Fat People: The Left’s Latest Protected Group

Every chance they get, the left accuses conservatives of being anti-science. But when it comes to the well-documented health dangers of being obese, the most extreme liberals – modern feminists – think it’s time to pump the brakes on our health-conscious movement. Fat people, they claim, deserve the same protections as any other American minority group.

Consider a piece recently written in the Huffington Post by Erin McKelle. Entitled “Living at the Intersection of Sexism and Fatphobia,” McKelle teaches us what it’s like to live under the oppression of being both a woman and a fat person at the same time. “Being a fat woman, I am subject to the most body policing, shaming, and discrimination out of all of the body sizes women have. Since I live at the intersection of fatphobia and sexism, my experiences of oppression are significantly worse than those who experience just one form of these types of oppression.”

Do you get it yet? Are you convinced yet that she has a tough life?

The Fat Acceptance movement is born from the neverending liberal quest to find new and exciting ways to feel victimized. Since it is a 3rd-wave feminist product, it ignores fat men. This is all about making sure the world knows that American women are suffering under the oppressive patriarchy. Sure, they have it better than women in almost any other country on Earth, better than women at any other period in history, but that’s not enough. They can’t feel content. They aren’t happy with their lives, so they have to make up external reasons for that unhappiness.

Didn’t get that job you wanted? It’s because you’re a women, you know. It’s because they gave it to some man who was less qualified.

Not feeling great about last night’s hookup? It was probably rape, you know. Did you sign a contract of consent? No? Definitely rape.

Some high-schoolers chuckled when you walked by in your bikini? Don’t even think about putting down that Krispy Kreme! Own your belly, Powerful Woman! Don’t be shamed into conforming.

Once again, these feminists fail to realize that you can’t change the world by demand. Obesity, in 99 cases out of 100, is a reflection of your daily rituals. It just is. Screaming that men should desire fat women is all well and good, but it isn’t going to make any difference. Whining about how oppressed you are is fine, but it isn’t going to make people feel sorry for you. Fat is a choice. It is made every time you skip the gym, every time you choose the pizza over the salad, and every time you belly up to the buffet. Snap judgments are rarely useful, but this is one instance where the first impression is usually the right one.

Does that mean that fat people should be mercilessly shamed and mocked? Of course not. If the Fat Acceptance movement started and stopped with a simple “please be nicer” message, that would be fine. But if you want us to seriously begin crying over your oppression – which you do – then you might as well go back to your ice cream trough. It ain’t gonna happen. Try some discipline on for size. Unlike that dress hanging in the Macy’s window, it might just fit.



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