Fat People: The Left’s Latest Protected Group

Every chance they get, the left accuses conservatives of being anti-science. But when it comes to the well-documented health dangers of being obese, the most extreme liberals – modern feminists – think it’s time to pump the brakes on our health-conscious movement. Fat people, they claim, deserve the same protections as any other American minority group.

Consider a piece recently written in the Huffington Post by Erin McKelle. Entitled “Living at the Intersection of Sexism and Fatphobia,” McKelle teaches us what it’s like to live under the oppression of being both a woman and a fat person at the same time. “Being a fat woman, I am subject to the most body policing, shaming, and discrimination out of all of the body sizes women have. Since I live at the intersection of fatphobia and sexism, my experiences of oppression are significantly worse than those who experience just one form of these types of oppression.”

Do you get it yet? Are you convinced yet that she has a tough life?

The Fat Acceptance movement is born from the neverending liberal quest to find new and exciting ways to feel victimized. Since it is a 3rd-wave feminist product, it ignores fat men. This is all about making sure the world knows that American women are suffering under the oppressive patriarchy. Sure, they have it better than women in almost any other country on Earth, better than women at any other period in history, but that’s not enough. They can’t feel content. They aren’t happy with their lives, so they have to make up external reasons for that unhappiness.

Didn’t get that job you wanted? It’s because you’re a women, you know. It’s because they gave it to some man who was less qualified.

Not feeling great about last night’s hookup? It was probably rape, you know. Did you sign a contract of consent? No? Definitely rape.

Some high-schoolers chuckled when you walked by in your bikini? Don’t even think about putting down that Krispy Kreme! Own your belly, Powerful Woman! Don’t be shamed into conforming.

Once again, these feminists fail to realize that you can’t change the world by demand. Obesity, in 99 cases out of 100, is a reflection of your daily rituals. It just is. Screaming that men should desire fat women is all well and good, but it isn’t going to make any difference. Whining about how oppressed you are is fine, but it isn’t going to make people feel sorry for you. Fat is a choice. It is made every time you skip the gym, every time you choose the pizza over the salad, and every time you belly up to the buffet. Snap judgments are rarely useful, but this is one instance where the first impression is usually the right one.

Does that mean that fat people should be mercilessly shamed and mocked? Of course not. If the Fat Acceptance movement started and stopped with a simple “please be nicer” message, that would be fine. But if you want us to seriously begin crying over your oppression – which you do – then you might as well go back to your ice cream trough. It ain’t gonna happen. Try some discipline on for size. Unlike that dress hanging in the Macy’s window, it might just fit.



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  1. Wow, and to think I thought that there may be something in this article for ME! I, like many American men, own a few more pounds than I would like, but I think eating a lot of popcorn, pastries, starches and the like over the years may have something to do with it. Just maybe … But alas, I should have known, some hateful feminist is behind this, so Fat Rights will only go to women. So much for being “all inclusive” and “tolerant”.

    • It should go to all. Not just women. It just so happens that a woman is speaking out as she is tired of the discrimination. If a man would stand up with her that would be awesome. You want to do that with her?

    • WAY TO GO Gary! We are all aware that the Leftists and atheists are out to control the population just like the radical Muslims are out to control it. Here’s one solution. Compose an Army of feminists only and organize them so that we can send groups of them who happen to be on their menstrual periods against the radical Muslims. We would alternate on a monthly basis so that there is a continual stream of them on their periods that we send against the enemy. That’s like violently shaking a hornet’s nest. Wheeee! what fun that would be to watch.

  2. There are a lot of reasons for why a person can be fat – but I can’t say I’ve ever seen pics of fat folk in refugee camps, or prisons, and none of anybody liberated from the Nazi camps either. So it must have SOMETHING to do with the volume of food one consumes. And that means it’s not a ‘necessary’ or ‘unavoidable’ condition, not even ‘glandular’ as some call it.

  3. I cannot believe that my country has succumbed to such lunacy, and that such idiots are preaching such stupidity. Try RESPONSIBILITY and SELF DETERMINATION on for size, folks. You’ll be amazed by the results, and these are the results you can really feel good about.


      • Michigan is the only state that does encode Fat as a protected class. However,there are medical reasons and the health insurance industry does not help.


        • And the Actual breakdown would be what? That is, real medical (depression doesn’t count) vs glutony?

          • What? Depression isn’t “real” or “medical”? I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, personally, and I’ve had enough of it to be well acquainted with it!

          • It is still not an excuse for being fat and it certainly is NOT a physiological medical condition. Depression does not make you put that food in your mouth, that is a choice that one makes.

          • It may be, much more than you realize. Most of the “anti-depressants”, especially the classes known as SNRI’s or SSRI’s CAUSE, as a side effect, weight gain and retention. Also, clinical depression itself makes it extremely difficult to motivate oneself to do anything at all. Simply brushing one’s hair or teeth can be a major accomplishment, in a deep depression. If you haven’t ever been there (periodic “blues” are NOTeven close), don’t judge what you don’t know. But as a comparison, you might consider a visit to a black hole…

          • Exercise and balanced nutrient intake also alleviate depression, without all the nasty side effects of meds.

          • Sure , if you’ve got a couple of years or so, to wait for it to lift, and in the meanwhile you have the ability to push yourself to do the exercise and prepare such meals, but that’s not real common in a deep depression.

          • sandraleesmith46, You do have an excuse for everything the people here that are trying to help you get healthy. You say you have to push yourself to exercise. Here is a news flash, so does everybody but we just do it.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You people are NOT “trying to help me anywhere”, and if I was presently experiencing a profound depression, all you would achieve is pushing me to suicide. I seriously doubt a single 1of you has ever in your life experienced a deep depression, let aloneore than 1! Dumping “guilt” on someone in depression, which is what you’re all doing, intentionally or not, is the LAST thing such a person needs to hear. Go back to your gyms and fitness clubs and stay away from pop psych!

          • Ginger Thompson

            I must say one thing- If you are suffering depression, posting on a website which is in disagreement with your self assessment is not the best place for you to be spending time. Go out, get some fresh air, do something for someone else and stop trying to justify every breath you take as being the only path possible for you. There are plenty of people who eat healthy and exercise and do everything they can to maintain a good outlook who end up with debilitating diseases and terminal illnesses who never give up striving for their healthy lifestyle. They do not make excuses nor ask ‘why me?’ They plug away towards a goal. This article is not about health and weight and trying to live successfully. This article is about creating another ‘protected class’. That is just wrong. because it sends the message to all overweight people that they can’t help being that way just like being black or being gay or being female, etc. By this logic, alcoholics and drug abusers and smokers should all be protected classes. After all, most of these conditions are directly related to things available in our society which are hard to resist.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I need to point out you failed to read my posts: all of them. I was endeaving to point out to all you brilliant and oh so perfect persons here some information which you immediately assumed applies to my present status and warranted vicious and somewhat hateful criticism, without reading comprehension let alone compassion, but that’s nothing more than I would expect from the lib/Dem/progressive crowd!

          • Wow, many of the sites you visit won’t even let me post. Talk about “Big Brother” policing the thoughts of those involved, trying this again:

            I’m posting this here because the Canada Free Press seems to have prevented my comment from going through, they only allow anti-O propaganda. I’m no fan of O, but I also recognize propaganda and manipulation when I see it, we’ll see if it makes it through on this site, I’m trying to warn you as you seem to want to warn others.

            Believe it or not, Obama is a Christian. This is from wikipedia, and I’ve seen nothing to contradict it.

            “In January 2008, Obama told Christianity Today: “I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection ofJesus Christ. I believe that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life.”[366] On September 27, 2010, Obama released a statement commenting on his religious views saying “I’m a Christian by choice. My family didn’t—frankly, they weren’t folks who went to church every week. And my mother was one of the most spiritual people I knew, but she didn’t raise me in the church. So I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead—being my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper, treating others as they would treat me.”


            While you may disagree with some of his theology, you must take great care how you treat him, I’ll use Jesus’s words. There is a copy of this in all synoptic gospels, here’s one from Matthew 18

            8 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” 2 He called a child, whom he put among them,3 and said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

            6 “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks! Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to the one by whom the stumbling block comes!

            8 “If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away; it is better for you to enter life maimed or lame than to have two hands or two feet and to be thrown into the eternal fire. 9 And if your eye causes you to stumble, tear it out and throw it away; it is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and to be thrown into the hell[a] of fire.

            Jesus clearly defines the “little ones” as those who believe in me, so clearly Jesus was including Obama. According to Jesus, everyone who is intentionally being a stumbling block for another Christian is going to hell, and that includes you. Let’s look at something else Jesus said in the next chapter, Matthew 19:

            6 Then someone came to him and said, “Teacher, what good deed must I do to have eternal life?” 17 And he said to him, “Why do you ask me about what is good? There is only one who is good. If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.” 18 He said to him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “You shall not murder; You shall not commit adultery; You shall not steal; You shall not bear false witness; 19 Honor your father and mother; also, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” 20 The young man said to him, “I have kept all these;[b] what do I still lack?” 21 Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be perfect, go, sell your possessions, and give the money[c] to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” 22 When the young man heard this word, he went away grieving, for he had many possessions.

            I think it is clear that Obama’s mission to help the poor is completely consistent with Christ’s message. If Jesus’s words have any meaning at all, most of those who you associate with politically will not have eternal life. What the Bible actually says is fascinating, and quite unrelated to Republican Christianity. What do you have to say for yourself?

