Facebook Leads New Crusade Against Free Speech

For years now, privacy advocates have warned that Facebook was growing too large and too powerful to be trusted. As a company, they are fully within their rights to devise whatever rules they like, but with an unprecedented level of access and influence in the world, critics wondered how long it would be before Mark Zuckerberg began exercising his enormous power.

In Europe, that day has arrived. Facebook launched a new campaign this week called the Initiative for Civil Courage Online. In partnership with the German government and several far-left nongovernmental organizations, Facebook plans to eliminate “hate speech” from its platform through three interrelated strategies. One, the company will spend more than $1 million to help NGOs fight online extremism; two, Facebook will work with the NGOs to develop best practices; and three, the social media conglomerate will fund academic research into the reasons people turn to hate speech.

COO Sheryl Sandberg said, “We have repeatedly emphasized that Facebook is no place for the dissemination of xenophobia, hate speech, or calls for violence. With this new initiative, we are committed to better understand and respond to the challenges of extremist speech on the internet.”

Now what is all this about? Refugees, of course. With hundreds of thousands of Syrians and North African Muslims pouring into Germany at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the citizens watching their cities deteriorate are rightfully outraged. That pot came to a boil this month when refugees targeted hundreds of women on New Years’ Eve in Cologne for sexual harassment and assault. Rather than refute these concerns…or even listen to them…Merkel’s government has decided to simply label anti-immigrant discussion as “hate speech” and censor it. It’s much easier to win an argument, after all, when your critics are legally precluded from stating their case.

In December, Facebook joined Google and Twitter in an agreement to delete hate speech from their German sites within 24 hours of notification.

It’s sad that German officials feel that censorship is the path to progress. It’s sadder still that American companies are going along with it. But the saddest – and scariest – part is how much support this endeavor has in the U.S. media. Let’s see how Forbes put it:

As tensions grow, monitoring social networks in search of the first signs of trouble could indeed make sense. On the other hand, the border between expressing ‘extreme’ ideas and making use of your right to free speech could sometimes be pretty hard to draw. […] It’s a thin, thin line. But, for now, one can only applaud Facebook’s effort to make the Internet a more civilized place.

If the line is that thin, free speech should always be given the benefit of the doubt. They may believe that in Germany or not. But to see Americans come down on the side of censorship is enough to chill the blood. Rest assured, hate speech laws, much like Islamic terrorism, will not stay confined to the other side of the Atlantic.

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  1. Notice that Face Book uses the liberty of free speech in an effort to regulate the liberty of free speech.

    • All leftists are by definition insane. They vehemently deny such a thing as absolute truth and teach moral relatvism and in doing so they show themselves to be utterly stupid as the statement “there is no such thing as absolute truth” is given by them as an absolute truth.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Actually the sanity and well being of those on the right has been scientifically determined to be a problem.

        • The well being of the right (thinking) is only a problem when we are living under socilaism. The philosophy of socialism is straight out of hell and has led to the Gulags, Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin’s blood letting across the world.
          Cite your sources and let us deracinate them.

          • And don’t forget Lenin, Che what’s his name, the Castros, and a whole plethora of American-born Commies.

          • Exactly!! They killed more of their own people than the Nazis did in the Concentration camps in WW2. Speak out !!! You were dragged out of bed and never seen again. 1st thing Stalin did was purge his TOP MILITARY BRASS!! Killed them. What did Obama do?? He didn’t kill anyone but they got booted if they disagreed with him. Just like the JO’S who ans those questions were booted too. Now they are indoctrination kids so when they join their will be no one above them to refuse to give illegal orders. Hopefully enough are left in the military to see right from wrong if it comes to that. Give some snot nosed 18-22 yo an M-4 and he/she thinks they are god. Intel ad of falling on morals and values their indoctrination Wil make what they are told to do as legal although anyone patriotic and took the oath seriously and knows it’s words and meaning will disobey an illegal order. This is all planned! You control what people see/hear/speak that’s how Nazis Germany rose to power, Lenin/Stalin, or any socialist/communist country!! Even Iran has STATE RUN TV AND it is illegal and an arrest able offense to get broadcasts from the west. Hang on its just starting but it’s actually been going on here sense Obozo was elected!! Surf the chanel see what stories are on each one and the proof is in the pudding so to say

          • I watch Fox News for the truth.

          • LOLOL… now THAT’S your first mistake. Watching TV comedy instead of journalistic enterprise? My, my, my!

          • your a moron

          • georgi poo poo probably thinks that the twits on cnn or msnbc are journalists instead of communist shills for kenyan boyo and the democrapo clowns in DC

          • I tried to watch the liberal hack cnn and damn all they talked about this morning was movie star, which I care very little about and couples that are broke up or trying to get back together. It’s nothing but fag news. I want to know how Trump is doing or if Iran has thier bomb that dumb ass gave them with a whole bunch of money,$150 billion so they could buy more terrorist.

          • My goodness! This sounds serious, folks… and Chicken Little.

          • My goodness, sounds like the moron’s mother kicked him out of her basement…

          • If the god of this world were POTUS….if Obummer were under Satan’s discipleship! It is what it is, his agenda is poison to the sanity of America!

          • Socialism. Agreed – the left is tainted with the blood of the Saints.

          • I wonder if raymondo is in a coffee shop in Peking talking that schit…oh wait just a cotton picking minute now, those communist slime changed the name to Bejingy…

        • Universal base line is truth. left agenda has no base line. God can only bless truth.

          • Whose God, many religions believe via their God it is okay to deceive for the greater good of their religion.

          • The right wing extremists own the corner on that market!

          • And a huge amount of them did not show up to vote in 2012 in key states [4 to 6 million of the Religious Right] and helped get Obama elected since they did not like a Mormon, instead we got something closer to Satan. Nice set of principles they have.

          • It was not because “they” didn’t like a Mormon. It was because Romney originated Obamacare, aka Romneycare, and was not conservative in any way. The same thing will happen if Trump or Cruz is not nominated. People will stay away from the polls if the GOP nominates another Democrat-Lite.

          • Explain to me how Obama was better than Romney. There is no logic on earth that will make me believe these people are not the worst bigots on the face of the earth, it had absolutely zero to to with Obamacare, they simply hate Mormans and other religions, period, this is exactly what gives Christianity a bad name in many quarters, and brands these people as backward and ignorant. I live with them and Obamacare is not an issue my friend.

          • In the real world all the Democrats need do to win elections is to vote for the most Conservative Republican and victory for the Democrat’ is assured. We can’t go round shooting off our feet and our mouth all at the same time and expect to win elections.

          • In the case of our friend it would be nice if they would vote instead of pout. Unfortunately the republicans pander to these folks when they should be ignored.

          • Say hello to President Sanders you fool. Donald Trump is trailing Bernie Sanders by 15 points nationally, that means in all 57 of Obama’s states, and Hillary Clinton is not far from doing as well herself. Rubio is either ahead or tied.

