FBI Confirms: Hillary is Under Investigation

Following weeks of being coy about it, the FBI officially confirmed Monday that they are investigating Hillary Clinton in relation to her use of a private email server while secretary of state. The Justice Department filed a letter in court this week from FBI General Counsel James Baker, who acknowledged that the inquiry was still being conducted. Baker’s letter, written in response to a State Department request for details, reads in part: “We remain unable to provide the requested information without adversely affecting ongoing law enforcement efforts.”

While Baker’s letter confirms the FBI’s active involvement, it sheds little light on the nature of the investigation. “The FBI has not, however, publicly acknowledged the specific focus, scope, or potential targets of any such proceedings,” he wrote.

Even so, the “potential target” of the investigation is obvious. Clinton was the one who decided to sacrifice security for convenience, and it is on her shoulders that rests this unacceptable mistake. As of now, more than 1,500 classified emails have been found on her unsecured server, including 22 which have been marked at the highest level of government secrecy. Clinton’s excuse that these emails were marked classified after the fact may convince voters, but it shouldn’t be enough to shield her from the law.

Speaking of the law, there is mounting pressure on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to step aside and let an independent prosecutor decide whether or not to press charges against Clinton. Not only is Lynch a member of the Obama administration, she was appointed U.S. Attorney in New York by former president Bill Clinton. Not to mention that she served in that capacity while Hillary was senator of that state.

In a statement to The Hill newspaper, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) said, “That Hillary Clinton could be the Democratic nominee and the potential next president represents an extraordinary circumstance that commends the appointment of a special counsel.”

This isn’t necessarily about questioning Lynch’s objectivity, but the Justice Department owes the American people an investigation unhindered by the perception of political bias. As DeSantis said, this situation is virtually unprecedented and Lynch can’t afford to treat this like any other case. Even if she is thoroughly transparent, it will be impossible for her to avoid the stench of favoritism.

Alas, keeping the next president out of jail comes with its own rewards and they may be too tempting for Lynch to pass up. Clinton’s reputation can never fully recover from this scandal; we’ve already learned too much about how she endangered national security. But you can bet that she will take a presidency mired in public outrage over a stint in prison. And considering how willing Obama is to ignore the law, it will probably be the voters alone who can keep Hillary from realizing that dream.

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  1. Good now take this skank works to jail where she belongs. If the truth were known shes a murderer, and treasonous. Get on with it before the demorats can vote her in for another piece of free cheese.

  2. Since she and Bill made 153M since 2001 is anybody investigating tax fraud. Just think two for the price of one.

    • They can get away with it,…….that’s the main purpose of “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION”!!! Still, I think they’re two of the biggest, lying, crooks in America!!! How ANYONE could vote for such low-life scum to represent us is beyond belief!!!

    • Forget the IRS, Koskinen will never do anything to hurt a Democrat. But, how about “public corruption”?
      Is there any doubt that she used her office to enrich herself? Bill got obscene speaking fees while Hillary did favors for the very same entities that hired Bill.
      The private server was to keep the dirty business away from government scrutiny.

    • Having left the WH broke, it is pretty amazing what liberals can do when they put all their money on RED…

    • you want fraud look at the clinton foundation and its foreign links

      • All of the money I mentioned were made by outlandish speaking fees. But they are broke and Chelsea is taking off right where they left off. And what the hell does Chelsea know. People who pay these fees are so enamored with the power but what about the stock holders they should be up in arms. It has to affect them. The foundation should not be involved. If allowed it is just more fraud. I do not want fraud I want justice. Something the Clintons know little about.

  3. investigate her, yes
    will indict her, no

    • Wrong! If she had “top secret” information on her private e-mail server (which was “unsecured”), she needs to be PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. And, the documents wouldn’t necessarily need to be stamped “classified” – even an ordinary “secretary” reading them would know the contents were confidential and not to be shared with anyone – she was an attorney and knew the information should be protected. If that server was “hacked” by anyone, she put our Nation and its citizens in danger. I believe that falls in the category of treasonous behavior.
      After all, as Secretary of State, she swore an oath to uphold the law and as an attorney she certainly knows what that means. There is no way this woman should ever be elected to a government job again.

