Extremism Summit: Obama Still in Denial

The White House has placed a lot of importance on their Summit on Violent Extremism this week, but it became quickly apparent that nothing will change. In a gathering of leaders meant to identify ways to prevent youth radicalization and respond to attacks such as the ones in Paris and Copenhagen, the president continues to deny the truth behind the terrorism.

“No religion is responsible for terrorism — people are responsible for violence and terrorism,” Obama said on Wednesday. “They are not religious leaders. They are terrorists. We are not at war with Islam — we are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”

This is actually closer to the mark than the president has been in some time, but it’s discouraging that he makes this distinction every time he gets by a microphone. It is certainly important that we make young Muslims understand that we aren’t going to start bombing mosques, but there is no doubt that ISIS is serious about their religious convictions. Whether those convictions match the widespread Islamic faith or not is largely irrelevant. That there is something about this religion that apparently makes it very easy to “pervert” into something this evil…that’s a matter worthy of examination.

A Delusional Reality

No such examination will be taking place at the summit this week, however. Insisting that “there is no one profile of a violent extremist,” Obama is going to walk us into the lion’s den across the bridge of political correctness. Far more important that we not offend the delicate ears of peaceful Muslims than it is to get serious about confronting this threat.

“There’s no way to predict who will become radicalized,” he says. Sure there is. When your average white boy from suburbia picks up the Quran and starts growing a long beard, you should probably get concerned. When your moderate Muslim neighbor starts devoting all his time to watching weird YouTube videos and reading Islamic scripture, you should probably sound the alarm bells. But the president can’t say that, because that would be too close to blaming Islam for all of this terrorism.

“Al Qaeda and ISIL and groups like it are desperate for legitimacy. They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam,” said Obama. “We must never accept the premise that they put forth because it is a lie.”

Is it a greater lie than the one propagated by Obama and his liberal establishment? Deny their legitimacy all you want, there’s no question that they believe wholeheartedly in their cause. That doesn’t make them “legitimate.” That doesn’t make their version of Islam the true one. But it does mean that you’re not going to solve this problem by providing jobs to disaffected Muslim youths. This is a war that can only be won with force.


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  1. The Obama Administration refuses to be clear as to who the Islamic Terrorist are and this is my theory as to why.

    He was crystal clear when he called The Tea Party RADICALS, Christian Conservatives EXTREMISTS, and the Republicans in Congress TERRORISTS. There was absolutely no doubt who 0bama and the liberals in the press were talking about. 0bama does not have a problem with clarity.

    Given this administrations propensity towards obfuscating the truth, when 0bama says we are at war with RADICAL EXTREMISTS, how do we know that he is does not mean he wants to be at war with Republicans, Christians, and The Tea Party?

    Really how do we know?

    I am now of the belief that 0bama doesn’t want to war with Muslim Terrorists, he want to war with Me, You and anyone that does not obey him.

    I know this is cynical, I know it makes me sound like I am paranoid, but I no longer trust 0bama and none of us really know what he is capable of. Are we witnessing the rise of something VERY EVIL?
    I pray that I am wrong, someone please talk me off this ledge… (without insults)

    • You are correct on every front. Stay on the ledge. You can see farther up there.

    • MAHB001, I agree with what you say. Obama’s unwillingness to condemn these Islamic terrorists by definition of exactly who they are and their religious beliefs in what is in the Quran, Mohammad’s cult manual that says they must destroy and take over all non Muslims shows that he stands with the Muslims. He said he would stand with the Muslims years ago in one of his speeches. He was raised as a Muslim, associates and befriends openly members of the Muslim Brotherhood. He lashes out at all those that are non Muslim and ignores the slaughter of Christians. He blatantly calls Muslim terrorist acts random violence or work place violence instead of what it actually is. Our enemy is in the White House and he’s putting more and more people in high security government positions as fast as he can.