          • and those “stay away twits” will elect another communist $lut like the ho clintoney…because those “twits” are “light” on brain cells and vote “single issue politics”…fewer people showed up overall for the 2012 and a significant “fewer” voters were fooled by kenyan boyo’s rhetoric, but because of the whiners and crybabies deciding to stay at home we once again were subjected to another four years of the USA not having a president while the rest of the communist scum begin their expansion of military and their influence in key areas around the world…of course the parasites could care less about something that they do not have enough intellect to understand and the coffee shop socialists and the clowns on abccbsnbcmsnbc cnn and rooters are all cheering their messiah comrade onward…oh wait just a cotton picking minute, the catchy little phrase was “forward”…

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          • Gregory Hendrickson

            You sure you aren’t talking about your woman? Oh wait……you’re a fag! My bad lmao

          • More from the moron of the left.

        • No doubt “scientifically determined” by some left-leaning psychobabble outfit! BS.

        • Yeah, by some socialist, leftist looney, propaganda.

        • Yep, by “scientists” bought and paid for by the left. Seriously, neither side is “crazy”, both are just adamant that their policies are the ONLY ones correct. Both sides have some good ideas, and both are way off base at times. Now, if we could just have a dialog without name calling from BOTH sides we just might get something solved. Rhetoric and lies never solved anything.

          • YES! And that is the goal of facebook social policy and agenda… civility in order to learn and share TOGETHER without the lightning bolts!

          • Whatever, moron of the left.

          • now facbookie will be like cruising around on the “view”, georgi will be their constant guest…he will have on the pink leotards and a lime green pull over with the catchy phrase “can we all just get along”….and the syrian refugees will tell georgi while raping his boyfriend that that is for kindergarten children…

          • LOL!!!

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          • Are you sure you aren’t discribing what you do with your children?

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          • I am surprised you found time to take your strap on off your child. Now go drown him. He deserves for having a person like you for a father.

          • Little wet panties girly-boy, we often hear on TV of your type who go into elementary schools and take down 10 to 20 children. We probably will be hearing about another psycho of your tpe going into a movie theatre and gunning down people. We used to put this societal scourge in mental hospitals dressed in straight-jackets.

          • No. That is usually you gun loving right wing psychos doing that. Remember Charleston.

          • Kyle, who you want to be the Democrat nominee? Hillary or Bernie? What age group are you in? 18 – 25? 26 -35? 36 plus?

          • They are both fuck ups. They need to re-rack and find some new nominees.

          • Who would you like to see as the Democrat presidential candidate/candidates? Elizabeth Warren? Jerry Brown? Biden?

        • yes because those on the “right” are not scum sucking communist, atheist, perverted aholes and therefore when we are inundated with the schit of the leftist aholes and fight back it causes those juveniles to begin filling their diapers and whining like the uneducated clowns that they are…

        • Only for the idiots on the left who can see beyond their little caves, like Mohammad.

      • I have noticed this on an absolute level.

      • Like Dr. Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disorder!”

      • Thank you profusely for supporting facebook’s right to censor speech! We will miss your diatribes in the near future, lolol.

      • B.S. NO one has to abide by Christian or Jewish dogmas.

        • I am not sure which comment you are replying to. If you deny the need for logic then you must be a leftist – the rot is so all pervasive now within that camp that the idea of holding two opposite views as being equally valid has become acceptable. I don’t think dogma ever entered into the discussion; but logic does, whether one is religious or an atheist.

    • Truth is not hate speech. We must be heard in a nonthreatening way, and the government leaders must listen and repair issues of life. We must start teaching truth to all the cultures. Not free from government agencies or politicians, nothing is free. God gave us gifts of discernment, not lazy foolishness. God will bless truth. Amen

      • Completely agree. Amen.

      • God is not always peaceful, that is fantasy, one must defend, even Jesus said one must trade their cloak for a sword.

      • Can’t argue with that, but BOTH sides must work toward that.

      • Amen,let freedom ring true! We are not ignorant of satans devises,so glad we can put on the whole armour of God and Jesus had our backside!

        • Our God is awesome God. He rules the universe. My mission is to expose truth to all the youth who have been lied to. Truth of God’s standards is in no way going to fail, and over coming the evil lies of the left must be uncovered for all to see. They will continue to call us crazy, but we know who holds the Way, the Truth and the Life in the palm of His hand. Truth is a person, Jesus the Christ. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Stay strong in the Lord. Amen

    • Time to get off of face book.

      • Point out their hypocrisy on there before you leave.

      • Maybe it’s better to flood the swamp and keep them busy censoring the majority, or better yet figure out what their “key word searches” are looking for and altering our words and let them play catch up forever. I have even done that on these so called conservative sites to out fox the bias of some moderators who are far from letting us contradict ther views.

        • That, in and of itself, is a very ‘fun’ game. They normally end up losing.. badly!

          • When challenged, one must be more creative than the moneyed slogging opponent, being nimble, flexible and smarter. Their usual tactic is to crush the opponent, it’s hard to crush what you can’t catch, whether it be Robinhood, the Swamp Fox, or just a lot of annoying citizens exercising their constitutional rights in a creative manner to drive the BUREAUCRATIC CULTURE NUTS while as one of them I LMAO at their plight.

          • You seem to know so much about being a loser.

      • thats what we our telling everyone we know.to stop using facebook

      • And probably for some, the sooner the better. They were just holding progress back on civility.

    • Yep. That’s our enemies’ strategy: To use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

    • They actually use “LEGAL LOGIC” which is no logic at all to limit Free Speech. As an example, there was an objection to the first witness stating their name at the Charles Mansion trial…..the logic was that it was hearsay since the witness first heard it from his mother…go figure, that is Legal Logic at its best.

    • Interesting that you replace “freedom” with “liberty”. If you look up “liberty”, the word used in the Constitution, you will find that the several different uses defining liberty all begin “freedom from…”. There is not one definition that starts out “freedom to….). The primary reason for the war that led to the Constitution was to gain “freedom from” tyranny, and yet frequently in modern society it has been twisted into various form of “freedom to” impose tyrannies of various kinds.

  2. Hell with facebook.

  3. Another sign of a Global Government coming together. This is the kind of crap that ushered in Adolf Hitler. It WILL happen here in time … count on it. The “Mark of the Beast” will be on the heels of this. Have you ever noticed that all of the things that are being done in the name of “safety” and “what’s good for us” have one thing in common? They all have the word “CONTROL” embedded in there somewhere. And THAT is ultimately what all of this is about.

    • Here is the reality that is Europe these days. This is exactly what the administration doesn’t want you to see as they bring those savage animals into OUR country under the guise of “refugees”. Feel free to let me know what you think. Have a great day!!


      • I have long noticed that we get very little “news” about what is going on in Europe. Part of the problem could be America’s “self-absorption” with itself, but I think you have hit on the larger issue. It seems like everything that’s going on over here has been given a “dry run”, or “tested”, over there. If it works, great … we’ll kick off a movement of the same thing over here. It’s all part of a plan; if it weren’t so, it wouldn’t be happening. Remember what Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Everything in politics happens for a reason. If you see something happening, you can da*n well bet it was planned that way!”

        • Yeah Ide love to see those a-holes try that here, grab a black ladies ass and that stupid Muzslime would have about 12 black ladies kicking his or their asses!!! Better yet let the stupid POS muzzle who think women are nothing get his ass shot!!

        • Oh I find lots of news. #rapefugees. Get on yahoo news as well.

      • Oh my! Interesting and soooo scary! Boo!

        • Is that what your mother says when you show her your wee-wee?

          • No it’s probably what your kid says when you are trying to fuck his ass.