            For further reading, see the parable of the sheep and goats, Matthew 25

            31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, 33 and he will put the sheep at his right hand and the goats at the left. 34 Then the king will say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; 35 for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, 36 I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.’ 37 Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? 38 And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? 39 And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?’ 40 And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family,[g] you did it to me.’41 Then he will say to those at his left hand, ‘You that are accursed, depart from me into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels; 42 for I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not give me clothing, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ 44 Then they also will answer, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not take care of you?’ 45 Then he will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ 46 And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

          • Ginger Thompson

            So, are you condoning making overweight people a protected class or are you just on here proselytizing for Obama? As far as helping people, just doing it isn’t enough. Pretty sure God considers one’s motivations for giving. And giving other people’s resources to help the poor doesn’t count, What does count is when one gives of themselves willingly to help others. So go find another site to preach your “Democrat Christianity”. You paint with a broad brush.

          • Sure, God consider’s motivations, and thinking the government should help the poor isn’t a substitute for doing it yourself. The main point is the disrespect directed at Obama, a fellow Christian, not that the disagreement on the role of government. These Christians need to regain some sense of dignity and respect for their fellow man. Personally I think Obama overuses government too much, and I’m not a democrat, and have never voted for Obama. What do you think God thinks of these people’s behavior? Would he be proud of it?

          • Wikipedia is only a source of others opinions not facts. Here are the facts:
            First, I will point out that the Bible says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

            “I Will Stand with the Muslims Should the Political Winds Shift in an Ugly Direction.” Barack Hussein Obama from His Book, Audacity of Hope, Page 261!

            Why Does Obama Have Valerie Jarrett in Our Oval Office?

            Valerie Jarrett Is an Iranian Shiite Muslim — the Puppet Master of Obama. They Hate Sunni Muslims —

            And from Valerie Jarrett: “I am a Iranian by birth and of my islamic faith. I am also an American citizen and I seek to help change America to be a more islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itsself.”. 1977

            Obama while growing up in Indonesia Was a Shiite Muslim & Obama’s Relatives Are Shiite — Now You Know Why Obama Supports Iran! Now You Know Why He Secretly Supports Nukes for Shiite Muslim Iran!

            Barack Obama: Raised secular, but with working knowledge of world religion.

            I was not raised in a religious household. For my mother, organized religion too often dressed up closed-mindedness in the garb of piety, cruelty and oppression in the cloak of righteousness. However, in her mind, a working knowledge of the world’s great religions was a necessary part of any well-rounded education. In our household the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf alongside books of Greek and Norse and African mythology. On Easter or Christmas Day my mother might drag me to church, just as she dragged me to the Buddhist temple, the Chinese New Year celebration, the Shinto shrine, and ancient Hawaiian burial sites. In sum, my mother viewed religion through the eyes of the anthropologist; it was a phenomenon to be treated with a suitable respect, but with a suitable detachment as well.

            This spirit of hers guided me on the path I would ultimately take. It was in search of confirmation of her values that I studied political philosophy.

            Source: The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama, p.202-4 Oct 1, 2006

            Lying in Islam

            By Abdullah Al Araby

            Like most religions, Islam in general, forbids lying. The Quran says, “Truly Allah guides not one who transgresses and lies.” Surah 40:28. In the Hadith, Mohammed was also quoted as saying, “Be honest because honesty leads to goodness, and goodness leads to Paradise. Beware of falsehood because it leads to immorality, and immorality leads to Hell.”

            However, unlike most religions, within Islam there are certain provisions under which lying is not simply tolerated, but actually encouraged. The book “The spirit of Islam,” by the Muslim scholar, Afif A. Tabbarah was written to promote Islam. On page 247, Tabbarah stated: “Lying is not always bad, to be sure; there are times when telling a lie is more profitable and better for the general welfare, and for the settlement of conciliation among people, than telling the truth. To this effect, the Prophet says: ‘He is not a false person who (through lies) settles conciliation among people, supports good or says what is good.”

          • Wikipedia is only a source of others opinions not facts. Here are the facts: First, I will point out that the Bible says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

            So you have all the facts, and not just your own opinion? If you really are a PH.D in psych, you should be embarrassed. I’m aware of all your taken out of context quotes, an NO Jeremiah Wright is NOT a Shiite Muslim. Honestly, I don’t believe have a Ph.D. How many books have written, what is your research field, and where did you get your Ph.D?
            I don’t know what you’re worried about anyway, you and Muslims both worship El, a pagan canaanite deity.

            If you’d like, I can demonstrate with historical certainty (as much as that is possible) that you worship a pagan god 😉

          • Not that I owe you an explanation for my opinions or any verification of my education but here we go: BS Biblical Studies, Magnum cum laude, John Brown University, 1979, AS Psychology; Magnum cum laude, Hibbing Community College, 1989; BS General Psychology & Criminal Studies, Magnum cum laude, Arrowhead University, 1991; MS Criminal Psychology, Magnum cum laude, Bemidji State University, 1993; PHD, Forensic Psychology, College of St Scholastic, 1994.
            And I might point out that one does not succeed in getting this kind of an education by never looking at others opinions and learning about them, particularly in ‘Academia’ in this day and age. I have spent many, many hours learning and studying what others think in all areas, therefore, yes, I am informed about them and am also able to form my own because I have the knowledge and background to do so. I prefer this to being a student of Wikipedia, which didn’t even exist until 15 or so years ago………that alone should tell you something about them.
            It is pretty obvious that you are looking to argue for your own personal Liberal/Progressive reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with facts, which is why you were searching for a site that would accept your ridiculous post. If you did your research you would find that Jeremiah Wright was a Shiite Islamic Cleric before his claimed Christian conversion. You would also understand that his version of ‘Collective Christianity, is not at all Biblical based. So go worship your own pagan god. I am the child of a Conservative Baptist minister and was raised in Biblical truth as well as being an educated individual! You are showing your ignorance just by believing that Wikipedia is the be all, end all of fact. If I wanted to post on Wikipedia, I could. It is only a conglomeration of opinions held by those who post them.

            “Read and listen to one thinker and you become a clone; Read two and you become confused; Read ten and you get your own voice; Read a hundred and you start to become wise.”

            ― Timothy Keller

          • I don’t believe wikipedia is the be all, end all, but it’s usually right. Feel free to reference external content to back up any claims.
            I’m a moderate. I didn’t vote last presidential election, because I didn’t like any candidates, but I voted Republican the time before, I never voted for Obama.
            Low rate Minnesota universities I see. I figured you couldn’t resist posting, you had an arrogant air about you. No wonder you read me completely wrong. I was just demonstrated something to Sandra. Obama hasn’t been a great president, but we’re still here, and we aren’t overrun by Muslims. He’ll be gone next year, so I guess the conspiracy will move to the next Democratic candidate. I doubt I’ll vote for Hilary, I really hope it’s someone else on the Democratic side, but I don’t like where Republicans have been going in some things recently. Politics are hard, and we need everyone’s heads in the game. Focus on POLICY not personal slander.

          • John Brown University is a private Christian university, ranked first among Southern regional colleges and a Best Value by U.S. News & World Report and is listed as one of America’s Best Colleges by Forbes. JBU enrolls more than 2,800 students from 42 states and 40 countries. JBU is committed to providing quality academics within a distinctly Christian community and is a vibrant and growing university of the arts, sciences, and professions.
            Beyond that, the colleges that I attended while raising a family in Northern Minnesota may not be IVY league but are very effective educational institutions. Oh my, you are an arrogant piece aren’t you?

          • Ginger Thompson

            I read all your posts and the only conclusion I could draw is you have suffered from the aforementioned conditions. I further must ask you to stop insulting me by calling me part of the lib/Dem/progressive crowd. If I were part of that crowd, I would be promoting a protected class status for overweight people. I am not. I don’t need to be protected just because I am overweight. And, if you think everyone is going to treat you with kid gloves and agree with everything you say, you probably shouldn’t be leaving your thoughts on the internet.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You may have read them, but failed to comprehend them apparently. I asked for no “protected status”. Yes, I have struggled with those, genes and other problems associated, some I still do. As I said before I was trying to make some points to the assumers’ hypercritical assumptions, neither you nor they got those points however.
            I never expected “kid gloves” treatment either; had I, I would never have intentionally confroned those assumptions based on ignorance of some or all the facts.

          • Ginger Thompson

            I did understand them. You were stating the obvious. SOME people suffer from these issues brought on by genetics and by prescription side-effects. Most suffer from these issues as a direct result of overeating and lack of exercise. My point is they should not become another protected class. If they do then alcoholics and drug addicts should also become protected classes. The anger you see here is directed at libs who think that people change their opinions based on legislation when in fact it is just another power grab worthy of spending billions of dollars. So, re-read my posts and stop being so defensive.

          • sandraleesmith46

            And I repeat I neve said the should! Howver insuting them, belittling , etc only exacerbates the problems. That said, you’re too late on the other substance abusers; they have been “protected” for awhile, and causing serious problems in communities all over the place because of it!

          • Ginger Thompson

            So, where is our disagreement and why do you keep attacking me??? You have read my comments through the eyes of someone intent upon assuming everyone is attacking you. I have not been hateful to overweight people, but am disgusted that there are people out who would create yet another protected class. It must be difficult for you to reach a consensus with anyone, since you apparently want to argue even with those who thoroughly agree with you. By the way, I am obese through my own doing. I have several friends with RA who are quite overweight, one due to medication, the other due to overeating. I do not belittle them, nor do I think they are unaware of their situations. I too have suffered from severe depression requiring medication. Thankfully I have recovered. That does not make me an expert, but it does give me some legitimacy. I also quit smoking 2packs+ a day for 37 years. As I said before, almost everyone here is more upset about liberals wanting to create another protected class than attacking fat people.

