Exiled From TrumpLand, John Bolton Makes His Iran Plan Public

New Chief of Staff John Kelly was brought on board to bring order to a chaotic White House, and part of his plan for reform is to carefully vet who gets access to Trump and when. While there’s no doubt that the Trump White House could use some discipline, we wonder if Kelly isn’t doing his job a little too well. If important Trump advisers like former UN Ambassador John Bolton can’t even get an audience with Donald Trump these days, Kelly’s rules may be less about keeping the agenda on track and more about isolating the president from those who have his best interests at heart.

Bolton was reportedly asked by former chief strategist Steve Bannon to come up with a plan that would allow the U.S. to smoothly exit the Iran nuclear deal that was signed into effect by the previous administration. Trump campaigned tirelessly on a promise to rip that deal to shreds…but so far, he has taken no steps to do so. Instead, he has twice certified Iran’s compliance with the deal’s regulations, despite the fact that the Islamic regime has violated many of the agreement’s clauses.

Since Bolton was unable to deliver his plan to the president himself, he published it in the National Review:

Here it is. It is only five pages long, but like instant coffee, it can be readily expanded to a comprehensive, hundred-page playbook if the administration were to decide to leave the Iran agreement. There is no need to wait for the next certification deadline in October. Trump can and should free America from this execrable deal at the earliest opportunity.

I offer the Iran nonpaper now as a public service, since staff changes at the White House have made presenting it to President Trump impossible. Although he was once kind enough to tell me “come in and see me any time,” those days are now over.

Bolton goes on to sketch his outline for withdrawing from the disastrous nuclear agreement, which covers the bases on a number of fronts, including diplomacy with our allies, public relations, and the reasons why the U.S. should no longer be a party to the deal.

“This effort should be the Administration’s highest diplomatic priority, commanding all necessary time, attention, and resources,” Bolton concludes. “We can no longer wait to eliminate the threat posed by Iran. The Administration’s justification of its decision will demonstrate to the world that we understand the threat to our civilization; we must act and encourage others to meet their responsibilities as well.”

Whether Bolton’s strategy is sound policy or not, we’ll leave to the experts. But this is the kind of material that should be on the president’s desk. The problem here is that Bolton appears to have been exiled, and – taken in conjunction with the recent White House purges of trusted advisers like Bannon and Sebastian Gorka – that gives us an uneasy feeling about what’s going down at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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  2. This Iran nuclear deal is just another example of Obama’s efforts to destroy the United States. It is beginning to look like President Trump is under house arrest by the upper echelon of our military.

    • I think Your Right Tex I hope you are on high ground. My Brother in law is trapped in his Huston Condo

      • So sorry to hear that, Warren. The water is starting to go down now, so hopefully, your brother can get out soon. Nobody can say President Trump didn’t respond to this disaster, and our good governor did a good job as well. Fifty-one inches is just a lot of water for any city to have to cope with particularly one that low-lying to start with.

        • I think he is fine now the Numbness has subsided. Where are you in Texas? My Wife & her Brother are from Famous Texas Families the Hutchings in Galveston and the Moody’s also from that area a Confederate Colonel Texas 7th both Families each have a Room in the Galveston Library. Some State Monuments her Grandparents on the Richie side lived right on the Brazos but they are long gone now I am sure that home got hit very hard. Her Father had a Ranch in Washington TX beautiful Country

          • Warren, what a wonderful heritage you have. I was born in Dallas and grew up in Fort Worth, but spend almost all of my adult life working and raising my family in the suburbs of Dallas. At the moment I am building a home in Muenster, Texas near Gainesville to be close to one of my sons and daughter-in-law. Both sides of my family were just farmers in central and south central Texas. My father’s father was a very poor sharecropper near Georgetown and my mother’s father’s family owned about 1200 acres in Madisonville. I have the epaulettes of my great, great uncle who fought in the Civil War, but I think that’s about the only historical piece either side of my family can law claim to.

            I wish you brother well as he cleans up from Harvey.

