FBI’s Shocking Confession About China

FBI Director Christopher Wray remarked on Tuesday during a House committee hearing that China has managed to steal the most American data. As he noted they have stolen more “than every other nation combined.”

Wray said that China has the world’s largest hacking program and as a result, they have managed to steal both personal and business data from America. This statement was made during the House Homeland Security Committee’s annual worldwide threats hearing.

The director, also said that this was a “national security concern” for the U.S. Wray also talked about how TikTok and its parent company ByteDance, both of which are based in China could pose a major intelligence concern. He added that these give the Chinese Government the option to control the data collected by millions of users. They can also then use the algorithms to recommend a specific type of content and influence others on the platform. They could also control the app and software that is essentially available on millions of devices. As Wray described these are only some of the problems that TikTok poses.

There are also still many questions about the extent to which companies share documents with the Chinese government in Beijing. This increases the levels of concern over what is actually occurring and what is taking place.

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  1. We need to bankrupt China, take away their production and bring it back to America; like President Trump was doiing.

    Biden is in bed with China and selling us out for his personal gain, he should be in prison.

  2. The CCP owns most if not all politicians, MSM, and high ranking people.

  3. We set back as China is pushing for world dominance’s and we have a clown President and his cocaine son who are taking in as j h from China under the table yet we have voted him his socialist party members into the top positions showing just exactly how uAmerican now has become whether it’s from political stupidity or dislike for opposition or shear stupidly thru today’s propaganda they are seeming to thrive on.

    • We, the American people did not vote Biden in. As his own words from his mouth proved “ IT’S NOT THE VOTE THAT COUNTS, IT’S WHO COUNTS THE VOTES THAT COUNTS” and our stupid RINO Republicans just ignored it as typical Biden trash. I believe he has once again proven the Dems will remain in power because most of the Republicans are spineless. MTG has more balls than the weak male Republicans.

  4. Wray proved Trump was correct, but doubt Wray is going to do anything to stop China’s thievery of all thing US.

  5. Biden sold us out to china and russia. They’re partners in crimes against the US. Biden blames Putin for all his problems and that’s fine with Putin cause it in his mind makes him a string leader. Same with Xi it’s a favor they do for eachother.

  6. Amen Tracy!

    Just about everything Trump claimed during the last SUPPOSED ELECTION THAT TURNED OUT TO BE A SELECTION is coming true. Trump tried to treat everyone fairly and I was so proud of him when he gave
    out money to Black students to go to college. Fair is fair and Trump tried to help them help themselves
    by being able to afford a college degree.

    They have investigated everything on Trump and probably all the way down as low as they could go but
    isn’t it amazing they are JUST ‘NOW” getting around to investigate Hunter. Is this what the demmys refer as proper ‘JUSTICE’ I think NOT, no rephrase that, I know “NOT”. I guess these high mighty Demmys never heard the phrase ‘ WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER.”

    It is only a matter of time before the demmys will be wanting to find some high quality earplugs because the Re-pub-li-CANS are going to be coming out strong.


  7. With ISSR the US slowly starved them out of existence. Our politicians have decided we will instead choke CCP to death on $100 bills. I wonder which strategy will be more effective.

  8. The DOJ & FBI are investigating the Biden’s? Since when? Open the books on all congress members!
    These crooks need to be put in jail!

    The 1-6 people need to be let out of jail the hypocrisy is horrible how this admin does worse than those they point their finger at.

    Close the boarder it’s destroying our county!

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