Favoritism: YouTube Puts Anti-Abortion Video Under Restriction

According to PragerU, an online conservative organization that commonly advocates pro-life positions, their latest video exposing Planned Parenthood for their lies has been put into “Restricted Mode” by YouTube for reasons that defy explanation. The video, which is narrated by pro-life superstar Lila Rose and delves into Planned Parenthood’s oft-quoted deceptions – such as the myth that only 3% of their organization is dedicated to abortion – was slapped with the censorship shortly after being uploaded onto the site.

YouTube’s Restricted Mode does not affect all users; it is an optional setting that can be employed by parents, schools, and other public venues if they want to keep viewers from accessing certain forms of adult content. So while one can make the claim (and Google, YT’s parent company, does indeed make it) that Restricted Mode is not equivalent to censorship, it is still worth questioning why certain videos get tagged while others do not. Was PragerU’s anti-abortion video tagged because it tackles a sensitive, mature topic…or because it was critical of liberal darling Planned Parenthood?

As it happens, this isn’t the first run-in Dennis Prager – the conservative icon behind the channel – has had with YouTube on this very issue. Indeed, he filed suit against Google last October after more than 40 of PragerU’s videos were put into Restricted Mode by YouTube. In the complaint, he points out that the subject of these videos is clearly not the problem because there are thousands of videos covering similar topics that are not restricted. The only difference? Those videos tackle the subjects from a liberal point of view.

“Watch any one of our videos and you’ll immediately realize that Google/YouTube censorship is entirely ideologically driven,” Prager said in a statement at the time. “For the record, our videos are presented by some of the finest minds in the Western world, including four Pulitzer Prize winners, former prime ministers, and professors from the most prestigious universities in America.”

As far as the Planned Parenthood video is concerned, PragerU tweeted Tuesday that YouTube had removed the Restricted Mode flag from the video “for the time being.” It remains to be seen if it will be re-attached or if YouTube will continue to treat conservative videos with a separate set of standards than they apply to liberal-themed videos.

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  1. Google and YouTube are both corrupt organizations. What they are doing is criminal and big brother-ish. .

    I was a victim of Shadow Banning years before I even knew what it was. My solution was to quit using YouTube. I no longer post there.

    I now use DuckDuckGo as a search tool.

  2. Google, Yahoo, Cisco, and other high tech companies learned how to manipulate data (and people) when working with the Chinese Government. Back in the 80’s (?) in order to open up the Chinese markets these companies had to allow the Chinese Government to see confidential conversations and information about the Chinese users, like names and locations of the users.

    This allowed the Government to locate where the people were, such that when a Chinese dissident typed in “I hate Mao”, that dissident was located, thrown in jail, tortured, and killed. Not only the dissident, but the family and friends as well.

    Net result is that the Chinese Government has been able to erase the Tank Man of Tienanmen square from Chinese memories and history.

    Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Cisco, etc, are using what they learned in China on American citizens today. I think it is criminal and crosses many moral and ethical boundaries.

  3. No group should put “shock value” propaganda on YouTube. That tasteless piece of false propaganda should not be there at all.

    • You should move to Russia. They feel the same way about deciding what people should hear, what people should say and how people should think. Are you from Commiefornia?

      • Add China

      • It is Trump and team who receive payola from Russia. Or haven’t you heard about the indictments?

        • Wake up!! They’ve been investigating him for TWO YEARS .. if they had even a tiny scrap of evidence he’d be arrested and CNN would be playing it non stop 24/7. There is NO collusion. Just by making the accusation they hope to string along their mindless, brainwashed sheeple with negative press. Liberals MUST keep the hate stirred up or they lose their base. Hate and discontent is ALL the liberals have.

          • You nailed that one correct .

          • Projection

          • It’s called reality

          • Wake-up!!! Hillary has been investigated for decades! If there was even a scrap of evidence she would have been locked up years ago! Hate and disregard of reality is the the Trump-lickers have.

          • Oh like when the FBI texts proved that Hillary was exonerated before the investigation even began… they hadn’t even interviewed her yet!
            And Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on the plane tarmac to assure the Clintons she was free and clear of charges… not to worry.
            There is so much mud and dirt on the Clintons swept under the rug that Washington D.C. can hardly function without corruption.
            THAT is why the entire collective establishment left and right hate Trump!
            They don’t want their money trains of corruption to stop.
            You’re hopeless… just go away

        • The indictments are not Russia related .Evidently you only read the headlines and not the whole story ????