          • Good goin’ Ginger. And you’re right, virtually all here (my reading) are against having protected groups of people other than genuinely disabled folks.
            Isn’t that how it all started… with liberals wanting in their misguided progressivism, to decide who needs protection, and hating on those they believe to be doing them harm?
            Pretty soon those they place in the latter group become 2nd class citizens themselves, & we’re right back where we started.
            One day southern white rednecks will be worthy of affirmative action & government protection!
            Liberals want to make all of society’s calls, make everything mandatory, & have the government be their enforcer.

          • You are the one showing a bit of ignorance and childishness by refusing any explanation but your own and to continue with name calling. This can hardly be observed as you being an informed and well balanced balanced individual. Perhaps you might expand your horizons.

            “Read and listen to one thinker and you become a clone; Read two and you become confused; Read ten and you get your own voice; Read a hundred and you start to become wise.”

            ― Timothy Keller

          • Wow, do you have a chip on your shoulder or what? It seems to me that it is you who are taking the more Liberal/ Progressive stance here, in that it seems that you believe that there is always an excuse for everything and never any responsibility for those who are not showing any self discipline. I am insulted to be called such a nasty name!!

          • No it’s not.

          • No pop psych here dear…………just the real thing-PHD Psych-retired!
            We will pray for you!! It is all we can do.

          • It’s frustrating but no matter how good your intentions are, you can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves : )

          • I guess it just depends how bad you want to feel good, and how good you want to feel – both physically and emotionally. Most psychiatric meds require at least 30 days to take effect. You will be surprised at how much 30 days of nutritious foods and regular exercise will change both your level of physical energy & strength as well as your mental clarity & well-being. It’s what is intended for our bodies to function properly.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Not so.

          • Certainly not so for everyone. We’re not all the same folks!
            Unless you’re Rod Farrace.

          • Thanks Doc!

          • There are people with medical disorders which contribute to weight gain…. but there are a lot more people who eat too much, and exercise too little.

            It is what it is…

          • sandraleesmith46

            Legitimately, many fall victim to the lack of education about the tactics food manufacturers use against consumers, with a view ONLY to their bottom lines, not public health, as well. That doesn’t exonerate the consumers, but indicts their unwillingness to educate themselves and take appropriate action. But eating too much is a choice, as is not exercising. Still the fact exists, there are many things working against even those who do try to eat well and exercise.

          • Yes there are, and there are plenty of medical issues you’d never guess when looking at someone else.
            I’ve been recovering from some kidney problems for over a year that just about made me want to die. Some wonderful folks fixed me up, I’ve done the rehab, & I still have damn little energy. I accomplish things in spurts.
            So that’s probably the way it’s going to be from now on, & that’s okay ’cause it’s gotta be okay, & the other choice is to go on to glory. I ain’t ready yet!
            Everybody’s different, & that’s maybe the hardest thing for folks to see.
            But don’t anyone start sticking up for pudgy me, ’cause it’s not their business to begin with any more than it’s the business of people who say I’m fat.
            Shoot… I am!

          • Sure there are, Michael. Always have been.
            Now as technology advances, making life less physically demanding, so does snack food marketing, media, & leisure time.
            But it’s still a choice whether to have that snack, or get up & go do something active.
            I say choose the path that makes YOU happy, and screw everyone else, especially liberals.
            I don’t want those yahoos defending me ’cause they’re flat freakin’ nuts.

          • It IS a choice. And I make it quite reguarly. I was slender all of my life ’til about a decade ago, when my activities curtailed somewhat with retirement, but my appetite didn’t.
            BFD. I’m happy, still pretty active, & still get a lot done. Unfortunately, a lot of it is done at a computer. Age makes a huge difference too.
            But no, people aren’t fat solely due to inactivity. There might be a hundred reasons, some folks have more reasons than do others, & man can they add up!
            People who don’t like it can GFT.

          • Yes, but you are also taking responsibility for it. That is precisely my argument.

          • Since I am not overweight —anymore— I feel that I can answer that. People with under active thyroids can gain weight on an 800 (or less) calorie diet. Just remember that. That said, I don’t quite understand the whole “protect me, I’m overweight” and how it fits with the [supposed] war on weight that goes along with “no coke larger than 16 oz.” mentality…

        • John some may have medical problems but women in general use that as an excuse. Watch naked and afraid where they have to live off the land for 21 days. These people are not fat to begin with and in 21 days most loose 20 to 30 pounds. Bottom line is more calories in than out you get fat period unless it is water weight. People today have desk jobs, sit all day and come home and sit watching T.V. until bed time. Condition this causes is getting fat. You don’t see too many people who physically work at hard labor jobs getting fat so try and not make so many excuses for the masses.

          • Also, a lot of it is too much fast food. It doesn’t take being a rocket scientist…….Eat less, exercise more!

          • Congratulation as you are becoming rare as a person that takes responsibility for yourself without excuses. As far as fast food I ate at McDonald’s at least twice a day for years while on the road doing technical work. Today at 74 6′ 1′ weigh 205, no pot belly and on no medications. Don’t exercise and never have but always keep active on projects. T.V hardly ever watch as it bores me but I guess some can watch reruns but not me.

          • Thank you so much. At first, when I saw your typing, I thought I was going to chastised for bragging. Now at the age of 82, I do have to watch what I eat, and the serving size. My favorite snack is getting a big tray of fresh vegetables (at the local Kroger), sometimes making a meal out of them. Sounds like you take care of yourself too.

          • Would never chastised a person that has taken responsibility for one’s self. Can see why though as those of us in the older generation did take responsibility and didn’t blame everything that happened to us on everything thinkable. Guess the teachings in school today that it”s not my fault really has worked.

          • The next time you are out shopping, and see someone seriously overweight (over three hundred pounds), look for personal clues about them for being supported by the governments redistribution of your earnings from the work you do (abbreviated as welfare). They typically are very slovenly, and flashy with junk jewelry (the more the better). Their shopping cart will also be filled with more junk food than you or I could consume in several months. You pay taxes, you carry this “dead weight”!

            Have you also noticed the politicians and bureaucrats who pander to this demographic do not pay taxes (they also live off of the tax payers money); But unlike others who are paid out of public money, who do pay their taxes on what they earn (example, Military and Firefighters).

          • You forgot the tattoo’s

          • I’m glad you mentioned it. I was not sure it would be a dead give away, as so many people have tattoos now. They just make the body look so much like road side trash, it is difficult to understand why people volunteer for it. On the other hand, a tattooed guy once told me how much he had spent on them, and seemed to think it was a sign of wealth no one could steal from him. People who work hard to provide for their own family probably can’t afford them so you make an excellent point.

          • You are 100% right on all counts!

          • I agree with most of your statement but I beg to differ with your ‘women in general’ statement. We are talking about obesity so stick with the topic. You are not worthy to judge women’s excuses vs. men’s excuses. I know that because you failed miserably by choosing to make such a statement in the first place. PHD Forensic Psychology (FYI-profiler)

          • Obesity can not be talked about in general as there is a big difference between women and men. Men put on fat in different places than women but my statement holds as most of the time I hear women blame their thyroid for obesity and men hardly ever blame much of anything. Think since we didn’t have hardly any overweight much less obesity back in the 40s and 50s it is obvious what the problem is. Today a lot of people have desk jobs, come home eat and spend the rest of the time watching T.V. You don’t see a lot of overweight people that still do physical type of work today so unless you are blind the facts are all around you.

          • Again, I agree with your premise but I think that your big mistake is in your statement that women use the medical excuse more than men. That may be your personal experience but it is not fact. Stick with the facts. I have heard many men use a medical excuse also (ie: bad knees, etc.). I would have liked your statement had you only left that comment out so I was pointing that out.. FYI: Violette is my surname not my first name (French Canadian heritage from MN)!! ‘The facts are all around you’ so use them and skip the rest.

          • Bad knees have little to do with being over weight except that weight is hard on the knees. I didn’t bring up anything about your name so don’t know where that one came from.

          • So you give us the inarguable, & insist that’s all there is?
            How nice things are so simple for you.

          • No the simple fact is that back in the 40s and 50s it was rare to see an overweight person and that was because we were very active. Today people have desk jobs and then come home and watch T.V. or the computer until bed time. You can’t be as inactive as people are today and not expect to get fat. I look around when in the public and the majority are either o beast or overweight. Soon it is going to be rare to see a person that by they time they are 30 is of normal weight.

        • OPEN YOUR EYES and look around you…..There’s No way in Hell the huge uptick in obesity in our country is health related!!!!!! In fact many like yourself are too lazy to type NOT USING ALL CAPS. The REAL issue @ hand is over eating and under exercising.

          • Actually there is; a wide variety of commonly prescribrd medications carry as 1 side effect, weight gain. Many of out processed foods contain ingredients that are not only fattening, but addictive, and which fail to satiate because they’re essentially “empty” calories, causing (quite intentionally) binge eating. Many healthier choices are priced out of range of the very people who most need them. And there are health issues that make exercising adequately also a problem. So be careful with your blanket assessments.