          • Just because your dad fucked you in your ass right after fucking your diseased mother in her ass doesn’t mean that everyone is into that. BTW, is your mother finally getting treatment for the genital warts you so enjoyed licking and sucking on?

          • Did I touch a nerve bro? Lol

          • Not at all, delusional morons like you don’t have even half the brain it takes to touch a nerve with me.

      • Can’t wait till this dumbf**k libtard George M. Melby “toast” suffers at the hands of one of the interesting and soooo scary radical Muslim so-called refugees! Least of all, let them come here and force him and us to give up our freedoms to tolerate their culture while using our own laws against us to do it! Boo! You’re doing a great job at showing how much of a mindless libtard jackass you are Melby!

    • And notice that everything Obama has proposed since Jan. 20, 2009 are called “reforms”. What he is reforming is our Constitution.

      • Obama is “reforming” many things in America and what he cannot or does not want he is re-writing or simply eliminating, along with an Islamic invasion.

        • … and doing it with little, or no, opposition! It has been said that the main purpose of his first go-round as President was to render Congress irrelevant. That he has done; have you ever seen a group of over 500 people be so totally useless as that bunch? Who do we have that can stop Obama?

          • “Who do we have that can stop Obama?”
            A one eyed, one armed man with a briefcase.

          • Now, THAT’S scary, lolol.

          • you do know what that is referring to, right?

          • Yeeeeeeee-up! Straight from the crooked people of the right wing.

          • Thank God for the confirmed lying, cheating, conniving, corrupt Clowntons!!! They are stand-up citizens.

          • Did you just look at your mothers cootch?

          • At this juncture of Obama’s “reign,” the Congress has been totally ineffective in governing this country. By fiat and a huge engraved invitation, President Obama did INDEED take over… with the full cooperation of a do-nothing Congress. You get what you ask for!

          • Oh yee of so little memory. You have only had a Republican Senate majority for only 19 days over one year. Don’t forget the absolute disastrous Tea Party candidates that cost us a further 9 Senate seats. Those seats would almost guarantee you people a veto proof Congress. But NOOOOOOOOO, you enjoy griping about that which you have made it impossible to change quickly.

          • Is that how you ended up fluffing for a living?

          • The voters, that is if you will all stand together united, and vote a straight Republican ballot on election day, regardless of who is nominated..

          • Nice idea Ringo, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. We have too many people in this country anymore that “feed” at the Government trough … welfare, etc. … and they are always going to vote for the hand that feeds them. The Democrats know that nobody in their right minds would vote for what they stand for (Norman Thomas, the Communist Party candidate for President in 1944 said that the Democrat Party had adopted every one of their platforms!), so they have to “legitimize” illegals, keep dead people on the voting rolls, and have all the jailbirds at the ready. Of course, we can’t forget the millions of “useful idiots”, all of the people that have college degrees that can’t think for themselves, and how they will vote. Going to be an uphill battle.

          • Gray, never lose sight of the fact that Obama was reelected by voters who today are Trump and Cruz voters. Enough extra registered Republican voters sat on their hands last election instead of voting for Romney that Trump and Cruz voters handed the presidency to Obama for another 4 years. And if you care to believe facts or not, In head to head national polling, in the General Election on November the 8th of this year, Donald Trump is losing to Bernie Sanders by over 20 percentage points and to Hillary by almost that many percentage points. Furthermore, in interviews with almost 20,000 voters so far, who expressed a desire to vote for trump, 40% of these Trump voters said that it is very unlikely (80% no v 20% yes) that they will cast a ballot for any candidate this year. Don’t over play our personal importance to the Universe, but with these trends is it any wonder then that the Republican Campaign Committee would like to see Trump get out of the race. PS: Senator Cruz is only marginally better against Senator Sanders or against former Senator Clinton. Think long, think hard, and think carefully before you cast your primary ballot.

          • We lost our only chances to stop Obama back in 2010, and 2012 when the various Tea Parties nominated terrible candidates to run for US Senate Seats (especially in Nevada and Delaware) while an insurgent Tea Party candidate divided the Conservative vote in Colorado costing us another pickup. The Hopes of stopping Obama in 2012 were dashed by candidates who unknowingly parroted the Mohammedan line on rape and pregnancy, especially the rape of married women as it relates to pregnancy. I hate to say this Gray, but in order to win elections the candidates must be more like able than my X wife, or smarter than the ballots the candidates’ names are printed on.

          • The “betrayal” in the House in 2010 didn’t help at all. For all of the Republicans we stuffed in there in that election, I wish I had a dollar for every time I said that that was going to be the greatest “sellout” in our nation’s history. Sure enough, John Boehner and his minions couldn’t wait to snuggle up with Obama every chance they got. Fortunately, he got his come-uppance and got forced out, but Paul Ryan is turning out to be “John Jr.”. You can’t win anything with traitors running around everywhere.

            Same thing with the Senate. In 2012, we finally controlled the entire Congress, but as soon as Mich McConnell was announced as Majority Leader, I thought “here we go again. The Republicans don’t have anybody with any cajones to do anything and I think that is the main reason that Donald Trump gets in their craw so much. They are cowards. He knows it … they know it … and they know that he knows it … and he has such fun taking them down.

            I live in Michigan and we had a chance to send a Republican to the Senate for the first time in recent memory. The Democrats fielded the likeable Gary Peters (who was then in the House) and what did the Republicans do? They came up with probably the biggest “stiff” I have ever seen! I mean, Bob Dole in 1996 was sad, but Terry Lynn Land? My goodness, my DOG could have done better! She was our Secretary of State at the time … and a pretty good one at that … but she should have stayed there. She had no knowledge of anything outside of her comfort zone, and had the personality of a pick axe. My girlfriend worked for the State for many years, and got to know Terry Lynn Land enough to probably agree with my assessment of her.

            Gary Peters won that election in a walk and now, coupled with that absolute idiot Debbie Stabenow, we have two Democrats in the Senate again for the rest of whatever.

            The Democrats field good looking, smooth talking men, and ugly and mean looking women and it works for them. As you say Ringo, we’ve got to get some people that can at least walk and chew gum at the same time.

          • Gary Gary Gary, I like and respect you bub but you desperately need to pick the wet tea leave out of your nose and smell the roses. In 2010 Sharon Angle (there is no bigger a disastrous politician in the last 200 years. The GOP was leading Harry (Pop Eye) Reed 65% to 35% in the Summer of 2010. Harry Reed was so confident however that he stated in an Interview that he was confidant of reelection. How can that be the interviewer asked. You’re trailing “Any Repubican” by 2-1? Reed replied that he was confidant that the Tea Party would nominate a big enough fool that the voters would elect him instead. Enter Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle. She slimmed all the other Republican Candidates and won the Republican Senate nomination from Nevada. Well Nevada may be the silver state but Ms Angle’s tongue is evidently made out of fools gold because one of the first thing that this great politician and states woman said is, “When I am elected as your Senator don’t call asking for help finding a job, I have more important things to do in Washington than to be bothered by you damn fools from my home state.” Well evidently Ms Angle wasn’t as pressed for time as she imagined she was going to be because she lost by 5% to 7%. Her and her Tea Party turned sweet victory against Harry Reid into bitter defeat. Anywhere from 3 to 4 other senate seats were either lost or failed to be picked up in 2010 because of Tea Party candidates shooting off their fat mouths or by waging Independent campaigns that fractured the Conservative vote resulting in Democrat victories. Then in 2012 the problem became so desperate that the GOP LOST 3 additional seats. Then again in 2014 two probably (ours to lose) seats stayed in the Democrat column because the GOP had to fight on two fronts in so many elections that it resulted in too few dollars to properly fight every battle. Virginia and New Hampshire was these two states. That damn old bitching RINO (to the Tea Party anyway Ronald Reagan said, “Thee shall say no evil about your fellow Republicans.” I often wonder if Jesus Christ qualified for election to the US Senate on the Republican ticket if my Tea Party brethren would attach their savior by calling him a RINO? I THINK THAT THEY WOULD. Are you beginning to understand why the so called establishment Republicans are so distrustful of the Tea Party, Cruz, or the Donald? It took from 2006 until 2014 to rebuild the damage done in 2006 to 2008