          • A very irresponsible claim by Schiff, but not surprising coming from him. So far there has not been one bit of evidence presented that Trump had any knowledge of any of the indicted individuals actions.

          • Except for meetings and emails with his son-in-law saying we are going to get Russian dope on Clinton and the DNC. Then Trump and the campaign not calling the FBI. Just as one instance.

          • I read the emails, they are not illegal. If you don’t remember, the meeting did not give the info that was promised, and was a pretext by the Russian to discuss other matters. No crimes were revealed, so no reason to contact the FBI. This is not collusion. This is business as usual in politics, where campaigns are constantly trying to dig up dirt on their opponents. It might be stupid, but both parties do it, and it it is not illegal. The Democrats are still trying to do it to Trump, even though the election is long past. They are probably hoping for a miracle find to use in Trump’s re-election bid. Also, not one of the indictments have been for these emails or the meeting anyway.

          • JFC, the Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election in order to increase political instability in the United States and to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by bolstering the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. When the Gore campaign received material about another campaign they called the FBI because receiving something of value like campaign info, especially from a foreign government, is a crime. The mere fact that Trump Jr. asked for information from a Russian national about Clinton constituted a federal crime. The law states that “no person shall knowingly solicit or accept from a foreign national any contribution to a campaign of an item of value” and information that could damage another campaign has value.

          • It means an “item” with monetary value, not some arbitrary definition of what some might find of use. And btw, the Russians and others have been trying to influence our elections for years, and the US has done more than it’s share of influencing elections, propping up dictators, and meddling in other countries affairs. If there was a way to verify it, I would bet money that Trump had less contact with foreign entities than other establishment candidates past and present.

          • You would be laughed out of court with the first part of that comment. No value in emails of your opponent that might decide an election? Pathetic and weak.
            So you don’t mind being fed lies by Russians, most of the lies were consumed by trump supporters, because everyone does it? Pathetic. Example of someone with no valid arguments or happy to be a stupid Russian patsy.

          • You would be laughed out of court if you tried to bring that case to trial. It wouldn’t make it through the Grand Jury. And your example of not having a valid argument is the typical liberal’s need to mock, insult, disparage, and go off on zany tangents. I prefer not to insult, so I will let your ridiculous post do the work for me.

          • What they actually claim
            The Nunes memo alleges that FBI and DOJ’s justification for electronic surveillance of Carter Page came from the Steele dossier.

            The Democrats’ rebuttal says the FBI had independent reasons “to believe Carter Page was knowingly helping Russian intelligence.”
            The Nunes memo said there was “clear evidence of Steele’s bias,” which was not reflected in the FISA applications.

            The rebuttal states the DOJ disclosed “the assessed political motivation of those who hired him.”
            The GOP memo criticized mention of Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos in the Page FISA application because there “is no evidence of any cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos.”

            The rebuttal says the DOJ was providing “a comprehensive explanation of Russia’s election interference, including evidence that Russia courted…Papadopoulos,” and that information “provided the Court with a broader context in which to evaluate Russia’s clandestine activities.”
            Nunes writes the FBI “separately authorized payment to Steele” for his information.

            The rebuttal says “although the FBI initially considered compensation…Steele ultimately never received payment from the FBI for any ‘dossier’-related information.”
            Text messages from former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were mentioned at the end of the GOP memo, in which they “demonstrated a clear bias against Trump and in favor of Clinton.”

            The Democrats’ memo states that their texts “are irrelevant to the FISA application,” and that Nunes “omits inconvenient text messages, in which they critiqued a wide range of other officials and candidates from both parties.”
            The timeline
            January 21: Rep. Devin Nunes declines to show the FBI the memo he has written about alleged FISA abuses.
            January 29: House Intelligence Committee Republicans vote to release Nunes’ memo, and not to release a Democratic rebuttal.
            January 31: The FBI warns it has “grave concerns” about the memo’s accuracy and urges that it not be released.
            February 2: With President Trump’s approval, Nunes’ memo is released without redactions.
            February 5: The House Intelligence Committee votes unanimously to release the Democratic rebuttal.
            February 9: Trump blocks the release of Schiff’s rebuttal, citing security reasons, but says he is “inclined” to release a redacted version.
            February 24: The redacted version of Schiff’s memo is released.

