FBI’s Hillary Clinton Decision is an Insult to our Intelligence

If you ever wondered just how much contempt the Obama administration has for the average American, you got a fairly conclusive answer on Tuesday morning. When the FBI declined to recommend charges for Hillary Clinton, they were essentially saying: Yes, we actually think you’re dumb enough to buy this. And the sad thing is, they might be right.

Obviously, not everyone is satisfied with the decision. Republicans harshly criticized FBI Director James Comey. Donald Trump released a statement claiming the “system is rigged.” House Speaker Paul Ryan said the decision not to bring charges “defied explanation.” Everyone who thought Hillary was guilty on Monday still thought she was guilty on Tuesday.

But that goes without saying. Anyone who understands what Hillary Clinton is all about – anyone who has followed this story carefully from the beginning – was not going to be happy with anything other than an indictment.

This is about the rest of the voting public. Liberals. Democrats. Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Feminists. Can these people see the travesty of justice that is this decision? Are they so blinded by their ideological beliefs that they’re willing to ignore blatant corruption? Do none of them have the courage to look in the mirror and ask themselves: If this was a Republican, would I be okay with this outcome?

If we assume that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers will not plummet in the days to come, this episode reveals some very troubling truths about the state of our country. It reveals that Democratic voters are fully willing to turn a blind eye to criminal misconduct – and even an obvious political coverup – if it means saving one of their own. In other words, they see the law as just another partisan tool. Another element of the game. Nothing more.

That’s frightening, but maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

After all, that attitude would explain quite a lot about the last eight years.


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  1. StupidConservativeValues

    A new post office near Denny Hastert’s old school is being named in his honor. Fuck yea! Repukes are awesome!

    • Go back to your copy of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” for new inspirations.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        I see you pulled your nose out of your nearly worn out copy of Mein Kampf long enough to write more of your trademark bullshit.

        • Judging by the highly intellectual content of the answers by this far-left cretin I must conclude that the shithead is a retired government employees union goon.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            MarcJ you’re a classic closeted cum guzzling gagging bagger…gurgle, gurgle.

          • This far-left POS took time out from her prayers to that double Hillary-Hussein altar to spew more invectives – my writing must have hit the shithead where it hurts.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hillary-Hussein!?! Ha what a fucking laugh! Just yesterday Drump said he liked Hussein, did a great job killing terrorists!
            You’re a low energy voter. Get lost loser!

          • He also noted that Hussein was a “bad man”. Do try to get it right. And one other thing, Hussein did do a great job of killing terrorist, a hell of a lot better job than Obama is doing by letting them go free..

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Now, I know this will be difficult Brenda, but try to critically think about the flaws in your statement. If your head starts to hurt and you feel pressure, that’s a sign you don’t have enough grey cells to do the job. If this is the case, which it likely will be, just resign yourself to the fact, curl up on your bed and shit yourself.

            Didn’t your mommy tell you can’t have it both ways, unless you’re into double penetration?

          • At least you avatar describes you to a tee.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            That’s Paul McCartney idiot!

          • disqus_N9tuohBqdn

            Only on that describes what you just did has to be one

          • Not everyone’s into your hobbies, gay boy

          • StupidConservativeValues

            And you like to lurk around elementary schools when they let out for the day…so what’s your point asshole?

          • disqus_N9tuohBqdn

            I agree

    • Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 12 fought in battles as members of state militias, five were captured and imprisoned during the Revolutionary War, 17 lost property as a result of British raids, and five lost their fortunes in helping fund the Continental Army and state militias battle the redcoats. They did all of this so an idiot like you could make ridiculous asinine statements like you just did. You are a poster child of our wonderful government schools and the awesome dumbed-down graduates they produce.

  2. The GOP and our empty suit Hump is responsible for the sleazy duo to slim their way back into the White House. The Hump has no creds and will lose to the sleaze couple. The GOP needs to reorganize by 2020.

    • No, you are wrong! The people who vote for the sleazy couple are responsible!
      Trump has more credibility than anyone at this point!
      But sleazy people do not want to accept Trump, who does have a vested interest in this country, and who will/wants to correct the wrongs to right. It is because the sleaze have been brainwashed and NO backbone to think for themselves other than they are owed a living off the tax payers hard earned money! Stop paying taxes and see how long they would last!
      After all the sleazy couple NEVER had a vested interest in this country but lived off the money they stole from us and other countries to live the life style THEY think they are entitled to! Humph!
      The Sleezey liberal media, lying liberals, PC believers, crazies (who want to do away with our Constitution/Bill of rights), and accept NWO are at fault for where we are today!

      • Right on tbs!! You hit the nail on the head!!

      • UR so wrong. How many moderate Republicans are not attending the Humps convention. McCain, Kasich, Rubeo, Will and some others as of now. The Hump is loaded with BS and if we had a rational candidate, the sleazy duo would have a much tougher time sliming their way toward the White House. The hard core sleaze will stay with their leaders but we are after the undecided and the BS the Hump spews day in, day out makes sliming the White House much more possible.

    • I thought they were going to reorganize after 2012. To be more inclusive, the autopsy said. Oops, wrong direction. Of course it was all a ruse. The Repuke Party is racist to the core.

      • Until the GOP dumps the Tea Party ultra conservatives, the sleazy Dems will slime their way into the White House. The ultra conservative Tea Party is the exact opposite of the socialist party of ultra liberals and both will never be contenders. So until that’s fixed we have the sleaze verses the Hump of BS.

        • OH,,,Moderates are the answer then?

          Sounds like “HUMP”

          Jeez Shaker, Pick a side and stick to it.

          Let’ go with Trump and then at liest we will have a chence to do something different. If he screws up I’ll be the first one to stand with you all the way. If the Treasonous Felon Cackling witch gets in we are all through for good.

          At liest we have a chance with Trump. With her it is over.

      • So says a member of the party of Jim Crow.

    • If she gets in there will be nothing left to reorganize.

      The BEST that could be hopped for is a defistation civil war which will end up with an invasion by Russia and/or China.

      The best if she gets in is we will be a 3d world communist country and we won’t care if we get invaded, because it will be she same under either communist dictatorship. Hers, or any other dictator.

      I’m not sure the election won’t be fixed and Trump will not be able to get elected no matter how many votes he gets, but if you have enough brains to heat up your hair oil you had better pray hard for Trump,,,,unless you are part of the RIINO/DEmocrat elite establishment that put us in this perdiciment, anyway.

      • Very sad but Trump needs to win and he’ll have to be watched like a hawk. Hopefully I’m wrong and he’ll be great but he’s the lesser of two evils as I see it.

  3. That’s because dumpocraps don’t consider themselves American.They are a bunch of idiots with a brain of a flea and talk out of their ass

    • <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq575p:….,…

    • At heart and mind, the majority of us are Americans regardless of what party we choose to follow; that, is one of our constitutional rights that neither Obama or Hillary Clinton can not take away; that is until they sees the constitution banned and he moves into his THIRD term in office and has changed the colors of our flag!
      I was a registered Democrat for close to 50 years but never allowed party to tell me who to vote for or what to vote for! I FIRMLY believe I have the right to vote for whom I feel is best qualified, the most honest and has the best background (with positive American ideals, values and principles at heart and mind; honest, trustworthy, reliable and puts America and the American people first!); I only vote party when two candidates are closely tied in essential traits and abilities.
      I switched to the Republican party four years ago as I could no longer take the mind set the Democratic party was taking. Democrats expect everyone in their party to do as they say, think as they say, say as they are told to say and never question anything the party agenda mandates. When the Democratic put Votes at the top of their agenda turning their efforts away from the real needs of our nation and concentrating of winning offices rather then keeping America Great!
      Today you see that in every meeting they have, every sales pitch, every action they take. The best example is Obama’s obsession of turning the United States into a different society. Changing America into what he wants it to be; not what millions of men and women have died protecting, what millions of legal immigrants have helped mold and make strong, not what our kids grew up admiring as they saluted the flag and pledged their allegiance to in school, boy scouts and girl scouts, FFA, FHA, Civil Air Patrol, school sports, dreams of their future , prayed at football and basketball games, played with kids of all colors and accents. In the Obama world that has been destroyed – Hillary Clinton has been a part of that ; her way, her way, her way – and Americans have died because of it!
      In the years Obama has set in the White House we have seen our nation become crowded with illegal immigrants he has elected to concern himself with only minimal action and more often than not, ignoring federal laws, to appease the illegals desires and demands.
      Millions and millions of American workers have suffered because of Obama’ passiveness toward enforcing federal laws that prohibit illegal immigrants from working in the U.S.; Obama has made the illegal immigrants problem even worse by allowing those committing crimes, tried in court, found guilty and imprisoned only to be released back onto our streets before their time has been completed; in spite of his statement that “if an undocumented immigrant commits a crime in the United States I will deport them,” as he stated earlier this year BUT HAS NOT DONE!
      As a long, long time voter, I always vote for what I think is best for this country. I could not vote for another Obama mentality and there is no way in hell I would ever vote for Hillary Clinton or anyone with her background and attitude!
      I can not vote for Hillary today or at any time in the future! I have spent most of my life in the military and working in local law enforcement and as a supervisory security supervisor in the federal government; Hillary is as close to being a traitor and Political Criminal as I have ever seen.
      Hillary Clinton is a proven lire, she has very poor personal values, her decision making skills are terribly weak and she has a track record of failures including the responsibility for the deaths of four good Americans at Benghazi and a vote to go to war without ever reading the bill or the information regarding the vote – because someone else told her to vote YES; as she has admitted to doing! !
      I had given strong thought to voting for Berny Sanders but with him out of the picture I will now vote for Trump. He is not the best candidate I have studied in the past 50 years but he is heads above Hillary Clinton. Anyone who makes an honest appraisal of the two will see, that in spite of his awkward and sometime crude speeches, he is far more trustworthy and capable than Hillary Clinton. He has proven himself in private business throughout the world; Hillary has shown a repeated pattern of failures and lack of responsibility. Trump earns his money and spends his own money; Hillary begs and solicits money then spends other peoples money; consider her net value when she is not really even employed – She said years back that she and Bill are broke; she became a Senator and Secretary of state and she is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. While millions of Americans struggle from day to day this government employee then unemployed woman has become wealthy.
      Look too at the men and women who have lost their homes under the Obama administration, the failures our government has had in global relations under Obama and Hillary Clinton, look at the millions and millions of Americans who are now living on social support benefits because our nations jobs are being taken by immigrants! While We Have almost 42 Million Americans in need of work, Americans of all nationalities who came here years ago or who can trace their heritage back to immigrants are being ignored while Obama increases the number of legal immigrants allowed into the U.S. to work; Three out of FOUR jobs in the U.S. is being taken by low paid immigrants – Americans of all color and all religion is being pushed out of the work force. Hillary says she will see the miners she is putting out of work get retraining and replacement jobs; How, when millions of Americans are out of work, where will Hillary see they are relocated to – where there are jobs ( away from their families, their kids schools and friends, give up their home, families left behind!
      It is not the desires, interest or plans of the MINERS AMERINCAN DREAM but rather Hillary Clintons! Just as Obama has done – a lot of false promises that are never lived up to; once the voting is over and promise is no longer on the minds of those elected only NO LONGER NEED the votes – the promises will be forgotten!
      Those who believe in Hillary, and believe she may just change her habit of lies and deceit, they can vote for her but they will recall later they knew she lied and she failed and she has tried blaming others for her failures; when people see her promises forgotten and ignored; they can consider their choice a failure also!
      Even the simplest studies will show Hillary Clinton is not fit to lead anything!

      • I also was a dumocrat,I changed to republican 20 some years ago and i pray the elections are fair,But knowing hitlary i have my doubts

        • Know many dems that saw the dem party has turned into a socialistic dictatorship of greedy power hungry traitors like hilt ,bo & cronies that are destroying U.S. Freedom ! The smart people got out of the dem party & also get rid of rinos & libtard commies in congress … !

          • <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bw253p:….,…

        • I believe that Obama has been engaged in a plan to fix the 2016 election since 2012. I doubt anyone can beat hillary at this point.

          • I would not put anything past that muzzie,But i hope you are wrong.I am hoping the State Department can put her away or take her security clearance off of her

          • U may be right longnkrnch…only time will tell! But…no matter what OBAMA may, or may not have planned…we must not turn our back on him…he has been successful in all his twisted endeavors…so far…because we Americans have taken for granted that our presidents are honest, law-abiding citizens! Now that we are beginning to find out what he has been up to, we need to be diligent in making sure HILLARY does not get voted in to take his place …otherwise I believe she will pick up where he left off! Everyone that thinks OBAMA did a lousy job as President by overstepping his authority…then don’t vote for Hillary as we will probably get more of the same/old politics from her!! OBAMA, in my opinion, should have been impeached long ago…he is undoubtedly the worst President in America’s history! We don’t need HILLARY to finish off where he left off…in my opinion…she is definitely NOT trustworthy enough to become President of America especially after her Bengazi and numerous e-mail scandals!!

          • Dennis B Anderson

            They were afraid of a race war. Personally I think it would have cleaned out alot of dumb $cheieits. By all means Hitler-y should have her security clearence taken away from her. A vote for Hitler-y will put Bill Clinton back in the white house. There should be a law in place this pile of crap has already been impeached.

          • The only way Hillary can win is through a corrupt election process.
            She has lied to many times and been caught at it, she has failed to many times and it has cost this nation lives and most likely the sharing of significant information of great value to our enemies that can do harm to us and our allies.
            There will always be the idea that the attack on Benghazi was in great part stimulated by an intercepted Hillary email discussing the lack of security at Benghazi! She will deny it and the FBI says they have no positive proof her emails discussing it was intercepted or compromised; but the fact is, they have no proof the emails were not compromised either – and the there was an attack and Americans died. AND – remember she destroyed a huge number of emails she claims were all “private” but no one will ever know the truth; she lied about the rest of them – is there some reason to believe she told the truth about the ones she destroyed? MY GUESS IS the ones destroyed included far more than “personal” stuff and maybe a lot about Benghazi, the real threat she was faced with when the investigations started!
            Hillary claims she never got the message regarding the need for security at Benghazi (her original excuse was a “friend” had told her she needed to put security there but she declined because the suggestion had not come from her staff. – her story changed later as she said she did not get the memo everone else got regarding security needs .)
            CHANCES ARE – the message was sent to her official email system and she was to busy on her illegal server to bother with the one she should have been paying attention too!

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      • This 2016 election is beyond past politics of republicans & democrats in congress that have voided their sworn oath & duty to protect The U.S. Constitution & National Security … ! The vote for U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights to survive is the #1 subject now & it appears Trump is the only one that will make government For & By the U.S. Patriotic Citizens eacts we once knew & bo destroyed .. !IF the senate dem libtards ^ rino reps are not removed tha congress will still be a useless representation of the people & the same removal in the house has to happen with impeachments !

        • I agree with you 100% he is a Racist, he and his wife? Are Bigits out to destroy this Country. evil…pure evil.

        • On top of everything else he has done that has harmed AMERICA; in my opinion, I read an article on line that OBAMA plans to give himself an 18% increase in pay when he retires! If this is true…I would have to assume he feels he has been under-paid, and is trying to make up for it, Oh yes…he also suggested AMERICA gives all prior presidents a raise as well…how benevolent of him! He has been spending Americans tax dollars on such things as his infamous MiddleEast giveaway of, I believe ONE TRILLION dollars if they PROMISE NOT TO ACQUIRE ANOtHER BOMB…common sense would have been if they promised to DESTROY the bomb they ALREADY have! Then he gave another HUGH amount of our tax-payer’s money to CUBA if Castro promised to give their people
          more freedom! Per our news, it was reported that some women peacefully demonstrating for freedom, were arrested shortly after that agreement between OBAMA and the cuban government was made! OBAMA was still on the island at that time,at the airport…So much for that idea as well! Does anyone else see a Pattern here,of Spending, besides me? Where are there any checks ad balances?? All this coming out of our taxes…that could have helped us to take DOWN our debt!

        • Reading your post took me back to President Kennedy’s statement when he said, “Ask not what your government can do for you, but what you can do for your government.” He was so in touch with our nations needs; today his comments would have even more credibility.
          Our government has failed us and it is going to take the people to make it right! Not marches in the streets, not breaking windows or setting cars and buildings on fire. Not punching people or pushing them around or calling each other names.
          In the last seven years our nation has lost what 20 to 30+ years of efforts to bring equality and respect for the various races and religions. Our government has found it to their benefit to turn their back on the American working men and women and their families while importing more and more immigrants on work permits into the U.S. .
          While 42 MILLION Americans struggle to make it from day-to-day without work, the Washington team continues to import workers. Corporations and CEOs become wealthy while those who do have jobs are are still trying to survive on wages not better than they had ten years ago are left behind. NO ONE IN WAHINGTON lifts a finger to see Americans get back to work; not Democrats nor Republicans. Obama proudly proclaims how our economy has improved and how many people have gone to work; what he does not talk about is that, as his own labor department reports, three out of four jobs filled is being taken by immigrants, NOT AMERICAN WORKERS. Obama will report two thousand jobs filled; that would basically say 500 Americans got jobs and 1500 immigrants got jobs. What Obama does not talk about though is how many jobs were lost as employers cut back.
          As long as we allow Washington and the party leaders there continue doing as they want we will continue slipping further and further from what America was and should be today!
          We need to see that ANY current or previous elected or appointed person is removed from local, state and federal government positions. They had their opportunities to fix our nations problems but they did nothing; Doing Nothing seems to have become the watchword in Washington. They are happy to take on the simple not really pressing issues but turn their backs on the real issues! They all need to be replaced – as soon as possible. There is no logic in returning men and women to jobs they failed in!

        • Keep in mind replacing Obama is only part the need and best interest of the nation and the American people. We need to ensure a majority of Republicans in both houses or we will be back fighting the same thing we have been struggling with over the past years! Even with a majority in both houses we, as constituents, will most likely continue to be ignored as PARTY LEADERSHIP determines what they want accomplished which most often is what special interest groups pay for. We have plenty of Republicans in office already who are bums, free loafers and care less what is important to the working sector or the 42 million American men and women out of work. The fact the number of immigrant work visas continues to grow and Congress does nothing but appease Obama shows we have to many representatives in Washington who are better followers than leaders. Look at how many times Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have bent over for Obama; they need to be among the first to go. BUT THEN we need to be sure their replacements are picked by us and not the GOP Big Shots that have turned the current White House race into a floor show.

