FAKE NEWS: Is Donald Trump Under Investigation or Not?

It was only a little more than a week ago that the Washington Post dropped their bombshell story alleging that while James Comey might have informed Donald Trump that he was not personally under investigation by the FBI…things had changed dramatically since Comey’s firing.

According to the Post, Special Counsel Robert Mueller was now personally investigating the president for obstruction of justice in relation to his firing of Comey and other matters relating to the Russia probe. Naturally, the mainstream media ran with the story as fast as they could, treating the WaPo story as the gospel truth. Even the president himself appeared to take the story at face value, telling the public several times on Twitter that he was under investigation and blasting the “witch hunt” that he perceived as unfolding in Washington.

But was the story even true?

The knives came out when one of Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, said Sunday that his client was in fact NOT under investigation.

“Let me be clear,” he said. “The president is not under investigation as James Comey stated in his testimony – that the president was not the target of investigation on three difference occasions. The president is not a subject or target of an investigation.”

So there was a round of mocking where all of Trump’s enemies said that this was another example of Kellyanne Conway’s “Alternative Facts.” The administration was lying, and Trump’s lawyers couldn’t even maintain the same truth as the president himself.

But then came an ABC News story later that day that appeared to suddenly confirm that Sekulow was right and the Washington Post story was wrong.

“Now, my sources are telling me he’s begun some preliminary planning,” said Pierre Thomas, an ABC justice correspondent. “Plans to talk to some people in the administration. But he’s not yet made that momentous decision to go for a full-scale investigation. Mueller faces a huge decision: Does he believe the president, who says there’s no wrongdoing here, or does he go after the president in the way James Comey wants him to do?”

So if Mueller is still making that decision, then Trump’s lawyer is right. There is no obstruction investigation, and the Washington Post was just raking up mud. More fake news to keep the subscription rates up and the tongues wagging. More biased, under-sourced “journalism” meant to keep the president’s agenda stuck and his poll numbers plummeting. And, like all “corrections” of this sort, you can bet that the majority of news watchers will only remember the initial story and not the actual facts that came later.

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  1. Trump has been under investigation since obama had him wire tapped b4 the election. And they still can not find anything on him.

    • Andres Villamarzo

      It’s because you morons fail to believe that this man Donald “Vladimir” Trumpsky might have done something, but you die-hard morons don’t want to believe it! Sorry Edward but just because Trumpsky and his associates all are lying does not mean that the rest of the country is as stupid as you are!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Says he with his foot in his mouth!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Coming from another of the “anti-social trump supporters” is a compliment. Stand in front of the mirror Jug, and you’ll be looking at the problem right in front of you!

          • Anti Socialist, if you would take that foot out of your mouth!
            Anti Commiecrat as well.

            You sound as crazy as the guy with the AK, who tried to shoot republicans.
            But we all know, “Liberals cant shoot straight!” Thank god!

            The voters actually figured out “Where the problem is”, and did something about it by electing Trump!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            FUCK TRUMP!

          • Like those of limited vocabulary, you have to resort to that good old standby “f you”. Makes a good argument for your views…. right?

          • All gays and female’s that think trumps travel ban is a bad thing better read the Curran all Muslims want

          • wow what a foul mouth you have, do you eat with that mouth, are you muslim and eat with your left hand after wiping your butt? if your not you would make a good one with you foul mouth

          • I forgot GO TRUMP

          • Andres a welcome sign to your hometown???????

          • Make America great once again, love America, and elect a government that works for all the people.

          • Y tu Hermana Tambien Andres Bugaron!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Shamu el que come mucho moco, but my sister is deceased. At least she made an honest living as a Hospital Director taking care of retards like yu and your famiy made up of morons, transvestites, pato’s, maricones & etc.. She was not out working the street corners like you and your mother do on the streets of Miami, taking welfare/food stamps and Medicaid. This appears to be a common thing in the retardlican party, they take welfare but knock others for doing the same. You guys are confused as your moron commie leader Donald Vladimir Trumpsky!!!

          • WOW!! He just read off his family tree!! LOL!

          • You couldn’t Make it in Miami! Ya Dog Peckker Gnat!

          • If Obama was not a criminal Hillary and Bill would be doing time now. However a pompous ass like yourself ignores their corruption.

          • And you and the horse yo road in on!!!

          • Please remember many of the liberals here are paid anarchist place on line to disrupt conversations that show how much the liberal screwed this nation over and how Obama was never called out for breaking laws or illegal activities like ignoring Constitutional Federal Immigration laws to sneak in million and millions of illegals to vote for his party.

          • After we can legally get the guy who screwed the middle class, then arrest Obama for crimes against the people and the constitution. You have no idea how we feel about your pathological liar and sneak Obama. Most of us want him prosecuted for not make believe crimes, but known crimes. Because of morons like you our worthless best Congress money can buy, everyone till this day politicians are scared shitless to call him out on breaking the law, or allowing a real investigation. If Obama was not half black, he would be were he belongs in a jail cell. He got away with near murder and you are truly a moron.

          • I’m still wondering how anyone who gets off 20-30 rounds (with a rifle!) at a range of whatever the distance is across a ball diamond (from the 3rd-base dugout) can make only 4 or 5 hits? I can see that with a handgun (he did have a handgun also), but with a rifle? You’re right, liberals are so unfamiliar with firearms that they have trouble hitting the broad side of a barn – from inside the barn!

          • Yeah, apparently at pistol range with an AK, and then being put down with a couple of pistols!
            Maybe he just died of shame!

          • John Wesley Bletsch

            The rifle was an SKS NOT an AK. Big difference in capability and accuracy is not a strong suite in either. SKS has internal 10 round mag and reloaded via stripper clips. AK takes 30 round mags. A good pistol shooter can take 50 yd shots.
            SKS is the russian version of our M1
            Before spouting off about an evil assault rifle its good to know exactly what an assault rifle actually is. Neither SKS or civilian available AKs are full auto capable. Cosmetic features do not make an assault rifle, function does.

          • Oh please DO NOT tell the ANTI-GUN freaks they’ll have a meltdown!!

          • John Wesley Bletsch

            Even well trained troops miss more than they hit. Its the nature of combat and moving targets are hard to hit. We can be grateful the shooter was not a particularly good shot and the rifle was a relic from WW2 not known for accuracy.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            You mean the “anti-social trump supporters”, they are gullible, ignorant and low educated and walk around bare footed1

          • You just described yourself perfectly!
            Its your kind that take AKs, ARs, etc to ball practice, movie theaters and schools!
            But of course, Communists were never shy about killing those of other political persuasion!
            The democrats switched, back when their leaders hi-jacked the political platform of the CPUSA.

            Becoming “Commiecrats”, and have been very busy ever since, what with electing the first full on Communist in 2008. Then picked the “next one” by rigging the election for Saul Alinski’s student, HRC, this time around!

            But Trump and the awakening voters correctly pissed on that party!

            Thank God!

            Now, go ahead, start that second Civil War! You will lose badly, and set back all the “progress” that the Commiecrats have made in the last 60 plus years!

          • I am a Donald Trump supporter with a PhD in Nuclear Engineering (UW, ’96). I am published in my field and I know more about applied numerical methods and Fortran coding in computer modeling and simulation than you ever dreamed of. Yeah, I’ve heard it all before, that conservatives are ignorant, “knuckle-dragging” Neanderthals. You bet. You sir, are a complete, unmitigated, idiot!

          • I’ll bet you’re one of the ‘Pants falling down around Your Knees’ Recipients!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Only one giving out bj’s is you and your mama on 42nd street corners every night!!!!

