Experts Say North Korea Now Capable of Missile Strike on Washington, DC

After their latest ballistic missile test, North Korea claimed they had the entirety of the U.S. mainland within the reach of their military – including the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. And while U.S. officials have declined to speculate too heavily on the capability of the rogue regime, preferring instead to focus on the fact that no U.S. interests were in danger of being struck by Wednesday’s missile launch, there is no doubt that Kim Jong Un’s ambitions are growing more dangerous by the day.

Pyongyang is no stranger to hyperbole, but experts have concluded that they may be telling the truth about the range of this week’s Hwasong-15 missile, which is said to be capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

“With this system, we can load the heaviest warhead and strike anywhere in the mainland United States,” said a North Korean newscaster on the regime’s state-run media. “This missile is far more technologically advanced than July’s Hwasong-14. This signifies that our rocket development process has been completed.”

This was the first ballistic test in two months and the first since a new round of U.S. and UN sanctions against the regime. The missile went further than any previous test launch, reaching a final height of 2,800 miles before coming back down into the Sea of Japan. Defense Secretary James Mattis acknowledged the seriousness of the situation, saying the missile “went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they’ve taken.” He noted soberly that they are on a mission to construct missiles “that can threaten everywhere in the world.”

The latest test is yet another indication that North Korea is a problem that history has determined belongs to President Donald Trump to solve once and for all. After months of negotiations with our European and Asian allies, round after round of threats and sanctions against North Korea, and attempts to bring China over to our side when it comes to pressuring the regime, Trump is left looking at a dictator who appears no closer to giving up his nuclear ambitions than he was in January.

“I will only tell you that we will take care of it,” Trump said of the latest launch. “It is a situation that we will handle.”

As disastrous as full-blown war with North Korea would be in terms of human casualties, we are quickly getting to the point where there may be no other options. The idea of simply allowing this maniac to become the world’s next nuclear-armed superpower is flatly unacceptable and a grave threat to the United States and the world as a whole. If there are alternatives that lie between appeasement and war, they are scarce…and the time for deploying them is running out.

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  1. The N. Korean missile crisis is 1,000 times more important than a stupid sex pervert in Congress, save for the fact that he shows how urgent it also is to drain the swamp in which this crocodile played so long.

    • I guess you don’t think our military can take it out, before it gets here. Your buddy Barry isn’t running it now.

      • You better hope that Clinton – Obama didn’t give the store away to China on our defense system . It is evident China will do nothing to stop this mad man Kim Boy .

        • Well Obama more or less gave China our cash for clunkers. $150.00 for 3000 lbs of steel chunked up. He then gave China all of our countrys patents to go along with it? Why wouldnt he give China our grids?

          • You got it and the day is coming that they will stick it to us . The proof is there with China doing nothing to Stop Kim Boy or Iran .

        • billy gave the chinese access to our latest missle plans and they didnt do a thing about it , how much did he get for that outside of 1 million per speech, bet it wasnt as much as hillory got for our uranium

          • And China probably gave it to NK to do their dirty work while the US leadership kiss Chinas Butt . When are people going to wake up that the US Tax Payer was sold out ???

          • I just can NOT see why anyone would pay so much to see the Clinton lies ,other than a tax write off .

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      • The missile system that the U.S. has in place can and will take out anything that North Korea sends us I should know I worked on ICBM’S

    • clintons gone

  2. I do believe that most of the Elite politicians will be vacationing in North Korea when the first bomb goes off.

    • Who owns the government – big business? Are they commies? No!

      How can the President “Drain the Swamp”???

      How can the President do anything?

      • shows how bright(sic) you are…not enough watts to light up a refrigerator..oh by the way yo yo back in July of 1953 a document was signed by the parties to the Korean Police Action…it was a “ceasefire”…the president can send the bombers and rockets anytime he wishes…and he should do it before Christmas…give the world one of it best gifts of all time…..another $lut commie roasted for prosperity….