      • DAinB41
        It is sooo refreshing to hear a Democrat saying all the same things I believe! My Democrat brother would NEVER see your point of view! I sincerely pray that your comments will sway those steadfast Democrats who ONLY vote Democratic, no matter where the Democratic candidate stands on issues, nor, how much harm that candidate has already caused! In this case…I feel HILLARY is NOT fit to run due to her past indiscretions!! She knows she needs the black vote and seems to be pushing for their votes, even more! I hope, and believe they are smart enough to see through her charade! She, in my opinion speaks “out of both sides of her mouth…telling her audiences, just what they want to hear…truth or NOT! Yes…all politicians do this; but, not all politicians have the bad reputation she has…both her Bengazi Scandal, and, improper use of her private server for government business! Voting for her, in my opinion, would be like voting OBAMA back in! Does ANYONE really think any of his policies helped America? He knows how bad our economy is…on the verge of a depression…for all those who don’t know! Yet, he gave 1 trillion $$$s to IRAN, of OUR HARD EARNED tax dollars to NOT build a second nuclear Bomb! That will probably HELP IRAN to build ANOTHER bomb…and puts the U.S. Economy 1 trillion $$$’s further in debt…How does that action…plus giving CUBA a similar amt of our hard-earned tax money, in exchange for Cuba’s PROMISE to allow more freedom to their people? He was at the airport…still on Cuban soil, when a bunch of females started marching PEACEFULLY for freedom…they were arrested even before OBAMA had left Cuba! Our economy, again, was not taken into consideration, and thus put our economy FURTHER in debt; and, one step closer to a depression! He had, as President, to know how bad our economy is! WE THE PEOPLE need to keep these things in mind when voting…I believe HILLARY MUST have known these issues were not good for the US.!
        He did all this for our enemies…yet, as I read on Newsmax, if I recall correctly, that he is unwilling to use our tax dollars to help save Floridas Everglades. It was reported that there is scum accumulating in the S.Florida Everglades, which is expected to keep getting worse; and, eventually, destroy the Eco-system in the Everglades, killing much of the wildlife that lives there, not to mention S. Florida’s tourist economy! Maybe it is not the business of our government to help individual States with such issues and would set a costly precedence ( if anyone out in computer land is knowledgeable on this subject…please advise),
        My whole issue with this is that he is willing to give our tax dollars for nothing but a questionable promise from our adversaries…but not to help our states! I also feel given Hillary’s past bad judgement in Bengazi and about her improper server usage…and OBAMA allowing this…HILLARY probably feels as entitled as OBAMA did in his actions! Our great country CANNOT afford, for even 1 year, much less 4 years, another “OBAMA” mentality! Just go online, people, and look up her past descrepancies in Newsmax, etc. Hopefully, we have ALL learned something out of these horror stories from the past; and, do better in the future!!

        • I was a democrat as were my siblings and friends, we all have changed to get Trump elected. We made this mess aided by Republicans who voted with Democrats. We need to get rid of them all. Neither are any better.

          • Hands up on that!!!

          • Jan Kolacy…thanks for your comments…I appreciate them very much! Hopefully, Donald Trump will learn to use a little more diplomacy if he wins the election…but, he can’t be any worse than OBAMA or Hillary. At least he may, hopefully, be able to get our economy in a much more stable condition!! Have a wonderful day!

        • Patriotic Americans come from both parties and both sexes and in all colors and sizes.

          I’m sure you have heard the saying “i might not agree with you but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.”

          Well the RINO/Democtat elite establishment and especially Clinton with the help of the likes of Paul Ryan wants to put an end to free speech, and every other thing about OUR way of life.

          Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent doesn’t matter. The love of our way of life and defense of the constitution is all that matters.

          Let’s band together and save the country first and then we can settle our differences afterwords.

          Duty, Honor, Country !!!!!!!

          • Thanks, Mathew Molk, for your comment! I totally agree with all your comments! If we can keep spreading your words…and band together to keep ruthless, greedy politicians
            from ever winning an election…then we will all be able to sleep better at night!!

          • Mathew Molk…very well put, and U are absolutely right! I am not against any particular PARTY…it’s the people within that party, abusing their positions, and allowed to get away with it that I am pointing fingers at! Where are our checks and balances?
            This has to be the most corrupt Adminstration I have ever seen, and if HILLARY wins…I’m afraid AMERICA will be changed for the worse forever This is one case I hope I am wrong about for the sake of my children and grandchildren!

      • Amen and Amen you told the truth and she should give back her money she was paid to keep our Country safe. obamaaa to if he hates America get the heck out of here no one would cry to see them gone.

        • hillary is an amoral , immoral person , her only interests are power and money , she would truly bethe worst thing that ever happened to america

      • Very well spoken and accurate. I myself have seen the same things. I have always voted for the best person, republican or democrat, and voted republican when they were equal. When our school children start learning American History, Economics, and the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, we may actually see this country turn around.

      • I love seeing a democrat see and tell it the way it is and should be. This letter should be posted on blogs like the National Review for all the left wing nut jobs to see that there ARE still thinking democrats out there.

      • Remember “turn about is fair pla” and this bo crap has gone beyond “fair play” , or even legal action ! It is time to end the bo treason along with his crony team mates from a commie, muslim hell & score a #1 victory for the U.S.A. !

        • Trump will not defeat the tyranny – THE PEOPLE NEED TO DO I!
          You, and I, and everyone we know has to join together to see that America returns to what we were for so many, many GOOD years.
          Trump looks like the guy who is ready to make the things happen we need to get done. No more of the same old promise and Pi_ss on politics we have seen from Obama and as promised by Hillary. Instead of promising to return our nation to what our constitution had given us for so many years, the Obamas’, Clintons, Reid’s and their followers have taken it upon themselves to deices what Americans should be and how THE Obama/ Hillary clan CAN BEST BENEFIT! Promise the world to everyone, make them believe it, and then forget it when elected – a simple review of the Obama years and the truth is all there; talk and no production; although he has taken us into the greatest debt and best budget in history, far, far beyond the normal and expected increase in cost for dong normal business. Taxes at all levels and on all activities would have to go to 85% to 90% in order to come anywhere near being able to pay for everything Hillary has promised! No one can really believe in what she has promised; we all know she lies almost every time she says something!
          Today we are challenged with a social media and bought and paid for news media that is most often driven by what others say and pay for. It is seldom we hear the REAL TRUTH but rather edited and manipulated comments that all to often have been edited to leave a different message that presented. Half-truth, complete lies, manipulated facts, all for political gain; seldom for the best interest and needs of the nation or the people.
          Trump can and will lead us to bring America back into THE PEOPLES Washington and ensuring EVERYONES RIGHTS are returned, not just the wealthy or those who have been and will continue until stopped, – buying our elected representatives, the Justice Department and the White House!

      • The difference in the Democratic leaders ship and the Republican leadership is this: The Demos say they will do evil and do it; the Repubs “say” they will pass good policies and DO NOTHING! We have a uni-party in power!
        Our only chance is to elect TRUMP 2016! But, who knows? We might be fooled by him also. Time will tell.

        • Right on, Mary,

          It;s the RINO/Democrat establishment elite and it’s time for the real Americans in BOTH parties to throw the rascals out. – Not every Democrat or every Republican is an evil SOB, you know.

          • You are right, I know. However, I really don’t trust any of them anymore! How does one really know whom to trust????

      • Bravo…DAInB41!
        Finally, someone who tells it like it is! You “hit the nail right on the head”. (In case u aren’t familiar with this old fashioned saying…it means you are telling the facts straight-up!). Both OBAMA and Hillary, in my opinion, are a piece of you know what…and have done enough harm to our country! I firmly believe they should BOTH be thrown in jail…OBAMA for giving a trillion dollars to Iraq from our “hard-earned tax dollars..to not build any more Nuclear bombs when IRAQ ALREADY has one; and,I believe the same amount, or close to it, to Cuba if CUBA agrees to allow freedom to their people! Obama hadn’t even left Cuba when a group of women were peaceably demonstrating for freedom, and were arrested, and Iraq could just as easily acquire ANOTHER
        nuclear weapon

        This administration is now sending troops to “Iraq ” to help fight ISIS!! He is sending our best of the best! My “gut” feeling is something “smells” with his decision! My gut feeling is these soldiers may be running into some kind of “ambush”! After all his past decisions, in my opinion,throughout his Adminstration…all the ISIS attacks in the United States with nothing being accomplished to STOP it…why is he NOW
        so concerned about IRAQ!? Let Iraq solve their own problems…since they have done NOTHING TO HELP AMERICA, yet OBAMA seems, in my opinion to be doing EVERYTHING to ruin our economy and country! Hillary has already shown her incompetency via ALL her scandals…the most recent being, if I read and understand correctly, using her Clinton Foundation “Charity” money to help finance her campaign! If I am mistaken about this, I would appreciate a “heads-up” on this matter! If I am right…then this would give “cause to be concerned”. WE DO NOT NEED…AND OUR ECONOMY CANNOT AFFORD nor SURVIVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF AN OBAMA ADMIN
        ISTRATION’S corruption ideology…in my opinion!!

        VE..another 4-8 years of the OBAMA ADMINIST

      • well I was a dem. for 40 years but change to rep. this year couldn’t stand the dem party any longer and I’ve never voted for a clinton or an obama and never will go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016

      • DAInB41
        Very well said and truthful!

    • And not very easy what with their heads so firmly stuck in their rectum with all that colon mucus blocking their sight, hearing & brain activity.

      • The stench of her open mouth when hitlery spews her deceitful lies & B.S. is the prime example of libtard dems ignorant & deceitful treason against the U.S. Citizens Constitutional Rights … !

    • Dem libtards are all ass & their logo proves the facts of ignorant & asinine deceit !

    • The elites are laughing at us all. Comey just came out of the closet as the most corrupt person in the Government.

      He has no credibility.

    • Well, close anyway. We see many of them fitting into some similar category. The problem with Democrats is they are top of the line followers! They just do, say and think the way they are told to. They never question party leaders but will quickly run out and repeat what they have been told and try convincing others it is the right thing to do. Never question, never debate it, never turn away from it. Just do as they are told to do.
      What ever that makes them I guess we have to accept; I see them as being to simple minded to question, argue or debate the issues with their leadership; just be good followers and keep quite!

  4. MuslimLuvChrist

    this admin is totally corrupt, kill the crooked one and the muslim traitor

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Like I’ve always said, “One highly trained SNIPER could change everything! ” And then some dumbass coughs up the phrase, “The secret service has been notified!” He must be a dumbasscrat, the biggest part of this country’s problems..?

      • Could someone pay the snipers that killed so many police in Dallas? Seems like he and/or they have the skills which they probably learned in fighting other countries’s wars. They don’t like whites and since all but Lynch are white (Obmaa is half white remember), easy pickings! Hmmm. Hello, Texans, can we get them hired to do it from 1 to 1 1/2 miles away? Time the black sniper(s) stood up for America with their skills.

        • You are thinking is what is wrong with this country right now!
          Two wrongs do not make it right! Revenge is not the way to go!
          Killing whites is NOT the answer and makes you sound bigoted and racist which is what you are implying by saying the whites are THE cause! WRONG!
          This is not about blacks or whites. This is about ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS saving this country, from the (within) enemy ISIS, our Constitution/Bill Of Rights, our corrupt government leaders, our freedom, keeping American citizens (all races) out of poverty because…. (the Democrats keep giving free things enabling to keep us in
          poverty) and under their control for their own gain!
          A lot of work, by ALL Citizens, needs to happen by uniting and coming together to do the right thing for ALL citizens.
          God needs to come back into this country to be saved as well!

          • What is wrong with killing an enemy? Especially an enemy who has vowed to kill YOU.

            I also find that it is mostly my overly liberal enemies that use the words like “Bigoted and Racist.”

            When ever I see anything PC like that I just shut it out as I figure it was done by some collage radical type with zero point no real world experience.

            If i got it wrong about you I apologize but if the show fits wear it and Got bless Trump and his Say it like it is” rhetoric

      • bo started all the damned problems in the U.S.A. 7 years ago & has proven his treason but congress will not stop his wannabe dictator deceitful & illegal E.O.’s or impeach him … !

    • I am sorry for you. You must have been hurting for 71/2 years now that we have African-American in the WH. Now we are going to have a Woman president. Please do not kill yourself till next January after Hillary is sworn in as President.

      • He’s an AMERICAN…to claim being an African American connotates being from Africa, but becoming a naturalized American. You don’t hear me for example, claiming to be a German American. Everybody claims to be wanting to be united, but then turn around and label themselves separate and claim bigotry and racism if you say any different

        • The good part about Hillary and Bill is that they see people as Americans. But you and most morons on this site still brag they are more intelligent and Blacks because they are White. That gets to my nerves. Please vote for Hillary on November 8. But other way did you see her when she was among the Masai in Africa. She danced with the Masai. Bill was regarded as friend of people of all races. I did not see racism in Bill Clinton. Why can’t all Americans be like Hillary and Bill. What do you get when you treat other Americans as 2nd class. You do not gain anything. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8 am.

          • You are a total dipshit. You have never heard me brag about her on anything and you never will. Comey himself said she wasn’t sophisticated enough to run her own server and handle top secret information. You should go back and read his testimony on the Whitewater investigation. Besides, what’s this have anything to do with my post?

          • Did you say “Comey himself said it?” You should make your own decision. Listen to Comey but make your decision. We are going to re-appoint Comey again in 2017. He is a good guy.

          • So you think your judgement of character of her is better than the director of the FBI conducting an investigation on her? You’re ok with her lying to Congress? You need to really quit drinking your bathwater

          • Congress is full of racists, bigots, sexists and cheaters. I do not trust Congress. And if you see them confronting Comey – it was a show off to their mistresses.

          • Not as much as you are!
            Get a life!

          • First thing the dipshits like you with no verifiable information to support their out and out lies screen when the are caught in said lies is “racists, bigots, sexists and cheaters”

          • Comey should be appointed as Justice when Hillary take the reign. Forget Don/Newt ticket. It is DOA.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Be careful what you wish for. He won’t make the same mistake twice.

          • You’re going to be one surprised dipstick come November.

          • “hope” is pmdass’s will “change” & drink the acid 1st & not vote … !

          • Needs to switch to the acid previously mentioned … !

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            “We are going to re-appoint…..” Which half of the HillBilly do you ‘work’ for?

          • Please go to your rat hole and smoke whatever it is so you feel better!

          • ” We appoint comey” as turds in your pockets of libtard B.S. stench ?

          • Ignore the dumb troll. pmbalele couldn’t find its way home after dark.

          • pmbass is typical of the libtard liar & blames others for their own faults !

          • You are completely brain dead! Bill pushed into law a policy that was directly responsible for the criminalization and incarceration of thousands of blacks. Hillary was quoted as saying they didn’t have IQ’s high enough to be equal to white and were less civilized. And as we have just seen, Hillary has no moral or ethical compass. She deliberately violated every known protocol for handling classified information. Deliberately set up and used a non authorized, non secure server to hide her activities and lied repeatedly about it. Right now Bill has Lynch stuck in his pants zipper! They have sold some of our nation’s most sensitive missile data to China! What Hillary should get Nov. 8 is a tall oak tree and a strong rope she can dance at the end of!!!

          • Those are the lies Repubs and TPs feed you. Do you remember TP was born in 2009? They told us TP stood for Taxed Enough Already. And these morons went to DC to picket. But Obama had already cut tax for low and middle income families. Still they picketed. I could not understand. We eventually found they were actually picketing against Obamacare and insurance companies were paying for their stay in DC. Then one of those toothless smelly old women fell down for dehydration. She was rushed to ER. She spent 5 days for observation. When the bill came $6,500 for five days. She quit TP. That is how some TPs learned – the hard way. It is hard to deprogram you and many badly raised TPs and Repubs. Only when they are in trouble is when they learn. Wake up – Join me and vote for Hillary.

          • Your proof of being the #2 moron, libtard & blaming others for your own short comings or being any intelligent benefit to the U,S. is in your post !

          • What part did you not understand. You even don’t know that Repubs and TPs are using you. Look at what TPs and Repubs in Congress have been doing for the 8 years – Nothing. We better have Hillary as our next president.

          • You HAVE to be on drugs.

            Call 911 and get some help before you OD

          • Well said. So true. Her followers are brain dead and haven’t a clue of her guilt! Do we want a President that lied under oath multiple times.

          • All the criminals & asinine libtards love her crimes against the U.S. … !

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’LL SUPPLY THE ROPE! ?

          • I’ll find the tree …. !

          • I’ll build the scaffold

          • Yea, but that was before the liberals re-wrote history.

            Remember, I was for it before I was against it.

            If they had their way she would look like Mother Teresa in the history books. —- Make that THEIR history books, The will have ours burned.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            What an idiotic and incoherent pile of rubbish. Do the country a huge favor….stay home on election day.

          • Needs to bathe in nitric acid, his B.S. & treason stench is atrocious … !

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Nice touch! I’d throw a little CHLOROX in for good measure.

          • That will really get the bleach job done & no wait time like dog shit stops stinking & turns white but it takes 2 days, our recipe is quick !

          • I got some cyanide compound we use for case hardening steel that would make a great gargle for the gargoyle troll.

          • Better yet – LEAVE the country-
            Hating our way of life they in no way belong in our country.

          • We’re hoping that you will be the only one in “the Hillary line” on election day.

          • We know people on this site are TPs or Repubs and therefore lie to you about the polls. Today Trump was trailing 12 in red-states.

          • Sure. And everything on the Internet is true.

          • Now with your this last post, you exposed yourself as a paid troll and really need to go back in your rat hole!
            The next thing you will say is Trump is racist, and responsible for this, iof which he is not responsible nor racists!
            Typical paid Liberal cop out!
            God forbid if ALL Americans were like the White Trash Clintons, mafia, lying, money laundeting, blood on their hands, backers of NWO, UN’s take over of the United States, open boarders, more killings and rapes, and doing away with the Constitution/Bill of rights etc!
            Pleeze get educated!
            Trump 2016 ALL the way to the White House to kick butt and clean up Washington!
            Trump also has a vested interest in the United States, worked his butt off in a real job, loves this country, wants a safe America, employment increased, closed boarders, vets and seniors taken care of, women protected and equal employment, good education and health care etc.
            Whereas Hillary has NO vested interest in this country, has never had a real job or knows anything about running one ( her record show that) but takes money from Dictators, (of other countries), and she has enabled those men AND her husband to abetting, aiding and abusing women!
            Hardly the model you painted. Humph!

          • What – I am a “paid troll and really need to go back in your rat hole?” No, I am not paid. I just love the Clintons. These two see people as Americans not you and TPs and Repubs who see people race first and then think if they are Americans. That is the problem with Trump – he agrees with TPs and Repubs bigots and racists.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            I don’t think you ‘drank any Kool-Aid’….I think you ‘mainlined the concentrate’. I’m sorry, but when someone says crazy s%^t like “I just love the Clintons”, it’s the only conclusion I can draw.

          • A few days ago I ran onto a series of YOU TIBE videos (I wish I had kept the title/link) showing a string of videos of Hillary over the years. What they show is almost entirely different from what Hillary claims to be the Hillary of today!
            Yesterday she saw this country and the people with a totally differ perspective of what she claims today.
            She would be doing a lot better today if she still held onto her beliefs of yesterday, had not lied so much in the years between, or during the inbetween years – NOT displayed such gross negligence and failed responsibilities!

          • What – she lied so much in the years? Have you not lied in your life and cheated on your husband. Give me a break.

          • If everyone was like hillary and Bill, we would have been destroyed long ago. They are the epitome of deceit and skullduggery. They have partially ruined this Country with their lies, immoral actions of selling uranium to foreign countries, causing the death of at least 26 to 49 people that could possibly turn them in. They have taken millions of dollars into their “charitable” clinton foundation and have not turned but maybe 5% of the money over to the projects it was intended for. If you don’t believe me, check your facts going all the way back to Whitewater when Bill was Governer of Arkansas.

          • But it seems to pay off ; at least it has for them!
            After Hillary’s failure to win out over Obama she announced they (Bill and Hillary) were broke; now seven plus years later, they are worth multi millions. Being a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State must pay a lot more than I would have ever thought!
            And then the Clinton campaign belittles Trump for buying up houses from the banks they have had to repossess following the housing bubble burst. The Hillary campaign seems to think Trump should not have done so – I have to wonder what they would think of anyone else who did the same thing?
            When it comes to money – consider; Hillary begs and solicits money from anyone and everyone and then spends other peoples money; Trump earns his money and he spends his own money! Hillary will be content on having someone else pay the bills for her as she stays on course with her “give everyone everything thing they want” mentality!

          • I cannot believe you’re saying the Clintons as have partially ruined this Country with their lies, immoral actions of selling uranium to foreign countries. Thanks God they did not your money or my money to sell uranium from Congo and :Libya. They are there good business people. So you think we should put Bush II in prison for 911 incidents. You’re full of it. Go and sleep with your husband before Viagra effect run out from his blood stream- he is waiting for you now.