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          • Andres Villamarzo

            We live in central florida for 17 years, sorry but too many pendeja’s live there along with morons, low lifes, welfare/food stamp like yourself and other seedy type characters that call themselves “anti-social trump supporters”……….

          • Keep it up, with your help Trump will easily be re-elected.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            You appear to have an obsession with fags and transvestites could this be that you are one to and have not come out of the closet or are you just being your moron/ignorant self?

          • I’m responding to you in a manner you’ll understand Fruit!

          • You’re Right up there with The ‘Redman’ ,’ AK lady’ and a few SELECT Others! I have no time for Un-Educated, Demo-Krapp, Recipient. Jackasses. The only reason anyone votes Dem, is they are on Public Assistance! OR– They’re Dem Politico Operatives! Like Seth Rich! See how the Dems handled him! He was becoming a Liability!

          • Uneducated, what a joke from you. Clown college, draft-dodger, ’70!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            The more I think about this, I believe you a “commie lover Fidel Castro” look alike and think alike, swam across and landed in Miami, then went of food stamps, Medicaid and welfare. I see now where you are coming from pendeja.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Is this what you do on the street corner you work on “likkin dicks”? I knew exactly what you were just listening to your moronic/ignorant comments!!!!

          • Where exactly do you live Bozo?

          • I really hope someone flags you on your foul comments. You insult mother’s but fail to realize your own did not teach you respect for others or yourself. She did not teach you about keeping your mouth shut so others would only wonder instead of now knowing how pathetic you really are

          • Andres Villamarzo

            I am jewish too Deborah, and I am totally offended by the racism on the part of Trump, and maybe you should be talking about the 750 hate crimes since Trump took office???? Many were done to Synagogues…… Wake up and smell the coffee, this guy is bad news. Please don’t try to tell me he has not made any comments as there has never been a nominee/candidate for president that has insulted half the USA..

          • Trump is not responsible for any attacks against Jewish people. He supports Israel and Netanyahu supports him. I never said he was not indirectly responsible for attacks from Trump supporters on anyone that spoke out against him during rally’s for Trump. I do not see the racism you talk about from Trump. His past is not pretty. Since being sworn in he has tried to keep his promises. Not only has Democrats but many RINOs in office refuse to come together and help many situations and areas that need fixing. Never has a sitting president had to put up with so much from opposing party and his own than Trump has. So what if he puts ridiculous words on Twitter, he makes people listen. So what if I don’t like him as a man, as a Americas President he is doing a great job. The media blacks out and reports lies. You could see this too with research. I did that after someone challenged me to research how Trump has done since being sworn in. I took several days online and on the phone. I needed to know the truth, not what I was being told. It’s really sad that newspapers and internet can lie blatantly and any retractions are hidden and never brought up. The polls are run by the left and lie,as the Russian connection was a lie. What’s not a lie is Russia’s connection to Hillary and many Democrats in office. After everything Obama did including treason, nothing was done. Yes, there are many Trump supporters that turn violent, but cannot match the lefts violence or the violent rhetoric spewed by Democrats in office. He admitted his wrongs while running. Everyone knows what he’s done, but no one who is against him will take the time and research what is being said NOW. I did and I changed from NeverTrump. Regardless what party or religious beliefs, the violence, the lies, and people calling for blood just because America voted is wrong. If it keeps on, a civil war will break out and martial law will be declared. When that happens then it’s too late to research.

          • I am not Jewish, I am a Christian, I love Israel and the Jewish people and pray for them continually. I agree that “Never has a sitting president had to put up with so much from opposing party and his own than Trump has.” I like that Trump writes his own words on Twitter – keeps track, so dems can’t twist his words.

          • Judaism isn’t a race, stupid.

          • Trump’s son inlay is Jewish and so is his favorite daughter? Your a dead wrong, Trump and most conservatives want to help Israel more than the democrats whom screwed that democracy in favorite of the arabs.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Only person lowering their pants is you on the streets of Miami with your transvestite bretheren!!!!

          • How would you Know unless you were down there Doing The Booty? Joton! I believe I saw you, Ugliest Pfagg There!

          • Who is paying you asshole? Who do you work for Soros or Obama?

          • As a former NeverTrump supporter, I proudly stand up for Trump and I am highly educated which knocks out ignorant. I do however love being barefooted. This anti-social crap is just that. I saw as I’m sure you did too the crowds at Trump rallys. I’ve yet to see Trump supporters rioting, shooting Democrats, laying in streets, or wrong about how stupid the left act.

          • Well Deb if they keep up their crap you just might see DemonCRAPZ getting shot!! I hope not BUT Conservatives and Patriots, of which I’m one, will only take so much….. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing!! They will NOT like the retribution!! Then they’ll be saying; “What Did I Do”??

          • Old Codger, remember the assholes your referring to are paid anarchist here to disrupt anti-left wing opposition. They can say anything and get away with it, but conservatives are held to a higher standard. If Trump is wrongfully charged with crimes for impeachment there will be civil unrest, we are tied of being lied to and tied of protecting Obama and his fifth Column from treason charges.

          • You betcha!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Stop Deborah, I am also from NY. Your arguments are shallow just as your president Donald Skunk, who could care less about any American citizen. First, you still haven’t answered my question, try reading first, what has Donald Skunk done about the 750 hate crimes committed since he took office? Throughout his campaign, he insulted half the USA, the Pope, many political figures but failed himself to tell the American public about his escapades i.e. 2 housing discrimination complaints, 6 bankruptcies, 6 medical deferments to keep him out of military service, groping/sexually assaulting 13 women, countless sexual harassment complaints with several pending, refuses to produce his income taxes, has 4 in court right now cases for violence against protestors at his klan rallies, fraud case against over 7,000 citizens, using 250k from the Trump Foundation to pay for his legal fees & 33k from his Trump Foundation to have six foot tall paintings done of him that are now hanging in his golf course clubs and last but not least his associations with mob figures & his ties to Russia that he appears to deny like everything else? Yes Deborah please answer and tell all of us about each and every one of these issues. Before I forget, 3 weeks ago Trump leaked sensitive information to Russian emissaries Lavrov & Kisliak as he hugged and almost kissed them and the week after that leaked sensitive information to the Pres. of the Philippines regarding American Submarine locations off the coast of Korea, why is he making comments about leaking when he is the worse of them all? Also, he fires anybody who investigates him and loves asking for their loyalty, “this is not Godfather 4″……….
            Also, during the campaign “Candidate moron Trump” stated on more than 100 occasions that the elections were rigged and that he would not accept the results. Well Deborah, we are all waiting for him to step down and make good on another one of his broken promises!!!!!! Again, stop talking trash, you are brainwashed by this moron whom is a con-artist…..