      • 8+ times you have posted this spam…

        How do you know who is or who isn’t a communist?

        Some big Business people are Communist, others are not. We certainly can’t leave a decision like that up to a communist sympathizer like you.

        • I think it fair you answer my questions when I have answered yours -what’s a matter, don’t know? Ha, ha!

        • “Who owns the government – big business? Are they commies? No!
          How can the President “Drain the Swamp”?
          How can the President do anything?”

          Thought I’d better answer this for you – obviously you are as dumb as bat-poop!

          If you own people in both parties you control what happens, if you fund one party you merely have an ear if elected – not power.
          Example: the NRA own/fund folk in both parties, even if they tried to pass a Bill to regulate it would fail. Those owned vote for their paymasters.
          Example: the Finance Industry wanted the Glass-Steagall Act repealed – it was. This was the root cause of the Financial Crisis 2008.
          I could go on and on.
          You cannot “drain thee swamp”. First you’d need to re-write the Constitution and a wide variety of law.
          It doesn’t happen in the rest of the west as mostly the conservative parties are funded by business and the socialist by unions and well-meaning folk. The former get few large donations, the latter lots of small ones. Many of those countries have laws in place to prevent “owning” both. America does not – that is why both parties are conservative, just varying degrees of.
          America is stuffed and did it to themselves.
          Let me know if you need that in smaller words.
          Refute that dummy. Plutocracy is what the US has and no way out of it – suck it up! Suggest you read that again – really slowly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          So all your rhetoric is drivel – you have no understanding of how the government works or more importantly how it is controlled.

          • Let me repeat… Elite D’s = Elite R’s = Elite MEDIA…. The Elites are Communists.

            Elite R’s are traitors to the Republicans.
            Elite D’s are traitors to the Democrats that want to live under the Constitution.

            You are just stupid enough to do the Elites bidding. Or you are stupid enough to think that Communism is better than the Constitution… In which case you are a traitor.

          • Irrelevant. Elites – are nothing, just the ones that get to the top and show-boat. If you own both parties you have control – Elites could put through what they like, it will fail unless the owners want it to pass. Funny as!
            You’re stuffed!

          • “Let me repeat… Elite D’s = Elite R’s = Elite MEDIA…. The Elites are Communists.”

            Elite R’s are traitors to the Republicans. ”

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            If it smells like a communist, it probably is.

          • You are mirroring again…

          • just quoting you…..that’s not mirroring…but then I suppose you have your “personal” definition of the word…who knows other then you?

            I suspect most people who disagree with you can’t follow your comments-the others just agree with you because they are pretending to do so.

        • Conclusion – commies irrelevant. Nothing to do with America. Swamp not removable – big business ain’t selling and definitely not to the commies.
          Ditto socialists.
          Media – irrelevant.
          America is stuffed – no way back. Owned; lock, stock and barrel.
          Trump is merely a buffoon, can’t do anything and you idiots believed he could. Funny as!

          • You come to so many wrong conclusions, It makes me believe you are pretending to be asleep.

            The most cleaver thing the devil did was convince mankind that he does not exist…. The communists can do an awful lot of damage will people do not think they exist or are a threat…

            That is why you deflect and deny.

          • How? Both parties owned by the same businesses – in what way would it serve them? How are the commies going to take over without more money than big business. Nuts!
            Devil doesn’t exist, nor does God! Believe – no fact!
            You deflect, you have no facts and you can NEVER REFUTE moi!
            Deny what – America’s stuffed. Given! Plutocracy – signed and sealed.

          • Thanks for proving Yuri correct.

          • Yuri’s been proven wrong – he’s dead, a drunk. If his ideology had worked why is there no more USSR? Priceless!

          • Per Yuri-Trump is using the demoralizing tactic on American-


          • Boy are you in for a rude awakening! God exists, satan exists, evil exists, good exists. Hope you do some research and find the truth before it’s too late. Pres. Trump is an answer to prayer. No, he’s not perfect, but God uses imperfect people to do His will. They are all He’s got to use. The really sad thing about your belief is that Jesus still loves you…..sad from the Lord’s perspective but very happy from yours. Means you still have a chance.

