I continue?

      • freedomoutpost ken

        You would have to write several huge books and most of those would be filled with the new bureaucratic regulations that would fill volumes.

  23. You KNOW that the speech being regulated WON’T be that of Ovomit, Ann Ravel, and their liberal minions.

  24. Next thing they will go after is finger gestures.

  25. This is absolutely true. It happened to me. I have EarthLink for my email provider. A close friend sent me an email that had this in the “subject” line. “Planned Parenthood”. He got a notice back that EarthLink had “censored” his email and would not allow it to come to me. So….he changed the wording in the subject line, and the email came through. I was so furious I tried to have an online chat with EarthLink, but, after asking what the heck they were doing they put me online with a supervisor who wanted to check into it, as if he had no idea what was going on. He asked me for my password, at which time I ended the chat.
    Ladies and gentlemen, watch your six.
    Keep you powder dry.

  26. Screw that bitch and Obama too.

  27. Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence concerning rogue governments was never more relevant than today. The frog has been in the pot and the temperature is rising quickly. Better not ignore it much longer.

  28. More and more of our freedom is taken away each day and there is NOTHING we the people can do. Man cannot solve their own problems but God can.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND. [This principle applies to all times]
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

  29. Who has most to fear from the internet as it no stands. The answer is; The truth has most to fear. We can’t have people with a forum to state their views, that would be wrong. Can you imagine people saying what they think, we have to stop that nonsense. Dealing with the truth is a dangerous thing.

  30. More garbage to contend with!!!! I am sick of it. Aren’t you???????

  31. The socialist democratic party will morph into a dictatorship, you see it starting to happen here.. We can either stop it at the ballot boxes today or with blood in washington tomorrow.. Still our choice,but not for long.

  32. Is there some way to regulate her speech? Don’t you get tired too of so many liberals with so many stupid ideas? I sure do. Brain dead, illogical, don’t know their head from their rear, think something is a great idea but never think to the conclusion of its affect, etc. Think Washington state raising fast food workers to $15 so businesses have closed and more people unemployed because the restaurants cannot meet all bills and pay more. Simple logic because liberals don’t know math or how to think!

  33. This is nothing more than tyranny. This bitch wants to trample your 1st amendment rights. She would love to take your 2nd amendment rights away and remove all guns so she can trample the entire constitution. We need to remove these people ASAP.

  34. AS JFK said “Those who make peaceful resistance impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. Sic semper tyrannis!!

  35. here it comes…only three words permitted …..I WILL OBEY …..

  36. John E Strom Jr.

    Fuck her, strong message to follow

  37. I thought this was America, I like to know what this ann ravel really thinks and says, boy does obummer really hate this country and yet the dumb ones voted him in twice. the ones that voted for him really destroyed this great country, and as far for congress and senate how many really hate this country but LOVE OUR MONEY. STAND UP PEOPLE or we will be living in caves and tents and starting campfires and using drums to talk to each other.

  38. Concerned Citizen

    This is a federal bureaucratic agency that can’t even properly regulate the content of the broadcast media and they expect to be given the authority to regulate internet online speech. Simply ridiculous. Too much federal bureaucratic involvement by liberals [many of whom] have never held a real job in their lives.

  39. Another hair brained idea from the left, who want to regulate all facets of our lives… Quit screwing with the1st. amendment … Its all about our rights..

  40. To all the aholes the were (are) in favor of net neutrality we knew this was coming you all said nothing was going to change. From pink floyd just another brick in the wall.

  41. Fear not! This country will soon collapse, and when it does, these fools will have no one to dictate to! They will very likely be hunted down and given the “justice” they so richly deserve! Politics won’t save them! Law enforcement won’t save them! There will be no place for them to escape to! It has happened before and it will happen here!

    • Maybe than, they will understand why Obama and his Thugs (Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, ETC..Race Baiters) have done everything in their power to escalate the tensions between Police and The American People. They want us completely compliant and with no one we could trust to protect us. And it also explains why they also will do, say, or use any situation to gain the power to take away our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights. Without our guns and our speech, we would be completely at the mercy of this Administration and its agenda for America. Heck even the head of the Democratic DNC could not explain the difference between her party and what Socialist stand for. Thats because there is NO Difference and she knew it. Socialist, communist, ETC.. use to be bad words and people would run from it. Now a days, since it comes with a hole lot of freebies, a lot of Americans welcome it with open arms. Heck here in Washington State, I already posted that one woman ran as a socialist and won. What happened to our pride, to our dreams, to our beliefs and to our Morals?

    • I have actually found myself looking forward to that day.
      Erase, rewind and press play again starting from the American Revolution but edit the govt as we move forward, delete the defects and streamline the recording to stay within the Constitutional requirements.
      When a liberal rears it’s ugly head, tar and feather it and run it out of town.