          • As I have already stated, I’m aware of real health issues causing a SMALL percentage of the obesity issue but I have personally seen with my own two eyes far too many people just making BAD choices and always with food in hand. As human beings there’s No End to the excuses we’ll roll out for our problems rather than actually DEAL with them. You yourself rolled out a pretty large blanketed excuse…..

          • Really? Do you have or well know anyone struggling with weight and a chronic disorder that impedes regular exercise? I do. Remember this too: eating is the ONLY addiction you can NEVER simply quit at some point, whether “cold turkey” or by tapering down. You HAVE to keep eating! So the temptation. NEVER lets up there, as it does after time when you quit an addiction like smoking, drugs or alcohol.

          • Excuse much???? Oh that dreaded temptation….waaaaah!!!!! Of course we have to keep eating,but your trying to convince the rest of us that you cannot cut back? And what ” chronic disorder prevents one from walking etc. to burn calories?

          • I did NOT say that, so don’t twist my words to fit your agenda. You aren’t perfect either, however well you hide your sins; God still sees them! Autoimmune arthritis, for 1 does precisely that. And being as I did quit nicotine, I have a better basis on which to judge levels of difficulty. BTW I do exercise, but walking is out. Take your holier than thou attitude, and repeat it to yourself in the mirror!

          • One thing I hope everyone can agree on, is an expression I heard as a young man. Here goes:


            Set your goals and keep pursuing them.

          • That works in many arenas in life.

          • You bet your life there are chronic disorders, & fairly common ones that curtail even walking. Plus in other disorders there are (almost) mandatory drugs that will do the same, & cause a tremendous appetite boost. Btw, I knew about these when I was skiiny. 🙂
            There are none so blind as he who has a closed mind.

          • Horse feathers! We buy healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of red meat, chicken and fish, and they are every bit as affordable as the processed foods that we see in obese shoppers’ grocery baskets. We eat sensible portions and omit sugar and wheat from our diet. Also we get plenty of exercise, something that obese people riding electric carts don’t get!

          • No, you think you do. Unless everything you buy is local grown and sold, you’re fooling, and cheating yourselves, even with “organics” that must be harvested before they’re ripe, so lacking in full nutrient load, which is taken in in last days of ripening. And since you know neither my budget, exercise level, nor reason for using said cart, you’re in NO position to make judgments!

          • If you are so different & better than so many people in your opinion, your insight, & your discipiline, perhaps you might allow that you may be physically very different as well.

          • Women who reach menopause get the standard replacement drug which for some results is massive weight gain. The drug companies require expensive tests to allow prescription of another drug that does not cause weight gain.

          • JeromefromLayton

            Lately, the white coat folks found out that artificial sweeteners can actually induce Type-II diabetes. (Oh, $*&$!) So, the only real answer is not buying drinks at all.

          • sandraleesmith46

            The lab folks KNEW all along; the public just got wind of what they’re up to. Once in awhile likely won’t kill you, but a steady diet could.

          • Hey Paul, does your D___ reach your A__. If it does, get busy!!

          • Go F’n GAG on a sammich

        • Obesity is simple Mathematics, my friend (something that Liberals and Democrats can not understand). 3500 Calories equals 1 pound of Fat. No one, I repeat, No one, EVER got Fat Breathing air or Drinking Water. Excessive EATING results in OBESITY. Simple Mathematics. Medical problems or Not.

        • John, Many, I hardly believe that unless today we have a lot more medical conditions than we did in the 40s and 50s where it was rare to see fat people. Guess there is some new disease now that we didn’t have back then.

        • Granted, there are medical conditions that make weight very difficult to deal with but a vast, vast majority of the obese do not have these conditions. You are making excuses. Most obesity is a result of a lack of self discipline and personal responsibility and making excuses doesn’t change that. Why should I pay for their lack of these? Signed, Pea Brain PHD

        • The medical problem is caused by them gobbling up highly sugared and high fat foods–such as Krispy Kreme donuts, ice cream, potato chips, cake, sugar-sweetened soft drinks and highly refined carbohydrates–in large quantities. Take a walk around Wal-Mart and take a look at the obese and morbidly obese people and what they have in their grocery carts. That will tell you, if you can think rationally, what causes the medical problem that you cite.

          • No kidding! Ever watch the People of Walmart webpage? Mostly fat and freaky people shopping at Walmart. They put their ice cream freezer with individual ice cream bars and Drumsticks at the register for a reason. Also to give you something to do while you wait for the family of 8 kids scan their two baskets of junk food and then pull out their food stamp card to pay for it all. This particular family was a grandmother raising her 8 grandchildren from a deceased daughter who died at age 28 and had these 8 children from 3 different men she was never married to. So much for personal responsibility.

        • Look, 15 fatties just thumbs upped your putrid comment. More to come I’m sure. Put down that twinkie, Twinkie

      • Self discipline and personal responsibility are becoming things of the past and this won’t improve until parents begin to again train their children up!!!!

    • Are you a relative of Oscar Homolka? He was fat and couldn’t care less.

    • It appears to me the Liberals are shredding the American Constitution, which recognizes our Rights are from God, and inalienable. They attempt to overwrite the Constitution with man made laws, which are enforced on everyone (causing the death of freedom of choice). Even now, you hear the Democrats yelling from the roof tops, that there is no God, and even the Constitution is subject to their whims. If they can fully destroy the Constitution, replacing it with their man made laws, then any argument against their program to overthrow the United States, Old Republic of, will meet no significant resistance.

      As weak and battered as our Constitution is at this time, it is still a serious obstacle to them. That is very likely the reason they had the Original Constitution entombed soon after the 21st Century began. My son was among the last of our citizens to see the original document.

      • trollhunterforlife45

        27 and counting for Succession We do not haev to Put up or Shut up or listen to Man Made Laws. The fat Ones,Ugh but there are some foxy ones in Proportion that is.. well the saying goes better strap on a two by four before you dive in =|:0(|

  4. Ask Governor Christy what he thinks.

    • He thinks you and everyone else who has a problem with his fat should just SHUT THE HELL UP! and go *&^#@$! themselves!!! because that is his kind of stock response to just about anything someone might say that is critical of just about anything he is or does. Such is the performance of high-strung, pompous personalities with hair-trigger tempers conjoined with delusions of infallibility.

      • Hair-trigger tempers have no business being close to the “Red Button”. That is the main threat of terrorist we see today. If any of those delusional hot heads get the bomb, we will be in deep, deep, dodo.

  5. Liberals love, recruit, create and mold VICTIMS…..They need victims to perpetuate their strategy for votes, control over the masses and elimination of freedoms so they can keep the same freedoms but take them away from us and so they can continue with their mantra of DO as I say NOT as I do……They are mental, rabid and neurotic

    • Why is this a liberal thing? I am VERY conservative and I fully believe that change needs to be made. If someone is fat that does not mean they are incapable. I personally don’t like being around gays and would not want them to work for me or with me. It just seems strange to me and gross to think about them. Now I bet you are thinking they can’t help it. Have you ever been fat? Do you have any clue what it is like to be discriminated against because of your size. Fat people are passed over every day because of their size for jobs as well as promotions. We are a judge mental society. If they don’t look like you think they should or live like you think they should then screw them. Send them to an island to be with their like kind. We live in the USA the land of freedom and where laws protect from discrimination. We need a law that protects people who are fat. You may not want them to be fat and they maybe able to control or but it should not be a determining factor in weather they are capable of a job. If sex is protected the size should be do.

      • Little over weight are we?? BTW we DO have laws that protect against ANY form of discrimination. However will you accept the premise that depending on the job description….obesity is a Non Starter?

        • Try getting into the fuel tank of just about any large commercial aircraft, from a Boeing 707 to the ultra modern Triple seven. It takes a small guy. Big guys cannot get through the opening, regardless of the legal right or not. For instance, I was working at United Air Lines when a big guy who just barely got into the tank, died in there. The rescue team that had to remove the body wanted to section it, taking him out in three parts. That was in the very early 1990’s.

      • Ever see a fat trapeze artist? no and I would not want to be the catcher if there was one. Yes fat does cause certain people problems with certain jobs it is a fact just as women can not do certain jobs .Some jobs have physical requirements that not all people can meet.

      • You can loose weight but a gay cannot change who they are. Yes, I have been fat. I had my thyroid destroyed by medication. I worked hard to lose and maintain my weight. Ugly people are also discriminated against should we pass a law for them too? Nature has designed it this way, it is “survival of the fittest” Being fat is usually a lack of self control. This what is wrong with the entitlement vision being created in our country. No longer do we support personal responsibility and people think you can legislate fairness. Change yourself if you do not like it

      • None of your buz fat is a condition that most people put themselves in, not a disease. Back in the 40s, 50s and even into the 60s you didn’t see all those fat people. Why, because we did things to burn off the calories we ate. Back in the 50s I remember if a person was just a little overweight they were teased because it was so rare. People today sit in office jobs all day, come home and sit in front of the T.V until bedtime and wonder why they get fat. Watch the T.V. program naked and afraid and in just 21 days people that are not fat to begin with loose 20 to 30 pounds..

      • I agree with you, but it is a serious problem. I have struggled with my weight after the birth of my three children. I am 84 yrs old now and have never let fat win.