          • Well is he a lazy git or just tardy. Vacation for 2000 years – really!
            No belief either way – just like facts, nothing to substantiate either point of view.
            Pray for surf!

          • Big Biz wants a communist government because things get done faster……

          • Obviously you have never been to a communist country.

      • lick my ass, libcunt!!

      • How did you even find this site?

    • It won’t be the first bomb because there have been bombs exploding there between 1950 and 1953. There is no peace treaty so we’re in a technical state of war with them when it becomes an actual state of war we will win and it w be over in days with the result of a free unified Korea

    • They would have to go back in time to 1950. However time travel is only theoretical

    • There will be only one bomb. NOKO won’t get a second strike.

  3. The Fat One has literally threatened the United States. Or, maybe more accurately, declared that an attack is coming. We should defend ourselves by destroying his ability to build a bomb, and his ability to deliver a bomb. Now.

    • Your post is well taken but if the U.S.has to go in we have to completely eliminate N. Korea and that would be an end to that country that we have been threatened by many times in the past.

  4. The world sees what happens when we bring our “democracy” to countries…. examples Libya, Syria, Iraq…. they are destroyed…and so many innocents killed….. I understand the stance Kim Ung Jung is taking. And with the M.O. of those running the show they will do something and make it appear that Kim did it just to start a war.

    • the generations of the kim scum have been acting like brats in the toy store..using threats of violence and actually actions to intimidate western countries to send “freebies” to the slopes in exchange for stopping their temper tantrum and changing their collective diaper…time to vaporize the bulk of pyong yang and the noko army…then, as many times before the USA will go in and rebuild the country….

  5. It`s time to eliminate this little maggot and N. Korea from the planet. I hope we don`t wait for this fat little sewer rat to launch a missile.

  6. Richard Bagenstose

    right , congress is more worried about who had their hands up someones skirt then n. korea so why should we worry about it , they would be doing americans a favore by dropping a bomb on d.c. seeing how our politicians prefer us to look like mexico or syria , seems they have a death wish , it would take about 15 minutes to wipe n.korea off the map ,and what will china and russia do about it , nothing , they need the u.s. and our politicians are to stupid to know it

  7. Liberals better quit blaming Trump and be ready to hide from the real threat. That being crazy N Korea. The stupidity and ignorance on the left is beyond anything seen in America and it’s only getting worse.

  8. If they took out Washington DC that would be a big help. Just get President Trump and his people out of the place first. Leave the swamp

  9. You will find, that unlike his many predecessors, PRESIDENT TRUMP will NOT give them a “warning”. I believe the “strike” will be a “surprise” swift, sure, and DEADLY. We DO INDEED have a LOT of “assets” just off the coast many “seen” many NOT, that can be brought into “service” quickly and with DEADLY results.

    • Sadly, it does look like this is a likely scenario, but it isn’t a good thing for our allies in S.Korea or the Japanese. I’m certain the Chinese and Russians would both like for us to take care of the problem so no blame comes their way. China could strangle little Kim in very short order, but they won’t.

      • China, or Russia will not do a thing to help, because when the SHTF the “refugees” (if there are any left,) will FLOOD THEIR countries. So they will try to blame it completely on the U.S. for protecting ourselves. MY question is WHO is helping this hermit kingdom develop the missile? They sure as HELL cannot do this on their own, AND what if they fire one and it goes the wrong way, into China or Russia perhaps??

        • My best guess comes up with Iran. Some POTUS gave them a bucket of money and free reign (rein?) to develop their Nuclear capability. By letting N Korea start a diversion, we have little capability to operate in two theaters at this time. I do know the difference between the two kinds of reigns as an old equestrian (actually a dogger and roper), but I wasn’t sure which applied here. The “caliphuckers” want to reign over the world and we need to rein them in before they rain on everyone’s parade. OK you wordsmiths have at it.