          • You are proof of a duped libtard moron that is supporting a down fall of U.S. Freedom… !

          • You really want to vote for Trump/Newt ticket. You must have been a school-drop out like the Governor of Wisconsin. People like you are after political positions just to hunt women. And these two are perfect example. Please vote for Hillary.

          • libtards are not 2nd class or even human; but do qualify 1st @ 5 miles below whale shit !

          • They see us (my kind) as either a slave or a corpse.

            Exterminate the pests.

        • Yeh like bLm & other races lives do not matter but the bLm still uses their race for their own short coming scape goats to incite more racism that bo helps create as a dictator !

          • Instead of unifying, he promoted racism. All lives matter! We need a President who will do his job. He’s trying his best to destroy America and opening our borders to illegals. We need to take care of our own first and foremost. Look at our National Debt!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummm, he’s not trying, HE’S DONE IT !!

          • Hate to say it Paula, But some lives matter as lifeforms and other lives matter as being deceased. (Sodem Hussein and Osomma Benladin for instance – I’d like to see a whole bunch more added to that list too )

            Too bad if you don’t like the fact that that is not PC but not telling things is what got us into the mess we are in right now.

        • You’re right. I almost forgot that I’m an English/Irish-American!

          • But we are ALL American if you are a citizen of the United States!

          • Like the Major at Ft Hood?

            There are many infiltrators and theh price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

            Down with political correctness. Up with telling the truth!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Geeze, my ancestry is native Cherokee. Does that count??

          • More than your ego & self esteem that you just posted … !

          • Michael Dennewitz

            ….said the self appointed LIBERAL.. ?????? oops, too late.. YER blocked!! ????

          • M.D. ; I am referring to the pmbalele libtard in response to your posts about him & not you ; just in case you misunderstood my sarcasm against these bo duped idiots … !

          • Hey Mike, Dad was DP but my Mon’s from North Carolina and if you go back far enough there was a Cherokee on her side of the family.

            I’m as much a Native American as His Royal Exalted Bomma is an African-American. –

          • Michael Dennewitz

            The natives got shit on worse than anyone!! ?

      • You & your type of ignorance are the problem in the U.S. & do not deserve the U.S. Freedom & Rights that U.S. Patriots fought & died for so you can use the Constitution to spew your stench ! Get the hell out of the U.S. & take the bo & hilt deceitful liars that duped your stupd ass with you !

        • I do not deserve “Freedom & Rights?” to cheat on your wife or husband is freedom and rights! Where were you born – Arabia or Kuwait? After all are you really happy to have multiple mistresses when married? I do not think so.

          • What in hell are you blubbering about … ? cheating & this post on libtards destroying the U.S. internally is way off camber to your post of what ever … ! >> ?

          • Your priorities are crazy and you blubber on on things that will not help correct the problems we have here in the USA!
            The ISIS culture is so different than ours and are 16th century or earlier! Not easy to deal with and no amount of education to these people will change them as they have been brainwashed since birth!
            Either go to a site of like minded sicko’s and stop trolling here unless you have a good solution to solve the problem!

          • I love these three. I wish Michelle Obama was there too. These three are making fun of TPs and Repubs for accusing Hillary of e-mails. Forget about these damn-emails. Vote for Hillary.

          • Love them all you want, as your mind is just as racists and sick, being a wimpy follower, of told and use! You are in the right company, of immoral/amoral thinkers and followers,
            who want America to be destroyed with NWO, mafia tactics and illegal immigrants voting them
            Without the illegals, Soros, sick brainwashed mind people like you and voter fraud they would not last!
            God Bless America and God Bless Trump!
            Trump 2016 ALL the way to the White House to kick butt so Washington will once again work, for “We the People,” and not for politicans (both parties) own greed and self interest!
            Term limits are in order and NO pensions, go back to work (if they can find a job) and live like the rest of us! Things would change in a big hurry!

          • You mean the other bitch that says she was never proud to be an American and hated this country?

          • Do you have JD? No. Then shut up and crow in your bed and sleep until you have senses to address us as Black people. You’re ruining your life and those around you.

          • What in the hell dose THAT have to do with the price of eggs in Vietnam in 1892?

            Are you on Drugs?

        • Right on! Totally agree.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Isn’t that blocking feature the greatest thing ever?? ????

      • Bullshit,,,,He was “Mixed” when he was running. How is he all of a sudden and “African American”

        And who says that Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch is actually a female?

    • I don’t think killing a life is the way to deal with the crooked one! But taking him out of office, by impeachment for treason, is the way to get rid of him going on into a job to do more damage!
      We also need, to take out Soros, the backer of Clinton and Obie! Russia and other countries will not let Soros in and will arrest him if he does! He has ruined so many countries and is trying to do so here as well!
      Talk and no action will result in “We the People,” not doing anything to save this country from destruction!

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        When I see corruption in our government today, I think about hitler’s reign. The people that followed (and killed for) him were simply “following orders”.

        The same thing is happening today, people think that it is not “my” fault, it is either the head of my agency or obama’s fault, I am just doing my job.
        obama and clinton could never have gotten away with what they have done, without immoral people just doing their jobs, after all whistleblowers get fired (or worse), they remain silent, in service to the corrupt, and watch the corruption spread.

        The real threat comes from “Americans” who do the bidding of those who will tear down our republic and re-create it in their own image, their own utopia. It is these people who tolerate crime which will be used to bring America to its destruction.
        America will never be destroyed from the outside.
        If we falter and lose our freedoms,
        it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

      • Execution for high treason is in order to rid a #1 enemy against U.S. Freedom !

  5. lookin’ forward to the next 8!

  6. Author is anonymous. Wonder why!

  7. I did not get to see the entire results of the inquiry with the FBI director but what I saw swiftly shifted between OK and WHAT? I retired from Government civil service where I served as a Security Specialist and at one time as a Top Secret Control manager! What I have seen In this mess is truly scary!
    What I would have liked to have seen (and maybe it was answered in my absence), was how many people did the FBI interview? Were they handled as suspects, witness or just sources of information? How many of them, if any, were placed under oath before being interviewed? Anytme a person is interviewed with the potential of admitting to a crime they are supppossed to be warned about self-incrimination before being questioned!
    WHY was Hillary not placed under oath in the only interrogation, interview or inquiry the FBI conducted with her?
    There has been a lot of accusations regarding her illegal server and emails she sent. The information from the FBI today says she did in fact repeaedly over and over again lie to the American people; question is did she lie to the FBI? She was not placed under oath so it would have made little difference if she did! Without being under oath she could have denied all, lied at anytime she wanted, and the FBI would have been able to ignore it as “not being under oath!”
    This woman was at the head of her department. Every federal Department is required to handle documents with established protocols. Sensitive and classified information requires special handling based on the level of sensitivity and need for secrecy. All employees who are allowed access to sensitive and classified information are required to be trained and certify they know and understand the proper handling of the documents; managers are responsible for seeing those employees are trained, certified and recertified on periodic time frames.
    IT was Hillary Clintons responsibility to see that EVERY ONE of the State Department employees given access to sensitive information was trained and certified and was in fact complying with regulations and laws.
    Her claiming she did not send any classified emails has been proven false. The FBI says she may not have noticed the “c” (indicating the material was confidential) on the paragraph of the emails she sent. It is her responsibility to see, to know and to do the required and legal things with ANY classified information.
    Comments saying she directed her staff to declassify documents and send them is astonishing. ONLY the AUTHOR of classified information has the authority to declassify it – HILLARY AT NO TIME HAD THE AUTHORITY to have classification markings removed! ! IF – her aids took the top of page classifications off they might very easily let the paragraph mark slip past them. Classified documents are marked top and bottom of every page and at the start of every paragraph showing the classification; the “c” marking shows the document was at some time classified; if the other markings were removed by Hillary, or at Hillary’s instructions (as said they were), she should be prosecuted and her aid also for complying with an illegal order!
    AND – ANY government employee (or military member) who sees something they feel is highly sensitive or should be classified have a responsibility to immediately secure the document and notify the author, or the authors agency, so THEY can make a determination of the need to classify.
    Hillary had an obligation to do so; if she failed to do so it suggest she does not know how to handle classified information or understand that even if unclassified, sensitive information must be handled with care, concern and caution. Her failing to know and understand this important requirement (employees are trained, sign certifications of understanding and are periodically retrained) says she failed to do to her job, another failure to do her duty!
    As with many of the failures in her past, she has shown a terrible lack of concern and extremity poor judgment.
    I would like to know how many of those interviewed by the FBI were warned regarding the truth (or put under oath) and WHY, as she has been the center of this investigation – Hillary was not put under Oath when the FBI had their ONE and ONLY only inquiry with her? . . . . IF she was not put under oath and made any admission of guilt, the FBI could not use it – AND it would then be understandable why the FBI would choose not to pursue any legal action!
    As far as no similar cases being tried with a conviction in the past 99 years – does that mean we can plan on similar messes for another 99 years going unprosecuted? Is there some reason why we are fearful of doing a “first”, even if it would have been a first in the past 99 years or the first time ever!
    We have changed the wording of our laws regarding handling of classified information routinely and many within the past 10 – 15 years; what the laws were 15, 20 or 99 years past have no bearing on the laws Hillary was obligated to comply with!
    I do accept the FBI directors argument that no one would prosecute the case so he will not recommend it! Just as with everything else Hillary has got herself cross-wise with the law – she has slipped out of it and with Obama heading up the chain of command as to who will decide – we can expect he would defend her anyway; he has said from the very start that she would not be prosecuted, even before the FBI started their investigation!

    • You have that right…you and I would have seen stiff prison time a looonnnnggggg time ago!

      • I was a Top Secret Control officer (Civil Service) for the Navy in the early 80s. We had an incident that was as far as we could determine an honest mistake that resulted in the printing of some classified information regarding naval aircraft. Some public service information was printed on recycled paper and distributed throughout the base with the classified on the opposite side. It turned out I could find every bit of the information at the public library and some in magazines at the Navy exchange. Based on that I determined there as no threat and we did recover all but three copies of the flyer. There was no threat or compromise, however, the Navy Lieutenant and two enlisted men were relieved from their duties; the Lt. was transferred off station and the two enlisted were reassigned to new duties on station. Although the information was not a problem the errors were unacceptable.
        Over a 27 year period of military service I saw a lot of men and women caught up in simple mistakes and in almost everyone of them they were relieved of duty and most often face article 15s.
        It is impossible for me to believe that Hillary Clinton did not know enough about handling classified information to be able to escape prosecution for the long period of time she was passing it out. There can be no doubt the violations included telephone conversations as well as emails. And, based on the nature of her personal (and Bills) interest with the Clinton Foundation, she probably benefitted financially with exchange of information with other countries also!
        None of it makes much difference though – Obama will protect her as he has done with all the appointed directors of his administration that have failed and been caught!
        America seems to be slipping further and further away from the country we used to be so proud of. Pride is giving way due to the quality of men and women who keep getting themselves elected into Washington and then forgetting what they are there for. Party leadership, from both parties, manage the elected representatives forcing hem to comply with party agendas and interests!
        How great it would be IF elected representatives were required to perform based on established performance standards set by their constituents and the States could Set and adjust the pay for them based on their performance! We would save a lot of money, we would not end up paying simple minded politicians for doing nothing and we could rid the system of those who fail more than they produce!

        • While any of us pulling the same stunt(s) that the Clintons have that would have landed us in prison a long time ago, the biggest problem, as I see it, is the collusion of ALL of the parties involved here, namely, Bill Clinton, AG Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and more than likely Barak Hussein Obama!! Anyone who would believe that the meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loreta Lynch was by chance, and that all they discussed was golf and their grandchildren, is delusional, and also totally brainless!! James Comey more than likely got his orders from AG Lynch, (who also cooked up a deal with Bill Clinton) and got her orders from BHO, not to indict Hillary Clinton for using a non-secure private e-mail server for classified government information!! This whole thing stinks of corruption, and as I see it, ALL of the parties that I have named here belong in prison for the role that they played in this fiasco!!!! Shame on the whole lot of them!!!!

          • Remember , he has one grandchild and she has none! Short conversation!

          • The Clinton Mafia.

          • Lying Loretta should have recused herself at the outset of this case because Bill Clinton nominated her to be Attorney General for Brooklyn in 1999 and she moved up the ladder ever since to where she is now. She should resign or be fired and take Comey the wimp with her.

          • KATHLEEN CRANE


          • Of course you move up the ladder. Didn’t Susan Rice get a promotion after lying on six news networks, claiming that Benghazi was all about a video?

          • Obama appointed her AG and he’s campaigning for Hillary. They all should recuse themselves because they are biased and want Hillary to continue Obama’s policies!

          • KATHLEEN CRANE


          • I would like to see everyone who blogs about Bill Clinton add Rapist and Sexual Predator before you type in the name of Bill Clinton

          • I agree with you 100%! Justice has not prevailed in this case. No wonder the public does not believe in our systems anymore! It needs to be cleaned up!

        • Jeanne Stotler

          My parents both worked for Navy, BuOrd, now part of BuShips, father was a storage spec., had to know where every shell, boat, etc. was, Mother was a secretary to the Adm. in charge of Bu. if either had taken a paper out of the bldg., even by accident, they would have gone to jail. This is a travesty in the eyes of all of us, Most of the public is not stupid, and I hope our hollering will wake those up who cannot fathom the miscarriage of JUSTICE that has just happened.

        • Hillary’s past is proof of her veracious greed for power & money but this Email crime is a very obvious cover up for intentional treason against the U.S. National Security … !

          • Plus lining (the cover up scam) Clinton Foundation, of foreign Dictators money, to put money in the Clintons pocket to sell out favors, from our country, on our tax payer dollars as she flew around as SOS!
            Not one dime, of her own money, did she use to get where she is. So what vested interest does she show or have in the United States by selling us out on her emails and the Clinton Foundation! She definitely is NOT presidential material and if she is not punished, then the greatest punishment would be to vote her out and watch the Queen witch really expose her fowl mouth!
            Problem: voter fraud and it will be knowing how things are going so far. Everyone needs to get out and vote, AND take a photo of your ballot vote as proof, To counter voter fraud!
            Paper ballots should be required as Soros owns and will try and rig the elections! But let us outvote them!

            We see how much Hillary is concerned about women when she enables, aided and abetted these Dictators (by taking their money) AND her husband abuse to women! Humph!

      • The whole damned appointed bo administration appears to be guilty of treason @ some time !

    • So she had her fingers crossed when she lied. That and her excuse.”everyone was doing it ” are not the words of a POTUS.

      • It amazes me how decisions are made taking into account ” this has never been done,” or “there has been no prosecutions for that in over 20 (etc.) years”, or “it was a simple mistake”, BUT the most degusting is ” well Joe Blow was doing it also! What average adult thinks I that frame of mind?
        Hillary lied and had her daughter lie for her – what mother has her child lie for her? I would not want Hillary claims she is making things better for kids – – she has poor habits no child should be influenced by!
        Hillary claims she has spent her lifetime working to improve conditions for women and kids; but, as a U.S. Senator form New York, she only wrote ONE BILL that had anything to do with them! IF she has been doing all the things she has done and she is still trying to get them done – she has obviously failed AGAIN!

        • Her daughter is a chip off the old block. She was exposed to lies all her life so it did rub off.

          • KATHLEEN CRANE


          • Is your caps lock broke?

          • Understand Chelsa receives a fee (approx $250,000) for speaking in a foreign country (Africa for instance) and ALL her speeches have been on diarrhea as I understand do were Bill Clintons for a large sum
            of money?
            I am sorry I had to laugh, at the topic, because it certainly goes along with all they do! BS

      • I agree with you Bill. IF she did not know what “classified” meant how can she be trusted at all? BUT… she did know and even directed some to take off Headers that was CLASSIFIED. Does Comey think we did not pay attention to this investigation? Does he think the American ppl are stupid?

        • He wants someone else to prosecute her from what I could gather with the testimony yesterday. He keep telling of the things she did wrong and maybe knew that Loretta Lynch would not do it. Afraid to put his “life” on the line.

          • KATHLEEN CRANE


          • Total coward then.

            From Gis in covert operations to the Policeman making an accident report on the freeway, real Americans put their lives on the line every single day…Now this puke tried to weasel out of doing HIS duity because he was afraid? – Needs to be deported to the South Pole.

          • You do know about the Clinton legacy don’t you?

          • Yes, I do and it is scary!

          • This was ALL pre planned to go this way as it shows the election is rigged for her to win!
            But it has really helped the media for tv time and exposure, a diversion to what else Obie is setting up to take us down!
            We need to stay alert!
            Vote, vote!
            Trump sounds great after watching this Clinton Circus! Trump is in it to win!
            Just pray for Trump and his families safety!
            God bless America!

          • I read an article about Comey being on the Whitewater/Clinton case 20 yrs ago and nothing was done to them. I wonder what she has on him?? So he has been with them in some way for over 20 years.

        • Yes he and they do.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        I had to LOL with her excuse that Colin Powell and A, Rice did the same, big difference with using a private e-mail for personal e-mail and a server in your basement being used for both State Dept. and Personal e-mail. She knew what she was doing, just as anyone who works with the Gov’t. and handles classified material, she had to take induction class and sign a paper as to handling of Classified material.

    • He is saving his job with this administration. He worked on the Whitewater case, so he has been with the Clinton’s a long time (20 yrs ago).

      • He certainly laid out enough information to support a Congressional Special Investigator to follow up with.
        I can not see any justification in the idea that similar issues have not been charged I the past XX years; is there some measurement as to how many years must pass between violations be prosecuted? Hillary would have to live to be a million years old if we had to waite 5 or 10 years between her crimes!
        I have to wonder HOW MANY and WHAT people the FBI interviewed or contacted in regards to the investigation? Were any of them put under oath, and WHY WAS HILLARY -not- put under oath? Could it be they feared she may said something that would force them to recommend prosecution so felt it best to not warn her – they know as everyone does, Hillary will lie about anything at any time! She was the suspect and should have been put under oath before any questions were asked.
        Maybe the failure to give her proper warning is why the final decision was no recommendation for prosecution. It would look terribly unprofessional if it came out the agents doing the inquiry failed to give Hillary appropriate warning so best to save face by just ignoring their short fall and let Hillary walk; the world has become accustomed to that anyway!
        We put a lot of stock in government managers positioned in high places but it seems those Obama has positioned have been under fire for one problem after another; Hillary has shown herself to be the most corrupt an un-trusted appointee in modern history (maybe longer) and Obama has shown himself to be running a close second!

        • Just saying that he has probably tried to avoid prosecuting her in the past or maybe she has something on him. The Clinton Mafia has a long arm

          A guy that was some kind of past President for the UN and a Chinese donor to the CF were recently scheduled to testify at a hearing and now the past Pres. has died. At first they said it was a heart attack now it has been changed that his throat was crushed by a barbell. His exercise was trying to get the goons off him that were pushing the barbell down.

        • She was NOT put under oath with the FBI! Humm!

    • Not putting her under oath proves the FBI was directed not to charge her and could not go after her for perjury which caused her pervert husband to lose his law license during his impeachment. That’s why Comey responded to Congress that she did not lie to the FBI. Guess you have to know what the meaning of “is” is.

    • You’re against Comey decision because you’re a racist and sexist; and I believe you’re not a lawyer and if you are then you’re a lousy lawyer. FBI chief and those who investigated Hillary issues, if they were, graduated from top of their classes. They examined bundles of papers and e-information and came out unanimously that they had no proof she meant harm to America. So you take it or do your own research if you have enough money. One thing I should not forget – please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9: am.