      • I could not disagree more with your statement that we need another LAW. This time to protect fat people. But I guess you think it’s ok that I’m discriminated against because I’m a smoker. Recently I heard of workplaces testing for signs of being a smoker and let’s not forget the ACA that charges ONLY SMOKERS more. I have needed a doctor 4 times in 15 years (2 for sinus infections, 1 for anxiety meds and 1 for glasses). My sister who is overweight does not have to pay more for Insurance and she has diabetes, heart problems and knee and back problems……all from her weight. To heck with all this discrimination and laws to protect every bit of BS.

    • Interesting that democrats see fat people as being less capable then others, and see them as being discriminated against. Fat is relative so who is it that decides who is fat? People who carry more weight than they should are just as capable as others. The next group that the democrats will see as a voting target are skinny people or some other group that is not seen as being the norm. Ridiculous and outrageous.

      • Amen. Liberals see everyone as less capable thus they are the only ones capable to run everyone’s lives creating an elitist class.

    • you sir are doing what us elitist’s educated people call projecting–words you just typed is the conservaturs agenda as they only care for themselves and how much money they can get from selling out the rest of America. if the gop had their way you could only vote if you were white and made over 10million a year . sorry chump what you make wont even cover what the people who actually bought the gop donate .

      • You are so full of BS. The truth is that most billionaires like Bill Gates, Cuomo, Bloomberg etc are full swing democrats and invest billions a year in destroying the Constitution. Start using your brain and not the propaganda your communist party makes you believe. Wanting less taxes and a smaller federal government like the conservatives want is much better than what the leftard agenda wants.

        • the facts are in nummie the dems want “FAIR” taxes on “ALL” classes -your drinking the kool aid or part of the propaganda mill for the 1% if you think that less taxes will helpthe 99%. your 1% doesnt want to pay anything not even what taxes were during their holy period of when Regan was in office 53%. if the 1% paid their fair share and its uneducated minions “YOU” would quit appeasing them the schools-roads- bridges- and overall education standards of Americans would increase.
          OH WAIT i forget that is their goal to keep the masses uneducated so they will believe the BS they sling just as you believe.

          • Oh really? nummie?? When you leftards have upped up welfare from 36 to 45 million people just in Obama years. How is that fair for the rest of us that have to pay taxes? And how about legalizing now more than 5 million illegals that should be sent back home? You leftards really live in lala land. You can keep BS about Reagan , Bush , etc,.. but Obma have done it WORST than all of them together and you still support the muslim agenda. Dont reply, you already showed me that you are mentally ill.

          • oh really nummie- you coservaturds seem to forget always that obama recieved the crisis from your hero cheney and bush- you forget that the gop allowed the tax breaks that set the depression in motion– you totally ignore the facts that the trickle down didnt and that broke the car industry – the gop selling out the public to the banks and oil companys caused the housing crisis and of course you dont want to hear about the past were your heros lied and ruined the economy it is the presidents fault because he is now in charge and not fixing their screw ups fast enough-doesnt matter you conservaturds are on your way out as you will never again win a presidential election no matter how much gerrrymandering and poll rigging you do. so believe what you want except for your past history of being wrong and how true Americans have overcome your ignorance you are soon to be irrelevant

          • Oh No…….it’s Bush’s fault again! What is the Koolaid flavor of the day?

          • Their favorite flavor for the last six years!

          • Ginger Thompson

            Oh my, I can feel the love coming from you. You are a liberal, aren’t you? And loving everyone is what you are all about, isn’t it? No wonder I feel all warm and fuzzy reading your posts. Not! Do you even have a clue how hypocritical all libs are? At least conservatives are honest about where we stand and most of us stand for making sure people like you can’t get your tentacles into our pockets again. So, go carry your kumbaya pennants while you plot to destroy half the population of the country- the half that works to supply you the funds to carry out your ‘good’ works.

          • I agree that fat people shouldn’t be a protected class. I can tell from your attitude that you aren’t a Christian, you may pretend to be, but you aren’t. It’s ok, I’m an atheist, so I can recognize someone who doesn’t share Christ’s attitude and and lacks the “holy spirit”. I don’t like hypocrites though, so if you tell me you are a Christian, I’ll just call you a liar, so don’t bother 😉

          • Ginger Thompson

            The last thing I need from an atheist is a lecture on my Christianity. Do you not see the absurdity there? Never mind responding. I will delete you because you have proven you want to use Christianity against others, but you don’t believe in God. Like I said, hypocrite.

          • Lol, just holding you to Jesus’s rules. As a humanist, I like Jesus and think his earthly ministry to heal the sick and help the poor was a great think. Most (not all) American Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus, it is a repulsive abomination. I’m not a hypocrite, I’m honest. You are reacting this way because the truth hurts. Good, it should 😉

          • lol- really like drinkin that kool-aid dont ya- helping the people- you are an idiot the only people the republicants help are the 1% who feed you your rashion of BS per day and you are to ignorant to reralize it. wouldnt put my hand in your pocket afraid of what you carry in there . worked all my life befor and after 2 tours of nam so keep believein and feeding out them lies the koch brother needs all the nummies it can find.

          • Well said!!

          • check fact checker you sir are broadcasting lies and misinformation from the faux network

          • Within our congress the majority of millionaires are democrats.

          • Foolish boy.

          • The progressives are famous for double talk. Talking for the republicans or conservatives when in actuality what their saying is out of their own hand book! Doesn’t take a genius, but then again I’m not brainwashed!

      • jamesowens you need your medication changed.

      • Obama and foolish liberals are the ones selling out America as well as being the worst elitists in American history.

        • They broke it, and still they won’t claim it!

        • to state such bs you should at least be articulate enough to state the reasons you believe such drivel.typical gop talk all bark no substance or facts.

          • Dang!! In my 30 year history as a Forensic Psychologist (profiler) I have never had a judge or anyone tell me that I was inarticulate! You are such a smart guy James….I will think about going back to school for a class in articulation! Stupid Boy!!!!! You
            are showing your ignorance…..zip it up!!

          • oo is that your latest tv show .? or just the 1st important sounding job you thought someone would believe and be impressed with. you still do not understand my point by”NOT” having a point to your ramblings or any facts or anything of interest besides your irrationale opinion which only other conservaturds as backward as you would believe.
            get to the point -NOT OPIIONS- STATE A FACT -not opinion-or please shut up.

          • WOW!! This is amazing to me. I AGREED with you!!!! I just thought that a thinking person might take a little constructive criticism so I pointed out that your statement about women was not factual but only personal experience and that I would have really liked it if you had left that out and then you may have made a more constructive point. If all you want to do is argue and put people down…..count me out, I am not biting, just laughing!!! I only added the (profiler) so as to let you know, in case you didn’t, what a forensic psychologist does. My work involved giving assessment in court about persons who were accused of the abuse of women and children. I am probably old enough to be your
            parent so I’ll say “go sit in the corner” until you can learn to respect others and their factually based opinions.

          • FYI: We were Forensic Psychologists long before the ‘profiler’ term was ever coined.
            I only added the (profiler) so as to let you know, in case you didn’t, what a forensic psychologist does. My work involved giving assessment in court about persons who were accused of the abuse of the elderly, women and children. I am probably old enough to be your parent so I’ll say “go sit in the corner” until you can learn to respect others and their factually based opinions. If all you want to do is argue and put people down…..count me out, I am not biting, just laughing!!!

          • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I only used the word profiler (current terminology) because I was pretty sure that you would not know what a forensic psychologist does. It seems that that was a correct assumption. We have been a part of the legal world for many years longer than TV shows about criminal profilers. You are showing your ignorance again. My work involved giving assessment in court about persons who were accused of the abuse of women and children. I am a horrible person…..don’t you agree?

          • By the way, your education is very apparent in your great spelling and punctuation practices……just saying!!!!!

      • I take it, you don’t look in the mirror much these days!

      • WTF are you talkign about???!!!!…You have got to be a LIBERAL because you can’t refute what was just posted but you invent some babbling diatribe to massage your fragile sensibilities, so go hump someone elses leg muttface…..

        • read it again slow and try to follow- i realize it is hard without the fox logo but i can refute the lies printed in this as it is a total batch of lies. 99% of real scientists admit global warming is real. 99% of real scientists say we are causing it , because you prefer to beilieve the lies put out by the koch brother spammers then that is your ignorance and/ or choice . the 1 scientist who works at a koch funded lab who disputes it is on the payroll and like most GOP congreesman and senators will say what they are paid to say /

  6. BEEF..its whats for dinner

  7. Have Michelle’s followers defected, then?

  8. (see the pic) all she needs now is some yoga stretchy pants from the 80s and she’s set.

  9. Vile LIBERAL SCUM are the problem.

  10. Let me guess. Fat is a disease and they have no control over it.

    • Believe it or not….there is a billboard on I-65 N in Indiana as you get close to Chitcago that states that very thing. I kid you not….It reads something to the effect of ” Obesity is a disease..not a decision ”
      Just mind blowing!!!!!

      • Yeah the disease is Hypothroidism!!!!!

        • That’s true for a VERY SMALL percentage of overweight people. The rest just don’t give a damn and blame everybody else for their self-imposed elephant size.

      • The disease is called “Don’t give a damn” which is brought on by irresponsibility.

      • Ginger Thompson

        I kind of like the idea of obesity being a disease. That means they must be working on a cure. Maybe a pill, so you just get thin and healthy. Take one a day and you can eat anything you want and don’t have to exercise. Yup, I’m all in for making it a disease. Wonder how you would do fundraisers, though. I mean. a 10K would probably go against the principal of the disease concept; the exercise thing and all. Hmmm… guess I will have to think about that.

