FBI Warns of U.S. Terror Attack “Very, Very Soon”

There has been debate in the media about whether this “Khorosan Group” is even a real thing, but this week FBI Director James Comey warned that they could be working hard on a plan to launch an attack within the United States. Not only that, Comey said, but they might be looking to do it “very, very soon.”

“Given our visibility, we know they’re serious people, bent on destruction, Comey said on CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday. He wasn’t exactly clear whether he was talking about military intelligence or a kind of outsider’s “best guess”, but it’s another of those stark warnings that have begun to pop up with inordinate frequency. A cynical critic could claim (and they have) that this is diversion. With the mid-terms approaching, this president wants a public focused on fear. But those claims ring hollow with this administration. For all of his faults, Obama has been almost irresponsibly reluctant to pull the war card. For him to suddenly renounce everything he’s stood for this late in the game makes zero sense.

So if we agree that the last thing Obama wants is to go back on his word to keep U.S. ground forces out of Syria and Iraq, then the other alternative is that the threats are real. And if they’re mentioning them with regularity on television, it must be with the aim of preparing the populace. We have a grave threat at our doorstep, so don’t be surprised…

But that doesn’t sound quite right, either. Can a country ever be prepared for a terrorist strike? If you’d known in August, 2001 that there was increasing terrorist chatter, would it have any way lessened the blow of 9/11? No, human psychology and empathy doesn’t work that way.

The third possibility is that they’re trying to prop up the separate, but deadly story that is this Khorasan Group. While insider reports have come out telling us that this is no new thing, that this is just our old friends Al Qaeda, the administration wants them to be something more. Why? Why would it be necessary to suddenly focus on another band of terrorists when we’ve already got our hands full with ISIS (to say nothing of our neverending efforts in Afghanistan.)?

If anything makes sense, it may be that Obama wants a victory. ISIS is not promising that victory anytime soon, if ever. By creating this other threat, though, it opens up the possibility of a smaller victory along the way. Create…destroy. Celebrate.

Just in time for…well, we’ll see.

There’s always that elusive fourth possibility, and that is that Obama has finally decided to open up the doors a bit in the last years of his presidency. Long derided as one of the most secretive administrations in recent history, maybe this is their attempt to let the sun shine in. Maybe it’s the contrarians who have it wrong; the Khorosan Group really is a separate, new threat, and they just happen to be a hornet’s nest we stirred when we went in with guns blazing.

Whatever the final answer ends up being, it illustrates something about this administration that is as scary as any conspiracy theory. So mysterious is this family, this cabinet…this man…that we must question his every move. So often have his words and actions stunned conservative Americans, we can be forgiven for reading between the lines. You have to find sense in all the nonsense somewhere.



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  1. The FBI and other US spy agencies need to get busy and root out these cockroaches before all hell breaks loose. ISIS and Alqaeda are the US’s most serious threats now.

    • Unfortunately, the alphabets are a part of it. Its another false flag

      • I seriously doubt there will ever be another presidential election in this country. Even if there is don’t be surprised if Hitlery Clinton is elected, voter fraud a nation filled with useful idiots and just to make sure there are enough of them, the Communist party has been actively importing even more of them. Not only that it seems that the majority of government employees support a big and bigger government, I realize any civilized society needs a government but ours is to the size of imploding

        • nd that is exactly what is going to happen. Implode that will make room for another round of politions to , try to fill ,the troubled shoes of the incumbents

        • That was so well written with a clear message that most don’t seem to get. I shared it entirely on my social network.

    • Starting at the White Mosque in Washington, District of Criminals, otherwise nothing can nor will be done.

    • Along with the disease carrying children of the world and the drug cartels. the I S I S and all the other names they choose to kill you under .We do live in an exciting time . when do we get to fight for our lives.???

      • unless you have been in real combat you have no idea what your wishing for. you think this is exciting? your a nut case! your freedom is being takien away from you. if there ever comes a time for a revolt, we will be massicured!

        • CONSIDER THIS – – –

          305 MILLION Americans …. over 1/2 own guns – most are retired Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard – Military – also Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol and Private security.

          You really think that an order from Obama (** Martial Law** ), will be followed,
          for our Military to attack their own families, friends and relatives ??

          NO WAY! – obama’s so-called “army” will be out-numbered 250 to 1 !!!

          • Mac Boy did you have cosmetic surgery. You look different, is there anyone on here that can verify this new Boy.

          • No to mention his age, that must be his senior picture, since he would be in his seventies if a VN vet from 1960.

          • That too , and still no word from Mac Boy himself LOL

          • Think about it, most of them have wives and children. If they are any kind of Americans they will stay home and protect them just as you and I would. Course then again maybe they are so blinded by that POS-POTUS they will stand behind him no matter what!

    • OUR most serious threat is in OUR White House!

  2. ConservativeSenior

    The terror attack began in 2008 when an illegal alien mustlim terrorist was planted in the WH along with his muslim brotherhood friends.

    • Why cant his “Useful Idiots’ see this? Because they’re idiots. I think it was a Communist, a well known leader who coined that phrase useful idiots I don’t remember his name.

      • It was Karl Marx & Lenin

        • Thanks Joe{:-)

        • new book coming soon –

          • Woud that be “Dreams from my father volume two” written by Bill Ayers or his wife, Bernadine???

          • It is a shame both those azzhole’s are not spending the rest of their lives in a prison.
            Do they did and you would find yourself under the jail.

          • I am amazed no one has put a bullet in their heads, or better yet, blown their house to smithereens.

          • It would be “Completing the Dreams of My Father: America’s Destruction”

          • You should be strung up high. I hope you do not live in the country that you wish destruction on. If you do, they should kick your ass right out of a once decent country, till your lot sordid it.

          • Hey Dumb A$$ …. the system here has been hacked for that is not my post and if you look at my previous post you would know that. Says something for the security of these sites.

          • Obviously my the site has been hacked by Obama supporters whom are posting crap under my name. I am a 22 year disabled vet and the post is not something I would post, but is the Dreams of Obama’s Father whom hated this country.

          • My dear friend, I wish you well. It is not easy being disabled, as I have found in my latter years. But to be so young is so much harder for you. I wish you well and hope you have a Merry Christmas and I send you my good wishes for the new year.

          • Oh yeh, there’s another guy that should be HUNG along with Assbama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Pelosi, Kerry and all the rest of them. Ayers is a PUNK, just like Assbama

          • Spark they put their own greed before the good of the country. Shameless disgusting people, who will sell you down the river for a buck.

          • Is it the Qu’ran?

        • The phrase is usually attributed to Lenin. It is hard to verify, as it is the sort of thing that would likelier be said in conversation than in writing. (It does not appear in Lenin’s writings.) Karl Radek (another Bolshevik) quotes Lenin in the following Russian statement:

          Среди них, тех, кого Ленин назвал «полезными идиотами» и нашлось так много тех, кого можно было использовать.

      • It was LENIN! not Marx.

      • Josef Stalin used that expression to describe “low informed” voters. Check it at Google.

      • Joseph Stalin.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I believe it was well put when Russia’s Mr Putin said, “Obomba is either a complete idiot, or he’s trying his best to destroy the American economy!” And from what I can see, the lil halfbreed bastard is doing just that, as America sits back and watches the liberal demoncrats totally destroy what this great country WAS!! Where are all the expert snipers when you really, REALLY need one???

        • They have all been successfully retired by your leader ansd do not even get a decent retirement. that is the government thanks for your service now days.

        • The Sodomites and Lesbians all love him and his administration. Rom 1:30 “backbiters, haters of G-d, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of G-d, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same ‘but also approve’ of those who practice them. Shalom!

          • The same is prophisyed in the Enhglish version.

          • But if I take one comforting thought to my grave with me, it will be God’s promise that NO ONE WILL DESTROY ISRAEL!

          • AMEN ♥

          • Yes they will.

          • The country Israel will fall and shortly thereafter the US will fall also.

          • if you have specific knowledge of this, you might be the enemy

          • Anyone who has read the bible knows what signs to look for. The living chuurch of God offers free publications, or you can listen to them online for free. The U.S. and Great Britian in prophesy and the beast of revelation are good. Their bible study on these subjects I would highly recommend.

          • Wow, you ARE deluded.

          • America will, and already is falling. Israel will be eternal, and Jerusalem the Eternal City. There won’t be any Muslims there. Or liberals. Of THAT we can be eternally grateful for! Can I get a Halleluiah?!

          • Just where in the bible does it say that.

          • A Jew! I love you people. Were it not for you, I wouldn’t have a Savior, and a Friend in Jesus! You are absolutely right, and this is why America, like Israel in 721 B.C., and Judah in 596 B.C., has been handed over to the enemies of our faith; Barrack Hussein Obama and the Muslims. We’re finished. I loved this country. I believe with the muslim’s second term G-d wanted us to set our sights on the second advent now, and not the healing of America. Forget our national pride and set our gaze heavenward, as I believe the Rapture is going to happen very soon. What do you think?

          • I believe…. The signs are all around us.

          • Keep dreaming, the world would be better without you.
            God bless America.

          • Complete matter of opinion, and I guarantee you’ll have a change of heart after we’re gone.

          • IT’s GOD not G-d Idiot.

          • I type it like that out of respect for my Jewish brother and sisters. Grow up.

          • NO you grow up shit for brains you JEWS never liked GOD in the first place you put him on a cross you moron and don’t say you didn’t.

          • I thank GOD that you are calling me a Jew. I pray that He sees me in the same way, that I stand so close to His own people as to be considered one. Jesus would have never gone to the cross if He didn’t want to. Were you to read the Bible, you would see that He had the freedom to not be where He was when He was arrested. But because He loves you and me, He chose to go through the pain and agony so we wouldn’t have to, provided we make Him our Lord, King and Savior. I love Him. I love the Jewish people, regardless their stance concerning Jesus. Yes, I did hang Jesus on that cross. So did you, and all the rest of mankind, throughout the ages. Our sin hanged Him on the cross, and through that cross He has cleansed us of our sins and freed us from the agony of eternal separation from Him. That is, if you allow Him into your life and let Him reign over it. Do you have Christ? It’s hell without Him. Quite literally.

          • Sam and your idea of retribution to the sinner, is to hang a God loving man on a cross and watch him die slowly and in pain. Not my idea of making someone suffer for what others did.

          • Wow, Pamela. I’m just cut to the bone. It’s terrible that you let your sense of self righteousness surface in such and ugly manner. All of mankind hung Jesus on the cross. If Jews are Jesus killers, (which they aren’t, because Jesus is very much alive. Praise God!) Then Catholics are Jew killers (which they are, because all the Jews they’ve killed under Roman rule are, indeed, dead.) If you are a liberal, which I’m suspecting you are, you are indirectly, and probably directly responsible for the death of 1.4 million innocent, little babies a year, through the many programs you support. So, let’s talk about making someone suffer for what others did.

          • Sam, in my last comment, a few minutes ago, I tried to be very nice to you. You someone seem to have got blinded with a sense of dislike for me. Not very Christian, but there you go. As for being a Liberal, there is no chance, seen as I am English and do not vote in your elections. People in life might have behaved badly, which made God send his son to save us. But it was only certain people that decided his cruel fate and carried out so cruelly. I could not have done that to another human being. So you cannot blame everybody for his fate. You are so far off line with my. But hatred does blind one, doesn’t it.

          • Sam, what about respect for the Americans?

          • Pamela, Jesus is a Jew, among other lineages, as noted throughout the Old Testament. He gave His life for us, not an American. And yes, I served in the Military, so don’t go there, either. If you really have issues as to the identity of GOD based upon my respect for our Jewish brothers and sisters, I would suggest you embrace their culture a bit more and find out WHY they don’t spell it out. Christianity is not just an American-based faith, but a global one. I’m sure those reading my posts can draw the conclusion.

          • Sam, don’t be so pompous. Stop preaching to someone who has lived a lot longer than you and knows where Jesus was born and who too. Blindly you think I am American, but once again you have slipped up. I am an English mature woman, who has lived long enough to know what is what. You should be proud you served in the Military, but it does not give you the right to think it makes you better than others. So being English, I tend to know that Christianity is not just American based. I Wish you A Merry Christmas, none the less.

          • stop typing G_D instead of God. Reluctance to spell G-O-D shows a certain lack of sincerity.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            i think you are right.. the Rapture is coming so soon./ we are all goign to have to endure what is coming ahead but better for those who know Christ as their Lord & savior than to not know Him.; If we put our faith in God he will see us through no matter what travesty falls upon this land and it is coming. something that this country has never seen .. its just a matter of time folks Better be ready.

            Isaiah 1:28
            But rebels and sinners will both be broken, and those who forsake the LORD will perish.
            For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

            Many have compared the United States to Babylon in the bible. Ancient Babylon
            and king Nebuchadnezzar were known for their violence and brutality. In
            comparison, Babylon spoken of in the New Testament is characterized by
            fornication, covetousness (abundance of delicacies) and pride. Babylon in
            Revelation 18 does not describe only one nation, but God is showing the judgment
            coming to any nation that behaves like this proverbial Babylon. America is not
            the only sinful nation in the world, but every nation will be judged in their
            proper time as God decides.