          • Bite your tongue, Obama chews gum. Its enough to make me take the pledge

          • if you had a dollar for every Republican the GOP or the Tea Parties stuffed in there (the House) in 2010 you would be dead broke because neither the GOP nor the various Tea Parties voted any Republican House Members into office in 2010. I know Gray, I like to think so too but the people who did this favor to the Nation was Independent voters.
            In 2010 the Republicans gained 63 seats in the US House of Representatives, that is a lot of seats to gain in only one election, but $63 Somalians is hardly a fist full of Dollars.
            Read more below.

            “Political analysts in October 2010 predicted sweeping Republican gains this election, but despite a reported “enthusiasm gap” between likely Republican and Democratic voters,[6] turnout increased relative to the last U.S. midterm elections without any significant shift in voters’ political identification.[7] The swaying views of SELF-DECLARED INDEPENDENT VOTERS, however, were largely responsible for the shift from Democratic to Republican gains.[8]”

            Read more at this link:


      • He is trying to eliminate the Constitution and turn us into a Socialist, Third World Country. Dying cities like Detroit and Flint, Michigan are microcosms of what is in store for the whole country.

      • More faux “fear and trembling.” For shame!

    • If you have not already done so, watch the film “Agenda Grinding America Down”. It confirms some of what you’re writing.

      • No, I haven’t seen it, but I will be sure to check it out. Thanks!

        Also, all of what we see happening dovetails with something I read about the Illuminati. Back in the late 1800’s, when a man named Albert Pike was running the show, he formulated a plan for one world government which would involve three great “wars” … the last of which would be of a religious nature … Christianity vs Islam. Think there may be some truth to that?

        • Freemasons were very instrumental is establishing the new world order plan. Islam cannot establish control as long as Christians and Jews, and God of course, are in their way.

    • This has nothing to do with religious gobble-di-gook and control. It has everything to do with using civil discourse when you are engaged in conversation, spoken or verbal, with another human being!

      • LOL, coming from the moron.

      • Ok. But when you go and put “limits”, or constraints, on something, that is exerting control. Control by any other name is STILL control!

        • The same can be said for term limits. This idea is an off shoot of Obama’s use of the telephone and his little pen to get around the US Constitution. As for myself, I would rather not go there.

  4. Facebook is the epitome of Political Correctness; The WAY of today’s society, unfortunately!

  5. fuck facebook and the horse they road in on. his time grows short to.

  6. In my opinion facebook can go straight to hell. This social network site is pure evil. So many relationships ruined. So many people committing suicide due to online bullying. It tears people apart more than it brings together. It’s a piece of crap. I am not in facebook, tweeter, my space..whatever! People should just boycott this POS.

  7. What a liberal bunch of crap. They can say what they want but you can’t. Even if it is the truth which in reality is what they do not want to hear in the first place. It is communism 101 and growing.

    • Here is the truth they don’t want us to know about.


      • Unnnngh… this is getting boring! Needle stuck on a groove???

        • YOU are a TOTAL LIBTARD LOSER with NO LIFE!!!!! I guess you are SO lonely and desperate for attention that you feel that you MUST make asinine comments to ANYONE who you disagree with all the way down this commentary stream! It’s going to be okay. Trust me. Just go and get some counseling and maybe you will be able to get some sort of life. I LOVE the fact that EVERYONE is IGNORING YOU and find it a waste of time to even acknowledge your pathetic comments!!! Hahahahaha!!! Stop trolling these commentary streams for attention and don’t defend Facebook because you are on it 24 hours a day trying to find some fellow losers who will help to validate your horrible existence!!! I only acknowledged you because I pity you and am only trying to help you. And YOU NEED HELP!!! You don’t have to thank me. Don’t reply! Your response will be automatically DELETED!!! I don’t talk or debate with mindless libtard trolls or the insane!!! By the way, what do you care about the repeated posting of the video above? Afraid of the truth? No wonder you are stupid, gullible and naive enough to defend scumbag Zuckerberg and Facebook!!! Hahahahaha!!! GO GET HELP TROLL LIBTARD LOSER!!!!! NOW!!!!!

        • Is that what your mother says when you crawl in bed with her at night?

  8. Here was Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s post to Muslims:

    “I want to add my voice in
    support of Muslims in our community and around the world. After the Paris
    attacks and hate crime this week, I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that
    they will be persecuted for the actions of others.

    As a Jew, my parents taught me
    that we must stand up against attacks on all communities. Even if an attack
    isn’t against you today, in time attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt
    everyone. If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I want
    you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect
    your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.”

    Here you have an example of an “oven-ready” Jew.

  9. “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people
    and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Declared Hillary, the
    wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton. Let us send her the
    following excerpts from the Quran;

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191

    “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123

    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them.” Qur’an 9:30

    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts.” Qur’an 9:5

    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Qur’an 3:85

    “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and
    strive to make mischief in the land is only this – they should be murdered or
    crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or
    they should be imprisoned.” (Quran 5:33)

    The Jews are called in the Quran as “the progeny of apes and pigs”. Hello Hillary?
    You still there? “Let us be clear” – she declared!
    Comrade Zuckerberg = are you awake?

  10. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Benjamin Franklin

  11. I don’t use FB and therefore couldn’t care less. The EU and the UK are a nano-second away from implementing “thought crimes” Zuckerberg needs to understand that you can’t legislate respect, tolerance or diversity – but you can legislate so as to compress all those who are mildly offended by PC until the reaction reaches critical mass and the revolt begins. Because the revolt is coming and banning free speech is going to be as effective as a band aid on a cancerous tumour.

    • Well stated…… Zuckerberg may be brilliant, but even he has to deal with his SHORT Fall. Much like those who want to remove details of HISTORY, it remains a fact !!! FYI ……. STOP acting like Peter Pan, this is not NEVER NEVERLAND !!!!!

    • My goodness… that sounds absolutely… scary!

    • Free speech doesn’t cover Facebook. Free speech only covers you speaking out against the government.

      I would you to tell your boss to fuck off and then when they fire you you yell out free speech. You’ll be laughed out of the room.

  12. For those who haven’t seen or heard how truly horrendous things are in Europe, watch this short film. You’ll see why they want things hushed while, at the same time, you’ll be horrified. Feel free to let us know what you think. Have a great day!!!


    • Trust me, that video damned sure is heartbreaking, but also know, with mr porch monkey in our white house, we WILL see the same shit here. I am loaded and ready!!