          • You did not even read or comprehend what I wrote. I’m far from being brainwashed. When it comes to anyone giving away military secrets that would be Obama who committed treason more than once, at least 20 times. Everything you listed Trump never lied about. He never said he did not do any of those things. As for anyone investigating him, no investigation was going on. Firing Comey was what everyone demanded including Democrats. His answers (Comey) proved the Obama administration was dirty including Clinton. Nothing is being investigated on Trump. You are believing the lies of media. Did you not listen to the testimony? Yes he demands loyalty, anyone in business or office should demand loyalty. As POTUS Trump can stop any investigation but did not because there was none. I distinctly told you I was NeverTrump and did tons of research before deciding to support him AFTER he was sworn in. As for his promises he has kept quite a few. Several has been struck down by those in Congress/Senate and judges. As for painting of him at his golf course, it’s HIS golf course. He has also given his salary away since becoming president. So he earns nothing as president. You can not tell me about any investigation on Trump BEFORE his becoming president that I do not know about. Some of the things you listed have been proven a lie and others he admitted. I don’t care what he did it is what he is now doing as president. As for him insulting the Pope, big deal. Everyone insults the idiot. These hate crimes you speak of are being done to Republicans and by idiot left and Democrats or by moslems. You are spouting bull from media with nothing to back it up. As I said, his past is just that. He is doing a great job. Again, try your own research. I looked into what you wrote it’s called research and it’s bogus just like the media that reported it

          • Please your arguing with a dirtbag here to cause trouble, probably a paid anarchist Obama worshipper. The guy is a morn read his comments. He has been drinking Kool Aid laced with acid. Anyone with common sense know Obama is the real criminal not Trump. You cannot fix stupid, it is like death unfixable once it takes hold. ONly an investigation not controlled by the Democrats or GOP into Lynch’s cover up of Clinton can bring down the former executive branch credibility and expose Obama for the con-man he is. Event his pompous ass knows how corrupt Barrack was, and is, yet he is so mentally sick, he does not care, like most liberals.Thanks for trying, do not worry Trump will win re-election if people like him continue to shut down any opposition to insanity.

          • So very true

          • Honestly, if you cannot understand why millions hate Obama and the democrats you have never followed an Obama scandal prior to it being obstructed. They asked for an audit to see where 8 to 12 trillions was pissed away trillions in secret and they got as expected labeled a racist for questioning sneaky lying Obama? The GOP are winning even the last minute vacant seats in Congress after tens of millions are raised but your buddies from sources like Soros sand other famous communist. You still do not get it, your the ignorant ones.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            How about the billions who can’t stand that racist Trump?

          • No that is/ was DemonRATZ and Obomination supporters!!!!!!

          • I think you just described Democrats. I hold 2 bachelor’s degrees. 30 years in law enforcement taught me who the gullible ones are. I know when I see criminal behavior, which is what the democrats endorse: killing, fixing elections, refusing to turn over evidence (obstruction of justice), taking bribes, “money mismanagement” there’s still a lot of money unaccounted for from BO and Hillary’s tenure.
            As far as barefoot, it is summer and I love walk in around my house barefoot, also at the beach…lol

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Ladypro, it is quite evident that my commentaries struck a note with you and the “Low educated, Low IQ anti-social trump supporters”? It always does, because when anybody mentions low IQ, low educated anti-social trump supporters, they all come out from underneath the whale manure they’ve been hiding underneath. Just as they cam out to vote for their commie lovin candidate Donald Skunk, who insulted half the country, they love all of the hate and collusion with seedy dictators and a communist country that hates the USA. I say, bravo to the anti-social trump supporters for their success! Hope you morons are happy with this orange peel looking Orangutan/bigfoot…..

          • Why are you so defensive? You can only insult people with the same rhetoric over and over and over. At least get some new material, as it is you’re rather boring.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Only persons defensive are yourself and the “anti-social trump supporters”, I am just responding in kind.

          • He is a paid Agitator, here to get the worst out of people, through creating anger. He is another left wing anarchist preaching delusional thoughts. Totally in denial of reality. His purpose is to create trouble nothing more, or nothing less. He is a coward, that can only insult people by hiding in the shadows. He is here to make trouble, this isn’t even a human being, just a pos with no purpose in life. If you get angry enough to say something using profanity your censored for making comments. He knows what he is doing, he is a typical Obama lover.

          • I agree. He’s an uneducated illiterate fool. Claims he’s a 5 time veteran…lol like he served in all branches of the armed forces. I can only laugh at him and his special needs..lol

          • I served 27 years and eight months in the United States Army, in all three components, Reserve, Active, and Guard. Anything is possible, back during Obama’s second term he was having combat veterans discharged early to bring in people with special issues and needs such as transponders whom need special doctors, illegal aliens for quick citizenship, and a whole fruit salad of religious beliefs that had their rights valued more than traditional military bering and discipline. There have been gays since the beginning of time, yet not openly showing their preferences. The liberals placed loads of restrictions on smoking and where, but lessen the idea that everyone looks the same in the military in uniform and hair style. Folks got to wear religious symbolic headwear, beards, and ornaments? We were becoming a circus under the clown commander in chief Obama. Military leaders whom were old school were thrown out for left wing yes men. He pretty much destroyed the moral and standing of the military not just society as a whole. Everything he fixed went sour and was ruined. He was an out of control nut that actually hurt the nation more than he helped it. Thus it is possible this loon was an Obama warrior too. God save us if we go to war and expect Obama warriors to fight for this nation.

          • I grew up in uniform, first in a drum and bugle Corp, then high school marching band then I was 30 years LE, so I know about uniform regulations and bearing. We are held to a higher standard of conduct than the average citizen. And yes things got worse for LE under Obama and the liberals, that’s why I retired after hitting my 30.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Yep, you grew up uniformly stupid from one side of your brain to other! You served where, in the Salvation Army?

          • I grew up knowing what morality is, unlike you with your brain in the sewer on drugs. I was a deputy sheriff for 30 years and have arrested idiots like you daily for being stupid in public.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Ladypyro, I truly believe that you are losing it, anybody who can believe in an animal that looks like an “Orangutan/bigfoot” has got serious mental problems. You are of a low IQ most likely 1.0 slightly above plant life, therefore, go back to the welfare lines/food stamps/Medicaid and continue on your merry way! Stop bothering me with your brainwashed views of Donald Skunk. Thank you.

          • HAHA HAHA…YOU’RE the one with low IQ, if you’ll check back thru the discussion I never said I supported Trump, you’re just assuming, making an ass out of yourself by flinging insults immediately at people. Your derogatory language and hatred is just driving home the fact that democrats don’t think before inserting their foot in their mouth and rush to judgement. I’ve never stated my views of Trump so again you rush to judgement. You don’t know me at all. As I’ve already stated I worked as a deputy sheriff for 30 years. I am a single parent with a handicapped child (her father, like most males couldn’t handle it and took off.) I own my own home (no mortgage), I own 2 cars fully paid for, one of those a wheelchair van for my child), I have a timeshare, nice clothes and expensive jewelry. I own the American dream. I volunteer teaching CPR/FirstAid for the red cross, I volunteer walking and playing with the dogs down at the ASPCA. I’ve never taken a handout, I have honestly earned everything I have and am compassionate towards others.
            Now if you have a problem with me, it’s all your problem not mine. I’m happy with the person I am and the things that I’ve accomplished. Can you say the same of yourself or are you going to spout your usual rhetoric?

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Ladypyro, what is the new song for the “anti-social trump supporters”, (we have a fungus “trump”among us)?

          • The GOP is taking even more seats in Congress 4 to zero in victories. That is because Trump is supported and the middle class was screwed over by people like yourself and your God Obama.

          • what are you here morn? What is your purpose go to MSNBC where morons like you gather or CNN where they lied to you every minute? Your a scum bag here to make trouble like a typical liberal then act like the victim when people fight back? Get a life asshole or does interrupting conversations of other pay better for morons?

          • Chingate tu mismo Bugaron’ Cabron’ Andres Villajoto!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            No pendeja, vete y chinga in cabro, como tu carbon de padre!!!

      • What kind of statement is “Might have done something” Everybody might have done something. You might have crapped in your pants. If you want to see a moron just look in the mirror.