    • I agree with you whole-heartedly.Barack Insane Obama is using every underhanded trick and all of the socialist and communist plans that he can use. America Please Wake Up and Smell The Sulfur Burning. The Bastard in Chief and his Syndicate are leading us down the primrose path to Hades in a handbasket.The Obamanites, Hopium Smokers and Kool-Aid Drinkers are satisfied to allow him to proceed with his “fundamental change of the United States of America”. Obama’s cabal needs to put out of Business. We must stop this maniac who is posing as President of the United States. A Master of Periphrasis, with an ego on a Brobdingnagian scale, he is an incorrigible, oxygen depleting waste of skin, and his removal is the only answer. Barack Insane Obama is an Anti-Semitic, Arrogant, Bumptious, Invidious, Psychopathic, Pervicacious, Pusillanimous, Mythomaniac. BHO is a Charlatan and a Sociopathic Bastard, who is a Disgracefully, Egotistical, Inept Quisling. He is a Gallivanting, Narcissistic, Oikophobic, Pathological, Clinchpoop, Prevaricating, Unqualified, Usurper, Son of a Whore, Xenophobic, Muslim Marionette of George Soros. January 20, 2017 can’t get here soon enough to suit me. >:O

    • I believe you are absolutely correct. He has no intention in fighting terrorism, in fact now that isis is trying to take Libya, who no longer has a capable leader, think of who helped get rid of that leader, so Isis could try to take it. My belief is he has been helping radical islam from the first day in his office. Why else would he have so many Muslim Brotherhood in his Whitehouse staff.

    • If you doubt your validity then please take this as the confirmation you need to quell your doubts… We all see the same thing as you do… you’re spot on (very unfortunately). His agenda is to collapse the economy , destabilize and divide this country, implement Agenda 21 and eventually kill most of us. This is the real truth and I don’t think you are a cynic but, a realist trying to make sense out of something so evil that it’s almost incomprehensible …. as are the rest of us…. and please read the rest of the posts, you are in like company.

      • Thanks for the comforting thoughts.
        We must spread the word, the only thing that will stop his is faith in God, and the light of truth.
        I can not believe all Democrats are willing to go down in history as being just like the Germans were (Silent) when Hitler took control.
        0bama has run out of time, he can not accomplish the task while he is in office. As long as we can hold together for a couple of years, or Impeach the btard, Americans will recover.
        I still have faith in Americans, it is our Government that I have lost faith in.

    • IT’S THEM OR US…..and HE is one of THEM!!

    • MAHB001..You are spot on…He is virtually untouchable…Know why? He is called by God “BAW-RAK” in Luke 10:18…Must read in the original Arabic language and/or Strong’s Concordance…He is beyond a boubt the A-C
      Also if you care to investigate more throughly go to u tube and enter “Is BO The Anti-C? His name in numerical sequence is 666….His former address in Chicago is 666…and so on…If you are a Christian ask God and The Holy Spirit to reveal this to you
      What do all muzzies do? Mohammed says lie to the infidels to gain their confidence then if they don’t convert…slice their heads off…BO is a sunni jihadist muslim pretending and trying to deceive us all..but to those of us to whom it has been revealed..know the truth..Jesus said: I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life….
      Nothing is known without it first being revealed to my servants the prophets..and by and through my Holy Spirit..

  2. HES NOT IN DENIAL – this is part of his agenda – to destroy this country and all it stands for that’s been his ” job assignment ” since day one –

    • Well… He did promise CHANGE. Now he is trying to keep that one promise when he kept none of the others and people are upset. Hmmm.

      • funny how no one bothered to find out what he meant by ” change ” anymore than anyones bothered to find out what exactly he means by ” moderate ” muslim – look to interviews with so called moderate muslims in countries like Belgium –

        • It’s difficult to find out what “change” means for Obummer when everything that comes out of his mouth are LIES. He’s the greatest manipulator and liar since Hitler and the people fell for it “hook, line, and sinker”. Remember, “most transparent administration in history?” That was a BIGGIE and people believed him. It’s been “cover-up” ever since.