            THE GOOD NEWS:
            If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

          • David, God gives us a brain to do his good works. When you stray from that path for whatever reason, be it greed or power. They will be punished somehow, not by God, but by their own inadequacy to live the Christian way. A so called Muslim religion, is just an excuse to kill non-believers and any one who get in the way of what they want. Killing is part of their nature, along with trechury, thievery and power to rule. Sadly looking at their countries, they will only ruin every country they take over.

          • I agree, but all hell is going to brake out just before Yeshua Ha’Mashiach returns. Shalom
            aleikhem my friend.

          • Hey can’t you spell out GOD dude are ,are you ashame of him to.This is not how you spell G-d this is how you spell GOD got it now.IDIOT!!!

          • That’s not even His Name; it’s my opinion of Him. So it really doesn’t matter how I spell it now, does it? You need some anger management.

          • Sam, shame on you and your religion of that is how you think of my God. You need a brain. The more you say, the more you make yourself look like a cretin.

          • Pamela Craghill, I’m beginning to think you and goldie are the same troll. I may be wrong, but you sound awfully alike.

          • Sam, I do not know who the hell goldie is. I will tell you once more – I AM A MATURE ENGLISH WOMAN AND DO NOT VOTE IN YOUR ELECTIONS AND MY CONNECTION WITH YOUR COUNTRY IS BECAUSE I HAVE VISITED IT TWENTY TIMES IN MY LIFE. Got it. Understand. Because, you are beginning to tick me off.

          • [YAH]. Isa 26:4 ” Trust in the LORD forever, For in YAH, the LORD, is everlasting strength.”

            Isa 12:2 “Behold, G-d is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; ‘For YAH, the LORD, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation.” Hallelu’Yah! מרן אתא

          • How are you able to type Hebrew?! I’m jealous! I want to type Hebrew, also! I was studying Hebrew for awhile, but I lost my job thanks to Barrack Hussein Obama sequestering the defense budget, my company got cut. Now I’m too busy looking for another job.

        • Taking an Obama retreat in Marthas Vinyard.

        • Quite apparent that his wannabe dictator whims & ways is a congress neglect to stop his abuse of power & violations of U.S. Laws that have now become very obvious treason ….!

          • BHO is the only president who has followed the rule of the law, a great custodian and a good Christian.

          • You could not get any more full of shit than a turkey but your post says that you really are a libtard …!

          • What rule of law are you referring to? It’s certainly NOT our constitution. Sounds more like Carl Marx, Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler! You, sir, are over-dosing on the Kool Aid!

          • I have Kool Aid withdrawal syndrome.
            And you sir are full of it.

          • A comment ONLY a LIBTARD would make! BHO is a Muslim, NOT a Christian and he wouldn’t know the “rule of law” if one of his supposed law books hit him in the face! The ONLY thing he’s been a great custodian of is his agenda…you can read it in “Rules for Radicals”! You might actually learn what this socialist is all about! Wake up!

          • Sounds like you’re still quite under the influence.

          • You should not have drunk the Kool-Ade. Now we know by your own admission why you think the way you do. NO MORE KOOL-ADE.


          • David Egg Philbeck

            YOU MUST BE DREAMING. you are purely delusional. and ignorant to boot.

          • Wow. You really ARE a troll.

      • 2Th 2:9 “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them ‘strong delusion’, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” Shalom!

      • The Soviets in their ‘Hand-Book’ referred to them–after They were
        “Brain-Washed” as “Trained Apes”-! (We won’t insult the Idiots-!)
        Idiots are “Brain-Damaged” people probably as Children–it’s not
        their “Fault”-!

    • You are correct!

    • Is this the antichrist who will be responsible for the end of the world as it now stands, which will bring JESUS CHRIST back as we can see in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and Revelation 13:1-8.?

      • Oh brother. Another end of the world idiot.

        • sorry, but even science says the world will end…..but when? asteroid collision, nuclear attack, EMP attack, poisoning water supplies, what? or do you believe that a planet can last into eternity? Nothing decays?

          • We could also get run over by a bus tomorrow. Live in the moment. Yesterday is a cancelled check and tomorrow is a promissory note.

          • it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment! better rethink while you can!

          • I think you had better rethink your arrogant, sanctimonious attitude. You are about as unChristian as anyone I’ve had the misfortune to run across. Go find a funeral of the fallen you can protest with your evil buddies.

          • What she wrote is scripture!! What is wrong with you? This is what he wants us to do!! FIGHT and hate.

          • She’s the “hater”. She can quote scripture all day but that doesn’t make her or anyone else a true Christian. A true Christian walks the walk, not talk the walk. God expects us to be compassionate and accepting. I believe He is a loving God who loves all of His children. Obviously Virginia feels differently. She’s more the “hell, fire and damnation” type of Christian.

          • Nineveh (now known as Mosul) was the only city spared by God in the days of biblical disobedience besides the flood due to repentance and prayer. Monthly prayer groups on a national scale should be instituted to bring the fabric of America back to its sense of goodness. Whats occurring now is constant sympathetic reactions to acts of violence
            around the world without a gyro stabilizing force to keep our balance. Consistent monthly
            prayer on a national televised basis will reinstitute that stabilizing force. I’m an expert
            in history and this is another example of those who don’t remember the past are doomed
            to be treated like all those other cities and countries that were destroyed that didn’t heed Ninevehs example.

          • dawn, no kidding God loves all His children. But God is a just God and therefore will punish all unrighteousness. Jesus said I have not come to save the world but to call people out of the world. If you want to save the world go ahead. Jesus spoke more about hell than any other subject. So I guess you could say He was a hell fire and damnation Christ. If you think there is no judgment, you are only fooling yourself. Jesus is Lord.

          • Stick to the point. Don’t fight with Dawn. She and you have the same enemy.

          • dawn, how can you, a person who lives for the moment determine who is a Christian and who isn’t? In the time of Noah, the people were living for the moment, that’s what eat, drink, and be merry is. When the time of destruction came, they were unprepared. So will you be if you keep living for the moment. Jesus is Lord.

          • The old will pass away. There will be a new heaven and a new earth.

          • i’ve been trying to image what GOD is preparing regarding the new heavens! the one we have is so incredibly beautiful!

          • science says we evolved too! i’m in my 70’s and haven’t seen change occurring! humans are still human, dogs are still dogs and stupid is still stupid!

          • OR stupiderere.

          • I LOVE Virginia She says the Stupidest shit

          • David Egg Philbeck

            Well put Virginia.. Funny but true..

          • The End Time that is described in holy books does not mean the end of earth or end of human beings on earth. The meanings of End time are explained

            ”As God has created seven days and likened each day to a thousand years, this metaphor shows, on the authority of the clear statement of the Holy Quran, that the age of the world is seven thousand years.

            Human civilization and dispensation have a cyclic life. The progeny of Adam also has a life cycle of seven thousand years. Only God knows how many Adams have passed away and how many have yet to come. From all this we may infer that this is the last age and the final era of the world, at the turn of which the Promised Messiah was destined to appear according to the Divine scriptures. (Lecture Sialkot)

            It is explained further: ‘Another sign of the time of the Promised Messiah recorded in the Holy Quran is (Al-Hajj, 22:48): ”A day in the sight of God is like a thousand years according to your reckoning.” Since the days are seven, we infer from this verse that this world is also meant to last seven thousand years, counting from the particular Adam whose descendants we are.

            We learn from the Holy Quran that other worlds have existed before us, though we do not know what kind of people inhabited them. But it seems that an era of the world lasts for seven thousand years — as a symbol of which the days have been fixed at seven, each standing for a thousand years.

            We cannot say how many such cycles the world has gone through and how many Adams may have appeared in their own times, but it is certain that, since God is the Eternal Creator, the world must also be eternal as a species, though not in its forms and manifestations. Here, too, the Christians have erred, for they believe that God was eternally idle before He created heaven and earth some six thousand years ago.

            God has informed us that the present human race originated from Adam, our common ancestor who came after the previous ‘races’, and this human race has an age of seven thousand years, and that these seven thousand years are to God just as seven days are to man. It has been decreed by the Divine law that every ‘race’ has a life span of seven thousand years, and it is to highlight this fact that the seven days have been ordained for man. Thus, the time ordained for the children of Adam is seven thousand years, five of which had already passed by the time of our Holy Prophetsa, as shown by the numerical value of the words of Surah Al-‘Asr.

            By now six thousand years of this era have gone and a thousand years remain. It has been prophesized, not only by the Holy Quran but by many earlier scriptures, that the last Messenger who will appear in the likeness of Adam, and will be named the Messiah, will appear at the end of the sixth millennium, just as Adam was born towards the end of the sixth day. All these signs should suffice for a man of understanding. (Lecture Lahore by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835 – 1908)

          • I never said the “end times” in the Bible was the real end of the world, as in destruction of matter. However, matter can disappear. Decay of matter is a fact as well as prophecy. Jesus said: “the earth will pass away, but my words certainly won’t pass away” Luke 21:33

        • I couldn’t agree with you more. Except “Lib”is merely a contraction of “liberal”.

          • Yes, I realize “lib” is a contraction of liberal. I also consider it another word for “evil”.

          • GOD gave us all free will and some use the will to choose eternal fire in the pit-read the REVELATION 20:11-14

        • GOD made the world and has told us what is going to happen-read THE REVELATION! The things foretold are happening before our eyes! still, GOD gave us free will to believe HIM or not! you can read what happens to none believers in chapter 20:11-14-you know-people said the Jews would never have a country too-GOD said they would-guess what!

        • Better look up-redemption is coming and you will notice an absence of all believers in GOD”S TRUTH! But that is not the end! You will still have a chance to repent though life will be incredibly horrible unless you take :”THE MARK!” But if you take “the mark”-eternity will be horrible beyond the imagination! GOD, THE CREATOR has been patient yet fair! If you like satan’S DESTINY better-GOD allows you to join him in THE PIT!

          • I never said I didn’t believe in God. What I don’t believe in are all of the doomsday sayer who are always predicting the end of the world. It will come when God deems it the right time and only He knows when that time will be. I have nothing to repent for. I live a good Christian life, unlike some of the narrow minded bigots who call themselves Christians.

          • Your words sure don’t show me you are a Christian. No love your neighbor in your posts.

          • I don’t have to prove that I am a Christian to you or to anyone else. I believe in compassion and understanding, something I don’t see a lot of here. I certainly don’t tell others what they have to do to please God. That’s not my job; that’s God’s job and He does it very well indeed.

          • Your comments here, Dawn Harsley, are things you need to repent…
            Many wait to repent at midnight but die at the eleventh hour….

          • Those who tell others what to do are usually those who need to look in the mirror themselves. I would suggest you try it. It sounds as though you need some real repenting.

          • listen to yourself, Dawn Harsley…your comments do not make sense, you’re just babbling to babble…you need not tell me to go look in the mirror, I’m well aware of my own shortcomings and I have faith that God is coming to settle things according to HIS LAW.
            If you see yourself as a Christian, then should you not be giving testimony to the greatness and loving nature of God? Not to be condemning those that give Him the glory…
            talk about confused…you can neither talk the talk or walk the walk….when you get it straight, then come back.

          • tiredofboetal, dawn harsley does not understand that the Holy Spirit does not fight with the Holy Spirit. Obviously a lip service Christian..

          • David Egg Philbeck

            Mathew 7 Vs 1.. Judge not that ye be not judged. before you pick out the prick that is ion your friends eye , first take that huge beam that is sticking out in your own eye..

            Proverbs 20:9
            Who can say, “I have kept my heart pure; I am clean and without sin”? NO ONE..

          • dawn, if you think you have no need to repent, then you must feel you are God. For God says that the heart of man is wicked ever, and that no man is righteous, no not one. There fore we all have things to repent of. Even John the Baptiste, Jesus, and Paul all said now is the time to repent, for the end is near. When you die, it is the end of the world for you.
            All that remains is the final judgment of your life. Jesus is Lord.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That does not exempt you , me or anyone else. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. The word says we need to repent daily of our ways. I know i do. i am a sinner saved by grace. i know i screw up and i probably do daily. thats why we need Christ daily .. i pray daily that God will forgive me of my sins and mold me and make me like him. the word says Be Ye Holy as i am Holy..

        • David Egg Philbeck


      • He is not the anti Christ. Anti Christ will be much more charming and much smarter and will turn into a raging horror movie character in time.
        End of world is coming soon but not as soon as most think…The great Christian Revival is beginning now…Watch out, you too could be saved.

        • When you look at the Greek construction you see that their will be many anti christs but the anti christ will show up at a very specific time and refers to one person only. obama is an anti christ, not the anti christ.

          • true-many but obama tops the list for contender more than America has ever seen! this muslim is evil!

          • He is definitely one that is closer to home. He is indeed the greatest danger to America than any other politician has been at any level. He does bow lower to satan than any other but if we have Christ then we will win at the end and that is what is most important. I have chosen to do everything I can to defeat his agenda because it is anti God, anti America, anti Constitution, anti Military and so forth. We need to do all we can to defeat evil, that is why I am so very much against him. In obama’s case it is more than just a disagreement in policies, he is evil.

          • You have the absolute right to be wrong.