          • So where is Trumps involvement in all these criminal charges , there is nothing tying him . the people got nailed for lying . You seem to forget about Obama and in 2014 that the Russians were trying to get into our system and failed . plus there is no definite proof it was from the kremlin other than the header . You are blowing smoke like the Media without actual facts , plus you can NOT see this is all about the Nov. election .

    • You are a Useful IDIOT for the democrat communist party. And an old fool as well.

    • The only way to ban democrats is to start killing them and this will soon happen when they come for are guns so get ready.

      • Evelyn Coker-Mcgee


      • They are using every dirty trick in the book to get themselves elected come Nov. , including dead Children like Hillary used the Khan parents .But yet they leave the borders open for Illegal drugs and blame pain medicine instead .

        • Yes they do and if they get back in office gun banning is next on there list. Best get ready for the blue hats if they get in.

          • No way , I will keep the border patrol hat .

          • Retired…or cowardice? Did you ever serve militarily?

            Joe..101st…VietNam..Bronze Star.

          • Yup , sure did . Joined the navy to ride the waves and some were pretty damn big so you could not go topside . I was lucky and did not end up in Nam !!! Got my Retired Military ID . Hey the name calling was Uncalled for !!!

          • When you call for the demise of anyone…the name calling is appropriate.
            I have two daughters that are better individuals than you..

            18 year old now 19..no.1 in Basic of all women in physical attributes..got ranked up to E3..up for E4 in March. Top electrician.in San Diego.

            2nd daughter scored the highest on the Navy’s entrance exam hat’s been scored in the last 25 years…went in as an E3. Left Basic two weeks ago at 29!

            Started a 2 year school in Nuclear weapons school.

            I can’t stand those that advocate killing…especially “real” Veterans…and those that don’t speak English but depend on Profanity! Joe

          • Today they advance new much faster than years back and not only that there has to be a slot open for you to fill .They just do not pass everyone without a slot . Drawback is if you advance to fast and you get over 10 years and there are no slots you can end up out the door It’s called advance or you are gone ,a good way to prevent retirement after 20 years .I have seen that several times over the years . One other thing was to get people from E1 to E3 quick because of the income . As they told us if we wanted you to have a wife or now days a Husband we would have issued one in the sea bag when joining .

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  4. Censorship doesn’t work even for liberals.

  5. Google,is a very liberal company and does report everything that you say to the U.S government.

  6. Planned Parenthood needs to be closed now and if the woman can’t prove rape incest or it will save her life for the reason for the abortion and gets it anyway she should be changed with murder 1. Abortion should be done in very limited circumstances in a hospital after the woman proves she needs it.

    • The first step should be to stop federal funding to that organization !! How in blazes did they get in there anyway?? Someone in congress should need to answer to that !!

  7. So it’s okay to show cruelty to animals with killing them and all, but not okay to show people talking about abortions on You tube? tsk tsk tsk! I had one person to tell me that the unborn babies were nothing but parasites. But you know, parasites can’t live without the host. A baby can though. I told this idiot that he was like that during the earliest time of his life and believe it or not, he denied it. So a buzzard must have flew over a rock and dumped a load and then he came crawling out from under it.

  8. Much like this site, where I have been following for the past year. The early part of this past week when I open this email their pops up Outlook has determined that this is a dangerous site, or words to that effect. I click on the “continue anyway” at the bottom in order to get here. Sounds and looks like restriction too me!

    Now, in regards to the above article, this is just another commiecrat attempt to keep the truth from the American people.

  9. Well, after all, PP IS well represented for children 12 and over, right? (Or is that now down to preschool, as well?) You really don’t want children contaminated by Conservative thinking, do you? They might learn something and –heavens!– you really don’t want that to happen, do you?

  10. is it true that Youtube is restricting us from viewing an anti-abortion video..if that is true, I will not use Youtube..

    • Only if you have the child proof filter on. The point of the story is that Youtube is needlessly putting the video on the restricted list, and that there is nothing contained within the video that makes it unfit for anyone to view. I do not use the child filter, so I would have no problem viewing it.

  11. Why are you calling pro-life people, anti-abortion?
    Are you taking sides?
    Why not call those that support abortion, what they are, anti-life?
    Fair is fair.

  12. Congradulations you tube for advocating the death of children…one day soon there’ll be a new you tube and Google! Joe A Posadas

  13. Millard stand down…no one should ever advocate the death of any human being…

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