      • Everyone should read his books at the library. Don’t buy them. It will give you a good insight into his twisted idea of what America should be. We are doing OK without his islam promoting crap. Teaching/promoting islam to YOUR KIDS IN SCHOOL is part of the common core standards from the muslim filled gov. Look into the crap they are teaching your kids in school. See the steps that have been implimented to INFILTRATE our gov and our schools. What better way to recruit followers for islam than to brainwash the kids. Take Christianity OUT and put islam IN. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!

    • You have stated this cleared than anyone can or could.

    • that is what happens when you put a doper into the white house.

    • Amen! It really gets me when those supposedly enlightened to his agenda, miss this point. All of his upbringing reeks of messages of hatred against the nation that has made him what he is (only the better aspects such as handing him the presidency). The rest is steeped in the teachings of the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayres, Saul Alinsky and others too numerous to mention. And he’s studied islam extensively. He is NOT missing what the muslim mission is, he’s certainly never to be trusted as he assuredly adheres to taqiyya and lies at every opportunity. All of these acts from bowing to muslim leaders to lying about beheadings and such are parts of his evil plan to destroy our nation from within and without. Why he’s not swinging for treason is because the republican elite are too enthralled with their own power to stand up to him. Boehner, McConnell and many others should be marched out of THEIR offices in shackles, as well. There’s no turning back. God put all of these villains in power to accomplish His own will, and they’re too stupid and self centered to believe it, let alone acknowledge Him. There’s no fear of God before their eyes. They won’t realize until too late that God will not be mocked.

      • exactly – what interests me is how no one has ever asked him to define exactly what to his mind a ” moderate ” muslims is – we only have to look at what so called moderate muslims are doing in countries like Belgium where they claim they are going to take the country over thru their soaring birthrates and infiltrating the legal and political systems – So they’re still all about world domination its just thru ” peaceful ” means – i believe hes using muslims and islam and just one more in his bag of tricks to undermine and destroy our country – It bears out when you look at everything else hes doing to accomplish the same end – ” fundamentally transform ” our country – yeah right into some 3rd world banana republic dictatotrship –

    • I would add one thought — he wants this country to be part of the caliphate.

      • yeah maybe his ultimate goal for now i think hes using the muslims to further his AGENDA

        • Actually I think it’s the reverse. THEY’RE using him to further THEIR agenda which is the world caliphate, not just the U.S., and a much bigger ballgame.

          • yeah I agree its a mutual alliance in that they’re using each other to further their own agendas – if you look at the way barry denigrates and downplays everything regarding Christianity at every opportunity and he knows full well that its a foundation of this country what better way to subvert our culture – I think he defers to islam for his own personal beliefs but I also believe theres a more diabolical sinister aspect to why hes promoting it the way he is – Its a tyrannical ideology and hes a tyrant wanna-be..

          • He defers to Islam because he is true, devoted follower of Islam and is walking a tightrope not in his own strength but in that of the evil ones referred to in Revelation:

            “So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast TO the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 12:8-10

          • that’s correct

    • You got that right,this POS is a brain dead mud-slime

      • No hes not brain dead – it may appear that way at first because we love this country and cant see how anyone would do the crap he is – but its his agenda – he doesn’t love this country or any of us and states this just about daily – no hes a conniving calculating POS for sure – and needs to be tried and convicted of being the enemy combatant he truly is –

    • You are correct, he just cannot bring himself to utter the truth publicly about what Islam is and its goal of eradicating Christianity.