        • Its the stupid, mindless, slobbering excuse the socialist democ-RATS give for having their a$$e$ handed to them at the last 3 Elections

        • Thomas……You just made my day…..It isn’t ladylike to say what you did!! Thank goodness most of my Demo friends are looking beyond the lies spouting to them election after election and have switched parties.

          • Please do not involve God in these conversations with Republicans. Repubs and TPs do not believe in God. They believe in money and bullying ready poor Blacks, poor White women and old people to reduce cost of health care. I see you over the hill. So watch out lady. The Repubs and TPs are coming after you.

          • Who are you to say anyone does or does not believe in God. Money and bullying poor blks poor wht women? I guess all Democrats are poor. Try checking how much they make a year.

          • Did you really ask who I was! I am born-again Catholic and I want to counsel ignorant Republicans a TPs to conduct their lives here on earth before they accepted in heaven. Republicans and TEA Partiers who are mostly males were raised so badly they do know what is good and bad for them. Money and cheating on their wives are their center-piece of their lives.

          • charles johnston

            You have no charge to counsel anybody. Like the bible admonition, “Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel>’ That’s you. Idiot in spades.

          • Nonsense! For decades feminists….most of them masandrits have attacked males, declared themselves self-sufficient, superior to men while demanding men treat them with respect and chivalry.

            They have attacked every male dominated organization with false-hoods, casting the average male as stupid, insecure, untrustworthy and ignorant do!ts they must lead by our noses.

            Example: The Promise Keepers, a diverse, basically Judeo-Christian group of men who pledged to be good, God-fearing, father’s, brothers, husband’s and community leaders for youths, the elderly, etc.

            Gloria Steynam and her “Merry Band” of man-eaters immediately attacked them as being anti-women, anti-family, etc.

            My take: As far as I’m concerned, I will hold the door open for you. I will not stop to change your flat tire on a lonely road on a rainy night.

            You so much you don’t need men, do it yourself.

          • My, my. What an example of a poor man threated by women that he must feel are superior to him. Become a man and you’ll have no worries about women.

          • Not threatened at all by you misandrits.

            If being a “gentleman” means smiling in the face of femenist hostility, guess again!

            If you get in a man’s face, then hiding behind your skirt, because he retaliates in kind…something you completely find offensive to your malicious insults…guess again!

            Kiss off wicked sister!

            Get on your broom and vacate the premises

            Go home to your bowl of pet goldfish!

          • No, he is just fed up with your feminist nonsense. Btw, where do you stand regarding Muslim women not being allowed to drive and who have to have 3 male witnesses if they are raped, otherwise they are in big trouble from the community, maybe even getting lashes for lying or being out in public when they should be inside their houses making it nice and comfortable for their owner/husbands. Are you out there protesting bad treatment of these women? The real thing?

          • Love it! As a normal woman, I totally agree with you, Encore. I am so tired of man-hating feminists who pretend to be stronger and smarter than males one moment and then the next moment pretend to be poor little victims of white males.

          • You’re an idiot.

          • I am one of them Republicans, raised by a blue collar family, father a baker and mom a telephone operator. My brother was drafted and fought in Vietnam, and I was mobilized and sent to Iraq in 2005. We both married, had family, paid taxes and retired. Yup, we are really evil men we love Trump and dislike Obama and his lying goons. Your right our love for this country taught to us by our late WWII veteran dad and USO volunteer mom pretty much shows we are not worthy of the wonderful democrats who want open borders to destroy the nation economically and another pathological liar President clone of Obama. We must give up our freedom millions died to give us and worship Obama for taking it away with support from false news media, fixed elections, fear of being labeled a racist for questing his illegal behavior and deeds. Yup, your right. Things were perfect under sneaky Obama.

          • I can tell your brains were poisoned by your friends and neighbors. It is very hard to get rid of that worm in your brain. Please start thinking right and you will see the light. You’re now in mud and it’s hard to rescue you.

          • It seems that Moe was raised to respect hard work and love of country. I know the feeling as that’s how I was raised. The democrats have turned batshit crazy. Look at all the terrorist threats being made to kill republicans, just because they are republicans. Is this the “right thinking”? Is pathological lying the “right thinking”? Is fixing elections the “right thinking”? Is rioting and causing damage the “right thinking”? I think it is you that needs to see the light.

          • The guy who opened fire at Repub and TP party was a Christian and a Republican. We should avoid such people.

          • Sorry to correct you, but he was a democrat and a Bernie supporter. You are correct in that we should avoid them. Maybe a straight jacket would work

          • An indictment of Obama for the Clinton cover up, the refusal to enforce immigration law, the release of Iranian suspected terrorist claiming they were political prisoners, showing he had numerous alias to collect monies as a foreign student as well as social securities, the Benghazi massacre being tied to secret weapons dealing from embassy, the cover up of the Lois Leaner IRS involvement and refusal to prosecute, the proven lies concerning the National Health Care Act and who would be charged and the truth about losing your right to choose your doctor, I could go on and on, but your delusional as usual

          • Who decommissioned Bin Laden, the Yemen and Benghazi morons? Once you know who did then call me before you go to bed. Your brain is full of worms.

          • i am an 86 yr old white woman, whose 4th great-grandmother was a black slave in Africa and I want to know when the Democrat Party is going to apologize for slavery in the South where it all happened and for fighting against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and previous times. Also, you really shouldn’t talk about men cheating on their wives because then we have to remind you of Clinton and the weasel, etc. etc.
            I am so thankful for the great men my wonderful husband and father were, who have now passed away. Regarding money? Please! Clintons – need I say more? I think you need to spend more time in church to receive counseling on Love Thy Neighbor, pmbalele

          • My late grandfather died 43 years ago, as a child he told me how wonderful FDR was. Explained that he was unemployed after his company went broke, how Roosevelt reduced imports in certain areas, and how instead of being on welfare FDR gave him temporary employment. He cried telling me about being on relief, he was ashamed. The Democratic Party under Obama shifted to creating permanent dependency on the government. It is not the Democratic Party of the working man, but the socialist dreamers. I believe Trump can bring us back our jobs and our pride in self esteem. Liberals must always be the victims to get free stuff from tax payers. We owe only the sickly, elderly, handicapped, and children. The democrats bought their voters with our money.

          • There are many Gods. To some money is their god. I kind of like Zeus and Woden.

          • For one thing you can’t read. Another thing you have your head so far up your donkey, you can’t think straight!

          • Yes Obamas and the Clintons feel the pain of the poor while their vacating in a foreign resort. Your trying to argue with people whom have no common sense, or maybe never heard a real job for longer than a few years.

          • Obama is still stealing $400,000 a year from the USA & Clintons are using Clinton Foundation money to vacation on!

          • Right now the focus of Obama’s warriors to to try to band conservative news, there is room for honesty on the left, just lies that you better believe or else. The Obama’s had less than 200,000 in personal wealth in 2009, today they are estimated to be worth over two hundred million dollars. Not bad for a champion of the poor since he made only $400,000 a year salary. The guy is as sneaky as they come. Someone has to sit down with the very few members of the v
            Black Congressional Democratic Caucus and explain to them their hero screwed his own people to admit millions of illegals into the nation and pay to resettle them. He did nothing to help inner city poor, but endanger them by curbing law enforcement. Dr. Carson, has a plan for homeownership for the poor and a ticket to self independence from Democratic Party pay outs for their vote. In my community, middle class residents, almost all the blacks are republicans because they worked to own a home and have a shot at getting ahead.