  11. We must outlaw forks, spoons & sporks (like guns) …….. and reduce the serving size of a malted milk shake to 4 oz. or less (Like gun magazines).
    Christy could be the Liberal Fat Boy Poster Boy ? With the caption: This could be you if you don’t follow the new Liberal Health Care Plan. Pounds away folks.

  12. I respond to every story I see posted about “obese women” “fat shaming” etc. and I just wish I could have stated my position as eloquently as this article.

  13. Ask Moochelle what she thinks. You leftists can’t have it both ways. Hands up! Don’t eat!
    By the way. I just lost 15 pounds in the past 6 weeks because I looked like crap and felt worse. Thank goodness they didn’t turn me into a victim.

  14. I like to say I am a conservative but this article and the comments make me sick. Women are verbally abused as well as judged based on size. I have seen it and heard it. I was told I could not have a job at the local walmart cause I was too pretty and I intimidated the hiring manager. I was told this by someone who works there and heard her criticize me for my looks. Fat people are judged by us all. I have done it I am sure you all have too. You maybe on who has called a woman a fat ass even if she really is not by definition fat. You all need to watch the show My Big Fat Fabulous Life. This woman IS fat she KNOWS she is fat and unhealthy. She does not need reminded of what she knows. She is judged and called names by strangers. I firmly believe that in this nation we need to add the clause to the rules that fat woman can NOT be discriminated against. My brother in law is huge 400 plus pounds. He can not work in his profession which is an electrical engineer as the men made fun of him and made life hell for him. I know for a fact he was not given promotions due to his size. It had nothing to do with his capabilities as an engineer. So please. Shut up. If you can scream that same sex marriage needs protected and gays need protected. Then fat people do to.

    • First of all it is the very same liberals who are raising “fat shaming” as an issue that are on the side of SSM, not moderates or conservatives. Second, I don’t believe for a second you are “too pretty or weigh under 200 lbs. Use a real picture of your self as your avatar so we can all see.

      • You proved my point for me. What I look like and what size I am does not define me.

      • Also this is true I was 21 years old at the time. Descrimination should be all inclusive. If it has anything to do with looks size sexual orientation and any other reason that does NOT keep someone from doing the job then their needs to be a law. As you have proven in your comment you judge people based on looks and size.

    • Doc.oz has a pill for that, he also has a pill for same sex marrige
      Covered by Obama care, I think?

    • Or they could buy a treadmill and lose the krispy creme credit card it is a free country

    • If you work with men at any company and can not stand the comments then he has to grow a thicker skin if he have the skills. I have worked all my life in big companies with a lot of mostly men and you have to either ignore the stupid comments and laugh about yourself or just have a wiser and better reply. I would not give my work to anyone over a stupid comment. Learn to be a man and stop whining . And most companies have an HR department with policies against this type of behavior. You are just doing the same mistake of making a big fuss of any personal sensibilities. You are part of the problem. Holding your mouth when you eat and doing some exercise would help too. All the medical profession agrees that being overweight is not healthy.

      • You proved my point as have this article

        • I only proved that you whine too much and do to little, and then expect everyone to fit your shoe. No one is discriminating against fat people. There are realities in every job and you cant expect someone who have to hire and make a company to actually work, to attend every little whining. And then people with your same opinion are so fast to sue the companies that you become a liability. This is America. Grow a thicker skin, get in shape and then regain back whatever you think they took from you instead of coming here to complain and do nothing about it. Welfare is full of people that cant work because of this.

    • You and your brother in law need to grow up!! You wimps just add on to the fact that too many people in this country have become nothing but spineless whiners. Just because you didn’t get your way a few times and were called a few names it doesn’t mean some stupid and unjustified law can change anything about what ya’ll are and that is fat. Every single person who’s ever walked the earth has been mistreated in some way, and some more than others. There are three types of people who are made from that kind of treatment. The first is the kind that becomes stronger and wiser from it. They aren’t easily brought down by silly and insignificant insults or physical assaults; especially from people they don’t even know or care about. Those are the people who actually try to prove the nay say’res wrong and improve their lives. The second type is the person who takes they’re anger and self pity uses it as an excuse to try to make everyone feel sorry for them and don’t rise above the hatred. They never end up toughening their emotions or try to actually prove their worth. A few (as sad as it is to see) even become so weak that they take their own life instead of trying to gain strength. The third type is the kind of person that becomes so caught up in trying to improve themselves that they turn into arrogant jerks who take significant steps to try and make everyone one else feel less important and weak and just become the hatred. From everything you’ve said its easy to see that your the second type of person considering that your clearly trying to make everyone feel sorry for you and your husband like the weakling you chose to be. Hardly anyone who gained strength from their struggles feels that sorry for you especially me. I have been fat for half my life, and I was an emotionally weak person for most of my life. I have also been bullied for my entire life for multiple reasons, and sometimes for no reason at all. However, instead of trying to make everyone feel sorry for me I rose above it, and grew a spine. When someone insults me and my capabilities I politely reply with a kind “I’m sorry, but it seems that your approval is something that I couldn’t give two sh%ts about” or an “I’m sorry, but if you could get that d#ck out of your mouth I’d might be able to understand your insignificant bullsh%t” and sometimes I completely ignore what they say completely because their opinion is not important to me. Have ya’ll even considered that your husbands boss was right in not giving him the job. maybe your brother in law would be to big to work in certain small places or would be to heavy for certain machinery to support him, etc. If they are in legal right to not give him the promotion then he should just man up, and loose that weight so that he can then get the promotion. Honestly, there’s a reason why fat people are very hard to find in the military. And what could you possibly mean by protection (besides fair treatment from employers)? Do you actually believe people are going to stop calling you and your brother in law fat just because of some stupid law. More importantly do you actually think that any law enforcement officer would actually bother to actually bother to enforce it. If ya’ll want people to stop calling you fat so bad than start working out and if you don’t have the time for it than just flex all your muscles often to workout. You should probably try eating less junk food, and eat some more healthy meals more often which is what I’ve been doing to loose weight. Besides, I seriously doubt that your not guilty of ever making fun of someone in some way.

      • Jeremiah you said it eloquently. Remember those nut cakes who tried to sue MacDonalds because their kids were overweight? How often I see kids coming out of fast food outlets carrying a bucket sized soft drink. And on the inside they stuffed their faces with frenchfries, cookies, ice cream and whatever else the outlet offered.
        Some pea wit inhabitants of the planet Earth are always blaming everybody else for their woes. If you’re overweight get off the sofa away from that TV, stay out of the frig and walk around the block a few times. Quit bellyacheing about your self-imposed shortcomings.

        • exactly, almost all fat people are fat because of their own actions. Being fat is NOT a disease. My old PE instructor used to be nearly 400lbs now he’s 150lbs and all he did to lose it was walk up around town and eat less junk.

    • with all these laws passed preventing discrimination, i would also like one passed called the, you are over qualified for this job. i retired from the service and heard that over and over, i finally just started saying i a not really trained at anything, well that didnt work either. finally just said the hell with it and started working for myself, doing anything i could make a buck at.

  15. I know tax all the skinny people and they’ll all want to be fat, problem solved. Or take some accountability and be happy as you are or do something “yourself “ to change it. Stop this crap it’s everyone else causing the problem.

    • Well stated TPS12. ……and why work when you can live free off the taxpayers. That’s the common liberal mindset a la Leftists.

  16. Shall we throw her a pity party. I had no problem finding a job no matter what my weight was. FYI, the law for equal pay has been on the books for over 40+ years. There are men out there like Jack Sprat and his fat wife. I don’t feel sorry for her because most of the fat people that I know are pretty much happy with themselves. Right now we have a group of people in our government wanting us to eat a no footprint diet. We all eat too much salt, the meat industry is a methane factory, etc. The only hot air I know of seems to be coming out of D.C. They need to stay out of our private lives, period.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the government wanted to install a fart’o’meter in the rear end of each cow, and tax the farmer every time it farts.

      • I believe their working on that. The other alternative is to use their farts and waste as a bio fuel. Hey, new source of renewable energy.

  17. Thin may be in but fats where its at,the liberal slogan.


  19. I have to laugh since I got up to 180# one time in life and never weighed over 100# up to that time after a hysterectomy. I had to decided for myself to take care of business and not eat fattening foods like pasta and breads and desserts …..I overcome the problem and lost back down to 100# in about 2 years and found out that I was allergic to the foods I quit eating. I started eating good foods that I could tolerate in moderate portions and have been 135-145# for 19 years now! I do not ever want to be skinny or fat again as long as I live….I am 71 yrs. young now and healthy! Not one thing wrong with me! You have to be an individual and do what you have to do on either side of the scales like I did…be responsible and and it will work! Obesity and being gay are not birth defects they are self induced by the wants of the individuals doing whatever!

  20. For those who carry extra lard,
    The consequences can be hard.
    Are not these fatties fully able
    To timely push away from table?

  21. The two most major lessons to teach your children, Responsibility and self reliance. I taught my kids this when they where young, I think that most young parents don’t teach it because they never learned from their vapid parents.

  22. You can remove responsibility fro our dictionaries. It has not meaning from the POTUS down to the homeless. Blame it all on someone else – it is easier than doing the right thing.

  23. Big Govnt. planning to place Obese Counselors in Businesses, Schools, & likely one’s own kitchen as long as Obama & Ilk are allowed to run amok. Deviantly plotting a populace on a Plant-based Diet. NWO

  24. Well, people can be fat if they want to be, and liberals can tell us that we should revere fat people, but it’s never going to make me want to be one of them – either group.