  3. So I see the word TREASON has been banned by all press and replaced with the words denial or incompetence.

  4. And WHO said THIS? Note last two sentences in particular:

    “Our terrorist enemies have a vision that guides and explains all their varied acts of murder. They seek to impose a Taliban-like rule, country by country, across the greater Middle East. They seek the total control of every person, and mind, and soul, a harsh society in which women are voiceless and brutalized. They seek bases of operation to train more killers and export more violence. They commit dramatic acts of murder to shock, frighten, and demoralize civilized nations, hoping we will retreat from the world and give them free reign. They seek weapons of mass destruction, to impose their will through blackmail and catastrophic attacks. None of this is the expression of a religion. It is a totalitarian political ideology, pursued with consuming zeal and without conscience.”

    • I would add,.. “disguised as a religion.”

    • I agree with you but we as True Americans have one Big Problem, He is allowing Muslim Terrorist Training Camps Right Here On American Soil. I place Obama as a Traitor to the U.S.A.

    • “At this point, what difference does it make? …..Hillary!

      • Those words I quoted above, in my post beginning “And WHO said THIS” were spoken by former President George W. Bush at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on May 24, 2004.

    • The evil Dubya, of course, no matter that he was spot on correct. After six plus years of blaming Dubya for everything that has gone wrong, Obama can’t possibly agree with his predecessors assessment.

      • If Dubya said it and he was spot on correct, then why is Obama getting so harshly criticized for holding the same view, namely that the ISIS terrorists do not represent a bona fide religion?

        Bush’s conservative admirers found no fault with his remarks back then. Do you agree with what he said?

        I disagree with both Bush and Obama on this issue. The ISIS fanatics are driven by a fundamentalist Islamic ideology that is deeply rooted in RELIGION. Read about it here in the most complete and unbiased analysis of this matter to be found anywhere.:


        • Obama isn’t getting criticized for holding the same view (we don’t actually know what view he “holds”, only the views he has “expressed”. Bush expressed, “Our terrorist enemies have a vision that guides and explains all their varied acts of murder.” He did not express an opinion about religion. Obama has been criticized because he has refused to identify ISIS, et al as Islamic terrorists (emphasis on terrorists), though he seems to be moving closer and may have actually said those dreaded words by the time I get this posted.

          I can only agree, halfheartedly, with your characterization ” ISIS fanatics are driven by a fundamentalist Islamic ideology that is deeply rooted in RELIGION.” if we can emphasize your double use of “driven by” (not to imply practice of) to agree that their motivation is rooted in some religious “vision” (per Bush), but is not deeply rooted in any recognizable religion.

          • Frankly, your take on this matter is naive and incomplete. I strongly urge you to read the article in the link below. It is the most thorough analysis of what ISIS is all about that you will find anywhere. It is a non-partisan analysis that does not support either Bush’s or Obama’s position on terror related to Islam.


          • headon…?: Ironically, I got involved in this thread because I thought your “take on this matter is naïve”. Still do, being based on one article in a popular magazine by a writer who might reasonably classified as a Journalist (no longer a compliment). I browsed through his article and think I understand the gist of it. I certainly agree that the issue is complicated and cannot be properly condensed into a “comment”, but you have neither said nor referenced any reason for me to change my views.

          • I do not agree with either Bush’s or Obama’s characterizations of terror as related to Islam. The matter is a complex on that is analyzed in detail and clarity in an excellent article in the March issue of The Atlantic. Anyone wishing to understand ISIS and the relationship of terrorism to fundamentalist Islam needs to read this. It is not written from either a liberal or historical perspective. It is well-sourced and focuses on historical implications and motivation of the current ISIS-led terrorism.


      • In over 6 years Obama STILL can’t say ‘muslim terrorists’

    • There is nothing about a totalitarian political ideology that prevents it from fitting the definition of a religion. What is the difference between an ideology and a religion? a deity? The True Believers of an ideology often euhemerize their ikon, e.g. Al Gore, who even sounds like a hellfire and brimstone evangelist prophesying the apocalypse and demonizing those with whom he disagrees. Not to mention selling indulgences. Obama is idolized by his followers who can be depended upon to defend his disasters as great triumphs or their failures the fault of satanic forces like the Tea Party. Why he doesn’t demonize ISIS as a terrorist organization confounds me – seems a convenient whipping boy for the Middle Eastern disaster – and they certainly seem to be ideologically motivated.