          • My friends are middle class blue color workers, their insurance premiums skyrocket so the poor could have either reduced or free coverage. In 2009 Obama said, his health care plain would not harm Main Street, but charge the ultra rich, google it buddy. The plan hurt working people with little kids, not the rich, Obama made the rich richer. You sound like the movie starts that want open borders and live behind 15 foot electric walls guarded by armed guys with attack dogs.

          • Please read what I have advised Trump. Enact a 0.01 sales tax. This will cover Obamacare expanded and people will not pay premiums or deductibles.

          • I promise I will google and bing to research your request thank you.

          • I will appreciate that. I have done it already. Yours will simply my findings.

          • NO MORE TAXES to support anything! Especially government run Obamacare. Repeal and DO NOT replace it. Let you and your doctor do what’s right, not what the insurance companies say. If it’s a priority we CAN afford it!

          • charles johnston

            Either learn to read or shut up. “Thank goodness” does not refer to God, and you are a brain-dead idiot lib who bottom feeds on what the democrats feed you sheeple. Sheesh. What an idiot. . . but then you always have been.

          • It wasn’t the republicans who groaned and the convention when the moderator asked if they should open with a prayer. Buford, old ladies and the poor aren’t gong to lose anything. Turn off CNN because it’s obviously lowered your IQ.

          • What a completely insane comment, pmbalele. Obviously you are on public assistance of some kind and have a beef. If you had half a brain, you would know that Republicans have no problem with the receiving of assistance “IF” you have a true need and are willing to work.
            1) Black bully blacks…Al Sharpton and those like him have kept blacks down, not whites or Republicans.
            2) Obamacare did not reduce the cost of health care.. Obamacare was not paying for itself – it was been subsidized with money stolen from other places…insurance companies were losing so much money, they started pulling out. More people were on Obamacare and not paying a dime, than were paying into it.

          • Young lady, please read what I have recommended to President Trump. We need a sales tax of 0.01 for everything except food. This will cover all Americans and there will be no deductibles or out of pocket premium payments. I have cranked up numbers and found Obamacare will have surplus if Trump adopts my recommendations. Best thing about my recommendations is that you will deal with your doctor directly instead of insurance companies messing around with you.

          • Odd. After the previously ‘worst’ president Bush Jr., most of my Republican friends turned Democrat. Now, with the ‘very worst’ president, others are turning Democrat. Of course, I and my friends are from a generation that had better education and higher standards in the schools. The fact that Trump could have become a serious candidate for the most powerful position in the land reflects the results of so many people coming out of high school not even being able to read – just like Trump and knowing nothing about our history our constitution, or how the government is run.

          • What a hoot!!. What better education and higher standards…..not on this planet. All one has to do is look around. Stop a person on the street and ask who was Obama’s Vice President…Ask who John Glenn was….pick a topic….they do not know and do not care. You must be misinformed yourself, if you feel President Trump knows nothing about our history, our constitution or how our government is run. Thank goodness he does!! That is why he has been elected. To Drain the Swamp of those who have run amok with their power!!

          • Liberal IDIOT moron with a little brain with an IQ of -79

          • It took a lot of intelligence to put THAT statement together.

      • If any of you liberals could tell the truth the rest of us would drop dead. We’re still alive.

        • Hi, Estell … Andres is a TROLL, not worth responding to it; but you do make an excellent point !!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Are you another one of the “anti-social trump supporters”?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Another area y’all on the left should never point fingers about: antisocial behavior.

          • absolutely no.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            If this is what you believe, then I will not argue with you! The rest of America knows better from “marionette puppet Donald Trump of Vladimir Putan”……

          • EVIDENCE please???

          • Has anybody else been wondering about the professional background of USAG Sessions? I doubt if he graduated at law school and practiced law at all. Sessions duty is to defend USA and President Trump if sued. Why can’t Session be Trump lawyer instead of Trump hiring lawyer morons to defend him – and we do not know for what. I have counseled Trump to fire all his current agency appointees except military leaders. Sessions is supposed to be the top cop of the country. Instead he is letting his assistants boss him. Look, his assistants appointed Mueller to investigate Trump, Sessions boss. Where was Sessions to stop that appointment? Sessions is a pain to Trump. If Repubs and TPs in Congress want Mueller then they should pay him. I am told he will be grossing $500 per hour for investigating nothing. Trump should fire Sessions; Pence should be replaced by Ivanka and Dr. Carson should be replaced by Bernie Sanders.

          • Your brain should be transplated with an orangutan’s brain.

            No, I take that back. An orangutan is smarter.

          • God bless Dr. Carson and Mr. Pence. Can’t say about Sessions – don’t know much about him, hope he will do a good job.

          • Yes, and so thankful Hillary is gone.

          • So are mrpoohead, Frank B ad The Redman. They never say anything about the topic. My guess is they’re taking money from Soros.

        • Telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth is easy. And then Donald opens his mouth again…
          lordy I hope he does have tapes.

          • I’m sure he did. But when he was called on it, it took him a week before made the decision to deny it – long enough from him and his lawyers to dispose of them as they would have incriminated him further. Never knew anyone so wishy-washy, changing stories one day to the next. Poor pathetic man – he’s way over his head and drowning. Well, perhaps every court needs a jester now and then.

          • Never heard of Hillary????

          • Speaking of lies – are you a democrat? LOL!

          • No I am a white educated male. Who does use him brain! LOL

      • So far, after 10+ months of investigations by the alphabet agencies (FBI, NSA, CIA, etc.) the only damning evidence developed so far is that President Trump occasionally likes Russian dressing on his salads . . . . . the Left is devoid of Common Sense and foam-at-the-mouth at the mention of President Trump.

        Wake up!

      • if there are any stupid people out there you are the main moron that makes these stupid statements about trump when will you learn to stop crying about the election that trump won get it trump won hey stupid trump won hitlery lost, are you a muslim like that former president?

      • You are the moron. Get over it, dummy, you lost!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Sorry Miss Dranohog, but you sound like one of those “anti-social trump supporters”!!!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          No, Miss dranohog, you are the moron for believing in morons like yourself and a co-hort of our adversaries!!!!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Trump has done a lot of things, but NOT that for which he’s being castigated by y’all with your witch hunt because you LOST the election! And if I were in your shoes, I’d be real careful about pointing fingers about “lying”, because the Left hasn’t told a truth, outside a Freudian slip, in decades.

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Sorry Sandra, but Mr. Trump has done absolutely nothing for this country, I do not call Travel ban 1 & 2 a success, Healthcare behind closed doors a success, appointing billionaires and millionaires a success, angering our allies i.e. England, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Canada & etc. a success. Therefore, what success are you talking about? The only success anybody has seen is Trump has insulted half the USA and the Pope, deregulated things like Dodd-Frank & EPA Laws and is now poisoning our air and water, therefore I am trying to figure out what success’??? The man is a pathological liar, he can’t tell the truth, he and his co-horts are all in collusion with Russia and are all lying out of their rear ends????????

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Where’s the proof idoit

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sandra, besides you being a moron, did you at least get passed the 2nd grade? It has already been proven, if you weren’t watchin g cartoons instead try watching the news, you might learn something. You are a typical “anti-social trump supporter”, and require assistance in reading newspapers & etc.. Try being a good citizen, and stop being an ignorant/moron!!!!!

          • Proven? Evidence please

          • Fake news in a nutshell from Andres Villamarzo,

      • You will be surprised to say the least, wait for it, than tell everyone how stupid you are.