          • Wow What a country

          • Its easy to understand.
            You hate black.
            BHO is so far the best president of this country.
            Love or hate he is there for 6 years, familiarity breeds contempt

          • Typical left wing jackass. Anyone who disagrees with omuslim hates blacks in your incredibly simple mind. You could not be more mistaken. I supported Herman Cain and I like everything I have heard Dr. Carson say so far, so pull your head out of your butt and try for once in your life to get the facts and the truth before you sound like a total 100% moron, because you have succeeded in doing that. I will waste no more time with you, you are not worthy of it.

          • Additionally you are a BS artist.

          • David Egg Philbeck


          • Obama goes to Church, if he would have been Muslim he would be a better person.

          • 7papap7 – you’re right Obama is an anti-Christ. He is also an anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Capitalism, anti-Christianity, anti-military, anti-veteran Socialist islamophile.

          • Absolutely right.

          • let’s not forget anti-human….his persona was created by Soros & his gang…I wouldn’t be surprised that if they cut his skull open that there wouldn’t be circuits in there instead of human tissue

          • Keep your eye’s on Soros who is part of the elite bunch who is running this fiasco.o’s just a pawn. If he thought of himself that way he wouldn’t be such a narcissist, but he’s so full of himself he actually thinks he’s special. In the end result he’ll be gone, and hopefully his socialist, marxist regime. Go to Conservative Tribune there is a great article on how Thomas Jefferson handled the muslim’s I know very informative this isn’t anything new just that we do not have a Pres. who took the Oath of office serious except to rob, and destroy “OUR” country.

          • Jeffersonian Democracy.
            Strong States; weak central government.
            Designed for the United States.

          • Pretty accurate description, so far.
            Waiting for some maturity from the boy, but no evidence of it.
            You forgot anti-heterosexual.

          • Every Tom Dick and Harry becomes anti-Christ.?
            Suddenly everyone who stands up to arrogance and deceit becomes one.
            Is it insecurity in belief or shear cowardice/hate.
            Obama is the best

          • best what? he’s epitome of an immature brat with an ego the size the grand canyon and an empty soul.

          • Uzoozy, Obama is the best? Best what? He is the best at being a bad example. He will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had, worse than Carter, worse than Wilson, worse than any of them.
            His goal of fundamentally transforming America was, in fact, his goal of destroying the America we know, love and served.

          • You are loosing fsith.
            BHO is the best president so far in history.
            you have to live with it.
            God bless America

          • David Egg Philbeck

            “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”THAT WHICH YOU HAVE NONE..

          • OMG your back with your lame beliefs?! This person loves attention, even if it’s negative attention….Pay him/her no mind.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            he is a complete imbecile.Pay him no mind at all.
            “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

            “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

          • Todd: You made a good point that Obama is anti for every thing the USA stands for ,therefore,I can only conclude, that Obama is a Muslim which are anti-everything america stands for..

          • Loves Christ. He is also an American, tolerates Israel, Capitalism, is a pure Christian, commander -in chief of the military, loves veteran .
            The best trait is that he is black , love it.

          • Uzoozy – loves Christ? What a silly thing to say. He is clearly a lover of islam. Everything he does demonstrates his devotion to islam, to destroying America, to destroying Israel. Doesn’t matter that he’s C-in-C, he hates the military and us veterans. All he cares about is promoting homosexuality, abortion at any stage, and making America a Socialist country. God forbid!

          • Its left to people like you to defend the nation and the world from unknown enemies ,vampires and UFO’s .
            Mostly imagined enemies ,love to Water board ,rehydration and torture.

          • Dude, drink more of your Obama mania Kool-Aid, don’t bother to check out any of his actions that promote islam, denigrate Christ and Christianity and threaten Israel. Clearly, you fall into the liberal category of what Lenin called “useful idiots.”

          • You mean the forked tongue brat of a country

          • David Egg Philbeck

            this uzoozy is purely ignorant and stupid, delusional and just plain FOS. he wouldn’t know Christianity and obviously the Word of God if it slapped him in his silly face..he’s just making stupid ignorant statements her eon this blog because he has nothing real to say and doesn’t know the truth. He is blinded. the blind leading the blind..see what he is trying .. my goodness what has this dude been drinking,. he’d make a great candidate the Jim Jones university

          • jesus ‘s incarnate will arrive on a beam ship. he will exspose the exspermrnt that are colonizers wanted for this planet.they will destroy the middle east.isis, the taliban. in fact they have already attacked a taiban munitions depot. there her among us. just don’t trust us. were to violent and not spirtiual enough to accept them yet. if it comes down to protecting this jewel of the universe they will eradicate us and keep the people who are not evil and who have the spirit of the devine creator in there hearts.

          • That is totally Un Christian.
            Love thy neighbor other cheek idea.

        • It’s possible the coming anti-Christ is what the muslims call “the 12th imam.” He’s the returning victor written about in the Koran. His description, there, and islam, in general give this possibility credence.

          • Anti Christ are those who are against the real message of Jesus Christ for he was sent by God Almighty

          • Maryann, I’ve been saying the very same thing. It may well be. Given that there are over 1 billion muslims, in the world, the numbers written about in the apocalyptic verses could easily come from the muslim world.

        • The great falling away of so-called Christians.

          1 Timothy 4:1 Now
          the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall
          depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;


          2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the
          son of perdition;

          There is only a remnant that will be Raptured, but that doesn’t mean those who heard the truth and remain during the 7 yr tribulation cannot be saved for Christ, or saved for the Lake of Fire. They still have that hope, but must suffer for Christ’s Namesake.

          • Why does one have to suffer.
            So on that basis Xtains try to and make others suffer.
            like the original sin.
            When none of the suffering is necessary

        • The great Christian survival begins , the end is near for the false doctrine.

        • Another glorification of a scary story.
          God knows what He is doing, He can do things without any association with Anti JC or pro JC.
          Jesus was a mighty messenger a man who ate visited the toilet, and was circumcised on day 5.

      • certainly the spirit of anti Christ! well deserve by America for the murder of millions of the unborn and supporting sodomy!

      • tell t in your church not on here. your pagens. jesus was just a man. but his dna was 3000 years ahead of ours. we where colonized.

      • I head that’s a Mormon belief.

      • Jesus Christ a’int coming back till end of time.
        Apostles were waiting for it since day three.
        All ran away from JC , JC was a holy Prophet not son of God. Mere man
        Holy Mary pious lady and holy to a lot of Muslims, more than Christians.

      • I don’t think he’s circumsized so why should good people listen to O’useless.

    • Yeah him and all his Muslim Brotherhood friends in key cabinet and judicial positions! Sooner or later (Ihope sooner) his real agenda will be found out and brought to light. Why do you think he made sure he got rid of most of the best of SEAL TEAMS they were just about the only ones who could take the White House and arrest the imposter , taken him and his prayer rug and kick them to the curb.

      • Brietbart too.

        • Brietbart had the means to expose Barry Soetero or Hussein Obama or whatever he calls himself. His evidence was so good it cost him his life. Just like Fuddy and the plane crash in Hawaii. All them people on the plane and she’s the only one to die, I call that more than a coincidence.

          • A barely known, not even a full first term Senator from Chicago, becomes President of the U.S.? Then reelected for a second term with at least 5 serious scandals that he was involved in directly? This has been a CIA backed, communist plot from the beginning! It all began with the death of Kennedy and the implementation of LBJ. Soros, Axelrod, Jarrett, Emmanual, Wright! Come on! They called him a community organizer? Yep, recruiting others into the communist party of America! This has been a planned plot for 60 years in the making! I will guarantee, if not removed from office now, we will have martial law before 2016 elections! Their sole intent is to destroy the United States of America!

          • Well so far his plan or whoevers plan it is. It is going off with just a couple minor glitches. You are right about martial law, only I figure about July or August 2015. The thing is Congress has enough on him to run him out of town, WHY DONT THEY ACT!

          • I just hope it’s not too late for the PATRIOTS of this country to stop what’s going on in Washington. That town was named for an honest man, the father of our country they called him the whole time I was growing up. What happened? GREED THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED
            The days of honest men in government are slowly fading away. Guys like the Pauls, Rubio,Cruz. Come on guys figure something out huh! Find something in the LAW! DO IT FOR THE SALVATION OF THIS ONCE GREAT NATION. wE ARE A NATION OF LAWS-USE THEM!

          • So it would be a good guess that Martial Law would be his best piece
            of leverage. I have suggested that we write to our Congressmen and
            tell them to have the Sgt. at Arms arrest him and then try him. It
            would be the best way of getting rid of him, and they could include
            Biden in that as well as an aider and abetter.

          • Keep yourself dillusioned

          • Well Mark, to put it very bluntly. If this was done the natives would riot all over the nation!

          • They are already rioting in Ferguson! As they did after Katrina and over Trayvon. Has it occurred to anyone that stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason???

          • Joyce Laverne Sullens

            Obama was groomed for his job from a very early age. That’s why his history is unknown & so many names, plus lies, lies, and more lies. I’m sure their was a group that has given $ for his education & training.

          • 0vomit is rapidly running out of time, and he has GOT TO find some way in which to stay in power. So it would be a good guess that Martial Law would be his best piece of leverage. I have suggested that we write to our Congressmen and tell them to have the Sgt. at Arms arrest him and then try him. It would be the best way of getting rid of him, and they could include Biden in that as well as an aider and abetter.

          • Sorry Annette! It will never happen! Look, I agree with you, but still, it will never happen. Wait, I’m referring to arrest! Martial law? That’s a different story. I believe we’ll see that before 2016! Order to arms! Lock and load! Molon labe!

          • I agree with you 100%, I’m sorry to say. I pray every night for our country!

          • Me to! Every single day! Where are we today? Worse off! Just had cromnibus shoved down our throats by the communist! Made me GAG!

      • There are plenty of highly skilled SEALS still at the ready and fuming that so many of their brothers were given up by a muslim impostor and his henchmen in the white house! That day will come, if you get my drift……………….I believe sooner than we think!

    • The FBI director is an Obama lap dog and should be fired. Along with the RNC who are working against conservatives.

      • Also let us not forget CIA chief, John Brennan a Muslim convert!

      • You’re full if it. Isn’t it time you idiots who call yourself conservatives but who are actually spoiled little children realize the world doesn’t revolve around you? I am actually a conservative and I don’t claim the likes of you.

        • The world does revolve and history has proven principles of success that work unlike you libs that keep coming up with ideas that have proven to be unsuccessful.

          • Actually I am a fiscal conservative, a social moderate and a lifelong member of the Republican Party. Of course, anyone who disagrees with you has to be a “lib”. Three million of your fellow Tea Partiers and ultra conservatives stayed home from the polls in 2012 and we got another four years of Obama. Happy now? The Republican Party is imploding thanks to idiots like you.

          • Beiieve me I hold my nose when I vote Republican.I would fire the RNC if I had my way.
            But anything is better then a Dem.Name calling shows your lack of depth and intelligence. CRAWL BACK IN YOUR HOLE.

          • You started it when you called me a “lib”. You simply can’t handle the truth and it will bite us in the ass in 2016. Every Republican vote will be needed, along with some Independents if the GOP is to take the WH in 2016. It isn’t rocket science; it’s numbers. The stark fact is that 3 million registered Republican non-voters helped keep Obama in the WH in 2012. If there isn’t a meeting of the minds soon, the GOP will continue to implode. I wasn’t thrilled with Romney either but after 4 years of Obama and the fact that he had nothing to lose during a second term, I voted for Romney. Not everyone is going to like whoever the GOP nominee may be but the stakes are way too high to play games. Let’s agree on the issues that really matter such as illegal immigration, national security, jobs, ever increasing national debt. Mike Huckabee, who I always respected, now says he will leave the Republican Party if they don’t oppose same sex marriage. We can’t afford to dwell on these issues and forget those that matter most to America.

          • Same sex marriage is a big thing to God…We will not proper with it as law….

          • So is sex outside of marriage but I don’t hear many people complaining about that. 4 out of 10 babies born in the US are born to single mothers. In the black community, the number is 6 out of 10. Where is the outrage over that? Most of these children are destined for a life of poverty, many don’t even know who their fathers are. Which is the greater sin? I would much rather see two people who love each other get married regardless of their sexual orientation than see the number of children born to single mothers. The Bible does mention fornification, doesn’t it?

          • I could cut unwanted prenancies in half. Just DNA the fathers and charge them 50,000 till the kids 18. No matter what check the fathers receive there will always be that deduction

          • Sounds like a plan although it is difficult to get checks from their drug customers. Usually they pay in cash or shoot the dealer to get his stuff.

          • yeah! remember sodom and gomorrah?

          • David Egg Philbeck

            YES and that is why God is pouring his wrath on this country.. sin is sin and you can call it what ever you want but the truth is that it is an abomination unto God Almighty. Washington says its OK but what about when the law makers stand before the Lord of All. God says NO it is not OK.. they will give an account for what they have contributed to the demise of America.. laugh if you must.. this country once strong and the greatest nation on the face of the earth is now standing in Gods Judgement because of her sins..

          • There is not a whole lot of difference between the RNC and the Dems…

          • Ah, a Rockefeller Republican who have led us to such outstanding successes and pioneering tactics like the H1B Visa. Back to the Chamber of Commerce Dawn.

          • In other words… a RINO!

