Everything’s Racist: Oscars Edition

If you wanted to know how screwed up our country is, all you would need to do is take a look at the media’s reaction to the announcement of the 2015 Oscar nominees. And it is uniform, so one article or television news story is as good as any other. The big controversy, of course, is that there were no non-white nominees for the acting categories.

First on the scene, naturally, was none other than America’s spokesman for all things racially unjust, Al Sharpton. He issued a statement hours after the nominees were announced, decrying the “lack of diversity” among the nominated actors. “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains: the higher you get, the whiter it gets.” Don’t worry, though; Sharpton is convening a Diversity Task Force to show us the errors of our ways.

Oh, my.

Sharpton and other outraged commentators focused their specific rage on the snub of actor David Oyelowo, who played Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Best Picture nominee, Selma. But in fact, that seems to be the only example they can come up with of an area where the Academy could have included black actors in their nominations. Who else are they going to point to? Should Jamie Foxx have been nominated for his role as Electro in the new Spider-Man movie? Maybe Tyler Perry for his small role as Ben Affleck’s lawyer in Gone Girl? Kevin Hart for Ride Along?

Stirring the Pot

This is a manufactured controversy if ever there was one. This happened before in 2011, where the acting nominations all went to white people. It happened in 1998. So, we know that occasionally it happens. That’s all. It’s not a conspiracy to keep black people from winning Oscars. For god’s sake, why are we even paying attention to the pig slop that comes dribbling from the mouth of Al Sharpton? The man is an absolute clown, and the fact that he is taken seriously as a modern-day civil rights leader is proof of how far American culture has fallen.

Last year, 12 Years a Slave, a movie that not only featured a black director and plenty of black actors and actresses and was about that great American evil Hollywood can’t emphasize enough – slavery – won the whole shebang. And now a year later, the entire Academy is racist? Now, a year later, we have all of these opinion-makers trotting out the racial makeup of the Academy voters? It’s just so transparent, yet it was enough to send the social justice warriors on Twitter into a frenzy.

Morgan Freeman (who has been nominated for an Academy Award on five different occasions; he won for Million Dollar Baby) once said that the quickest way to end racism was to stop talking about it. Truer words were never spoken. They ring especially true when the subject is as absurd, manufactured, and hollow as this one. But when you have hucksters like Sharpton out there on the warpath, the sensible viewpoints have to take a backseat to the P.T. Barnums of the world.



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  1. Gee….one wonders why…..with the President as the chief racist….
    and ass’t chief racist of justice dept atty…
    and chief racist consultant and tax evader of not paying taxes…
    The three Stooges in charge (Obama, Holder,Sharpton)
    and the MARX brothers as their consultants…fill in the congressional names
    and Islam the state of religion………..hoorah

    • That’s the 3 muslim racist stooges. The DHS looks like a Bin Laden Fan Club meeting. At the very least, Bush didn’t fill our gov with muslims and REFUSE TO SAY ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

      • Describes his words and action 24/7 from day one; he lied to become the President of USA.

        He relied on our civility and laws to protect him in office, otherwise he would be escorted out the WH back door some time ago, as they do in a Banana Republic govt. Could happen yet!
        adjective: traitorous
        relating to or characteristic of a traitor; treacherous.
        “when his traitorous actions were discovered, he was imprisoned”
        synonyms:treacherous, disloyal, treasonous, renegade, backstabbing; More
        double-crossing, double-dealing, faithless, unfaithful, two-faced, Janus-faced, duplicitous, deceitful, false;

      • Obama had a GOD given chance to be a President who dealt fairly with all citizens of USA, and for the prosperity and security of the USA……pursuant to his dysfunctional

  2. Al Sharpton and all things racist. A racist behind every bush. Racist becomes Electra.
    The racist game, I love racist, God Jews and Racists, The holy racist, The holy grail of racism, How to be a racist, Obama the racist, Sharpton the racist, Holder the racist. I was a racist for the FBI, The sound of racism, Gone with the racist, My favorite racist,
    Everybody loves racism, If you were the only girl and I was the only racist, Racist be a lady tonight, I can pay you no greater compliment than to say “you are a racist”, Two and a half racists, The big racist theory, E=Mc racist, You get the idea, now be a good little racist and call Al Sharpton and tell him you’re a racist. Does Al really think the entire country has nothing else to do but to dwell on racism? There are only three letters ion Als’ alphabet, R A C I S T, he’s not the only one but it’s a start.

