“Fake News”: Liberals Think Conservatives Are Hopelessly Dumb

If you ever wanted to really find out how liberal elitists in Washington and the media feel about conservatives, Donald Trump’s election has brought the truth to the surface. They think we’re racists, sexists, sure. We already knew that. But what’s becoming clear now is that they also think conservatives are hopelessly, profoundly stupid.

This can be seen in the big post-election bogeyman: Fake news. Unable to cope with their astounding, embarrassing loss in the 2016 election, Democrats are now trying to get the country to believe that Trump only won because a nation of idiots can’t tell the difference between real news and the fake stuff. They are pointing to Facebook data reports that show fake news going viral at a much higher rate than well-researched, major-media stories, and they insist that this disparity may have tipped the election.

The flaws in this argument are many. One, who gets to determine which news is “fake” and which is “real?” Some of the supposedly “real” viral stories were anti-Trump opinion columns. Some of the “fake” ones were ridiculous indeed, but what about conservative news that’s being ignored by the mainstream media? It’s a slippery slope.

Two, just because an article about the Pope endorsing Donald Trump was shared a million times doesn’t mean it was believed a million times. And even if it was, it doesn’t prove that it swayed a single voter. This conversation has echoes of the Citizens United arguments. And we should always err in favor of the First Amendment.

Mark Zuckerberg has pushed back on the idea that Facebook tilted the election by failing to censor fake news.

“Voters make decisions based on their lived experience,” he said. “I think there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting that the only reason why someone could have voted the way they did is because they saw some fake news.”

Exactly. Liberals are still caught in their safe little bubble, and they’re scrambling for any explanation that will allow them to keep feeling smug, superior, and correct.

It might take a few more big election losses for Democrats to finally realize that the country is rejecting them.


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