      • And remember that Hitlery and Burnout want to bring even more of them than the elephant eared porch monkey!!! Keep the powder dry and at the ready, my friend. Have a great day!!

      • Well, you may be ‘loaded’ alright, but you’ll never be ready in the shape you’re in, lolol.

    • Awwww, jeez… not THIS again… LOLOL.

      • Yes, again and guess what? There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing you can do about it but post more of your moronic responses. I love when you libtard idiots respond to my posts because I promptly copy and paste them to my “look at what the demoncrap morons said today” page. WE LOVE you illiterate morons!!!

  13. yes…sometimes I cannot share or other things happen…was wondering why…thought at first that it was my computer, but since I have many computers it was only on Face Book that these things occurred..something has to be done

    • Same here Ruth, it got to where FB wouldn’t share my political posts n some religious posts either. FB blocked me for a couple weeks, two different times. This past November, they disabled my account. I never posted personal things, just me and friends shareing articles that interested us politically, not to mention lots of puppy, horse n other animal pictures and rescues. If I wanted to be bullied n bossed around, I would have stayed married. FB was no great loss. I just hate the thought of someone sitting upon high, pointing down n saying … Ok, you can talk, but you can’t; I don’t like what you’re saying, so you can’t talk anymore; but I like what this guy is saying so he can talk n say anything … Nope, that type of selfish childishness I don’t need. Have a good day Ruth.

      • Oh, but it’s ok for Isis to recruit on social media, and they have APPs too … smart thinking Zuckerberg …. brilliant!

      • I have been banned as of today for the 3rd time in 6 months. This is the longest for 7 days. I can read post but cannot post my own. It has only been a few weeks since the last time out which lasted 5 days. I have since tried harder to say what I think but edit, edit and edit to not get in trouble again. My last post I was banned for it simply said Canada should not be so happy to bring in muslims if they have poor and homeless. And for this is am banned! I like you am simply angry that someone at face book sits on their throne thinking they are god and saying who is worthy of speaking and who isn’t. I am mad and I do use facebook to keep in touch with family so it hurts. I hate Zuckerberg and his high and mighty minions.

        • Well, grow up and don’t argue with responsible people! You KNEW this would get you into trouble sooner or later… it just happened sooner, that’s all. You would think after three times being banned that you would learn. Just move on… it gets better, lolol.

        • I was mad as heck for the first couple weeks, they offer something then take it away, for no honest reason. It was the only way to keep in touch with new and high school friends and some family. I’m guessing it’s just one big control trip for them. They don’t seem to care about what they’re doing to some of the people. It’s about the money for them, shameful.

        • Don’t use Facebook then. You are not entitled to use it. It is not a right. Moron.

      • Boo hoo. I guess you never had a job.

    • Well, just wean yourself from the bottle of facebook, lolol. You won’t be missed, out of the millions who stay.

    • Facebook a private organization. They can allow what they want. Nothing can be done. You just don’t like it because you don’t agree with it

  14. And people wondered why I deleted my Facesnook account back in the spring! HA! Many are not aware of it but, believe it or not, GOOGLE IS ONE OF OVOMIT’S BIGGEST SUPPORTERS! This country is taking the highway to hell and it only gets worse. Where are all the highly trained SNIPERS when we really need one???

    • This is what the administration doesn’t want us to know is actually going on.


      • Again??? Your copy/pasting skills need drastic improvement!

        • Thanks for another moronic response. I’ve been copying and pasting your stupidity to our other page and people are having a blast with it. I pasted them to a video of that lying, cheating, corrupt POS Hitlery that we put together. It is 90 minutes of her dumb ass flip-flopping and growing more and more apoplectic with each passing week. Don’t worry, I also just finished one of the blathering moron, Burnout Panders. Keep those stupid responses coming, I need them for his vid.

    • Oh, I work in IT, and we all know Google makes facebook look like amatures when it comes to data collection. I will not use google. To be truly hidden you need to learn how to use TOR, and learn how to sign into accounts that will not give you away. It is really involved. The tech that I know about, can be found via wikilinks or on line, that’s just what has been exposed. You won’t find anything very recent.

  15. zuckadick, gates, jobs(before he died, more all love being liberal gasbags. The have the typical cranial rectam impaction caused by a massive ego problem.
    They never figure that the liberal agenda will affect them. Liberalism is socialism and socialists running the show quickly neuter of kill the rich to break their power

  16. The people that own and run all of these social media things are by and large “liberal control freaks”. That has been a given since the first email product was created. Everything that goes onto a digital network is up for grabs by the people running the show. This folks is “big brother” and “1984” and none of it was forced on an unwitting public. The internet, digital communication and cell phones are the tools of public surveillance approved by and in cooperation with the government. If you don’t want it intercepted and stored somewhere for possible use against you, say it face to face.

  17. If free speech is denied than no one can say anything. I have never been a fan of Facebook and seldom use it. Everyone knows your business.

  18. Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    i could care less about facebook. i’m concerned with letting these animals in our country. what the hell’s wrong with jerks in goverment???? and they wonder why trump’s leadind????

  19. Mr Larry Rodger Chase

    you know that if global government tries to take over the americans will draw the Lines and we will have a revolution again to kick these assholes gone and send them to HELL !!

    • Oh pleeeease… such wishful thinking. Our government, at this point, could vaporize your entire city or neighborhood at the push of a button, so y’all jus’ git up on that soapbox and..zzzzzzap………..

  20. Who determines what “Hate Speech” is ?

  21. Germany is the test bed. America is next. Whoops, my bad, censorship is already here.

  22. Facebook: What is so vitally important about being a Facebook member? If it’s contact with friends and relatives, is Facebook the alternative for that? I guess so, if one has no other means of communication except for smoke signals.

    Facebook seized the opportunity to make itself the haven for anyone choosing to espouse political preferences or criticisms. So, it became a blood-pressure rising, politics arguing, medium.

    In the interim, Facebook’s leftist owner laughs all the way to his bank. And, the public frequenting Facebook continues to chase its own tail.

    • Not to forget that Zuckerberg is already rich beyond comprehension! facebook could disappear tomorrow and the so-called ‘damage’ has already been done. The powers that be would also vaporize any right wing social media if they wanted to but it provides a good source of information for the government!

  23. I wonder if the condemnation of wholesale public raping of German girls by islamic hoodlums falls under the category of hate speech???

  24. I do not have to belong to or use Facebook. They may lose me quickly.

  25. richard schlinder

    Since the Lebs could not chop up the first amendment, they promoted political correctness and passing the first amendment. Now they are chopping into social media to control your speech. So goes the sheeples.

  26. A friend of mine once wrote, ” Vulgar language is an Idiot trying to express itself”.

  27. I do not use Face Book,nor do expect to become a user.That being said, for those who are otherwise oriented, and who are or might be upset, annoyed or in disagreement with Face Book’s policies or positions, you might consider dropping your association with or membership in Face Book, letting them know of your action, and why. Additionally, if businesses or products you patronize partake of Face Book, advertising thereon for instance, try refraining from patronage.Of Course, you should also contact the company of product maker, letting them know of your action, and also why. Pain in the pocketbook sometimes yields remarkable results. Try it,you might like it.

