FBI’s Hillary Clinton Decision is an Insult to our Intelligence

If you ever wondered just how much contempt the Obama administration has for the average American, you got a fairly conclusive answer on Tuesday morning. When the FBI declined to recommend charges for Hillary Clinton, they were essentially saying: Yes, we actually think you’re dumb enough to buy this. And the sad thing is, they might be right.

Obviously, not everyone is satisfied with the decision. Republicans harshly criticized FBI Director James Comey. Donald Trump released a statement claiming the “system is rigged.” House Speaker Paul Ryan said the decision not to bring charges “defied explanation.” Everyone who thought Hillary was guilty on Monday still thought she was guilty on Tuesday.

But that goes without saying. Anyone who understands what Hillary Clinton is all about – anyone who has followed this story carefully from the beginning – was not going to be happy with anything other than an indictment.

This is about the rest of the voting public. Liberals. Democrats. Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Feminists. Can these people see the travesty of justice that is this decision? Are they so blinded by their ideological beliefs that they’re willing to ignore blatant corruption? Do none of them have the courage to look in the mirror and ask themselves: If this was a Republican, would I be okay with this outcome?

If we assume that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers will not plummet in the days to come, this episode reveals some very troubling truths about the state of our country. It reveals that Democratic voters are fully willing to turn a blind eye to criminal misconduct – and even an obvious political coverup – if it means saving one of their own. In other words, they see the law as just another partisan tool. Another element of the game. Nothing more.

That’s frightening, but maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

After all, that attitude would explain quite a lot about the last eight years.


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