    • What’s your point?

    • This is actually a very good speech. Nothing wrong with it. Very precise wording, we all know exactly who and where the terrorist are, what they plan on doing.
      I long for a president that gives speeches this clearly.

  5. SOAP sent you a message.

    Listen to my new episode COMMUNISM IS ALIVE AND STRONGER IN THE USA. WHY WE WATCHING NAZIS? athttp://tobtr.com/s/7372449. #BlogTalkRadio

  6. Am I the only one thoroughly disgusted by the insistent use of “in denial”, “mistaken”, “unaware” and other descriptives of Soetero’s behaviors? The perp is following orders, was installed and is in full agreement. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing and why. Do writers/media use excusatory language because they fear for themselves and/or livelihood? What – already??

  7. If the host of this summit was doing his job, his first words should have been in the form of a question;
    “Have any of you ever given money to any organization known to be or
    reasonably assumed to be in support of any group that would do harm to the
    United States of America or to its people anywhere in the world?”

    To those attendees that raised their hand, he should have asked them in the simplest of terms, “Why did
    you do it, and do you intend to do it again?”

    But no, it was all just another one of his attempts to get people to think that he’s doing his best to
    protect America from all threats, foreign and domestic.

  8. He knows exactly what he is doing, that is why he targeted concervatives. Don’t be suppried if he servers a third term.

  9. If he can’t do it via the courts they by the gun

  10. He is doing everything to aid ISIS

  11. Who is Isil? He won’t say radical muslim terrorist. He won’t call attacks and murders terrorism, they are Work Place Violence. He won’t call them ISIS. But then again has he ever spoke the truth? He has mocked Christ time and time again but claims to be Christian. How can anyone call themselves Christian after worshiping with Jeremiah Wright? I do not know what god is worshiped there.
    I guess I am a Radical Christian Conservative because I want a Constitutional Government? WHAT? We are now truly a Nation founded by genesis and run by idiots.

  12. “it”, obungya, is the planner to be destroyer of nations !!!! Especially for Our Country !!! “it” must be removed, along with “it’s” other muslum and anti Americans. NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What about, “No GUN is responsible for terrorism/killing — PEOPLE are responsible for violence and terrorism AND KILLING,”

  14. the idiot left is living in a delusional world of hopeless change for the worse… Oblamer and his idiot minions are truly the biggest threat to our great nation… he has created BIG, LAZY, STUPID, TYRANNICAL, LAWLESS, DESPOTIC GOVT. that can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. I say flush the narcissistic, arrogant, politically incorrect, intolerant, Alinsky-socialist child living in the White House and his surrogates of the radical left down the toilet and out into the sewer where they belong… with all the other crap!

  15. Iran does not want 0buma to bad mouth terrorists susan rice and valerie jarrett keeps an eye on 0buma so he is careful not to hurt them too bad I did not know we voted in valerie and susan to run our country the only thing I know is we got to get someone in the white house that is not in bed with the Iranians It’s pretty bad when you invite all of the Muslims into the white house and then snub Israel what in the hell happened to our country I sure hope we can get rid of the 0buma regime before they take over our country with Muslim fighters. And pray that killiry hillary don’t get elected cause that will just be another 0buma mess version 2.0

  16. F–n Muslims seem like they are all bunch liers and like to rape goats ..Go back Kenya or whatever planet you came from

  17. If you believe that Obama is in denial, then you must be living under a rock.
    The Muslim Rizoli, and Manchurian Candidate Obama, is here on a Mission, from the Terrorist Muslim Brother, to destroy America piece by piece.
    And he is accomplishing his mission.
    While those American Patriots that could stop him, and the Communist Controlled Democrat Party, sit idly by and do nothing!
    Those, American Patriots, who have sworn an Oath to protect our Constitution, must now stand-up and fight, to rid America of this evil pestilence, in the White House.