      • muslim traitor will never indict the lying douchebag criminal

        • I’m 99% sure you are right. I’m hoping the FBI can over-ride Lynch and prosecute HRC without her help, because I don’t believe Lynch will follow the law in this case.

          • lynch is nothing but an obummer clone Popa Oscar Siera

          • I agree. If she doesn’t follow the law the same way for everyone, she is worthless!

          • Politicians and their minions don’t have to follow the same laws as us peons. They also don’t have to take the pittance retirements and A.C.A. health care that we slobs do!

          • Republicans voted for “holder in drag” lynch,
            what did they expect,
            muslim traitor’s corrupt government will NEVER be held accountable,

            and clinton will be president,

        • Criminal charges may have to wait until dear leader is out of office, but since there is no statute of limitations, she may very well be indicted at a later date.

          • just last week Issa said that he doesn’t think an indictment will come during the 2016 election cycle?!?



        • We just HOPE that MuslimLuvCHRIST is a Worthy Man, If So the TRUMP Vetting Process Will Be Much Easier*******TRUMP 2016!!

      • In the “intelligence community” they have a saying: “It’s not secret because it’s classified — it’s classified because it’s secret.” That disposes of the excuse that it wasn’t marked classified

      • Virginia Hornibrook

        Obama the crook will never prosecute her because she has something on him they both need to be in jail along with rapist Bill.


      • Virginia Hornibrook

        She’ll never be charged Obama will pardon her because killer Hillary has something on him they are all crooked Obama,Valerie jarred, killer Hillary, and rapist Bill Clinton

        • You’re probably right! She is a very corrupt individual, as is Bill. Lots of stories from their past activities in Arkansas. I just don’t understand how people like them get away with lawlessness without punishment. Our whole society seems corrupt at times.

    • Exactly!! They should have prosecuted Lois Lerner & the whole top layer of scum running the IRS, but it totally evaporated into thin air!!! This whole administration should be investigated, as far as I’m concerned!!!


  4. This is lame , Fox News is under criminal investigation as are all othe media outlets along with every congressman !!! This is a standard that is always a on going issue !!! Every person who works for the government or does business with the government are under investigation !!! So this is a NO need story , ment for the dimwitts to be their red meat !!! Funny because it’s only baloni !!!

    • So, you believe that confidential information should be handled with a cavalier attitude and not protected? I hope you’re not in charge of confidential information for any organization.
      I won’t even get into the lies she told about Benghazi, for which she should be held accountable.
      Oh, and that would be “baloney”, not “baloni”.

    • you libturd moron

    • Tell that to all the families who have loved ones MURDERED BY THE CLINTONISTAS. -idiotic jack-ass –

    • You should be careful calling anyone else “dim-wits”,…….it sure make’s YOU look bad when your spelling is so terrible!!

      • LibTURDS like to spew how uneducated conservatives are! LMAO! Then they claim typo. errors or spell check errors….HA HA HA!

  5. too bad she will be given a pass. right now she is feeling up set about tuesday’s loss in N.H. but later she will be sitting at her pool side sipping a cool drink and laughing about how she is above all those “little common people” out there.

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      But she wants all of the common people to vote for her the women who lied and killed 4 men In Benghazi and sold our secrects to the foreigns and put the money in the Clinton foundation

  6. Put Hillary Clinton in Prison in 2016 where she belongs.
    Hillary Clinton’s remume;
    Whitewater Thief,
    Al Qaeda terrorist – Benghazi,
    Murderer – Benghazi,
    Treason – Benghazi,
    Felon – National Security email’s

  7. Hillary and Bill Clinton have never been subject to any law. They are above any law and are better than any citizen. The Clintons write laws for you, not for them. They are despicable as are the people who defend them.