          • If you say so. At least I’m not one of the stubborn spoiled brats who caused Obama to get reelected in 2012.

          • does social moderate mean you approve of murdering babies and homosexual life style?

          • I don’t either approve or disapprove of homosexuals. From everything I’ve read, I don’t consider it a lifestyle but simply a part of who these individuals are as a whole. It isn’t for me to approve or disapprove. Do I believe that two people who love each other should be allowed to marry regardless of their sexual orientation? Yes, I do. As far as abortion is concerned, although I am philosophically opposed to abortion, unlike some, I don’t profess to walk in these women’s shoes. I don’t know what drives them to such a life changing decision. I can only hope and pray that they’ve thought long and hard, have gotten all the information they can gather and have prayed about it. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what we think. The Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is legal and all of the political rhetoric isn’t going to change it. The chances of any future Supreme Court rescinding a previous Court’s ruling are slim to none. In both cases, God is the ultimate judge, not we mere mortals. Let’s not think we can do His job better than He can.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            the supreme court makes their rulings but the Supreme Lord of the universe who created Adam & Eve says differently.. You can not argue with the word of God. You either believe all of it or none of it. you can believe in half the bible .. Its all or none.. i personally believe that the word of God is the inspired word from heaven above.. End of discussion..

        • And we do not claim the likes of you for sure…Think!!! You do it with a brain….

          • I don’t want you to claim me. Answer the question I posed above. The Bible talks about homosexuals and it also talks against sex outside of marriage but I haven’t seen you mention that as being against God’s word. Perhaps it hits a little too close to home.

          • I would never have sex outside of my marriage. I respect God and all his laws.

          • Good for you. My question is why all of the angst over same sex marriage when the Bible says sex outside of marriage is a sin and nobody seems to address it. It seems nobody cares about the children that live in single parent homes, many destined to a life of poverty. To me, that should certainly warrant some outrage also. I guess people pick and choose what most meets their own agendas.

          • Sin cannot be stopped after it is started without the sinners repentance. Fatherless children are a phenomenon not new to this world. I spoke to my daughter extensively. Her mother did, too. She listened to her mother because she liked what her mother told her better. My daughter and her fatherless children are paying the price for the “acceptance” of sin in our ‘modern’ society. Acceptance of perversion will work out to be more like a permanent problem for those who get addicted to homosexuality. That said, I’m glad my daughter didn’t decide to undergo a “procedure” and kill my grandchildren.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            yea good one..

          • I mention it quite a bit, Dawn. Fornicators are in for the same judgment as homosexuals. The difference in the sin from a social perspective is that homosexuality is a very difficult addiction to break. Fornication is fixed with a commitment and a ring. In other words, fornication isn’t nearly permanent, homosexuality is. Permanent sin is death.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            what i typed in your post wasn’t meant for you directly.. i merely agree with what you are saying and i put my 2 cents worth in ..

        • we don’t claim you either!

        • there you go again, Dawn Harsley…maybe you should just be quiet and go read the Bible…there are none of us who are so wise that we know more than God. He gave us free will but also common sense, which has certainly become most uncommon in the world now

      • You got that right too…RNC is a mess of traitors too…Tea Party is America

    • pretty much

    • O’s administration ifs filled with Muslims

    • and then-stupid Americans voted in a muslim twice! GOD,S reward for killing millions of babies by abortion and approving same sex couples! remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

      • I’ve thought that too, Virginia. I noticed the loss of God’s protection in the mid 1970’s. The truth is, that in order for God’s plan for the end of this age can’t come about when the US is able to protect Israel from the whole world. We NEEDED to be taken down in order for “the whole world” to come down on Jerusalem and frighten the jews into repentance. Death awaits us all and is usually very unpleasant. It won’t really matter if we burn up in our homes, get cancer or get our heads chopped off by some crazed islamic satanist. This country was built to be the greatest place on earth for us to live and it worked for a couple centuries. In history, when God blessed the jews, they were on their way to depravity. Human nature hasn’t changed. We’ve done the same thing. Never forget that we got the administrations that God wanted us to have (God lifts up who he will and tears down who he will). It’s his plan, his timing and other than through individual, personal repentance, we can’t change his mind about what he will do.

      • David Egg Philbeck

        i have to agree with that statement Virginia.. this is the reason we got what we have. because of sin in America..this is our punishment.. think back when the Lord God gave Israel over to the Philistines . Because they had taken God out of their lives and so the Lord Gave them over to the enemy until they repented.. well see. same same here. we have been rewarded with a horrible leader as punishment for our sins.. think about this.. until the United States repents and puts God first its going to get much worse. only when this country repents will God keep his back turned against this country. laugh if you will. its all biblical.. it is not going to get better.. No it wont get better until we fall on our faces and repent.. everyone..like Israel did and then God heard their pleas and healed their land and brought them back from catastrophic circumstances..

    • Actually, I think it started in 01, when despite intelligence warning Bush failed to prevent 9/11 and then let his Saudi pals off the hook and led us into a pointless war, to enrich Cheney and his cronies

    • They don’t realize that we don’t ever have terrorist attacks, we only have a problem with work place violence. I could not agree more with you sir.

    • You sure got that right.

    • like Holder, the chief of homeland security , the chief presidential ,adviusor the head of the agricultrer dept, and ten more plus the judges that he has put into place. they all pay homage to the Brotherhood establishment

    • Well the vast majority did not want Yehovah to rule over them, because they love the ways of sin. They didn’t want Yah’s commandments to be seen in public, and they don’t want Him in the government, or in schools, or our military, so Yah left us to choose for our self a pagan ungodly ruler that would give us just what our majority wanted, the freedom to be totally immoral. But sin brings bad consequences, that is what Yah was trying to help us to avoid.

      Hos 5:14 ” For I will be like a lion to Ephraim, (that’s us) And like a young lion to the house of Judah. I, even I, will tear them and go away; I will take them away, and no one shall rescue. 15 I will return again to My place Till they acknowledge their offense. Then they will seek My face; In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me.” Shalom!

    • The FBI (aka Homeland Security) are Obama’s puppets. I have yet, after 6 years, see them or anyone else investigate Obama. What a bunch of B.S.

    • They’re not all muslim brotherhood, some are out and out communist.Then there’s Joe Biden,he’s a. well he’s, sh*t I’m lost on that one.

    • AGREE 110% The MUSLIM DICTATOR OBAMA is arming all these terror groups like this one,ISIS,the TALIBAN,ALQUEDA etc by sending arms to the FREE SYRIAN REBELS who in turn give them to the TERROR GROUPS and OBAMA KNOWS THIS.!!

      m0-ham-head , OR THE FALSE g-d allah . <<<
      —————————————- allah fubar ———————————–

    • And what pisses me off is that the FBI and all these other agencies only seem to know how to put out “warnings!” Hey fellas! How bout you get off your fat, well paid and secure asses and DO SOMETHING besides talk, eh???

    • Bullseye, dead center.

    • So many people see the truth but are afraid to act for fear of race war’s and our so called president is tearing down our government from the inside, and we are letting him do it, we the people can stop him.

    • Don’t be so Dam Dum.

    • You our 100% correct there is some thing going on behind curtains that is really ugly .. I for life of me can not understand why American people our just setting back and letting it happen ..

    • Can you say …”Sleeper Cell” in The now contaminated MUSLIM Whitehouse??

    • You bet it was and it’s been going on since.

    • I’m Barokeback Obola and i approves dhat massage !!!!!!!!!!

    • What happened to my post???!

    • Hey Senior . . . . aren’t there meds for delusional spells that you are having?

  3. I concur, especially with or super porous borders. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”.

  4. The Question is not when or how soon? But by who? Will it really be a terror attack by a terrorist group? Or will it be by this current government in order the they achieve to Control of our rights and freedom? Is this what FEMA has been preparing for? Is this the opportunity Barrack Hussein has been looking for? Ladies and gentlemen, do not let a wool be placed over your eyes while There is something else going on.

    Think about where this government has been taking us to since 2008. Think about the fact that no one dares to impeach BO. Think about the one world government that this administration along with the UN wants to implement. Why has he not been stopped for all the illegal directives, orders, violations. Think about how carelessly diseases have been allowed to roam our country with no real care of the catastrophic destruction of our Country and it’s citizens.

    There is something going very wrong here, and it will lead to total chaos and massive loss of innocent lives.. This is the plan of our own overgrown government that our forefathers warned us about. Only God and/or our Military leaders can save us know

    You think this is nonsense, well I though the same about BO’s reelection.

    • Joe, man, you are a funny liberal troll! FEMA?!? Classic! Even the right-wing lunatic fringe doesn’t believe any of that FEMA rubbish anymore. That was so 2010…

      • I’m as conservative as they come. As for the FEMA Concentration/Camps, all you need to do is let your little fingers do some YouTube research and let your mind believe what your eyes see, and what many have been reporting. But be careful you don’t mess up your manicure. I’m not going to stand here and spoon feed you.

      • By the way, next time I use smaller words so that you can ask your boss Bloombitch for a raise, your liberal trolling skills really suck, when you failed on “Reading Comprehension”.

        • You’re awesome, Joe. You even have the fake bad-grammar down! A word of advice: You need to use ALL CAPS to make it more convincing. These teabillies don’t read small letters so well…

          • Let me help you out some, so that in the Future you will not look so foolish, and call a conservative a liberal. Read the very “LAST” sentence over a few times, eventually it will sink into your liberal mind. “The last sentence means I did not want BO to win, nor could I believe he won”

            But I am sure he had your help in 2008, and in 2012, so for that I do congratulate you. Job well done. Bet you voted at least three time for him on both elections.

        • I saw the same thing. evowomaxuser. learn how to read .
          Joe is right, you misread what he said.

    • Joe he wasn’t reelected, that was a signed deal.Soros sent the votes pit of the country to be counted,pure and simple set up.
      Put in” Michael Savage,HOW OBAMA FIXED 2012 ELECTION.
      Then send it to every body you know.

      • Trust me when I say, that you do not have to try and convince me that the election was as fake as his Birth certificate. There are not enough stupid voters in America that would have voted for him a second time. Thus the reason why Illegals, cartoon characters, and the dead, had to be mobilized.

      • Electronic voting machines are easily manipulated, several reported cases have proven this. We need to go back to a paper ballot.

    • You are correct sir: Don’t let some useful idiot like evowimaxuser make you think otherwise. How anyone can be so stupid they cannot see what this evil man and his evil minions are up to, even if it happens and I’m sure it will, they’ll believe any B.S story they’re told, because they will never accept that they were wrong.

      • The thing of it is if you happen to see something about to happen , and you intervene with violence and maybe even shoot a few opf the ragheads Obozo and Holder will try to prosecute you for oh I don’t know violating their civil rights, or maybe even have them call you a racist. Seems like the going pattern so far . just sayin!

    • Yeh the p.o.s. in the W.h. is an islamic sympatizer , and is giving aid and comfort to the enemy !!! which
      is TREASON . dilly-dally , dither , delay & deceive , play golf , dem. fund raisers , party & vacation ! which
      gives the enemy time to get stronger . he is a coward and a weasel ! the LYIN’ KING !! he also is violation of
      his oath of office , the anti american Marxist snake , should be ripped out of the W.H. and hung on one of
      the helicopter blades along with that f.n. Holder scumbag … period — end of story

    • Joe, you are a WISE man….as rare as water in the desert.

    • Even if the Republican Party had the balls to impeach the president, the Democrat controlled Senate would never convict him, so it would be a waste of time to impeach.

  5. Who cares about another potential terror attack? We give such an overwhelmingly lopsided response to their feeble attempts, the actual attacks are militarily stupid. The problem is that they get press from even making threats. How about we just ignore them and let the military do their job? We can focus on improving schools and infrastructure; the rest will play out, and it won’t be in the terrorist’s favor…

    • To improve our children’s schooling we need to let school administrations handle their own. Get these
      meddling feds out of it. If parents can work it out HOME SCHOOLING is one way to get the schooling
      job done. Right now ad lot of the public schools seem to be getting failing grades on their work.

  6. And as James said below about “super porous borders”, has anyone read about the North American agreement (Canada, US, Mexico):

  7. If the FBI is worried about a Terrorist attack on our homeland , maybe Obama should be . But he is not worried .

  8. Gee, Ms Senator Feinstein, does this mean we can have our “assault” weapons NOW???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dianne Feinstein is not connected. Leave her and all other Leftists out. All they are good for is trampling on the Constitution and our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  9. I suspect a lot of things….but I know a lot of American people are mentally asleep when it comes to questioning this administration. O is vaguely honest about his intentions, but most are unwilling…too blind… to see truth. Our problem continues to grow with the indoctrination of our youth in our colleges and now even down to our elementary and kindergarten students because too many of their teachers swallowed the indoctrination and they are loyal to their unions. Yes, I believe the fox is guarding the henhouse…or opening its doors to the hoard of foxes. Those who love o won’t even engage in debate…they learned well from Alinsky. I am sure Our Founding Fathers laid a good foundation, but we have abandoned the founding principles they fought and died to give us because we are too lazy to know and understand them. I agree that God and our military are our only hope….not sure if the military leadership has already been sucked into the vacuum. I know also where my allegiance lies…with my Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer. (Allah? NOT!)