  18. Are all of us aware that the liar in the White House excluded the FBI from what should have been a serious meeting? Why?

  19. What ever happened to the separation of Church and State. This man is jamming Islam down the throats of all Americans and using our own tax money to do it. Lets import 50,000 Lutheren Germans, 50,000 Catholic Italians, 50,000 Anglican Britians. they are all much more compatible with the religions of the US and not of this want to kill all of us. Obama should resign and retire to the ME and become a prophet if that is what he wants to do.

  20. Why is this traitor still enjioying living in the Whitehouse, when he should be in jail and tried for treason? Is’nt there any US Congressman who has enough courage to impeach the SOB and put him into a slammer for his numerous violations of laws against helping terrorists and violations of US Constitution.

  21. In denial? That’s like saying Hitler was in denial about the death camps. Obama is not in denial about anything. Saying that gives him an excuse. Muslims are aholes and he’s one of them.

  22. America is not normal due to Hitler Obama leading what he calls America only Hitler Obama wants to kill America with his democratic Muslim Party they have changed from Americans to Hiller Obama United States killers under control of Hitler Obama a none American Hitler out to kill America. Hitler Obama is a America Killer.

  23. If the Muslim people did not support these terrorist they would be doing more to stop them their selves. Simple as that! Any country that has Rouge killers, burning, beheading and bury people alive, even children, would be after them! If the Muslim people as a whole was against these terrorist they would be doing something about it.

  24. i”ll second that volksnut, he is queer illegal muslim that is INTENT on destroying america…. only problem is, the liberal whinny shits kiss his ass

    • Well since you’re not doing anything to stop him the only conclusion I can come to is that you’re a conservative whining shit kissing his ass.

      You people come here every day and it is the same thing. It reminds me of a little rascals episode I saw when I was growing up. The rascals had formed a he-man woman haters club. They whined and moaned and grumbled and cried about women but never did anything. Just a lot of big talk, like what goes on here.

      Not one claim out of 1000 that you make has any merit. It is all just a bunch of whining. How do I know it’s all a bunch of hogwash? Simple. When all you can do is make up names to call someone in a pathetic effort to insult them then you’ve got nothing. When you get to the point that you have to drag up Hitler then you’ve already lost. It is all so childish. First and second grade level childishness.

      But never fear. All of you ‘true’ Americans that live in flyover country can come to the aid of your country. All of you just pack yourselves up and head over to the Middle East and take Isis down. Your country needs your help and it needs your help now! You just said it does. So do something. Get off your whiny butts and go save America. Make democracy safe for the true Americans such as Tim McVeigh(Christian terrorist who killed 168 and injured 600 more), Frank Silva Roque, Wade Michael Page, Scott Roeder(Christian terrorists who murdered a doctor in church), along with his cheerleader Bill O’Reilly, Christian Right sympathizer Jim David Adkisson for murdering two and shooting several others during a children’s play in Knoxville Tennessee in 2008, Eric Rudolph, exalted as a martyr by the Christian terrorist group Army of God for planting a bomb during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, and all the thousands of skinheads and KKK members that live in flyover country just waiting for their chance to blow up something for their Christian God, while flying the Confederate battle flag.Can you imagine anything more ridiculous than that? You call yourself patriots yet you fly the Confederate battle flag. The ridiculous part is that the people that do this don’t see a contradiction. They don’t see the contradiction of flying the flag of the worst traitors this country has ever faced while claiming to be American patriots. For someone that can’t see what’s wrong with that picture how would you even begin to explain it to them? That would be like carrying a picture of King George, wearing a red coat uniform, holding a copy of the declaration of independence in your hand, and calling yourself an American patriot. It’s just too ridiculous to think about.