  8. The investigation will come to naught. In any case, nothing will be done because she will be cleared.

    • Still wearin’ the blinders, eh, Georgie boy. There’s none so blind as he who will not to see.

      • Don’t you know that ol Georgie Porgie is up Obama’s, the socialists, and liars azzez?

      • Thankfully, my eyesight is excellent but my nose smells BS when I see it. You just appeared on the radar screen. We’ll see about future Madam President Clinton or feel the Bern, lolol. (Personally, I think the TEApublicans would be better off if they had a viable candidate rather than nitpick the Democrats’ choices!).

      • Investigators don’t mean or always lead to convictions. In America, you ARE innocent until proven guilty.

        Why do people immediately rush to conclusions without evidence?

        • More than 2,000 classified e-mails, 22 of which were above Top Secret, on an unprotected server in the basement of a personal dwelling ain’t exactly chopped liver.

          • Doesn’t matter the # of emails–nothing criminal occurred. Also, US military, IRS & other servers were hacked & important information was breached.

            Hillary’s server was never hacked. So, she was smarter than the military, IRS & others who used federal servers and got hacked. That should ask her to help them protect their federal servers or more employees need to use their own servers to alleviate hacks. Go, Hillary, you showed them something!

  9. From the article: “Clinton’s excuse that these emails were marked classified after the fact may convince voters, but it shouldn’t be enough to shield her from the law.”

    You got that right! Every bit of communicated information going into any government office on any level is automatically classified as Confidential. Once Security Personnel have scrutinized each piece of info more thoroughly, they can either keep the current level of classification or upgrade it, according to their analysis. Any information that becomes outdated enough to be useless as “intelligence” can be downgraded at a later date & released to the public, but until that specific time, it’s ALL classified.

    I KNOW this to be a fact because I was in the Navy, working in a classified Rate & there is NO information held by government that doesn’t have some level of security classification.

  10. That bitch must go down! Her next office attire should be a striped prison jumpsuit and a 9×10 cell!

  11. That is the dumbest article I have read today. Hillary is going to bill Congress $23 mil for using her server which was more secure than the government’s which was being bugged by Russians, North Korea and Japan. It is Repubs and TPs fault that are not giving college education to local smart kids. Repubs and TPs are hiring illegals to run secret government computers. Trey Gowdy and his fellow should be indicted for hiring illegals to top secret function of our government. Hillary should bill Congress now.

    • “My fear is that
      the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over
      and capsize”

    • Wow!! You are one dumb SOB. Giving college educations free to foreigners is what the dems are all about. Colleges are liberal cesspools yet they want those nonresident tuitions. How about this…make it easier for resident students to get into the colleges in their home states. Next, make it possible that if there are openings at out of state colleges AMERICAN kids have priority over foreign students. Last, if there are any openings left they go to kids that can’t afford to go….even poor kids can get scholarships if they work hard enough for them. Giving away college educations …. Yeah that will make them work hard to get in…kinda like welfare, makes those lazy assed morons work for their check…gotta get off that couch, stop watching tv and work their way down to the mail box. I don’t want to pay for someone to go to college for free…I had to pay, if you want to pay for it…GO RIGHT AHEAD

      • Frikken BOOM! Yer not “feeling the BERN”?

      • You must be a TPs and Repubs. Dummies. We have a Wisconsin governor who does not want local kids to get university education. He does not see good with university education if he was kicked out of college but now supervises university graduates in state government. Actually he is now in charge of universities in Wisconsin. He has cut funding for universities. But when asked where he would get doctors, engineers, electronic engineers, nurses etc, he said he would import them from Russia, Japan, India, North Korea, Africa and Europe and pay them cheap. So he would prefer importing university graduates to run the government to giving local kids university education. That is what is wrong with Repubs and TPs. They are dumb.