          • Iran may have the “money” (our money thanks to oscumbag) BUT I doubt they had the technology to “give” to the little sawed off hermit. I would suspect China or Russia.
            Fat boy seemed to go from a firecracker that wouldn’t launch far, to what he has control of now, in too short of a time to do it on his own without someone “helping” him.

  10. Take out rocket man before he takes us out

    • That would be Chinas job if they cared about the USA and so far it is evident they only care about becoming the World leader .

  11. Use the electro magnetic pulse on North Korea before they do it to us

  12. We are in a technical state of war with North Korea . We could end it by sending rocket man to hell with blood fires and pillars of smoke and North Korea’s capital will be like an oven

  13. A decapitation strike is needed lop of the head and the snake will die

  14. Take out Kim jung Un and the rest of the pigs at the top and North Korea will fall

  15. Un is not someone to ignore. He is a megliomaniac time bomb that can go off at any time.

    If I were President, I would send a covert patrol (CIA, SEALS, etc.) to deal with Rocketman, quietly and stealthly, until he no longer walks this earth and is no danger to any country or anyone, including his very own people! He is like a cancer that chemo is thrown at that temporarily stops him, but he grows again and radiation temporarily stops him, but he grows again. Then the cancer is surgically removed, but the cancer still grows until its host succumbs.

    Kim jung un is that cancer and he has been threatened, economical sanctions applied, and he just keeps growing his missiles. It’s time that the rocketman cancer is destroyed, not cell by cell, nor threat by threat, but quickly and efficiently, so he cannot grow again and invade his people’s lives nor any other nation on our earth!

  16. If in fact NK can hit D.C., hopefully it’ll be when there’s a joint session of Congress. Rid America of all the perverts, sexual predators, pedophiles, money grabbers & power seekers.

  17. Here is something ALL nations in the world are over looking. If North Korea can send a missal all the way to Washington DC. He can target ALL MAJOR CITIES (Tokyo, New Deli, Rome, Istanbul, Moscow, Israel, Tran, Munich, Paris, London are all on the way to DC………Who will Kim strike first? Is the new question.

    • ” Who will he strike…”? Question is why? Is he looking for some nation to buy him off? Who, other than China, and at what expense? The UN ? What nation could they get to ‘pony up’?
      I can’t think of any one that thinks of the N.K. as a neat place full of fun folk.

      • Dennis Rodman likes to vacation there.
        I think Sectary Tillerson needs to have a sit down with Russia and China. Explain if Kim does not disarm. We will take him out with atomic force. Then we will make NK our 51st State.
        Neither Russia or China wants an actual US State next door.


  19. It is time to remove North Korean leadership, not just Kim Jong Un, otherwise those below him will just step in and continue. The entire cancer must be removed, sadly there probably will be collateral damage, but the alternative is worse. We cannot wait for the first strike, remember December 7?

  20. If Kim Jong Un plans to hit any city in the U.S., it should be Washington, D.C. That’s about the only way we are going to clean house.

  21. The Trump family is away. The obamas are home. Congress is in session. The Supreme Court is meeting. This makes Washington DC the best place for a first strike and I surely don’t mind. Does anybody? It won’t spread because NOKO won’t get a second shot anyway. War over and Deep State crippled. Go NOKO!

  22. Just imagine this folks, look how fast this dictator progressed with missile technology. He will be building a rocket that will be taking people to Mars ahead of the United States’ efforts to put man on Mars. Either this country has some very intelligent scientists or Kim Jong Un is getting this advanced missile technology from another country and who do you think that might be? There is a smart way to stop this dictator and his goons and I hope Trump employs it and very soon.

  23. Frankly, if NK does throw a nuke at us, I hope it is on Washington DC.

  24. Would that be a bad thing?

  25. China will never come over to our side and are way of thinking in fact I would say China is helping out North Korea with it’s missile system.

  26. An ICBM right in the middle of D.C. would solve most of our problems.

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