    • Every boycott against every company has backfired! Specific instances are Disney and Procter and Gamble. As a former worker at Disneycatalogsonline, when the Baptist loonies called for a boycott, our business damn near tripled, we were so busy! I well remember 70 hour work weeks! Nope, please do not fool yourselves into think your flimsy boycotts of social media will work… you are just simply outnumbered! Your numbers are few but the rest of us realize you can yell loud! And we could care less!

  28. What is hate speech, anything that doesn’t meet liberal standards? Is it hate speech to tell an unpopular truth? Is it hate speech to remind LGBT’s that in the middle east they could lose their heads? Is it hate speech to remind women that with Muslim men they are property, have no rights and can be stoned to death by a husband who suspects infidelity? Seems to me that Zuckerberg is attempting to put face book out of business by having people exit face book. We should have a conservative social media platform. Who really needs Zuckerberg?

  29. I dumped facebook years ago. Won’t have anything to do with that communist ran company.

  30. This spoiled little rich kid can go to helll and kiss his own ash. This is America and it is too bad little dicktators such as he, get rich and suddenly turn against the American Constitution and the country that had given him the fortunes he has received to turn against humanity

  31. That’s one of the reasons I quit using FB…the libturds would block me for 30 days whenever I said the truth about the parasitic feral animals actions….and the libturd is a billionaire….FB can go belly up for all I care.

  32. Can it be imagined what America would be like today if the settelers and framers of the constitution had to face this?

  33. The SCOTUS,will save facebook from any adverse effects,because of pay offs.

  34. “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
    – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

    • You do realize, of course, that all these ‘philosophers’ of the past are DEAD, right? They would never survive in today’s world, nor should they. The past has passed, the future is progress!

      • Wow, I’ll bet the band of morons you hang out with look up to you as their resident genius, how pathetic they must be.

  35. If FB institutes free speech censorship in the US, I’ll simply cancel my account and find another, more suitable free speech site, or give up social sites and stick to email. They will not have the chance to censor me more than once!

  36. Seig Heil!!!
    But it’s ok for those companies to let known terrorist groups use their sites to radicalized and recruit people even calling for outright Jihad and attacks against the west!!#
    Seems HITLER ‘S incarnate is back!! That was one of the 1st things to go was free speech

  37. Before Facebook (and our Congress) get too far involved, I trust they both will acknowledge and document that “facts and truth” can never be phobic, slander, racist, or a hate-crime. I personally believe the only change needed in our First Amendment, is to add the word “civil”. The Founding Fathers, drafters of the Constitution, (especially those who were involved in the Federalist Papers), and all of the courts, all refrain(ed) from profanity, obnoxious nick-names, gutter talk and threats of violence and I am sure, collectively, they intended to set both the tone and the tenor for all governmental discourse. All network panel moderators, could significantly assist in these arenas, by refusing to allow profanity, obnoxious nicknames, gutter talk and threats. I sense continued world-wide civil unrest, unless we have the intestional fortitude to “call a spade, a spade”—-and identify Islam, with its clearly stated objective of world domination, with their pseudo religion, as the root cause of most of today’s international problems. Our Republic and freedom way of life is diametrically opposed to Islam and with the Muslim’s “unchangeable” Qur’an, there is going to be much bloodshed—-and perhaps the early death of this ancient planet.

    • You make it sound like a bad thing, lolol. You realize this life/planet is not our final resting place/home?? Okay… your point was, again?

      • George, I am not sure as to what or whom you mean by “it”. And, yes, this planet is and will continue to9 be our final resting place as it is with the hundreds of space “objects”, that die and go sailing off into “wherever”. We may find other hapitabled planets, but the capability of “getting there” is still beyond our expertise.

      • Delusional George Moron Melby.

  38. THIS is MIND CONTROL in another form of Political Correctness that installed a useless and very damaging negro sodomite illegally in charge.

    MZ is completely out of touch having so much money stuffed between his ears he has BRAINWASHED himself. If you follow him you will soon get ATTACKED!

    Get off Fakebook if you are not allowed to POST the TRUTH!!!

  39. Facebook could end up going the way of the steel industry, railroad industry and other industries in the not-too distant past which enjoyed and practiced what they perceived was a monopoly.

  40. I am banned again for no reason.

  41. I made a comment about not being a fan of muslims adults or kids and was told my comment was deleted for violation of their standards! What the heck? Then I was banned for a week because I made a comment that Canadians should take care of their poor and homeless before bringing in and suckling up to thousands of muslims refugees. I am shocked. I use no profanity, I did not make a threat, nor called any names, but was told I did not follow community standards. Something is very wrong with face book now.

  42. Here was Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s post to Muslims:

    “I want to add my voice in
    support of Muslims in our community and around the world. After the Paris
    attacks and hate crime this week, I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that
    they will be persecuted for the actions of others.

    As a Jew, my parents taught me
    that we must stand up against attacks on all communities. Even if an attack
    isn’t against you today, in time attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt
    everyone. If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I
    want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to
    protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.”

    Here you have an example of an “oven-ready” Jew.

  43. since I was furious and posted it FB has been sending me nice notes, asking me how I am, and hope that all is going fine…I believe there are some spies that report what it is we post

  44. Their platform, their rules. However, what will happen is the folks they are trying to censor will just go underground, or go to twitsville,reddit, tumbler, etc. When they go underground you can’t track’em on facebook anymore. LOLOL. Idiots, not thinking too clearly- driving any thought underground is way more dangerous than keeping the speech out in the open. Hate speech, with certain exceptions is protected by the 1st Amendment. Note that FB isn’t saying in the USA, it says working with Merkel’s government in the interest of her pro-muslim, anti-german policy (Is that hate speech? Under German law, it is). Like it or hate it, FB is in compliance with German law. When Zuckerman does this in the USA, who wants to do a class action suit and drag his sorry but rich butt to the Supreme court. Keep in mind an NGO, which are conveniently NOT listed in the article can be C A I R.

    Think this free speech killing activity can’t happen here? Look at this and WRITE YOUR REP.

    H.Res.569 – Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States. 112 Democrats have signed it. Sharia in America. You can find this law at :

    www. congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-resolution/569/text

    For one thing this bill put Muslims above all others. (Violates 14th amendment where all men are created equal, and equal protection under the law, and separation of church from state)

    The bill stomps on Freedom of Speech (Ist Amendment.)

    What is classified as “hate speech” or “Offensive” or “Bigoted”?

    Who is going to define “hate speech” or “Offensive” or “Bigoted”? (Muslims Themselves?)

    Who is going to enforce it? (Muslim watchdogs?)

    For some educational fun, anyone want to comment on the intended and unintended consequences if this bill become a law?

    ((If I was in Germany, where a law like the above was passed, my posting it here is “hate speech against Muslims”))

    • Do you honestly believe you cannot be tracked on underground social media. THAT was the FIRST place the government wired, silly! Have you not heard of Anonymous? Now THAT’S underground! Underground social media are pansies compared to Anonymous!

  45. Every American should withdraw from Facebook…every one paying for Ads should withdraw too….Shut Facebook off period! Someone needs to start another company like Facebook and put Facebook out of business.

  46. Facebook can limit any speech it wants just as I can as a home owner limit any speech while with in the confines of my property. Free speech is not protected on private property whether that is on social media or private property and the last time I looked the constitution allows for amendments if the majority wills it nothing is un-amendable..

