Everyone is a Victim (Except Thin, White, Heterosexual Men)

According to a new feature from Campus Reform, the University of California, Davis has published a glossary of terms and definitions that tells progressive students what words they should and should not use when communicating with the world.

The site highlighted the university’s definition of “racism,” which appears to contend that only white people are capable of it.

The glossary, developed by UC Davis’s LGBTQIA Resource Center, defines racism as “the systematic subordination of marginalized racial groups who have relatively little social power in the United States, by members of the agent/dominant/privileged racial group who have relatively more social power.”

Those marginalized groups include blacks, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and Native Americans. They do not include whites, who are instead relegated to a place of honor in the glossary as the only group under the “privileged/dominant” category. Which makes you wonder…if a category only includes one listing, is the category really necessary? Perhaps the LGBTQIA (don’t ask) Resource Center is holding a spot open for future entries should they arise. Liberals love to turn on their own, after all.

Campus Reform also reported on the university’s list of hurtful terms, which are as wacky as you might expect:

The LGBTQIA Resource Centers also provides its students with a list of “words that hurt,” warning students against using terms like “ugly” because it can be “connected back to white supremacist, ableist, sizeist standards of beauty.”

Other popular phrases such as “you guys” are also deemed offensive, since such a saying apparently “erases the identities of people who are in the room” by “generalizing a group of people to be masculine.”

The glossary also urges students to avoid calling themselves or others “fat” in a derogatory way, since it can “reinforce harmful assumptions that fat people are gluttonous and are fat because they have no restraint on food.”

Which is wrong, of course, since fat people are born that way? Or because it’s a valid lifestyle choice? Or because it reinforces the evil patriarchy? Or because it disproportionately applies to feminist lesbians? We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t dare argue with the gatekeepers of political correctness.

The nonsense that streams out of liberal academia is so silly that we sometimes wonder if there aren’t conservative moles deliberately trying to hijack the left’s agenda embedded deep within the ranks. It is almost beyond belief that anyone could sincerely buy into these concepts.

Then, of course, we remember how good it feels to blame all of your problems on other people. How wonderful it feels to have someone tell you, “It’s okay, you couldn’t have done anything…white, straight, thin men wouldn’t let you.” And as long as there are losers looking for an excuse, there will be predators waiting to exploit them.

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