      • QuietCountryPatriot

        YOU are a FOOL…..You lost any credibility you may have had when you had to bring in the RACE card with YOUR very first sentence..You do NOT possess the intelligence to participate in this discussion …. YOU will vote hillary , just as you did obama , the past two elections . Without getting into an in-depth conversation with you, that you would not understand anyway , I will bid you a good afternoon , and simply state , in your future , when the working class decide to stop supporting you and your entitled friends, lay blame where it belongs…in your mirror…..

      • Why don’t you shut the fuck up and watch the stolen TV you bought with the food stamps you illegally sold.

        BTW – I’m a retires Policeman and it is NOT standard procedure for a law enforcement official to tell a prosecutor what to do. – You do the investigation, make the report and turn it over to the prosecutor and THEY decide to move forward or not. It is NOT comie Comey’s job to decide what laws to enforce and which ones to let slide. – He has NO proprietorial discretion. .

      • I will be glad when they finally prosecute her for something. She has done some many things that are bad in her past that someone should have the courage to do it. Have you ever had approx. 40 people that have worked for you in the past to die because she has and all were suspicious.

      • billdeserthills

        Really and since when does the FBI write new laws? I thought that was congress’ job??

      • you are a total idiot…….and will make a good communist servant……

      • Those credentials do not mean you are trustworthy or will do the right thing! You are a troll! Paid one at that and not a good one!

        • I am not paid and do not expect to be paid anything by Hillary. I just love the Clintons. They are perfect in the WH as Obamas were. These see people as Americans. Not like Trump and Gingrich – women hunters. Please do me a favor – vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

    • David Gearhart

      The excuse of someone else did this as well as a defense goes back to Cain % Abel, murder must be OK as well. The liberals use an exception to say that rules and laws need changed. And then use the excuse that someone else was guilty before them. They can’t have it both ways. Equality doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions, it only means that no one is above the law. This farce makes us one again the laughing stock of the world. Thank you Obama for another Clinton joke. Bill for a world renown blow job, and Hillary for being a world class liar and fraud. Three pathological liars for the world to laugh about.

      • she said she didn’t mean to can WE use that same excuse if charged with a CRIME

        • We are not the socialist elites.

          • Obie will pull anything out to relate even if it is thousands of years old! Ha!
            But just let Trump say “Make America Great Again” and they twist it to mean he wants to go backwards to the 40’s or? Not true! Guess they are too uneducated to know what he means by that! Too bad their loss!
            Stupid liberal PC people do as Stupid does! Crazy mental mind sets to try and confuse the people who are not educated, lazy, receive freebees, to vote for them and keep them in poverty to control them!
            How sad and demoralizing this administration, Clintons and people (who think like them) to want to inflict their power over poor people, who deserve better in a country, if run right, can provide!

      • I think that over the last week or so that I heard BHO say something about the Christians hands not being so clean either. I think that he cited the Crusades when the Knights Templar beat up on the middle east. When was that? In the year 900 or so?

    • Bottom line is bo & hilt are covering up for illegal arms shipments to bo’s muslim brotherhood terrorists & Benghazi with Stevens about to squeal got their tit in a wringer of deep shit treason so they hid E’mails ! Appears all this information & more was hidden 2 days after the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy … !

    • Comey felt she wasn’t sophisticated enough to know she was doing wrong. That alone proves she should not be President or serve in any government position. She will continue to make wrong decisions. She is not very smart as Comey points out. He chose not to indict because he said she didn’t have enough sense to know what is right and what is wrong. That person should never be our Commander and Chief. This decision should never be Political. She should have been indicted just like anyone else, not given a Political get out of jail card! Justice was not served by Comey. He took the easy way out for personal gain.

    • Remember Comey knew NOT to
      put Hiilly under oath, as he and Lynch had both worked under President Bill Clinton, and knew the Clintons well!
      Personally they both should have recused themselves for conflict of interest!
      This dog and pony show was set up, long before this started, to protect this President as he also was involved, costing the American taxpayers dollars, thinking we were not smart enough to figure it out and it would look official and accept it!
      It has backfired and shows crime does not pay and the blood money is not worth it! Believe me this is NOT over!

  8. StupidConservativeValues

    ATTENTION: CONSERVATIVE GOOBERS: Buy stock in PotatoPro! They produce popcorn and sales are up…way up and only expected to rise higher as the election nears. Consumption and sales are projected to break records during the Republicant Contention Convention.

    • disqus_N9tuohBqdn

      Stupid is as in a name

    • I’m a Democrat. I love the habitual psycho liar Hillary and the Communist Bernie. I am a lazy useless heap of crap and only vote for whoever promised the most free stuff. I am Democrat.

      • At least you’re an “honest” democrat, Ollie, to admit what the rest of them won’t!

        • Parody is lost on your stupid ass. I have tried to parody Trumpturd. But it is hard to say anything so outrageous that anybody doubts he already farted it out his piehole.

    • Liberals are always for what is evil. Ever noticed this? If that had been a Republican-whew! Democrats would have been screaming their heads off! ALL are hypocrites in my book! Cummings got yesterday ‘s hearing all wrong like the rest of the Democrats!!

      • StupidConservativeValues

        The FBI Director is James Comey, not Cummings. Also, he is a registered Republicant and was appointed by Bush II. Just a note, I realize you think about kumming in Trump’s mouth, but that is for another post and this not the forum for such unseemly thoughts and language.

    • Your avatar suits you, loon.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Well thank you…it happens to be one of the most famous people in the world.

      • mac12sam12…don’t let StupidConserativeValues get under your skin…that would just make her/him feel relevant…this person seems needy in this respect, since she/he seems to “get off” by insulting people rather than stating a viable opinion!

    • Sorry Stupid…but your name suits u! I don’t normally insult people…but it is obvious U have never been through an economic depression. It will affect everyone in the U.S., even you. Let me help u to understand! Our economy is in very bad shape…if it gets much worse, we will probably go into a depression in which most people will lose their jobs..due to businesses closing ( because no one, or only a handful of customers may still have some funds to purchase their goods) It would be a desparate situation for all who do not know how to protect their money! Your livelihood, possibly, even your home, could be lost due to your not being able to make your home payments or rent; credit cards will be no help because when u can’t pay your balances…the credit card companies could sue u for the balances U owe and/or close your account! It will be hard for the average American to even put food on the table…crime, such as thefts, robberies, etc. will increase! Crime will increase because many people will not have guns for protection…thus a reason NOT to deprive good citizens from the Right to Bear Arms, as covered in our Constitution..(if OBAMA had his way…and were able to take guns away from GOOD citizens…the only people that would have guns, would be the crooks…as they would steal them, or purchase them illegally and the law-abiding citizens would be left defenseless! Economic depressions could last years! Now…try to visualize this scenario! Then we have OBAMA…he gave a TRILLION dollars
      of our tax dollars to Iraq…in exchange for their “PROMISE” not to build ANOTHER nuclear bomb! How crazy is that…especially when we need that money for our own use. And don’t forget his extravagant monetary gift to Cuba…using our tax dollars, I think it was close to, if not the same amount of money that he gave Iraq, from our tax dollars! Supposedly in exchange for Cuba allowing more freedom to its people! OBAMA hadn’t even caught his plane for his trip back to the U.S. when the news media reported Cuba’s police arrested a group of Cuban women who were peacefully demonstrating for more freedom!
      My point is…before u call conservatives stupid…U need to know what the h— you aepre talking about!

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Ha ha, got you to write a bunch of conservative bullcrap! After the first two sentences…blah, blah and more blah!

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Damn, you really know how to waste your worthless time. Trolling you is fun. Being that you’re a brainless goober, I would imagine it took you several hours to write your incomprehensible drivel.

  9. Carl_in_California

    An insult to the intelligence of the right wing? Man, THAT’S sayin’ somethin’… Cheers! ???

  10. The Hillary case and the weakj argument that the Chief of the FBI presented, simply show that he was under
    tremendous pressure from POTUS, the lackeyl Attorney General and Ex-President Clinton. In its total, thisconfirms where the roots of corruption are cen tered in our government. The FBI is now p;erceived as an
    organization which lacks credibility and deserves a new Chief, hell, Hillary and Clinton himself, should have
    stones not to show his face in public. His marital history was so lewd with so many affairs outside of his marriage
    to Hillary. Wonder now, how Hillary can be cleared to be given a Security Clearance. She lies and fiddles in her sleep whether she likes or not, she has blood on her hands concerning the Benghazi incident which restultedin the
    death of one of our Ambassadors and 3 young agents. Hillary is poison to our nation and a mouth piece full
    of lies.

    • Did the FBI chief recommend no charges because he was 1) afraid he would be Vince Fostered? 2) going to inherit a large amount of money dependent upon his ruling? 3) sure he didn’t want his past history to appear in the Washington Post? or 4) sure that a proper ruling would insure a promotion and substantial raise in the Hillary cabinet? Your guess is as good as mine.

      • disqus_N9tuohBqdn

        All of the above

      • Guesses are a lot higher than pulling something out of your ass. That is what you did.

        • If you can’t see the corruption in this then sir, you are part of the problem. I don’t care what the reason, this mess stinks of obvious corruption from the top down.

          • billdeserthills

            Ben, or Anus Boy, as I like to call him is too stupid to be personally involved, but he is one of the ‘useful idiots’ needed to keep the premise going. I’m so glad I blocked him, reading the stupid things he writes can only lower your IQ

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Ahhh the dickhead communist is back! Morning Stalin!! ???

      • I think you are wrong on all four! I think knew if he recommended prosecution Obama would immediately reverse it anyway. I think he knew if it do go to trial the Obama Administration would use a big portion of the $2.2 billion dollar marketing budget Obama has to buy her way out of it anyway; and I believe the American people NOW KNOW, without a doubt, she lied over and over and over again and she did in FACT, SEND Classified information on her server.
        We know she lied, we know she has placed American lives in jeopardy with her illegal emails, and we know that the deaths at Benghazi may have been supported with information obtained in some of the classified emails she passed out to the world. There is no doubt some of her emails have been tapped into and ISIS, other enemies of the U.S. as well as allies of the U.S. have had access to her emails as the FBI has pointed out they were easily compromised.
        Hillary will never go to jail -BUT – the American people now know without a doubt she lies. She has admitted to some of her lies in the past and now the FBI has verified it. We know she has extremely POOR JUDGMENT and weak decision making skills. She has extremely poor personal values and will always blame someone else for her mistakes (she has said it must have been her aids sending the illegal emails out on her server.)
        She is not fit to represent this country again.
        She was trusted by Obama and She failed; failed his trust and failed the American people.
        Those who supported her because they thought she was worthy of the position mow know she is not fit to sit in the White House. It makes no difference if she goes to jail or not – she is the last person we need anywhere near the button, the last person we want near any telephone, the last person we want having access to any National Secrets, the last person we want to hae to make any national decisions!

        • Apparently the State Dept. will now step in as they had stepped aside to let the FBI have the first go. Just shut up Kerry, and go for it, State and cook their gooses!

          • David Gearhart

            Kerry is just another pathological liar. He is as corrupt as Obama and the Clintons.

        • David Gearhart

          It wasn’t trust, she was as does the rest of the administration does, they follow Obama’s bidding and agenda. As he said everything is going as planned.

        • Everyone knows her faults except Benny Totuous. He says guys like you & I are the liars and he really likes Hillary and her record! Benny is your living, breathing, example of a stubborn, self serving, democrat, liberal, “progressive”, socialist, fool, that, unfortunately for America, is allowed to vote!

      • One thing for sure – somebody got to him through a weakness!

    • And never forget it is the DNC’s end goal via their published 1963 Communist Manifesto to finally take over America and we be a 3rd world country under One World Government (thanks Heidi and would guess Ted as well)/New World Order where only the communist elites like Soros, Clintons, Obama, etc. would be the ones benefiting and absolutely nothing for us. My family has lived under socialism and communism. The end result in communism (think Venezuela today and old Russia before) is we would have NOTHING but a miserable life or death if they thought you were crossing them in any way or considered untrustworthy in any way.

      • Yea Rosech.

        The guy that has been cutting my hair since 1970 says the same thing. He got here from Croatia when he was 14 (became a citizen after he was in the Marine Corps) At any rate what you said could have been said by him.

        Later my Friend.

    • Hillary makes me sick enough, but her supporters make me even sicker! They are the true reason that this nation is having it’s death rattle! They’d rather continue voting for dumbocrat, “progressive”, pinko, socialist, liberals and their beyond a doubt criminal, evil, foul mouthed (see Benny “The Moron” Totuous – one of her minions, for some of her most famous foul mouthed quotes) witch, man/woman (the best candidate they could find) they are running. “The Donald” isn’t a saint by any sense of the word, but he’s far and away the better candidate for the job! If he wasn’t, all those career pukes on both sides of the aisles wouldn’t be plotting against him and running scared at his prospects!

  11. I am very interested to see how many defense attorneys will use the Hillary/FBI defense in the future. You know, the old “she didn’t intend to do anything wrong” defense. I can see some drunk driver who drives into a full school bus and kills all the children inside and his attorney saying “but he didn’t MEAN to hurt anyone”. Based on the FBI, that WILL get him off no charges filed.

  12. Nice to know how the FBI feels about this country’s sensitive or classified data. They apparenly don’t care.

  13. I have a question for any attorneys out there. Comey made the recommendation to not prosecute and passed it on to Lynch who declared the case closed.

    Since Clinton was not charged or tried in a count of law; could another Attorney General reopen the case and bring charges against her at a later date? Because she was not charged and did not stand trial I do not think double jeopardy would apply in this situation.

  14. to the writer,,,yes that is very true,,,YES we have some VERY STUPID PEOPLE in this nation that is why the NATION is in such a MESS!!!!!!! and wait tell obama calls for MARTIAL LAW !!!!….. : (

    • 100% agree. except, yea, martial law was what some obliviate was spreading – probably one of the bundy gang.

      • Martial Law = Armed Rebellion with the majority of the military keeping their oath to protect the constitution. .

        Question,,,, Is his Royal Exhaulted Bomma nutz enough to start a civil war?

  15. I am not surprised at all with the outcome DC is nothing but corruption, when trump gets in I hope he will change it for the better.

    • He is not getting in. Thankfully he can’t control his insipid whining. Nobody other than rabid righties fall for his lies.

      • And nobody but a no good, equally corrupt, morally degenerate, scum bag would vote for Hillary!

        • Fuck off.

          • UP YOURS!

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Ben might like that!

          • Typical liberal democrat. I’m surprised he didn’t play yhe race card. That’s all they have left.

          • Timothy Raffety

            Jim, don’t waste your time and intelligence on a piece of shit like ben totuous, he’s the problem with America becoming like she is. You’ll never change braindead people like him in their way of twisted thinking. You can tell by his intelligent answer of Fuck off (i’m being facetious of course). If we would of had simpletons like him in the bush of Viet Nam, he would not come home upright, but in a body bag. Go Trump, p.s. I’ve had people like him be real brave in their anonymity behind a keyboard, knowing full well that they are safe from any consequences of their words.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And we brought back plenty just like his sorry ass. Funny, none of them were speaking while they lay there on the hangar deck!! ?

          • Timothy Raffety

            you can see all of the brave people talking shit about me, I knew I was going to get flak for my post to you, but I’m Native American and don’t have much use for smack talking shitheads that are talking out of their asses because their mouths know better, you Michael are a class act. Ol ben thinks he’s old at 66, well April of this year I to turned 66 years of age, I was 18 when I stepped in country and 19 1/2 when I boarded the Freedom bird for the world, I think you can understand where I’m coming from. You and I answered Uncle Sams request to join up, I’ve no regrets about what I’ve done in my life, I just followed in my family’s foot steps, my Great Grandfather fought along side a young United States in her struggle, my Grandfather fought in WW-I my uncle flew fighter bombers in WW-2, my dad was in Korea, and I was in southeast asia, my many cousins fought in Desert Storm, Operation Freedom etc., etc., etc., And I know they didn’t fight for America just to give it up to the likes of Hitlery and obummer and the likes of their supporters. So Michael, keep on keeping on, maybe God will strike down the detractors of our Constitution, whom many great men have shed blood over. p.s. I haven’t killed anybody since August 28, 1969. God Bless you and yours.

          • Rafferty, you are a goddamn liar.

          • I’ll be there with you and God, Raff

          • Michael Dennewitz

            So screw all the asswipe TROLLS! Far, far more understood where you were coming from. Be proud! Millions thank you for your service, as I do..?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            A lot of us fought for and would have died for this once great country, but thanks to the PMIC and all his shithead liberal, socialistic weenie followers, the country has gone to hell. The world is laughing their asses off at us! ?

          • I am not going to fight you, asswipe. I happen to be 66 years old. But I damn sure will do what I can to put the sorry asses of you America haters in the Iron Bar Hilton.

          • Big deal, Benny boy! 66 means nothing to me. I out rank you by four years you sorry pile of stinking horse poop! How the heck did you make it this far without getting your head knocked off? Mouth off in front of someone like me and you’ll have to have more than age on your side! You’re not worthy of a good round house right. I’m saving you for a back handed bitch slap!

          • Fat chance, Bennie boy would never do that. Cowards never stand and fight. They run to the babby state and expect THEM to do their fighting for them/

          • this blog really brings out the raving maniacs! What U gonna do? hunt down and kill everyone that disagrees with your sick beliefs?

          • You mean like Stalin did?

          • I don’t need to say much about Delusional Donald being a racist. Trumpturd has worked very hard dog whistling to his racist base. Every conservatard is well aware he is a white supremacist. They see the same images he posts when they visit those disgusting websites.

          • Name one thing that Trump has done or said that was racist. Racist is the new term when you disagree with a progtard.

          • Give him time. If he hasn’t already played that card elsewhere, he will soon! All mental midget “progressive” liberals bring up the race card when all else fails!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey Stalin.. I wasn’t going to say this, but once hitlery gets in, I hope I get to see some mooseslime asshole raping your loved ones!
            Ignorant, socialist asswipe!!

          • Ooops! for sure he is a Hillary idiot because liberals immediately go into profanity when they know they are losing. However, he does not even realize he is already lost!

          • Keep dreaming and farting in the faces of your racist buddies. Hillary will win big.

          • There’s no enthusiasm for old silver beaver. Democrat voters are down by 21% while republican voters are up by 61%. After Trump takes the WH Hillary can continue her grifting.

          • I know Democrats who voted for Trumpturd to stick your failed party with him. No way he could ever win. Impossible.

          • With the democrats record low turn out in the democrat primaries and the record high turnout for the republicans, a republican victory is assured. Old silver beaver Hillary can lay back and vacuum some carpet. munch..munch…munch

          • Hey RL,,,,I use the “”vernacular of the work place quite often myself – But you and I are still on the same page.

          • QuietCountryPatriot

            That’s it ? That is your response ? That’s all you have ? YOU did NOT fare well on behalf of hillary. Before you respond with your overwhelming charm and bountiful book of knowledge, let me say..NO , I will NOT vote hillary..she has stated many times that ” I will make this a gun free nation on my watch”…and frankly, that in itself scares the hell out of me…The ONLY reason WE , the citizens of the United States are still a free people , is because WE are armed.. This government knows this , as well as every nation on this planet. In a war type scenario, WE, the citizens will NOT be defeated. That is why, YOU are free to spout your opinion… How long will this freedom last , it is hard to say. As long as there are people like me , people like YOU will be free. It is a fact : GOD always finds a way to take care of babies and fools….. Choose your category my friend…you are not intelligent enough to be in mine..Patriots , and Patriotism is a dying breed my friend , enjoy us while you can…one day you will no longer have us to fight for you and your grandchildren , and you will then, become a puppet….Shame on YOU.

          • Then if the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch gets in the just could be a revaluation,,,,and a tribunal afterwords,,,Little Bennie and other collaborators might not fair all that well there if that was to happen.