          • Hi Y’all in Texas, God’s country. I live in Mexifornia and barely. I Have nephews an a neice
            living in Texas, and very happy for it. Been there about 50 years, I salute your ancestors
            who fought for the Confederacy. Don’t let any commies take their statues or damage
            any monuments. A 12 gauge with double ought works good. My Model 94/30-30 is ok too.
            Remember the Alamo!!

          • Hey John, how do you live in Mexicornia without being in a constant state of dyspepsia? A 12 gauge might be a little too much kick for me, but I get your drift. If anywhere is going to protect its history, I think it’s Texas. We can only hope this lunacy runs its course before something happens that can’t be undone.

          • Thanks Texas. It’s a bearcat living here. Lotsa good folks here who can’t pickup and leave. The legislature is 80% democrat so we have to hang in and cuss a little but we
            know that the Good Lord is working with the president to change things. Keep your
            spirits high. Better days are ahead. God Bless.

        • That idiot Mayor of Houston told all of the residents not to evacuate and that there was nothing to worry about when the Texas Governor told them to evacuate. That idiot mayor of Houston pulled the same stupid political stunts that LA Gov. Kathleen Blanco and NOLA Mayor Nagin of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco under GWB. She lost her reelection bid, and Nagin is now in prison.


      My feelings exactly, especially after “Mad Dog” decided not to enforce Trump’s transgender ban. I wonder if McMaster and Mattis speak “Caracas”.

      • Mc master-bait!

      • The generals are there to save the Republic like March 15th in Rome. We are safe as long as they are loyal to the country and not to the colluder in chief and his Russian friends.

        • Full of total CRAP much???

        • You should be taking a hard look at which Cabinet people, including the Generals are loyal to the county and whose loyalty lies with George Soros.

        • Ray You have a Two (2) party Political Contingency, Democratic Internationalism party (Communism made by the Illuminati) and a fascist Leaning Republican party, The U.S. flag us vets salute is the King of the Netherlands flag, making the 1789 the United States of America Manhattan Island a constitution which is a company charter (not a government charter) operating as a Republican Oligarchy… as the U.S. Inc in the constitution Article 2 sect 1 states the executive department is under the United States of America, which it can not it is a company, and The United States Inc is a corporation with no authority to do a oath and is vacant of executive department.

          Now, knowing these things, it becomes clear, foreign Private Membership Associations in private corporations are not Public Government no matter their claim, therefore they claim you are in their Membership of the Bar, and courts claim same, to fake prosecute you, under their membership and Charters where you most likely are not a party thereof.

          Therefore, Trump has set forth a Hostile takeover of a Hostile company, still embedded by the Democratic communist positioned with other criminals and communist in Congress with the Foreign Relations installed by FDR in his 1933 ancient pledges for Communism, whereby the constitution is all but erased.

          The marching is being constructed by Kirchner and others under the International Lawyers Guild, Communist – where they are deemed by Ike Eisenhower from gov study as communist

          and in video notice at position time 3.16 under Kershner name is the Nat. Lawyers Guild,

          Therefore, the 100 years of trying to force communist on us all is now upon in your laps. Join your American National Union or the United States of America restored. Learn more at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3smFrsuykp5Mtx0rEhB-jQ

          Good luck

        • Moronic statement.

          • Right on lloyd!!
            From a TOTAL MORON!! How did they say it in Forest Gump?? Something to the words of stupid is as stupid do!
            Another good one is “ya can’t fix STUPID”!!!

            ray2hill IS a “TOTAL MORON”!

          • Right but that`s all you can expect from a moron.

        • That coming from one who had never served as a member of our US armed forces. In other words, a cowardice clown who neither comprehends the very meaning of the word loyalty or Constitutional Republic. ( Right ASS wipe.) Had you served one day in uniform you moron ! Ya might understand the depth for which politics are played with in the entire chain of command, in our Armed forces.