  42. The leftist psycho FEC TRICK, forgets one very important issue. That pesky 1st Amendment in the United States Constitution FREEDOM OF SPEECH like the 2nd Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Bottom line OBAMA and his Brown Shirts are looking for a fight. To all you left wing pukes, this is the United States Of America, not the old dead soviet union. You want that kind of government, move to Russia

  43. Courtesy of yet another of Barry’s butt-kissers. Shame on them all !

  44. Okay, so now, have you had enough?
    There is no way that we can coexist with the liberal scum, they will never quit tying to cheat you and run your life.
    We must physically separate ourselves from these people it is thew only way to, prevent civil war.
    Contat your legislators quickly, we don’t have alot of time left with this before thew shtf

  45. Freedom means it is ok as long as I have the same values.

    • Freedom means when everyone has liberty to live as they choose.
      Values are a personal preference, as are morals and ethics.
      If one class of people weren’t trying to control other classes of people liberty would exist without a fight.
      Live by and within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and there would be no problems.

  46. What’s wrong with these “women” in government? Are they ALL gay “lovers of self”?

    • Just like the guys on the Left. They all want to be our mommies and daddies because the American People are to stupid. Isn’t that what they always say during interviews. Look at the guy who helped build the ACA “Grubber” who had no problem going in front of the DNC and even stated such. He even said they counted on our stupidity to get this passed through lies. Its just that now its completely acceptable to call the American People stupid because, heck I guess we are. Obama did get voted into office twice right? Well, that is if you don’t feel like me, that he stole the second thanks to voter fraud. Why do you think they fight so bad to put into effect the one thing that could stop it. Voter ID.. I for one have not heard of one good reason why we don’t have it, so I ask why the American People don’t DEMAND IT. I don’t care if Obummer threatens to VETO it. Make the people see him for what he stands for which is more deceit, lies, and NO protection for Americans while illegals and ISIS gets his total blessing. Who does he work for again? I think its IRAN and all her radicals, because it sure is not America or her People.

      • SPOT ON. He was selected, not elected. And yes, most Americans are stupid – and fat – because most leftards are not birthright citizens in the first place. Your comment is great – thanks.

        • Thank you for your kind words but really just stating how I feel. Still waiting for the first attacks to hit. Usually there is usually one or two Liberals or Democrats who come into these discussions just to start name calling because they don’t like what someone has gone through personally. I have even had some I think, that want me to change the facts of something said or done to me or my family so that it sets into their agenda or what they think their agenda is. Or should I say what Obama wants their agenda to be… LOL Just look at how the extremist on the left are trying their hardest to change our past so that it does not offend someone. I think the left would be happy once cloning started so they could make us all carbon copies of who and how people act in America. In their eyes no one should ever fight to get to the top, they should just be handed it wither deserved or not. Their American Dream is that everyone, is one way or another, be on some kind of Government Tit so that if you go against them they can punish you by taking your freebies away. Darn it America, step in line and Don’t even try to be yourself… Its not good enough for our Government.

      • The “stupidity” you stated begins when parents do not pay attention to what is being taught in school. Considering that most universities are filled with liberal thinkers it might be a good idea to see what your kids are learning there, And most teachers today in the minor grades are products of that upper educational system, The result, more liberal thinking electorates, Most of them are too stupid to understand that they have no understanding of our county’s history, or how to preserve the concepts that the Founders brought forward. It’s absolutely pathetic, and the USA will eventually go down in flames, as have other governance experiments, unless there is some miracle that could happen. Don’t count on that to save our country.

      • Actually there is a good reason to not to have a Voter ID.
        It would be one step closer to having a National or Federal ID or a Picture and all personal data on your Social Slavery Number Card.
        Voter ID is not the answer.
        Rather the borders need to be sealed, illegal alien flow needs to cease, legal immigration needs to be brought back with the appropriate measures to vet and verify already established Identification as obtained by foreign citizens from the foreign countries and governments they immigrate from.
        They apply for a VISA, then move here, study and take the citizenry test and become a legal citizen.
        Heck, even open Ellis Island back up as the primary entry point and use it like in the late 18&1900s.
        Why is this so darned hard?

    • Narcissists like the one on top.

  47. Dictators will always stifle free speech. Dictators do not operate in the light of day. That’s why Obama is the least transparent president ever. America made the biggest mistake ever when we elected our communist president. The real pity is that dumb people can’t see him for what he is.

  48. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    reality check, Kerry is a conservative?

  49. Michael Dennewitz

    Think of it! If “Bikers of America” and “Truckers of America” got together, they could ride on DC and shut it down completely, not to mention every main artery coming to or leaving the communist capitol!!

  50. ravel needs put into a rubber room before she hurts herself! the American people will not stop expressing their views, so shove it where the sun doesn’t shine ravel!

  51. More Nazi tactics to make sure the opposition can be sued for opposing or stating their position on issues! ! ! That is ALL this is and the FEC is a Communist and anti-Constitution (which means Anti-AMERICAN) as you can get.

    Such people need to be tried for their anti american operation and banned from any action at all in politics and voting. Citizens swear to uphold the constitution IF they legally enter the country as immigrants. Natural born citizens are more anti-Constitution and anti american than immigrant citizens.

  52. LOL! Love the photo. If Demonrats want to censor our free speech on the internet, we can always go back to using CB Radios like they did in the 70’s!

  53. We need to support the Convention of States, for Article 5 to Oust Obama & the current Supreme Court, & appoint candidates by “we the people.” Enough of the Dictator.