      • Did you really say “Colleges are liberal cesspools?” So that is where Scott Walker is getting his idea from. Walker wants to get rid of all universities and replace them technical schools. If he needs doctors, he will import them from Russian, Japan, North Korea, Malaysia, India and Africa. He will pay them peanut and get rid of them when they are used. No doubt Repubs and TPs are getting rid of Dr. Carson for being too educated. So they will stay with Trump who has a Bachelors degree only..

        • Pee brained idiot….yep, your truly one stupid moron. Dr’s, engineers and the like don’t have time for that jibberish. No, it’s more of the ones that take fewer brains to get their degrees. Those have the teachers and the like that push their liberal agenda. Man you folks are about as braindead as they come. So who you voting for ….the lawless, morally corrupt criminal that WILL BE INDICTED for her careless, cavalier attitude for not only our national security but the lives of those lost in Benghazi…. Or, we’re going to take from those that made their lives worth something and give it to those to lazy to do anything with their lives SANDERS.

          • Me! Brain dead as they come! And you label our angel Hillary as lawless, morally corrupt criminal? And you think she will be indicted for Benghazi and e-mail so called scandals! You make sick. Did you really pass your statistics 101? I doubt. First those you call scandals are FoxNews-made by Bill O’rielly and other at FoxNews. They are jealous and scared a woman will be president. You remember when Obama won and was re-elected. Bill O’rielly cried why an African-American family was living in the WH. Repub and TP males hate smart women and racial minorities. I have asked Hillary to bill the government $20 mil for services her server gave to Repubs infested Congress. Her server was more secure than Congress server. That is why Congress has stopped Benghazi and E-mail probes. You remember Trey and John McCain came out of briefing room with Hillary. They whined why Hillary was hawkish. I hope you’re not one of those fed with false perception of Benghazi as an all-worst American has faced. How about 911! Did you investigate or call Bush names? No. How may military people and diplomats have been killed? Many. What is the beef about Benghazi! It was TV ratings driven. Please get out that bubble of lunars in TP and Repub and especially FoxNews. They are damaging the country. Vote for Hillary.

          • Hahahaha, 911 was being planned for years moron. They took flying lessons while Monica lewinsky was using slick Willie for a pacifier. Funny how the clintons were the only ones not indicted in the white water scandle….everyone!! She says Republicans are for big business…lol…where do you think they got 153,000,000 since being broke when they left the White House? Sorry but she was told many times and thought she was above the law when she used her private server. Keep those eyes tightly shut and keep clicking your heels together.
            Oh and is vote for her execution…

          • Where do I think they got $153,000,000? They were paid as speaking engagements. Those giving saw worthy inviting them. This is capitalist country. Monica L. She started it – every time she past his office she would flash her dress. Don’t you do that to males you have a crash on? And you’re not an angel either. You’re sinner like or anyone else. Do not blame others when you did the same. in fact Repubs and TPs are good at that. Look at Cruz, he got money from Wall Streets; but he pointed fingers at Rubio and Hillary. Hypocrite! Leave Cruz the American impostor. He is a Canadian-Cuban. Hillary is smart woman and looks Presidential of this big USA. .

          • Okay if you don’t see a pattern with Monica, how about we go down the list of the Clintons abuse of women.
            We’ll start off with the short list..
            “Those that were assaulted by Willie”
            Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broaddrick, Christy Zercher, Sandra Allen James, Eileen Wellstone and Connie Hamzy.
            Next we’ll go with the ones
            “Willie’s mistresses”
            Interesting to note, these are just the ones to put their name to it. There are more that did not want their names associated with old slick Willie….like the prostitute Willie got pregnant while in office down in Arkansas.
            Elizabeth (Ward) Gracen
            Dolly Kyle Browning
            Sally Perdue
            Lencoln Sullivan
            Susie Whitacre
            Bobbie Ann William

            Huh, the Clintons especially that skank hillary espouse that you believe women that have been abused/assaulted, yet they have tried and done a good job of character assassination. If I was a woman and I’m not, (I’m a grandfather of 5 married for 35 years) I wouldn’t trust the Clinton machine as far as I could throw them…maybe less. This is just a euphuism.. I don’t trust them at all.