        • You ought to get your shit together. You leftists have accused Trump of collusion with the Russians, then obstruction of justice, followed by bigotry and racism because he didn’t use words you wanted in scolding C’ville rioters, closely followed a lack of empathy for victims of hurricane Harvey, then, his wife wore the wrong shoes. You seem to be a dozen or so scandals behind, as all of the earlier scandals have been proven to be BS. Our current bitch concerns his empathy and Melinia’s shoes. The Russians collusion has been proven to be a batch of crap at least ten different ways.

          • I`m with you great post ray 2 hill is as dumb as dirt. You know the old saying you can put a suit on a monkey but you still have a monkey. But in all fairness to the monkeys they are smarter than that.

        • There is no collusion except with Hillary and Obama with Russia. They were busy and dealing with Russia until they realized that that witch Hillary was not going to win and their collusion with Putin was going to come out. Obama all of a sudden started acting like Putin was a bad guy because they didn’t want President Trump doing business with Putin because all their dirty little collusion would come to light. Obama was caught on open Mike saying to one of the Russian representatives to tell Putin “I will have more leeway once I’m re-ellected.” They knew what Putin was doing for several months and did nothing. It is time you liberals stop with your Trump/Putin collusion crap because it is getting old and we are tired of your bs.

      • Maybe ¨Mad Dog¨ is more qualified to determine whether transgenders are a problem than Donald Trump (the bigot) is.

        • And maybe he and McMaster have never actually participated in running a war. What are 4,000 more troops going to do? No insurgency has ever been “won” with these tactics. We’ve been there 16 years and spent $6 Trillion in Afghan alone…..rather reminiscent of Vietnam, except of longer duration and greater expense. The fact that the generals made that recommendation speaks to military industrial complex influence, imo.

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      • SO WHAT!!! Who cares besides you?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        GO AWAY BITCH! ! 😣😫

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    • Mr Trump will NEVER get rid of them all. Around every corner and under every damned rock is yet another of the little faggot’s followers.. GOD HELP AMERICA!

      • Do you think he thought all the people who did not agree with his agenda would just resign when he took office thereby identifying themselves? Maybe he should execute an Executive Order firing all civil servants above a certain grade level. I doubt the GS-9’s are any real threat to him, but the GS-13’s and above certainly could be. All hell would break loose as the union would on him like stink on a dog, but I’m not sure it would be any worse than it is now.

        God bless America!! God bless Houston.

  3. If John Bolton wants a war with Iran, let him put on a red coat, get on a white horse, draw his sword and lead from the front!


    As an aside, I want to post this here:

    I’ve have been locked out of my “2-Faced”book account by some two-faced gnome for the second time in less than 6 months. The first obstruction was inflicted after I started posting pictures of the unmasked antifa thug Eric Clayton to MSNBC, MSLSD (yeah – they actually had such a FB page! lol) CNN and Breitbart. Clayton’s the “philosophy professor” who fractured someone’s skull with a bike lock at the first Free Speech Rally in Berkeley. 2-Facedbook suspended by account as they were “worried” some one might be spamming from my account (How does one spam with FACTUAL NEWS???).
    I refused then and I refuse now to provide a picture of myself to them, as 2-FB said then and is saying now (paraphrasing) “once we verify it is you we will immediately delete the photo from our files.” That’s BS: they don’t have a picture of me with which to verify a match – at least, I never gave them one. I think what they want is one for facial recognition purposes. Seems only anti-first amendment (the real meaning of antifa) thugs get to wear black masks. lol. Secondly, I noticed when I re-subscribed with a different page to 2Facedbook I was immediately inundated with over 50 “friends requests” – all from pages either a) promoting marijuana legalization, 2)from pages where the profile picture of the alleged page holder was the opposite gender of the profile name, 3) porn “dating” sites.