  54. If they want to moderate what I have to say on the internet then I expect to have all politicians monitored for any lies they may tell the people, and be punished for those lies, the same as a business that gets punished for false advertising…….what da ya think ?

  55. Well FEC when it become a crime no to speak your mind. I see the liberals certainly open their mouths to degrade and accuse alot and try as they can to squash free speech as if they are the only ones to be able to speak.!!!

  56. SHE must be immediately imprisoned, and face trial for violating her oath and Constitutional duty to the America Republic.

    Arrest her immediately to put a stop to all this lieberal nonsense or you will face the consequences of lunacy that has already grasped all other nations in the world and put them on choke holds!

    This is how DEADLY lieberalism is. DO NOT MESS WITH IT!

  57. You KNOW!…. what these fools… are Trying to do, with the Internet….. They won’t be happy until they have DESTROYED FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA!!! WAKE UP…. SHEEPLE……. W NEED TO TELL ALL OF THEM TO GO TO HELL. INCLUDING EVERY DAG-GONE ONE OF THE IMBECILS (in Congress!) who VOTED, FOR THIS PILE OF CA-CA !!!!! DOES ANYONE REMEMBER LIBERTY? ANYMORE ?????

  58. Where was the FEC in 2008 when Obamanation usurped the office he now holds? Where were they in 2012, when there was widespread Demonic-Rats voter fraud? The FEC is an impotent and worthless government organization!


  60. is there N O T H I N G they don’t want to control?!

  61. this is what the Nazi’s did to get control, stop freedom of speech

  62. YO! Ann Ravel here is a tip for you. SHUT UP!

    Ann Ravel

  63. Hell they are already doing it say something and see if you won’t get mediated.

  64. Another stupid whore thinking its ok to ignore the constitution, go back in the kitchen where you belong you dimwitted trollop

  65. Damn communists and progressives everywhere.

  66. Amazing how it is always the demoRAT/libtards who want to shut everyone up so they can’t say anything negative about their messiah or their communist agenda. Great picture – Pegasus — fits the demoRATS to a T.

  67. Another freedom they are trying to take away. If this passes it will not be the end. Remember them want the sermons from the churches. There is just no end to the surprised from Obama. And how the hell is Hillary getting away from a investigation that anyone else would have? We the people are allowing this to happen.

  68. Ann Ravel is a true idiot liberal weirdo… you can never take away our 1st Amendment rights… I’m sure this will go to court… Just look at the pic of Ann Ravel… The pic below looks just like her in her troubled depraved weird Nazi youth…. stupid to the Nth degree! The Marxists and the Progressives are what is wrong with this country and Oblamer’s to blame for it all!

    • Just what we need another weirdo. Where are the sane people ? Did some bad fairy come and round them all up and took them to their special place and promise them the sun ,moon and the stars and thru in the 72 ladies of the night.

  69. These effing idiots just keep the distaste for the Demoncrat party growing each time they believe they are helping this socialist party with their stupid laws and restrictions.

  70. When they stop all dissent to their crazy liberal agenda is probably when what would have been comments turns to flying projectiles! That’s why they need the guns first….

  71. This will be against the Constitution and our freedom of speech if they start regulating what we can say on the internet.

  72. Ravel must be a communist, they hate uncontrolled speech.

  73. These Democrats in government need to be ousted.

  74. The liberals are promoting Cultural Marxism unfortunately in America.

  75. The plans is: One thousand cuts to our Bill of Rights by this administration’s appointees until there is nothing left of them. “Fundamental Change” is what we are getting.

  76. It’s morons like Ann Ravel that are the ones that need to be regulated! The position of God was filled many moons ago! All the socialist sickos are severely under-qualified for that position, anyway!

  77. The head of FEC should go to jail for even thinking of regulating speech on internet or any where else. They are trying to under mine the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. This should not be tolerated.

  78. Please pull the Flush handle and get rid of all this CRAP in this administration

  79. We have had years of these trash talkers in our educational system. That is why the majority of people from 50 on down see nothing wrong in what these progressive democrats say. They have been indoctrinated all through their school years. Until our Country comes tumbling down; they will not see what is happening. It’s sad. I can recall the time if a government official said what the head of the FEC said the people would be yelling TREASON.

    • good for you. It makes me sick to see what is going on in our schools. It makes things worse when we think about what the parents did to stop it. Nothing and why ? I now why but nobody wants to hear it. When they wake up it will be too late to stop it.

  80. Please join in this discussion. It is a very good one. come and vent it helps to get it out in the open. And we need to hear what you are feeling and thinking

  81. Anything they do is a violation of the 1st admindment. They should have no power to control anything.
    This is just one of many federal agencys that was created with good intentions but have become corrupt under Demoncrat leadership like the IRS has.
    Does the FCC have their own swat team and secret weapons cache like so many do? They may need to combat those radical radio waves out there.

  82. The only reason we are here is because the incompetent leadership of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell let it get this far.

  83. Dominic Roy Accampo

    If this goes through I guess I’ll go to jail.

  84. I would very much like to regulate ‘progressives’ with a suitable length of well knotted rope.

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