Fake Bills and Scary Government

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

The quote is often misattributed to Thomas Jefferson, but the source doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment. It is a concept that has been all but forgotten in today’s America. There’s no reason to let a fear of government keep you from living your life, but there are plenty of reasons to remember it when you go into the voting booth. Consider a couple of recent stories. If local officials can destroy a person’s finances, what can the feds do?

First, let’s look at an unfortunate and sad story out of Philadelphia where a man named Nathan Lerner is being held responsible for a $280,772 tax bill that even city officials acknowledge is bogus. Commonwealth Court is requiring Lerner to pay the outstanding bill, even though the six-figure sum is purely imaginary.

The fault the courts found was not in Lerner’s failure to pay taxes, but rather in his failure to follow proper procedure when challenging the bill. Because he didn’t obey a county court order to fund a Tax Review Board transcript, of all things, his appeal was ultimately dismissed. Commonwealth Court “reluctantly” made the judgment against Lerner, noting even in the ruling that the tax sum was made up by Philadelphia city officials to draw Lerner into their offices.

Then there’s the ongoing saga in Pasco County, Florida, where a local news station has highlighted dozens of cases where homeowners have been sent outrageous water bills. According to WFLA in Tampa, at least 50 people have complained about Pasco County Utilities sending them bills that don’t match water usage. Plumbing experts have investigated the claims, insisting that many of the bills describe an amount of water use that would be physically impossible for homeowners to attain. Still, Pasco County Utilities has yet to refund a dime.

Small Government Writ Large

If local government is so bureaucratic and money-grubbing as to be impenetrable even with judicial and journalistic interference, what hope does the average citizen have against the federal government? Especially one that has grown to the enormous size and strength of ours? Yet year after year, so-called Republicans fail to tame the beast. Worse, Democrats like Obama come up with programs that only serve to enlarge the behemoth.

Even in the face of this giant, you still see liberals claim that government isn’t the problem. Instead, big corporations like Wal-Mart are the real enemy. What a joke. When was the last time Wal-Mart threw innocent people in prison? When was the last time Johnson & Johnson bombed a pharmacy in the Sudan? What role did Pfizer play in the Holocaust?

The world’s greatest tragedies are, almost invariably, the work of tyrannical governments. Big government is a problem for many reasons – stifled progress, reduced innovation, and higher taxes, to name a few – but the biggest problem is that with ever-increasing expansion comes ever-increasing power. Limiting that power is integral to the survival of our nation. The seed we are now sowing in Washington will bear fruit far more dangerous than a fake water bill.

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  2. Yes Obama is responsible for state taxes and municipal water bulls Joe, could you be any dumber?

    • Obama is responsible for an attitude that leaks down from the Executive branch to the Cabinet to the states and finally the munincipalities. Could your lack of understanding this be any dumber, or are you a government employee?

      • Yes a small township in florida over charges on a water bill because it trickled down from the white house You conspiracy kooks are too funny

        • I suppose Jimmy Boy that and political science classic that disagrees with your half educated world view would appear as a conspiracy.

    • Congressman Darrell Issa has produced a shocking new report detailing the Obama administration’s extensive use of taxpayer-funded propaganda, which he says breaks federal law. The report created for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform details how the former Alinskyite community organizer has channeled the resources of the federal government — that is, your money — to create “a sophisticated propaganda and lobbying campaign” made up of “inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives.” The highlights include:

      Using federal arts grants to spread Obama’s legislative message. Last August 10, administration officials held a conference call with National Endowment of the Arts grant recipients. Buffy Wicks, a college radical who worked in Valerie Jarrett‘s Office of Public Engagement, told the invitees, “we’re going to come at you with some specific ‘asks’ here,” specifically supporting Obama’s initiatives on health care, the environment, or energy. She suggested, “We wanted folks to connect…with federal agencies, with labor unions, progressive groups, face groups [faith groups, perhaps?], women’s groups, you name it.” Within 48 hours, no fewer than 21 arts organizations released a statement endorsing ObamaCare.