            You never said anything about the use of a private server… You know it is a federal offense to do what she did? So what your saying, is she’s above the law.
            Apparently they are above the law!! As you didn’t answer my other statement with white water. EVERYONE that was involved was indicted EXCEPT THE CLINTONS.

          • You must have ED and therefore jealous of Clinton power. First, Clinton having many mates is a sign of a real man who does not need Viagra. Second, those women must have fallen in love with Clinton to be with him in a room alone. Women will not go with a man in a room alone for anything. Third, Clinton was not charged for raping those women. Therefore it’s no-starter and he can sue you for defamation. Fourth Monica started it. She was flashing her underwear every time she passed his office. Well, Clinton is a man with all weakness of a regular male. So stop it. Vote for his wife Hillary. I will.

          • Jealous … Haha, yeah okay… Those two couldn’t make the hind end of a jackass jealous you turd. So you consider a real man a man that marries someone only to stick his dick in as many women as he can…typical braindead moron.

            If he wants to sue me for defamation I’d be happy if he tried … The only thing that piece of trash deserves is a bullet to the brain.

            As far as you voting for that lowbreed test he calls a wife… I’d rather have you eat shit and die…oops two things that should happen.

            You idiots vote for someone that will give you free stuff at the expense of those that work… Civil war or a revolution will take care of that….you ready? I AM!!!

          • You’re too violent. I have to leave you alone. Good luck with your life.

          • Yep run you little girl. You haven’t answered the questions from above and like most liberal lovers you’d rather stick your head in the sand or run that stand up and hit my facts with your own. You are nothing more than a lemming, couldn’t stand on your own two feet and act like a man. You call that clown Willie Clinton a man…son, a man doesn’t act like that. Alley cats and other animals do!! You get married in a church before family, friends and God. You say your vows and live by them. If every man did what Clinton did we’d be in one sorry shape, but I guess that the left doesn’t believe in giving your word and living by it “Because a man goes after every woman that bats an eye at him”!! WOW that’s a sorry excuse if I ever heard one. My violent side shows when a group wants to turn our county into Sodom and Gomorrah, calls cheats and philanderers men. Those are the things that get me going.

            But I digress….you never answer the statements you just talk in a circle…kinda like one of those ponies on a walking wheel being led to where they want them to go.

    • It’s amazing what freebies will buy! Mind, body and mouth

  12. ConservativeSenior

    Blah, blah, blah. They won’t do anything but talk.

  13. Salvador G. Jimenez

    Blah, blah, blah more where that came from, she has friends in high places that will protect her from further scrutiny. A the end she will be found not guilty or some else may be recieve a gold medal for her participation.

  14. She should be made to step down her run for the president of these United states. She is an embaserment to not only the democratic party but all the people of this great nation. Does the America people need a woman in the WH that bad that they would stand behind these two people ( Bill and Hillary)

  15. hitlery will win two terms. 10-20 for espionage. 50-100 for murder.daily news ny attacks el trumpo.

    The daily nudes. Who reads that shet? Mort Suckerface is a soviet travel agent.

    He should go back to his station with the KGB. He is not a 911 NEW YORKER.



  16. Same-o..Same-o… Slow news day at the Patriot…?

    • “My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My
      proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because
      of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior
      situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner
      whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do
      that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major

      – Hillary Clinton 11 March 2014


      • “It depends…” Its the Rosetta Stone for translating / diagnosing all Liberal Left Brain Dysfunction / Dementia / Disorder / Delusion / Disease… etc (LLBDs).