    • Agreed. Obama fired a shipload of high ranking Generals, Admirals, and so forth. Soooo, what do you think they’re thinking right about now? They may well be the Organizers of our Country’s salvation.

      • Yes, I have been thinking about that for quite some time. I pray God has a plan and there are those who are ready to be His hands and feet.

        • jUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RADIO THAT WILL COMMUNICATE ON THEIR FREQUENCYS. I do but most people do not.Lock and Load! Short wave and Hams will get the messages through. Our military men are behind WE THE PEOPLE it will be seen as soon as the time is right!

        • I have as well. I have a feeling that some of these fired Officers have a contingency plan in case O goes completely over the rainbow. I will be proud to stand with them.

  10. All Obama cares about is being “politically correct”…………..he may be endangering Americans by letting these illegals swarm into the country with their diseases and the terrorists accompanying them, he may be bombing empty buildings in the ME pretending it’s a war, and he may be allowing the TSA to permit illegals to fly without ID, and he may be afraid to call terrorism by name, but these shows he’s putting on are only for his political benefit-or he wouldn’t be doing it. He’s going through a lot of money pretending to be doing something constructive. This is all an act put on for our benefit like the democrats distancing themselves from his failing policies (just until the election is over)……If all the rats have deserted the ship, why is Obama out fundraising to pay for their campaigns? After the election, it will be “corruption” as usual. As he said “My policies are written on every ballot”….it’s probably the first thing he ever said that was true.

  11. These Warnings Are An Deliberate Manipulation Tactic Used By The Obama Regime More Commonly Referred To As An False Flag In An Attempt To Facilitate An Attempt An Further Consolidation Of Power And Control Over This Country and The People. There Are Too Many Inconsistencies In Obama And Administration’s General Dialog On This Matter That Has Been Thoroughly Exposed As Untrue And Or Changed To Give These Warnings The Appearance Of Accuracy And Legitimacy. I Would Not Trust Anything Coming From The White House Or Any Of It’s Treasonous Accomplices In The Government.

  12. The Borders Should Be Sufficiently Sealed And Secured And Every Prudent Step Taken To Protect And Defend The American People And This Country From It’s Islamic And All Other Enemies Which Obama Has Been Purposely Derelict In Doing. With That Being Said It Would Be Exceedingly Prudent To Question Any And Every Uttered Claim That Is Made By The Current Administration And It’s Political Accomplices Throughout The Government.

  13. It was long after 9/11 was when we learned of heavy terrorist chatter, totally ignored by the FBI, CIA, & any other security group…which tells us they had serious doubts and made no preparation. I doubt Obama’s goons will, either.

  14. Conservative Senior, You already read my mind, so there is no use both of us saying the same thing.

  15. Obozo is a devout Muslim and will do nothing to stop or hinder his brothers, at least not outwardly or intentionally!

  16. I am so glad i own Guns .. Bring it on you goat suc–ing Muslims

  17. I hope America never votes in another Jive shuck of bone head like Obama again

  18. The MUSLIM SPY Obama is giving them every opportunity to launch attacks on America. The greatest threat to America is OBAMA.

  19. Most of the cops I know have dipped their duty & off duty bullets in pig fat. I suggest everyone do it if they own a gun.

  20. Impeachments and High Treason

  21. I think we have all know that we would be hit again as long as this idiot is in office because he worry’s more about playing golf and worry’s more about offending these Islamic barbaric animals than he does doing his job and protecting the American people. No we will be hit again and he will do nothing as always to try and stop it but will blame it on the republicans again as always.

  22. Right down bo’s alley for that created & planned crisis to create his martial law take over dictatorship of the U.S.A.

  23. Let’s get this straight…, America has many enemies! Not only from other countries, or organizations…, heck some of our enemies (who want to do harm to this country and it’s citizens), reside right under our noses. Having “leaky” boarders makes us that much more vulnerable. The big question to me is, what, and if so, can we do about it? IMHO…., the 2nd Amendment has more relevance now than it has in the history of our modern world. Especially with the threats we face in this day & age. We have to ask ourselves, who would be the first on the scene, or be the first res-ponders if a terrorist sponsored attack were again to happen on our soil? I can tell you with certainty, it won’t be the military, and it won’t be law enforcement. It’s us…, that’s why we have a 2nd Amendment!
    I can no longer point fingers & play the blame game because the situation is what it is. The most frightening part of it is, it’s about to come knocking on our front doors. I take all of these threats seriously. I’ve always been observant, but now, I find myself scrutinizing my surroundings even more! Living in So Cal & being so close to breached boarders has put me on a high alert when out & about with my wife & children, and even at home. This is the reality we face right now no matter how this reality came to be. I can only suggest that we as citizens start in our homes, talk to our neighbors, formulate a plan with your neighbors & friends what to do if something awful were to happen. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but, better to be prepared and have a plan than not be prepared and potentially end up being a victim.
    God Bless America!
    Let’s hope and pray that we will once again come together with all our diversity as a nation and be proud to say…,
    I’m American.

  24. If the FBI is correct then what in hell our sadsack of a president doing?oh I forgot he out on the golf course pounding a ball of crap to be a total fool.

  25. Are we not living in terror now. A pos that will not close our borders,will not stop flights from Africa, encouraging civil disobedience, freeing terrorists, threatening amnesty, replacing our Generals with weaklings, pulling our national guard in 100 miles from the border. protecting IRS, and doing as much damage as he can. Yes, we are definitely in attack from within.

  26. We are seeing the beginning tribulation prophesys of Dan chapters 7 & 11, and Rev 13, & 14 taking place, which the flyaway Church preachers said we would not be here for. But just as the Scriptures say, Yehoshua followers will either accept the antichrist Beast religion of Islam, or get beheaded. When you see Turkey, ISIS, and Persia allied as one conquering Egypt, then all hell is about to brake loose on earth. Shabbat Shalom!

  27. The terrorist is in the White House. Why doesn’t Fox News know this? Gwenrth Paltrow is about the lowest human in America. We must boycott everything about her. All films and books and anything we can possibly boycott…The news says she is one of the dumbest stars in Hollywood and not even pretty….She needs to be arrested with Obama for wanting him to bring all his plans into existence and opening her home to collect the money for him to do it and for fawning over him like a silly school girl…She was totally pampered and spoiled in her home by her Hollywood parents. Why did they not teach her anything at all?

  28. Our Canadian borders should also be sealed to protect this country also .What! Lock everybody up?. How stupid can y’all be

  29. The Treasonist is still in the WH today! That’s what’s wrong with our country today? Time for him to be impeached and tried for Treason. Vote for Conservative Tea Party Republican in 2014 so we can take back the Senate and Fire Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader! Maybe then we can get Obama impeached and tried criminally.

  30. One terror attack was enough, we get the general idea – we’re not stupid out here – if you’re that worried, perhaps you better head for the hills while you have the chance

  31. …this is… a crisis

  32. With his new smart watch from AT&T Dick Tracy claims we are going to
    be attacked very soon.[ Let me think. Open borders. No credible
    intelligence at DHS. Illegal aliens invading the country. Idiot criminal
    traitors running the country. Arming the enemy. Attacking our own
    patriots. And more. What would make Dick Tracy say such a thing? (Won’t
    ever happen in America! Remember that line?)]

  33. Harold Welch [Wes]

    OK, Jesus Christ will indeed return one of these days, quite soon I think, to the surprise of those aren’t doing, or living the way that he did, while on this earth. Now, my second comment is this: Why haven’t our armed forces conducted a “coup”, & rid our country of the evil that is within us?

    May the rest of my patriots be blessed!

  34. If they know that this is “very, very soon” why can’t they stop it?
    Oh, that’s right, they fall under the Obama administration!

  35. So, this is telling me that a terrorist attack is imminent… although the place, time, and method is unknown! Well, it is pretty much the same as these “end of the world” soap box preachers predicting doom and gloom. Why would someone with the responsibility of being the Dir of the FBI be so irresponsible? This guy has the tools of the most intelligent network of information at his disposal… I would think that his mission would be to (within the dept) determine the most logical places and times, and work to thwart the attack and protect Americans and property – not cry “Wolf!” which only creates stress for us. WTF is going on with these guys? I question whether these appointees are even marginally qualified to do their jobs (in many instances).

  36. When you open the southern border to pad the voter rolls with illegals … you are trading security for (DNC) votes. When (not if) we get hit, it will almost certainly be by a group who waltzed across our unmanned southern border with the weapons they will use to kill Americans.

    Obama and his lackeys will attempt to deflect blame. BUT, in reality, the attack will come from an extension of al Qaeda … yeah, the group that Obama “killed” … OR from ISIS, who the Obama administration armed and then later referred to as the incapable JV team of terrorists. Under Obama, we have NO Homeland Security and, the FBI says that we’re going to pay the price for it … soon.
    Vote these traitorous DNC clowns OUT, in November.

  37. How much is that obvious piece of wisdom cost us?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  38. Why do we need the FBI to tell us what we’ve suspected all along.? We’re open for an attack any day or night. With a Megliomaniac Islamo-Communist Golfer in WH who insists on Open Borders,Sham Inspections at Airports, who should be surprised?

  39. No the terror attack began long before that…years and years before. They have been planning at least since the 70’s and placing Muslims in various places for the time to come, which seems to be now.

  40. Well if by chance there is terrorist attacks and they come over via the Texas border it will be the end of his leadership. Of course they will try to claim they came in another way.

  41. Barrack Hussein Obama (POTUS) does not stand for any intrinsic values that America was founded. Obama is only going through extrinsic motions of trying to be POTUS. His agenda is esoteric (that is, ideas preserved or understood by a small group of those specially initiated minions (slavish follower of somebody generally regarded as important) of unusual interest and divisive in plan…..he has partially succeeded…..but it will not continue on.
    Remember this….”That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 1800’s.


  43. could cut unwanted prenancies in half. Just DNA the fathers and charge them 50,000 till the kids 18. No matter what check the fathers receive there will always be that deduction

  44. Well duh! Did an alarm clock go off at the FBI?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get smart.

  45. The FBI is as crooked as all the other alphabets

  46. what if they hit dc

  47. How dare you insult the President. There is no terror threat or he would tell us. The wonderful economy, full employment and an inflation free currency protects us from everything.

  48. I think we should have a two War limit.

  49. the terror attach REALLY took place by our own gov. the muslims were implants
    don’t get me wrong the only good muslim is a dead muslim. this last weeks
    killings in washington was also a plant, in 2 weeks they are going to vote for gun
    control, if the stupid people of wash go for that they are the dumbest of the dumbest.
    guarantee the muslims will have theirs, and the u.s. gov secret military will have theirs. it is all a deviation plot so they can intruduce their next bull shit venture.
    people really need to wake up, you took God our of the schools, out of gov and
    HE WILL now let you be punished… don’t read those stupid new king james versions the gay version or any other version other than the real king james version
    bible, preferably 1611 any thing more than that is done by satans group. they removed God over 600 times in their above bibles and either left blank or inserted satan.. the morning star.. lucifer,, READ IT IT IS THERE…
    for those idiots who do not what history taught about turning in guns you are about
    to get another lesson in it.. but this time, TOO LATE.
    AMERICA??? NOT NO MORE…. the rothchilds, illuminati want population control
    ebola, done by us, patented in 2010, gates his wife and soros took that drug to africa to activate it and now you see the results….. FACTS ARE FACTS people.
    wake the hell up…. and you liberal whinners, i will be the first to point you out
    when the fighting begins and WILL help illiminate you.

  50. History of the FBI has shown that if a ‘threat’ does not exist the FBI will create a situation whereby it will happen. The “I told you so”. Too many times the FBI has been responsible for creating the situation to prove their point, but also to ensure Congress will increase their budget and allow for greater personal and bureaucratic rewards. Expect it to center around the time of the election!

  51. Boy, the FBI is quite the group of Einsteins, aren’t they?? Duhhh

  52. Well, now that the FBI has told us, the TERRORIST are coming to attack us, any idea where and in what State so we can meet them at the gate.

  53. WTF haven’t they been paying attention, the attacks startd the day on 9/11 and they
    have not stoped. today they are only lone woof woof attacks in England, France
    Canad and the US. It is just the news media doesn’t report them and the occupier
    of hte White House wont acknowledge them. Wonder Why, maybe he afraid his
    famioy will not like him?

  54. The enemy is already here. His name is Barrack Hussein Obama. Don’t kid yourself. This nut case is in a position to destroy us,he uses the word change, and he is doing it. I can only blame those that voted for him the second time. I dint hate them, I just blame them for voting for the color of his skin and not his performance or integrity.

  55. 1. Be observant.
    2. Be aware of the people in your immediate surroundings.
    3. Take note of all exits.
    4. Hit the deck if you hear gunshots.
    5. For all you CCW holders, aim for the head.
    6. Use a Democrat as a shield…., just kidding…lol
    7. Pray…….