      The Dept. of Health and Human Services paid MIT economist Jonathan Gruber nearly $400,000 for various jobs. He did not disclose his employment by HHS while writing a string of op-eds, nor while testifying before the Senate in favor of, ObamaCare.

      The Justice Dept. hired Tracy Russo, the former blogger for John Edwards, to comment on internet articles or bulletin board messages that criticized Barack Obama and his agenda. She did this anonymously or used a pen name.

      A Dept. of Education officer used the White House email to send his colleagues eight bullet points to “communicate the merits of the President’s proposal with your members and their audiences.”

      The federal government “highly recommended” constructing highway signs that tout big government and advertise politicians (including Obama). (Watch the committee’s video on the subject here.)

      Obama attempted to enlist “voluntary” Hollywood propaganda for his proposals through the iParticipate campaign.

      Andy Griffith starred in a Medicare “update” that doubled as a commercial for Obama’s health care legislation. Not only is the PSAl propaganda, it is erroneous. A writer with the nonpartisan FactCheck.org remarked Griffith’s scripted “promise that ‘benefits will remain the same’ is just as fictional as the town of Mayberry.”

      The White House routinely drove traffic to websites that lobby for Obama’s legislation.

      You can read the full report here.

      Issa cites three separate federal statutes violated by the Obama administration and has called for a Government Accountability Office (GAO) to launch an investigation. If violations of the law are found, impeachment could follow.

      It’s not bad enough the president is a megalomaniac who skirts the law to foist his far-Left agenda on the American people — he also uses your money to do it

    • You support a failed president, could you be any dumber?

  3. So then is it not time literallyto kill those burracrat’s whom are the un-elected cause of this mess. Then once again. We shall hold responsible those elected officials whom have used the buracrat’s as there scapegoats . O it was not me I had nothing to do with those regulations. Yea right. Kill them all let God sort them out. My Opinion I could be wrong. NOT.

  4. This kind of thing is an outgrowth of socialism…the idea that we the people OWE a benevolent and loving master race, the government! (in their eyes) and I for one, spit on that!!

  5. So we have a corrupt govt forcing citizens to pay taxes they don’t owe. Why am I not surprised?

    • You are correct and ever since America went away from the Gold Standard it turned into monopoly money. And the Saudis are protecting the Petro Dollar or it’s game over for them. Saudi must lower the price of oil to put their completion out of business while the US prints no more money causing deflation.

  6. Absolutely. Here in San Antonio, as well as in MOST municipalities, the rip off water/sewer bills are calculated as follows:

    Water: “Actual” usage, if we are to believe the water meter, which most have NO access to in order to calculate their own bills;

    Sewer: Exactly DOUBLE of the “actual” water usage, which is physically impossible. The water company figures “what goes out in usage is what also goes down the drain, toilet, etc.,” which is absolutely FALSE.

    In other words, if you use 2,000 gallons of water a month, you will also be billed for 2,000 gallons down the sewer.

    The time is LONG past that there be a SEPARATE water meter AND a SEPARATE Sewer Meter, which water companies will say is not cost-effective.

    Of course, they had the money to install water meters.

    Sewer bills are just a rip off.

    • This may sound nuts, but, if possible, make a regular habit of attending and, when appropriate, speaking up at your city council meetings. Our city water/sewer bills, how they’re calculated, proposed increases, and the reasons for all of it, came up just a few weeks ago. It was enlightening, and at local levels, we can still have impact. This may be a place you can “hit back” against the insanity/injustice, where it exists, or see why a thing is done the way it is.

      • Thank you. I will, as this is an issue that has struck a real sour note with me for many years. I live on the outskirts but am still subject to San Antonio Water System — SAWS.

        • You’re welcome. Complaining on line eases the stress for the moment, but face to face telling the council why you disagree is much more satisfying.