    Just for clarification, this second blocking of my account was instituted today after I had starting posting the following headline (NOT FAKE NEWS) within PRIVATE GROUPS I had joined: http://www.dailywire.com/news/20429/shameless-linda-sarsour-solicits-donations-leftist-hank-berrien

    New Social Media Sites like MeWe and InfinitySN are popping up almost on a daily basis in an attempt to keep the malignant egg-headed motherfucker Zuckerberg and Gulag from controlling speech and the free flow of ideas. Y’all might want to consider joining one or the other. Their behavior goes hand-in-hand with what appears to be happening to Trump at the hands of his “generalissmo’s”. Sorry for the interruption and thanks for your time.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I logged OFF of facesnook 8 years ago. Some say I still have an open account there, but I stay away from that leftist site. With them, everydamnedbody knows your business! 😣😞☹

      • YOU’RE SO RIGHT! To me, FB seems to be more of a brag site, too. FB didn’t like my conservative shares and posts…so FB is a goner.

      • I agree with you, I don’t use Facebook anymore, I started getting nasty messages one day, from things I put on my Facebook page, and then the next thing I knew, I was locked out of everything on my computer, so I had to get my computer fixed, and no more Facebook for me, that is it!!!!!!

    • Here is more info to post
      List of ANTIFA members

      Going to just copypasta the notepad.
      Fannie Madden-Grider:
      Former professor at Morehead State University
      Xenia Madison:
      -kikebook / xeniamadison Resist cover photo
      Neal Madnick: Sanford
      H Calhoun High School teacher
      Alexis Maestre-Saborit: Massage
      Therapist Fort Myers, Florida
      Jane Maestro: Fundraising Manager at
      New Hope Charities (((education: Tel Chai, Israel))
      F. Rachel
      Magdalene: Progressive activist, Hillary lover, fascism &
      Trumpenfuehrer/GOP resister, Bible scholar, legal historian,
      attorney, pastor, mom. -her twitter
      Rudresh Mahanthappa: New
      York-based jazz alto saxophonist. Apparently he’s “world
      Scott Mahler: Director, Digital Immerison at
      Arizona State University
      Ava Mailloux: Greater NYC area, self
      proclaimed writer. “How to talk to your Girlfriend after She Get
      Groped in a Bar” – Shark Reef Magazine
      Donna Malamud:
      Volunteer Coordinator at Kids in the Spotlight, Inc. Greater LA area.
      Video entitled “Until We All Have Healthcare” vimeo /
      Jerry Malamud: Political Activist & Occupyer in San
      Diego & Coachella Valley. Also on kikebook and twitter
      Malaquais: Ph.D. Columbia University, New York City. Movie entitled
      “Men From Nowhere” where she played herself. A story about
      a French holocaust survivor with PTSD.
      Frankie D. Mallis:
      Professor, English. Arcadia University. Children’s Fantasy
      Christine Mallory: Ms. Christine Mallory serves as Vice
      President of Finance at AllClear, was also former CFO at BlueSpace
      Software Corp. Lives in Texas.
      Aaron Managhan: Office Assistant at
      South Puget Sound Community College.
      Carl Manaster: Bioinformatics
      Programmer, ActivX Biosciences. Carl Manaster is a liberal political
      activist. He’s been programming computers for over twenty years. –
      scrumalliance period org.
      Victor Manfredi: Visiting Researcher in
      African Studies at BU Linguistics. AB, Linguistics (combined with
      Anthropology), Harvard University. PhD, Linguistics and Social
      Anthropology, Harvard University
      Michael Mangino: It’s not the
      pedophile DARE cop, hopefully. He’s a Professor in Biology at Harper
      College, Illinois.
      Jessica Mangum: Self proclaimed medium and
      mentor at “Jessica Mangum Your Spiritual Pathfinder”.
      Mankikar: Director, writer, filmmaker based in New York. Two of her
      scripts were finalists at the 2016 Sundance Screenwriters Lab.
      “Known” movies: “Sunset”, “Baby Diva”,
      and “Tools of War”.
      Reeser Manley: Writer “The Life
      In Your Garden: Gardening for Biodiversity
      Catherine Mann:
      Catherine Mann is a USA Today bestselling author who has published
      numerous books with Berkley, Sourcebooks, and Harlequin Desire.
      Catherine has won a Rita award, celebrated five RITA finals and three
      Maggie Award of Excellence finals.
      Jenny Mannion: Author,
      “Intuitive Healer”. Check out her website named after
      herself if you actually give a fuck.
      Organizers of
      Ariel Aberg-Riger
      Sandra Abernathy
      Michael Ables
      Cheri Abraham
      Cheryl Abraham
      Danielle Abrams