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Sorry Miss Kahickie but you are in never-never Trumpland and confused and misinformed, suggest you watch the news closely. It is very apparent that you and the other “anti-social trump supporters” are in total denial. Mr. Trump is not the person you think he is, but if you and the others feel differently and continue with your stench of loyalty for a pathological liar, nobody will hold it against you. You have the right to vote for the moron of your choice, and you and the others voted for a man who clearly reflects your views and the views of others. My wife and I voted for the Libertarian Party despite the fact that we knew Gary Johnson had no chance. He was a much better candidate and more honest, therefore we can rest assured and sleep at night knowing that we voted for the most qualified candidate, not the worse qualified candidate being “Donald “Vladimir” Skunk”, a man whom has aligned himself with our worse adversary “Russia”!!!! Hope you can sleep at night Miss Kahickie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a 5 time veteran and can’t believe our president could align himself with our worse adversary that has armed every “bad guy” in the entire world!!!!!!!

          • Yeah Andres. and your Pet Fagg Obama, was the Source of All Truth and Knowledge, along with Hilde-Beast Klint-Stone!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            No pendeja, the only pet I have is my cross, and I say to it everday “thank goodness that I did not vote for that moron Donald “Vladimir” Trumpsky!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Only fag is you and your transvestite father and brother!!!! Maybe you’re one too!!!!!

          • How can you be a 5 times veteran? There isn’t such a thing, it’s either you’re a veteran or your not. You must be suffering from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

      • Where is your prof that trump is lying?

      • Oh please tell us you intellectual giant, What EVIDENCE do you or any of your mindless, slobbering left wing socialist democ-RATS have against OUR President, Donald Trump. Here is a clue a$$ clown>>>>>NONE! You little SNOWFLAKES just can’t handle reality. You got your A$$ handed to you during the elections. It is obvious you are a mindless TROLL! Why don’t you waste what is left of your grey matter on WHY AMERICANS DIED IN BENGHAZI? WHY L.Lynch Met with Bubba on the runway. Why Obama’s IRS attacked Conservative Americans? Why Hillary sold Uranium 1 to here it goes the RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT and then had billions of dollars donated to her from that’s right RUSSIAN Mafia PUKES? Quit wasting our time. If we wanted your opinion, we would have told you what that opinion was, you STUPID, MINDLESS SHEEP

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Sorry to disturb you, blithering moron but if you haven’t heard the news your president Donald Skunk just got done sticking it to the lower/middle income people right underneath of all you morns/ignorant assholes who voted for this orange Orangutan/bigfoot. Good luck with this piece of shit because he is not done sticking it back to reduce taxes on the rich! Bye asswipe.

          • Well it’s unanimous … everyone thinks you’re stupid!

          • Keep on BLEETING dip sh*t

          • Once again>>>You mindless, slobbering, clueless, leftist socialist democ-RATS TRIED!
            Once again>>>you mindless, slobbering, clueless, leftist socialist democ-RATS LIED!
            And once again YOU HAVE FAILED! That makes you a pure LOSER! You have been WEIGHED! You have been measured! And as always, you have been left woefully WANTING! Poor little, sniveling, left wing TROLL!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          p.a.- sorry to correct your ignorance but Gowdy and crew exonerated Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. Your are so ignorant that you forgot to mention Trump and Yemen and the disaster there or his affiliations with Russia a country who sells military hardware, planes and nuclear technology to our enemies. Yes, you ignorant asshole, this same equipment was used and being used to kill American troops. Of course our 6 medical deferments Trump keeping him out of Viet-Nam, he could give two shits but you go ahead and keep believing in that asshole , and I guess you do because you are one yourself!!!!!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Sorry there but if the evidence where right iun front of your face, you would still find faults with it!!!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          p.s.s.- Sorry that you are a moron in disguise but if you want to believe that orange Orangutan/bigfoot, you can, as you are a “anti-social trump supporter”!!!!

      • F-U you Martian Bastard! I’ll bet you’re a Castro Cuban Agent!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Fucj you to pendeja! No maybe you and your commie lovin compatriots along with Donald “Vladimir” Trumpsky!!!!!!! Bunch of commie lovers that accept a man whom everybody know the deal, except the moron Anti-social trump supporters!! Why Trumpsky surrounded himself with Russian alliances i.e. Trump, Manafort, Carter, Flynn, Sessions, Tillerson…….. it goes on and on, Trumpsky admire Vladimir Putan because he knows the man is a thief snf he want to be identical to him!!!!! Wake-up you pinche pendeja!!!!!

          • Who taught you Spanish Azzhole Culeron?! Come to Fla! Puzzy Fruit!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Certainly was not you pendeja! you couldn’t win a 2nd grade spelling bee!!!! Go back to trumpland with the rest of “ANTI-SOCIAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS”, you commie lovers should get along there with the head commie Donald “Vladimir Putan” Trumpsky”………

          • Mexican!! Mostly Beaners use Pendejo and Picche!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            No pendeja! It’s pinche! Go back to school you moron anti-social trump supporter. I don’t have time to argue with you but wanted to say your mama still gives out the best bj’s in town therefore, sorry but I gotta go and take a “Donald dump”!!!!! Hope I don’t hear from you again, you appear to be the annoying type, is this the way yu treat your boyfriend or your transvestite lover?

          • Typo Joto!

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Only illegal here is you pendeja, did you swim across the ocean to get hear and then cry wolf? Sorry but I gotta go and take a Donald Dump…….

      • Man – you’ve got some good drugs —- How about sharing some……

      • We know and and list the crimes of Obama, and if the FBI was honest like Comey the liar said, Obama would of been indicted. Your a moron if you think the Obama cover up of the Clinton email and foundation crimes never happened. And your an idiot if you think we will allow the impeachment of a newly elected President without evidence and worship a protected pathological liar that got away with near murder in crimes like the IRS Leaner scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi story and discrediting witnesses there, Bergdolh exchange telling us he was an honorable soldier. You claim we’re stupid and your suppose to be smart?

      • It’s incredible how gullible libertards are. You are more interested in being deceived by the wonderful George Soros clan and the lies they are pushing through the bought and payed for communist media machine. Wake up moron it’s all a shell game. Hide what’s going on by focusing people’s attention on fake news. That’s the way they destroy your freedoms.

      • We similarly fail to believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus for the same reason – No credible evidence! While parents try to stack the deck to get their children to continue to believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa, it doesn’t mean it is OK to stack the deck to get the world to believe that Trump is an underhanded, bottom-feeding, conniving rascal. If he were all of those things, he’d more than likely be a far left demonic-rat.

      • You’re behind a witch hunt that has gone on too long- all designed to take an honest POTUS down and obstruct his efforts to fix our problems. Enough of your BS and actions. Trump has the people’s support to
        Fire all involved and get the Trump train going at full speed ahead. No more investigations when their is no basis to start it! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/401fbad249efb5fefe5420430034cbe9f58048702d699771f3e45daff8388e77.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76ec66c853be353a39f9eee200fc97a5c3a7028c56c42eabf1cc9e7f92d838b4.png

      • Andreas, GET A LIFE SOMEWHERE PEOPLE GIVE A DAMN ABT YOUR STUPID ASS COMMENTS. You say nothing but hyperbole and lies that even you cannot support. So SHUT UP and go find a liberal website that you can mate with. We are not interested…

      • There’s nothing there and the whole stupid thing is the democrats having a tantrum. We’re stupid? You voted for a guy who ran on hope and change.