  7. Its time to construct the gallows in DC.

  8. Let’s get this straight America. We, the American people, are the enemy of big govt. We try our level best to work within the system, only to be frustrated at every turn, by the bureaucratic red tape, and insurmountable fines and fees we have to pay to even get a day in court. The system has been rigged against us. This is to protect big govt not American citizens. Like the article says, (paraphrasing) when big govt gets too big, there is tyranny and we’re witnessing that tyranny in our everyday lives. If anybody cannot see what’s really going on here, then I’m wasting my time. Obama’s a Marxist, hates what America stands for. Don’t listen to what he says, go by what he actually does! All enemies of freedom and our way of life are liars. He’s already proven that with his continuous lying to us on a daily basis. According to Obama, there are no scandals, nobody is lying or held accountable (in fact, they get raises). He’s lied to us about the ACA (the Affordable Care Act a/k/a Obamacare). He and his administration are nothing more than a bunch of commies here to take down America. How in the hell did this POS ever gain access to OUR White House? Obama is bad enough, but, let’s not forget it took a lot of people in the know, to get Obama where he’s at today. Our country has been infiltrated and our govt has been co-opted by the communists in this country! They don’t play by the rules, when the hell are we going to wake up and realize the ‘system’ is slanted in their favor? They have no regard for our Constitution, our Rule of Law, of our Bill of Rights. Just because they haven’t come out and made -all the above ‘rights’ null and void, doesn’t mean that they believe and abide by those same rights afforded us by our Founding Fathers. We’ve been co-opted by this scum and now we’re reaping the downfall of our country. Obama’s a commie and when and until this POS is exposed and put on trial for treason, we’re DONE!!! BTW, WE’RE STILL WAITING SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO AND THE COLD CASE POSSE’S INVESTIGATION ABOUT THEIR ‘UNIVERSE SHATTERING’ INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Too bad he wasn’t a certain Senator tax-dodge.

  10. I certainly hate always repeating myself, but I’ve ALWAYS SAID, if anything is to be fucked up, government does the best job of it.

  11. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    In the high-priced northern New Jersey counties, we have local governments overcharging property taxes for living space that doesn’t exist in homes. When I found out about it, and did a tax appeal, I was told it’s not retroactive and is prospective. I have to sue to get the money back. I was also told that I have the burden of proof regarding property taxes. I will challenge them on the fact that they, the government, always has the burden of proof, and that if they don’t reimburse me, I will constitute that as felony theft by deception, and bring charges against the tax assessor.

  12. The rich buy the government. The government makes laws. The laws are not enforced against the rich or the rich are exempted from the laws. The rich own the corporations, some of which pay no taxes. Money keeps flowing from the have-nots to the haves. That’s why Elliot Spitzer got targeted with hookers – they found his weakness. But Bill Clinton is still looked up to. Go figure!?!? Those who made the financial mess were rewarded with bonuses and contracts to fix the mess. Fracking companies get exempted from environmental laws. The list goes on and on and on and…

  13. Should it come to pass,that the streets are littered with spent brass (cartridge cases), whose fault other than governments will it be?

  14. I find the idea of state nullification of unjust, unconstitutional laws intriguing. In the Federalist Papers of the founding fathers the idea is discussed as a constitutional states’ right. Nullification is looking more and more like a necessary tool to end Federal malfeasance and greed. At least 17 states have already signed on to it.

  15. Ariel Gail MacLean

    I find this analysis conveniently clever but askew from reality.
    Look around, what we have is a fusion between big government and international corporate interests.
    This includes especially, financial, medical, and military strongholds.
    In fact, there are so many examples of this blurring that I have to ask, why am I pointing this out?
    I don’t even understand the tenor of this article.

  16. Ariel Gail MacLean

    Correction: Financial, Pharmaceutical, and Military – the vast majority of mood-altering drugs in the world are consumed by less than 5% of the population (USA). Perhaps this is why I find it so noticeable that so many Americans don’t think any more, which could also explain why we have lost our edge so much in innovations, creativity, and remembering (history).

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