      Brought about by your dear De Blasio who cares more for ILLEGALS,
      REFUGEES, gang members, drug dealers and soros who he gave a red
      carpet treatment in NY for. He could care less about legal law
      abiding citizensList of ANTIFA members

    • I hate to tell you but when you signed up on Facebook if your computer had a camera your picture was taken without you knowing it . I Face or Face Time (names they were going to call it ) was supposed to be released this year . What they intend to do with this is sinister to say the least .I guess too many Americans insist on some privacy . This is how they say it will be used . Since you have a Facebook account and your picture was taken this new app will allow anyone with this app to take your picture anytime anywhere without you knowing . When they take your picture it will be found in your Facebook account along with all your info . This giving more people access to everything about you .With all the pictures and info about your friends and family they will have your full identity.My husband and I have already lost our identity 3 times and I refuse to have a Facebook account because as I see it this thing is a real threat to Americans When Google is world wide and owns all these medias they control the narrative and they have been in the process of removing real history and putting their rendition in place . So any history search is not the real truth unless you go to the real library .And they are slowly removing them from towns and schools . SAN Antonio Tx is requiring children to wear Badges with chips in them . We are under siege !

      • I have a piece of paper taped over my computer camera

        • Good ! I have a round band aid on mine

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          “Ditto!” First thing I did when my then brand new iMac insisted on taking one in December of 2011. I held up a profile photo of myself taken in 1970 replete w/beard & long hair and, immediately thereafter, covered the lens with a piece of paper taped over it.

      • Yeah – I agree, we are. Luckily, the monitor I use has no camera in it. If it did, they wouldn’t have had to ask for a photo – they could easily have seen it was me at the helm. They just wanted an excuse to shut down the dissemination of conservative viewpoint and prevent the recognition of yet more embarrassing behavior on the part of one of their libshevick “darlings”.

      • PS: I think the only history you can rely on comes from bound volumes published before I’d say 1980- 1990.

      • One more thing: when I established the new FB account recently I was immediately inundated with between 50-100 “friend” requests from people I’d never even heard of, let alone never had met. They were ALL from FB pages endorsing marijuana, sex sites, and/or the names of the pages were opposite the gender of the pictures displayed in the profile. Not toooooo much of an agenda!

  5. Bolton is a creep.

  6. Michael Dennewitz

    Some of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S closest people are secretly still working for the velcro headed faggot! What it took only 8 years for the faggot to screw up, it will take 20 years for Mr Trump to fix! GOD HELP THIS SCREWED UP COUNTRY! 😣☹😢

  7. I think it’s too early to throw the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, under the bus. One thing we know for sure about him it that he always puts the country first, not individual politicians. As Trump’s choice for Director Homeland Security he was fully on board with the fight again ILLEGAL immigration and strangling sanctuary cities by denying them funding for their anti-American strategies. When challenged by a liberal democrat as to why he’s so hard on ILLEGALS he told them that he always follows the law, and if they didn’t want him to do so, they (the Congress) should change the law. But, until they do, he’s going to follow it. What a rarity! A high ranking government official that put the law above a conniving politician. I’ll take that any day. Plus, as a USMC, 4-Star General who was fired by Obama, you know he was on the right side of the United States.

  8. turn iran into a lake

  9. Obama/Kerry = Stupid Stupid Stupid on Iran. Bolton = I like what he states on foreign policy most times, what the heck is Trump doing to all the Conservative Brains. Bolton one of the few Harvard guys that wasn’t corrupted by the libby’s.. Ho Hum.

  10. The Iran agreement with several concerned nations is NOT broken and needs no fixing. Bolton is just another example of the loose cannons Trump has surrounded himself with. Everything Trump does leads to confusion.