          • You are in no way a patriot. Your very first cause is taking up arms against our own government. One day you will be fed your own gun when you try to act out your terrorist fantasies.

          • You must have been born an a$$hole? There’s no way a mental midget like you could ever have learned to become one!

        • They cannot have a moral compass and they must be liars just as Hillary is to support her.

        • So don’t vote for her, imbecile. But you will stop your lies about her. Trumpturd is a mentally unbalanced thief and a con man.

          • Amazing that I’m the liar in any discussion about Hillary! I don’t have to lie. The truth is bona fide proof of lie, after lie, after lie, after lie – all undisputable (except from morons like you) and direct from her own lying mouth! The fact that you support her is your shame, not mine!

          • Enjoy your final days, One way or the other the end is near. – They will incluse you in the first commie purge, just like you hero Stalin did.

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            If Trump were all that, he’d be a rock star to you liberal socialist idiots. Look no further than the WH to see the Con Man of Con Men. To call obama a used car salesman would require a blanket apology to all actual used car salesmen, for the most unflattering comparison..
            Stay ‘stuck on stupid’ Ben, you wear it well.

      • I don’t know, you are obviously stupid enough to fall for Obama lies and Hillary’s lies.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          That’s Dickhead Stalin. Pay IT no mind. In the end, he AND his loved ones will suffer! ???

          • If the DNC wins, communism is here and Ben will be on the list for death because that is how it operates.

          • You just make this conspiracy shit up. You only scare your retarded buddies with it. In my world, you are a laughing stock.

          • Why don’t you stay in your world demonazi? BTW – you’re slipping – you forgot to up vote yourself on this post!

          • You forgot to wipe the shit off your mouth after dinner.

          • Very good, Benny! Your come backs no longer have anything to do with the topic! You’re proving that you really are a moron!

          • You’re an airhead. Airheads don’t notice things like that… obviously… unless they look in the mirror.

          • You sacred?
            You should be afraid, Very afraid.
            They know who you are and we know who you are too.

          • So come and get me. Easy to find, but you cowards just continue with the idle threats.

          • But you are an airhead… nothing more. Nothing intelligent has come out of your keyboard from top to bottom of this thread. That being the case, what are you even babbling about on here? If you and the rest of the airheads were to vote Hillary in, Dallas would just look like a warmup.

          • Right. Your world. The land of airheads.

          • And if there is a revaluation then he will be on the collaborator’s list…. His name has been reported.

          • I’m just scared shitless. LOL

      • And no one but the rabid lefties believe Hillary is a saint who commits no sin and spend hours justifying her lies..

      • He’ll be “in” long after you’re all gone.

    • You called it! Corruption on a grander scale than we had ever believed could be the case! How can you possibly believe that Trump will ever win the coming election? He has career politicians on both sides of the aisles scheming and collaborating against him, and even if he would actually receive enough legitimate votes to win, it will be the vote “counters” that will make that decision, not the voters! (Remember the “hanging chads” in Florida?) Then too, after what we’ve seen this week, somehow, something will come out of nowhere and keep him out of office! The real power behind this country – and it is NOT the will of the people – will do whatever it takes to remain in control!

      • However, We, the People ARE the government and we can overthrow any rogue administration and those employees we elected to Congress can be fired! Think about it. What is needed true love of America and the guts to do something about it. We want Trump; they don’t. Well, then, the end solution will be our best option because from time to time the Tree of Liberty MUST be nurtured.

        • Your threat to this country has been reported to the proper authorities. The only thing worse than an outside terrorist is a terrorist who claims to be a patriot.

          • David Gearhart

            The silent majority has spoken in the last two elections. They are taking back the control of our government. That is the revolution. They are not stupid and will not be in public embarrassing themselves with hissy fits and criminal behavior like the liberals. The conservatives are the majority. that is why the democrats special interest group try to separate them and take away their rights. Obama calls them terrorist while his supporters riot and continue to do criminal acts, violating laws, and being domestic terrorist. His government agencies targets them as the enemy. Trump stands for equality and American capitalism. Government by the people. Instead of Obama whims being the only law. He, his government and his elites are above the law. There is no morality or justice when the laws of the land or not longer for all. Obama called for and got his African style justice of mob rule. As in race riots. Whites and our law call it vigilante justice. We need a government controlled by our laws Obama’s agenda. if the liberal’s win the election the separation of laws and justice will continue. The liberals are for their rights only.

          • Delusional. What drug are you on, assclown?

          • Delusional? That’s what you are becoming, airhead.

          • Why don’t you go fuck yourself, punk.

            The threat to the country is from his Royal Exhaulted Boma, the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch and Comie Comey and all the pukes like you.

            YOUR name has been recorded for disposition after the Revelation.

          • Bring it on, tough guy. Stop hiding behind that keyboard.

          • Dork… if I were you I would start hiding… right about now.

          • Good for you, dork. The “proper authorities” know better than to do anything about your report.

        • From Rick2956 for Rosech Levy. I get your thinking. I served in Venezuela for 3 years
          before it became a socialist country with Chavez at the helm. At the time, Venezuela was riding high on oil revenues but utter poverty was visible in many areas of the city.
          Venezuela and Venezuelans were nice folks but the government was highly corrupt.
          Cime was high and citizens suffered. After Chavez came into power things started to get close to Fidel in Cuba, things
          worsen and all bad situations were blamed on the US.
          Since Obama became POTUS, even Putin made some
          initiatives and as I understand, he ev en he arranged
          and got the OK to open a weap;ons factory in Venezuela.


  16. Mistergilgamesh

    I was also a CMCO Classified Material Control Officer as one of my many duties n the military, and remember very clearly that there was never any difference between mishandling classified material knowingly or through negligence. It just made no difference, the end result would be the same. No doubt. Why this now?

    This Director was also the SAME person that gave the Clintons a pass 20 years previously. Look it up.

    • If you handled classified information, it must have been on rolls hanging in the latrine.

      • Mistergilgamesh

        Well cut open enough apples and eventually a worm emerges. I looked at your history, and it is hilarious to see how many times other people have already bitch-slapped you. After so many bitch-slaps, Ben, a normal person would readjust. But not you! You are a special kind of Hillary-Stupid. For our audiences viewing pleasure, I will rub your nose in what others think of you:

        “Jim, don’t waste your time and intelligence on a piece of shit like ben totuous, he’s the problem with America becoming like she is. You’ll never change braindead people like him in their way of twisted thinking. You can tell by his intelligent answer of Fuck off (i’m being facetious of course). If we would of had simpletons like him in the bush of Viet Nam, he would not come home upright, but in a body bag. Go Trump, p.s. I’ve had people like him be real brave in their anonymity behind a keyboard, knowing full well that they are safe from any consequences of their words.”

        And then right after that, this guy back-handed you again:

        “Big deal, Benny boy! 66 means nothing to me. I out rank you by four years you sorry pile of stinking horse poop! How the heck did you make it this far without getting your head knocked off? Mouth off in front of someone like me and you’ll have to have more than age on your side! You’re not worthy of a good round house right. I’m saving you for a back handed bitch slap!”

        All in all, Ben, you may be old, but you certainly aren’t any wiser. Go back into Mom’s basement.

        • Insulted by a retarded righty. Oh what will I do? I know, laugh my ass off.

          • Mistergilgamesh

            No, pretty much everyone would learn to disrespect you. Your abrasive and arrogant manner is the reason you live a sad life. The next time you brush your teeth? Use laundry soap. With a toilet brush colored brown to hide how filthy the brush is. Remember that. The brown brush is there, beside the toilet, waiting.

          • Mistergilgamesh

            Your arrogance is your own poison. All you do is get on here to insult others. Grow up. Old Child.

          • Hey MORON! Cry me a RIVER !

  17. To Dick from Rick 2056. Thanks, you hit the target on the center. All those reasons are real as the game
    reaches high stakes.

  18. A true outrage of injustice and corruption from Obama administration! Old Hillary and Obama guilty of treason

  19. Exactly how can right wing “intelligence” get insulted? It has not been demonstrated to exist since Eisenhower checked out . This is a party which nominated an illiterate George W simply because of his family name. And 14% of the people who voted for him were so ignorant that they thought they were casting a vote for his father. Yes, exit polls showed this. Stunning ignorance. And after W turned in the worst job ever for a U.S. president, they now stand ready to nominate the most racist candidate since George Wallace. A man who is charged with racketeering for running a fraudulent university. A man who has been sued over 3000 times for not paying his employees and contractors. But none of his supporters care… He is angry and white, enough qualification for the rabid right. All they care about is getting a black guy out.

    • Go away Troll! You stink up the website! Interesting how you continue to up vote your own posts? What a moron!

      • He wins the award for the biggest j@ck-@$$ troll.

      • I am not the only liberal here, stupid ass. I never once have voted on any post. It is meaningless.

        • And we have recorded the URLs of every one of you,,,,

          And BULLSHIT – Even assbags like you would not vote for your posts.

          Mayne I’ll see you at your trial.

        • You up vote yourself every time you remember to do so! You’re the only one who does that! Saying you never once voted on any post makes you a LIAR, too! It doesn’t surprise me though. Hillary, the liar, is your mentor, isn’t she?

        • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

          “I never once have voted on any post”. Now Benny, those numbers next to the little up-arrow under your name tell a different story, but hey “what difference does it make”, right? If your objective is to elevate lying to an art form, you can stop. Hillary’s got that covered. No wonder you’re such a big fan.

    • Trump does not believe wpmen are pigs. That is you buying into the lies of the media. Trump supporters evidently are much smarter than you!

    • Worst Presidwnts

      1. Obama
      2. Carter

      • Crack addicts like you shouldn’t be trying to make lists. But you obviously enjoy making a fool of yourself.

    • Race obsessed much? Liberal projection. Obama has done the worst job of any president and his numbers prove it. Hillary’s running a fraudulent foundation. Russia gives her $2.5 million, the pay serial pervert $750,000 for a twenty minute speech and now Russia owns 20% of our uranium. Trump employs 100,000 people with the jobs he’s created and job creation is one of Hussein’s many failures.

      • What numbers supposedly show Obama failed? It so happens he has created many more jobs that Ronnie Retardo. And Obama still has another half year left.

        • The numbers that show Obama failed? Record poverty, one in six living under the poverty level. A record amount of people on food stamps. A record low workforce participation rate, the lowest since the 70’s. record low GDP quarters that have never even reached 3%. Obama has not created jobs, he’s destroyed them thanks to his policies. Don’t even mention Reagan and obama in the same paragraph. Reagan was a great president and a true leader, Obama leads with his behind. Did I say that correctly?

          • Obama never lists his shortfalls when he makes his flowery speeches; He either ignores the shortfall or he twists them so they sound good; he will never tell the truth.
            He talks about new jobs created but never tells us the number of jobs that went away during the same period or how many were taken by immigrants; legal and illegal, and that according to the Department of Labor, three out of four jobs are going to immigrants.
            Obama has turned his back on American workers and the number without work is growing as Obama allows more and more immigrants into the U.S. on work visas and he allows refugees to work here (they do not need work visas).
            Obama supports immigrant workers resulting in Americans being pushed out of jobs and Hillary Clinton says she supports Obama’s immigration policies – she promises Americans jobs but how can she support Obama’s agenda and get jobs for Americans at the same time – there is a total conflict between the two!

  20. The fix was in from the get go.

  21. Eleanore Whitaker

    Awwwww…What’s the matter fukkos? You didn’t get your way? Now, because you moron assholes attacked an FBI director, Gowdy and Chaffetz will both end up in jail for falsifying evidence. So shitbags, proud of yourselves?

    You don’t own this country. You are mentally deranged fukbags who need your mouths super glued.

  22. James Comey & Lynch should go to prison for not upholding their oaths of office & dismissing very apparent felonies. This makes them co-conspirators.

  23. Loving America

    Americans We the People..The government have allowed Our Elected Servants..the Politicians in D.C. to run Us! They are running Us just as fast as they can to the “killing houses of America” if We do not watchthem closer! they have had to much authority and this Comey thing with HItler Hillary is proving it..they think We are stup. Congress needs to stop it all! Fire Comey, try and hang Obama, Hilllary, Holder, and Lynch for not taking Hillary down and out over her crimes..they are as guilty as she is
    and was all a part of Crimes against America and Abroad and Lynch is gulty for accepting the Bribes to keep Hillary out of prison and not doing her job she is paid to
    do regardless of who needs punished!

    • You have been reported for threatening top level officials.

      • Loving America

        So was you! No threats in my content or they would have been removed like yours was!

        • Liar. You know you threatened 4 of our top level officials with hanging. And a screenshot of it is now in the hands of law enforcement. I have never done such a thing.

  24. You might be right Ben but I hope you are wrong we can wait and see I quess. Thank you for answering sir. Have a nice day.

  25. Barring the concept that the disclosure of classified information has imposed a kind of blackmail situation which prevents the legal system from performing as it should, what administration would go after its own administration members, simply for the purpose of prosecuting them for obviating the law? America has changed, especially, with respect to law and order and for the law which maintains order. Having chosen to obviate the law, thus allowing the disorder caused by those who benefit from such obviation, the administration can only expect that the confusion which results will not benefit law or order. Apparently, that is just exactly what they want and they are getting it.

  26. Thank you for answering deerflyguy, but I do believe in the voters and everyone has had enough of the corruption in DC and I think that that will put the Donald in office as the GOP will wake up and vote Donald Trump in office or they will lose the control they now have and they know that.

    • How did you become so insane?
      You really need some help. Trump is a f cking lying ass grifter.
      He does not have a clue.
      Like you!

  27. tired of all the insider corruption??????
    Vote for Trump, let him appoint a new AG and start the grand jury inquiries. What a complete load of crap. Questioning Hilary not under oath was to prevent her from getting charged with lying to a federal offices since all she does is lie

  28. the fix was in and we received the big green weenie up our arses.
    Want justice?? Vote trump in so he can appoint dept heads who will do their job for the public not their pocket and ambition

  29. I don’t know why these corrupt ELECTED officials get by with anything that the average person don’t. Which tells me they ARE above the LAW. So my question is: WHY HAVE LAWS IF THEY ARE NOT ENFORCED??????????/

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Simple! Because Hitler’s brother sits at the helm and protects every one of soros’ criminals! Sooooo glad I’M not raising children in this day and age – even happier that I’M as OLD as I am. I won’t have to endure much.. ??

  30. He really expects us to believe he was not influenced by Obama an Lynch

  31. MuslimLuvChrist

    When I see corruption in our government today, I think about hitler’s reign. The people that followed (and killed for) him were simply “following orders”.

    The same thing is happening today, people think that it is not “my” fault, it is either the head of my agency or obama’s fault, I am just doing my job.
    obama and clinton could never have gotten away with what they have done, without immoral people just doing their jobs, after all whistleblowers get fired (or worse), they remain silent, in service to the corrupt, and watch the corruption spread.

    The real threat comes from “Americans” who do the bidding of those who will tear down our republic and re-create it in their own image, their own utopia. It is these people who tolerate crime which will be used to bring America to its destruction.
    America will never be destroyed from the outside.
    If we falter and lose our freedoms,
    it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    • No doubdt that ts the way it happened, but then things didn’t exactly go their way in Nuremberg.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        the trouble with that is
        there will be no trials,

        America will fall under hitlery,
        she will dismantle the military,
        and we all become her tax slaves to the NWO,

        the final question is
        what will the communists do with the islamic caliphate?

  32. Hillary wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if she stood on a stack of bibles. She’s good at lying with a straight face. Ever wonder why/how Obama put John Kerry in her place? Makes you wonder. She is not Secretary of State so stop calling her Secretary Clinton. She’s the most dangerous woman to step foot in Washington. Beware of Witch Hillary, you cross her and you end up dead.

  33. This is another data point of immoral leadership, Lady Justice has been raped by government officials. Americia is ruled by intelectually sloppy and immoral officials.

    America can only survive when we embrace once again faith, virtues and freedom.

    • Our forefathers righty kept religion the fuck out of our Constitution. You retards are not inserting it.

      • Go back to hell demon troll! That’s right! You’re 66, aren’t you? You’re getting closer to meeting your mentor every day!

      • MY forefathers, Not yours you commie bastard.

        You claim to be 66 – Just how DID you dodge the draft?

      • Our Founders understand that the American Experiment, aka the Constitution, could only survive with a population who believed in a Deity who is the source of our freedom, not a government. I’d encourage you to read Eric Metaxas’ new book ‘If You Can Keep It’ or any of the Federalist writings on the topic. They were opposed to government dictating a faith preference. The experiment’s success required a moral, law abiding citizenry. Our Founders printed and distributed Bibles, one per household to this end.

        Every person has faith in either God or Satan. Who your soul spends eternity with is who you choose to worship.

  34. Obama / Hillary / bill / Lynch/ FBI /? MEDIA /EIght years / .This has caused people of America to Distrust any politician. MEDIA and there twisted one sided garbage . This is what’s running our country ? The shame the sickening lie’s and corruption is mind boggling .Im totally convinced they don’t care . Any one that can leave this in the white house better really think on this deeply. The world looks at America and laughs . No leadership / No commonsense. / open boarders / watch open gates in Germany you tube. / girls and boys pee together / white children told there born racist abuse on innocent lifes./ The millions of murdered babies./ Obama has caused divisions among people. Has he helped ?

    • Helped who should be the question; he certainly has not helped this nation, by no means helped the average American worker or family.
      He may have helped people like the Clintons; how he can stand in front of the American people and claim Hillary Clinton is the best Secretary of state in history is sick, absurd and indicative of his total denial of what has created the mess this country is in and the threats we face round the world.

  35. You can say what you like about the travesty that has visited the United States these last eight years, but to do it without implicating the Republican Led Congress would be just plain dishonest.
    Working in concert with the Administration and the other Democrats in Congress, this President has been allowed to do real damage to every facet of this once great Counnry…..there is plenty of blame to go around and all parties should be hanging their heads in shame.

    • Totally correct.

      The RINO/Democrat elite establishment is the real culprit. His Royal Exhaulted Bomma could have never done a thing without them sitting by and letting him run rough shod over the constitution.

  36. Even the once revered Supreme Court is no longer willing to protect Lady Justice. Believing in government control instead of believing in Self Control has been We the People’s undoing.

  37. Phyllis Elliott


    • I can not agree with you; suggesting Snowden is not as bad as Hillary may be correct but neither of them should expect any sympathy from us; neither should expect any mercy from us and certainly no forgiveness from the families of men and women lost due to the passing out of American secrets and classified information.
      Hillary has the blood of four good Americans killed at Benghazi on her hands because she did not put security there as was recommended. She initially said the security recommendation came from a friend instead of her staff; she blamed the failure of no security at Benghazi onto her staff saying they had not told her she should do it! Later, she claimed she never got the memo/letter everyone else got about putting security at Benghazi. She, as head of her department, more than anyone else had the responsibility for the safety and security of those working under her. She failed the four men killed and the others injured by her failed acceptance of responsibility and poor judgment. Not the first time her failure has resulted in significant problems but without doubt, the one most known! She voted for war in Iraq without reading the bill or reading any of the information regarding going to war; she voted “YES” because another person told her she should; she admitted to it later when she was pushed regarding her vote to go to war and she at that time said she regretted voting Yes but was advised to do so by another senator! AGAIN – blame it onto someone else!
      The point regarding Benghazi; she was responsible for the actions, performance, failures as well as success of the State Department. That included the use of good judgement which she grossly failed in when she ignored advise to put security there. Her personal values showed a malignant heart and mind when she ignored the known threats and failed the people who died as a result of her failure!
      With her vagrant failure of ensuring secrecy of our national secrets as she sent classified emails over her personal server there is little doubt our enemies, and anyone else interested in our national secrets, including those who targeted and killed our men at Benghazi , had information regarding the lack of security.