      • Sorry dude, but my friends and I are active in promoting conservative candidates, doing canvassing and volunteer work, heading up discussion groups, writing letters, contacting local ,state and federal officials and writing in whatever forums like this one to help spread the need for all of us to stand up for our country. And what in hell are you doing except bloviating the progressive BS line of moral equivalency ? While you were shitting in your stinking diaper I was doing 2 tours in Vietnam. While you were whining about having to learn how to read I was writing letters to the editor that were being published. Your hatred of Christians is as sick as those murderers in isis. Far leftists like you are just as prejudiced and insane as those on the far right. I guess you live near a coast from your ignorant , continual use of the elitist term ” Flyover ” country and your ignorance of American history. Without flyover country you would be starving and without as much fuel as you’d like. You really are pretty funny and would probably work out on MSLSD on the Al Sharpton show.. Since I am a living historian and have taught in schools all over the US wearing British, Colonial, Union and Confederate uniforms I will try to end some of your ignorance. The Confederate Army Battle Flag is based on the Cross of St. Andrew flag of Scotland. You call them the worst traitors in American History. The Confederacy outlawed the African slave trade BEFORE the US. Lincolns emancipation proclamation freed no slaves in the NORTH, and right up to 1865 slave ships were being outfitted in NYC. And when an independent state ( Which in the 18th century ) also meant a country signs into a voluntary pact, they have the right to leave that pact freely. Even the Supreme Court would not vote on it and left it to be settled by force of arms. So don’t be trying to associate individual nut cases with a cult of murderers like islam and I suggest you take your childish ramblings and knowledge and use them in blogs more suitable for that kind of ignorant bloviating and leave the important things to the adults of this country. By the way, I HAVE had a copy of the Declaration of Independence in my hand wearing a Red Coat. The kids and the teachers loved it because in truth, some British soldiers did desert after reading it. I guess it is hard to think when capacity is so limited.

  25. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not confused. He’s evil.

  26. Ozero is a straw man put up by the progressive left. He is a person who has no real knowledge of growing up in or loving America.He hates America, he hates capitalism, he hates Christianity and he hates our society as it now stands. His goal was not hope and change but utter destruction of our way of life. This insane ” Conference on Violent Extremism is a case in point.The world is in turmoil on every continent but Antarctica fighting moslem fanatics and he is saying that the problem isn’t islam. Like the islamic fanatics, he won’t talk about what that cult of allah (small a )is. allah was a minor moon god in the pagan pantheon of the arabic nomadic sheep and camel lovers. The difference between the moon gods and the sun gods were they had no light of their own and were considered the dark side of the force ( sorry, could not resist ). Moe the hammed didn’t want to worship Yahweh and Jesus was too peaceful for his bloody appetite so he looked around for a god he could agree with.Also ( and a I am not familiar with the whole theology of pagan allah worship, but for some reason, allah allowed liars to worship him. moe the mammed said to respect the people of ” The Book ” which is the Bible, but one of the first thing that lying bastard did was go back home to Medina in 632 AD and kill all the Jews living there. Ozero likes to say islam was woven into the fabric of America and for once I’ll agree. It provided the excuse to have a full time ocean going NAVY and Marine Corps.and helped the musical tradition of our country with the stirring words ” To the shores of Tripoli ” other than that,Thomas abdullah Paine, Benjamin Shaheed Franklin and others of their ilk were not mentioned anywhere in our records except as slave sellers to our traders.
    To me, the most dangerous violent extremists in America is the occupy movement whose main occupying group is the fun bunch at occupy the white house.They have destroyed what standing we have had in the world and given us Ms. Barf or Harf or whatever she is and Lurch as our information outlet and head of State Dept. I don’t know why the left is so completely ignorant of the State Dept. but they have given us Madelaine Dimbulb,Hillary ( What does it matter ? ) Clinton and now Lurch as the face of America. No wonder people are laughing at us and Italy is trying to form a coalition to fight the real extremists and not the phony phantoms ozero is talking about. He sounds more and more like Don Quixote.