  11. John Bolton is a member of the Council of Foreign Affairs, which is the globalists wanting the new world order. I have always liked John Bolton, but wonder where his loyalties really lie

    Here is the list of individual members https://www.cfr.org/membership/membership-roster-a-f

    Here is a list of the corporate members https://www.cfr.org/membership/corporate-members

  12. John Bolton–the extreme right’s favorite WARMONGER!

  13. Bolton is and always will be a worthless wanna be government stooge.

  14. In reply to all this unsavory news, VP Mike Pence will be our new president much sooner than expected.

  15. President Trump must guard against a military coup since he has been opposed by Gen. McMaster, Tillerson (civilian), Gen. Mattis, and now Gen. Kelly who is trying to keep Trump in the dark and covered with B.S. I don’t like all of the cleansing that these four folks have been doing to the Trump administration.

    Making John Bolton an exile from TrumpLand is a huge strategic mistake! This stupid action should bring down Kelly who President Trump trusts implicitly. Nobody should be trusted as much as Kelly is being trusted by the POTUS. We need someone overseeing Gen. Kelly. If his thoughts and actions are not altruistic, then he is a threat to the Presidency.

    Everyone out there, please keep a jaundiced eye on Kelly to see if he pulls any more shenanigans. I previously had great faith in three of the four gentlemen–except McMaster whom I mistrusted from day one. Now, I have my doubts of Rex Tillerson (“The President speaks for himself.” ~ Aaarrrggh!), Mad Dog Mattis (opposing Trump LGBT policy), and now COS Kelly exiling Bolton from TrumpLand! Give us a break, Kelly! Don’t be a fool as you are proving to be.

  16. More walling off of the President by the inner circle surrounding him. I might add, the inner circle are not true conservatives and many are liberals or serve Special Interest Groups, including George Soros. I am rapidly losing confidence in the President both as a savvy businessman and on holding to the agenda we elected him to do. John Bolton is exactly the kind of advisor that the President should have on his staff. I am afraid the future for the Trump Administration does not look well.

  17. In the end, it really doesn’t matter, since this once great nation is under divine judgment at this very moment! There are great problems in the Trump government, and some of the “advisors” are not who we think they are! John Bolton is one of the more wise people that is being barred from Trump by those surrounding him. Sad, but that is the way it is turning out! But these people are blind to what is really happening! We have turned away from God, and He is judging this nation!

  18. John Kelly should have never been brought in . He is part of the swamp and their trying to keep him isolated from his supporters .His job is to keep the leaks going while the lying medias continues to incite the ignorant to riots and killing . It appears there are only a few people who are trustworthy in that place . Get wise Mr.President and put your people in place start with bozos people.Get rid of every last one of them .And take a better look at Kelly’s involvement with the fake mans administration.

  19. Michael Dennewitz

    In this day and age, anyone that suggests anything that makes sense is shunned.. This country is on the fast road to hell. About the only thing that could possibly save us is a SNIPER’S bullet to a good many heads, starting with soros and the benghazi bitch!

  20. McMasters and Kelly are clearing the WH of those who DO NOT SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP! Which explains the lurch to the left.

  21. JOhn Bolton ROCKS!!! May be he could be cionsidered for AG since Session seems to be Silent on too mnay FBI indiscretions ( clinton Tapes comes to mind)

  22. I forget, is it President Kelly or President Trump?

  23. Any “phony treaty” John “Fraud” Kerry and obamba were involved in is simply un-American and should be shredded, posthaste.

    However, the “treaty” with the little girl across the street that was in direct lemonade stand competition with obamba . . . . that one may have worked out OK 🙂

  24. It is a damn shame that Bolton is being ignored (wasted). He was a very good UN. Ambassador that stood up for America at every turn.

  25. Lord help us if Bolton has anything to do with anything government.

  26. Trump must start listening to people who do not have an axe to grind. He can tell Kelly that he wants to see Bolton and that would be it. Not doing so is Trump’s fault. Why he is not seeking Bolton’s expertise is beyond me. He doesn’t have to take it as gospel, but he can listen, Kelly or not.?

  27. Bolton is American through and through. His advice would be as near perfection as possible and in the interest of the USA. Trump needs him at his side not placing anyone between him and Bolton. I wonder why also, why so many changes in Trump’s inner circle?