      • Phyllis Elliott


  38. Worked for the DOD for 40 years and had a clearance. I cant believe she is innocent; what a disgrace!!!!!!

  39. Patricia McGehee

    If we don’t beat Hillary and then clean out the Dept. Heads of every Agency we will lose America.

  40. Comey is corrupt and just got bought again by the Clintons He has ruled in their favor on a number of other cases and he should be removed from head of the FBI and the Clintons should be indicted on bribery charges and put in prison. The American people are not stupid.

  41. No indictment but plenty of commentary on her abuse of the emails systems she used and compromised our security. How blatant can the federal government get? But we well know who is behind this crap, don;t we? The top dawg.

    • Comey’s comments were definitely damning. He didn’t say lie, but said not true.
      If he was bought, he could have said that she was definitely under oath with the FBI, instead he claimed that he was not even there. Clinton/ Lynch meeting on tarmack was too obvious not to be recognized. I wonder if this has anything to do with timing.
      Will something else come out once she becomes the nominee? Let’s not forget that Obama HATES Hillary. He doesn’t trust her, and would have complete trust in Biden carrying on his legacy. IMO, if Hillary does get indicted, it will be the only part of Obama’s legacy with a plus.l

      • barbara,
        I think Obama had more to do with the Bengazzi incident than Hillary did. But she is responsible for her emails an the security of them. Comey’s remarks make it clear that she did not follow security protocol and as such neglected her responsibilities. That does not bode well with me if she got elected,which I totally oppose.

  42. The most unholy threesome I have ever seen, we are screwed, they know how to rig an election and everybody knows they did it to keep that worm Obama in office, it is time for the elections to be set up so they cam’t be tampered with.

  43. Ha haaaa! the writer is as dumb as his readers if he thinks most Tea baggers have intelligence to insult, most have shown their asses as ignorant regressives long ago. Dubya’ lost’ 22,000 emails no bagger said a word. Its a dubya standard .

    • If Obama had committed any of a long list of crimes by Dumbya and Cheney, the rabid right would be yelping for his impeachment. As it is, their only “reason” to oust him is the color of his skin.

      • We HAVE been screeming for his impeachment for 7 years you asshole. – The RINO/Democrat establishment refuses to get rid of the mOslem non citizen, though.

        BTW, When he was running he was “Mixed” and proud of his white herritage but after the low life community organizer was elected he suddenly became “Black”

        A few more inconvenient details you seem to always ignore.

        • You see, this is the thing, shit eater… He has committed no high crimes and misdemeanors. That thing about being black that you Repukes keep harping on, it just isn’t there.

          • He has violated his oath and if refusing to enforce federal laws as he swore to do! If that is not consider misfeasance or malfeasance I don’t know what you would call it. And your right; He Isn’t there; maybe in body and mind but certainly not for America and the American people!

          • blah blah diddy blah…you better focus on 2000-07 if you are serious about malfeasance and crimes against this country.

        • Well I can tell you that with an approval at 56% that’s not gonna happen besides there are no grounds for such an act.

      • Yes, that’s it in a nutshell, but a sociopathic, inept, white moron is a God. President Obama has served with grace and dignity in the face of unnecessary bigotry .


    • The ASYLUM can’t keep patients off the Internet. I hope they can at least teach the bipolar brigade how to properly use the fucking CAPSLOCK KEY.

    • I bet your the neighbor lady who always has her nose poking through the curtains(except during soap opera hours).

  45. Roy Fredrichsen

    Just exactly what has Hillary got to do to to be guilty of something? Shoot Bill in a fit of rage? Or, be recorded recieveing “donations to the Clinton Foundation” from Iran?

    • Maybe is she started a fake university and stole money from people she conned into signing up.

      • Like the Clinton foundation? If Trump University is all you have, you’re going to a gun fight with a knife.

        • It is up on RICO charges, buffoon.

        • I believe Trump WON the Trump University case.
          Let’s see how well all goes for the Foundation. I think there’s more to come that may be much more incriminating and impossible to cover up.

  46. Stupid is as stupid does.

  47. WELL: BILL CLINTON Paid the ATTY.GENERAL LORETTA LYNCH enough that she could buy COMEY and HILLARY CLINTON WALKS hell we the PEOPLE are not stupid we are just being screwed and without the benefit of vaseline.!!

  48. As the old saying goes “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

  49. Richard Trundle


  50. There is NO reason for the Clintons to be above the law. It couldn’t be for love at least for Hillary.. Maybe fear caused by all those known dead in the Clinton history.

    She must not be in an even more important position of trust if she lacked the sense of knowing when an email is/ should be secret, classified.
    Haven’t heard of any others in FedGov having an illegal e-mail server in their basement. It just seems like a Clinton thing to do.

    • I do not know the full facts or how relievable the information is (I read it on the internet- SO) but I do know the ambassador was relieved of his duties. The story goes, a U.S. ambassador who is a retired General, was forced to resign by Hillary Clinton when it was learned he was using a personal server. It was found during an Inspector Generals inspection. Reportedly, he was only using it to send correspondence to his staff but it had never been approved. Hillary does not list him when she talks about others who were using personal servers. . According to the investigation report; the server looked “eerily like Clintons” if that means anything to anyone. Hillary forced the ambassador to resign.
      Her personal, professional, moral and ethnical standards are near to non-existent!

    • shthd4

  51. Hillaryoncrack

    The good news is, enrollment in the KKK is up 350% nationwide. South, north, west, everywhere.

    • Thanks to Trumpturd. I know as an American hater that is a good thing to you, you sick shit eating bastard.

      • Hillaryoncrack

        I don’t know why you have your panties in such a wad today. 5 dead police officers in Dallas should have your vagina wet and twitching. And, BTW, upvoting one’s self is in poor taste. But alas, no one else will, will they you loser?

      • Hillaryoncrack

        5 dead cops in Dallas. I’ll bet your vagina is wet and twitchery now isn’t it you liberal piece of garbage. I hope you do not awaken in the morning. POS liberal.

        • You are the fucktards who think the public needs weapons of war. When the Constitution was written, the word “arms” referred to a blunderbuss.

          • Hillaryoncrack

            The “Blunderbus” was obsolete a century before the Bill of Rights was written. And even so, what’s your point? Arms are arms, be it a BB gun or a bazooka. You are an idiot and prove it with every remark.

    • What needs to rise is compassion, respect, and understanding….not a rise in anti American, anti constitution, anti humanity thoughts and actions. It is the 2nd & 1st amendments were put in place to protect and defend against any tyrants, such as the KKK, who rise against the principles of the United States of America.

    • Lawlessness is encouraged when laws are not enforced. Obama has elected to enforce only those laws that supports his own agenda. He has reversed years and years of efforts to bring respect and tranquility between the various races of this nation. Thorough his doings our nation is quickly slipping into the lawless conditions that can be expected when laws broken are ignored.

      • Hence the feel people are getting to take the law into their own hands. The rise of vigilante groups, such as the Klan. Now that feeling will intensify even more because more and more the administration will attempt to tie the hands of law enforcement. And the cops will be hamstrung and a little frightened. Who could blame them?

  52. QuietCountryPatriot

    As long as they are breathing air , Obama , Clinton , and Lynch, will be a danger to the United States Citizens…Yes, there are others as well , but these three are on the road to total destruction of the United States as being a free country. Their goal is to rule over a land of sheep with 100% dependency. What they apparently don’t realize, without the working class , there is no one to support the puppet sheep they seek to rule…

    The Federal Bureau of Investigations are led by a weak minded individual..He did as he was told to do , just as a well trained puppet does… He has just proven that the FBI will go after, investigate you and me, the small working middle class citizen for doing next to nothing , and beat their chests in triumph when they get a conviction and lock away an average joe for the rest of his life…HOWEVER…when they investigate someone with the power to simply make them have an unfortunate accident, that person can commit treason, murder or gawd knows what , and they pizz in their pants. They are scared to do anything…FOR months, all the FBI reported was they have mountains and mountains of actual evidence against hillary. One day they decide all these mountains of evidence are worth nothing , because there was ” no intent ” to do harm, so they close the case file and say they are done..NOT enough evidence , cant prove ” intent “… ..The FBI will NEVER regain the credibility or Respect they just threw away to appease obama and the candidate he is protecting…..YES , they will continue to beat their chest when they convict a nobody for a crime…but when it mattered most , THEY CRUMBLED UNDER PRESSURE……weak….

  53. A truer observation doesn’t come along that often anymore.

  54. Dexter L. Wilson

    There have been many people who ended up in prison and got fines for breaking federal laws they did not even know existed. What the hell makes Hillary any better. If she did not know that many of the emails were classified, why did she lie to Congress and destroyed emails. For someone who says she didn’t know she sure acted guilty.

  55. Comey’s decision pretty much told Americans that there are two sets of laws, those that apply to the common man and those that apply to the politically connected/elite. It was a slap in the face to EVERY American, and further proof that the Obama administration is crooked, corrupt, and not above lying all in order to get their ideology pushed through. With God forbid a Hillary Clinton administration that same corruption and crooked behavior would continue not just for ideology but for the right donation (bribe) to the Clinton Foundation.

  56. Hillaryoncrack

    Comey basically said she’s guilty, but left it up to voters. OK, lets hope enough smart voters turn out, because there are way too many dumb ones out there.

  57. Good article.

  58. David Gearhart

    The really sad thing is that the only thing that will save us from Obama and Hillary is Putin. What a joke the Russians have to save us from our own president and his evil. Or is he just black mailing them with the threat of 30,000 emails. I have no doubt that he has them. The question is, how will he use his hole card? Will he use them or save them to own Hillary when she becomes President? Does he gamble that he can control a snake? Does he gamble that she will win the election? He could play his card and win some really good will from the American’s by destroying Obama’s agenda of passing on the socialism to Hillary. Putin will do what is advantageous for him. We can only hope that it will be before the election and be good for us as well. Do the emails endanger the lives of American’s? Are the names of our over seas operatives in her emails? What state secrets are there, the Iran deal, etc?

  59. As an investigator for the Jefferson
    County District Attorney’s Office in Colorado. Everything that I have seen
    Regarding all the Federal agencies under Berry aka obama has been and is a
    travesty of justice. Almost everything that has come out of the Berry
    administration and ALL the alphabet agencies is illegal and against the
    constitution. Just another of the things Donald J. Trump will have to address
    after he has the White House totally fumigated and, of course, arresting Berry,
    Killary, Slick Willy and a number of the top people in the Berry
    administration, the IRS, FBI, Justice department to include the Attorney
    General and Her staff. Trump will have to overturn all of the judgements etc
    that have transpired. Berry, Killary, and Slick Willy can be sent directly to Guantanamo
    Cuba to stay until hell freezes over or they die whichever occurs first. And,
    of course, they will get their faces washed every day!

    I apologize this is as professional as I can be with anything concerning anything part of these people and this government.

    • You will be banned when I own this website. The days of it being a hideout for America haters are coming to an end.

      • The investigator should investigate his post and share his docs; he should investigate another news source; investigate reality; investigate a mental health facility.

  60. The FBI director seems to have a lot of support but it appears to me as if his analysis as to the knowledge that Hillary had about the E mail system is erroneous. Hillary has a college education, was a US senator, was the first lady for 8 years. If she does not know what she was doing with the IT and e mail systems, then is seems as if she is not mentally capable of being an elected official in any capacity. Our business has a large number of senior citizens over 70 and most of them understand how to use their computers and smart phones to the extent of sending messages to their family and friends. So if Hillary says she did not know what was going on with the E mails she is either lying or is stupid or both. CAN’T HAVE SUCH A LIAR AND INCOMPETENT AS THE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY.

    • Says somebody who must get help to wipe their own ass.

      • I feel sorry for you as if appears as if your intelligence may be lacking. If you heard Comey and did not hear the many charges made, and you make such a crass statement as above, you are among those who have helped to make America a laughing stock around the world.

  61. Stop wasting the taxpayers money. You lost. Move on.

  62. my daughter just went through a background check for her new job HILLARY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PASS IT
    and she wants to run this country
    dear GOD NO

  63. If we accept our lawmakers being lawless, how can we expect any more from our citizens? That’s the biggest disgrace. If Hillary can break the law and not get charged, why shouldn’t others feel like they can break the law and not get charged. Our lawmakers should be held to a higher standard than the average citizen because they are charged with making the laws, and law enforcement is suppose to be charged with enforcing the laws. However, when everybody is corrupt, you have law enforcement changing the laws to fit their agenda, and our corrupt lawmakers fixing the system to fit their agenda. In the meantime, the little guy is getting screwed. I understand now there is a guy who was fired and charged for doing the exact same thing that Hillary did appealing his case based on the “Clinton exception”. I think more should get their cases thrown out or file a complaint if they were fired or charged for similar offenses. If Hillary can get away with it, then so should the little guy.

  64. The transparency of the bo administration has a very yellow stench of “0” visibility with a lot of lying deceit that is destroying the U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights & 7 years of bo caused the contamination… !

  65. I knew the Republicans would not be satisfied in the results of the investigation. Many of them don’t believe Obama was born in Hawaii even after he showed his birth certificate. If they want to investigate anything they should be investigating where George W. Bush got his inside information as to where Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Now that deserves investigating. You all know what that cost this country. We are still paying for it now. I haven’t seen who got hurt on any of these accusations the Republicans have made on Hillary. The Republicans give George a pass but want to crucify her. The Republicans have been witch hunting the Clintons for about 25 years now. The American people are tired of it.

  66. Does this matter at all?

    On one pan of the balance you have a candidate who promises no more than the Constitution allows, who would continue economic policies that are getting us out of the Bush meltdown faster than Republican Presidents ever did and who is unlikely to start any more unnecessary wars (unlike Bush). You know what you would get by looking at stated policies and past decisions.

    On the other pan you have a candidate who promises what the Constitution prohibits and shows no evidence of even having read it. You have the promise to bomb innocent civilians if that is what it takes to kill a few terrorists among them. You have the promise of financial policies that Nobel economists project to a worldwide recession with 10% loss of U.S. GDP and tripling the National Debt if pursued for 8 years. You don’t know what you would get from government experience because he has none. You don’t know from stated policies because they are fragmentary and inconsistent. You might judge from business dealings which are rife with not delivering on his side of a deal but still walking off with personal profit.

    The continued email accusations are just a thumb on the scale. Given that NONE of them have panned out any better than Benghazi, some must hate Hillary far more than they love their country. Must be real patriots!

  67. Bill Schonfelder

    The Clinton Mafia strikes again

  68. <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq575p:….,..

  69. And people wonder why I call them the Fumbling Bunch of Idiots. The decision not to indict Killery will go down in the annals of the Justice Department as one of the biggest mistakes of Obama bin Lyin. Even if we accept the FBI’s conclusion, do we really want a President who acts in such a sloppy, careless manner? Killery is a lying Beyotch.

    • factcheck.com …per 1000 words Secretary Clinton lies at a 26% / Millertrump at 60%; not very good for either.

  70. since I worked above top secret in the military, the Hilary decision is a complete insult.
    On national security messages and equipment it is the act not intent. Why jhas nothing to do with the whole mess. The why only makes the punishment more grave.
    If you remove the message from an authorized secure setting, you are guilty and get punishment.
    To the clintons and progressives, as long as they gain more power and make money, their actions do not stink.
    Cast your vote for Trump and put the Clinton Cartel into prison

  71. If Hillary went down she would take a couple hundred people with her.She should be hung for blackmail.

  72. Hillary is a perfect example of an educated idiot.

  73. Eleanore Whitaker

    Since you dipshits have NO intelligence, you bet trying to get that you cannot partisanize law or the judiciary. We all know what happened when your Cowboy Swaggering, Drawling dipshit president Bush tried that and managed to get Alberto Gonzalez in a position where he had to resign for trying to hire only Republicans as U.S. Attorneys.

    I watched that entire investigation and all I saw were Tea Party rat bags interrogating an FBI director and 00000000000000h isn’t that going to bite Gowdy and Chaffetz in their dumb asses?

    Didn’t Mother Nature EVER tell you right wing anarchist dipshits that it isn’t nice to attack an FBI director? Remember what happened when McCarthy’s attack dog Roy Cohn did that?

  74. The FBI ought to be ashamed of their Director. In fact, he should be fired and never be able to hold another Gov jo ever again. First we lost the honest Senators, then the Administration and now the FBI. We cannot trust any of them any more. The WH is no longer the WHITE HOUSE, IT IS A BLUE/YELLOW/GREEN/ORANGE MUSLIM HOUSE.

  75. How can your intelligence be insulted if you have none?

  76. Corona & Lime Girl

    Insult our intelligence by claiming she had no intent and no idea what she was doing. She was a lawyer. I have no doubt a lot of blackmailing was going on. Bish knows where the bodies are buried, she also has a few herself

    • She caused them to be bodies for sure. Not sure she would know where they are, as that could be definitely incriminating. Oh, and hello 🙂

      • Corona & Lime Girl

        Hi Dan. 🙂 She pulled a “Shultz”, she knows nothing, like those emails 😛

        • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f3a890ae1bf6b75c46a35c75aa4a4c86afa2898d439906fd2d0e4b902b225b38.jpg
          This is my Bubba horse, he’s huge 🙂 I want to know how she got so powerful. What she got on everybody else that she’ll not be taken down? We figure that out and we can topple the whole shuh bang

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            He is beautiful 😀 and strong looking.
            I want to know too. Maybe the threat of being Vince Foster’ed has everyone compliant to her, or she has dirt obtained from the NSA.

          • EXACTLY, and Ron Brown’d and about 38 other people

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Yes, I have the Clinton death list. Dam she is dangerous, and the scary part is she is real close to becoming POTUS, smh.

          • And nobody but us cares it seems

        • She’s wrapped up in the Malheur debacle as well. Trump has a bit of involvement as well thru jerry delemus. Jerry’s wife is a friend of mine and a congresswoman in New Hampshire

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Really? I didn’t know that about Trump.
            You have connections?

          • Look up Jerry Delemus. He was Trump’s campaign manager some sites say, and others say in the top tier of his campaign. He is co-chair with Trump being chair of Veterans for Trump also. Highly decorated Marine. Trump assigned him to the Nevada debacle, and the Patriot movement in general. He was in Burns and now he is in federal jail. His wife is a congresswoman and her and I are in regular contact

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks Dan. 🙂

          • http://youtu.be/_6vA_wveeFk
            This is super big, and happened just south of Burns Oregon. It’s 16 minutes long. Watch it and you’ll understand why us cowboys are pissed off. This makes the Hammond issue into NOTHING. please share this link with everyone you know

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            WTF?? No resources to put out the fire they started? Reckless endangerment of life and property!!! Arrest you? Awwh dam, poor cows!! I totally understand where you cowboy’s are coming from. The BLM has been on my sh!t list for a while now. I will Dan, people need to know this.

          • They burnt those people’s home right there in front of those guys taking cover with the cattle, their own water tender, and road grader building a firebreak around the corrals. You can plainly see that guy with a drip torch following that cow, and some of them badly burned

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Are the cows ok? Can those people get compensated for their lost home? What gives the BLM the right to destroy peoples property. I would try to sue them if I could, it’s worth a try in front of a jury.

          • Nobody knows about this stuff. The news won’t televise or even report on it. I caught them in blatant lies the weekend the Malheur Refuge was occupied. They shut the highway down not because it was too dangerous to plow snow as they said on tv, but because the feds were flying surveillance up and down that highway…is 124 miles from there to Nevada and nobody in between. There was no snow. It was 20 below zero

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            You know Dan, you can start your own channel to make people aware of this. You know the details, and I will recommend all your articles. Inform them of what the BLM is doing, how the media isn’t telling the truth about the situation. I can help you if you want.