  3. Sharpton has turned a lot of white people into racists== they had no choice

  4. Do they let whit girls in the black miss USA.I didn’t think so Scooter

    • Good point, it’s not Miss America it’s Miss Black America. If we had a Miss white America, the sh1t would certainly hit the fan. We live in a strange world.
      Is there one white American alive today that had anything to do with slavery.
      that would have to be one mean old son of a bitch. If you want to live in history how far back do you want to go?

      • Exactly ‘these f*****g idiots think all of us who are white had something to do with GREAT GREAT GRANDPA wearing a collar ‘Get over it for GOD’S sake .

      • Yes, we need a White Miss America Pagent, a White History Month, and a Rev.Billy Graham Day.

  5. The reason why no ‘Black” actors or movies was nominated, is because the ‘Black” actors and movies out this season are crap, plain and simple. Did you hear that, Al ‘not so sharp’ Sharpton?!…

  6. Where does the NAAWP stand on this ??
    or the WHITE Congressional Caucus ??
    “WHITE POWER” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Edgar Longenecker

      Let’s just call it, NAB and NAW…. for their national associationals. Equality has been a GLIBERAL con to, erase the races, by, indiscriminate breeding…Edgrrr…

  7. Richard J. Brzeczek

    Only racists play the race card. The first sentence of your second paragraph above should end with the word “racial” and not with the words, “racially unjust.” In paragraph #6, second line, the word “American” should be removed as a descriptive term for the evil of slavery. Only Liberals want you to believe that slavery is exclusively an American phenomenon. Please read some of the excellent, well-researched and intelligent works of Dr, Thomas Sowell, a patriotic American of the Black race. His efforts will give you a sufficiently detailed accounting of the history of slavery throughout the world that includes Blacks as slave holders and slave traders before slavery occurred in America and when slavery existed before the U.S. Civil War in our country with American Indians and Black freemen owning slaves.

    • Dr. Sowell is a weekly commentator on wnd.com. I love his articles, he is not afraid to call racists out for their idiotic rantings. Check it out sometime.

  8. if it wasn’ fpr race baiting he wouldn’t have anything to do…he certainly doesn’t care about black on black crime or crime against white officer or whites period…it saddens me..he perpetuates it…the country has never been soo devided it sickens me…the president atty general…and most of the commentators….they making a race war, and class war…we better get smart and peopel start pointing this out from both all sides of the issue..

  9. Why is it that coloured people want to take over everything that is lucrative. If it is well paid, they want to be in there getting their share. Ask them if they want their names putting forward to do a good deed for no payment and there will be no names proffered. They want to take over everything that givers them wealth, fame and big cars.


  11. Blacks are racist. Whites, have moved on.

    • Agreed. Let me defend your statement. When 90+ percent of blacks vote for a man because of the color of his skin, that is the greatest example of racism I have ever seen. Consequently, the blacks have abdicated their right to point their fingers and paint other people with their brush!

  12. The proper response is no response. Totally ignore these panderers. Don’t apologize. Get on with life, and bury political correctness so far down it never rises it’s evil head again.

  13. Sharpton is an idiot looking for a village that can tolerate his racist agenda and his oblong head.

  14. I’d like to know why Sharpton doesn’t shut up and pay his back taxes!!! How is that HE can incite riots, stir up hatred between races, play the race card, and he is a free man who doesn’t pay his taxes!!!!! If he were White, he’d be in jail by now.

  15. Oh,oh, they didn’t nominate a token black and now they got Sharptongue on their backs.

  16. YA` Got it Joe T! WITH THE BLACK BIRTHRATE OUTTA` CONTROL. Ol` Whitey` will soon be in the MINORITY nand that was the MASTER PLAN OF MLK from the START!

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