  27. Obama is a homosexual muslim communist who hates America and is doing everything in his power to destroy her.

  28. dope dealers protect their turf / what no one is capable to start impeachment is it a potation or what is the first step ? do any of you winners want to take the first step , I would sure like to be the first signature. Wow we me and the potation rather than Waite for Obie to fix the internet with a /dump the president button /we could push, illegals aliens get rid of them with existing laws. To much time thinking about golf. don’t fix it use it worked before you jerks
    THOUGHT of a fix, it is a all ready option deport the whole illegal population, simple heck the program running this country was working before they thought fixing . We are not getting a free ride we pay taxes for this inept government that thinks we need a layer of illegals on a free ride , stop the bs and just follow the laws we have all ready visas cost money we make money on selling visas give them away or just open the doors and let THEM IN TO FORT KNOX

  29. Has anyone checked his head for the 666 ????????/

  30. Wow is all I can say! !! Sad!! The Bible states, And yes shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!! BHO needs to find out on which side of the fence he is on!!

  31. Isn’t it interesting that that ‘summit’ was at the same time that DHS put out a report on ‘dangerous conservatives’ ?

  32. i thank God i voted mccain, than romney.!!! obama is everything i feared

  33. Obama is in no denial, he is one of them! IE. A radical supporter of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood. Shabbat shalom!

  34. Dumbo refuses to acknowledge the true problem. He consistently justifies the actions of the terrorists because of history of hundreds of years past. Read his books and you’ll also get “enlightened,” as to his true agenda.

  35. Anyone who thinks he is in ‘denial’ is in denial…..HE is a muslim from the get-go and anyone who hasn’t seen that yet has been living under a rock….
    I am sick of everyone giving him a pass….’he doesn’t think they’re terrorist’ he can’t say the word terrorist because he is aligned with them.!
    Get over it. It’s a fact.

  36. Anything Barack Hussein Obama does is bad! He is just like his brethren in the Middle East. He hates America and Americans. How stupid does anyone have to be to not realize it?

  37. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    The Muslim Arab “christian” president is not in denial. With
    his hate and rage Agenda of REVENGE he has been playing out his “dreams FROM my
    father” to punish WHITE America (man of ALL color) and America’s NAZIonal Socialist
    Democrat American Party collaborated by playing it right up his ASSETS. Six
    years in “Ropes and Chains”. Two more years to go. Will we be the land of the
    FREE or will we be supporting Islam and bowing or heads to Mecca and living
    under Sherry’s law? Hussein Obama is NOT in denial, America is.

  38. HES NOT IN DENIAL as a muslim Obama will not classify to this in fear of labeling himself as to what he really is – a yellow coward muslim of the islamic beliefs of killing yourself to harm others. Obama is a total coward, traitor (being an Illegal president) and a total mule butt when it come to the Constitution/Law of the people and by the people of this Nation. Barack Hussein Obama the NEW BLACK ADOLF HITLER OF AMERICA.

  39. Okay, I will echo so many because “it’s” not in denial (‘it’ = b h o) it is the key to destroy all but the head hunters and incinerators by the terrorist infectious malignancy much like gangrene with no antibiotics for it allowed.

  40. All going according to plan. skippy will continue as more atrocities occur on American soil. He’ll not miss one round of golf.

  41. trollhunterforlife45

    This man has many more plans to steal our wealth by the end of this year. The TEA Party will save this Country ! if No Guts to Impeach! Shut down all Mosque
    If we can not build Churches in SAUDI Arabia, then Certainly not Islam here !

    To hell with There Sharia Laws !

  42. He says that people are the root of extremism so he will not blame any religion, yet he refuses to admit that people are the cause behind gun violence and wants to take away all firearms from law abiding citizens. Is it just my imagination or does it seem to anybody else that there is another agenda in the works here . . . ?

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