  17. This woman needs to be executed for her treasonous crimes

  18. Arrest her already!

  19. The left’s D.N.C. is supporting her, Al Sharpton is supporting her…Nuff said!

  20. Investigated? BS. she should be hung for ugliness & treason…… now!

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      Hung hell no that’s to good for her put her in a burning building and let her burn just like she did to the 4 men in Benghazi

  21. If the proper authorities do not indict Killary, then we will. It will be prison or worse. She will never occupy the Oval Office.

  22. First off the FBI I need to do their job and a rest Loretta Lynch for aiding in abetting terrorist along with Obama in aiding in abetting Obama. Once they get that job done they can go after Hillary but that ain’t going to happen if they go after Hillary again Obama is implicated because he’s just as much guilty of all the murders in crime in the theft of this country has been committed

  23. The Hill/Billary Clintongs are protected by satan’s seven circles of demons. The necessity of non-stop, fervent prayer must be stressed to everyone, everywhere, if we are to defeat them.

  24. How bout ending this “investigation” and lock her fat a ss up?

  25. Patience People, Patience… If she is charged while Oblamo holds office she gets a presidential pardon, because he is into anything illegal she did up to his eyelids and guilty as hell himself. Lynch will not prosecute her, she gets a presidential pardon, and a free pass for life.

    On the other hand, Wait till President Trump takes office, THEN charge her, prosecute her, Convict her, and all who worked with her… Trump won’t back down on the charges brought by FBI.

    Treason, via violation of the Official Secrets Act, has a long statue of limitation, we can wait.. she can sweat..
    While we wait,, let the FBI and CIA build evidence and prep the case.. make it a slam dunk for America.

    At the moment, looks like there is strong evidence she and Bill sold state secrets to the enemy for profit. Thus Clinton Foundation assets would be seized under RICO laws.. Let that case mature also.. Under a president that won’t back down.. not the present pretender to the throne.


    • Obama will probably pardon her, but you know what Obama is the one who started all this in the first place. Why isn’t he being sent to prison? It is unbelievable how he gets to continue on and on. It is so aggravating that he gets a free pass all the way to the end.

    • if she has to be indicted before she can be obama pardoned and if it should come to this the seed of doubt will be planted in the minds of all reasonable
      voters I do not see voted into the presidency , the woman has never been ethical and honesty is not her strong suit

  26. Why is it that people seem to forget the simple fact that the FBI DOES NOT INDICT or PROSECUTE! The FBI simply makes a case by compiling evidence! They then turn that case over to the DOJ for PROSECUTION! Who in their right mind thinks the DOJ is going to PROSECUTE a case against Clinton? The DOJ sent a very clear message to Clinton months ago that they would not PROSECUTE when they let L. Lerner walk away from the IRS scandal. This goes nowhere…

  27. Hillary is a criminal , a felon , she don’t deserve the honor of running for President . Obama has already disgraced the office of the Presidency . Why in the world would we allow another thug in the White House !

  28. Any indictment of Hitlery will be swept under the rug by O’Bungle’s admin. She will slip thru the clutches of justice as she and Slick Willy have for decades and their supporters will simply look the other way or have their heads in the sand (so in some other orifice!).

  29. It has never been about the country or Hitlery’s accomplishments, she has none. She NEEDS to take the office of the president of this once great country because she spent her 4 years as SOS selling us out to foreign governments in exchange for “donations” to her “foundation”. She made promises to them that once she became president she would offer them special favors. We MUST keep her out of office at all costs!!! There will be no place for her and that rapist, has-been “husband” of hers to hide. This is the last bite at the presidential office for the confirmed liar so she’s NOT going to give up easily. She’s going to take cheating to a whole new level to get into office.

  30. It is just security check

  31. Can we expect Hillary participating In the PERP WALK fairly soon? Do you think that just maybe Slick Willie and other family members will join in the PERP WALK?

  32. She possess the exact same traits as the dictators of the world, complete with a trail of bodies. She has an insatiable desire for power and money.


  34. that bicth can go to hell.