  56. The “Hill” has been taken over by liars, cog suggerz, and thieves!

  57. I think its time the American people deport all the illegals and. muslims along w/obamas ass

  58. Korosan Group now? Not ISIS or ISIL? Not even Muslim Brotherhood which has richly infiltrated our government under 0vomit? Not Hezbollah or Hamas? He brought 80,000 Hamas over here as refugees, along with all their families in 2010. He got a $20,000,000 grant immediately after taking office the first time to pull that one off. As far as I see it, Muslim is Muslim and Muslims have yet to play Cowboys and Muslims. Now for the cowboys out there, make sure your ammo is dipped in pig’s blood or bacon fat – not much, just a drop or two works fine. You can even purchase gun cleaner with pig fat in it if you prefer. Muzzies (ALL of them) are petrified of anything associated with ‘pig’ because they can’t go to heaven and they can’t receive their 72 virgin (goats) with pig-anything on them!

  59. I don’t think that Obama wants victory for America. He is actually trying to bring us down to the level of a third World Country, or lower. He hates America’s standing in the world, and he hates America, just as his father did who taught Barrack to hate America…and he learned the lesson well. About two years ago I had a debate with a man who said Obama is making mistakes, It seems so much of what he does is a mistake. I told him that Obama is not making mistakes, and that just about everything he does is deliberately doing what will harm us! I pray for the Lord to come back and straighten us out. Only God can solve this mess!

  60. Obama the MUSLIM Terrorist in Chief is Public Enemy number ONE.

  61. “Khorasan Group”
    ”What they are is a new way to name ISIS, ISIS is what was created by us to defeat Pres. Assad of Syria.
    Don’t be fooled by Mr. Obola as he has proven to be a magician.
    If you can’t beat ISIS then rename it to (as Rush says) to the “Khorasan Group”. Now we have what we were told is a new meaner group.
    We could not call them what they really just might be..
    al Queda (or hatever) that group was, cause mr. Obola said he beat them already.
    He came to office and a few months later declared they had been (magically) defeated!
    So what or who are we going to fight next… and where?
    Remember we can’t fight them in Iraq… cause Mr. Obola already took his victory lap for that victory(?) now can we?
    He could say they moved to Afghanistan because he is just winding up that victory lap. Maybe the will cooperate and stay in Syria and Russia will let him finally bomb and fight there…. but he already said no boots on the ground there.
    What is there to do Mr. Obola? Maybe he can get them to move over to Israel, and then he could let Samantha Power stop by and bomb them on the way home from Liberia!!
    So he gives Samantha the bombing of that apartheid regime (close to her words back in 2008) and they can claim he won two more wars!
    If you have the right help, sooner or later everyone can get what they want.
    What to do about Hilary though? Didn’t you promise her something too?
    Oh well, can’t please them all.. and we are just getting to intramural hoops time, and Ebola has just been declared defeated…. chalk another one up to unlucky timing?
    And just when things were getting interesting.
    But that is what he has Mr. Klain for so all is good…
    Move along, nothing to see here! The doctor is not in the house…

    But was there anything real anywhere since you were coronation.. err inauguration mr. obola.
    We are so lucky we have a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER and not just a plain old president.




  65. Exactly what Soros and Obama want. Read Soros biography.

  66. They should Know ,their the ones that will be behind it !

  67. This article is sort of ironic in the fact the next attack on the Nation will be enabled by our ‘illegal alien’ President himself!

  68. It is just a matter of when, not if….They are here…waiting for the event that will trigger ALL of them to act simultaneously, open borders and an inept administration with no foreign policy and military experience has caused this …..It will be a GOAT F_CK…….

  69. I just read the book Betrayed by Billy Vaughn about his son Aaron a Navy Seal what this country did and let this administration get away with ,I Pray that God will gather every Seal Team out there and put every last one of guilty and ship them into hell and let them feel the pain that these family-felt Stand Up America

  70. we are praying that the attack begins with the oral office and just after the dust settles our heroes wipe out all of the scum sucking rags….and then we start with their home towns….

  71. Just a thought….”IF” another terrorist/Islamic (that’s RIGHT Islamic) major attack (like 9-11) happens in OUR USA, it’s ALL out WAR on them…even if they are in a political office….whoever them are….get it! Also, no BS fooling around with our boots on the ground….we send over a FAT BOY….like President Truman did in 1945.

  72. We are being invaded daily, with the full approval of the oval office idiot. There will be no shortage of personnel available for an attack! The single member attacks that are labeled work place violence are doing what they want!! If we won’t close the border we are issuing open invitations for these attacks. Get busy contacting your representatives. If you don’t tell them what you want they have no way of knowing.

  73. ladyofperpetulmotion .

    Is there ever any good news?

  74. Chatter? The terrorists are into out and out dialogue. It’s the present administratiion that’s chattering a day late and a dollar short, I take that last part back, they are never short of money for nonsensical agendas,.As long as the admin keeps announcing our attacks the terrorists can hide and the Prez has asked for 35 million visas. Could it be for the Islamists being driven out of the european nations by the thousands of protesters..Frankly this present administration looks like the true terrorists in this country and the PEOPLE are afraid of it. But, according to Pelosi we are insignificant..As for her comments on the Good Samaritan story, she obviously doesn’t know her bible or the history of that time frame. I would like to mention to her that the samaritans were shunned and while he did get lodging,food and medical care for the victim, HE LEFT THE VICTIM IN HIS HOMETOWN AND DIDN’T TAKE HIM ALONG ON HIS JOURNEY AND HE DIDN’T take him to his personal home. So much for bringing ebola or illegals into OUR home.

  75. Khorasan (rising in the sun and about to come) = al-Qaeda. Khorasan is territory that lies mostly in modern-day Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Pakistan!!!! Of course, Obama is a Sunni Muslim from Kenya, and Jarrett is an Irani, so between the two of them they certainly know the significance of that region. In my brief “google” search, the name of the group was COINED BY INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES as a reference to the high-ranking al-Qaeda members. Please know that it has been told (though I cannot document) that OBAMA didn’t want U.S. citizens to think al-Qaeda is alive and well because he so proudly boasted after HE KILLED Osama Bin Laden, and that al-Qaeda was no longer a threat to the U.S. Hence, Obama and his administration came up with the name Khorasan, as if it was a brand new fighting force and threat to the U.S. entering the picture!!!!

  76. i wouldn’t doubt it, but keep in mind with the republicans retaking the senate tomorrow (hopefully by nine seats) we will have people in the house and senate who know how to deal with terrorists. Unlike the obama clan who wants to limit their presence through twitter, facebook and selective strikes (LOL). BTW Obama is a muslim, and he wants an attack on our country just as he puts our military troops in a place where they can get some disease…why doesn’t he go over there and help the n*ggers if he wants to take care of ebola patients.

  77. that’s true as far as useful idiots, they have an agenda and if they can use morons who don’t know any better to further their agenda, the useful idiots have served their purpose.

  78. is very likely. By the way maybe the cruise ship that hit an unknown object on Friday really hit a Russian submarine. Why they haven’t say what kind of object it hit?

  79. The final answer is, per the story above, VOTE, REMOVE THESE MORONS OUT OF POWER AND REPLACE THEM ALL WITH AMERICIANS WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY. No more socialists-communists in our government. Arrest them, try them and punish them, all!
    Traitors everyone!

  80. Something that just amazes me is how the voting system is with illegal aliens voting. No ID at all is the biggest scam going and it is a fixed election. What is more amazing is how ignorant a lot of these legal citizens really are. They vote and have not a clue who is the president now never mind knowing the communist ways that are overtaking the country. The GOP has nothing to offer other than vote for me cause I disagree with the dems. Now that makes a lot of sense, no nothing to offer but just get a big check to sit there and agree with the dems.
    Nothing but a scam for both parties.

    • Lev 18:28 “lest the land vomit you out also when you defile it, as it vomited out the nations that were before you.” Shalom!

  81. Heb13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Yehovah’s grace does not change His judgments pertaining to moral righteousness, Mat 5:17-18,1Co 6:9-10).

    Lev 26:14 “But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, 15 and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, 16 I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. 17 I will set My
    face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you shall reign over you, and you shall flee when no one pursues you. 18 ‘And after all this, if you do not obey Me, then I will punish you seven times more for your
    sins. 19 I will break the pride of your power; I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze. 20 And your strength shall be spent in vain; for your land
    shall not yield its produce, nor shall the trees of the land yield their fruit. 21 ‘Then, if you walk contrary to Me, and are not willing to obey Me, I will bring on you seven times more plagues, according to your sins.”
    Unless we as a Nation repent and turn back to Yehovah, Yah will vomit us out, and we will cease to be a sovereign Nation. (Lev 18:22-28). Shalom!

  82. This is another ploy of Obama’s and I personally believe that his agenda all along is to turn this country into a nation of shari’a law with him as the head honcho. I felt a momentary hope rise up on the republican victories but it deflated the last couple of minutes in McConnell’s victory speech and he stated the congress would compromise with Obama. The same implication that Pelosi made calling various people “insignificant”. applies to

  83. the FBI is as corrupt as 0bama.
    I wish they would do some self policing and check into the criminals at the IRS.

  84. If you live near any ‘high profile’ U.S. Locations or installations, I suggest you arrange for an alternative location to use temporarily!

  85. Should be called FALSE FLAG caused by the CIA ( run by the Zionist aka (POPE) aka ( Illuminati )) is the ONLY Terrorist We have to be worried about . So let’s go after the Illuminati and stop all Terrorist and Wars .

  86. Yes Sir mr president you don’t need any help figurin where your next apology tour needs to start, do ya?

  87. Here we go again with the scare and fear tactics.
    Everytime the Government does this we lose another
    liberty. Keep your guns people. The Government can
    not take over if you have your guns and ammo.
    The Government has labeled all ex-military terrorists
    because they usually have guns and know how to use
    them. The Government is looking to take your guns
    away. They need to start with Senator Diane Finestein.

  88. Get the muslim terrorist out of the WH so we can get things back to normal once again, then there will be no TERROR attacks to worry about, the longer he stays the more he destroys.

  89. This is OLD news! Why are you sending it out like a headline! The date of this article is October 6th. It has no business being touted as something NEW.

  90. How is it Obama got elected when most people know he has a brother in the Muslim Brotherhood by the name of Malik. This in itself should have got him disqualified from a run at presidency what happened here??? Hes muslim when he said he was christian, hes a homosexual, those children arent his. The man has more than 1 SSI card that arent his. Isnt this in itself a criminal offence punishable by a jail term. Still hes out there gearing up for the colapse of the USA?? Yeah Americans are dumber than sheit. You people have seen Chuck Norris movie Invasion USA??? Guess what border they will be coming from. Yes Americans are stupid why hasnt our borders been secured. We have to vote in bull sheit like this ??? This in itself stinks like treason folks.

  91. We need to pull ALL troops out of the middle east! NOW! Bring them home and put them on the borders. We need to be done with the middle east! No more AID and damn sure no more American lives! We need to remove the islamic muslim presence in our nation. Pack them up and send them ALL home! Seal our borders! They would have no other means to infiltrate our country!NONE! How simple can it get? Bleeding hearts? Be careful, we will send you to their country! I guarantee your hearts will bleed over there. LITERALLY!
    It’s time we Americans faced reality!

  92. I say kick every Muslim OUT of America .. If one Muslim bad all them must be bad .. Why not treat Muslims just like Obama treats Gun owners in America

  93. We all know it’s no longer a question of “if” but a question of WHEN. It would not surprise me our current regime could be proven to somehow facilitate the occurence. The current regime won by election fraud back in 2008 in the same way Clinton did for his re-election. Congress and law enforcement needs to draw up the proper charges and start making some arrests.

  94. Obama is an ‘Illegal alien’ hell bent on the destruction of America !

    • it amazed me how the media made it a joke if you believed or questioned the birth certificate and Obama’s birth location. but an actual certificate without discrepancies was never presented. one of the birth certificates as a matter of fact was proven to be false. who has to create their own ‘birth certificate’?

  95. hink of this boys and girls. ISIS, Khorosan Group, whatever, they all have the same enemy, the USA. They have infiltrated our country with people from open borders and their doctrines have influenced even home born citizens who have an axe to grind with other people in the US, because they are perpetual LOSERS.

    As a theory, ISIS, Khorosan Group, They will try to pull off what the VC did in the Vietnam war did right here in our own cities and larger Towns….Just like In Vietnam…….. It was called the TET Offensive. They used it to create maximum consternation, a shock and awe affect. In the end the US forces defeated them. But unfortunately the US never defeated the VC and the NVA because in typical democrat form, instead of going in full bore like most of generals on the JCS wanted for years, Johnson just made a limited war with limited objectives in the end just kicking the hornets’ nest in a limited way. After Tet our forces destroyed them, even the B-52 raids in Khe Sanh we had em crushed….. If wus Johnson had the balls to then allow the Generals to into Laos and Cambodia like they were screaming since 1966, they could have destroyed the NVA and the VC once and for Good……. The US could have walked away with a victory. Instead bringing a democrat Johnson was severely and emotionally affected by it along with the minority hippies protesting it (who are now our democrat lawyer politicians) to sway the media. Johnson never wanted Vietnam but his Great society program which crashed and burned where we are now paying for it. So he folded after Tet. …in the end we got stung and the American GI got the shaft.

    Today we have another democrat idiot Obama with no balls. ………A Tet like event in our country would overwhelm law enforcement. Most of the majority of them are p_ssies and would fold like a chair and would have no clue what to do in real combat. It would be left to those who are armed. Civilians alongside of portion of law enforcement who have balls to kill these infiltrators.