          • I tried to start a horse one, not one single person visited. It’s almost like nobody on disqus likes horses, (This is where I make the sad face)…how would I get people to look and share my stories? Facebook kept pulling them down. Part of why I don’t have Facebook anymore

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Fedbook. I bet Conservatives, in time, will start reading your stories, but it will be slow going.

          • Over 80 cows and calves were burnt to death all total if I remember right. We don’t have so much as beef cattle ranches, but cow/calf operations

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            OMG!!! I feel for you guys. That is so horrible!!! For an agency that is supposed to manage land sure has stepped into the murder zone. I’m aware of what they do to wild horses, and that’s horrible.
            I want to know why they think they have the authority to arrest anybody, they aren’t a law enforcement agency.

          • Because most people have become sissified and are afraid. I am not afraid of anything anywhere at any time ever. I can’t get the words out by myself, and everybody wants to be a Patriot until it’s time to do Patriot shit. Some days I just want to take my horses and ride far and long, but I have nobody to go with

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Oh, I so agree with you, we have become wimps. The public has been indoctrinated to become passive. I’m not afraid either, this is my country and I will fight for it back. I’m in the Midwest and I’m not afraid to do Patriot shit because it’s in my DNA, I had ancestors who were patriots in the Revolution. I have the fire for freedom and justice. But when you’re the only one in your area who is willing to stand up it makes it difficult to get anything done when you are an army of one.

          • I have a ton of family in Kansas and Missouri. They are cowboys, one a world champion roper and his brother a retired U.S. Marshal in Wichita. They all think like we do. The ladies in my family are members of DAR…Daughters of the American Revolution. I’ll stand with you or anyone like us…now….if I start a channel, how do I get people to follow?

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            I will recommend all your articles. The numbers that follow will be slow at first, but it will pick up in time.

          • I’m friends with a couple of LaVoy’s daughters. I should ask Challice or Thera for permission on some things I think. There’s a few folks that this is really going to piss off if I do this…

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Yes, that would be a good idea. Oh well, let them get pissed off, this needs to be done.

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            The BLM is already my enemy and I will tell you in private later why.

          • Can’t wait to hear

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Just sent a text to you about it.

          • I have not got it yet. Weird

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Serious? It says it went through. Ok, hold on, I’ll check what the problem is.

          • This is my number. ..text me if you want or have an idea. I’m not afraid. I don’t do any business on line so it ain’t like hackers are going to bother me. ..541 213 0413

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            I got it.

          • http://youtu.be/QV7uF5-rGig
            This is what lit the fire in Nevada. Bundy vs blm

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            I saw this as it happened. I was closely watching this all play out. The day the patriots stood up to the BLM. They had snipers trained on them. Daniel P. Love, the *@#&%. The BLM is out of control, of course they have orders from the top. This agency is corrupt and needs to be dismantled. I’ve also heard horror stories how they treat the wild horses.

          • I’m a horse guy. It’s bad but not quite as bad as some would have everyone believe. The fires here in Oregon on the desert are hundreds of thousands of acres. The ground becomes unusable for grazing, and decimates the Sage Grouse and Desert Tortoise. When that happens, sometimes the BLM will sell off large tracts of land. Guess what is in the land in Harney and Malheur Counties? That’s right, uranium. Guess who bought it? The Russians, using a Canadian company and funneling near 5 million dollars into the Clinton foundation…and when she was secretary of state. Our uranium here is of the highest quality. This isn’t conspiracy stuff, it’s real. The Bundys had found some of this out. That’s why the FBI HRT team was out of Langley Virginia, and when they got here they were briefed on the anti U.N. sentiments of the people in Harney and malheur counties….wait wut? U.N. you say? Yes, this is deep and came from the top of the department of justice to protect certain candidates in an election year, and a hell of a lot more…I know enough about this case to blow your mind

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Whoah! I believe it. I heard that the BLM will sell land to the Chinese, that’s why they wanted Bundy off his land, Harry Reid made a deal with them. I never trust government. Yes, I know the UN is involved at the top. UNESCO, has taken some of our national landmarks for themselves. We are in deep sh!t if we don’t stop all of this.
            I’m not living under UN rule!! Never!!

          • Harry wants the Bundy Ranch for a Chinese solar company….that his family is in bed with. Cliven never refused to pay his grazing fees. He tried several times and for years to pay the state of Nevada, as its state land. The feds refuse. Nevada is ok with it. Hillary did the same thing with the Russians for the uranium in Wyoming. Now they own over 20% of the United states uranium…weapons grade and sold to our enemy

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Yeah, they were calling Bundy the welfare rancher. Hmmmp! There is treason running rampant in our country. The public needs to wake the hell up!!

          • Where you at? Come help me. We’ll start at the beach here and go to the beach there and tell as many people as we can in between, and make the group bigger on the way. Bring friends

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            Ok, let’s get this done.

          • You come up with a good name for the page 🙂 make it catchy, I’ll start getting a few links and sources cited and put together today, and I’ll write 🙂

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            How about, “The Corruption of the BLM”?

          • Ok 🙂

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            You like it? 🙂

          • Yeah, I think it’s great, now just to get something put together and post it

          • Corona & Lime Girl

            When you’re done link it to me and I’ll follow and recommend.

  77. There are Americans, and there are True Americans who have no allegiance to any other country or relatives living in foreign countries, and consider Islam as a Foreign Mind Control Death Cult, which it is,

  78. Suzanne McDaniel

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq1001p:….,….

  79. Which ever party it is, it’s evident of her guilt. She is not above the law! ANYONE else would be in jail, anyone. The law is the law and she lied under oath many times and put our National Security at risk and should be accountable for it. If it was a Republican, the Democrats would not hesitate to cry out foul. Comey made a Political decision and should have been a decision not letting the Clinton name be in his decision.

  80. Michael Dennewitz

    Make yourselves ready for the biggest revolution in history! ! ??

  81. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    I think that we as concerned citizens of America, need to keep stirring the pot until the November election. People tend to forget certain things if they are not reminded of it every day. We can’t afford to roll over and play dead. There are too many things that should bother every conservative in the US. We should call our friends, our family, our neighbors, those we go to Church with, and even those we work with, reminding them to go vote in November, and to vote their conscience. Even though Donald Trump is brash in some of his statements, I believe he understands what is at stake. He really needs to choose someone who believes the Constitution for his VP. There are several who come to mind, however, I would not go so far as to put them out there. I am sure Donald Trump has already talked to several, and his mind may be made up. I just pray that whomever he chooses, is a staunch Republican, not a RINO. God bless Donald Trump, and God bless this great United States of America.

    • some do forget…

    • I appreciate your post; and I hope you take every opportunity to help as many others see and hear what you have to say.
      If this woman is elected it will be the fault of those who choose to ignore the truth, who are blinded with false promises, who are ready to accept the kind of person she is regardless of what she represents !
      As far back as I can recall her she has been in one mess after another. She always try’s to blame the GOP for her failures and her problems but most of them are her own making. I am sure you have seen it yourself; when she is in trouble she try’s to blames someone else. She lies, she steals and she will promise about anything to get another vote. ‘She knows as well as the vast majority of people, young kids up, that there is no way the government can just give and give and give. She promises things that are not only absurd but impossible, She knows she will never carry through with her promises; why should we think she will. We have seen her in lies, she has admitted she lies, she has failed in the trusts placed in her – and people have died because of her failures.
      She says she has spent her lifetime fighting for kids and women’s rights but, she was a Senator from New York for 8 years and in that time she only wrote ONE BILL that had anything to do with women and children; she certainly was not fighting very hard!
      I do hope you make it a priority in your daily life to see Hillary Clinton is never allowed to sit in the White House again; better yet – never in any Tax Payers funded position!

  82. Unfortunately, I was not surprised at the outcome at all and I’m not happy about it. I follow the goings on pretty closely and am somewhat disappointed that I am so jaded in my opinion of politicians and our system of justice. I even know some democrats that are scratching their heads at the decision.

    • I was taken back when I heard there would be no charges made. With everything pointing to her guilt and the evidence looking stronger everyday, I had truly expected her to be charged and facing at least a year in prison.
      I do not fault the FBI director, he made a decision based on what he sees as he best route with the facts he has and what charges he could make with it. Remember, it was not him who was dong the investigation or who had the final conversation with her! That was a total farce too; she was the suspect, it was her the FBI has had over 100 agents investigating over the past year – and – they never even put her under oath when they finally brought her in! Had she made any admissions she could have denied them later as she was not under oath!
      He was though – accommodating in pointing out a list of other things though that she should be and can be charged with; I was surprised though – that armed with the information, the FBI could not have made the charges themselves. I think the director probably knew that regardless of the facts, if he recommended charging Hillary, Obama and his marketing tm would have done everything possible to get Hillary off and she would walk again. It was probably better to let the American people know the facts, as much as he could, the lies, the sending of secret information out to the world and insults, and let the people see how bad this woman realy is! Let the people see she never gets elcetd into anything again!
      Without a doubt Hillary and Obama would have joined to discredit the director and do what they could to ruin his career but I think it would only have brought greater respect from the people for him.
      Hillary is a cold hearted liar who cares less how many people are hurt I her failures. She has no business being in any position where people expect honesty and loyalty to the country or the American people!
      Please do all you can and help to see as many people as possible see Hillary is never elected.

      • What was reproven to me is that there are two sets of laws. One for you any I, with real consequences and one for the ruling class with no consequences. I don’t like being cynical, but I have just seen it too many times.

        You are correct, there is a very real possibility that Hillary will be elected.

        If fortunes are reversed and Trump is elected, do you think Comey’s jump is secure?

      • Then, on the other hand:

        The following…from a friend…I find interesting and I hope comes to fruition.

        Please consider this:
        Comey is not a stupid guy. He may have been directed to “take the fall” with his Hillary announcement (we know that Loretta didn’t want this thrown on her desk to preside over, even though the FBI has no authority to make decisions whether or not to prosecute crimes; they only investigate and Justice Dept decides yea or hay). However, he decided to do something out of the ordinary — lay out and disclose all of his evidence during his Press Conference when he had that nation’s attention. He knew what he was doing and he knew that it would create a “firestorm” of controversy. If he had just sent everything he had to AG Lynch, it might have all gotten buried or, at least, not disclosed until long after the election. Instead, he threw it all out for the public to know.
        He also knew that it would cause Congress to call for an investigation so, now, he will not just be able to go and answer their questions; he made himself available almost instantly (tomorrow at 10 AM) full well knowing that they will want to dig even deeper, hear about more evidence and have an open-ended Q&A for the entire day if they want to. If he wanted to, he could have stalled this for a month just by saying “he’s busy; send me a Subpoena or let’s schedule it for a convenient time. I think Comey knew that this way the FBI’s entire case will get a full public airing (and, since there isn’t a prosecution pending, he can be candid and open about anything and everything). If it went to the Justice Dept’s hands, it would die a slow death there. Nothing will be kept secret now; we’ll learn about things (such as Hillary having 12 private servers) that no one even suspected existed. Comey can, literally, try this case before the public, just as he started to do laying out the key evidence just before “dropping the case”, when everyone thought he was heading toward a recommendation of prosecution.

        The Public and Media may now get to know EVERYTHING that would or could have been presented in court (whether or not they put it before the public is another question) if there was a prosecution (in fact, even more than what could be presented in court because there will be no rules of evidence holding him back). This hearing could be extremely eye-opening. Like I said, Comey isn’t a stupid guy and he might have just outsmarted Lynch and Obama when they told him to “kill this case.” A Grand Jury might have taken six months or longer to accomplish, if playing “according to Hoyle,” plus a grand jury is secret, except for leaks. Now nothing will be secret.
        Again, Comey is not stupid and he might also prove that he is no one’s lacky; however, he will just “play it straight”; answer all of the questions and not have to volunteer anything. After all, Obama and Lynch can’t tell him to lie to Congress. He might look foolish laying out this case when not recommending prosecution, but he might be wiser beyond our thinking because now he will just be responding to questions under oath.
        That’s my take on this scenario. This could come out to be the biggest fake-out in American history and, possibly, the only way to take down a liar and dishonest government official who is being “protected”. It might, actually, be worse than anything Hillary and Bill ever imagined.
        Who knows; maybe this will also carry into the Clinton Foundation crap as well. We will see.

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  85. He took the Stars and Stripes off the logo flag that flies over the White House and away the flag behind him, as he speaks. He hates us has divided this country. Not American he wants us to be called not only African American but Asian American ,etc. the country our ancesters were from…Nuts …you come here, you are American. Not yellow black, red and shades in between.

  86. letfreedomring10

    Everyone pays in the end, remember that.

  87. It was pretty obvious that Comey put a lot of time and effort into researching precedent and case history going back over 60 years, in an effort to find a way to let her off the hook. Too bad he didn’t use that energy to simply follow the law.

  88. I believe that any vote count short of 80% Trump will ensure a win for Hillary.

  89. Insult to our intelligence? What intelligence? For 28 years we keep electing Establishment Puppets for President and in Congress – let them stuff their pockets – destroy the Country and all we have been saying is “What duh”. Citizens are finally waking up to the fact that the USA is controlled by the Establishment and for the benefit of the Establishment. After 28 years we have a real choice. A candidate that was not hand picked by the Establishment……TRUMP 2016

  90. What Killary said to D. Morris on 2005:
    “Look the average Democratic voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part” Hillary Clinton as told to Dick Morris in Rewriting History, 2005
    She gets away with everything. She manipulates everybody. Comey and Clintons are decades long friends.

  91. ..everyone needs protection that can be quickly administered-
    and it must be lethal. if you do not want the hassle of registering a firearm
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    search gunbroker and google for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa revolver”

  92. At Least we can still afford to buy a “little” stock..! Gold, etc…no thanks to the “A–Holes” we now have in office, who have been giving trillions of $$$s of your and my tax dollars to the rogue nations that would like to see the U.S. ruined! Do u actually keep up with politics? Do u realize we, as a nation,nare on the verge of a depression; that our economy is so bad..it could make the Great Depression look like “child’s play”. Depression, in case u don’t know…means that businesses will close…people will lose their jobs and have NO income because our government will not have funds to feed everyone…

  93. StupidConservativeValues

    For all you the idiocy you stupid conservatives needlessly stir up, after November and Hillary is our Commander-In-Chief, this will be the motto concerning the infestation conservative parasites: Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius!”

  94. No, it is really not an insult to our intelligence, maybe to the intelligence of the intelligence community, but the only thing it really is to us is a confirmation that “ignorance of the law” is a “legitimate excuse.”

  95. Here we go again, and again, and again, another false flag timed conveniently as the Muslim-Marxist was out of the country and right after the disgraceful mockery of the laws of justice experienced with the ole ugly commie whore “Hillary the Pillory’s” get out of jail free card pass! This communist NWO regime has total control of every facet of government as they cleverly dismantle America! One shooter, two shooters, three shooters, four shooters – they don’t know, they say, but they do know because this Godless, Satan worshipping regime has their dirty hands all over this one just as the previous ones – Orlando; Boston Bomber, San Bernardino – and the future ones! This was a well thought out and planned operation and not some spontaneous, last second spur of the moment get even massacre! The sheeple just can’t or don’t want to believe that we have EVIL, POWER hungry demons at the top of our government but in the end when it is too late they will of wished that they had paid attention and took action instead of keeping their heads up their asses! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed; that is why these false flag operations will escalate in order for these Godless ghouls to brainwash and bully the sheeple into gun control, the last nail in the coffin of the “TRANSFORMED * TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA! States should start manning militias in order to send a message to “Moscow West” as they prepare with war against Russia which has already begun

    Will a third World War break out as the West rots in its decadence? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles details the nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula, the West’s latest saber rattling against Russia, and America’s emerging communist revolution and obsession with a satanic app called Pokemon GO. – : http://www.trunews.com/listen/#sthash.fc6jjVW0.dpuf

    • Donald Trump Can “Relate” to Black People Because He’s a Victim Too
      “Well, I have been saying even against me the system is rigged.”

      IJul. 13, 2016 2:42 PM

      Donald Trump

      may have described the Black Lives Matter movement as “divisive” and suggested demonstrators might deserve to “get roughed up,” but he wants African Americans to know that he can relate to their struggle. After all, the system has been unfair to him too.

      “Well, I have been saying even against me, the system is rigged—we
      have to fight,” Trump said when asked by Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday about
      what he would do to heal the country amid heightened racial tensions.
      “We have to fight.”

      “No, what I’m saying is that they’re not necessarily wrong,” Trump
      responded when O’Reilly commented that his remarks about fighting
      weren’t uplifting. “I can really relate it really very much to myself.

      The real estate magnate has been railing against the Republican
      nominating process ever since it briefly appeared as if Sen. Ted Cruz
      could secure more delegate support despite Trump winning more of the
      popular vote. Of course, that never transpired and Trump is now the
      presumptive Republican nominee for president.

      Trump’s mind-boggling analogy and clumsy attempt to pander to African Americans comes amid his disastrous polling numbers from minority groups and young people who believe he is a racist.

      • That last paragraph is understandable as our State-run, fifth column propagandists – FOX FAKERS included – continually espouse that lie; plus the fact that most AA can’t read or write or do math beyond an elementary grade level! GO TRUMP! – IF INDEED THERE ARE EVEN ELECTIONS HELD this year! We have just had another, in my opinion, false flag carried out against the police in LA! The average BLM does not have the resources nor the training or the nerves to execute such an execution on the law! The Muslim-Marxist jihadist is doing everything to see that his “Civilian Army”, the Obama-nista federal stooges becomes a reality!

    • Muslims and Marxism are opposed to one another.

      I see you constantly peddle your brand of hate, fear and division……The Don Corleone of Manhattan should be proud of you.

      • Hey kool fool. it is your semonic psychopaths that you blindly support that are peddling the race war and division but your too stupid to see this! WAKE UP FOOL!

    • Marxism and Islam

      Diverse forms of Marxism agree that social ills result from oppression of the
      poor by the wealthy (class conflict) but differ on strategies to overcome
      poverty and establish social harmony. Marxism is also associated with atheism,
      based on
      ‘s view that religion is used by rulers to legitimate the status
      quo, causing many Muslims to reject Marxism. But due to the affinity between
      Marxist and Islamic ideals of social justice, some Muslims adopted various forms
      of Marxism from the 1940s, reaching peak popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.
      Their analyses often ignored materialism and atheism, rejecting the idealist
      view that religion is independent of historical conditions and holding instead
      that many of its manifestations are related to the societies in which it
      operates. Islam in this view ideally meets the needs of society and can both
      accommodate and guide social change.

  96. Dennis B Anderson

    Hey there is nothing I like about the Clintons, and it goes as far back as Arkansas. The both of them along with their daughter should be behind bars awaiting death sentences, and serious jail time.

    • Comey

      “In May 2007, Comey testified before both the Senate Committee on the
      Judiciary, and the House Judiciary subcommittee on Commercial and
      Administrative Law on the U.S. Attorney dismissal scandal.
      His testimony contradicted that of former Attorney General Alberto
      Gonzales, who said the firings had been due to poor performance on the
      part of some of the dismissed prosecutors. Comey stressed that the
      Justice Department had to be perceived as nonpartisan and nonpolitical
      in order to function.[34]

      “The Department of Justice, in my view, is run by political appointees of the
      President. The U.S. attorneys are political appointees of the
      President. But once they take those jobs and run this institution, it’s
      very important in my view for that institution to be another in American
      life, that—because my people had to stand up before juries of all
      stripes, talk to sheriffs of all stripes, judges of all stripes. They
      had to be seen as the good guys, and not as either this administration
      or that administration.

