Experts Warn: Biden’s Immigration Policies Will Cause Another Border Surge

If there’s one thing that Joe Biden has been clear on, it’s that he intends to take America’s immigration policy in the polar opposite direction of President Donald Trump’s. While Biden does not endorse open borders, per se, he has said that he wants to pass a universal amnesty bill within his first 100 days, stop all deportations for the same period of time, and end the deportation of non-criminal aliens, period. Biden has also suggested that he may bring new border wall construction to a grinding halt, even if it means leaving billions of dollars on the table with contractors.

In remarks this week, top U.S. officials and immigration experts are warning that Biden’s proposed policies will cause chaos at the border.

“Cartels and human smugglers are fueling perceptions that our borders will once again be wide open, and that we will be reinstating the loopholes that have been closed,” said CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan. “If your policy consists of stopping deportation for almost four months, discontinuing or not supporting Title 42, revoking the Migrant Protection Protocols, the message you’re sending is clear and simple: We have open borders.”

Even The New York Times couldn’t help but back up Morgan’s theory – even if they found someone to put it in the most genial terms imaginable.

“If there is a perception of more-humane policies,” said T. Alexander Aleinikoff, “you are more likely to see an increase of arrivals at the border.”

This makes it sound like “more arrivals” is exactly what we want. Then again, he’s probably right, at least as far as Democrats are concerned.

Interestingly, the Times did go on to admit that Trump’s policies – whatever one might think of them – had their desired effect:

It had the intended outcome of significantly reducing flows and compelling thousands of migrants already at the border to turn around and go home. Swiftly reversing Trump administration policies could be construed as opening the floodgates, risking a rush to the border that could quickly devolve into a humanitarian crisis. Because the “return to Mexico” policy is not codified by regulation, it could be immediately rescinded by the president-elect.

But the optics of large numbers of migrants suddenly being waved into the United States, or detained in facilities at the border, would create a public-relations nightmare for the new administration and almost certainly draw fierce condemnation from both immigration restrictionists and pro-immigrant activists, for different reasons.

Fierce condemnation from both sides. Well, this is what happens when you play the squishy middle with a subject that requires determined leadership. Biden’s not even in office yet, and the disastrous results of his lukewarm immigration rhetoric are already obvious.

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