      • So we conservatives fail to BELIEVE that President Trump MAY HAVE DONE SOMETHING and we don’t want to BELIEVE it. Andres, show us some EVIDENCE please. WE BELIEVE IN EVIDENCE, not propaganda and fake news spread by politicians and media and “useful idiots” (the phrase used by Russian leaders about its people who fell for and passed on all their lies.

      • You wouldn’t be a far left wing whack job would you?

        • Andres Villamarzo

          No, are you one of those “ANTI-SOCIAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS”?

          • Andres, if you want to continue using your phrase please get it correct ANTI-SOCIALISM TRUMP SUPPORTERS

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Ladypyro, but it’s “anti-social trump supporters”! If you recall your candidate Donald Skunk is pro-Russian, which means he is for commies and commie lovers!

          • You are so dumb, you didn’t even get the pun….lol

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry there Ladypyro, but you are dumb and brainwashed by this “marionette puppet” of Vladimir Putan. Listen to this “Orangutan/bigfoot and his pathological lying, the country does not know how to take a man that clearly lies, denies and deflects anything he says and does and blames everybody to include Pres. Obama. It appears that after Trump found out that Obama was born in Hawaii, it angered Trump. The truth of the matter is Trump’s mother was not a USA citizen and was born and raised outside the USA. Check it out, you’ll find this is a fact! Trump lied about it, to conceal his ignorance and his nasty ugly behavior towards Obama to conceal his mother being born outside the USA..Good luck dummy, like I said you are brainwashed or brain dead one of the two, to believe the non-sense that comes out of the mouth of Trump. If you want to check more of Trump’s idea of Tax Reform, what a freakin joke, the middle class are made to pay for what the rich will not be paying. What a pitiful piece of whale manure Trump truly is and the “anti-social trump supporters” buy everything this moron says! What a joke you guys truly are……

          • HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…You must lead such a pathetic life, so full of hatred. You are of the permanent mentality of “Nobody likes me, everyone hates me, I gonna eat some worms…”

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Ladypyro, but the only one that leads a pathetic life is yourself and the “anti-social trump supporters”, and David Duke who happens to admire Donald Trump! You are in a state of denial and just like Trump you cannot admit that you voted for the biggest hunk of whale manure in the USA and that he has damaged the standings of this country around the world. He has done absolutely nothing for the working or poor, the only thing he appears to be concerned about is “lowering taxes for the wealthy” and this is quite evident as he has placed in his healthcare plan 541 billion dollars tax break for the rich & his proposal for Tax Reform is so pathetic (like you) is a freakin total joke, giving the rich extremely low tax levels and making the middle class pay for what the rich and corporations will not be paying.
            Like I said before, you are misinformed, uninformed, brainwashed, brain dead and totally are out in left field. I can just about bet a cup of coffee that “YOU ARE THE TYPE THAT GETS HOME AFTER BEGGING AT YOUR LOCAL SOCIAL SERVICES OFFICE FOR FOOD STAMPS AND WELFARE, AND WHEN YOU GET HOME, THE LIGHTS ARE ON, BUT THERE’S NOBODY HOME”!!!!!!!

          • HAHA HAHA… Sorry I worked an honest job, and have a nice retirement check and health insurance, own my house (no mortgage), own 2 cars (no payments), own a timeshare, have nice clothes and expensive jewelry. In other word I own the American dream! I did it by hard honest work, regardless of who is president or the corrupt congress. I didn’t rely on government handouts.
            So just go back and hide in your mother’s basement and continue being a troll.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            I just watched the movie of you, “dumb & you were dumber”!

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    • Sorry to disagree, but they did find two issues that haven’t been resolved, yet.

      (1) Our President likes 2 scoops of ice cream

      and the really damning issue . . .
      (2) Our President like Russian Dressing on his salads.

      Evidently, the latter causes Dems to Foam-at-the-Mouth at the mere mention of the President.

    • That’s because he doesn’t plsy “dirty” like the left! He loves America, unlikebthe quack ass Black fraud president who MADE IT KNOWN HE HATED AMERICA AND ALL SHE STANDS FOR INCLUDING OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND OUR FLAG — PLUS BOWING DOWN IN SUPPLICATION TO A SAUDI ARABIAN ROYALTY – something any respectful American President would never do!! There was a true Treasonist in our Federal govt, NOT President Trump.

      When the Left stops acting like a bunch of whiney high school girls and starts supporting our President, the U.S. will finally become strong and deserve the respect it garnered before the inept raghead fraud bho took office and started to drag our reputation through the mudd.

      Where in God’s name are the heads of the Left? Anchored where the sun doesn’t shine obviously. Their news is old news that has been renamed “Faked News”…how ridiculously stupid can they get?!!

      If you are an American who realky has no time to make an action agsinst these despots, then KISS YOUR LIFE GOOD BYE! You have not learned what AMERICA IS TRULY ABOUT — FREEDOM from idiots who wsnt to tske your hard esrned monies and give them to unAmerican strangers or radicalized muslims so they can kill your children and neighbors or even you.

      Mueller is one of the Left who truly does not care abt You OR Your future. He only cares abt condemning President Trump! Demand he be removed from this investigation panel…he WILL NOT DO HIS JOB AND JUSTICE WILL NOT BE DONE, BUT MADE A MOCKERY! Aren’t you tired of being the rug the Left is wiping their feet on? Then do something about it!

    • And they won’t fine anything on Trump. But they can and will lie on the president.

  2. If you listen closely to much of the fake news, you come up with a pattern. So many times the people like Rachel Maddow begin their fake new stories with “What if” then proceed to lay their made up story on the listener. OK Maddow, let’s see if this works for me. What if you Rachel are really a guy in drag. That would make a lot of sense based on your hatred for our President who doesn’t do the same.

  3. Is the Trumpster under federal investigation? The former FBI Director, Jim Comey, told the POTUS three time he was not. But, Comey’s a proven liar and leaker, so toss what he had to say into the crapper. Bill Mueller, the new Special Counselor and BFF of Comey, ain’t talking. He’s just hiring a bunch of Hillary-affiliated lawyers to help him with his investigation to find something, anything, to pin on Trump so as to ruin his re-election chances in 2020. The only one doing any talking now is the Washington Post and the New York times, both far left leaning “fake news” papers who toss out unsubstantiated tidbits of questionable information in order to fan the flames of hate and discontent against the Trumpster. And what a load of fly-flecked horse-shiite it is…ain’t liberalism grand!

  4. According to DOJ own POLICY, NO!

  5. Dr. Mike Reeder

    Common folks, THERE IS NO OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE or ANY Trump-Russian connection! I would not say the same about Hil-liar-ly. Give it up and let’s get on with REAL WORK!

  6. President Trump is under PERSECUTION!


    If you want to impact a Media site, have everyone you know (the more the better) write the editor and demand they start printing stories with truths NOT fallacies or you will seek your News elsewhere. Go on their Facebook or Twitter websites and say the same thing. If enough people “condemn” these arrogant fool websites, they will either change their tactics or not. If not, seek other websites for your info, but tell everyone on W.P.’s Facebook or Twitter pages you did so and WHY!

    These media outlets have forgotten the reasons why they became a legitimate source of information. TIME FOR THEM ALL TO BE REMINDED. A lack of Readership is the best tool to do that!

  8. BLOGGERS ON THIS WEBSITE: Beware of Trolls infesting this blog string. Trolls are like “aphids” on plants – they suck the life out of a plant (Blog) before it can bloom.

    These people like Andre Villamarzo only want to confuse or disrupt the flow of the blog. Most of them are PAID to do this so people will become angry and get off subject. DO NOT LET THEM DO THAT TO YOU. They truly do not care one way or the other abt the subject matter — it’s all about creating ANGER, not discussion!