  35. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    trouble is what is the FBI HOLD UP waiting for OBAMA to pardon her

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      I’m afraid that’s what’s going to happen she’ll never go to jail just like the rapist husband if hers it just depends on what is is

  36. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    Maybe OBAMA MAY BE AFRAID that HILLARY may spill the beans on him

  37. The real question, will the FBI roll over?

  38. They will stall until history is writing about it, if we let them.

  39. “and Lynch can’t afford to treat this like any other case. Even if she is
    thoroughly transparent, it will be impossible for her to avoid the
    stench of favoritism.”

    It seems the standard for our justice system is favoritism.. Not supposed to be that way folks. ..

  40. How long are they going to talk about it before they DO something about it. If it was anyone else they have been arrested a LONG time ago. She shouldn’t be allowed to run for dogcatcher, let alone, Pres. She and Billybob make the Mafia look like an infamous JV team.


  42. I want to see that bitch in jail were she belong.

  43. Playing Out The Same Way When Billy Boy Was Being Investigated About Monica. Then They Say He Did It After He Left The White House. I Just Hope She Does Not Get In.

  44. Where do you start??? Going back to White Water… & all of the people that have died (by accident?), that were either… former “insiders”, that had previously been privy to secrets… or were literally, labeled as being on the Clinton’s enemies list… or to them stealing 100(s) of thousands of White House fineries… or to… or to… or to…
    or to Benghazi… or to the Clinton Foundation, etc., etc. With all of the older things never getting any kind of the normal repercussions that “other” or “regular” people (other than the “Royalty” of the Clintons or the Obamas), would get legally castrated over… it seems as though any current repercussions may get delayed and delayed and delayed and delayed… until she gets the nomination… and then it will be “old news”… just like everything else that has been an issue for either one of these “Royal Families”… which has always just faded into a vast abyss of nothingness… and off the radar of the media at the speed of light. God forbid that the media gets her elected!!!

  45. Big deal Hillary Clinton will never get prosecuted for any thing she or her husband did, or do. dead bodies behind them anyone they did business with has been murdered,. Bill, Al Gore and now Hillary have committed Treason, and Hillary helped in the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Nothing happened to her and nothing will ever happen to the Clinton’s no matter what crime they commit against the people of the United States. It’s all a “Dog and Pony Show”

  46. So she’s under investigation by the FBI. What does that mean in the real world?? She is still running for the highest honor in the land,the position of absolute power, the president of the UNITED STATES. She is still raking in millions of $$$. Why hasn’t she been pulled from the running? Why hasn’t she been served? Why not just hold the presses until, if and when she actually gets indicted and served…other wise it’s just more B.S.

  47. Tell me when she is UNDER arrest, OK?

  48. If possible watch the video, THE MENA CONNECTION. My copy is still in circulation somewhere. It details the Clintons drugs and murders.

  49. There is a group of prestigious Journalists and Lawyers that is going after The Clinton Foundation for affiliation with Terrorist groups in Iran, money laundering, etc. So besides hillary’s scathing SECURITY idiocracy abt using an unsecured Server for her emails, she is being investigated also by several Law Organizations for illegal activities committed by herself and also through the Foundation.

    The Foundation is supposed to be a Charity, but what the prosecutors are finding via secured documents handed over by the Feds, is that the Clinton Foundation is a sham…not a charity…and that any monies received, only abt 10 percent went to a cause – the remaining 90 percent went in Bill and Hillary’s pockets for luxurious vacations and personal items.

    The Clinton Foundation made millions of dollars…and it was done illegally. She is a liar and a criminal of the worst kind…she sees nothing illegal or wrong with her actions because she is a sociopath, a smiling conniving Sociopath.