    A Tet like event in most major towns in the US where Shopping Malls, sports events, crowded transportation routes would all be attacked. How could law enforcement deal with it? Even if the military would be called to defeat them the military complex is too large and not fast enough to engage. Once engaged though, these infiltrators would then defeated but not after a lot of American civilians would be killed in the thousands. Then maybe that would be enough to have American support behind a war effort to go over and finally settle an old score with these Muslims that have dogged civilization since the time of Thomas Jefferson who also struggled with these animals that created the Marine Corp…..I sure hope I am wrong

    The areas hardest hit would be in those states with the strictest gun controls where easy targets would present themselves. In places where guns are carried freely they know it would be tougher….People better wake up.

    • American’s become sick of war very quickly. they want in today and see the need but tomorrow when the dirty stuff starts they want to quit. America is not street fighters. When the nose gets busted and the blood starts flowing people want to quit but a street fighter is just getting started. show them some blood and some pain and they are ready to go harder. when bush stood on the rubble in new York and said “we will get the people responsible for this” people cheered. Calendars hung in offices with the World Trade Centers on them and the words, “never forget”. America forgot and forgot rapidly as usual. I wasn’t in Nam but often have read we were actually fighting the Chinese and Chinese weapons is that true. If we would have pressed, like all knows we could have done, would we have ran into the Chinese? I have always thought we may have been inches from the big war right there.

  96. We could be more prepared for an attack if they would keep thos SOB’s out of here. They’re letting in illegal aliens everyday by the carload. Obama can’t get em in here fast enough. He is hell bent on destroying this country. He’s a muslim and they’re going to do it from within.

  97. If there is a terrorist attack in this country, it will be because,the government wants more power to declare martial law crush what freedom is left in this country.

  98. Lock and load baby! Just saying! Be prepared for what may come down the road. Your life may depend on it!

  99. We can start by SEALING THE BORDERS AND DEPORT THE ILLEGALS. Who knows how many terrorists have entered the country thus far.

  100. yes we all are wondering what he will do in the next 2 years, but we are not alone he can call for martial law,but the big thing is ,a lot of people in and out of the gov will not go along. and we do have a armed people out there that will not go for it .And a lot of people that you think are with him now will not stand for it ether. Not saying he won,t try,just saying it will be the worst thing he could ever do. the dem,s lib,s and muslem,s wilget the biggest

  101. whopping they ever had.a lot of people in the arm force,s will not obey,police will not sheriff,s will not and on and on. that is why they want are guns so bad. he knows this is to soon to try that shit

  102. This guy openly defies his Sworn oath to defend and work within Constitutional guidelines. He loves to publicly show his disregard and low opinion of one of the most important papers written by our forefathers .

  103. Yeah maybe if we all just keep on guessing the attack will come. Is it Now, no Now! Mebbe Now!

  104. if there is an attack excuse me when there is an attack on American soil this person in the White House will tell us that we should be sympathetic to those that attacked us that it is our fault that they attacked us. I believe any attack that happens here in the United States will be UN backed. everyone needs to look up Agenda 21 this is the plan the UN has to take over the world and this is what Obama and the socialist Democrats are trying to help them do. I have said this before if the UN is not trying to take over the United States why do we have so many UN soldiers in the United States now and why do we have all of the FEMA camps set up all across the country. I believe Obama and his side of the government will not give up power without a fight that is why they are buying up so much ammo

  105. Obama is doing everything in his power to insure this happens.

  106. Just publish a memo to the world . any attacks on the people of the U S will result in all muslims being put into detention camps and maybe prosecuted for treasonous acts.

  107. “A cynical critic could claim (and they have) that this is a diversion. With the mid-terms approaching, this president wants a public focused on fear. But those claims ring hollow with this administration.”.

    What really does “ring hollow” is the last sentence of the part of this article I quoted above. During the coming election, Obama most certainly does want the voting American people to be distracted and thinking about anything but the important issues…such as his endless lies, his endless acts of betrayal of the American people, his continued refusal to enforce our laws, secure our borders, or follow our Constitution, his outrageous tyrannical, socialistic, pro-Islamic, anti-American behavior, his endless efforts to destroy our country, and the numerous acts of treason which he has committed and continues to commit.

    cynical critic could claim (and they have) that this is diversion. With
    the mid-terms approaching, this president wants a public focused on
    fear. But those claims ring hollow with this administration. – See more

    A cynical critic could claim (and they have) that this is diversion.
    With the mid-terms approaching, this president wants a public focused on
    fear. But those claims ring hollow with this administration. – See
    more at:
    cynical critic could claim (and they have) that this is diversion. With
    the mid-terms approaching, this president wants a public focused on
    fear. But those claims ring hollow with this administration. – See more

  108. We will have to put up with terrorists untill we stop sticking our nose in other countries business. We have to pull all our troops out of the middle east and stay out of there and let them solve their own problems. We have enough problems here at home. We can’t be the police force of the world anymore.

  109. I don’t understand why people don’t realise that there will be an attack. No if’s or but’s, they will attack you in the coming future. That is there whole aim of coming to your country. To take over, get rid of Americans and make the country a big shit tip like the one they have left. Don’t be mistaken, they will attack you at some point.

  110. And what has the FBI done about the 35 terrorist training camps they have identified in America? And yet they warn us about something coming, a terrorist attack. Even worse, these people openly preach the overthrow of our government.


  112. Sure they are and so is isis and any other terrorist group. With a WIDE OPEN southern border they can just WALK ACROSS and do whatever they want pretty much!!!!

    ALL I can say is honor the 2nd Amendment and get a concealed carry lic and a weapon, practice and PROTECT YOURSELF. Texas, Perry and Abbott are doing their part but the fed gov isnt!

  113. What a dilemma Obozo will be in if the muslim terrorists should injure or ,God forbid, kill an illegal mexican.

    How will his two most outspoken supporters react?

    Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of, “As your Stomach Turns.” sponsored by the American Democrap Party.

  114. Keep the borders wide open as they have been, and for sure there will be terrorist attacks. I’ll never understand why Washington continues to allow our borders to remain wide open. Here’s what we face: Terrorists, power grid destruction, illegal drugs, Criminal gangs[MS13], unchecked diseases like tuberculosis. dengue fever, chicken pox, scabies, strains of influenza not heard of in this country, and I’m sure I’ve left out others. And we have 2 more years of this complete nut case? Wonderful.

  115. If this is true, they’d better ask Obama if they can use any anti-terrorism action.
    Before the Towers were destroyed, it was fairly well known
    they’d rec’d warnings but misconstrued them – & who knows who Obama has in our Security? He’s appointed Islamists to secure areas…

  116. How can you expect a muslim to willingfully fight fellow muslims?

  117. Its usually someone who is above the noise of the common croud that backs facism. and communism. If they started out in the trenches they wouldnt be spouting this retoric. Why do you think we have some 15 million beating on our border to knock it down. Oh Ive got the numbers right dont worry it will more than likely be more.
    I once had a friend who got these vegatable seeds 5cents a pak. I was part of 3 young men living in this on house rental. He started the garden not knowing how we took over. Next thing I know is he is no longer taking care of the garden just trading and giving away what we worked for.

  118. That will make Obama very, very happy.

  119. The terrorist attack on the USA constitution and Bill of Rights has been coming from the White House along with the brotherhood and the In-Justice Dept. Congress needs to remove and arrest the President and his cohort from the In-Justice Dept. We the People are angry that all we get from the White House is lies and no enforcement of the Federal Immigration laws. WE are not going to CHANGE the USA Federal Immigration Laws for the Illegal Aliens which are criminals and should be arrested and sent back to their home country. Congress better step in and remove the President and the A.G.;. Because, the Federal Immigration laws are not being enforced by the Justice Dept that Obama over sees.

  120. Can’t trust in any thing any of the alphabet agency’s say anymore.

  121. Absolutely! ovomit just let them in the back door (border).

  122. I absolutely and unequivocally agree with conservative senior as I am also one and a disabled Vietnam vet. This sorry excuse for a sitting president has been a national disgrace since his “initial” election,” if you can legitimately call it so but, since no one will investigate that in SPITE of all the STILL unanswered questions of his basic eligibility to hold the office, among other things ; including the wearying and constant scandals and obfuscation of Justice by Attorney General Eric Holder. The man was NEVER fit to be elected, is a total incompetent, violates the oath of office nearly every day, rules in contravention of Constitutional law and gets away with it because of the gutless wonders in a criminally complicit Congress which ENABLES him to do whatever he feels like doing! It is legally and morally WRONG and he needs to be held both responsible and accountable for his actions but; congress is cowardly, and incapable of doing their duty and living up to their obligation to act as a check and balance on the power of the Executive Branch; one of the major Raison D’etre for their very EXISTENCE when their responsibilities were assigned by the Founding Fathers!

  123. Obama is already ATTACKING US.

  124. Over one hundred supposed terrorist attacks by the FBI. 97 were FBI false flags and 3 were interrupted by passerby’s…. The FBI has lost it’s narrative and they should be more careful making statements like this.

  125. yah, terrorist act was perpetrated by Obama by use of executive orders giving illegals green cards and citizenship.

  126. the worst they could do is just finish us off. the WH has done the rest.

  127. A ‘secret, unknown, unheard of multi-national group, from unknown countries somewhere on our planet is planning a secret terrorist mission in a country somewhere in the world where a lot of white people live, very, very soon!!”
    Be afraid, very, very afraid ! Why wasn’t our ‘intelligence’ (sic) this accurate (sic) prior to 9/11? In the Atlanta GA International airport, the intercom constantly bleats “Warning, Warning, we are under a “yellow” alert. Report any suspicious activity. Watch your bags. Do not leave your bags unattended. Warning, Warning!”
    In the Charles De Galle AP, Paris, Beautiful music is played over the intercom. People walk without fear, casually sit in restaurants and bars and talk. Groups of soldiers (3 each) walk casually on patrol throughout the airport, full uniform carrying machine guns. The music is nice, no fear. America and Americans have been over run without a shot being fired. The country, the people and the minds of the people have been captured and the indoctrination of the new ruling regime continues, unabated. Wake up America – all that is taking place in America is being initiated and propagated by the present Nazi regime – no one else. How do we ‘know’ a terrorist attack will take place? Because ‘they’ are the ones initiating the attack – ‘they’ should know when- if ‘they’ know why isn’t it being stopped?
    Ref: 9/11 – ‘All Air Force/ military defense aircraft ‘stand-down’ , do not launch defensive sortie, repeat, do not launch defense against commercial aircraft’ …

  128. (Q) Why does one have to suffer.
    (A) 1 Peter 5:10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle [you].

    Suffering causes the unsaved to call out to God (some in cursing and others in desperation); the heart is exceedingly evil, so harden not your heart and accept the free love gift of God the Father in Jesus Christ, His Son – and soon coming King.

  129. Let it be known to everyone you know that they should spread the word that if their ammo is tipped with bacon grease, the Muzzies will be frightened to death because if they have anything remotely associated with pigs in or on them, they cannot see allah, and they cannot receive their 72 virgins. Check out what Gen. Pershing did to the Muzzies in the Philippines that quelled them for 50 yrs. Just do a search for Gen. (Black Jack) Pershing in the Philippines. VERY interesting and true story. It definitely DOES work!!!
    Here is another incident you may remember when some Muzzies purchased some land in TX to build a mosque. After they bought it they found out that their neighbor owned a pig farm. They tried to make him leave, but he had been there for years, so rather than leave, the farmer began having pig races on Friday nights (that coincidentally is their prayer night), and the muzzies MOVED!!! You can look all this up online so you will know it’s true. Don’t let them scare you!

  130. Do they actually think WE AMERICANS will just tuck our tails and GIVE them our Country??? Not gonna happen!!!

    Each new attack wakes up more and more Americans!! Our “Lone Wolves” have BEEN awake!! They ARE about to declare open season on those fools that feel we are easy pickings!!


    The time is rapidly approaching these “Bad Muslims” WILL cease to exist in AMERICA!!!!

    BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  131. RedRightandReady2014

    The domestic terrorists attacked in Ferguson MO in August and November, and the governor, MO NG, and local LEOs stood by and watched it happen!

  132. Has anyone at all ever considered the fact that obama could very well be in cahoots with Isis/isil? Look…..the man has been on a destruct the USA warpath ever since before he was elected. He’s always been up to no good and I would bet money on the fact that he is a Muslim in the Isis group.

  133. bo is the worst problem for terrorist attacks since 2008 and is supporting them with his open border E.O’s and amnesty B.S. that has all the stench of treason toward the internal destruction against the entire U.S. Freedom Foundation and National Security ..! His Indictment for treason has become mandatory for U.S. survival … !

  134. If we as a nation do not awaken to the fact that we need to REMOVE all islamist muslims from our country, we will fight them here on our own shores! This is inevitable and with no way around it! Of course there will be those that throw the Japanese in our face. So be it, but at the time it was what we as a nation had to do! The only problem is that we need to REMOVE these islamist muslim individuals! Sending them back to their own country!
    If we do not do this, then we will fight them right here on our own soil! That’s a fact!

  135. Are they setting us up for another false flag attack like they did with the 9//11 towers-? I smell a skunk wanting to take us into a major war this time.

