Expert Analyst: “China Configuring its Military to Kill Americans”

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, China analyst and expert Gordon Chang said the Trump administration is right to explore ways in which the U.S. can move away from an economic partnership with Beijing. Chang said that Trump’s plan to decouple the U.S. economy from China is an excellent plan that will prevent American dollars from flowing into the Chinese military system – which is being designed and developed for the express purpose of confronting us.

“China is configuring its military to kill Americans,” Chang said. “We shouldn’t be enriching a hostile regime with our trade and with our investment. I believe that decoupling is what we absolutely have to do especially this year.”

Chang said that a recent Pentagon report outlining China’s intention of doubling its nuclear weapons stockpile over the next ten years only adds urgency to the scenario.

“Xi Jinping has been talking increasingly about this notion that China has a mandate of heaven to rule the world,” Chang explained. “They think that they not only have the right to do it, they have the obligation to do it. He’s become very specific about this in public and so have his officials, which means that they are trying to change the international system, not to compete within it.”

Chang said that internal problems inside Beijing have compelled Xi and the Chinese Communist Party to work more quickly to shore up its international dominance.

“I think China believes it needs to move fast and that means we’re going to see problems not in the 2030s, we’re going to see problems now,” he said.

Regardless of China’s military intentions – and we have no doubt that they are dangerous – we should be looking to cut them off for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic alone. What they did back in December and January was inexcusable and unforgivable. We don’t necessarily blame China for birthing a new virus (though it is possible that insecure lab conditions and/or unsanitary food practices led directly to the development of COVID-19), but we absolutely blame them for how they handled it once it was loose.

Until they’ve made restitution for that, owned up to their responsibilities, and apologized profusely to the international community, they should be treated as the rogue nation that they are slowly becoming.

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