FBI Sabotaged a Trump Win

Former President Donald Trump has continued to say that there should be either a new presidential election or a reassessment for the rightful winner of the 2020 race to be shown. Once again, this came after a senior FBI agent who has allegedly been politically biased left the agency.

Trump once again took to his Truth Social page to demand that the rightful winner of the elections be determined. He even called for a potential new election to see who would win. He further noted that the FBI had fired an agent who had seriously hurt the country and the Constitution of the United States of America.

According to a report from the Washington Times on Monday, two former FBI officials who knew of the circumstance said that assistant special agent in charge Timothy Thibault was escorted out of the building. Thibault, who is a 25-year veteran, was accused of political bias in his handling of the probe into Hunter Biden’s computer. However, it is currently unclear whether Thibault was fired or if he had resigned.

This case came to the forefront after certain leaks regarding his conduct came forth. The agent has reportedly been on leave for a month following Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, raising concerns regarding the obstruction of the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Trump also said on his Monday posts that the FBI buried the lead on Hunter Biden ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. The report which Trump also included in his Tuesday morning post showed that Thibault had pleaded guilty to destruction of evidence in an Arkansas case.

Many expect that Trump will announce another bid at the White House in 2024, but as of right now he has not announced his candidacy.

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  1. Don’t ever send me anything about that piece of shit!! You should all be in jail😡😡😡😡😡😡😢

  2. If Trump hasn’t yet decided to run in 2024 he could havde fooled me. He’s been begging for money for several months. Through August 11 I received a minmum of 5 and a maximum of 13 emails each day claiming I supported him from the beginning, wanting me by his side at rallies, and other garbage hoping I’d send him money. August 11 he must have fainally gotten the message that I wasn’t falling for his baloney. No emails from his organization since except one yesterday. He is a desperate egotistical menace to society and is not the one to oppose Biden in the next election.

  3. Every honest person knows that the election was rigged because of manipulation of votes, blocking information on the true nature of the candidates actual stature and unlawful activities and many other violations of the election process. The truth was hidden from the public and people were punished for voicing their opinions of the obvious bias of the Justice Department’s concealment of facts and avoidance of examination of true facts. America has suffered irrepairable damage from this sabotage of our Constitution and our Rules of Election Laws on multiple fronts. We’re now a true “Third World Country” with a dictator in charge of our lives and what we can say or do. Democrats have destroyed democracy in favor of Socialism, instead of the Republic which we have maintained for the last 250+ years.

  4. He has all but announced his candidacy. He’s been begging for money for several months with a minimum of 5 emails and a maximum of 13 emails each day through August 11. None August 12 through September 1 but started up again the second with one each of the last two days.

  5. Anyone with any common sense knows that the 2020 election was stolen and this is WAY BIGGER than any one person. Everyone who played a part is guilty of treason and should be dealt with accordingly. NO MERCY!
    Biden needs to be removed at once and Trump rightfully vindicated. Not only can Trump win again in 2024, he should take these next two years by default. THAT is not only deserved, but only TRUMP can put this country back on the right track now. The Dims are doing
    everything they can to destroy America. The Communists have everything invested! We are most definitely at war: politically and spiritually.

  6. One down and a building full left to go. We’ll get it done starting in January….

  7. dirty cops makes me sick

  8. It’s quite tragic that those we “trust” to keep us safe are the very ones “protecting” the guilty like the Biden family. All the dealings Hunter alone had hidden from the public so Biden could become President? We could be moving into more prosperity and safety, especially with our Southern border had the rightful President be in office. Now we’re a shambles with no help in sight. Biden and his administration are ruining America and unfortunately it seems they’re getting a lot of “outside” help. That’s just my view.

  9. Obstruction into the investigation of Hunter Biden, lol. Hunter’s laptop and Hillary’s emails, very worrisome. Former president encouraging treason, selling govt secrets, not a problem. Let’s go Dark Brandon.

  10. The FBI, Justice Dept, and Biden declared war on Trump and all the supporters of Trump when they Ransacked Trump’s Home with an illegal search for the sole purpose of intimidation. It went terribly wrong and backfired. The FBI is now the subject of scrutiny and distrust among Americans who know the FBI has lost control. The reaction from Wray is to complain that people are threatening the FBI to somehow deflect blame. Nobody is threatening the FBI. Dominos are starting to fall for the swamp, and the Biden Crime family. Biden comes to PA and gives hate speech which was supposed to be an address to the nation, that goes off the rails. Next day we hear how people are threatening the Bidens.
    They are setting the stage of fake threats so maybe they may next want to use their 85 thousand armed IRS agents to protect the government from MAGA supporters? IT’s time for Republicans to start speaking out and pushing back on the radical agenda of the left. They keep saying when we take back congress this and that. WE NEED loud voices from Republicans Now! YOU don’t need to be in the Majority to have a loud voice heard. What are you waiting for? The RNC chair, Rona is the niece of Romney and that does not sit well with me.

  11. The search was completely legal. This is a known fact. It’s unprecedented because we never had a president selling top secret documents to foreign powers before.

    Trump is guilty of treason, at a minimum, and deserves a traitor’s fate. Worst president in all of history. Liar, traitor, thief.

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