  25. Put the milk duds down ya swamp cow pretty simple, remember the dress sizes you have open to you small, medium and no one will ever love me, your choice.

  26. Some people carry all their fat on the outside, where everyone can see it. Others carry it all between the ears where everyone can hear it.

  27. Looks like the democrats have found another group to divide from the rest, so they can get their votes. Divide and conquer is the byword for democrats, and they are good at it.

  28. Not only is this Feminist Movement as ridiculous as all their other ones, but I also object a tad to the author’s take on why so many of us are overweight. I have been a fat female since a few years after I had my son, and I eat ONE, normal meal a day, am very active, never use sugar, limit carbs, and still never lose an ounce. I don’t gorge on pizza or visit the “Ice Cream Trough”. So bear in mind that not all “Fatties” are over-eaters, cuz it ain’t so!

  29. lol the depth and amount of total bs lies the conservaturds will throw out is amazing- the fact that the masses of the conservaturds actually fall for this crap just shows how gullible and foolish are the followers of this and the other trash websites that preach hate and lies

  30. Mike123456789123456789

    Must be trying to get our votes, seeing there is so many of us. Then after the elections they will want to render us down.

  31. You people are truly funny. Not all big people are lazy. Some have medical problems that you probably can’t understand because you are too busy looking down your nose. I wonder how many of you are Gay or Ugly or any of the other things people look down their nose at.

  32. I don’t care if she weighs 110 and the other leg weighs the same…I don’t advocate anyone being traumatized over their weight..I remember girls being verbally slaughtered in school for being too thin or too tall or boobs too small or too big..and where does this weigh in as to importance compared to the whole d… world getting ready to kill each other off..what possible difference does it make whether you die of obesity or too thin? I’d rather die of that than be beheaded or burned alive or crucified etc etc etc..as for smokers..enjoy them instead of saving your money to pay some lousy understaffed nursing home for the privilege of abusing you and over drugging you if you don’t thank them for the broken hip and all the other stuff they have waiting for you with a smile on their face..

  33. This PC bullshit is getting to much…Bloomberg wanted limit soda sizes..these clowns want us to do I don’t know what…and the Health department and insurance companies say it causes multiple ailments and specifically diabetes…how about every just be responsible…hahahwhat a concept

  34. I have visited other countries and you dont see the amount of fat people we have in the USA. OF course they dont eat the amount of sugar we do, they dont have the easiness of having a car like we do so they have to use public transportation, bicycle, etc. To resume , if you dont put it in , it wont accumulate. If you burn it it wont stay in you. The leftards are keeping this country mentally ill busy by addressing each and every small personal issues they have to keep everyone minds busy and keep people fighting with each other while they do all their under the rugs dealings and completely destroys this nation from the inside out.

  35. I think this is the perfect thing for Liberals to focus on. This is much more benign than Terrorists.

    • Yes, according to BHO terrorist activities are mere
      random acts–like the random acts of the Ku Klux Klan used to be–no racial focus, just random acts for the fun of it.

  36. Get Government out of how much we weigh. It really is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!

    • GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF EVERYTHING EXCEPT PROTECTING AND DEFENDING THE NATION would be great if only we could do it. We have too many “programs” designed only to keep politicians in office who designed them. If you feed neighborhood cats at your back door don’t expect them to go away. Some politicians spend their time coming up with more back door treats in return for votes to keep them in their plush lifestyles in Washington.

  37. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    Some of you comment writers are clearly part of the problem. There are all kinds of issues here, most of which revolve around some people blaming or praising others for situations which they had no control over or which are really the result of someone else’s exercising his absolute right to manage his or her life according to his or her own values.
    The underlying issue, of course, is that we are a youth-oriented society. There might be biological reasons for this. Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. Men produce new sperm every day. The eggs deteriorate over time. Folk wisdom points to a few strange-looking people as having been “change of life” babies. The eggs were as far gone as they could be and still be fertilized, and the infant was born with some health problems.
    A related issue is child molestation. Society demands qualities which indicate youth, such as being thin. Obesity comes with age, and we do not give older people nearly as much respect as they deserve. Some people go overboard over the beauty of youth so far that they do need to be locked up to protect children. They are just slightly out of bounds, although we might be going too far in our efforts to protect children. My grandmother was married at the age of fifteen and started bearing her ten children at the age of sixteen. She lived a long and fairly successful life, even though she was married at an age which, today, would be under the age of consent. Should every child get married at the age of fifteen? I don’t think so, but we really go too far with this business of interfering with other people’s right to make their own choices.
    One day in the early 1980’s I met the most incredibly beautiful woman I ever encountered in my entire life. A friend of mine was interacting with her husband but she did not know exactly who her friend was or who his wife was. The wife’s name was Lynda Day George, and she was the “hot blonde” star on the original Mission Impossible TV series.
    She was still at the point at which the studio doctor was having her ingest one diet pill every day. She had both a kind of beauty which could never be captured by a camera and a very thin face and body which could be captured by the camera. One day, she realized that this diet pill regimen was extremely unhealthy and she stopped taking the pill. She gained ten pounds in short order and the studio fired her. They say that television adds ten pounds to your appearance, so they needed her to be ten pounds under a healthy weight for her body type.
    I met her again about ten year later. According to the media, she was fifty years old and she looked very good in person, like a healthy Dutch teenager. However, healthy Dutch teenagers do not look good on television. This is not necessarily a good value for our society to promote. The whole point is to be healthy and being too thin is sometimes indicative of a fairly wide spectrum of mental illnesses.
    This is the essence of the problem here. People have different kinds of bodies. Their bodies naturally have different ratios of nervous tissue, fat and muscle. This is called their “somatotype” usually expressed by a series of three numbers. Some people can adjust the ratios, within limits, by carefully regulating their food intake and exercise, but most of us need to make a living and work forty hours a week plus commuting time. If you have all of that going on with a long commute and children at home to care for, you can’t exhibit obsessive/compulsive behavior regarding your appearance. That just is not sane.
    I met an eighty year old man who looked fifty. When he was fifteen, the Nazis had invaded Warsaw and put him into a work camp. Other prisoners made sure that he got enough to eat, but it wasn’t enough to make him fat at all and he had to work like a slave at tasks which were designed to gradually kill the workers without interfering with their productivity. I have met homeless people in that situation. If you must spend all of your time working, even if it is dumpster diving, without a way to get as much food as you want or need, you will probably not have much fat on your body, but you will not be comfortable. Starvation and exercise do make women look more like children and, hence, more attractive, but the brain is almost entirely fat, so too little fat is really self-destructive. How fat should you be? It varies from person to person.
    There were thinner people in the concentration camps, of course. The camps were crawling with body lice which transmitted typhus, and people with that disease become very thin as they die. WWII propaganda photos are used to imply that these people were being starved to death, but that was not really the case.
    I have been told by a very experienced and very skillful physician that I simply cannot control my body makeup by diet and exercise because of the overriding hereditary problems associated with aging. I am getting older and, therefore, I will put on a few extra pounds and trying to fight that is a waste of energy.
    According to recent research, however, women who put on a few extra pounds usually live longer than men who mention it.

  38. Let us get rid of these people that thinks the constitution is to old fashioned it was sure wrote up by some real smart people that loved the country not by some goofy lefties that bought the government

    • The Declaration of Independence is the philosophy on which the US Constitution is founded. And both were formulated by brilliant people even if they were old white guys now dead. Were it not for their risking their lives we would not have the freedom to (unfortunately) speak foolishly today. We have a few good women and men today who cherish the liberty bought back in the late 1700’s. Unfortunately we also have some who are trying to
      bend everything back toward the type of government the colonists left behind. If they succeed American might become a Union of Soviet Socialist States and/or a Banana Republic…or both. That’s why in 2016 we absolutely must take the greatest nation on earth back away from the Socialist Leftists.

  39. Does that mean that they can make fun of Chris Christie any more? A Rino is still a Rino

  40. There are some legitimate conditions that make it difficult to lose weight. You should be sensitive to that. I agree that MOST people just need to put the fork down though. When it comes to “acceptance” my personal view is that I will accept anyone as long as it doesn’t harm others or themselves. being fat is harmful for so many reasons. People who are fat should be trying to lose weight. I can’t accept just staying that way.

  41. They’re just trying to protect Chris Christie.

  42. Time to ban SPOONS, since they are known to make people FAT! Just “thinking” like a libtard…

  43. Spare the rod and end up with idiots.

  44. Hey, BUTT HOLES. I’m fat, and haven’t missed a days work in 3 years, which is better than ALL the skinny little perfect weight people on the job, and i don’t go to the doctor maybe one or two times a year also. All the so called perfect people at work go to the doctors for a cross ways burp. So forgive me if i take offense at this intrusion in my life, I have to all ready pay more for my insurance than all you pecker woods, and listen to all the whispering behind my back, and just because i don’t look like you think i should, does NOT let you judge me for who i am. I know i need to lose it and i work on that when i can, but to be judged AND hampered in trying is a real bitch, so thanks again to our Government and all the other bean counting, paper pushing desk jockeys. BUT, let some one in need or who is in need come to my house. i am the first one to reach in my pocket and give money to them so they can get home or to work the next day, or send food home to their family’s so they have food to eat, but no, classify me as a lazy fat slob who is greedy and wont help anyone, then g
    charge me more for insurance, then find a fat tax for me too. And NO, I don’t have a desk job.