  47. 1 Fed Up American

    It a very simply answer to this Bullshit. Tell Facebook, Google and Twitter to go “F” themselves. The Internet will survive and some other form of personal media will evolve. Zuckerberg need to be brought back to reality and the best way of doing that it to take his Facebook and say “F” it boy we don’t need your crap. Hit these Bastards where it hurts Financially and things will change.

  48. Never post on socialist blogs and FaceBook has become just that.

  49. Zuckerburg and his wife own a big piece of ABC and Disneyland. If he wants to do away with free speech the people should boycott ABC and Disney just to show him he can’t control us. He’s trying to get rid of free speech and legal American citizens for aliens because he can get them cheaper.

  50. Facebook should support women in The U.S.A being able to do whatever they wish with their own bodies without being criminalized for it. If not for the sex industry I would still be a uneductaed & a unemployed woman. Women should not be disgraced by society in general for doing whatever they must do to better themselves.

  51. This is an excellent idea whose time is way past due. I would rather give up my free speech right for bashing people inexcusably and then pushing the high road. While the right wing extremists have been the loudest and brashest in their verbal/written discourses, it would tend that this garbage creeps unsuspectingly into every ones’ discourses and overall, this is not good! Good for facebook and hopefully other social media will follow suit!

  52. Facebook executives have elected themselves the official; book burners of the entire world. They area dangerous group and if they were named AT&T they would have already been broken up.

  53. Another reason to NOT use facebook. I find it quite annoying when some of these online sites require the use of Facebook or Twitter to interact. My response is to delete that site from my contacts.

  54. I wonder if this is one of the causes that scumbag Zuckerberg said he will give all his stolen Facebook money away to through his BS LLC???!!! That POS isn’t happy with his ugly gold digger pet who couldn’t even diagnose herself and give birth to a mutant for the longest time(Some Pediatric doctor!?) This loser finally gives birth to a mutant and they name it “Max”???!!! WTF???!!! It’s supposedly a girl. They’re both SO STUPID, they didn’t know what it was! Now, Zuckerberg has the NERVE to try and F**K with people’s lives by cutting off their free speech, pushing for more H1B visas and helping to ram through the liberal agenda!!! He is the poster boy for dumbf**k liberal jackasses with too much money that is not theirs and not enough brains to wipe their own asses!!!!! If there is anyone in this world who needs to get out the message of truth, especially in Europe and the United States, they should TOTALLY REJECT FACEBOOK, GOOGLE and TWITTER!!! They should go to and or start NEW, UNBIASED and HONEST SOCIAL SITES that will NOT be controlled by MINDLESS LIBERAL JACKASSES WITH MONEY AND AN AGENDA!!!!! God help Germany, Europe and the U.S.!!!!!

  55. What did you expect from this Nazi wad of crap. It didn’t take long for Mein Kampf to make the rounds in Germany this time did it? How long has it been since it was reissued?

  56. Internet Gestapo
    1st Amendment casualty in War on Words and Reason.

  57. They have to shut us up. Truth, esp. Biblical truth shines light into darkness and exposes their evil deeds.

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

    20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

    21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. His servant, Peter

  58. Freedom of Speech is one of our most important rights. I feel very strongly that any one who attempts to interfere with this right is completely off base. The way that Ms. Merkel is going in Germany is going to have her recalled. She is NOT dealing with these problems the way that the people of Germany want. To censor speech just because it doesn’t agree with what you are saying or want to happen is WRONG. You need to think long and hard whether or not you want your speech censored. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Do not take words from my mouth,do not put words into my mouth! I am a free moral agent capable of making my own decisions and accountable to Jesus of what to allow from my heart and mind then proceed from my tongue based upon my moral values according to His Holy Word ! For out of the abundance of ones heart,the mouth speaks….Only God judges me ! People are not gods. They can sometimes be Satanicly inspired controllers who avoid the truth by any means necessary, and desire to transform and engineer their environment into what they perceive it should be and what is best for their agenda and you !They are not in charge,they just know what you should be saying and doing!FREEEEEDOM!

  60. Facebook is a hardcore Leftist entity. I see numerous postings that eviserate Republicans. However, as I have made posts negative of Democrats and have been timed out often. Facebook is the magic carpet ride for Democrats.

  61. Well george I guess it depends on what you believe ,the ideals you say are dead are more alive than ever.I am just one of millions of able veterans that is willing to fight and die for those old ideas,are you ready to die for your ideology. We are preparing and massing for that day and it draws near comrade ! Your ideology is just one civil war away from extinction.

  62. Facebook created this can of worms and now is trying to wiggle out. I have no pity for them.

  63. True patriots don’t hide they seek out the enemy!

  64. the day that facebook can tell me what I can say and cannot say is the day I will never use facebook again I got long befor I got facebook and I can get alone again with out it

  65. I hope that the number of pansies is far less than the number of real people who welcome the true color of life, not lies. Life has too much that’s not real already. The market will devour Facebook ! Watch. ifelon.theblogpress.com. /Mike

  66. Liberalism is a nice word for communism

    • Confederate flag is racist. See how that works?

      • you are a fascist . see how that works?

        • I knew you wouldn’t get it. Keep supporting an enemy flag though.

          • no you dont get it the only enemy flags there are the ones flying in russia ,china,the middle east,and africa

            if you are looking for enemies you should call them your enemies not us we dont consider you to be the enemy . just because its a American flag of the south its a enemy flag LOL thats ridiculous the civil is over you know or havent you noticed that yet ? LOL

          • That was an enemy flag of the United States. I would wipe my ass with it.

          • Do you realize how many flags were enemy flag s you have a lot of ass wiping to do u know I wouldn’t digify your flag by wiping my ass with it . LoL

          • I wouldn’t dignify your flag with the privilege of wiping my ass with it.

          • i wouldn’t dignify your flag by wiping my ass with it.

          • Oh, so you don’t like the US. Get the fuck out then.

          • i never said i didn’t like the us moron u need to read the whole discussion.

      • thats the most idiotic thing ive ever heard theres no way an inanimate object could be racist .

        you must be a niggggger or be a libtard or have a vagina between your legs or both to believe such foolishness.
        people are racist not flags dumb ass and the only racists ive ever encountered in the usa is black ones

  67. Meaning that Facebook makes money off of this double dealing .

  68. It is clear that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe has hired Facebook to run the telescreen apparatus of propaganda and surveillance once the dictatorship is formerly established, which they are most likely planning for this year. It is clear that the Benghazi Murderess plans to rule by decree if the coming election can be stolen for her, and her mongrel muslim mentor is about to announce executive orders that will rescind the First Amendment even as he has just abrogated the Second by fiat. We are going to need to fight these aspiring tyrants at the ballot box, and quite likely also in the streets, not just on the internet.

    • “It is clear that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe has hired Facebook to run the telescreen apparatus of propaganda and surveillance once the dictatorship is formerly established,”

      Is this the web site where you post the most ludicrous conspiracy theory you can think up?

  69. Here we go again, stiff the people, enslave and kill those that will not conform, to the Liberal IDIOTS of Socialism and Communism. First they allow the Migration hordes into our country and then let them take control of our schools, to dumb down our children then enslave those that do not see it their way, Hitler all over again. This must stop or we shall lose America for our Children, wake-up people. Stop using Facebook all to gather and show that little weasel just how much he loses out. We made him we can take him out, along with Bill Gates and the idiots at apple.