    So click on the small arrow to the right of the troll’s name and click on “Block”. Poof, they are gone and can no longer disrupt your blog. If enough people do this, the troll will go bother another blog and remove themselves from your blog string!


  9. sandraleesmith46

    FIRE Mueller; get someone NOT LEFT-BIASED, or drop it entirely, the latter being the appropriated action.

  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AN Americans are saying “STOP THE WITCH HUNT” … NOW … or be reckoned with, VERY HARSHLY, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is all a smoke screen, Mueller, et al are investigating Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, et al.
    The Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization will be toast.

  12. After so many investigations that show nothing, you would think the Libs would stop, but they wont because all the problems in this country is caused by them. Not to worry it will all come out soon.

  13. There was no Trump> Russian collusion! That lie has been put to rest.
    Now there are talks of obstruction of justice. Again, there was none!
    Next the so called “independent” investigator Mueller will be investigating whether or not OUR President, Donald Trump peed on the side walk and which one. Was the Pee yellow or clear.
    This is nothing more than a witch hunt, a political lynching a left wing attempt at a coup. It is a Historic waste of Taxpayer Money and valuable time. The democ-RATS own this and will pay for it for DECADES

  14. Trump is C0mmander in Chief of the Armed Forces! Have the Military Police arrest, and detain the Lying Dem S.O.B.s for disrupting the entire Nation’s Business Processes! I’m sure a Lawyer could find an appropriate Statute/Charge!

    • Andres Villamarzo

      Shampendeja, your commie lover president couldn’t be in charge of a boyscout jamboree much less our military. he is a 6 medical deferment specialist that kept him out of Viet-Nam, you similar to you, crying when you swam across the ocean from Havana (a Fidel Castro look alike) and the cried for food stamps, Medicaid & welfare. Like I said, I gotta take a Donald Dump, gotta go pendeja!!!!!!

      • How old are you TeenyBopper? 15??

        • Andres Villamarzo

          A lot older than you asswipe! I think you ‘ve been bending down in the showers @ the local correction center once to often. I suggest you get your brain (what little you have) checked by your local proctologist and have him perform brain surgery to remove the asinine and toilet seat behavior/mannerism you have. I truly believe that when you drifted here to the USA on a 2 by 4 across the ocean a few sharks nipped away at your good judgement! Good luck pendeja.

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          • You’ve gone off the deep end, Bozo.

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          • Andres Villamarzo

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    • Andres Villamarzo

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  15. ANYBODY that knows mueller and the beltway boys the answer is simple – they intend to get rich on taxpayer money – overthrow trump and his MAGA agenda – and let the NWO take over the US……YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED AND RESISTANCE IS FUTILE……..

  16. Everyone is under investigation whom has anything to do with assisting proving the that Supreme Court decision to declare the Federal lo Reserve Act of 1913 constitutional, is an error since made it legal for the U.S. treasury department to counterfeit U.S. dollars. This would cause the collapse in the currency which already has lost its purchasing power many times over due to the resulting massive inflation. Full 600 pages of details in published details exist and are available. at aseeking alpha.om blogs at


  17. If an investigation is started about the Federal Reserve System

  18. Every one in politics is under investrigatiion when it behooves any one else in politics ro allude to the fact that it might be woth doing by inuendo

  19. Trump should be under investigation as our liar commander and chief

  20. Is Trump under investigation? Depends on whose ox is to be gored. As far as the loony left is concerned advantage to them if snide comments alluding to the fairly tale of Trump colluding with the Russkies are made and run in the media every two hours. In actuality, Leakin’ Jim Comey told the Trumpster privately three times that he was not under investigation. Yet, he never made it known publicly. It appears he wanted Trump to stew in his own juices which is why Comey was summarily discharged from his duties as the FBI Director. Even the leaders of the various committees, chaired by Republicans, knew that Trump was not a target, yet they were silent, too. Looks to me that what we have here is a political coup designed to kill the Trumpster’s presidency. My advice to Trump would be to adopt the old slogan from the “X-Files”: TRUST NO ONE.

  21. Joseph R. Davis

    Of course Comrade Donald Ivanovich is under investigation. It doesn’t matter whether Trump sold out to the Russians for money, or to get elected. Treason is treason. And the FBI will keep digging until the truth comes out. Or the indictments.

    • In other words there is no evidence but you will keep on digging and digging and hoping and hoping and wishing and wishing. Lol.

      • Seems that I recall something like that when Nancy Sweety said that some evidence just couldn’t be found, iit just had to be investigated because that made it suspicious.

      • Joseph R. Davis

        Au contraire, Daisy Mae. The FBI is digging. And Trump is hoping and wishing for a miracle.

  22. I don’t understand why no one is pursuing the Seth Rich murder. Wikileaks said they did not get DNC emails from a Russian and there seems to be a lot of questions surrounding Rich’ murder and communication with Wikileaks. Why are we expected to believe a Russian conspiracy with Trump, but are mocked because we believe Rich was murdered because he was the email leaker?

  23. Why if Obama still a major character in this play? His term is over, he should retire and go away like almost all other Presidents did? Half the nation thinks he screwed them over, his delusional success story is a liberal fairy Tale fantasy. He doubled the national debt we still scratching our asses trying to figure out where the money went, Congress will not audit his years in office, that way liberals can blame Congress. The western world is over run with refugees since he fixed Iraq by withdrawing all US forces with leaving a security force behind, allowing Isis to grow and murder millions. The Clinton cover up by Obama, sneaky Lynch, and dishonest Comey. The plan to over whelm the nation with illegal aliens after labeling them immigrants, or refugees in need of assistance to settle here. Negotiations done in secret for the dangerous Iranian deal promise, the Cuban deal no strings attached for the Cubans deal, the PPA deal that Congresspeople both parties accepted to get PAC donations. Clinton’s agreeing to sell the Russians 20% of USA uranium for hundreds of millions in donations to the foundation, the Canadian charity used to laundry foreign donations to hide sources and donors. We were screwed, now we read false news in the newspapers and listen to lies from 95% of the TV news stations. We watch as black announcers play the race issue as they attack Trump, white liberals scream profanity at us and call it news? This is the America Obama gave you, one like his life story based entirely upon a lie. Obama destroyed this nation, was allowed to run wild breaking laws and obstructing justice without fear. The mere thought that another Obama clone could return to governing this nation should scared the living poop out of you, everything he did was a lie, that hurt the nation and bought votes for him and his party. His intent was to destroy America economically by debt.

  24. That depends on who you ask

  25. If memory serves correctly, and it does, Slick Willy fired all AG’s when he took office. Many investigating Clinton felonies. Where was the outcry then & investigation of Slick for all those firings?

  26. This is the basic SHORTCOMING of ‘our’ free press. When there is no redress for outright lies, we are REALLY stretching a Constitutional “Right”. An occasional zinger is to be expected BUT a continuous diet of ‘reliable sources’ which are wrong (for political gain) should be PENALIZED !!!

  27. Investigate TRUMP and learn something like, how to become President with 1/3 of the budget as the competition.
    How a non politician can become President. The 2016 election was historical in these two senses and the LOSERS
    clouded it with scandal blaming the Russians, HA! Politics have been changed for ever, celebrate it, don’t hate it!

  28. No he isn’t under investigation what is under investigation if the basis for the unsupported allegations being made being made that POTUS any such contact

  29. David VanBockel

    The issue will be settled with rifle bullets.
    The demonrats have already fired the first rounds.

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