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      There are all kinds of hereditary factors at play in body composition. In the somatotyping system, there are three numbers which represent the prominence of the nerve, muscle and fat tissues, developed from the ectoplasm, mesoplasm and endoplasm in the embryo. I got typed as a 2-4-2 in college, which indicated that I was more muscular than anything else, but not a classical mesomorph, which would have been 2-5-2. That doesn’t even take into account the hormonal issues and factors like the length of your small intestine, which cause weight gain and interfere with fat loss later in life.
      Television sells us certain images, however. A woman needs to be 5’8″ or slightly taller to have the ideal proportions. At the same time, a lot of men would prefer a woman under 5;3: and right around 100 pounds.
      Anyway, there are all sorts of body types. When insurance companies determine premiums based upon whether or not you are addicted to cigarettes, I think they are in bounds because that is relatively easy to fix.
      I had an acquaintance in Los Angeles who was the main leader of the local Parents Without Partners chapter, and
      she was hot. She had nice, firm-looking muscles in all the
      right places and no noticeable fat. The last time we talked,
      she had been told that she had two years to live and that
      was well over two years ago.
      Based upon the fact that her previously unwanted body
      fat was nourished by the excessive length of her small intestine,she had surgery to remove a piece of the organ.
      The problem was that when they rejoined the two ends
      after cutting a piece out of the middle, they rejected each
      other. She had been rushed to the hospital repeatedly to
      remove lengths of gangrenous intestine. It definitely made
      her look good and it was definitely killing her. The doctor
      probably would not have performed her surgery if he had
      known what he was doing. It’s a value choice. Would you
      want to live longer as a normal person or have a very short
      life as a total hottie?




    • Ginger Thompson

      So, are you saying you want a law making you part of a protected class or not? I couldn’t tell from your comment.

      • NO. I don’t want to be PROTECTED, I just want to be left ALONE. I don’t want you forcing crap down my throat,just like you wouldn’t like me dictating things in your life.Why should i pay more for insurance when i see skinny, so called in shape people dropping dead in a middle of a jog who are in great health. It happens every day, so whats the difference.

        • Ginger Thompson

          Guess you don’t know my stance on protected classes if you think I would be in favor of that. Just asked, since your comment was not very clear.

  45. I do not know how to say this any other way but to just put it straight out on the table. As a woman who was one of the first females to take boys’ shops in high school just because they were what I wanted to do and who went on to be one of the first infantry soldiers with an 11 Bravo on her service record I want to state that a person can do what they want to do when they really want it, and are willing to work for it.

  46. People need to stop boohooing about life and do something about it.

  47. I have been physically active all my life..was professional FF..was in terrific fit size 6-8…36B…….had a perforated ulcer I got from arthritis medication, the surgeon that operated on me, instead of the 4″ lac he should have done, cut me from my naval to my sternum…(prior to surgery..the surgeon gave my flack for having the tubal…he was a major right to lifer).agitating my uterus, ( putting my body thru a false pregnancy. In a seven week period,……my abdomen swelled like a basketball….my boobs were bigger than footballs…since I’d had a tubal done at 30 yrs, pregnancy was ruled out….I had medical exams , tests…stuck in everywhere….I had gone from my juniors 6-8..36 to a .women’s 2x-3x……ALL IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS
    MY ABDOMEN HERNIATED, CAUSING THREE SOFTBALL SIZED HERNIAS….which were removed one yr later…causing another navel to sternum scar….with an abdomen full of mesh.its herniated again….
    Because of this abrupt change in my size…( NOT FOOD BORNE)… YOU ARE BELITTLED IN PEOPLES FACES…YOU SEE IT IN THEIR EYES…you go into a store..you aren’t waited on…. You drop groceries…people walk by you like the do the homeless….something heavy to put in your car…forget anyone helping you….when I was smaller….I’d get help immediately… Which I usually declined, because I’m very independent and was fit. I took a piece of land and turned it into a working farm with little help..When this first happened…I contacted an Atty… Was told that “women in their forties that have surgery get fat…get over it…and he hung up..”..
    Devastated is putting it mildly…I would need breast reduction, hernia repair( another navel to sternum)..there is at least a yrs recuperating after each surgery…the weight has dramatically worsened my arthritis…
    I rarely ever eat out…I go thru drive thru…I get groceries at night…I’ve avoided my lifetime close acquaintances all these yrs…after seeing the looks on some of their faces..I couldn’t go thru that any more. IM STILL ME IN THIS SHELL.
    I used to give the same looks to overweight people…think the same things…vowing I would never let myself get like that….well, I’ve walked that mile in their shoes…and it isn’t comforting…you are treated like a pariah…
    The change….I’ve stopped dying my hair( premature grey), and being /looking older….its more accepted….
    Because everyone else is changing to my level…their looks are fading, now they have gained weight…
    So now its OK….
    Life shouldn’t work like this….thank God and my dogs and horses…my brother Robert… ( lives 500 mi away), and my close friends I made post op.

  48. Still, obesity is not necessarily a choice. Metabolism is complicated. You can be pretty disciplined and not lose weight. You might spend your life and your energy doing other worthwhile things than working on your body shape–caregivers tend to be fat. You can diet strenuously for a week and lose nothing, then give up in discouragement and go back to how you ate before–and *gain* weight, because you’ve lowered your metabolism with a week in starvation mode. It’s not easy.

    Not saying that fat people should be a protected group. But they should not be vilified, and in particular they should not be penalized with higher insurance premiums that assume that all of the above is not true and that we could all be a perfect weight with just a bit of discipline.

  49. You all sound like a bunch of Michelle Obama clones. The fat/health police belong to the left. This is ONE liberal woman pointing out that there is such a thing as fat discrimination and you all (plus the author) go on and make her point. Attacking her point because she’s liberal is mind numbingly stupid. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Treat ALL people with respect and you won’t run around making their point for them.

  50. If fat is protected then why is michelle putting her spin on school diets? Now it also is thinking about a tax for foods with sugars in them.

  51. The left as usual wants to have it both ways – tax us based on our food intake, feed grass and twigs to our children in schools and not let us have more than a mouthful of a soft drink at a time, but also exploit the morbidly obese in order to expand the reach of their criminal regime. It is time to secede and leave the professional obese people in Bongo Bongo Land with the LGBTQ alphabet soup and those who read Marx for pleasure.

  52. Since when don’t fat people have the same protections as the rest of us. If they want to abuse their bodies with food, it’s fine with me—but I don’t have to act like I enjoy looking at them, and I don’t. I try not to see them.

    people, they claim, deserve the same protections as any other American
    minority group. – See more at:

  53. Francisco Machado

    I can see where this is going to collide with Michelle (with whom I would, personally, prefer not to collide). Meals by Mandate. In schools, mandating food the youngsters won’t eat may work but is a brutal solution to the problem. I can see serious conflicts between that and fatness rights.

  54. Over 68% of American adults are overweight so they are not a minority so they need no protection. MOST overweight people can change their weight and are only victims of their own poor eating/exercise habits. What about people who are ugly, bald or dumb? These things are not their own fault. With all the real problems in our country and the world at this time why would anyone waste time and money on this stupidity?

  55. If she wants to feel wanted she should move to Africa or Mexico.

  56. Aw, hell’s bells! I can see it now, “Dateline, Sharia Free Press: AG Erickkk Houlder announces the DOJ intends to push for HATE CRIME status for comedians charged with using obesity as a central or peripheral factor in humorous material !”

  57. OK libtards, time for Moocher to take charge of all fat people like she is trying to do with school children.

  58. I’ve been told that fat women make good lovers, possibly to overcome their lack of physical appeal.

  59. Can we talk? I can’t even buckle my belt! True, my belt is 40 years old and I bought it when I wore size 14, but that is no excuse. My gut has expanded, ergo I am disabled. One excuse is as good as another when it comes to plundering the public fisc.

  60. If fat folks are on the protected list WOW we are going to need a lot of protection these days.
    Look around – We are going to need protection from the fat folks! Pretty soon everyone will be in a protected class, ya hooo.

  61. Geez! How many “minorities do we have now???? Just one you libTURD twits; skinny, white, SANE males!

  62. Again, lets send all the Lefty Lunatics to Dearborn, Michigan and see how they make out with the Sharia Law that is in effect there.

  63. Lefties have a huge problem with OTHER PEOPLE’s freedom of speech & the basic concept of any intelligence but their own.

  64. Why do think it is that out of the 10 cities with the thinnest people 9 of them are strongly Democrats and of the 10 cities with the fattest people 8 of them are strongly Republicans?


  65. JeromefromLayton

    Somebody tell the Air Force. When I enlisted back in 1961, the standards were reasonable. Then, they dropped the age groups and lumped the non-flying enlisted in with the rated folks and officers. That took 20+ pounds off my max limit. After I retired, the waist measurement was introduced. The max limit is 39 inches and it doesn’t matter if your height is 5’2″ or 7’2″, you’re a FAILURE if it measures 40″. There are no performance allowances. There used to be a Greek tyrant named Procrustes who would have approved of this idea.

  66. We now live in Rosie O’Donnal Utopia, is she in line for a subsidy; oops, she is blaming it on Bush. Or did Cheney force feed her. Speaking of which can you imagine the Roaster’s Club; Dick Cheney, Bill O’Reilly, Don Imus, Ann Kolter, Laura Ingraham, Rush….it would be like one of those new “splatter” toilet commercials.

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