  70. FREE SPEECH? As the muslins see it, Free speech is against Sharia Law because truth might be revealed.

  71. The Constitution and its Bill of Rights condense an entire system of government onto seven pages of text. The authors expected that followers would spend the time to study the background leading up to that wonderfully condensed presentation. That expectation has generally disappeared. Free speech as presented in the Constitution was considered to be “civil” (i.e. courteous and polite) discourse protected from government retribution against criticism of the government. It was never intended to protect profanity, disparaging criticism, etc. There’s no reason Facebook, or anyone else, should not censor out uncivil commentary that is contrary to “free speech”.

  72. Then it should be the Communist Party of Facebook, instead of mentioning liberty of free speech. So GO F#@K YOURSELF COO SHERYL SANDBERG !

    • Because they are doing THIS?

      the company will spend more than $1 million to help NGOs fight online extremism;

      Facebook will work with the NGOs to develop best practices;

      and three,
      the social media conglomerate will fund academic research into the reasons people turn to hate speech.”

      SO EVIL

      you cons are idiots.

      • You really are stupid. Don’t you know what First Amendment means of the U.S. Constitution. No matter how controversial one says. It is everyone right to freedom of speech, thought, religion. You should go back re-read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, plus the concordance to the constitution. If you don’t understand , then pack up your bags and your myopic friends, and live in Communist China and North Korea. Or better yet Syria in ISIS territory. I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING ! YOU POLITICALLY CORRECT SUBHUMAN TROLL MINDED FREAKS ! MY QUESTION TO YOU, ” WHO’S THE WHORE THAT SPAWNED YOU, SUBHUMAN TROLL ? “

        • You should go back and re-read the first amendment.

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          The big word is CONGRESS!!

          Dipshit learn how to read and don’t reproduce.

          • Yous still never learn. Your the one makes the mistake. That’s for Congress alone. The one I’m talking about is for indidviduals. You Communist Nurtured Subhuman Mongrel. FAHQ PINKO COMMIE BASTARD. READ AGAIN The Constitution and the concordance dummy. What have you beeen smokin’? CRACK !

          • Facebook is not Congress dipshit. Just take an L on this one.

          • FAH Q Very much on this one, Subhuman troll Crack head freak.

          • Just take the L bro. I know it is painful to lose.

          • Well ! That’s too bad. Because your just as guilty as I am. So now go beat your meat to Ovomit-Joe ” Bite Me ” Biden. Because your spincter muscle is talking.


    • Another idiot that doesn’t understand the first amendment.

      • Same to you stupid. Facebook is the friend of Obama. Get it ?! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS= COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP AGAINST FREE SPEECH. FAH Q !

  73. Here was Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s post to Muslims:

    “I want to add my voice in
    support of Muslims in our community and around the world. After the Paris
    attacks and hate crime this week, I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that
    they will be persecuted for the actions of others.

    As a Jew, my parents taught me
    that we must stand up against attacks on all communities. Even if an attack
    isn’t against you today, in time attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt
    everyone. If you’re a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I
    want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to
    protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.”

    Here you have an example of an “oven-ready” Jew.

    • Posted by Marc the intolerant IDIOT.

      ya fool, Muslims are OK.

      Terrorists are NOT OK.

      there is a difference.
      sane people like Zuckerberg and myself recognize reality

  74. It reminds of Loki from the movie” The Avengers” the evil brother of Thor who said ” I will set you Free ! FREE FROM FREEDOM ! Freedom pathetic lies ! If you accept that in your heart….” See what I mean, Those type of Stupid Pinko Commie Comment !


    I knew it. The democrats have attacked our grid. Oh the humanities. Not since the Hindenberg have I seen such a disaster. There I was standing with my butter knife ready to apply a generous amount of cholesteral builder with marmalade standing by. I did what any bribe taking politician would do. I read my shocked and appalled speech, Then I called for an investigation. Organized a committee and scheduled a 2:00PM press conference. I then turned it over to the FBI and planned to write a book. Then my grandson came in and plugged in the toaster. Just in time we were about to go to DEAFCOM one.

    Everybody is talking about the constitution. It is gone. The supreme court is gone. The republican party is gone. The military is gone.
    Never give up the ship.
    TWO NAVY BATTLE BOATS captured by an Iranian fisherman. What two fighting words are missing from this scenario? BATTLE STATIONS. Remember John Paul Jones on the deck of the sinking Bob Homme Richard saying I have just begun to fight and he took the Serapis. Now we have a stand down Navy. Admiral Lemon Mullen who was alleged to have said I will never fire on Iran and backed up the Benghazi murders and cover up has set the pace for the take down of the US Fleet. Manufacturing won WWII.
    Mfg is gone. JOBS ARE GONE. The cities are gone. Fresh water in Flint is gone. Healthcare is gone. Social security is dwindling. The schools are gone. The ten commandments are gone. The rebel flag is gone. The American flag is next and finally the cross. The second ammendment is on the way out just like the first ammendment. Freedom of religion is gone unless you are a jihadist. You lost your country and you are never getting it back. CRUZ can’t get it back. Rubio can’t get it back. Riance Pemis can’t get it back. The communist party that held the power for 8 years ain’t giving it up. They will kill to keep it. We are living in a war zone. Cops aren’t even safe. Freedom is gone. Take off your shoes. Helicopter moms soon will need gun ships. So while fools debate about what once was we have only one alternative to survive. EL TRUMPO. IF HE WINS AMERICA WINS. More tea anybody?
    SPIRIT OF AMERICA PARTY RADIO SHOW on blog talk radio.com and tune-inradio.com

  76. This is a No Brainer Germans! REMOVE ALL YOURSELVES FROM FACEBOOK and let the big f.b. mogul figure out what they did wrong. If all Germans closed their f.b. accounts, it would impact f.b. greatly and show f.b. that they cannot control Freedom of Speech.

    Perhaps the U.S. people should drop F.B. accounts for a while to support the German people’s plight.

    Merkel is just as bad as obama – both of them are Socialists and believe in the One World Order. Dump them in the Bermuda Triangle and let fate deal with those monsters!

  77. “One, the company will spend more than $1 million to help NGOs fight online extremism; two,
    Facebook will work with the NGOs to develop best practices;

    and three, the social media conglomerate will fund academic research into the reasons people turn to hate speech.”


    God you people are pathetic

  78. We are headed down a dangerous road when our voices/opinions are no longer allowed in a supposedly free democracy!

    • Psst.
      It’s happening in GERMANY, so….

    • Free speech doesn’t cover Facebook. Free speech only covers you speaking out against the government.

      I would you to tell your boss to fuck off and then when they fire you you yell out free speech. You’ll be laughed out of the room.

  79. If we dont start doing something about this we will lose our rights.

  80. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Since when did the left *ever* favor freedom of speech? Not since at least the 1960s.

  81. Facebook can do what it wants.

  82. Well, it’s fitting that it start with that bastion of freedom -Germany! Didn’t something happen there to start WWII? Just a thought!

  83. Expected,

  84. Morons. It’s Facebook’s property. You don’t own it. They can choose what they want in their site. Stop acting like a a crybaby bitch.

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