  97. And you know all about it. You were there. You examined the information. You got all the details. Is that right?

  98. It can be reasonably assumed that the government was involved in some covert action which may, very well, have been in contravention of international law. If it was, and the whole operation was classified, it is reasonable to assume that the use of an unsecured means of email transmission on the part of Clinton, compromised the classified information pertaining to the covert action. If adversarial, foreign governments or entities have the classified facts, the U.S. Government is in a position of not being able to either confirm or deny what it was doing because those foreign entities have the proof of U.S. government wrongdoing. So they say nothing, refuse to prosecute (which would, in fact, confirm this idea). If I were Clinton, I would feel very uncomfortable knowing that this is true. It places her in a very untenable position since she can not, logically, enforce the law since she refused to obey the law. This, of course, is no problem for a liberal since their basic belief is that ignorance and indifference of and to the rule of law is the essence of freedom. When Americans wake up to this reality, they will reject the democrat party at the next election. The democrats have a lot to answer for.

    • Did the Clinton’s ever register as “Foreign Agents” as required under the The Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended, 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq?

      (FARA or the Act) is a disclosure statute aimed at “agents of foreign principals” (agents) as defined, who are engaged in covered activities, on behalf of their foreign principal(s), unless exempt.

  99. Comey acted like a pet dog for Hillary (Killary)…and supposedly he is ETHICAL….
    he’s ethical and i am richer than Bill Gates

  100. Comey & AG Lynch should go to prison for obstruction of justice, aiding/abetting, & being complicit in covering up apparent felonies.

  101. WRT the FBI official statement at:


    FBI Director James B. Comey makes this statement:

    “In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.”

    Dear FBI Director James Comey, why not treat Clinton, like the State Department did in this similar case?

    SCOOP: Hillary’s State Dept. Forced The Resignation Of An Ambassador For Using Private E-Mail

    MARCH 5, 2015 By Sean Davis

    thefederalist. com/2015/03/05/hillarys-state-dept-forced-the-resignation-of-an-ambassador-for-using-private-e-mail/

    Although Hillary Clinton and her allies may be claiming that her private e-mail system is no big deal, Hillary’s State Department actually forced the 2012 resignation of the U.S. ambassador to Kenya in part for setting up an unsanctioned private e-mail system. According to a 2012 report from the State Department’s inspector general, former U.S. ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration set up a private e-mail system for his office in 2011.

    The inspector general’s report offered a scathing assessment of Gration’s information security practices — practices that are eerily similar to those undertaken by Clinton while she served as Secretary of State:


    FBI Director James Comey proves once again that AG Lynch and DOJ/FBI/DHS are merely leftist political tools and James Comey is their lap dog.

    Justice has been Lynched! Ignore the FBI whitewash!

    Arrest the bytch you skulking cowards!!

    • This “precedent” case that FBI Director James B. Comey said could not be found, I found in 10 minutes.

      FBI Director James B. Comey is a F$#kin Liar!

      • COMEY
        “Deputy Attorney General

        Comey’s official portrait as Deputy Attorney General

        NSA domestic wiretapping

        In early January 2006, The New York Times, as part of its investigation into domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency, reported that Comey, who was Acting Attorney General during the March 2004 hospitalization of John Ashcroft,
        refused to certify the legality of central aspects of the NSA program.
        The certification was required under White House procedures in order for
        the program to continue.[17]

        After Comey’s refusal, the newspaper reported, Andrew H. Card Jr., White House Chief of Staff, and Alberto R. Gonzales, then White House counsel and future Attorney General, made a visit to the George Washington University Hospital to attempt to win approval directly from Ashcroft for the program.[17] According to the 2007 memoir of Jack Goldsmith, who had been head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the time, Comey went to the hospital to give Ashcroft support in withstanding pressure from the White House.

        Comey confirmed these events took place (but declined to confirm the
        specific program) in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on 16
        May 2007.[18][19][20][21][22][23] FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III,
        like Comey, also supported Ashcroft’s decision; both men were prepared
        to resign if the White House ignored the Department of Justice’s legal
        conclusions on the wiretapping issue. FBI director Mueller’s notes on
        the March 10, 2004, incident, which were released to a House Judiciary
        committee, confirms that he “Saw [the] AG, John Ashcroft in the room. AG
        is feeble, barely articulate, clearly stressed.”[24]
        Comey withdrew his threat to resign after meeting directly with
        President Bush, who gave his support to making changes in the
        surveillance program.[25]

    • COMEY
      “Bush years (2002–2005)

      U.S. Attorney

      He was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, from January 2002 to the time of his confirmation as Deputy Attorney General on December 11, 2003.[10] Among his first tasks was to take over the investigation into Bill Clinton’s pardon controversy.[8] In November 2002, he led the prosecution of three men involved in one of the largest identity fraud
      cases in American history. The fraud had lasted two years and resulted
      in thousands of people across the country collectively losing well over
      $3 million.[11] He also led the indictment of Adelphia Communications founder John Rigas of bank fraud, wire fraud, and securities fraud.
      His sons: Timothy J. Rigas and Michael J. Rigas as well as executives
      James Brown and Michael Mulcahey were also charged with participation in
      these crimes. Rigas was convicted of the charges in the summer of 2004
      and on June 27, 2005, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.
      Adelphia Corporation was forced to file for bankruptcy after it
      acknowledged it took $3.1 billion in false loans. It was “one of the
      most elaborate and extensive corporate frauds in United States history.”[12]
      In February 2003, Comey led the prosecution of Martha Stewart who was considered for the charges of securities fraud, obstruction of justice, and lying to an FBI agent. She sold 3,928 shares of ImClone Systems, making $227,824. The next day, the Food and Drug Administration refused to accept the company’s application for Erbitux.[13] In March 2003, he led the indictment of ImClone CEO Samuel Waksal,
      who pleaded guilty to avoiding paying $1.2 million in sales taxes on
      $15 million worth of contemporary paintings. The works were by Mark Rothko, Richard Serra, Roy Lichtenstein, and Willem de Kooning.[14] In April 2003, he led the indictment of Frank Quattrone,
      who allegedly urged subordinates in 2000 to destroy evidence sought by
      investigators looking into his investment banking practices at Credit Suisse First Boston.[15]
      In November 2003, he led the prosecutions in “Operation Wooden Nickel”,
      which resulted in complaints and indictments against 47 people involved
      in foreign exchange trading scams.[1

  102. James Brien “Jim” Comey, Jr. (born December 14, 1960) is an American lawyer. He is the seventh and current Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    He was the United States Deputy Attorney General,

    ****** serving in President George W. Bush’s administration.

    As Deputy Attorney General, Comey was the second-highest-ranking official in the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and ran the day-to-day operations of the Department, serving in that office from December 2003 through August 2005.

    He was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York prior to becoming Deputy Attorney General.

    In December 2003, as Deputy Attorney General, Comey appointed the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, close friend and former colleague Patrick Fitzgerald, as Special Counsel to head the CIA leak grand jury investigation after Attorney General John Ashcroft recused himself.

    In August 2005, Comey left the DOJ and he became General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin. In 2010, he became General Counsel at Bridgewater Associates. In early 2013, he left Bridgewater to become Senior Research Scholar and Hertog Fellow on National Security Law at Columbia Law School. He also joined the London-based board of directors of HSBC Holdings. In 2013, Comey was appointed as the director of the FBI by President Barack Obama.

  103. BunkerHillLightMan

    Not only did I have a Top Secret BI clearance, I was under a shut up order for 12-years and I signed documents to that affect. Furthermore, this has been said before, had I violated that trust, I firmly believe in very plain language – my ass would have been grass at Leavenworth Prison.for many years. The bitch gets a walk and she just might walk right into the WH without as much as an scar on her record for decades of massive corruption and crimes beyond belief. Moreover, empirical evidence clearly demonstrates she is totally guilty but the democrats, for some unknown reason, are authorized do overs by the buckets.

  104. “It reveals that Democratic voters are fully willing to turn a blind eye to criminal misconduct.” It is the complete ignorance and utter indifference, by democrats, of and to the rule of law, without which, the democrat party would have no substance, whatsoever!
    The only logical reason why the FBI did not recommend prosecution is because the disclosure of classified information was damning evidence of some covert action which, probably violated international law, a complete embarrassment to the Federal Government. So, they went into “hush-hush” mode and decided to do nothing, not wanting to confirm or deny the covert action. There is little other reason for classifying information, other than to keep the methods or tactics used in some covert action from becoming exposed. It is a very untenable position and, unless a more logical explanation is given, Americans have to assume that she really put the government right behind the 8-ball. The disclosure of Top Secret information does irreparable damage to the national security. The disclosure of Secret information does serious damage to the national security. “No Comment” says, we neither confirm nor deny the validity of this, but we are rather embarrassed about it, anyway.

  105. WRT the FBI official statement at:


    FBI Director James B. Comey makes this statement:

    “In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.”

    Dear FBI Director James Comey, why not treat Clinton, like the State Department did in this similar case?

    SCOOP: Hillary’s State Dept. Forced The Resignation Of An Ambassador For Using Private E-Mail

    MARCH 5, 2015 By Sean Davis

    thefederalist. com/2015/03/05/hillarys-state-dept-forced-the-resignation-of-an-ambassador-for-using-private-e-mail/

    Although Hillary Clinton and her allies may be claiming that her private e-mail system is no big deal, Hillary’s State Department actually forced the 2012 resignation of the U.S. ambassador to Kenya in part for setting up an unsanctioned private e-mail system. According to a 2012 report from the State Department’s inspector general, former U.S. ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration set up a private e-mail system for his office in 2011.

    The inspector general’s report offered a scathing assessment of Gration’s information security practices — practices that are eerily similar to those undertaken by Clinton while she served as Secretary of State:


    FBI Director James Comey proves once again that AG Lynch and DOJ/FBI/DHS are merely leftist political tools and James Comey is their lap dog.

    Justice has been Lynched! Ignore the FBI whitewash!

    Arrest the bytch you skulking cowards!!

    • BTW, This “precedent” case above that FBI Director James B. Comey said could not be found, I found in 10 minutes.

      FBI Director James B. Comey is a F$#kin Liar!

      Uhh, FBI Director James B. Comey is not doing his job!

      FBI Director James B. Comey is protecting his job and his pension …NOT the rule of law or the US Constitution.

      Trump must arrest him and the entire Obama muslim brotherhood administration next year under the RICO act!

      • I think most of us can agree with you on Hillary BUT, I believe too we would appreciate knowing what you found in ten minutes.
        I was a top secret control officer for the Navy (Civil Service employee) an retired from the Army where I held top secret clearances for almost 20 years. Experience in both the military and civil service provide me with the knowledge and experience to recognize what Hillary was doing was totally wrong. Had almost anyone else been caught doing what she got away with they would be court marshalled, or fired and certainly been relieved of all duties that would give them access to any classified information.
        She protected herself by not having an Inspector General in her department; strange she did not but understandable it left her free to do a lot she would not have gotten by with if she had appointed one.

        • Ahh, another voice from inside the secret inner circle of wagons protecting their jobs and pensions, NOT the rule of law or the US Constitution.

          AG Lynch, the DOJ/FBI/DHS/CIA etc. are all well paid and compromised leftist tools. Congress and the SCOTUS are complicit in enabling it.

          …what Hillary was doing was totally wrong?

          Nooo! Comey said that Hillary did not know what was doing was wrong, thus adding that intent to break the law was not present, and gave her a pass.

          I will use that defense if I ever decide to rob , er, no remove money from a bank vault for personal use.

          • You did not answer the request; I fully agree Hillary Clinton is a world class lire and it has become so common and well known we never know when she opens her mouth if she is telling the truth or another lie!
            And let me also say; Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was doing, that is as far as setting up, using the personal server for government business, having classified information markings removed from documents before sending them, saying she was not using a personal server for government business, then admitting she was but not sending sensitive information, saying she did not send classified information, and then trying to blame it onto someone else when she finally had to admit the classified information was in fact sent over her personal server (she claimed “it must have been done by one of my aids.”)
            There ahs been enough other information surfaced that shows she knew what she was doing was wrong. There is no reason to think she did not know it; from her time preceding the White House she had to know there was strict laws and regulations controlling information, in the White House, as a Senator, as a government employee; she knew and she ignored it.
            Suggesting she may not have understood it is absurd; claiming she deliberately did it knowing what she was doing and ignoring laws, regulations and policies would have been the correct response. It was HER DUTY to ensure every employee in the State Department fully understood the importance of properly handling, discussing, securing, transferring, referring to, etc. any level of classified information was strictly enforced. Every employee below here was required to know and be certified as trained – just as she was; but, as usual, she exempted herself from the responsibilities every one else is obligated to comply with! The FBI and Justice Department seems to have supported her theory that she is exempt from what everyone else is expected to comply with!
            However, based on her broad background of lies and failures she may well fit into the same or similar status as the boy from Texas who driving while intoxicated killed several people walking down the road and felt he had done nothing wrong because he was suffering from an attitude of being above the law. That certainly seems to be where Hillary has positioned herself; so many lies she can not recognize fact from fiction, right from wrong, duty and responsibility from personal preferences!
            Now, to finish, your first line of your response is out of left field somewhere, and, You Did Not Provide The References I Asked For; is that to suggest you don’t have any? That is fine, just saying so would have been okay. IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT – JUST SAY SO! BUT – what I asked for was some reverences to your comments! I would liked to have them so I could feel comfortable accepting what you said; as it is – you minimize your credibility.

          • …what you [ I ] found in ten minutes?

            Read all of my VERY first comment above the second one you originally replied to.

        • …what you [ I ] found in ten minutes?

          Read all of my first comment above the second one you replied to.

    • The following are related links that supports your post.
      There is a long list similar of posts that can be found by googling ” Scott Gration, U S Ambassador Resignation” or similar! Most notable in them is the fact that while Hillary was Secretary of Sate there was no Appointed Inspector General so what ever Hillary was doing would not have been inspected. At the point the General (Ambassador Gration) was coming under pressure an acting I.G. was appointed. Those interested should take time to study the long list of articles relative to the Clinton fiasco, the forced resignation, the ties between the Clinton failures to properly manage the State Department and the questionable reasoning why the State Department did not have an I.G. appointed to oversee the departments operations; such an appointee would have prevented the Clinton fiasco, protected the sensitive and highly classified information, and the long costly investigation her illegal server has cost the American tax payers! That cost may be a blessing though if it keeps her away from the White House; it will be small drop in the bucket compared to the damage we can expect if she is elected president!





      http://www.rollcall.com/news/state_departments_inspector_general_situation_attracts_scrutiny-218047-1.html (This one show another failure on Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State to ensure her department was being properly monitored for operational security and performance standards! It supports the FBIs comments that the Clinton State Department was sloppy in their operations and handling of classified information – WHAT an I.G. inspection would have found had Hillary had one appointed. Hilalry and Obama have to share this failure!)

    • Just as Hillary and the FBI says there is no evidence to suggest any of her illegal emails were intercepted by outside sources there is just as much possibility, and maybe even stronger possibilities, her emails were being monitored and the knowledge there was NO SECUIRTY at Benghazi encouraged the attack there!
      Unfortunately, Hillary is always given the benefit of the doubt, in spite of her previous failures and shortfalls she continues to have that influence and as long as Obama is standing behind her she will win out.
      Had she had an Inspector General within her department, as she should have, she could get away with a lot. She was pretty much protected from being caught; had the Benghazi incident not happened she would have still been using the server when she left the Obama Appointed Position she did such a miserable job at!

      • …no evidence to suggest any of her illegal emails were intercepted by outside sources? That is irrelevant leftist FBI spin.

        She broke federal laws and lied about it.

        • 110% TRUE!

          The point is; there is more likelihood her emails were being monitored by dozens of people. When we hear almost every day that some activity has been hacked into there has to be a strong concern that our government emails are being tapped into all over the world. No enemy can be a threat if they have not already started doing everything they can to spy on us, tap into our computers, buy information from whatever sources they can AND READ HILLARY CLINTONS EMAILS.

          I began to worry s couple years ago when I was still a registered Democrat and contributed to Hillary’s campaign I made the contribution on my bank card feeling that was the safest way of doing so.

          I panicked later when the thought came to me – My god that probably ended up on her private server; my bank card – she will be making the information available to the world..

          Regardless of what action is taken now to make right what seems to be a terrible wrong – Hillary will not be charged or convicted and that is good; for now. Waiting until after Trump takes office and then getting Hillary charged, tried and convicted will keep Obama from granting her a Presindtial pardon before the steel doors shuts behind her!

          • Obama will play Presidential pardon “get out of jail free card” BEFORE he leaves office.

          • Hopefully, Hillary will be charged, tried and conviction comes TO LATE for Obama to “pardon” her!
            Even if that does not play out; her past has shown she cannot be trusted; her emails has shown she is far to neglegnt and carelss n handling classified information. She knew what she was doing so it was not done through ignorance or error; she would have had no reason to deny doing it if she thought it was okay.
            It was her responsibility to ensure EVERYONE working in her department knew, understood and complied with the rules, policies and laws governing handling of classified information.
            Every meeting she attended where classified information was discussed would have been preceded with a warning announcement that classified information (at the Highest level to be discussed) and advising anyone with a lessor classification would have to leave; so she most likely heard that a least several times a month; I was a GS 12 and I heard it at least that number of times; I was far, far down the line from her!
            Every year we had to be recertify showing we had been retrained and updated on procedures for handling classified information – – thee is no way she was not fully aware of her obligations – – those obligations included ensuring all her employees were properly trained and complied with regulatory requirements – SHE FAILED!
            It seem her violations and failed duty might be based in the same thing the boy from Texas beat the law. a mental attitude she held suggesting because of her position she was above the laws.
            What was the term used to get the young man off the voluntary manslaughter in Texas when he killed four people hitting them with his car as they walked down the road and he drove highly intoxicated; the judge accepted a defense argument that he “suffered from a delusion and attitude of exaggerated feeling of being exempt from most common laws That certainly applies to Hillary Clinton! .
            Based on the Texas case, and Hillary’s treatment as determined by the FBI – there now seems to be more than just right or wrong In our justice system; there is no longer equal treatment under the law! As many times as Hillary had been able to slip past her failures preceding this incident you have to wonder why she was ever trusted to fill the Secretary of Sate position to start with.

          • I agree but……You lost Hillary’s supporters, as if any were here, after the first half of your first sentence!

            …………….THEY DO NOT CARE!

            Obama and the Democratic Party DEPENDED on stupid people to stay in power. Hillary understands dat too.

            However, as black unemployment stays very bad will they start to wise up?

            Stage left, enter 11-34 million illegal aliens, that can’t read or speak English, to be granted citizenship, vote democratic and take low wage jobs from black American’s.

            And ‘da blacks?… ‘dey will love ‘dem for it!

          • You are so right!
            What amazes me is what Hillary is doing is the same think Obama did; make promises that drew voters attention to him, get the votes, get elected – – then ignore his promises.
            Hillary is going WAY OUT THERE THOUGH ; she is making the most absurd list of promises to everyone who will listen to her; most of which that even if she was sincere could never be accomplished without increasing taxes to 80% on everyone, dropping half the federal employees off the national payroll, cut out Medicaid, increase corporate taxes to at least 65%. And in the end, she will do as Obama did; with a lot of talk and no action – – – do none of the tings that were promised!
            Anyone who was around in the last two elections. heard the promises, and now look at how many were actually carried through on, knows what Hillary is saying, and she continues to say she will continue with Obama’s agenda, knows Hillary’s comments are bottomless and unattainable.
            If nothing else, everyone in America and most people in other countries KNOWS HILLARY LIES; to hear her make promises and think she will keep them is a sign of mental illness.

  106. Making any donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign fund? Be sure not to let her have anything with a bank account number on it! She still has a computer!

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