  28. Trump will destroy everything the kenyan muslime niger did to destroy Our America!

  29. So where is the 5 page plan?

  30. Looks like Kelly is banning any outspoken conservative to get near the prez….us supporters are well aware of what’s going on…

  31. It’s unreasonable to believe that John Bolton’s ideas and opinions are a secret to President Trump. Bolton’s been on every network speaking his mind along with his ideas. He’s a descent man with our counties best interest at heart and I’m sure the president knows this. Thing is he doesn’t need Bolton in his office saying the same things. President Trump has his advisors for such things and odds are they too know what Bolton’s saying.

  32. Gotta love the way they openly plan to screw the country……

  33. The White House is starting to look like the palace of a Dictator, carefully protected from the people by a military cabal. Kelly may have been just the wrong choice.

  34. If President Trump is smart, he’ll ditch Rex Tillerson, and appoint John Bolton as Secretary of State. But since President Trump allowed both Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon to be pushed out and they were two of the best members of Trump’s administration. And now to learn that Trump is keeping John Bolton from having access to him when John Bolton is one of the wisest analysts we’ve got is really shaking my faith as badly as it has been having Paul Ryan running the House and Mitch McConnell running the Senate, and doing nothing about anything. With voter fraud detected in 47 out of 50 states, one would think they could at least do something about that, but they won’t do s thing, and that failure to act could possibly cause them to lose control of the House in 2018, but not due to legal votes. I predict they’ll lose it due to votes by dead voters, votes by non-citizens, and by illegal aliens.

  35. I think the military complex are forcing Trump to do there bidding.it seems there calling the shots.i don’t trust mcmasters or mattis.military should go back to don’t ask don’t tell.military or government shouldn’t be on the hook for sex change operations.

  36. John Bolton. Yosemite Sam of the far-far right. Sam done chased that pesky wabbit, all the way to Iran.

  37. John Bolton is the Warmonger of the Week every week!

    • Your talking shit, Ambassador Bolton Believes that if war is inevitable Then strike first, strike hard & strike to win. Bring over whelming force.( Moron) You may just want to read an LISTEN to many of his TV Public statements on his many Guest,appearances on FOX News ,C&N & NBC .You might also head to the library pick up his book yes library. Read through its entirety. Then ya might learn something about yourself. Shall I give you a hint as to what that maybe.

      • I have heard the warmongering varmint enough to know just how imperative it is to keep him way outside the decision-making process. It is enough to hear him just a very few times to know where he irrationally positions himself on international matters. A neocon NUT!!

        • Speaking of irrational You sound very much as the perfect exsample of irrationality,Logic isn’t a term your familiar with is it.
          Ambassador Bolton is blessed with greater intellect,greater common sense an certainly greater logic in his little pinky finger then you posses with in your entire being. Mite it be your & original limp dick obummer blowhard Obama supporter. Yes I believe I just just hit the nail on its perverbal head.
          Where is all this world peace o clueless one. You know that which the idiots on the left an the non combatant losers at the UN CLAIM THEY PROMOTE.

          • Well, you sure do need to stand somewhere, PG. You surely do NOT stand with those who are able to construct coherent sentences in even marginally passable English!

          • Well well, well , speaking frankly as one whom speaks reads an writes 3 distinctly different languages. (Who then are you to judge???) When in reality you’ve refused to have eduacated, your self sufficiently prior to ,either speaking or writing on a particular subject matter.

            Thank you so very much!!
            For what you might ask???
            Rather easy question to answer!
            Here’s your sign.
            For your latest diatribe confirmed my assumptions.
            You are a limp dick, OBUMMER O blowhard Obama supporter.

          • I have no way of confirming or refuting your claim to be multilingual. It is nevertheless evident from the ungrammatical and inarticulate tripe you post that you do have command of one language, namely BROKEN ENGLISH!

          • Educated – ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ha,ha,ha Hello 2 U 2 designated SHIT HEAD

          • Mr Poo to you.

      • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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