  136. Obama is doing all he can to make it easier and encourage it to happen for then he can use that crisis to grab more power and take away more rights.

  137. He should be happy, mission is almost complete! He has screwed-up American big time, a little more to go- when the immigrants can’t find jobs and the system is overwhelmed as per the Marxist doctrine. Republicans had better stop this PRONTO!

  138. It already started. Detroit and they are lying about the cause.


  140. The terrorist in this country are out of control white cops.

  141. If The F B I Is Saying Your In For More Terrorist Actions That Simply Means The F B I Is Going To Start Another 9/11 Do Not Be Fooled Again Police Army AirForce Navy It,s About Time You Started Protecting The Public Thats What You Get Paid To Do Get Off Your Fat Asses & Start Looking After The People Of America Not The United States Thats A Public Resistered Company Belonging To The Rothschilds & Other Familes Like Rockerfellas Illuminati & Bildenbergs Don,t None Of Yoy Read Your History Lessons Then Go Onto Youtube.Com & Star Placing Those Names & See What Comes Up America Is A Free Country & Has No Debt But The United States Company Has All The Debt & Are Welcome To It Wake Up America It,s Time To Put The Record Straight.

  142. Who or what is the FBI [in cahoots with al-CIAda] going to kill or destroy this time.-?
    Is there anyone in our government doing anything to foster world peace-?
    The war mongers seem to have control of it all.

  143. Lets see his DHS looks like a muslim brotherhood club.

  144. Any one with half brain can kind of figure out Obama game .. Make our Military weak .. Take away Guns from our Vets . Trying every day weak to take Guns from American people . Then open borders to welcome any and all Muslims terrorist.. Trying to bring Obola into America spread it around .. Does that sound like some one that’s trying to protect American people ?? I did not think so

  145. Bring it on. The “fight” will last 2 days, then America and whites can get back to living free without bull shit from scum MUSLINS.

  146. We regressed, as a Country under Carter, Came back under Reagan and OL` Wiily Weanie Clinton pushed us further into Corrupt Government. Made progress toward getting back to under George Bush, but He was somewhat too lax in improving our Military and his Son really wasn`t forceful enough in improving our Military. This Charlie McCarty is having his his strings pulled by someone other than, just his Wife, but I`d bet SHE does get on his rear end to pull some of this stupid and unconionable acts, like open borders, and inciting our local terrorist organizations that take every opprtunity to incite riots and shake down and create burnings, ruining of communities. It`s there in front of all to figure out. Just think people!

  147. Any terrorist worth the name will have the good sense to select a gun-free zone for his ‘work’.

    We’ll deal with you pieces of crap ONE AT A TIME. TORTURE YOU should WE NEED TO to get your SWINE @SSES to TALK.
    …I JUST TOOK A $HIT in a Quran after pouring PIGS BLOOD onto it.
    …Now IT BURNS in front of me as I URINATE on the flames.
    Seems like a waste of a piece of human excrement but what’s done IS DONE.
    …WHERE’S the BACON??

  149. I sure am not going near Times Square , live on TV, thousands of people a bunch of suicide vested nuts that can not be detected because everyone is wearing heavy coats, unless you have choke points with sniffing dogs.

  150. It is truly amazing how we allow the “law” to control even the law enforcers- if they know the terrorist, and they must with all the info they supposedly have- then take them out on a ‘potential’ threat to national security. If grand-ma has her cane and underwear searched in order to get on a plane, why can’t the ‘terrorist’ be held pending an investigation – or as the Patriot Act provides, you know, the law that was written prior to 9/11, hold them indefinitely, without a lawyer, charges or anything else? It is done to innocent people all the time-
    OBAMA -WHAT IS HE DOING – Over the weekend, the USAF’s largest cargo plane set down in Kiev, Ukraine (UKE) What was the cargo- EU did not reveal that- but it was not humanitarian aid, bet you socks on that! The US, Obama White House has promised Poland and Romania he would have 7,000 missiles within their borders NLT the end of 2015. Kiev, the NAZI government that Bidden, McCain, Kerry and Obama have set in- is being supplied with Tanks, rockets, plastique and gas, plus millions of rounds of NATO. 7.62 hollow point ammo- all for use against the civilian population. Do NOT accept the government line that Russia has invaded Ukraine. All that has been publicized about Russia and UKE is total propaganda, nothing more. There are no Russian forces in UKE – not a single jeep, tank or soldier. The “war” is between the Kiev- Obama government and the anti-Nazi civilians. But it isn’t even the anti-Nazis being killed- it is all civilians- using American weapons etc.
    Not a single Russian soldier has been killed in UKE – not a single tank lost – no Russian prisoners taken- no Russian vs UKE battles – absolutely nothing has been done by Russia. “Wag the dog” ? No, worse ! A total fabrication on the Nazi President and the Obama WH !
    All has been done to justify a war against Russia- Even NATO and the EU has been lied to by the OWH ! Countries that refuse to sanction Russia are being bullied by the OWH, even with threats of military force- The screw is turning- the USA has become the Hitler of WWII- Europe, Asia, and Africa are turning against the USA because of the Obama lies and threats from the WH. Wake up folks, the world is becoming a powder keg, and Obama has the match – it is his plan and purpose- destroy the world- turn it over to the insane and evil- the Islamic Terrorist…

    • You are completely WRONG about Ukraine. In fact you’re delusional. I talk to my family over there every week to get a glimpse & the truth as to what’s going on over there. These are “feet on the ground” reports from UK citizens…, no media BS. Make no mistake Putin want’s Ukraine under Soviet rule. Fabricated propaganda???? Fake??? Wag The Dog???? Granted, I too dislike Obama’s foreign “no” policy…, but, Putin is in Ukraine because Obama is a flaccid little worm when it comes to standing up to him. Obama is impotent. You need to get back to reality Ron…….

      • I normally do not get personal, but since you felt it necessary, I will accommodate you – I am married to a Russian Lady, we have children and grand-children in Odessa, and friends in Topsey (sic) and Crimera (Crime). I also have on the ground witnesses. Neighbors in Odessa also claim Putin is the cause for all the problems- propaganda provided by local UKE controlled TV and radio. I am also ex-military, intelligence officer. You, Bubba, are either a Ukrainian or an Idiot, did I repeat myself? I will not belabor the point with my “opinion” against your “on the ground” reports- just please, for my sake and the sake of the entire world- answer these simple questions: How many Russians have been killed in Ukraine? How many POWs have been take by either side? How many Russian tanks have been destroyed in Ukraine? On the other hand, how many metric tons of humanitarian aid, in the form of medical supplies, baby formula, food and clean water has Russia trucked into UKE? How many refugees have fled UKE into the “evil” Russia? (Over a million government documented people have fled into Russia, where they have been provided food, houses or apartments, clothing, bedding, toys, computers and even – are you ready Mr. Know it all – JOBS ! )
        Get your shat right- or stand down… What is Joe Bidden’s itinerary- how many times has he been in Kiev over the past nine months? Where does his son work in UKE? Where does John Kerry’s son work in UKE? Where is the property John McCain owns in UKE located? Who is mining the only natural resource in UKE? An American owned firm !!!
        Get the facts straight- make a trip to Ukraine, good Buddy- verify what you think you know- give me proof- give the world proof- open the great lie for all to see… big boy!!!!

        • You support Putin…, You’re a communist. Ex military…LOL who gives a crap. Maybe ex KGB by your support of Putin & his communist agenda driven occupiers.
          I truly feel sad for your family in Odessa, and hope no harm come to them. War, no matter what side people take, is always dreadful. The fight for freedom has it’s casualties and it’s price You support Putin & the likes of Victor Yanukovych (remember, the corrupt prick they kicked out), I don’t. You believe Ukrainian’s fighting for their freedom from Communism & Putin, are on the wrong side. I don’t. I support freedom & their fight. The majority of Ukrainians want the same kind of freedom we take for granted here in the USA. Believe what you want, support who you want. I don’t support Communism and never will.
          Ти є великий дурень, і комуніст! Ти маєш свою голову в дупі.

          • I do not support anyone. Maybe you cannot read, maybe you cannot understand what you read- but you do have a problem- All I gave you are the facts- but can’t, or do not want to believe that. The method of operations are the same for morons like yourself- if you can’t argue the facts, call names, then put in a mold so you can identify and curse what you have identified. I am for freedom, that is the reason I waste my time addressing idiots like yourself. The people of Ukraine are not fighting Putin- they are fighting the UKE Army- wake up- tell your relatives to wake the f… up! Give me the proof – answer the questions – you can’t because they will prove me correct- give me your proof – show me what Putin has done and is doing- you can’t – all you can do is call names and attempt to belittle. I have spent many years training and learning- I know my job – I pay attention – where is your proof – any evidence will do- send it to me- or shut the hell up and stop spreading the propaganda you have suckled on all your life- you did vote for Obama, didn’t you? !! On second thought, make the trip to Kiev, take a bus down the east border- photo the cities the UKE army has destroyed in order to cleanse the country; take photos of the NAZI armbands worn by the army and many citizens of Kiev; stop in at the barracks in Kiev and talk with the 150+ US advisors stationed there; Look up the senior person with Greystone, the spin off from Blackwater, the mercenaries from Iraq and Syria; give them a big hug, tell them how much you are supporting them and their humanitarian efforts in a country where genocide is taking place; take a lot of photos- the villages that have been leveled by bulldozers- the burnt out villages, where nothing lives; BUT please take photos of all the Russians you can find in the country of Ukraine, because for each accurate photo showing a Russian tank, with Russian markings and Russian soldiers, I will send you one thousand US$!!
            Have a good trip – stay and fight for freedom, kill as many non-Ukrainian advisors as possible. Again, show me Bidden’s itinerary for the month of May 214 through the present month- it is public record hot shot- send it to me…

          • Me, vote for Obama??? Hell would freeze over before that would’ve happen. I’m as conservative as they come. You truly are a Progressive /Liberal. A communist to boot too! You have lies & communist propaganda…, that’s all you have. You & Obama went to the same Liberal Lying school. When it comes to the Stalin/Lenin type Commies like yourself, you stop at nothing to further your Commie/Socialist cause. Go for it foolish man. I’m not lapping at the commie Koolaid fountain like you. I bet you believe Americans didn’t land on the moon. Or better yet, 9/11 was a conspiracy by the Bush administration. I’m sure you have proof & pictures of Big Foot too….lol… You Libs take the cake!!!!!




  151. On 16 April 2013 outside San Jose an unknown group of
    individuals shot up a substation of 17 transformers
    that no one has ever been caught. This was a well planned attack and the
    switching done on the grid to recover from the loss of the substation was
    probable recorded by the attackers associates to ascertain the loss and to plot
    multiple hits to black out a major part of the United States; as to much of the
    grid data is available on the internet.
    With a black out of that scale a massive crossing of militants across
    the Mexican border could occur and no one would know until it was too late.
    There are too many pockets of Islamic / Muslims in the United States that
    could, with a coordinated attack like 9/11, bring down a major portion of the
    United States power grid. We need more than the FBI; we need the eyes and ears
    of all Citizens to track this possibility and report it.

  152. On 16 April 2013 outside San Jose an unknown group of individuals shot up a substation of 17 transformers
    that no one has ever been caught. This was a well planned attack and the switching done on the grid to recover from the loss of the substation was probable recorded by the attackers associates to ascertain the loss and to plot
    multiple hits to black out a major part of the United States; as to much of the grid data is available on the internet.
    With a black out of that scale a massive crossing of militants across the Mexican border could occur and no one would know until it was too late.
    There are too many pockets of Islamic / Muslims in the United States that could, with a coordinated attack like 9/11, bring down a major portion of the United States power grid. We need more than the FBI; we need the eyes and ears of all Citizens to track this possibility and report it.

  153. If Obama were a Republican, he’d already be impeached & in jail! Unfortunately, our lame stream media have controlled what most Americans see on the news. They simply have NO CLUE! If they did, Obama probably wouldn’t have been re-elected…but then, Soros controls the elections. Any way you look at this awful situation, our country is in deep do-do! The rest of us who get their news on FOX, OAN, from Rush or Sean, have known exactly what’s been happening from the get-go! But, we’re totally helpless to do anything about it! So frustrating!

  154. Alice-Annette Schultz

    There is however a way around these muzzie encroachers. Pigs! Pit fat, bacon grease, pig’sblood – however and whatever way you want to use it! Tip your ammo with it, clean your gun with cleaner that contains it (it is on the market). These tough guys become sniveling sissies where pig anything is concerned. They cannot go to heaven and they cannot get their 72 virgins. What a shame huh? But it’s guaranteed it works. Check out what Gen. Pershing did in the Philippines that quelled them for 50 yrs. We have the same and probably even better resources!

  155. ARMOR UP! You all most know what you have to do! We all have to protect our families and neighborhoods! The current Administration, won`t HEL ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES!

  156. The FBI should certainly know

  157. Yep… leave it to “Whorebama” to keep the side shows going to take the heat off of him and his murdering administration. Communist pigs…

  158. You all sound like you have become consumed by the devil. Love and be loved, may peace come to all of you.

  159. I pray to God we never get a Muslim running our country, England, or it will be the end of us too.

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