  50. Why hasn’t any investigative “journalist” reported on the probability that al-Queda use their access to the State Dept. communications through Hillary’s unsecured email to plan the attacks on Benghazi? While our country has spent hundreds of millions of dollars and manpower in developing encrypted computer communications systems and the leading person in the State Department chooses to deliberately sabotage that system by setting up an unsecure system of her own, how is that not treason. Her failure to utilize the system designed to provide security for the intelligence community is so blatant that it defies belief and she pretends that her actions were not deliberate and caused untold deaths. In either case she should be prosecute and clearly has NO right to ask the American to not only NOT make her our president but to even refuse to pay for her care and feeding while spending the rest of her behind bars. I would vote for EXILING her from America to some God-forsaken place..

  51. Well ok, so how long does the investigation take? And once it’s done and you turn your case over to the DOJ, which is what you have to do, what then? I think nothing… The message was sent months ago to Clinton that they would NOT prosecute when they let L. Lerner walk away from the IRS scot-free. So then what? If the American people do nothing then nothing well get done.. Your Constitutional Republic is history… Just today Obama sent his AG hack to congress and nearly ordered them to fund Obamas new gun control LAW…. Still think you have a Constitutional Republic? He’s doing this on a daily bases and congress stands by with their thumps up their azzes..

  52. It does not surprise me that Hillary Is under investigation. She is completely crooked. Obumma is protecting her.

  53. The appointed leader of the injustice dept, Loretta Lynch, is the boss of the FBI. Also Loretta Lynch was appointed by Benghazi Clinton’s good friend barak Hussein obama. Does anybody really believe that Lynch’s FBI is going to be allowed to investigate Benghazi Clinton? Check the “Clintons’ death toll documentary” on line.

  54. Loretta Lynch was appointed as the head of the injustice dept by Benghazi hillary’s friend barak Hussein obama. Loretta Lynch is the boss of the FBI and she isn’t going to displease her boss, BHO. The FBI boys and girls aren’t going to displease their boss so the FBI investigation of Benghazi hillary is a Big Joke!

  55. Investigating a politician is NOT like John/Jane Doe citizen being investigated. They have numerous political stop-gaps. The primary one being the Attorney General. And then there’s POTUS. If you stop and consider the lawlessness of the entire Administration you’ll know the answer to charges going through the courts for prosecution.

  56. A , not so, fine state of affairs for the doomed demo’s;but, it is good to see She “may not be” BLACKMAILING THE F.B.I..

  57. Oh those poor and all for the poor demo’s.Only 153 million made for “pulling a few strings” and talking. Harry and Bess Truman are “rolling over” in the grave.

  58. Dominic Roy Accampo


  59. Madame Hillary-the-Great may have to “retire”? But she need not hide-out in her Catonah, NY, secret-cipher- basement—awaiting outcome of on-going FBI investigation. Justice Department will fail to indite? And any entry by right-wing “Judicial Watch” would be voided by last-ditch Presidential Pardon? Demo-rats need not cry—the IRS will not disturb the $150 million treasure-trove in the “Clinton Foundation”—Wall Street “piracy” legally protected?

  60. Donald Trump says torture for foreign terrorist is OK with him. But where—for Hillary in her orange jump suit? Guantanamo has no female facilities! (Obama wants Guantanamo prison emptied, so he can give this American possession, since 1898, to Cuban Marxist Castro brothers). So what to do with Heroine-Hillary? Torture is said by demo-rats to be inhumane. So we are left with the medieval solution—renewal of medieval “stake”? Well, that might also be “inhumane”? A better merciful solution would simply be to provide an Guantanamo Ladies-Room?

  61. From a TRUE female USA Citizen. Hilldabeast deserves an orange jumpsuit and life sentence for treason. She is the ROTTEN apple in the bottom of the barrel. Give Willy a harem and he will not even remember HC. Their affection fiasco fools nobody and is purely disgusting.

  62. Anyone especially a woman backing this lying, disgusting, untrustworthy, irresponsible, irrational, self-centered, obnoxious, overbearing, heartless, hateful, evil, vile, dangerous, security risk, bitch, killery clinton are nothing but a hot pile of hot steaming obama. They are not worth a damn walking riding or flying and want to destroy America.


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